More Court Capers

With two court hearings occurring simultaneously yesterday it was anticipated that BBC Freemasonry would not be able to ‘Swing The Lead‘ at both.  The editorial policy at BBC ‘Knuckle Shuffle‘ mirrors that of the signing policy of the now defunct club Rangers in 1988. The hiring of Tom English has parallels to the signing of Maurice Johnstone in July 1989, but unlike Rangers at that time it has not opened the door to other Catholics. On the rare occasions that they hire Papists they are kept firmly in their place by the BBC’s Sectarian Ceiling. 

Wilson with his continuation credentials will always be preferred to English. There is a causal link between the degrees in Freemasonry and the rungs of the career ladder at the state broadcaster. One can but hope that the streaming of news will be bundled with HBO and Netflix packages to put an end to this bigots’ gravy train.

With BBC Sevco’s conspicuous absence of live football broadcasting – unless you fancy a game with commentary in Gaelic (London’s coin paying lip service to Bute House) – BT Sport is now the one stop shop for the Scottish Game. Highlights are available on YouTube. One can easily avoid the BBC and save £147. My parents’ generation will not abandon the goggle box but their grandchildren are taking their news and entertainment on the run with their smartphones and the streaming of box sets. Why wait a week for the next episode of ‘House of Cards‘ or ‘Breaking Bad‘ when you can binge watch or alleviate the mind-numbing tedium of your commute.

I write from experience as I formerly rose at 05.45 to get to my desk on the 43rd floor of the Citibank Tower, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, by 08.30. I would take a bus to the train station, then alight at London Bridge where I had a choice of a jammed Jubilee Line tube or a more leisurely Thames Clipper. Many of my readers take their JJ with kiosk-vended coffee as they invariably stand on the train. During the first ten months of this site when it was free to air I could see my words put a smile on their faces. Some laughed out loud. This positive feedback was all I desired. However ‘the klan’ intervened, burned out my old banger and put me on notice of being burned to death as I slept. Pouring petrol through my letterbox was the next step. As this could have resulted in the death of 5 widowed grandmothers, not to mention my demise, it was a ‘no brainer’ to relocate. However I now rely on contributions which have fallen to an average of less than £30 per day. At £40 I can eat. Less than £30 I merely exist. Why my readers have abandoned me in January can be linked to the expense of Xmas and New Year but surely £5.55 is not too much to ask for an annual subscription to the Sitonfence Speakeasy? I’m thinking of dropping the weekend service and concentrating on the commuters. I’m working on a ‘doping’ premium piece which I intend to publish on Monday. I will do my utmost to dig myself out of this hole.

I digress. At Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday counsel for Police Scotland attempted to remit to the Court of Session long grass where any hearing would be postponed until 2020. Counsel for David Grier won the day with a further ‘options hearing‘  on 14 February (Rangers 6th Administration Anniversary) to set the scene for a five day hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court later this year. The Keystone Cops’ counsel also wanted 10 weeks to keep the record open to do adjustments but this was curtailed to four weeks. Grier’s team were also awarded the cost of the hearing in respect of the option to remit to court.

A solid three points for Grier and the possibility of a £2m bounty if his team qualify from the group stages.

Police Scotland must rue the day that Lord Nimmo Smith retired. He was their go-to man for a whitewash, a fact not lost on Stewart Regan who guided his crooked quill. 


The hairy-arsed, masonic swivel-ringed International Man of Mystery DCI Robertson chose the Court of Session for his latest per diem expenses claim. Was his pert assistant Jackie O’Neil lurking in Glasgow chambers? If only DS (formerly DCI) Gilfillan had joined the Economic Crime Unit the Fenian blood would have been flowing as in times of yore. Does Police Scotland issue waders to their new intake of recruits at Tulliallan?

Should one hope that Robertson repaired to Nicholson Street for a pleasing lunch? Would it be mean-spirited to wish that the bigot’s bigot choked on it? Was he up to his knees in a hearty Hollandaise sauce?

Day 2 of Whitehouse v Plod was much more instructive than its Glasgow counterpart. As was the case in Glasgow counsel for Police Scotland attempted to have proceedings kicked into the long grass (discharged) to allow further time for an affidavit to be prepared on behalf of the Chief Constable and other documents to be submitted in support of the arresting officers having “reasonable suspicions” that a crime had been committed.

In plain speak Plod are going to make it up as they go along. Was Maguire QC attempting to delay matters until Phil Gormley – who faces six charges of misconduct and is on ‘special leave ‘ – is reinstated? Were they looking for a plausible excuse to ease him back in through the back door? If Gormley wrote the affidavit it would be a police issue tissue of lies.

Maguire contended that Mr. Currie for Whitehouse should limit his arguments to prove malice by Police Scotland. It was a naked attempt to prohibit any discussion of  Robertson’s and O’Neil’s blinding incompetence and their flagrant abuse of the law.  When one gives Real Rangers Men a uniform do they expect to be handled by the kid gloves that are ubiquitous at the SFA?

Maguire submitted that Lord Malcolm should not make any summary decree prior to a debate on other matters that is scheduled for 8th May? Could this be Paul Clark’s hearing date? I will revert to my source to establish this. The following passage is from Easyjambo:

Ms Maguire also suggested that DW’s “denial” of knowledge of the Ticketus deal had not been recorded in the witness statements, but had been said orally by DW in an interview in Manchester with DCI Jim Robertson  and Sgt. Jackie O’Neil. This was met with much head shaking among DW’s team. (I’m sure the two police officers notebooks will confirm and corroborate what was said word for word).’

Call me a cynic but are they lying through their back teeth to cover their exposed baboons’ arses? The ‘Peelers’ will do anything to avoid admitting that they royally fucked up.

Mr Currie’s rebuttal was scathing of Police Scotland’s position, suggesting that all they were interested in was to extend the process, at a cost to his client who was funding the case from his own resources. He ridiculed the failure of Police Scotland to provide this information given the time that they had to prepare their defence. He sought costs be awarded to his client.

After a brief adjournment Lord Malcolm returned to court to make a number of orders:

1. That the affidavit on behalf of The Chief Constable and the other documents be lodged with the court within two weeks.

2. That a further 2 day hearing be fixed.

3. That Mr Heriot’s arguments would not be limited to “malice”.

4. That Police Scotland would meet the pursuer’s legal costs associated with the request for a summary decree.

Plod are clearly rattled. Given that evidence from Robertson’s and O’Neil’s notebooks has been introduced both will be soon be in the dock. One can but hope that they perjure themselves.



Squeaky Bum Time in Scottish Courts

Friday 19 January 2018

Glasgow Sheriff Court (Unallocated)

David Grier v Philip Gormley QPM, Chief Constable, Police Scotland

Today’s hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court pertains to a claim by David Grier apropos unlawful arrest and the illegal seizure of client privileged information. The Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley will not be present as he has been on ‘special leave‘ since September facing six serious charges of misconduct. A backdoor attempt to reinstate Gormley was vetoed when the Scottish Justice Secretary intervened.

Gormley as the titular head of Police Scotland is carrying the can for Our International Man of Mystery,  DCI Jim Robertson and his pert assistant Jackie ‘Passepartout‘ O’Neil.

Do you want to shag, Jackie?”

Did the then Detective Sergeant bring any special skill set to Police Scotland’s newly launched Economic Crime Unit? A background in forensic accountancy per chance?  Was he on promotion ‘fast track‘ as a law graduate? No none of the aforementioned. Robertson brought to the table a hairy-arse, an abacus and a third degree knuckle shuffle. Police Scotland could save millions in office space rentals by decamping to their natural habitat viz their local Masonic Lodges. In the Freemasons cesspool of Police Scotland there is one golden rule:

If you want to get ahead, swing the lead.”

Robertson swings the lead like a good’ un. Who needs a working knowledge of LLP and client privilege when one can intimidate witnesses with a lusty rendition of The Billy Boys? Robertson was up to his knees in Fenian Blood and per diem expense claims as he and Passepartout O’Neil went round the world in 80 days on a global wild goose chase. Whyte walked. As Charles Green remarked to me The Keystone Cops had nothing on Police Scotland. Robertson even turned a blind eye to arch criminal Dave King’s £25,000 reset of hacked information. Robertson’s personal code of conduct seems to be that no stone will ever be unturned if you are a fellow Billy Boy.


Mr Grier is pursuing £2m in damages. That’s a lot of china broken by Robertson’s raging bull. Paul Clark will soon step up to the crease with a claim for £5m

Meanwhile at the Court of Session yesterday David Whitehouse began pursuing Police Scotland as part of a £9m claim against the bare-nipple brigade and The Crown as represented by Scotland’s Lord Advocate. I’m really looking forward to counsel for Whitehouse rag-dolling Jim Keegan by asking whether he disclosed that he settled out of court a claim that he was trading whilst insolvent, and served a three years suspension from being a director, prior to taking silk. One is led to believe that Keegan is a bogus QC which is apposite as the case against Whyte and his co-accused was unequivocally bogus.

David Grier, in Scotland for today’s Glasgow Sheriff Court hearing, turned up on the Court Of Session benches where he was joined by Paul Clark. If all three are successful they will take down a cool £16m. Are you paying attention DCI Robertson? Is it ‘squeaky bum time‘ chez Robertson or have you again left too much depilatory cream in your builder’s crack? How crack-handed of you!

I’m indebted to Easyjambo and John Clark for their reports.

Whitehouse’s counsel Heriot Currie QC contended that there were no reasonable grounds for detention, as required by Section 14 of the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act1995. He argued:
1) That the arrest and detention of his client was unlawful because the arresting officer did not have personal knowledge of the suspected criminal activities carried out by DW at the time of his arrest.
2) That Police Scotland’s allegations, apparently based on three statements given by Whitehouse to Police Scotland, were not backed up by the actual statements themselves. i.e. there was no evidence in them to support the charges.

Counsel for Police Scotland, Ms Maguire QC, countered that she would be arguing that the Pursuer (Whitehouse) must show malice on the part of the police.

Currie rebutted that ‘malice’ had only had a causal effect on two cases from 1914 and 1930. He then referred to three case precedents to reinforce his argument in (1). I believe that Currie’s submissions apropos (1) are compelling.

On Point (2) Currie referred to a document with 49 pages of e-mails. He argued that there was nothing in Whitehouse’s statements to Police and in his electronic correspondence that justified his client’s detention.

To summarise, the unlawful attempt by DCI Robertson to shake the tree is the nub of proceedings. In his desperation to make a name for himself by making a case against Whyte, he crossed the line. Maguire’s argument is a squirrel.

Lord Malcolm, presiding, adjourned proceedings until 10.00 today.




Low-Bowling Lite

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a spat between pundits. When Chris Sutton called Big Fat Derek Johnstone (BFDJ) a Rangers cheerleader and charlatan he hit the nail on the head. BFDJ, who has never been in the loop and has no insights worth writing home about, is on Radio Clyde for one reason. He formerly played for a now defunct club. As some of the knuckle draggers in the West of Scotland won’t speak to anyone with a Celtic background BFDJ is their go to guy. He receives a free seat at Ibrox. As one of the many freeloaders in the Blue Room (as revealed by Craig Whyte) he is never far from a nosebag and skinful of malt. He is a sandwich board man for every rogue that rocks up Edmiston Drive. He knows how his bread is buttered.

BFDJ has forged a career out of nothing. Two former pundits that no longer have a career, Jim Traynor and Chick Young, had an unedifying but hugely entertaining ‘pissing contest’ as to who was the bigger Rangers fan. Chick, who still has a part-time gig at the BBC, spent his career in denial of his love of Rangers. When asked he professed an affection for St. Mirren. Rumours that he required SatNav to find Love Street, St Mirren’s former home, would not elicit a raised eyebrow in surprise.

As Kris Boyd is finding out to his cost the trick to longevity in punditry a la BFDJ is to pander to Ibrox. The Loan Rangers aka Low-Bowling Lite don’t have a pot to piss in. However this does not stop them unsettling players by chancing their arm. £350,000, albeit paid in tranches, would be a boon to Kilmarnock. Jordan Jones who was acquired by Kilmarnock in a free transfer from Boro Under 23s has made his way through a number of lower league English teams viz Hartlepool and Cambridge United without commanding a fee and being on loan more often than not. Is he worth twice this amount? I would contend that he is as he has an excellent engine and is a more than competent box-to-box left sided midfield player. He can also play as a secondary striker and is composed in the final third. He has been capped by Northern Ireland. Steve Clarke is well within his rights to turn down LBL’s desultory offer.

Low-Bowling Lite have also tried their luck with Scotland U-21 International Greg Docherty. However their embarrassing bid of £300,000 was dismissed out of hand. Mark Allen is evidently behind these failed bids and as we have learned from his discussion with Derek Mcinnes he has many other low bowl targets up his sleeve.

Kris Boyd has upset the blue massif by highlighting Lite’s penury and parsimony. Does he not realise that ‘The People‘ expect players from provincial clubs to crawl over broken glass to play for Lite? Greg Docherty would not have far to crawl as he hails from Milngavie.

However if you want to play ‘BillyBoy Big Baws‘ in the transfer market, cash is King and as we have seen with the Murphy debacle their King has not anted up.

Rangers Lite are trying to dig themselves out of a hole. The Caixinha project was an abject disaster. There is also a legacy of deadwood from the less than magic Warburton era viz Kranjcar and Rossiter who would have difficulty combining tissues to form a functioning knee between them.

Lite are trying to cobble a squad together on the cheap and lowdown by unsettling the cream of young Scottish talent whom wisely steered well clear of Auchenhowie in their formative years. Lite are making an arse of it. No change there then.

Kris Boyd with his EBT has a promising career at BBC Freemasonry ahead of him. All he has to do is revert to the Ibrox hymn sheet and he will be set fair:

“All things blue and beautiful

All waders great and small

As long as one is knee-deep in Fenian blood

Our Protestant God will bless us all.”


Hinc Sanitas

Prior to a more serious narrative on criminal malpractice, I take pause to have a look at how Celtic and Rangers Lite are faring during the winter hiatus/January transfer window. Champions Celtic have signed two players, one of whom will remain at St. Mirren for the remainder of the season. Their other signing Compper is ineligible for the double header against Zenit Saint Petersburg on the 15th and 22nd of February. With Roberts & Rogic in doubt and Armstrong out after groin surgery, creative midfield play will be at a premium. However if Rodgers brought in other players that were better than the current squad then they would almost certainly be prohibited from participating in Celtic’s Europa League programme. Qualifying for the last 16 draw will be inordinately difficult.

The fans of Rangers Lite will take nothing back from Florida other than ignominy after more shameful chants by the Ibrox Sectarian Male Voice Choir. Mothers in America are encouraging their sons and daughters to play soccer. American Football, with charging players resembling hard-tipped 300 pounds projectiles, is no place for young men who want to avoid concussion and long-term brain damage. The soccer moms who had the misfortune of attending this tournament had to endure chants of ‘Wading in Fenian Blood’ from the anachronistic knuckle draggers. Scottish football would be better off without these ‘fans’ many of whom are from the criminal classes, as is the case with their Chairman. These miscreants from The Dark Ages are evidently unaware of European Enlightenment. One can but hope that their Progres in next season’s Europa League is stillborn or mercifully short. No-one else should have to suffer Scotland’s dirty little secret; Scotland’s shame.

Lite, cutting their cloth from hems, have had to make do with loans to cover those in the departures lounge. I have never been a fan of Cummings – note how he did not turn up when Hibs won The Scottish Cup – but he does have a good record for finding the net in Scottish football. He is superior to Morelos. Traynor lickspittle Kenny Mac at the state broadcaster BBC Sevco, used his magazine to pour cold water on Steve Clarke’s valuation of Jordan Jones. Lite should stick to loan signings as they have not got a pot to piss in. Their threadbare offers are becoming embarrassing. Macintyre is still peddling the lie that Rangers were demoted. They were ‘demoted’ to a file in Canary Wharf where they are being liquidated. Is Mac so stupid that he does not know the truth or is he following an agenda dictated by Scottish Freemasons?

As for the Lite board, word reaches me that the Magnificently Maned Adulterer continues to have nothing but sweet nothings for his clairvoyant paramour. How very Dave King of him. His estranged wife, who had had quite enough of Murray’s cock’s Borders outings, has decided to throw her basque into the ring by signing up for what is known locally as Millionaire’s Tinder. This resulted in a couple of dates with Dean Lockhart MSP.  Paul’s former wife, who craves the companionship of a man with a busby, is known to be a sucker for a good bouffant. ‘ Lockhart gives good head‘ is a familiar mantra in Borders circles. Duncan Goodhew need not apply.

I digress. The major thrust of this piece will be an article written by one of my readers. I implore members of the Sitonfence Speakeasy, particularly those with private health cover, to read A more informed choice of health provision might save one’s life.

Hinc Samitas – From Here, Health – The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

The title of Mr McCay’s blog is instructive:

Attempted Murder by the Deliberate Cultivation of Meningitis

Posted on April 17, 2017 by edmccay

The following is a précis of this blog

“At some point in  (a routine) procedure, almost certainly when carrying out the process of Fenestration (the process of removing backbone by means of fragmentation) the operating surgeon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr James Hugh Hay, (now deceased) drove several (at least eight) fragments of backbone into Liz’s Dural membrane (the membrane which houses the spinal cord) resulting in extensive Dural damage, copious Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leakage, in short, horrific operational carnage.

At that point Mr Hay would have no idea of the extent of that operational carnage. He wouldn’t know for example if he had damaged Liz’s spinal cord (at that point he hadn’t), he wouldn’t know if Liz would ever walk again (she did), he wouldn’t know if she would still have control of her lower body functions (she did). The extent of that damage could only be established once the anaesthetic had worn off, by which time of course it would be too late for Mr Hay to deny or conceal that horrific operational carnage. Mr Hay wasn’t having that.

To conceal that hellish operational carnage Mr Hay assisted by a Dr Tatek (orthopaedic surgeon) a Dr Donald Macgregor Brown (anaesthetist) and Ross Hall management then attempted to murder Liz by cultivating within her body a meningococcal infection. Every postoperative action, every instruction increased the risk of Meningitis and had those instructions been carried out to the letter, had Liz been showered as Mr Hay specifically instructed the nursing staff to do so, then that shower would almost certainly have proved fatal.”

Mr McCay continues:

“When two nurses, wearing waterproofs, tried to physically remove her from the bed to take her into the ensuite shower, having at that point made no attempt whatsoever to remove the drain and tube and seal the wound, Liz prevented them from doing so by clinging to the side rails of the bed. She clung to those side rails as if her life depended on it and of course it almost certainly did. It is a clinical fact that if fluid can get out then bacteria can get in and by the clinically inexplicable use of a suction drain in the presence of a CSF leak Mr Hay made certain that spinal fluid could get out and that therefore bacteria, including meningococcal bacteria. could get in.

At some point (the following) morning Mr Hay telephoned Ross Hall and spoke to the duty nurse on Liz’s ward. He asked the duty nurse one question about Liz, only one question, and that question was “Has Mrs McCay been showered?”. He had butchered her the evening before, driving numerous fragments of back bone into her Dural membrane resulting in horrific operational carnage. Overnight he had her nursed in a clinically inexplicable position, in a side sitting position propped up by pillows, as CSF was deliberately and systematically drained from her Craniosacral system, all the time subjecting her to horrendous pain and suffering and all the time increasing the risks of Heart Failure, Stroke and Meningitis, and next morning his only concern about her was if she had been showered, indicating just how important that shower was to him.

The effect of that shower, just like the effect of any shower would have been to wash all kinds of bacteria including meningococcal bacteria down Liz’s body. The effect of the tube running down into Liz’s body would have been to channel some of that waterborne bacteria, including meningococcal bacteria inside Liz’s body.

Meningococcal bacteria coming into contact with blood and/or CSF would then have led to a meningococcal infection of one kind or another and almost certainly Liz’s death. That of course was the objective of Messrs Hay, Tatek, Brown and Ross Hall management, to murder Liz in a way that could be accidently explained and by doing so concealing Mr Hay’s horrific operational carnage forever.”

What Ed is alleging is that Hay instructed nurses to force his wife to have a shower, against her will, which would have resulted in her demise.

Did Hay effectively order a hit to cover his malpractice?

This site, under my direction, will always champion society’s underdogs. Be it fans seeking a judicial review of the rigged Scottish game; the plight of the Palestinians; the sacrifice of Madeleine McCann in a Satanic ritual; Ched Evans or Lynette Daley (deceased) I will always be their torchbearer.

It’s too late to take Hay to task for the suffering and premature death of Mrs McCay. However if Messrs Tatek and Brown continue to practise medicine then they must be reported as a matter of some urgency to the GMC.

The General Medical Council (GMC) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom. Its chief responsibility is ‘to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public’ by controlling entry to the register, and suspending or removing members when necessary.

Proving criminal intent in a medical malpractice suit is to make a rod for one’s back. I would pursue more achievable objectives

If Tatek and Brown are not summarily removed from the GMC register for engaging in an allegedly criminal joint enterprise then Mrs McCay will have died in vain.







An E-Mail to The Takeover Panel

The Takeover Panel
10 Paternoster Square


Dear Sirs,

I am the author, creator and owner of an award-winning social media site. This site since its inception just over two years ago has north of 17.6m hits and has a daily readership which exceeds what passes for quality journalism in Scotland, viz The Herald & The Scotsman. My readership includes one Lord Ordinary and many members of The Faculty of Advocates. The factual information presented on this site is regularly discussed in chambers.

I have conducted a thorough investigation of David Cunningham King. Many of my peers acknowledge that I am the leading authority on this career criminal. Mr. King is playing The Takeover Panel for fools.

Friday’s petition to The Court of Session to have King’s motion of appeal thrown out was unsuccessful. As a consequence Mr. King will not be in contempt of Lord Bannatyne’s considered opinion of 22/12/17 on the 21st of this month. The Inner House has set aside two consecutive days for the appeal on the 28th February and 1st March. Three Lord Ordinary will listen to submissions by a former Lord Advocate of Scotland, Baron Davidson of Glen Clova. Mr. King is not paying for the best legal representation money can buy. The services of Baron Davidson, junior counsel and instructing solicitors is being paid by season ticket receipts and repayable loans. Mr King’s British Virgin Islands NOAL trust fund has loaned £6.7m to RIFC Plc as per their accounts to 30/6/17 which were published on 3/11/17.

Should the Inner House uphold Lord Bannatyne’s opinion it won’t be the end of the matter. Mr. King will seek permission to petition The Supreme Court. On the balance of probability this will be granted.

Any judgment by The Inner House will take a minimum of three months to be disclosed. June, or more probably July, buys King more time to wreak havoc in a UK Plc. His shareholders have vested him with the authority to issue more than one hundred million ordinary shares. By having ‘the can of worms‘ kicked down the road King and his concert party can act with impunity to the disadvantage of minority stakeholders.

In a blatant transgression of FCA Insider Trading regulations, RIFC Club Secretary, James Blair (whom you have met) solicited the support of stakeholders by offering to ‘see them alright‘ if they voted for resolutions 10 and 11 at RIFC’s 2017 AGM.

Mr. King is an old hand at blindsiding watchdogs. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s watchdog failed to act when a mysterious third party bought a parcel of shares in MMI and gifted them to King’s daughter. This transaction which ultimately conferred 75% of B share equity to King’s daughter drove a horse and coaches through concert party regulations. This mysterious benefactor was none other than Dave King. At the time King’s trust funds had been frozen (Miranda Order in Guernsey) but he still had an undisclosed quantum at his disposal.

King treats the JSE as an advisory body. His company has been fined for a slew of insider trading transgressions. King perceives these fines as no more than an inconvenience; an insignificant tax to be paid on more lucrative rewards.

In engaging in litigation, The Takeover Panel Executive is pursuing an individual who is prepared to lie in court. South Africa’s Supreme Court Judge, Brian Southwood, asserted that it was the unanimous conclusion of he and his fellow presiding colleagues that King is:

A glib and shameless liar who won’t hesitate to lie if it’s in his interests to do so.”

King is laughing at you. He is an old hand at using legal redress to buy time. He tied up the South African Crown Prosecuting Authority for ten years with appeal after appeal.

Is The Takeover Panel just an advisory body?  An anachronistic throwback to a time where those in the city wore bowler hats and their words were their bonds?

Is it not high time that you issued a formal Cold Shoulder notice in regard to Mr. King? If you are awaiting legal avenues being exhausted may I suggest that you don’t hold your breath.

Sincere regards,

John James

(actual name available on request)


Courting Controversy – Redux

1. Friday 12th January



P341/17 Pet: The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers for Orders under section955


2. LORD MALCOLM – C Richardson/N Marchant, Clerks

Thursday 18th January 2018

Starred Motion (2 days)

A259/16 David Whitehouse v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Scotland &c

A & W M Urquhart
Ledingham Chalmers LLP

The SMSM were conspicuous by their absence on Friday morning at The Court of Session. This could be predicated on the savage cuts that have been necessary as print copy sales fall off a cliff. One notes how Keith Jackson reached out to James Doleman (amateur blogger with a command of short hand) in an attempt to glean some court insights. Doleman’s approach to funding is far from amateur. Send him £50 and he will eschew reporting restrictions to give you the skinny. One can but hope that Keith made a call or two and that one of his Sports Production Editors, Allan Bryce or Darren Cooney, signed off Keith’s calls as expenses. Did Doleman issue a receipt? Despite the austerity it must be comforting for the Record’s dwindling readership to note that Bryce is on much more than a bare week despite primarily working on sister title The Sunday Mail.

As much as one acknowledges the budgetary constraints at the tabloids, where were our broadcasters? As those who stepped up with their £5.55 2018 subscription and £1.99 for an article know the BBC is in the de facto control of Freemasons. Masonic influence at the BBC is as prevalent as it is in all aspects of local government and public life in Wales. The cabal that run BBC Scotland are cut from the same cloth.

The call has gone out in the lodges that half-season ticket sales are mission critical. Paroxysms of Puffery apropos the Lite trip to Florida are the order of the day. What is verboten is any mention that Lite can only afford loan signings and that the players had to pay their own airfares. There are promises that they will be reimbursed in a BACS transfer at the end of the month. One can but hope for the players in the departure lounge that Johnston does not light the blue touchpaper on RIFC being liquidated. Just the holding company will be affected so no need to factor in 15 points as member club The Rangers will remain intact. A new holding company, minus King and his pariah Cold Shoulder status, is the conclusion that I arrived at in Saturday’s piece. David Low in a tweet concurred with my solution. You read it here first:  jj passim A Pre-Pack Putsch.

Is David Murray picking up the tab for Johnston’s putsch or is he using the traditional Ibrox currency of OPM: Other People’s Money. My conservative estimate is that he dipped £35m from Rangers during his tenure. ‘Can I have some more Sir?

It fell to another amateur, John Clark, to cover Friday’s petition. Mr Clark by his own admission does not hear too well and does not to my knowledge have any grasp of shorthand but he did discern that the Exective of The Takeover & Mergers Commission, represented by Dentons, have expedited King’s motion of appeal having failed to have it thrown out. A two day hearing on the 28th February/1st March will inexorably dismiss King’s appeal.

Lord Bannatyne’s clerk had the good grace to respond to my missive which bore the fruits of my investigation of King. She pointed out that Bannatyne would form his opinion on the evidence presented in his court. However as Bannatyne lives in the real world he would have known that King would appeal. King, using Gullibillies money, would appeal a coin toss if it went against him. How comforting is it to note that the first tranche of season ticket renewals will find its way to Baron Davidson of Glen Clova and not to Brighton & Hove Albion FC. How embarrassing would it be if Murphy had to revert to his parent club? One would like to think that he would have more class than to blow his nose on a pair of Lite club shorts as was the case with Pena.

King has bought another four months. The question is what carnage will he wreak in that period or will Johnston pull the plug on his reign? King is a slippery fucker but a City source with contacts at Paternoster Square informs me that King has left a very bad taste in their mouths. Some industrial language was used. I’m led to believe the following robust narrative is verbatim:

‘We’re going to crucify that snivelling little cunt.’

Let’s hope they do. I would be happy to provide the nails. But an Inner House Judgment will take three months or more to write up. The question is:

Should the City watchdog have legal redress?

In the real world the TPE have never had to engage in court petitions. However King exists in a brown-brogued parallel universe where the rules of society don’t apply. Just look at how the Supreme Court ruled that Rangers’ use of EBT was an exercise in tax evasion, 17 of their titles were bent, yet the SFA are hell-bent on sweeping it under the carpet and refused to participate in a review. Banana Republic executive officers have more integrity than Regan and the Hun Loving Criminals under his command.

I make no excuse for reproducing one of my most significant exclusives of 2017 as it is the perfect preface to the second matter and David Whitehouse’s  claim of £9m and costs.

Submission of David John Whitehouse to the COPFS inquiry
19th October 2016

My involvement with COPFS relates to the prosecution brought in respect of the Rangers case. It is not possible for me to use or disclose any information received from the Crown through the disclosure process, as to do so would breach the provisions of Section 163 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. That constrains what I can say in evidence. I have asked my lawyers to consider whether there is any way in which the court can be asked to authorise me to give evidence on an unconstrained basis. The criminal proceedings remain outstanding against one accused, and reporting restrictions are in place. I can make available to the enquiry detailed, near-verbatim notes of each court hearing which will evidence appalling conduct on the part of the Crown, with the court being routinely misled, but I would need to be reassured that their provision would not breach the existing reporting restrictions.

I have commenced civil proceedings against Police Scotland and COPFS in respect of their conduct in certain aspects of the Rangers case. I will not refer to matters which could compromise that litigation. This litigation will be strictly based upon matters of law which are not covered in this submission. The pleadings in the litigation will contain substantial evidence to support the claim, such evidence is not referred to within these submissions to avoid any prejudice to the civil proceedings. Equally those matters referred to in these submissions are not necessary to support the civil proceedings. The matters referred to in these submissions are matters which I would wish to bring to the attention of the enquiry, which do not have an impact on the current ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution, and do not involve a breach of legislation.

The civil proceedings commenced against COPFS and Police Scotland will expose misconduct on a scale which will be regarded as extreme on any measure.

At the heart of the issue, I believe is a culture of reckless disregard for due process which has had a catastrophic impact upon the public purse, upon the victims of wrongful prosecutions, but most importantly the integrity and effectiveness of COPFS.

I wish to raise five specific issues which should be considered by the enquiry.

Firstly I would like to raise the independence of COPFS.

When I was first arrested, my employer and I, via our legal advisors, had lengthy dealings with Police Scotland and found them to be utterly inept in investigating complex financial crime. By way of background the crime for which I was arrested was reported by me to the Police. To aid the investigation of the crime COPFS and Police Scotland sought to recover material from my employer which was held subject to legal professional privilege. Neither COPFS nor Police Scotland understood the law in relation to legal professional privilege despite it being set out in extensive detailed correspondence.

The police in particular had no expertise nor training in complex economic crime. The lead investigating officer in the Rangers case, Jim Robertson, a Detective Sergeant at the commencement of the enquiry, advised my colleagues and lawyer for my employer that he lacked knowledge of the relevant law, he has no professional training in company law, accountancy or complex financial crime. He had in effect no supervising officer, his allocated line manager Detective Inspector Brian Wright confirmed he was not able to offer meaningful oversight of the investigation as he had been fully employed on the integration of Strathclyde Police with Police Scotland.

The lack of understanding of LLP is a matter which will I will refer back to later in this submission. Despite this obvious lack of technical or professional expertise, COPFS failed to review or challenge the flawed findings of the Police investigation. They failed to provide any legal oversight or supervision of the actions of the Police.

They showed a reckless disregard for the due process which they maintained throughout. COPFS was obliged, by law and by its own Disclosure Manual, to disclose all evidence (in the form of witness statements and productions) to the defence as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within 28 days of my first appearance in court (17 November 2014). However, a year later we were still waiting for many witness statements, and over a thousand crown productions. This seriously impacted upon my team’s ability to prepare my defence – all the more difficult when I was facing allegations that were poorly articulated, speculative and untrue.

In June 2015 and later, COPFS blamed delays in disclosure on the need to read the evidence before disclosing it. If true, that would suggest that they sanctioned my arrest, committal and indictment without first considering all of the evidence that had been available to them for many months, and in some cases years. That showed a reckless disregard for their legal obligations and the interest of justice, to say nothing of my own rights.

Notwithstanding my concerns as to the competence of Police Scotland, I was comforted at the time of my arrest by my lawyers reassuring me COPFS would act independently of the Police and would discharge their duty to critically analyse the evidence produced by the police and investigate my defence, that principle of independence having been established and evolved over hundreds of years. This has since proved to be a misconceived view in this case. Whilst it is correct that over hundreds of years this has been a key role of the public prosecutor, in recent years that independence has progressively been eroded. In the case of my investigation prosecution, COPFS and Police Scotland shared the same office in the same building and clearly acted in tandem at all times. The statutory checks and balances of independence were absent.

This lack of independence is a significant factor which has resulted in the catastrophic failure of the Rangers investigation.

The second issue is a lack of regard to conflicts of interest, which in this case were extreme.

The investigating police officer in the Rangers case, Jim Robertson, is an avid Rangers fan. He has openly confirmed to my colleagues, and lawyers for my employer that he is a regular participant and reader of Rangers fan blogs. In one interview, attended by a partner of DLA solicitors, he actually recited a Rangers chant in an attempt to intimidate a witness!

He stated repeatedly that the evidential basis for this action lay in the BBC documentary, “the Men Who Sold The Jerseys”. COPFS were aware of this and failed in their duty to review his conclusions. Media reports suggest the reporting officer had a deep affinity with the football club which if true should have caused deep concern to COPFS.

Public record documents indicate the Procurator Fiscal, Caroline Macleod, was previously married to one of the failed bidders for the club, Colin Macleod, formerly of Harper Macleod solicitors. Mr Macleod threatened to sue the joint administrators for not accepting his bid for the purchase of the club. His bid, submitted on behalf of “the Macleod clan”, was substantially inferior to other bids. Mrs Macleod refused all requests by my defence team for COPFS to investigate the position of the other bidders. The relevance of such enquiries to the charges is obvious.

Senior counsel for the Crown, James Keegan QC, is a known business associate and professional advisor to members and supporters of the Blue Knights who were also failed bidders for the club. The Blue Knights were a collection of individuals who were openly hostile to, and critical of the work of the administrators. Despite the fact that at no stage did they submit a bid capable of acceptance, they were the purchaser of choice for most fan groups.

Mr Keegan was also himself a previously disqualified director. His disqualification was as a result of an application by the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry who considered Mr Keegan to have acted improperly as a shadow director of an insolvent company. He was disqualified for three years, by consent. He was also engaged in a 10 year dispute with the liquidator of one of his companies, Lowlands Building Services Limited. The liquidator pursued him for fraudulent trading resulting in him ultimately settling the claim by way of a contribution from the directors. In such circumstances it is entirely inappropriate that he should have been instructed to act for COPFS in an action against insolvency practitioners and individuals accused of fraudulent trading and acting as a shadow director.

Mr Keegan applied to become Queens Counsel in 2009. It is evident to me from a review of the terms of the application process for appointment to Queens Counsel, together with a review of the detailed report of Sir William Rae in respect of the 2009 appointment process, that he misled the panel which approved his appointment to Queens Counsel. He could not in my opinion have disclosed his disqualification as a company director, this coupled with the nature of the proceedings brought against him, which on any reading of the rules for applying for silk are a disclosable matter, suggest that Mr Keegan obtained the office on a false pretence. The practical outcome of his engagement in the Rangers case amounts to a fraud.

The final serious conflict of interest relates to the appointment of experts. The COPFS after twice indicting me and my colleagues, finally in 2016 commissioned an expert report from Aver accountants. The COPFS confirmed in court that absent such a report they did not have an evidential basis for the core charges contained within the remaining indictment.

Aver had a material conflict of interest. Aver had previously been party to a commercial arrangement with a business called Kinetic for the provision of insolvency services. Kinetic was acquired by Duff and Phelps, my employer, in 2015. Following the acquisition of the business, the commercial arrangements with Aver were terminated. This will have resulted in a material loss of income to the partners of Aver. It is inconceivable in those circumstances that Aver did not have a material conflict- of- interest in relation to the assignment which they undertook. In any event their report did not support the proposition advanced by COPFS in the indictments.

None of these conflicts were disclosed to the defence teams nor the court.

The third issue relates to a lack of integrity and honesty on the part of COPFS officials.

Until such time as the current criminal proceedings and civil proceedings are concluded it is not possible for me to fully set out the extent of this misconduct. It is, however, relevant to refer to you a decision of Lord Glennie which related to a restraint order which COPFS obtained against me based upon grossly misleading and false information and representations made to the court.

I attach a copy of the judgement in which Lord Glennie considers the Crowns conduct “amounts to a very serious breach of its duty of candour”. He further states “That it seems to me to be not only a failure to aver, but to amount to a clear and very serious breach of the duty of disclosure and candour.” “Where the applicant is the Crown, and is in a position of power, the court must be alert to ensure those powers are not abused”. In the subsequent HFW judgement for costs against the Crown arising from a bill of suspension in respect of a search warrant also unlawfully obtained, (judgement also attached) the court says “Taken in the round, which we are entitled to do, actions of the Third and Fourth (sic) defendants were an abuse of state power.”

The third and fourth defendants were Police Scotland and the Lord Advocate.

There are numerous other examples of where COPFS have misled the court and its officers and have attempted to pervert the course of justice. These matters form part of my civil proceedings and will not therefore be referred to in these submissions. I have transcripts of each court hearing which prove beyond any doubt that those at COPFS engaged in calculated misconduct in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

My fourth point is a lack of understanding of the law around the issue of legal professional privilege.

This subject has been at the heart of the Rangers case and resulted in an oppression plea being upheld against one accused. The proceedings referred to above by HFW have resulted in very significant costs and damages being awarded against COPFS reported to be £500,000. Despite COPFS apparently have either failed to communicate the correct law to their staff who continue to maintain LPP does not apply in Scotland, or their staff have chosen to ignore the advice. This has led to the latest judgement re Clyde & Co v COPFS, copy attached, where COPFS have again acted oppressively with a disregard for the law.

I have personally been directly consulted by another leading Insolvency Practitioner not connected to my firm, who was also threatened with arrest by officers of COPFS in connection with the Rangers enquiry, as they maintained that this would overcome issues of LPP, astonishingly this was in 2016, after the HFW proceedings.

My final observation is that COPFS chose to disregard their own disclosure manuals and procedures consistently throughout the entirety of the Rangers prosecution. They deliberately and repeatedly concealed exculpatory material in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. The full detail will be established within the civil proceedings and are therefore excluded from these submissions.

I would request the opportunity to provide verbal evidence at the enquiry upon conclusion of the civil and criminal litigation.

My primary submission is that the failings of Crown office are a product of failed leadership which have resulted in a culture of incompetence and lack of candour. This can be rectified by the new Lord Advocate and I wish him well in that task.

It is a cornerstone of any modern society to have a criminal justice system in which the public have trust and confidence, I very much hope the enquiry will go some way to bring about change and to restore public confidence in what is a failed public body.


This submission was never published by COPFS and would not have seen the light of day had my Legal Eagle not remitted it to me. Let’s start with Jim Keegan QC who was suspended for three years for acting as a shadow director of an insolvent company. He also was alleged to have engaged in fraudulent trading. This allegation had legs. Keegan settled out of court. However the most explosive takeaway from this piece, which led to this submission being spiked, was the following:

“Mr Keegan applied to become Queens Counsel in 2009. It is evident to me from a review of the terms of the application process for appointment to Queens Counsel, together with a review of the detailed report of Sir William Rae in respect of the 2009 appointment process, that he misled the panel which approved his appointment to Queens Counsel. He could not in my opinion have disclosed his disqualification as a company director, this coupled with the nature of the proceedings brought against him, which on any reading of the rules for applying for silk are a disclosable matter, suggest that Mr Keegan obtained the office on a false pretence. The practical outcome of his engagement in the Rangers case amounts to a fraud.”

I invite readers to read this paragraph several times. Keegan took silk by fraud and should not have been prosecuting the Crown’s case as his elevation to silk was bogus. Will the Law Society intervene or are they another public body, as is the case with many Scottish institutions ( e.g. Health & Safety Executive) that is asleep at the wheel?

David Whitehouse, a highly respected accountant, chose his words carefully.  One should take notice when he asserts that COPFS and Police Scotland work in tandem. There is no oversight of the latter by the former. As a result of this abnegation of their responsibilities,  a hairy arsed policeman with no training in law or accountancy was allowed to charge around the world on a global wild goose chase in pursuit of Craig Whyte. Robertson also arranged that COPFS would not consider King’s £25,000 acquisition of information that was hacked from Craig Whyte. There are a minimum of three criminal counts here yet COPFS, acting in tandem with Police Scotland, refuse to act against one of their own. They also will not pursue the Magnificently Maned Adulterer who was the bag man on this reset of stolen intellectual property.

  • Is it any wonder that King thinks he can get away with murder at The Establishment Club? 

A Pre-Pack Putsch

There is only one sports reporter worth reading at The Daily Record. He keeps winning awards but let’s face it the bar in the SMSM is set low. I hesitate to use the term ‘journalist.’ His name is Keith Jackson. Jackson and his colleague Gary Ralston are tame ‘journalists’; the go-to-lickspittles that respond to Jim Traynor’s beck and call. Traynor has been tasked with quashing reports of Administration at RIFC. Traynor reached out to Ralston & McCoist.

One wonders how much McCoist was paid by Traynor. Did the former turn out solely for the appearance fee gigs or did he insist on a tax-efficient remittance to his charitable trust?  Would I be misquoting Charles Green when he asserted that McCoist was:

“A self-serving grasping little bastard.”

Charles reads this site and will be quick to correct me if I left anything out. Perhaps an industrial epithet starting with the letter C, which rhymes with runt, would be more apposite? As we learned from the Craig Whyte trial, reported exclusively on this site, McCoist arranged for punitive penalty clauses in his contract to be triggered should he not succeed Walter Smith. His £750,000 basic, £125,000 expense account requiring receipts and a £125,000 float provided McCoist with a seven-figure stipend as Rangers hurtled into administration and subsequent liquidation. An administration that he backed.

When Charles Green bought the basket case of assets, Ally was quick to TUPE to maintain his seven-figure sinecure, adding some one pence shares for good measure. Did Ally make a call to the Magnificently-Maned Adulterer to confirm Traynor’s spin, or was Paul too busy counting his disguised remuneration as a director of Garrion Security? Or perhaps Paul was engaged launching Vicast, the app that he hosts with fellow nosebag recipient Martin Bain? With so many fish to be filleted it’s no surprise that Paul is dating a clairvoyant to anticipate what’s coming down the pike.

McCoist reminds one of the CSA’s bête noire BFDJ, minus the illegitimate offspring. McCoist has also sired 5 children, but did not choose to forget two of them. The joy of being a Real Rangers Man.

Raving Ralston is unequivocally on Level 5 message. He borrowed BFDJ’s fetching ra-ra skirt and Pom Poms to produce a Ministry of Pishery intra vires palmarius:

“So, that will be Rangers heading into administration then. What do you mean they’ll make the announcement on Monday? My sources (a friend of a friend of a friend) was packing the bags of Dave King’s mum in Tesco and heard her on the phone to her boy in Johannesburg. It’ll be announced on Wednesday morning at 10.37am on the button. Apparently, it’s a pre-pack deal (the administration, not her shopping) and the Ibrox chairman will receive £10million, walking away to be replaced by a consortium fronted by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Further investors will include Bradley Walsh, Paul Sinha, Anne Hegerty and Mark Labbett, offering conclusive proof Rangers do, indeed, welcome The Chase.

Rangers administration odds suspended but eager rival fans are forgetting one thing
As Rumours go, this latest one has been hanging around longer than anything recorded by Fleetwood Mac – and has enjoyed just as many re-releases.

Like the first cuckoo in spring, swallow in summer and robin in winter, the sightings of ‘Rangers in administration’ are certainly consistent and, time and again, have proved to be nothing other than pie in the sky.

King and the Three Bears – Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor – have invested heavily to wrestle control from the discredited former board and put their club on a firmer financial footing in the past three years.

Conservative estimates put the total invested at around £20million, much of it from King himself, who has given a further undertaking to auditors Campbell Dallas that he’s good for another £7m to underpin business losses over the next 12 months.

Campbell Dallas are hardly a firm of back street bookies. If they felt there was any likelihood of those sums being unavailable, they would not have signed off in the annual accounts on Rangers continuing as a going concern.

Speaking of the bookies, they apparently closed their satchels on the prospect of Rangers being relegated this season, foreseeing a hefty points deduction and player fire sale if they fall into the abyss.

These, of course, are the same bookies who closed the book on Alex McLeish being named new Rangers boss last month when he had never received so much as a phone call about the position.

Rangers are in debt to no one but their investors, all of them wealthy fans who have pledged to convert much of their loans to equity when a new share issue is launched, most likely later in the year.

Forget the fact they’re supporters, why the hell would they pull the plug and plunge the club into further financial chaos, knowing they would lose almost everything they have put in?

By the end of this year, King will have committed around £40m of his business fortunes to Rangers – half of which was frittered away, much to his disgust, by former chairman David Murray.

In the past 12 months alone he has written a £3m cheque to rid the club of the odious influence on Mike Ashley and £1.5m to UEFA to ensure his team’s UEFA licence.

He has bankrolled Pedro Caixinha, however botched the project, and only this week signed off on a package for Jamie Murphy that will ultimately cost his club the guts of £2m.

There was £1m set aside in an escrow account to pay Aberdeen compensation for Derek McInnes and almost the same again on the table for a salary had the club’s former midfielder decided to leave Pittodrie for Edmiston Drive.

Undoubtedly, King must be held to account. He rode roughshod over the Takeover Panel, for example, who recently concluded he acted in concert with the Three Bears and have demanded he offer 20 pence to all shareholders for their stock, only around two-thirds of their current value

King has launched an appeal, which will keep it kicking around the legal long grass for a few months to come.

He’s confident of his position. If he loses? He’ll have to fork out around £300,000 for a prospectus knowing no-one will sell for the price he is legally bound to offer while his family trust fund, New Oasis Limited, ring fences £10m just in case.

Hold-on, a call’s just coming in – he’s just been spotted at the Ladbrokes on Copland Road.

He’s slapped £100 on Pep Guardiola at 500,000-1 to become his first-team manager next season. Administration? Aye, right.

Rangers fans, would you take up the 20p per share offer?”

One assumes that the original Traynor narrative did not include the pre-pack metaphor. Gout and humour are not easy bedfellows, especially when one has been cut off by Greggs. One would like to think that the Magnificently-Maned Adulterer knows how to source a tart or two to keep the Auchenhowie squatter sweet. Traynor also receives a free calendar, Ibrox Wives, which features a gaggle of women of a certain age risking life and limb while draped naked save a Union Jack g-string on the crumbling stands. A true collector’s item that is all the rage at The Health & Safety Executive.

Then there’s his monthly subscription to ‘Showing Pink in The Louden’ in which he places his copy of the Daily Record as he does not want to be seen carrying this failing organ. This title should not be confused with Mark Dingwall’s “Showing Pink in Delmonicas” which differs anatomically. Cue howls of ‘homophobia’ by the oh so PC herrenvolk.

I digress. There is only one fact in this work of fiction, and colour me surprised it’s inaccurate. King has been granted ‘leave to appeal.’ However the Takeover Panel petition to expedite this hearing was upheld yesterday. King has only bought himself five weeks to stave off the inevitable. The hearing, set for two days, will be heard on February 28/ March 1.

As for ring-fencing £10m has Ralston not been paying attention to King allegedly not having control of NOAL?  Ralston should stick to Traynot’s script and not make things up to suit. Then there’s the fantasy £1m in an escrow account. Perhaps Ralston would like to explain how Milne refused permission when this clause in McInnes’ contract was met. It’s a barefaced lie by Ralston,

Then there’s Murphy whom they had to take on loan as they could not afford a down payment. Things are so tight that the players had to buy their own bucket shop economy airfare tickets to Florida as RIFC have been cut off by their appointed travel agent. I believe the agent is still awaiting payment for a number of business class trips from Johannesburg.

In the unlikely event that King offers 20p per share there will be a clamour to bite his hand off. Only the bent brief’s company would pay 27p per share; or as a disguised pay-off to Ashley.
Will the Gullibillies be suitably mollified by Raving Ralston and Mendacious McCoist? The monobrowed knuckle draggers will but what about the sentient minority who can can spell Phil Macgiollabhain? The Donegal Blogger bursts Raving Ralston’s bubble with a slew of rhetorical questions that are so detailed that one cannot take issue with their veracity. Will they be sent to Traynor in his guise as Ibrox Press Officer? Of course not. The questions are rhetorical. The answers are known:

1. Can you confirm or deny that late last year a representative of your club or a representative of your parent company RIFC contacted several companies to access invoice financing?

2. Can you confirm or deny that one of these financial institutions was Bibby Financial Services?

3. Can you confirm or deny that the invoice financing that was being requested was regarding the potential add ons from the sales of Joseph Garner and Martyn Waghorn?

4. Can you confirm or deny that these attempts to secure invoice financing from these companies was refused by all of them?

5. Can you confirm or deny that a decision (was made) within your club and/or parent company RIFC to seek quotes from licensed insolvency practitioners?

6. Can you confirm or deny that the following companies were contacted (either formally or informally) and asked to provide said quotes: Begbies Traynor: Johnstone Carmichael; MLM Solutions; 180 Solutions?

7. Could you confirm or deny that the agreed fee for appointing an Administrator should not exceed £500,000?

8. Can you confirm or deny that a planned insolvency event has been discussed by several directors of RIFC?

9. Can you confirm or deny that a representative of your club recently stated to Brighton and Hove Albion FC that your club did not have the money to pay for Jamie Murphy.

10. Can you confirm or deny that the initial offer to Murphy’s club was zero pounds upfront with the first tranche of £500,000 being paid in May 2018 when the season ticket money was in place?

11. Can you explain why your club has been unable to access an overdraft facility at any bank of financial institution?

So who to believe? Raving Ralston’s farrago of lies that would make a succulent lamb purveyor blush; or the spare rhetoric of Phil Macgiollabhain? Only a fool with the sentient capacity of a Smurf would choose Raving Ralston’s Reportage. However allow your humble correspondent to ask a question of his own:

12. Can you confirm or deny that David Murray is bankrolling Alastair Johnston’s  pre-pack putsch against King and that the ultimate objective is the liquidation of RIFC with TRFC remaining intact?

Would it not be delicious should someone more adept in the dark arts fuck over King for a second time? Arise Sir Bribe & Lie!