Will The Dogs Be Barking or Baying at Primark Pedro’s Caravan?

I watched the first semi-final on my own in a bar which had a pirate internet feed of BT Sport. I enjoyed a couple of cold dark ones from St. James’s Gate. The first Guinness is quite bitter to the taste but not as bitter as the unreconstructed  knuckle-dragging Hun who was spewing invective from an adjacent table. Each and every Celtic player was deemed ‘a cheating cunt.‘ There were kids in the bar watching the Chelsea v Watford game which also ended 4-2. He carried on regardless. In my younger days I would have told him to ‘shut the fuck up‘ but even though I can still handle myself  – I continue to box at a local club where my annual membership costs a mere £1 which includes a pair of second-hand gloves – I had come for a quiet beer and had no desire to get barred from the best sports bar in town bar none. I have experience, from my bar steward days, of deploying a wrist lock against a pint glass used as a weapon. I knew exactly what I would do if it kicked off.

Rangers recidivists cause trouble wherever they roam. The also try to blacken the reputation of the Celtic fans. Some in Munich were so fulsome in their praise of the support that they wondered if they could be hired. I applaud each and every one of them despite the best efforts of Robert Grieve and his ilk to suggest they were singing pro-Isis / anti Lee Rigby songs, which was changed in the second edition to pro-IRA songs. Grieve was just making it up. Did he ask Brendan Rodgers if he was facing a mid-life crisis as a bet with his Hun colleagues at The Sun? This title is still boycotted in Liverpool for the appalling lie that the victims of the Hillsborough disaster were robbed by fellow fans as they lay dead and dying on the turf. Is Kelvin MacKenzie the most odious man in the history of British print?  If he were to walk around Liverpool’s Albert Dock redevelopment he would be left in no doubt of the local people’s anathema. Of course on balance it should be stated that he was briefed by the Police who were engaging in black propaganda apropos the Liverpool support. The Police wanted to portray the supporters as the lowest of the low who had brought the carnage on their own heads.

What kind of individual watches a game to hurl abuse at the object of his ten-in-a-row nightmares? They are called Rangers Lite supporters. I started watching this game as a neutral but in defiance of the knuckle dragger I chose to actively support Celtic and was on my feet to celebrate Dembele’s brace while staring at the hand-made WATP tattoo on his beer drinking arm.

As to the game itself it did not quite ignite for me. I could not fault the players who provided a six goal thriller, but the atmosphere was flat due to 10,000 seats, that Hibs insisted on, remaining unsold. They should have been returned to the SPFL and put on open sale at Celtic Park. Motherwell, whose eyes are not bigger than their stomach, took a modest allocation. Lite had no difficulty selling their 38,000 allocation. If I were Neil Doncaster I would be calling Rod Petrie to give him a flea in his ear.

Were Celtic good value for their 60th domestic game without defeat?  Yes they were. It would be churlish to suggest otherwise. However I was surprised that the Hibs keeper could not do better with Lustig’s goals. Were the dreich conditions to blame for his poor handling? Giving Celtic two soft goals of a start was only going to end one way.

I note that other sites are blaming Clancy and his assistant for the penalty decision. However the real culprits are Boyata who was caught in possession; and Boyle for his prowess in simulation. It took several runs of a slow motion camera to see Boyle dragging his foot prior to going down. Boyata knew he was being ‘done’ but he should not have put himself in this invidious position in the first place. The penalty decision was a rare beast in Scottish football. It was a genuine honest mistake.

In yesterday’s piece I stated that I fancied Motherwell today. I will also watch this game as a neutral but with a quiet hope that the underdogs, Motherwell, prevail. The look on the foul-mouthed bigot’s face would be priceless if the caravan ground to a halt and the gypseys with their stolen trophy trinkets had to face the dogs that had stopped barking and started baying.



The Wheels Coming Off.

Prior to writing an article to preview the Semi-Finals of The League Cup (I will not name the sponsor) I take pause to add a postscript to yesterday’s article on Level 5. Traynor’s so-called office at 26 Blythswood Square is currently occupied by Paul Hetherington, a man with interesting connections to Airdrie FC. Mr Hetherington shows all the low-life cunning that we have come to expect from Mr Traynor’s favourite client who resides south of the Limpopo.

Paul Anthony Hetherington seems to have a penchant for borrowing heavily from his company. One would like to think that this is not an elaborate EBT style loan to evade tax?

Was Traynor lying to the press when he borrowed Hetherington’s company’s HQ for the L5 launch, or is the latter sub-letting? My source, with a solid background in investigative journalism, is taking a closer look at the cosy relationship between Traynor and Hetherington. He unearthed a Herald piece from June, 2011, apropos Airdrie only paying a gas bill of £1.29 per month. Would it be unkind to suggest that with all the action going on in his marital bed ménage a trois Ballantyne had no need to keep warm? Did he get by on a post-coital flush?
Airdrie United’s ground is owned by Excelsior Stadium LLP, while the stadium is run on a daily basis by Excelsior Stadium Limited. It is the limited company that has responsibility for gas payments. The LLP members are Irene Greene, her husband Sam and Paul Hetherington, a trio that also collectively holds the full shareholding in the company that manages the stadium. Airdrie United is owned by a separate firm, one of whose directors is Jim ‘slam bam thank you mams‘  Ballantyne.

One wonders what artifice Hetherington was using to mininimise the gas bills. Surely with characters such as Traynor, Ballantyne and Hetherington forming their own ménage a trois, one would be quick to check pockets to ensure that they had not been picked.


Ballantyne in his retro replica top and what looks like an Emu’s nest covering his bald napper. Is he moonlighting as a tribute act to Rod Hull? Surely a man with his team colours nailed firmly to the mast would recuse himself from the decision to confer Rangers Lite with the titles won by Rangers?

I digress. As the wheels come off at Level 5 will Celtic’s invincible run come to a shuddering halt at Hampden today? There was nothing in Griffith’s performance in The Allianz Arena that would support him getting the nod over Dembele. If Rodgers prefers to bring Dembele off the bench it may be too little too late.

In midfield I would select Rogic and give the fresh legs of Forrest a run. If Dembele or Griffiths cannot find the net one should look to McGregor who scored a brace against Hibs at Celtic Park.

The problems at Celtic emanate from the back four. Jozo Simunovic and Erik Sviatchenko are both injured. The Lustig/Boyata axis looked ropy on Wednesday evening yet Rodgers has little option other than to play them. I would rest Gamboa and introduce Ralston. The former’s blood is probably still twisted by trying to mark Kingsley Coman. Rodgers should probably rest Brown and Armstrong who both looked leggy on Wednesday, but he is unlikely to jettison his captain.

Can Hibs win? Yes they can. They won’t have a better chance than against a team with only one day to prepare. Celtic have not been impressive of late. This game is too close to call but if you held a gun to my head I would plump for Hibs.

If one believed the Glasgow-centric Scottish media hacks, Rangers Lite are in the final bar a light training run-out against Motherwell. I beg to differ. I fancy Motherwell and should a fair referee be appointed they will have every chance.

I’m really excited by the Celtic v Hibs game. Two teams with great traditions and not an EBT cheat to be seen except in the BBC Scotland mobile studio.


Going Down

Yesterday’s piece on schadenfreude could quite appositely be applied to my reaction to the unaudited accounts of the micro-entity, Level 5 PR, which were sent to me by one of my most valued sources.

Walter: “How much are you getting for this gig Murdo?”  Murdo: ‘Less than you received in an EBT bung from Rangers when you were manager of Everton.’


The registered office of the Ministry of Pishery is listed as 26 Blythswood Square despite everyone knowing that Traynor and Kerr are squatting at Murray Park. No-one has ever seen them at Blythswood square, much to the chagrin of the working girls who fancied a go on Traynor’s ‘bouncy castle‘ blubber. I wonder what part of the £37,508 quantum of creditors in 2006 and £50,568 in 2017 is allocated to pay off their exorbitant lease? In PR image is everything. The fact that their cleaner is on a zero hours contract is best swept under the carpet.

How the fuck do I spin an incursion of 200 Rangers thugs intent on GBH? Let’s call it the least they could do to protect the players. No-one will notice that the players had already left the field of play. If there is any dissension in the SMSM ranks I will engage in a round of Adultery Tombola. How the hacks will squeal when unmasked.”

The two directors of Level 5, Slim Shady Traynor and Sidekick Kerr, were left with a capital reserve of £105,762 for their endeavours to 31 January, 2017. Would up to £30,000 of this be set aside for this year’s showpiece lease? If so the partners in pishery won’t have enough for a good night out with Chick Young. Young’s favourite lap dancers will be supping thin gruel in their champagne flutes.

Should one feel some pangs of sympathy for the man with more faces than chins one should demur as every cloud has a silver lining for the liquidation denier.

His gout has improved. Not by leaps and bounds of course, but his gait looks more steady. He is no longer listing like Gary Mackay-Steven after a night of liquid refreshment and aquatic misadventure. Would it be unkind to suggest that Mackay-Steven made more of a splash in the Kelvin than at Celtic Park?

In other good news for the Govan gourmand, Crown Office counsel have decided on no proceedings to be pursued apropos William Stevenson’s hacking of Craig Whyte’s data. Hence no proceedings against King who used the information to destabilise the former regime at Lite and to manipulate the share price.

Having squandered millions on a conspiracy theory, with Stevenson as a witness for the Crown, is it any surprise that these corrupt self-serving bastards are covering their tracks and bowing to their masters in Govan? Any part Traynor allegedly played in the publishing of the Charlotte Fake tweets has now been covered up.

Surely a gout-inducing slap up at Rogano is called for? Or are things so tight that they will just slap Chick Young’s bald pate?

Rumours that ‘In the Closet Hun‘ Chick Young needed satnav to find Love Street are probably funny because they’re true.


Level 5 have only one client ergo they work full time for Rangers. Under HMRC rules are they not really full time employees of Rangers Lite and not consultants and are therefore avoiding PAYE and NI?




Schadenfreude is defined as a pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. The Scottish Champions, The Invincibles, were playing in Munich last night and were outplayed by an outstanding Bayern Munich team. The German champions have won the Champions League twice, most recently in May, 2013. They have won its predecessor, The European Champion Clubs’ Cup, on three occasions. They have also won the UEFA cup, and the FIFA junket Club World Cup and UEFA beano, Supercup. Celtic by contrast have won one European Club Champion Clubs’ Cup.

As the first northern European team to do so it was a truly memorable feat. Celtic had arrived. Pick up any Champions League Final programme – I have one from Wembley, 2011 (I could not afford the £250 being asked to attend the Barcelona v Manchester United final) and you will find Celtic’s achievement being acknowledged and accompanied with a photograph of Billy McNeil lifting the cup.

Having watched limousine after limousine arrive at Wembley, decanting the movers and shakers from Sony and other sponsors, I was left with the feeling that football had moved on. It was no longer the pastime of the masses, who had rushed after a Saturday morning shift at the yard or factory floor to down a few pies and pints prior to the kick-off. There were no champagne flutes and prawn sandwiches in those days.

Football has moved on. One thing that has not changed is Schadenfreude. As I sat down to watch the game in a spit and sawdust boozer on the wrong side of the tracks I was astonished to find that I was the only one cheering Wayne Rooney’s goal. The Arsenal/Spurs supporters, in a rare display of football ecumenism, were besides themselves with joy as Manchester United were soundly beaten. Messi was unplayable.

However they were not ‘crushed’ as per Tom ‘Move On‘ English’s report of the game on the BBC website. English is fast becoming my most despised journalist. He is not Chris Jack who does not know any better. English is a twice-published author on his main passion, rugby union. English’s use of ‘crushed’ was clickbait for the Govan hordes, most of whom could not spell schadenfreude but could easily smell it from the feral hatred of the lager-soaked knuckle-draggers in their midst. The Oktoberfest tents packed up on October 4th. However in Govania the oompah band was playing a passable cover of The Sash last night. Rangers Lite is such a poor facsimile of the club that is being liquidated, the cheating EBT-fuelled juggernaut that was Rangers, that the only pleasure left is celebrating Celtic reverses. When one thinks of Lite I envisage a social misfit who cannot attract a prom date, is not allowed entry as he’s too drunk and in a fit of pique pisses in the ornamental pool adjacent to the dance hall. Tom English is holding his cock and shaking it dry.

More fool me for reading anything from Radio Hunland. For a more balanced and professional analysis I reverted to Paul Brennan and the excellent Celtic Quick News (Celtic News – Not Lazy Journalism). Paul noted that Brendan Rodgers was brutally honest when reflecting on the game:

I was disappointed with the goals conceded and I was disappointed with our build-up play in the first-half. Tactically, we knew what we needed to do. We had to cope with that bit of pressure. But we conceded three poor goals. The movement and rotation and how they overload is difficult to deal with. Once they get that first goal, they get the confidence. We pressed as well as we could, but I just felt in the goals we could have been better in those moments. However, we still had good moments in the game. In the second-half, we were much better. Of course, we want to be competitive at this level, but you also have to measure the level and the quality we’re playing against. There was still a lot for us in the game, in particular after the interval, in how we built the game from behind. My players gave absolutely everything.”

Celtic could not cope with Bayern’s aerial prowess. Better teams than Celtic will suffer reverses to this slick team which marries strength and rapier-like movement. Kingsley Coman on the left flank of a 4-2-3-1 formation outshone Robben on the right despite being twelve years his junior (21 and 33 respectively). Coman has represented France at every level from Under 16s to making his first team debut in November 2015, aged 19. Gamboa was no match for him. Lustig, who was drafted into central defence with Boyata, was exposed by Muller and Lewandowski. Brown looked as if he had returned from injury too quickly, as did the ineffective Armstrong.

However this game should be put into perspective. Bayern’s squad is so rich in talent that James Rodriguez, their £45m marquee signing, could not get a first team start. Anderlecht lost 0-4 to PSG at home. Ceteris Paribus, Celtic will be playing in the Europa league next year, which is a sign of progress. Celtic fans should keep their faith in Rodgers. His team’s time will come.

As part of improving my Celtic IQ ( according to those who refer to me as the Bheast Blogger I don’t have to) I have been listening to the excellent CQN podcasts, A Celtic State of Mind. I particularly enjoyed the piece on The Quality Street Gang. Celtic supporters sing a song with a verse: ‘If you know your history‘ which resonated with me as I was clearly lacking. As Lou Macari spoke about the debt he owed to the Lisbon Lions and his humble beginnings when training on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings when he could not call himself a Celtic player, my thoughts turned to The World Club Championship matches of 1967. There are those who concur with my view that the Thrilla in Manila was the greatest heavyweight bout of all time. As Ali and Frazier went toe-to-toe at 10 a.m. on Sunday 1st October no-one knew that this would be a fight to the death. It has been described as ‘sanctioned manslaughter.’ I defy anyone to watch this bout and not have unstinting admiration for my boxing hero, Joe Frazier. It was a brutal encounter that would ultimately lead to an arrogant man being humbled by a degenerative disease and an honest man dying before his time.

The description ‘sanctioned manslaughter‘ could be applied to Celtic’s encounters with Racing Club. The third and decisive game of The World Club Championship was played on November 4, 1967, three days after the away leg in Buenos Aires. It was played in Montevideo, Uruguay, which is a four and a half hour ferry and coach trip from the Argentine capital. The so-called neutral territory resulted in a contingent of Racing’s 30,000 fans congregating outside Celtic’s hotel to keep them awake all night prior to the game.

Racing prevailed in a game that resulted in six players being sent off as Celtic fought back against the Butchers of Buenos Aires. Celtic had lobbied for a referee who would protect their players after Johnstone had suffered some of the worst assaults ever seen in the previous two games. Johnstone did not see the final whistle. Journalist Francis Thébaud (Mirroir de Football) wrote:

Johnstone, in the middle of the pitch slid the ball to Wallace and got free to receive the return. Martín without bothering about the ball, threw himself at Johnstone’s waist. Both fell and Johnstone struggled and Martín rolled on the ground as if he had been the victim of a blow. Without hesitating, Peréz [the incompetent referee]. sent Johnstone off! Thus he who had been the constant target of all the aggression since the beginning of the match became the victim of a man whose aim was to protect the footballer against the fakers and the foulers. For my part, I have never seen such a staggering decision.”

This game should never have been played. Racing players were intent on maiming the Celtic players. Chairman Bob Kelly was against the team playing and was minded for heading straight home after the second leg. Manager Jock Stein was of the opinion that Celtic could and would win, though not necessarily in Montevideo three days later. Desmond White asserted that:

We couldn’t stop without the replay as we had spent so much money on this trip so far.”

Celtic demanded guarantees for their security and a change of referee; in retrospect, even these conditions were too little. (Source associated press).

As Racing began a lap of honour, the Uruguayan supporters in the stadium threw everything they could lay their hands on to convey their anathema that the butchers had prevailed. The Racing players had to huddle in the centre circle out of reach of the missiles.

Billy McNeil, showing grace under the fire of some of the worst excesses ever seen on a football pitch, humbly shook hands with a Racing player and exchanged his shirt.

Celtic supporters this morning should not get too bogged down by the Bayern defeat. There have been darker days. There is a League Cup Semi-Final to look forward to on Saturday. I hope that Billy McNeil, who gave so much for Celtic, has a good day.










The Importance of Being Open

When a theme develops in the Scottish media, the cynic in me is alive to the possibility of the unseen hand of PR. The current ‘clamour’ for Alex McLeish to be the new Scotland first team coach must come from those who say their bedtime prayers facing the Copland Road. I assume that they are The People who look back nostalgically to Helicopter Sunday as Rangers cheated their way to title wins with players that but for systemic tax evasion they could not have afforded. To these individuals the fact that McLeish also had his nose in the EBT trough, to the tune of £1.7m, is not a showstopper.

Suddenly Alex McLeish is ‘open‘ to the Scotland position. Is there a causal link between McLeish’s new found openness and an Advance Payment Notice arriving by registered post from HMRC? It is my contention that Regan and his cabal of gutless frauds want Mackay to be appointed permanently. Mackay is cheap and a ‘yes‘ man. Mackay also has a relationship with Celtic as a former player in the period 1993-1998.

The Scotland job is not a difficult gig if you forge a relationship with Brendan Rodgers. If one were to choose Gordon in goal; Tierney and Ralston at full back; with captain Scott Brown in a holding midfield role, partnered with Stuart Armstrong; McGregor and Forrest on the flanks; and Griffiths up front all one needs to add are two centre backs and a number ten. I realise that Ralston at 18 might be considered a little green at this level by the Lee Wallace apologists who wanted Tierney to wait his turn. However the Celtic left back has developed to the point where Wallace would not be fit to lace his boots. Mark my words: Tierney will be a future captain of both Celtic and Scotland. Scott Brown, the best player in Scottish football bar none, would pass his armband to Tierney with pleasure when the time is right.

The Celtic players are being blooded in the crucible of The Champions League. Lining up to face Neymar and the sublime Cavani was a learning experience. Lining up tonight against FC Hollywood in Munich, lining up against a squad valued at north of £525m, will be learning in the raw. Any optimism from the Anderlecht result should be tempered when considering a forward line containing Müller, Robben and Lewandowski. Celtic will not go toe-to-toe with Bayern as this would be suicide. The best that they can hope for is that Robben has a quiet night and that two of the finest predators in world football have their supply lines blocked. The Celtic defence is in for a torrid time.

I digress. Birmingham City with Alex McLeish in the dugout were relegated twice. After the ignominy of this double, he walked three miles down the road to Aston Villa and overnight became the biggest football pariah in The Black Country.  Having only narrowly avoided relegation in the 2011–12 Premier League season, his contract was terminated by Villa at the end of his first season. McLeish was then appointed manager of Championship club Nottingham Forest in December 2012, but left after 40 days by mutual consent. He managed Belgian Pro League club Genk in the 2014–15 season, and Zamalek of the Egyptian Premier League in 2016.

In the absence of EBT’s, McLeish’s record is nothing to write home about.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Stewart Regan has briefed Darryl Broadfoot (always the bridesmaid, never the bride, but not one to Mone about it) at Frame to introduce the spectre of McLeish to improve the prospects of their preferred candidate, Mackay.

On this occasion the unseen hand of Slim Shady Traynor is nowhere to be seen. In a further sign of the weakening of King’s position in the blue boardroom, Lite are currently recruiting a full-time PR professional. Traynor will soon find himself to be redundant. Level 5 PR’s accounts were published yesterday. With an annual turnover that is shy of £632,000, and £316,000 or less on its balance sheet, this micro-entity is heading for choppy waters. Is Traynor just keeping the seat warm for his replacement? If the Lite account is not renewed, Traynor will be chapping over a game of dominoes at his favourite ex-serviceman’s club in Airdrie. One can but hope that he will be drinking bitter.

In other media news, Grant Russell is serving his notice at STV. He will live long in the memory of those who questioned his integrity apropos Andrea Traverso’s assertion that Rangers Lite are a new club. Grant claimed that his communiqué from UEFA did not hole the good ship Continuation Jeopardy under the waterline. As he refused to publish his letter, it smacked of Lite-facing editorial control.

In the moribund world of the SMSM where cub scouts like Chris ( The King is Back) Jack have a voice, Russell was a breath of fresh air. I wish him well.

The Cold Shoulder

There is a chilling wind on its way from 10 Paternoster Square in London. As it picks up speed over Hadrian’s Wall one anticipates any remaining hubris at Ibrox being decimated by wind shear. One could almost excuse our three ursine friends if they went into hibernation to avoid the King fallout.

The Cold Shoulder is a force to be reckoned with. The tsunami of financial problems heading King’s way will make his day-to-day pariah status seem like a summer breeze. One eagerly awaits The Makeweight Messiah being subject to a corporate crucifixion. Stocks and old fruit would be too lenient for King.


The TPE are trying to pin King down and bring his reign of corporate carnage to an abrupt end. King’s victims include Umgeni Water, Specialist Outsourcing and four of the six major clearing banks in South Africa. His latest bent enterprise, MICROmega, is a concert party of lies and falsified returns. King has stepped down from his board, as he has periodically done in the past when facing a slew of criminal charges, to offset the brunt of the TPE onslaught.

King’s crimes are not victimless. His merciless solicitation of funds from an orphanage, with King in the guise of an independent financial adviser with an accountancy qualification, was a heartless confidence trick. They were burned by King and now spend their days scavenging landfill sites. But then they are black kids; King does not give a flying fuck for native South Africans.

Our career criminal has an ace up his sleeve. His shell game corporate vehicle, NOAL, has loaned £3.7m to RIFC. This quantum is repayable on demand. Does it come as a surprise to anyone that King, whose counsel described as penniless, can provide a loan of this quantum? One can but hope that the TPE continues to follow our site.

Keeping King at arm’s length to avoid Cold Shoulder collateral damage has suddenly become a rich man’s game.

As the SS Administration steers a course to Govan docks again, is it heartening to note that King has a strategic creditor lifeboat? A dilemma now looms into sight for our ursine friends:

Does one stick with King and keep the £3.7m on the back burner and twist to face the full force of financial ignominy and pariahdom?

Would King be prepared to leverage his strategic creditor status to scuttle the ship? If he is isolated by his board and if they refuse to pick up his legal fees, he can take them all down with him.

This is all coming to a head. I hear whispers that the accounts have been prepared but are being withheld to add a gloss to them. Grim reading would be grist to the mill for scavengers such as Sir Bribe & Lie.

Would King be prepared to front an AGM with a Cold Shoulder in full swing? I doubt that even he would be that stupid. The SMSM are bending over backwards to bury the latest ‘obstacle’ in the path of the career criminal. However the hapless hacks could not cover up the conspicuous absence of the Makeweight Messiah.


‘Moving On’ For Dummies – Redux

I was ambivalent about the dismissal of Gordon Strachan. Strachan’s first team picked itself. Perm any seven from eight Celtic players, add Fletcher, throw in a couple of makeweights and you have a team that could make a fist of qualification. Strachan arrived at this formula after a dismal run of four games. Four games that holed the SS SFA under the waterline.

However promoting Malky Mackay to the role of interim boss, with one eye on replacing Strachan on the cheap, is unconscionable. Mackay is a racist. He may be a reconstructed racist after FA counselling but this is a moot point. One cannot have a Scotland manager reverting to type by engaging is Asian slurs and homosexual pejoratives. As for Mackay’s track record, one promotion courtesy of the butt of his racist rants bankrolling his ambition, does not mark Mackay out as one to watch.

The role of Performance Director is a sinecure. With the exception of Rangers Lite who have dismantled their youth structure to feed the Auchenhowie meter, the youth teams of Scotland’s leading clubs don’t need a pep talk from Mackay. What does he have to offer? A workshop on ‘sledging?

I invite readers to have a look at the Celtic Academy. In the photograph there are 17 coaches that engender trust, respect and team work. The Celtic colts are expected to uphold the honour of the club at all times. Kieran Tierney, one of the finest players to ever play at Celtic park, embodies all that is good at The Celtic Academy. Karamoko Dembele, who starred in an under 20s fixture while only 13, is a season or two shy of a first team debut. As Wayne Rooney showed at Everton if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

So what part did Mackay play in this well-oiled machine? As one would expect from any Hampden appointee he did the square root of fuck all.  Mackay is a stranger to the best funded and most professional football academy in Scotland. Is it any wonder that Mackay bit Regan’s hand off when the latter had the Twitter consensus to sack Strachan? Welcome to the SFA where social media dictates the fortunes of the national team coach. Regan and his corrupt cabal of gutless frauds are actively recruiting a PR Guru to shape the narrative of social media. I anticipate that their chinless yes-man will have as much impact on shaping the narrative at our Speakeasy as Mackay did at Lennoxtown.

In other news I note that Hamilton Accies are the victims of a £750,000 online fraud. Most chairmen , such as builder Stewart Milne, would have to be apprised as to which end was up when unboxing a server. As we have seen at Rangers Lite, soliciting incriminating data from a porous network was the key to equity manipulation; and career criminal King supping from the loving cup in The Blue Room. Dave King has never been prosecuted for numerous transgressions of the wireless and communications act and the reset of stolen data. Police Scotland look after their own. I’m sure Milne will be happy to host the friendly against The Netherlands on November 9. A nice little sweetener for backing Regan’s mantra of moving on.

The SFA’s cronyism goes further than just jobs for the boys. A lucrative Scotland fixture can be bestowed on any chairman who toes the party line.

With the spotlight on Hamilton Accies and the efficacy of ‘worms‘ thoughts turn to the equity of our ursine friend Douglas Park. In a list of Hamilton shareholders published in June 2016, Douglas Park is listed as Shareholding 14 with 5000 Ordinary shares in the club.

Has this conflict of interest escaped the gutless frauds at Hampden. Maybe we should all just ‘move on.