Hey Jude

I have no idea whether Dave King is a religious man. If he is  I would posit that he has an affinity with St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.I have dealt with King’s litigious misadventures in other blogs on this site. Green’s legal action is so compelling that many have questioned why King would attempt any defence.

There are three reasons for this. The first is that counsel acting for Green will indubitably seek immediate payment for work done to date by solicitors acting for Green. This will include attending Livingston Police Station, and briefing another solicitor who is qualified in Scots Law. Retaining a QC and his costs for the preliminary hearing will also have to be accommodated.

The second is that counsel acting for Green will seek to ring-fence an amount that would exceed any anticipated costs so as to include contingencies. Two hundred days per annum of any competent QC’s time will run to a minimum of £700,000. When adding fees from the instructing solicitors, the annual costs will be a minimum of £1m and possibly much more. Chris McLaughlin’s estimate of £500,000 was not even close.

The third reason is that the current perilous state of the finances will be exposed should any ring-fencing be permitted. At this point, King would be expected to pony up as it would be a crisis. He could not just dismiss it and file it under ‘holistic’ review.

The sting in the tail is that King was lying all along. He does not have any money, even for a crisis payment.

King will be exposed as a charlatan.


6 thoughts on “Hey Jude”

    1. Thank you Robert, encouragement is always welcome given the abuse I receive from fellow bears. The media has been manipulated at great expense to convince everyone that Ashley would have destroyed the club, not invested in players and left us in the second tier for a generation. Numerous letters were penned in Glasgow, purporting that Ashley had ripped the soul out of Newcastle. It was an elaborate and expensive exercise in black propaganda which worked. Then there was the NED awarded to RST/RF to proxy their votes via blazers. However, they hoped to raise £5m from NARSA, and more from ISDX. They have failed and are now desperately seeking finance to keep the lights on. Much has been made of Ashley’s £260m in loans to NUFC, yet King is also getting by on loans, including £5m from SD. This coup d’etat was underfunded. The King supporters still have their fingers in their ears.

  1. The CRO folks claim that the IPO info states that Green is NOT entitled to the club reimbursing him for his legal fees as a result of his court issues. How are you so sure?

    1. Aaaah. The all knowing guy in Chicago who has never been to Ibrox and probably couldn’t find it even if he was parachuted into the Albion Car Park. Why would anyone pay any attention to that clown? He earns his crust off the blue pound and repeats tidbits fed to him by the two day NED so no prizes for guessing his motivation.

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