Level 5 and The 4th Estate

In a previous blog (https://johnjamessite.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/the-anatomy-of-an-underfunded-coup-detat/) I highlighted the insidious influence of Traynor & Kerr in the underfunded hostile putsch at Rangers. The club I have supported since I was four when I was more smitten by the theatre and sense of occasion than the action on the park. One notable absentee from Ibrox when he was a child was David Cunnigham King. His police officer father did not take his son to Ibrox and did not allow him to attend on his own. I would argue that the first time King ever set foot in Ibrox, if at all, would have been after he left school with no academic qualifications to serve his apprenticeship with Weir pumps. For King to launch the ‘Generations’ pitch was the height of hypocrisy.

Tuesday evening’s reverse to St Johnstone came as a surprise to many fans. I refer you to Ninjaman’s excellent blog on Bill’s Merlin site for his level-headed analysis that served as our touchstone at the RSL for three years: https://billmcmurdo.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/a-cold-glass-of-reality/

Under the much abused previous regime, we managed to prevail against a couple of Scottish Premiership teams, so hopes were high that our new unbeaten team would dispose of St Jonstone. I agree with Ninjaman that we are not good enough to challenge the top six teams in the top tier.

However, Level 5, who are flat out in their promotion of 3/4 Season Tickets, are not prepared to accept that the wheels have come off their expensive campaign at The Herald. Having spent  a small fortune via Chris Union Jack, Matt Lindsay’s puff piece evidently had one eye on keeping the RIFC/Level 5 gravy train well greased.  The Daily Record, who were provided with the Sports Direct termination scoop, are happy to trade puff pieces for Kerr’s insights. Traynor and Kerr set the sports agenda at five of the leading print media, namely The Record, The Sunday Mail, The Herald, The Herald on Sunday and The Evening Times. They also place articles via a select bunch of former executives/players at The Sunday Post and other titles.Barry Ferguson’s contributions are so pro King that many speculate that they are written by Traynor or Kerr.

In a strange Level 5/SMSM parallel universe, the reverse on Tuesday is now a good thing. Apparently we are now closer to CFC than we were prior to Tuesday. The latter statement warrants some scrutiny. If you read between the lines, the clear message is that CFC should start looking over their shoulders as our new team are a force to be reckoned with. The better the team are portrayed, the more likely the fans are to buy 3/4 season tickets.

There is a liquidity crisis at Ibrox. Soft loans will be required to keep the lights on. The shyster board knew this as soon as they took over. Paul Murray, sparing no expense, presented positive bullet points to the well-heeled NARSA convention in California. Forty-five thousand season tickets, with commensurate income of £12/£13m, was central to the Vice Chairman’s pitch. He was hoping for a pledge of at least £5m. He and his wife returned to Glasgow with a tan and little else.

Richard Gough will now be pressed into action in the hope that a real club legend might do better in raising soft loans from NARSA. At this time, only 32,500 season tickets have been sold, which is significantly less than the Paul Murray pitch. Therefore 3/4, 1/2, and end of season bundles will be promoted with a view to putting at least 40,000 in position by season end. It would be much easier to ask NARSA to give generously with 40,000 at Ibrox and a bounce expected due to promotion. Spending £500,000 on Level 5 to gain a £5m soft loan is the current business model. Given that there will be no investment in the team in January, which might undermine 1/2 season card sales, the majority of the promotional spend will be front-loaded.

Ten of the current squad will be free agents and can negotiate pre-contracts in January. The three loan players will return to their clubs. Mr Warburton has done an excellent job in replacing twelve players. He now has to do it all over again with a budget eked out from the money saved from the player payroll.

If you bought in to the Level 5 spin, we have never had it so good.


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7 thoughts on “Level 5 and The 4th Estate”

  1. Being from the other side of the coin, it is good to see someone telling as it is.
    The glib is in it to milk money, the more truth you tell, the more your fellow supporters will turn their back on the truth you tell.

    I have many friends that support your team and for some reason they are blind to the goings on, especially where david murray is concerned.

    The man that sowed the oats, I firmly believe until Rangers supporters point the finger at him, they will be in denial for all enternity.

    As said, one from the other divide, keep up the digging.

    1. As you may have noted at the excellent RSL site, fans of other clubs were welcome. David Murray raised money from the Lottery Commission, Sport Scotland and The Bank of Scotland to create the best training facilities north of Carrington and an academy to be proud of. This is his legacy.His other legacy, EBT, is much more controversial. I will write a blog about EBT at a later date,

    1. I assume you are referring to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.As is often the case with his well-crafted diatribes,one discrete piece of information is misinterpreted by his acolytes. He stated that he was aware of ‘one’ invoice. He alluded to the fact that it was for services in regard to the Generations pitch. Did he specify that it was the only invoice for this project? No he did not. A full time PR operation costs a minimum of £1m-£1.5m. Have you seen this invoice? Of course not. If you are unable to read his blogs, I suggest you don’t comment on them.

    1. moegoe

      Interesting slant on things and it explains to those who were unsure, just how dangerous this case against Green & co really is for us……… so those who were celebrating had better take stock and understand if that goes the wrong way…. we will be ground sharing and training at the local playing fields…. that’s how serious it is.

      Not sure why he couldn’t understand what AIM’s problem was with Glib & Shameless….. good god any governance is out the window when your chairman is an already convicted fraudster… and I can just imagine the sort of discussions that would take place between BDO & Glib & Shameless….. oh my god that would be a moment to treasure.

      As he stated…. raising money internally is the only way forward at present…. and to date our backers have only shown us the colour of their heels as they run when investment is mentioned…… hello…wakey wake people….. we need to see the colour of their money and pretty damn soon….ST money will NOT last much beyond the start of the year…. if that…. so something has to give.

      Not sure what will happen in the transfer window, those on loan are due to return to parent clubs…. so we will be looking for more loanees or free agents….. and that’s true for next season and for foreseeable seasons if this current lot are still in charge…… again people should be asking asking asking….” Where is the money Dave….. you know the millions you promised us”…… because without millions….. we may not be playing at Ibrox or even be in existence, things are that serious…..


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