Burning Bridges

Today’s proceedings in court exposed the myth of continuation. It debunked the duality. Mr Walker, for Charles Green, stated that only die-hard supporters of Rangers believed in this myth. It follows that Neil Doncaster, Alan McRae and Darryl Broadfoot are die-hard supporters of Rangers as they have accepted this myth. There is enough egg on their collective faces to make a family size omelette. The ideals of sporting governance have clearly been subverted to serve a partisan perspective.

Magnus Llewellin, Editor in Chief of The Herald, is prepared to sacrifice journalistic integrity to serve a partisan perspective. Today’s events remind me of the occasion when Chris Graham lied that he had received assurances from The Belfast Telegraph that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain would not be invited to make any further contributions as a freelance journalist. He created a narrative of comments that he attributed to Gail Walker. Ms Walker had never heard of the RST or Graham and stated that she would continue to value the contributions of Phil Mac. I commend her integrity. The Herald has no integrity whatsoever.

The Evening Times is a Rangers fanzine in all but name. Chris Jack has done more to put ‘bums on seats’ at Ibrox than King’s ‘generations’ pitch. Each and every loan player or out of contract signing is photographed carrying a placard promoting season card sales or pay at the gate. The only issue that is open to debate is whether this promotion is paid for by Rangers via Level 5, or if photographs are only permitted on a quid pro quo basis.

Graham Spiers is an award-winning journalist. He has won the accolade of Sports Journalist of the year on four occasions. He is a Rangers supporter who seeks reform and the eradication of illegal songs at Ibrox. On 30th December he wrote an article where he stated that one of the current directors is an advocate of the Billy Boys anthem and that the current board lacked the mettle to address this issue. Under pressure from a Rangers director, Magnus Llewellin threw him under a bus by issuing an apology on his behalf. Mr Spiers chose, in his own words, to put semtex under any bridges being built where he accepted this skewed narrative. He will no longer work for such a compromised organ.

Mr Llewellin then decided to eradicate another thorn in the side of those sensitive souls in the Rangers board room. Angela Haggerty, who committed the ‘heinous’ crime of editing a book, supported Mr Spiers and was summarily dismissed from her position on the Sunday Herald prior to Ms Haggerty making any contributions.

During The Falklands war in 1982, The Glasgow Herald was dismissed as a provincial newspaper and excluded from M.O.D. briefings. It subsequently changed its name to The Herald to shake off the provincial epithet. The actions of Mr Llewellin are those one might expect of a newspaper in South America where the government junta is on the payroll of a drug cartel. From this day onwards. The Herald will be ignored on the news stands It is a small-minded provincial newspaper in pursuit of a commercial imperative. It is best avoided.


86 thoughts on “Burning Bridges”

  1. In response to The Rangers attacking Journalists, the BBC has defended its Journalists but The Herald has thrown theirs under a bus.

    I shudder to think morality and integrity was sacrificed due to an unwillingness to defend in court. Thank goodness for the UK and the BBC or the fellows at TRFC would soon be deciding who could stand for MSP of an Independent Scottish Parliament.

  2. Good Afternoon

    I am a regular reader on this site, but as yet have not posted a comment.

    I have particularly enjoyed the dissection of King’s attempts to revive Nikolai Gogol’s ‘Dead Souls’ dystopic fiction in a real life setting by collecting the dead serfs and having them turn out at Ibrox to further his status. Central, of course, to the success of Gogol’s central character was the corruption of officials and their ability to turn a blind eye to this.

    I am now of the view that what seems to be happening is that the ‘powers’ that be at Ibrox have are all members of a book club, where at the moment there seems to be a theme of reading of subversive literature and were the scale of things not so provincial (embarrassingly so), then I would swear that they have now moved onto either Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ or Orwell’s ‘1984’.

    It is with some dismay that I write this since the level of control that has now pervaded the media in Scotland is not just limited to The Herald group. Both yourself and The Clumpany have on numerous occasions mocked stellar scribes such as Chris ‘Union’ Jack as you coined him, however, I am of the view that given the red tops penchant for triumphalist mocking of other papers failings, the fact that there has been a general radio silence on the events surrounding Spears and Haggerty speaks volumes.

    The only reason that any coverage of this has traction is through the advent of social media and blogs such as yourself. It was with mixed emotions that I therefore would like to express my thanks to bloggers such as yourself, but also sadness at the demise of the newspaper. In my view, the latest turn of events have now killed the newspaper stone dead.

    Long live social media.

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