The EBT All-Stars v Cine Celts

I note an article by Keith Jackson where he goes out of his way not to name the CFC players he accuses of being party to HSBC’s Film Production Tax Efficiency Scheme. I have heard suggestions that Neil Lennon may have invested some funds in this manner. So should we be considering the relative merits of a Rangers  EBT all-star eleven versus the Cine Celts?

For the EBT All-Stars team I have a squad of 80 to choose from. I would select Klos in goal, partner Cuellar and De Boer in central defence, with Craig Moore and Alan Hutton making my four in defence. In midfield I would choose Arteta and Amoruso, with Peter Lovenkrands on one flank and Claudio Canniggia on the other. Up front I would plump for Michael Mols and Nacho Novo. On the bench would be Barry Ferguson, Kris Boyd, Sasa Papac, Dada Prso, Alex Rae, Andre Kanchelskis and Tore Andre Flo.

To coach the All-Stars I have a choice of  Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, Alex McLeish or Paul Le Guen.

For the Cine Celts I would only select those who had not paid their PAYE and NI contributions as is the case with the All-Stars. I initially selected Juninho but I understand that CFC paid his EBT taxes in full. As for Neil Lennon, what he does with his nett pay is his lookout as long as he pays his PAYE and NI in full.

The game ended in a 3-0 walkover for the EBT All-Stars. The Referee, Keith Whitaboutery, reported the Cine Celts to the SFA.



30 thoughts on “The EBT All-Stars v Cine Celts”

  1. “..The game ended in a 3-0 walkover for the EBT All-Stars…”

    Why, did the ref cheat or something (3 times)? Its just that I thought the ability to pick a player and pay him 150% of what you or your competitors, would otherwise be able to pay him, thus inferring a seemingly obvious increase in quality, did not necessarily convey a sporting advantage that could be demonstrated on the pitch, no?

  2. Would the RFC plc’s self-inflicted death by tax evasion be normalized somehow if Celtic could be proved to have taken a few small, tentative steps in the same direction as RFC’s long march to oblivion?

    Those seeking solace and amelioration by drawing such comparisons seem to be on a particularly foolish and delusional errand. Imagine such energy directed to demanding the promised transparency and accountability from a board with criminal convictions and a history of financial mismanagement leading to company liquidation.

    1. I want the SFA to be above reproach. 😦 fat chance.
      I want Scottish Football to be above reproach… ditto.

      I want Celtic to be above reproach… SO… If Celtic Staff enrolled on a tax dodge with their OWN Money, then hell mend them…I hope HMRC gets every penny owed… If CFC have engaged in ANY tax dodges to avoid tax at source, or when it’s due then I wish on them the same I do on Rangers for the schemes they ran.

      It looks like CFC folk used their OWN dosh to try and join in a scheme to avoid FUTURE tax…Like I say he’ll mend them.

      It looks like there is going to be a lot of whataboutery over this, so I will say one thing, why bother? If it’s true HMRC will chase it to a conclusion, if it’s nonsense why try to build a feelgood factor on lies?

      Scottish Football fans need the TRUTH… Not Bullsh*t… Then rebuild.

      1. It’s likely that Rangers players and staff also used the cinema scheme in addition to the EBT schemes. It was offered far an wide to high earners at the time as a jolly wheeze. So the DR ‘s atttempt top conflate the two issues is a transparently desparate attempt to pull Celtic into the EBT tax evasion mess that Rangers alone created for Rangers alone.

  3. No physio to look after these barely taxed all stars ?…… presumably William Dodds didnt make the squad because quote ” he paid all his tax”…… imagine what that st johnstone tea lady would have done with poor walter if she’d known he was dodging his full bees wax as well as jumpin her queue…….

  4. Unless CFC administered these HSBC Tax Efficiency Schemes to its players then I fail to see why they should even be mentioned in the same breath as the deliberate EBT Tax Evasion scheme operated by RFC over an 11 year period. A very poor attempt at whataboutery by Mr Jackson!

  5. There is no comparison, there is nothing to report much as Jackson and his ilk would like there to be.
    It’s whataboutery without any actual evidence of any wrongdoing by CFC.
    Look at the State Aid claims….a pile of crap.

    Favourable deals with the Coop bank…….yes indeed, that ‘ s what happens when you are a well run business tgat regularly makes a profit and is run by men well respected in the City.

    Need I say compare and contrast.

    Perhaps if those who would love to see CFC dragged through the mud had been more attentive as a series of dodgy Chairmen and complicit boards led them to disaster, then a different outcome may have been possible.

    To be clear if CFC were mired in the various scandals that the Ibrox club has been I wouldn’t be looking to turn my guns on someone else.
    The Parkhead car park would be full of fans calling out the board….it wouldn’ t be the first time.

    If Lawwell doesn’t recognise the train currently picking up speed and heading straight for him because of his perceived lack of action on Res 12, LNS, the fixed Scottish Cup semi ( last year’s), it’s very likely that a public demonstration will once again be taking place on the Celtic Way.

    1. If this was known by King when he made his statement about title stripping, why did he not use it as a stick to beat CFC with. King is a gutter rat, and to my mind would have played this card. However it does offer a rational explanation why Inaction Man is failing his own support.

  6. JJ

    Keith Jackson,I am sure, knows that Rangers and their employees conspired to disguise renumeration in an equal partnership.

    We all do.

    If a Celtic employee used (abused) HSBC’s Film Production Tax Efficiency Scheme I suspect it will have been entirely their responsibility. They no doubt would claim it was not their fault because their financial adviser told them to do so.

    The Panama files exposed what we suspected the super rich people do when it comes to paying, or rather not paying, tax.
    I am sure these individuals who cheat HMRC out of hundreds of thousands of pounds sleep well in their beds at night. They know they are the good guys because these upstanding pillars of the community can often be seen outbidding everyone else at Charity auctions to the rapturous applause of those looking on. If cameras are running to capture their enormous generosity the more soundly they sleep.

  7. JJ
    I think if you do just a little bit of research, you could field a Celtic Cine team

    oh! and the Cine schemes were set up by Celtic Football Clubs financial advisors, and included the CEO Mr Lawell and financial director Mr Riley, who incidentally was a director of one of the avoidance schemes
    to say Celtic as a Club had no part in promoting and initiating avoidance schemes that benefitted Directors, Management staff and Players is pretty ludicrous, and to say they never then enjoyed the same type of benefit from them as their counterparts at Ibrox is to blind yourself to reality and leave yourself open to moral hypocracy

    1. I have not made any statements on this, but if individuals, having paid the PAYE and NI due on their earnings, chose to engage in an investment scheme, then we’re not comparing apples with apples. If on the other hand gross payments were paid to this scheme to avoid tax, and employer’s NI tax, you can rest assured I will be all over it!

      1. JJ
        You posted regularly on the LSE chat forum so I’m sure your well aware the purpose of ” investing” in these schemes is solely to show a loss on the investment in order to reclaim tax, hence HRMC ruling they were tax avoidance schemes designed solely for that purpose
        they have the same purpose of every other avoidance scheme, the individual avoids or greatly limits the amount of tax they are due.
        there are hundreds of these schemes operating in different ways, but all with the same purpose, to avoid tax exposure, either in full or in part

        the benefits to the recipient remain however it is operated, to say one scheme is morally more repugnant than another is being disingenuous, and makes the moral indignation of some posters on here appear rather hypocritical I would suggest

    2. Jim,
      You really shouldn’t post on issues you clearly don’t understand, as you simply make yourself look like a dullard.

      I suggest you read JJ response and some of the posts above.
      Currently, the people you name have no involvement in the tax avoidance scheme you refer to, but even if they did, they did so AFTER PAYE AND NI WERE PAID.
      It really is a shame you simply don’t understand that, never mind tho eh.

      1. Alfie
        thanks for insulting me, I’m pretty sure I could throw some derogatory names your way if I was so inclined

        to be clear, and to avoid doubt, you are happy in theory then for rich individuals to engage in tax avoidance, and that tax avoidance by already wealthy individuals is not repugnant to you?
        it is only a matter of how they do it that bothers you? is the morality only in the detail or is it only about WHO engaged in it?

        if you avoid the tax at source you are committing a grievous moral crime, but if you claim it all back using a nefarious avoidance vehicle after the fact, that’s ok?

        I’ll educate you again, and the clue is really in the name, the film production schemes engaged in by your club’s CEO, Finance Director, Manager and players and operated and run by your clubs financial advisors were deemed by HMRC as illegal Tax Avoidance vehicles,…. AVOIDANCE…… not tax payment vehicles

        tax is paid and immediately reclaimed using the film production schemes as a loss making investment, the end result is exactly the same as an EBT or any of the other numerous schemes on the go…….you avoid paying tax and get to keep that money for yourself

        what part of the concept don’t you understand?

    3. Jim, Do you have any evidence of complicity by CFC or are you just hopefully clutching at straws flying way above your intellectual capacity?

    4. Jim I think you may be swallowing whole the BS posted on low grade fan websites .
      You need to come to JJs more often. He provides quality material and hosts a somewhat higher class debate based on facts with proper insight and perspective .
      I am sure he and others will pursue any real facts that you or others can bring to the debate . Otherwise this story is another pathetic Land state aid type squirrel
      level 5 via their poodle KJ have deliberately conflated 2 separate issues to somehow either drag CFC into this and demonstrate they were all at it .
      They get away with it because the bulk of their readership demographic are financially illiterate and can’t tell the difference .
      I am sure that doesn’t include some more intelligent folks who are just being mischievous or using it to somehow defend the indefensible 😉😉😉

    5. Zammo,
      Threatening behaviour towards views and comments of posters is absolutely shocking. You want to rein yourself in my friend. I’m sure your perpetual bitterness escaped JJ’s attention.

      1. Do I have permission to use your forename? The comment you referred to has been removed. Between writing articles and approving comments, some occasionally slip through.

  8. I suppose it’s because of intelligent well thought responses like this, to Jackson and his mates that the comment section has been closed again at the Radar.
    Although they might deny that and blame the Internet bampots.
    I am glad someone has the time and resources to do this stuff, I find it hard to make enough time to read it.

  9. Cash rich footballers, after they’ve received their salaries minus income tax and national insurance at the top rate, thereafter pay tax on interest on their money in the bank.

    To avoid receiving only low interest payments on their savings, and paying tax on that, they take advantage of the film investment strategy. Which the government agreed to for film industry stimulation, then reneged on.

    This isn’t corrupting player registrations by a club. Running a club tax racket to enable employing more expensive players, etc….. This is individuals taking their financial advisors advice after they’ve received honest wages.

    I do Foresee Player Agents getting hit with large tax bills soon. Those guys earned fortunes for decades.

  10. I never thought KJ could stoop any lower but I was wrong ..How low can this man go ? what kind of income does he get from TRFC Via L5 ?.
    you have him Sussed in about 2 seconds ..problem Is the vast majority of brain dead fans which is his demographic believe his utter BS
    What I really don’t understand is how our national broadcaster allows this buffoon to spout his garbage on national radio ..he was on last night ..when I heard his voice I turned it off
    I honestly despair for this country . We have the most discombobulated and screwed up biased sports media on the planet outside of North Korea ..we really do .incredible !

  11. You are all missing the point on the Celtic players and whether they paid PAYE and NI on their gross earnings. Of course they would on their Celtic salary. However these “tax efficient” schemes give a tax loss that in theory can be set against taxable income and at the end of the tax year once a computation has been submitted results in a repayment of tax paid.

    Therefore whether tax was paid initially is irrelevant, it is what tax was eventually paid and these tax schemes supposedly reduce the individuals tax bill.

    While not administered by Celtic, they will have been discussed in the dressing room as a good way of reducing tax. It in no way excuses Rangers for their short sighted use of EBTs, but it might make the holier than holy brigade who castigate Rangers for being immoral, stop and think for once. Then again….

  12. No agent will be liable unless sued privately. The individual is responsible not the reptile that “advised” him.
    Reality beckons for some “heroes’.
    Hell mend em.

  13. Well Career Criminal King’s team thoroughly trounced the Tax Evading Kaiser’s 11 today and I’m sure as a collective the readers of this site are delighted/disgusted as per their allegiances.

    The reactions on Radio Shortbread today are indicative apropos of the general feeling in Scottish football.

    The Rangers were utterly dominant across all areas and it hides well for next season for them.

    Desmond and Lawwell are stewarding Celtic in a direction that’s opposed to success as opposed to Career Criminal King who’s guiding Rangers to title 55.

    What a day.

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