The EBT Hall of Fame

William Hill’s promotion of their betting empire has resulted in a procession of EBT old boys lining up to take their coin. Graeme Souness, who picked up a £30,000 EBT bung, was the first to step up to promote the semi-final with his usual swagger. Alex McLeish then turned up, throwing his £1.7m EBT into the ring. Ronald De Boer then jetted into town, wearing his £1.2m EBT heart on his sleeve. Is it possible to find a former Rangers player who did not line his pockets by being paid off the books? The Tax Justice Network report is being suppressed in favour of a tribute to David Murray’s tax evasion and avoidance. A William Hill EBT Hall of Fame.

One of the most amusing aspects of David Murray’s cheating was the credulity of Sandy Bryson at the SFA. Did it not occur to the SFA’s compliance officer that the salaries paid ‘on the books’ were able to attract such a galaxy of stars to Ibrox? Did he abnegate on his responsibilities ‘for the good of Scottish football?  A cynic might suggest that this tired phrase is a euphemism for what’s best for Rangers. It’s for the good of Scottish football that players only declared 20% of their salaries to the SFA. It’s for the good of Scottish football that their tax avoidance/evasion is deemed to be imperfect but above board. It’s for the good of Scottish football that the President of the SFA lied to an allegedly independent commission. It’s for the good of Scottish football that this commission’s scope was changed to exclude the DOS/VSS tax avoidance strategy, as it had been deemed to be illegal.

I expect Rangers to win The Scottish Cup on Saturday as it’s for the good of Scottish football. The SFA appointed match officals, who have awarded five penalties to Rangers this season in their nine games in charge, with Rangers winning eight and drawing one, know what is expected of them. Steven McLean, who subverted the Scottish Cup semi-final last season, has been rewarded for his cheating with this plum game. Is it as difficult to find an honest referee at the SFA as it is to find a former Rangers player/manager who did not benefit from an EBT?

Chris Union Jack, who runs his Rangers fanzine GersTimes with commendable enthusiasm, was not deemed senior enough to interview Mr De Boer. Neil Cameron was given the assignment. One can but assume that this is why Mr De Boer went ‘off message’ when he stated that  it was “fair” that his old club were punished four years ago for the ‘financial mismanagement’ which led them into liquidation. He also stated that it was appropriate that Rangers had to apply to join Scottish professional football. Has he not heard of the relegation myth? How remiss of him not to state that Rangers were demoted. Does Mr De Boer have no shame as to his part in the tax avoidance/evasion which eventually resulted in HMRC pulling the plug on Rangers continuing as a going concern?

But the Dutchman, who spent four years and a £1.2m EBT at Ibrox, believes Rangers have emerged from that wreckage in better shape and with many harsh lessons having been learned. The lesson Mr De Boer is that you can lie to HMRC and the SFA for eleven seasons and only receive a £250,000 fine. If you engage in an eleven season orgy of tax evasion/avoidance, the fine will only represent 0.53% of the tax avoided/evaded. Now that there is a notorious criminal in the boardroom at Ibrox who participated in this tax fraud enterprise, he might as well pay players off the books as he knows that he would get away with it. Maybe the SFA would extend the fine to 1% if King chose to do so.He could rest assured that Scotland’s very own Keystone Cops would not be dropping by as was the case with the City of London police. I’m fairly certain that it would be considered to be for the good of Scottish football.

Mr De Boer, from his position of the moral high ground, believes that Rangers will not be so far behind their rivals (CFC) next season. He also stated that: “It would be huge for Rangers to win the Scottish Cup; and if they win the final on Saturday it would mean European football. I think everyone with a Rangers heart has been dying for this moment.”

Those with a Rangers heart Mr De Boer include all six of the match officials, and to add another advantage to Rangers over Hibs, it has been reported that the light blues are interested in signing Jason Cummings. It’s the second time Rangers have unsettled a Hibs player prior to a cup game this season. As he’s under contract until 30th June 2017, I anticipate that he will sign a pre-contract agreement in January  and join the squad for free in 2017/2018 as is the case with Crooks and Windass from Accrington Stanley.

There is also interest in Joseph Anthony Barton who will be available on a free transfer as he turns thirty-four on September 2nd of this year. Mr Barton was very disappointed that no English Premiership Clubs were prepared to sign him last season and that he is so peripheral to Burnley’s ambitions for next season that they are only prepared to provide a one-year contract.Mr De Boer likes the look of Mr Barton, as he opined: “I have seen Joey Barton play and I think he is a player with a lot of experience. What is important when you go up to the next step is to have players who have been there, seen it and done it.He is maybe not the best player to come to Rangers but he has an attitude over him that he is here for one thing only – winning games. You need that kind of character in the dressing room and on the training ground. He can help them make the next step.

Mr De Boer, who turned down Manchester United as they did not offer to pay his salary ‘netto‘ should surely realise that the only reason Joey Barton will sign for Rangers is that they put the best offer on the table. He has to weigh up the image rights he would earn from one year in the English Premiership and what he could command in China. I would be surprised if the reported £10,000 per week was enough.

If Mr Barton did not sign up for the Warburton revolution, it would put paid to The Record’s chief TJN oppressor Radar Jackson’s theory of a Barton v Keane box office. Just when you thought Radar had scraped the bottom of the barrel, he tilts it on its side to ‘scoop’ up the scum beneath it. If CFC hire Roy Keane, they will replace a good manager in Deila with a substandard club manager in Keane. He’s a good pundit but he will refuse to travel to Glasgow from his Manchester home for more than three days per week. He thinks that his time is better spent walking his dog in Manchester and making the short trip to the new ITV studios in MediaCity. CFC would be hiring a part-time manager. It’s the kind of appointment we have come to expect from No Pistol Pete. Rangers odds for wining next season’s title would shorten by 2/3 points if CFC hired the serial failure, Roy Keane.

Are William Hill aware that Hibs are playing in Saturday’s final? Do they know who they are? I realise that they would have to employ the modern day equivalent of Burke & Hare to dig up the last Hibs players to have won the cup in 1902, but could they not hire Ian Black who formerly played for Hibs Under 17s and Rangers? Apparently he was fond of a bet or two on Scottish football. He would be the ideal ambassador for William Hill.

On a final note, Alex Thomson has stated on Twitter that the Tax Justice Network’s evidence that exposes the corruption at the heart of Scottish football governance was gleaned from The Charlotte Fakeovers leaks and that the media won’t touch as it’s toxic. Would this be the same leaks that are being used in the witch-hunt of Craig Whyte and that were deemed as admissible in court in the civil trial that resulted in Mr Whyte owing Ticketus £17.1m? Do we have to pin our faith in a successful conviction of Whyte in a trial that has been an omnishambles to date? I wonder what odds Ian Black would give on this trial collapsing on June 3rd?  Would he be more generous than William Hill who are offering 2/5 on hot favourites Rangers?





23 thoughts on “The EBT Hall of Fame”

  1. The CF leaks were indeed ruled at that trial as admissible. Heard it myself and there is a James Doleman article from the Drum of the same date confirming that.

  2. I note that two married SNP MPs have left their wives after having affairs with the same Westminster journalist. I referred to this in a comment where I used the term ‘incestuous’ to describe their adultery.

    Stewart Hosie, 53, and Angus MacNeil, 45, have allegedly each separated from their wives following a relationship with 36-year-old Serena Cowdy, who describes herself as a political journalist with Parliament’s The House magazine.

    The Scottish National Party MPs are said to have clashed over their rivalry for Miss Cowdy’s affections. Ms Cowdy referred to them as a SEXY MUJAHIDEEN.

    Surely they could have spared their blushes by having an affair with the vulgar student as per the SNP policy of ‘rolling their own.’ How remiss of them.

      1. My thoughts exactly. If I had leanings toward the new club, I would be seriously concerned of a few good spankings next season.

  3. In reply to your question from your previous blog JJ,

    “The Swiss newspaper of influence, Neue Zürcher Zeitung” will be the vehicle used to plant the questions posed by the Celtic shareholders (Res. 12) on UEFA’s front lawn.

    It is open to conjecture as to whether UEFA will treat the matter in the same way the SFA have for 4 years (ignore it) but we can but try.

    I write this as merely as an observer, well, I ‘donated’ my shares and some cash to the Res 12 cause but I have no influence or inside knowledge.

  4. JJ. I am not trying to get a rise out of you with my following point. I have enjoyed all of your articles and I always look forward to your next post. Having read All of them I can back up my next point. You have stated several times before that you will not watch Celtic unless they are guranteed to end up with egg on there face so how can you come to the conclusion that deila was a good manager. I’m guessing you watched the several humbling’s in Europe and the semi finals. All evidence of how poor a manager this guy is. He refused to change a failing system or from picking Johansen and brown, part of the reason we lost the semi final, taking nothing away from a good performance by Rangers. Also, re joey Barton etc, is this just a David Murray style pr stunt? Surely they don’t have the money to pay his wage? Has King pulled yet another fast one?


    1. CFC currently have only on 3 forwards on their books, only one of whom can actually find the net. CFC had to field Brown, Commons and Lustig despite the fact that all three were carrying long term injuries. Deila won Norway’s Tippeligaen, which is a superior league of 16 teams to its counterpart in Scotland. Lawwell cut the legs from under him by selling CFC’s best players and replacing them with duds, such as Kazim Richards, Ciftci and the constantly injured Simunovic. Had he won the treble in his first season, would you have so easily dismissed him for CFC’s abject UEFA performances? Muir & McLean put paid to that ambition. As for Barton he took a meeting but I cannot see him turning out for £10,000 per week.

    2. Bell transfer linked away to Bristol City
      Contract ends for Sheils law Tempelton clark

      King, Zelalem and Ball loan deal ends

      This will free up around 40k per week in wages.

  5. Keane is a strange choice for Celtic – ROI will only have 3 games at Euro 2016, however he still won’t be free until 23 rd June.

    Resolution 12 adverts seem a bit of a waste of money on a hail Mary.

    Given the Athletico Madrid circumstances that year, UEFA won’t touch it with a barge pole – they are in the CL final next weekend.

    1. Its very much a case of the blind leading the blind at Celtic Park. Mark Warburton is flat out trying to improve his squad while CFC await a dud manager until June and leave a squad in place that will be an embarrassment in UEFA tournaments for the third year in succession. Don’t be seduced by the Motherwell result. They had nothing to play for. Look to the reverse to Rangers as to how poor this squad is.

      1. Surely better to get Malky Mackay in now and work his Cardiff City style magic on the hoops starting now.

      2. JJ,
        I am not seduced by the Motherwell result although CFC played some brilliant stuff. I am however aware that Celtic won the league by 15 points with more points and goals for than any team in Scotland in any division. Although I was disappointed by the performance in the semi-final, Rangers should note that there are no replays, extra-time or penalty shoot-outs in the league.

  6. As I’ve posted before Sandy Bryson is still in a job despite providing Farry with the information that eventually got him sacked
    Bryson also looked at the Sion paperwork during the Celtic dispute……….he called that one wrong as well as UEFA threw them out of the UEFA Cup and the Swiss authorities deducted points from them for playing ‘imperfectly’ registered players.
    If anyone should recognise an ‘imperfect’ player, it’s Bryson as we well know.
    The moment that the side letters were discovered there should have been an enquiry and every title/cup won should have been stripped…………….LNS anyone?

    Throughout the DOS/EBT years he quietly went about his business filing away RFC player contracts, which bore no relation to what they were actually getting paid.
    Where’s the due diligence and audit trail on that lot?
    Even before the tax evading era we had half the English international team turning up at Ibrox for a pittance………no questions asked.
    However if you miss a second signature or put a wrong date on a form you can find yourself ejected from a cup or deducted points in the league.
    He’s been a constant throughout the SFA cheating years and will continue to serve his master………why, because just like Ogilvie he knows where all the bodies are ⚰, making him unsackable.

  7. There has been a shocking lack of support from Hampden for poor old Campbell.

    It seems only yesterday that Broadfoot was telling us that RCO’S integrity was beyond question…..yep Darryl, cracking judge of character, not.

    Campbell was outed as a bare faced liar protecting his employer, and himself, but not a word of support for the former President.

    Was this a one off slip by RCO, had he forgotten about his involvement in all things DOS/EBT?

    If I was him I would be very disappointed about the lack of support from my former colleagues…….in fact I would feel so disrespected that I might dub a few of them in, seeing as how my knowledge of the SFA goings on is encyclopedic.

    Does he have the ultimate side letter from SDM that no matter what he will be looked after, £50k tax bill and all?

  8. A William Hill EBT Hall of Fame! Very witty. And indeed apt.

    It would require a very large hall to accommodate that lot.

    I note reference above to the outgoing Celtic manager, Deila. I cannot really comment on how good or poor he was. But, I don’t think that he stood a chance. I would imagine that when he pitched up in Glasgow, he took a quick look at the squad and decided that they weren’t fit enough (take a look at Chris Commons waistline). He probably lectured them on the need for a new diet, cutting down the booze, and more time at Lennoxtown. And I can just imagine the reaction from players like Brown, Commons, Mulgrew…….”aye right, that’ll be the day”.

    Chris Sutton has been peddling his usual bile with regard to Deila from the outset. And that bile came from the dressing room……..”not big enough for the job, not up to it, out of his depth etc”.

    The same thing happened with Le Guen at Rangers. He lost the Scottish contingent of players on day one when he banned booze and curries. We will never know how good Le Guen could have been at Ibrox because the players had him out within months.

    With regard to Deila, he has had the double whammy of unfit players and Lawwell’s tendency to get rid of the best players in the squad at the first mention of interest from cash drenched Premiership clubs. Believe me, if any player in the current Celtic squad was deemed to be good enough to play for, say, West Brom, Palace or Sunderland, they would not be plying their trade in the backwater which Scottish football has become.

    As for a replacement for Deila, there has been much mention of Roy Keane.

    He was a terrific player, a serial winner and fit as a fiddle. He is also a toxic man, and a failed manager at club level. No Premiership club will touch him and lower league clubs look at him with disdain and suspicion.

    He would be an appalling appointment for Celtic. He would also be a dreadful ambassador for the club and Scottish football in general. But it really would make a statement of intent from Parkhead that someone whom no English club want to touch, a serial failure, is deemed good and qualified enough to take on the Celtic job.

    Personally, I think that Malky Mackay would be a good appointment. He is out of work and would struggle to get a club after the “Chinkygate” text scandal. And that in itself highlights the challenge which both Celtic AND Rangers will continue to face………good managers IN employment are not going to take on a job in Scottish football.

    Only the unemployed and the unemployable. After the ROI return from France, Roy Keane will tick both of those boxes.

    1. Let me be as blunt as i can your are talking absolute nonsense as regards Diella.All you are doing is pandering to Jj,s dislike of everything CFC.

      1. I don’t have the time to edit your comment. Too many spelling mistakes and an inability to spell Deila. If you repost it in a more intelligible manner, I will approve it.

  9. JJ..I’m advised by an impeccable source that RK has NO CHANCE of the job as its going to Brendan Rogers.
    And by the way…if Rogers doesn’t get it…then a big boy typed this… ..and ran away.
    I also agree with those who said RD failed us.
    You “made light” of his European failure…Well any Celtic fan who is realistic knows that this is our means of financial security ( Van Dykes et al notwithstanding ) and the standard of opposition we lost out to was pitiful.
    Couple that with the Victor Sylvester ( for older readers) style of football..(Slow Slow Quick Quick slow) he had us watching every week..and it was a no brainer…He had to go.
    Finally…given that you seemed to be “seduced” by your team’s Semi-Final victory…I think its only fair that you allow CFC supporters to be seduced by Sunday’s performance.
    That was football of the highest order and you do yourself no favours by suggesting otherwise.
    Keep up the good work ‘though..:0)

  10. Great blog and very honest indeed.You severely break the mould when it comes to supporting your team.You must be in the severe minority amongst your own support.But good on you for telling it like it is.

  11. Fit & Proper

    The natural, lucrative home for retiring EPL players these days is the MLS. preferably in the sunnier states. However Mr Bartons’s convictions (plural) for violent crimes (plural) would probably prevent him getting a visa and would not appeal to the PR departments of such clubs.

    Perhaps it is Mr King’s ambition to get a full house of criminals in charge at Ibrox. Barton as captain would be perfect.

    P.S. Don’t be fooled by Barton’s apparent intelligence – you can pick up a lot of big words after many years of intensive counselling, anger management, parole sessions and legal biefings.

    “He stubbed out a lit cigar in youth player Jamie Tandy’s eye” –

    “On 20 May 2008, he was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty for his part in the December 2007 assault.”

    “Barton’s subsequent conviction, a four-month suspended sentence for the earlier assault on Ousmane Dabo at Manchester City was handed out while serving this sentence”

  12. After reading Barton’s wiki page I am of the opinion that any club that tried to sign him must have rocks in their collective boardrooms.he is the type of player that no club needs to be saddled with,especially TRFC,and the ssm should be sanctioned(or sectioned) for pushing their agenda of bringing more opprobrium on the Scottish game.

    1. Mr Barton is to all intents and purposes illiterate. He becomes very agitated when others point out that he cannot spell. No-one can fault Mark Warburton for pursuing a free agent as he has very little in his transfer budget.

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