A Rangers Song For Europe

“Hello, hello, we are the Billy Boys
Hello, hello, you’ll know us by our noise
We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood
Surrender or you’ll die
For we are the Brigton Billy Boys.”

At their peak, Billy Fullerton’s gang had 800 paid up members. They received medals for breaking up strikes. They organised Orange Order marches. Some of their group were convicted murderers. The verse ‘up to our knees in Fenian blood‘ was apposite. Srathclyde Police cracked down on this gang of criminals in the mid 1930s and by the onset of the second world war the gang no longer existed.

Why a group of bloodthirsty thugs and murderers are venerated at Ibrox is difficult to explain. This proscribed song should not be allowed at any Scottish professional football game, but the SFA are unwilling to deal with it. Their well paid sinecures in Scottish football are much easier if they choose to avoid it. They have been ducking it for generations. However let’s revisit the song in a style that Billy Fullerton, who formed a Scottish chapter of The Ku Klux Clan, would be proud of :

  1. Hello, hello, we are the Billy Boys
    Hello, hello, you’ll know us by our noise
    We’re up to our knees in Jewish blood
    Surrender or you’ll die
    For we are the Brigton Billy Boys
  2. Hello, hello, we are the Billy Boys
    Hello, hello, you’ll know us by our noise
    We’re up to our knees in Negro blood
    Surrender or you’ll die
    For we are the Brigton Billy Boys

Any reasonable man or woman would be appalled if these chants were allowed at Scottish football, so why is it still open season on Fenians? In 2014-15 there were 193 charges under section 1 of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, reported by the police to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS). In the 2014-15 period, the accused were mostly males. Of the 193 charges, 189(98%) involved a male accused. The largest group of offenders had an affiliation with Rangers.

The Act criminalises hateful, threatening and otherwise offensive behaviour that is likely to incite public disorder in relation to football. The nature of the offence was threatening (e.g. including engaging in fighting or challenging others to fight)in 61% of the charges. It was ‘hateful’ (e.g. including negative references to religion, race, sexual orientation or other forms of hatred) in 30% of charges. It was ‘otherwise offensive’ (e.g. including a reference to celebration of loss of life or support of terrorist organisations) in 13% of charges. Some of these charges contained reference to more than one category.

As was the case in the first two years since the introduction of  the act, Roman Catholicism was the main religion that was the subject of the charges that related to religion. Forty-two of the charges (84%) included behaviour that was derogatory towards Roman Catholicism.In 2014-15 there were more charges outside football stadiums (54%) than inside stadiums (46%). There were only eight arrests at Ibrox.

With the SFA unwilling to act, and with only eight arrests in an entire season, is it any wonder that those who wish to engage in this appalling verse believe that they are immune from prosecution?

Rangers Managing Director, Stewart Robertson, when launching Club 1872 at The Herald, chose the following choice of words:

“If I recall correctly, the Billy Boys was sung after the Hibs fans came on to the pitch. We don’t condone that kind of behaviour. However, if I had a choice between the fans singing a song or piling over the wall into a pitched battle with the Hibs fans, I know what I would choose.That doesn’t make it right, but you have to put it into context. I’d rather have that than two or three thousand piling over the wall and we have a riot on our hands.”

Allow me to disabuse Mr Robertson of the notion that the Billy Boys was sung exclusively after the Hibs fans came on to the pitch. It was sung throughout the game, and should Mr Robertson require proof of this I respectfully refer him to Youtube. Some of the Rangers fans did spill over the wall, engage in fighting and escape without arrest. Not several thousand, but they made their presence known.

Were some of these supporters whipped into a sectarian frenzy by this proscribed song? As we have since discovered, the SFA and Police Scotland found it appropriate to only allocate 138 poilce officers in the stadium. Allow me to repeat this for emphasis. In a game that was recognised as a potential tinderbox, the SFA took the view that only 138 police officers was appropriate.

If Scotland was not a banana republic where the laws of the land are ignored, heads would roll at the SFA. However, the SFA are cunning and will apportion blame on the Hibs fans. To apportion blame on the Rangers fans would involve a review of the proscribed song which is something that they steadfastly refuse to do. The song will ring out at Ibrox and all major stadiums in Scotland next season. Should Rangers qualify for UEFA tournaments in 2017/2018, this song will be the Rangers song for Europe. Their Eurovision Song contribution. Only then will the club be hit hard, as Scotland to its shame looks the other way.










51 thoughts on “A Rangers Song For Europe”

  1. Another great post There is absolutely
    no place in modern society for sectarian songs. The rangers director should be carpeted for those crazy comments. But no doubt the SFA will do as they always do and turn a blind eye to all things rangers .

  2. JJ, I think it’s time you did a Nevin and left the darkness behind. These howling barbarians are never going to change, nor the SFA’s cowardly blind eye approval. Have a look on you tube at the hundreds of clips of rioting and attacks on police in 2008 screaming WATP and UDF.as they charge. We’re dealing with a generational cancer here and RIFC is the voice and platform it’s built on. The serious assaults and domestic abuse is going to rocket again very soon. A blight on the land and poison filled stain on Scotland.

      1. Ditching the dark shadowlands of Mordor and Isengard (aka the uglies, the cheeks, the infirm..) for the bright Sunshine on Leith.

        Plato will enlighten you further:
        “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

  3. Bonnie scotland eh?
    Where everyone is welcome except the irish. Looking back over my 44 years of my life in scotland i have come to realise that statement perfectly sums up this country. Although there is an intolerance for roman catholics,and outright hatred for “kafflicks” i feel the root of the problem is irish catholics or decendents of them.
    Ive always questioned why the italian and polish communities settled here with no problem whatsover,although these two communities are mostly catholic. The real problem is being irish,paddy,plastic paddy as the rangers fans relate “fenian” to the irish catholic. I have had no faith in the sfa for a long time now,they will never tackle this problem,the sfa condoned the outright secterarian policy of rangers for over a century and never took them to task. Likewise to tolerate the singing of these songs is to condone it. JJ your are so correct in your assumption that to change the song to include jewish or negro,then i feel also there would be worldwide condemnation. Sfa again proving they are not fit for purpose on any level.
    Shameful in 2016.

    1. “Why the Italians and….. Settled here with no problem”??… What a load of rubbish – The Italians had it just as bad – I remember my father’s ice cream shop regularly getting the windows put in every 12th July – this is not just an Irish thing !!

  4. Right on the mark! An excellent analysis. Mr Robertson of course will soon be elected to SPFL board. And if you think I am being harsh then listen to what he actually a says…
    I am beyond hope at this point with my fellow supporters buying ST in their many thousands. I understand why, but cannot bring myself to do so at this time. Pl has offered to meet me, as a life long supporter, which of course will be interesting, but I don’t hold out much hope that his analysis of Scottish football will come any where near what is written in these pages.
    My only hope of going back will be when TRFC leaders act with respect and honour. I suspect that is further away than the Celtic board nailing their colours to the mast.

  5. The solution isn’t very difficult.
    If the SFA won’t follow its own rules it needs to be told to change .
    it’s probably only three clubs Rangers, Hearts and Celtic really impacted. Perhaps others but I doubt it ?
    We need A zero Tolerance approach where a handful of well known songs are agreed with the club’s police and SFA.
    With every game tested without fail if these songs are sung and agreed as audible by compliance officer then it is a 3 point deduction end of story .
    Hearts and Celtic Fans will do it once /max twice . With the fans singing hounded out of the grounds and probably beaten up by fellow fans
    Rangers maybe 5 or 6 times maybe a few more because of the sheer monumental scale of it and the fact many will refuse to accept it and are ungovernable .
    that is exactly what Sturgeon should mandate McCrae andRegan to do immediately and Fire them if they dont agree or if the Compliance guys get all soft
    That will be it fixed for good .
    SFA ; Just damned well do it..this isn’t a hard one!

  6. jj I am a great fan of your blog but I must take exception to your last sentence. Scotland does not look the other way. The Scottish authorities and establishment may look the other way but ordinary Scots are sickened by the way that nothing is done by said authorities.If you have a problem and the governing bodies do nothing about it the problem will not go away.The problem will only keep growing and that is why we still have this problem in 2016.The SFA and the SPFL are only storing up future problems by not tackling this now.

  7. It has been known for footballers to leave the field of play in the case of other racist chants/songs. I feel this will have to happen here in Scotland, (One country, many cultures). I don’t imagine this would have to occur very often before the S.F.A took notice.

  8. I picked up Stewart Robertson’s comments today, comparing the Ibrox loyal with the Hibs fans who took to the pitch. What was he thinking of? This is a man who barely gives an interview. He doesn’t seek the limelight, unlike King and the barber’s model.

    And just when Rangers were in need of a bit of dignity and quiet reflection, he comes out with this nonsense.

    It is an odious song with odious references. He should have condemned his own fans for these songs and chants. And he should have kept quiet about Hibs and left the Edinburgh club to express their disappointment with their own fans in their moment of triumph.

    But, this regime is all about SPIN and DIVERSIONARY tactics. Diversion away from the fact that Rangers LOST an important cup final. Diversion away from the fact that there are no funds available for a manager who may be on his way south. Pal Joey is a great diversion. The fans love it and folks talk about it whilst corporate negligence goes unnoticed.

    Indeed, today, Club 1872 have claimed that Rangers are being ‘dehumanised’. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. “The bile, hatred and resulting violence shown towards Rangers needs to stop before someone is more seriously hurt. The DEHUMANISATION of Rangers must stop now.”

    The constant spin coming out of Ibrox makes me suggest that the club should rebrand itself as a PR agency. I have a good chum at Saatchi who could advise them.

    I did like your references to the Eurovision Song Contest. My favourite Rangers song, which my daughter liked, is the innocent ‘The Bluebells are Blue’. There is no reference to dastardly fenians. Or blood. Just a carpet of flowers.

    But Stewart Robertson wouldn’t settle for that inane ditty. You see, he is merely a ‘Puppet on a String’. He and Dave King tell the fans to ‘Believe’ when, in fact, he is ‘Running Scared’. The ‘Boom Bang a Bang’ antics on the pitch have been milked by the Ibrox board to paper over the deep cracks in corporate governance and broken promises.

    King promised and pledged a ‘Fairytale’.

    Unfortunately I can only see ‘Teardrops’.

  9. Dock 3 points at every game it’s sung and use video cameras on the crowd to prosecute and life ban. Make a lot of examples, hundreds.
    It’ll soon go away.

  10. It’s easy to conclude Regan, Doncaster and co. are buffoons, but they are clever people with an agenda to promote. They probably assumed a Rangers win and a bit of exuberance from a few fans on the pitch – faced by the very thinnest, dotted, blue line of 138 coppers. They probably expected the Hibs fans to slink away defeated as usual – so no chance of any tete-a-tete encounters. A bit of over exuberance to talk about and investigate was probably ideal for their purposes to divert eyes from R12, TJN report and Rangers euro licence approval.

    But as the English FA promotes the FA Cup: “anything can happen”.

    Events setback back the agenda for at least a year – but the agenda remains unchanged – and will be pursued regardless of rule and law.

    However, the effortless manipulation they are used to, is becoming harder, less predictable and more obvious – so success of the agenda is by no means guaranteed.

  11. Only in Scotland. —— A dark place, tolerant of some of the worst excesses of human behaviour ——-Where the word “sectarianism” replaces “racism”.
    —– Where the law of the land does not apply to the lowest demographic.
    ——-Where mob rule rules if you support the Establishment Club.
    ———Where the law of the land is ignored if you support the Establishment Club

    Everything you say in your article ——- Only in Scotland would it be allowed.

    And as you say, we await the defamation of the Hibs supporters actions however, we await with trepidation and genuine fear that this violence and anarchy will be visited upon many locations next season and may result in innocent deaths and injury of the innocent.


  12. JJ, I sincerely hope that your words get
    through to some of our fans.
    There is NO place in society for anyone
    who even THINKS it is alright to sing such
    outdated nonsense.
    We are talking about football here.
    It is no surprise that we are disliked when
    you see it down in type, very succinctly put.
    I just wish we could see your words in some
    of our red top rags.

  13. Stewart Robertson is presumably an intelligent man and engages his brain before he speaks however how he justifies the singing of that song beggars belief. Obviously the maxim of when your in a hole stop digging has absolutely no resonance within Ibrox. Since the statement put out on Saturday to the one today they have made a bad judgement infinitely greater.

    It would be nice to think that the SFA will finally take some action and enforce their own rules. Sadly however that is even further away than ever before. They really are an organization not fit for purpose.

    1. Mr Regan has already made his inquiry. He called Stewart Robertson, asked him if Rangers could afford a fine on the never-never Craig Whyte basis, then agreed to throw the book at Hibs when the suggestion of a fine was rebuffed.

  14. The SFA is not fit for purpose, I think 99% of those interested in football would agree.

    They couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery. Their recruitment policy for office bearers appears heavily weighted towards former RFC employees, with or without an EBT payment from an illegal tax scam.
    It’s hard to believe that someone as conflicted as Ogilvie was given free rein to be the puppeteer, behind the scenes, pulling all the strings.
    When Regan talks of transparency and an independent enquiry into Saturday’s events does anyone believe a word he says?
    This is the ‘do nothing’ CEO, if presented with evidence of malfeasance in his organisation. He should have been sacked within hours of making that statement.
    Would anyone be surprised if Ogilvie, Gordon Smith or even LNS are part of the independent enquiry?

  15. As someone mentioned before JJ, where are the supposedly decent fans of your club voicing their opinions such as yours? Or is it just that they silently agree to the ramblings of victimisation emanating from Ibrox or fear of getting their windows put in (so to speak). Rather than a minority which our lying press/media alludes to being involved in the sectarian singing, nobody else is foolish enough to suggest that! This problem won’t go away unless our Government get involved.

  16. If I remember rightly UEFA had started to ask questions about RFC ‘ S signing policy back in the day which may, or may not, have brought along the changes instigated during SDM ‘ s reign……perhaps a further shove may be required from them?
    Fully agree that there would be an uproar if the words were changed to Negro, Jew, Muslim……..what the feck are are our mealy mouthed politicians doing about it as, sure as hell, the SFA will do nothing.
    However let’s not forget that the constitution of the UK has for hundreds of years specifically excluded Catholics from being King/Queen, a King/Queen marrying a Catholic, or a PM being of the RC faith…………..let’s start from there to sort things out.
    How offensive would it appear if Negro, Jew, Muslim replaced Catholic in the constitution?

    1. Joe,
      I THINK the “Royalty” part no longer applies…I may be wrong.
      But I’m sure the PM element is still in force…
      Blair had to convert, after he left Office.
      And its staggering the number of people who don’t know this.
      Well reminded.

  17. I noticed on last nights STV sports section the photo shoot for the launch of club 1872 .Along side rangers legends Henderson & MacDonald was one Craig Houston a man who openly admits to wanting to return to the policy of no Roman Catholic players playing for The Rangers.But no pictures of him in this mornings papers ,deliberate or not I don’t no.

    1. He will have a real problem with Joey Barton. I wonder if Chris Union Jack will solicit his thoughts on Mr Barton’s support for the Irish Republic and a united Ireland? His antipathy to the Queen could also be explored, however on reflection that would not chime well with the schedule of Rossiter, Windass and Crooks being lined up with blue cards inviting ST renewals.

  18. It’s unfortunate that in the short time since was employed at Ibrox, Mr Robertson has managed to adopt all the tactics employed over the years to deflect the real problems from the supporters. Notwithstanding his perceived support for the banned song, and therefore ensuring its legitimacy with those who cannot help themselves, he has also picked up a form of time stamp deafness. He reckons the song was only sung after the rammy started? He is lying, he is lying, he is lying. All of which endears him to the fellow liars at the top of the Ibrox tree

  19. “Dear Stewart Robertson:
    Bigoted chanting has haunted Rangers FC for decades.
    Pluck up the courage: condemn it outright. Offer no excuses.”
    Graham Spiers on Twitter.

    1. Hi JJ, not that I am excusing the singing of this song but I think most Rangers fans believe the Billy reference is to do with King William and not Fullerton. Agreed, neither are anything to do with football though. I also feel the removal /change of the most offensive line to something else should be suggested as any fan will tell you this is the song that gets the atmosphere going. Instead of waiting to hear it or, get offended by it or Rangers being punished for it why is no one exploring this?

      1. Je Suis Graham would have us believe that the fans were actually singing ‘Up to our knees in EBTs’. As much as I mocked his revisionist lies at the time, he may be on to something. If this line were adopted it mocks all Scottish clubs, particularly CFC, in regard to the eleven seasons of systemic cheating. It’s a line of supremacy i.e. we cheated and we got away with it so suck it up Timmy.

  20. When I first read his interview I was shocked so I had to read it again to make sure we hadn’t traveled back in time to 1690, a disgraceful interview in a deperate attempt to shift blame, responsibly & I dare say a few season tickets as well

  21. What really baffles me is…
    Why do the Chairpersons of all the Senior Clubs in Scotland tolerate this “unacceptable” relationship between Regan and the Govan Club ?
    You have,quite rightly, pilloried Mr.Lawwell for his inaction…but hey…there’s a lot more than him needing a kick up the whatsit.
    Will Mr.Petrie take all this lying down..and meekly accept responsibility for the debacle at Hampden..Or will he grow a pair ??
    ‘Cos if he does…Then Scottish Football will continue to be a loaded dice in favour in favour of you know who.

  22. Maybe Mr Robertson thought he was playing a new game show, where you get to rate antisocial behavior on a scale, to get a free turn of the Level5 spin machines, that leaves you looking like a bigot. With that kind of spin who’d need enemies or invoices.

  23. “Being a Ranger
    I was born to be a Rangers supporter.
    I had no real choice in the matter.
    My father was a Ger, as was his father and his father.
    It was accepted that as soon as I was old enough to be lifted over a turnstile I would attend Ibrox, faithfully.
    I worshipped at the shrine of Rangers for several decades.
    Fortunately for me, my father was the least religious and the least bigoted man you could wish to meet. His religions were the trade unions…..and Rangers.
    Also fortuitously and because he was not bigoted, our next door neighbour and dad’s friend used to take me to Parkhead to watch Celtic too. Something I enjoyed immensely as I felt convinced the ‘Tims’ could see right through me…..exciting!
    This caused me a bit of confusion at school when I was supposed to hate the ‘Tims. Some of my family were ‘Tims’…in fact my favourite aunty was a convert to Catholicism and was as devout and decent a Catholic as you will ever meet. The conflation of football and religion was as normal as the smog filled air we breathed in 60’s Glasgow.
    It just was what it was.
    You were either Proddy Ranger or Timmy Celtic.
    It wasn’t to be questioned. Only my dad did question it…loudly and often. He tried to explain the wrongs of the situation to me many times. I remember asking him why he still was a Rangers man if he disliked the whole Proddy/Tim thing that went with it.

    “They are my team son….the morons can’t change that” he told me.

    I accepted this dichotomy for quite a few years or at least until I started attending Ibrox on my own and watched the rampant cretinism happening around me. My normal position in the stand was immersed in a sea of fuckwits who came over on ferries from Northern Ireland to spew out unspeakable shite at anyone stupid enough not to be wearing a Rangers strip or scarf.

    I grew increasingly uncomfortable with the songs, the chants and the bile. I had heard stuff at Parkhead of a similar type…but it just seemed more…..intense…definite..meant…at Ibrox.
    More than once I pulled up someone sitting next to me about the stuff they were spewing out…either they just looked at me and shut up or it got very unpleasant as they questioned my ’loyalty’. I spent more time listening to the chants and songs of utter hatred for ‘Fenians’ than I did watching my team play. Ironically, I truly believe that 98% of those prattling on about fenians couldn’t tell you what one was…beyond the inaccurate and rather pathetic….’Kafflik’

    Eventually I just stopped going.
    But even then I still supported Rangers as a couch potato supporter.

    Then something happened that changed my attitude totally. I had a son.
    At first, like my dad, I assumed the boy was going to be a Ranger…then I thought about it at length.
    There was no way I was going to take him to a game and spend endless hours explaining to him that what his fellow fans were belting out was ‘just a bit of fun’ and some ‘tradition’ that they maybe really didn’t mean…or maybe did….or not…at least not the good ones.

    “How can you tell the good ones dad?” was the future question that bounced around my head.
    The answer “The ones not singing” just seemed more and more pathetic.
    I resolved that he would grow up to be whatever form of football fan (or not) as took his fancy.
    I also resolved that my half hidden hypocrisy and plainly turned blind eye was no use to either Rangers or me. I decide we would part company.
    That was in 1992.
    I have been back to Ibrox once since then.
    As the supporter of another club and to watch my son play there.
    My wife and myself, along with all the other small band of supporters isolated in a corner were subjected to non-stop venom, bile, foul-mouthed abuse and threats for the entire 90 minutes.
    My son’s girlfriend and her father came to see him play but left at half-time…utterly disgusted at the things they saw and heard.
    We also had the distinct privilege of witnessing an Armed Forces Day degenerate into a farce as many of those in uniform went to the Blue Order and danced and sang the same crap that had driven me away from Ibrox in the first place. One particularly helpful RAF type came over to us to give us the benefit of his knowledge about how we were all ‘Bitter cunts…cheer up’
    Commendably, a Royal Navy Commander (who I believe was sent down from the stands by the GOC) tried to break up this ‘celebration’ of all things blue….to little avail.
    The scenes were disgraceful and convinced me that my decision all those years ago had been 100% correct.
    Those of a Rangers persuasion can call me a liar if they so choose. I don’t lie about anything accept my height.
    Recently and because of the troubles they have inflicted on themselves as a club, Rangers have decided to play the victim card. It would be funny were it not for the hypocrisy involved.
    The recent press release regarding the idiotic actions of Hibs fans is a case in point.
    It is at once, hilarious and pathetically lacking in self-awareness.
    The great chant of “We are Rangers..super Rangers…no one likes us…we don’t care…..we hate…” (Let’s not carry the next bit on) rings a bit hollow these days.
    Perhaps they should be asking themselves why they are indeed, almost universally detested within the Scottish game. There will be supporters who disagree with that view….but I will go by my own experience of visiting grounds and talking to other fans.
    Are all those supporters of all those clubs just jealous bitter bastards? Is that it? Are they all just wrong?
    I still have mates who attend Ibrox…they are good guys…they are just as ashamed of the crap as I am. But even though they are the majority, they feel intimidated into not challenging the shite….such is the brutal vehemence of the large vocal minority of Ranger’s ‘support’.
    To my mind, the past few years have encouraged a problem that was an improving situation.
    The bitter nasty bastards have the upper hand again and there seems to be no will at the top of either Rangers or the puerile SFA to change things. Don’t get me started on the lick-spittle sports journalists who fall over themselves to whitewash what happens at Ibrox.
    So….that’s my wee rant. I expect to get the usual pelters for it…but I’m sick of the whole thing.
    Perhaps I will once more get some cretin from Belfast publishing a google earth picture of my home on Twitter?
    Blocking and reporting is easy. Getting rid of the source….not so much.

    “They are my team son….the morons can’t change that”
    Sadly in many ways….I’m not my father.

    Good luck to the many decent Rangers men and women……you will need it”

    This was posted by an anonymous former Rangers supporter.

    1. And right there is one of (i suspect) the many thousands of real victims of this MURRAY inspired debacle . All bullied by their own moronic fans and leaders

  24. Imagine the outrage if Leeann Dempster had said after the game,” I’d rather the Hibs fans had sung about the Ibrox disaster than invaded the playing surface.”. Quite rightly there would be demands for her sacking and a ban from Scottish football for life. Rangers, though, live in a different Universe.

  25. John,

    You should have used the comment @ 7:17pm as the basis for a new post.
    The frightening thing is that there are so many people, including Rangers fans, that want proactive change and want to be able to continue the ‘family’ footballing traditions in a safe and entertaining atmosphere. Despite the fact that the minority is in control perhaps these stories will move more people to stand up from within the club’s fanbase to say enough is enough… naive, i know but something has to change

  26. Likewise if they sung”The holocaust is over, why don’t you go home” or
    “Slavery is over, why don’t you go home” or “Partition is over, why don’t you go home” there would be universal condemnation.

  27. JJ, A well written blog as usual.

    To be honest, I think the start of the process is to ban all marches, were be it Orange or Hibernian.
    It will take a long time to eradicate the bigots but it will be a start.

  28. “Blair had to convert, after he left Office.”

    Point of accuracy (perhaps just incorrectly worded):

    Blair felt obliged to wait until he had left office to convert [officially].

    1. Thank you…I was mistaken.
      I genuinely thought that the PM could not be a Catholic.
      Having done further research I am now of the opinion that its just highly improbable !!
      As for “Catholics” on the Throne… Royals are now allowed to marry Catholics…but Catholics still cannot be King or Queen.
      Got to start somewhere I suppose.

  29. There is no shame in ‘not’ being a Real Rangers Man, especially when showing that being human doesn’t need to mean you have to show antagonistic traits, particularly when it comes to ‘religion’. People just want to fit in, in the environment they find themselves in.

  30. Yet another PR howler from the Govan club. Stewart Robertson appears to be giving the TRFC fans a choice of either singing a banned song or invading the pitch!

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