Assessing The Hibs Fine

Anyone who has ever read this site knows that the SFA are not fit for purpose. An independent report by The Tax Justice Network exposed the SFA as being corrupt and self-serving. As Stewart Robertson, MD of Rangers, helpfully pointed out, Mr Regan has called on a couple of occasions since events on Saturday. The first call was understandable. It behoved him to ensure that the players survived their ordeal unscathed. As for subsequent calls, Regan probably dipped his toe in the water apropos a fine for Rangers and was informed that Dave King would have him in court faster than he could say ‘judicial review‘.

Money is tight at Ibrox. A fighting fund has been set aside to take Green, Stockbridge Ahmad, Llambias, Ashley and SDI to court. With so many respondents, should the matter not be resolved in Rangers favour, the costs will be substantial. James Blair’s Anderson Strathern are pursuing those who engaged in the Rangers Retail agreement. They will be seeking millions in costs.

Given that Regan has been told in no uncertain terms to exonerate Rangers, his thoughts will turn to how to punish Hibs. What sanction will be appropriate? At this point he will invite the SFA’s Vice President, Rod Petrie, to dinner in The Glengoyne Suite at Hotel Du Vin. He will offer him one of two possible sanctions. A fine or a Scottish Cup game behind closed doors next season. Regan will strongly recommend a fine as a closed gate deprives Regan of revenue. The bidding will start at the £250,000 mark as per the LNS findings, which Mr Petrie will rail at as this was deemed appropriate for eleven seasons of systemic cheating. The traditional fine would be £50,000 but as this was a cup final with maximum publicity, this will be doubled to £100,000 with Hibs bound over for a year, with a sanction of £250,000 should they reoffend.

Having dealt with the matter with Mr Petrie, Mr Regan will have a chat with the Police Commander to agree with his assessment that the police presence was appropriate. Mr Regan will thank the police for their sterling efforts on the day that nipped a pitch battle in the bud.

Does anyone actually expect a proper enquiry? How naive of them!


44 thoughts on “Assessing The Hibs Fine”

  1. Can’t disagree with that,if Petrie is sitting back waiting on this scenario unfolding then he deserves what’s coming,he surely knows the workings of the cabal he takes his pieces of silver from and maybe just maybe this could bring the whole house down,every cloud and all that.

  2. Keep them coming JJ, if this wasn’t so true it would be laughable. It’s going to be some novel when you find the time.

    1. I have written two unpublished novels and a short story. They have nothing to do with football. I’m toying with the idea of publishing the short story, however as it is so far removed from my cynical view of Scottish football it would almost certainly be poorly received and quickly despatched to the trash file.

      1. I have 5 books published JJ…and none on football.
        All them have, in the main, been well received.
        Go on…give it a try.

      2. Dear JJ , if you are thinking of self publishing don’t bother. I have two novels “uploaded’ to ‘Kindle’ and ‘Smashwords’ and the rewards are paltry—-would you really like to go into a bank with a cheque for 50p? And I kid you not, my works are of a very high caliber, Much higher then the miserable 6.2 caliber Manlicher Carcano attributed to the entirely innocent Lee Harvey Oswald. Keep up the good work—-except when you deride the concept of Scottish independence.

      3. Although entirely truthful, the story of Scottish football would be referenced under Pulp Fiction.

  3. Mr Petrie has been at the heart of all the action since being elected to power at SFA.
    He was involved in all aspects of the 5 way agreement.
    He knows where all the bodies are buried.
    Rodders wants to be SFA President and won’t want to queer his pitch but will if pushed too far fight his corner to protect the value of his shareholding.
    If Regan picks a fight with him it will turn nasty.
    The only real outcome will be a hard worded soft centred fudge.

    1. Lets hope that they all throw each other under the bus, but dont hold your breathe. This is the self preservation society after all.

    2. A fine of £100-150k each, deducted from prize money and receipts with most of the proceeds going to charity – not SFA. That or just forget about it. Any fine should certainly be equitable and not exonerate Newco, and if Regan can’t bring himself to face up to CC King’s in house liars and media mouthpieces just forget about it. Petrie is not going accept being bullied by L5 proclamation even if he has played the role of a yes man and enabler, and bottom line they must keep him on board given his knowledge of their skulduggery as VP. CC King controls media and a large rabble but has no other arrows in his quiver.

    3. Rod Petrie is an extremely able individual and a superb negotiator. Twenty years ago Sir Tom Farmer appointed him to look after ALL his business interests other than Kwik-Fit. Rod Petrie will chew up Stewart Regan and spit him out. Prior to his appointment to the Hibs board Rod Petrie had no interest whatsoever in football or at least soccer. He was fond of Grid-Iron.

  4. Not sure this will fly, the Rangers overreaction has been so stirring that its attracted too much attention on social media.

    My money is on both clubs being fined with Hibs being double whatever Rangers is.

    Anyway if I was Hibs I wouldnt bother paying it, Rangers never paid their last one and it hasnt caused them any issues has it?

  5. In regard to the new symbol it reads – Cynical Reflections: Thoughts from a tub.

    A bit of Cynicism, perhaps a bit of ‘tub’ was a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

  6. I see that Derby have opted for Nigel Pearson – they went cold on Warburton after his Cup final failure.

  7. Problems with your predictions are that perhaps Rangers don’t carry as much sway in matters as you claim.

    You told us Rangers were a cert. for the cup because referee Steve Mclean would be providing the necessary penalty and red card against Hibs. This obviously did not happen. In fact the referee was as fair and un- controversial as you are likely to see.

    Both sets of players helped by getting on with the game and keeping the play-acting to a minimum.

    Do you seriously think Rangers will escape sanction for letting off numerous flares and smoke bombs ( Regan referred to these devices as life threatening after the Celtic v Stranaer match in January ). Video footage will also show Rangers supporters coming on to the pitch and attacking the nearest Hibs supporters to them. I think when the assault charges are totted up they will number heavily in favour of the Blue Side. They will not get done for their traditional song singing, and neither should they. The songs don’t offend me, much as I fail to grasp their relevance to a game of football in the 21st century .

    1. Jarte,

      “They will not get done for their traditional song singing, and neither should they. The songs don’t offend me, much as I fail to grasp their relevance to a game of football in the 21st century ”

      Seriously?! Should racism be tolerated? Homophobia? After all if you’re not offended by sectarian singing what harm is a chorus of calling someone a “black such and such” or a “poof” eh?

      You rightly identify that they have no relevance at a 21st century football match but to tolerate them is just as bad. The ignorant people that sing such songs need their ignorance pointed to them and if that’s not enough, removed from your Clubs support. “Bad things happen when good people do nothing”

      Sadly Rangers won’t be punished for this but not because they shouldn’t be but because our Governing body is spineless when dealing with either of the Old Firm.

      1. Scott,

        I apologise if my not being offended, offends you.

        Two sets of great grand-parents on one side of my family came over from Ireland in the 1880’s. One family were Catholic and the other Free Presbies.
        A son married a daughter and my family continued without knowing or caring anything about this Fenian Race that you seem determined to defend.
        To me, its not racism , just ignorant grunting by imbeciles who don’t appear to know any football songs to chant.

      2. Jarte,

        Thank you for your family background but in terms of football discussions I’m not really interested just as I suspect you’d find no interest in me telling you that my wife is Japanese & therefore our newborn daughter comprising 50/50 Scots/Japanese.

        I’m not offended by your lack of offence……just disappointed that you’re unwilling for the root of the problem to be weeded out. Why wouldn’t you speak out against this? Do you really want your support governed by mob rule?

        Club fines & stadium closures are one way to get the message across to these neanderthals.

  8. Surely to God there must be someone high up at Ibrox who can see the damage that these ridiculous statements are causing?

    If this is the classic deflection tactic then with the amount of heat and rage being stoked up there must be something truly awful coming over the horizon.

      1. The surprising thing about this Graham/Traynor/Robertson omnishambles is that Rangers for once had the higher moral ground. The fact that they reverted to hubris and lies in regard to their supporters has resulted in more hatred than was previously the case.

  9. I take Warburtons interview with the two named persons on the Derby board didn’t go too well, seeing they have just appointed Nigel Pearson

    Cest la vie

  10. With TRFC refusing to Pay the £250,000 plus interst Nimmo smith fine every other club fined by the SFA should refuse to pay a penny in fines until TRFC pay up. Every Player fined by the SFA should refuse to pay up until TRFC pay up.

    If the SFA take Dundee UTD and Hibs to task over unpaid fines then i’m pretty sure they would have a stone wall case for discrimination.

  11. If Hibs do get a fine and Rangers don’t.
    Hibs should take the case as far as they can.
    If he worst happens they should tell he SFA that they will pay the fine after Rangers pay thier outstanding fines.
    Let’s see how that pans out.
    There will be a lot of support for Hibs on this issue.

  12. STV sports news The Compliance Officer is looking in to Ayr Utd bringing the game into disrepute,the main sponsor advertised the new strip using a female model wearing body paint.You couldn’t make it up.

  13. I’m pretty sure this is a stupid question, and if it is I’ll play the English card, but why does a season ticket for Rangers’ return to their rightful place not include Celtic matches?

    Please Note – Season tickets purchased online in the Broomloan stand will NOT include Celtic fixtures. Season holders in Broomloan Front and Adults in the Family Section requiring Celtic should call 0871 702 1972 (calls cost 13ppm plus network extras) or visit the Ticket Centre to purchase

    I went to to check something and clicked the Season Ticket banner ad out of curiosity.

    then click “Season Ticket 2016/2017” at the bottom

  14. Well as to Mr Robertson what can one say?

    I knew little of him before his intervention on Saturday’s events.

    However his statement does not bode well for the future.

    The pandering to the masses by playing the victim card will be well received by those fans who subscribe to the nobody likes us we don’t care school of thought……..a significant section of the support indeed.

    Instead of roundly condemning sectarian singing and the pitch invasions he chose to give his preference to the former if he had to make a choice between them!

    Whit the feck……..the man by his own mouth has confirmed his suitability, or not, for his role at the club and he’s looking for a place on the SFA board?

    ▪As if there are not enough buffoons in place.

    Going back a few months to the AGM the holding club Chairman tasked Mr Robertson with implementing, immediately, the living wage for all RFC employees…..this was widely touted at the time by King as a GIRUY gesture to Celtic who had not signed up for the scheme.
    This news of course was seized on by the media and widely hailed.

    I may have missed the news, but that was the last I’ve read or heard of the living wage scheme.

    How did that go Mr Robertson by the way……and I apologise in advance if the scheme has been implemented and you are signed up as a full member company and been subject to the Living Wage Scheme audit.

    1. I’m sure the living wage doesn’t cover the wage free summer closed season months. When nothing gets paid.

  15. Aye, needs must.
    Let’s play the Orange Card.
    “Here’s to you Billy Fullerton, Mr Robertson loves you more than you could know…..”

  16. Ah I see DJ is in complete agreement with everything Robertson says and for good measure is fully supportive of Petrie being removed from his post………obviously DJ does not like the cut of Rod’s jib.
    So that’s it, the voice of a football has spoken, take heed.
    There is no place for fans encroaching on the field of play, bans, even life bands, are difficult and time consuming to monitor…………specific criminal act, 2 years in the Bar L end of problem.

  17. I have just read the “being a Ranger”letter on the A Rangers song for Europe article,it really explains how decent supporters have decided to walk away because the enjoyment of going to the game has been taken away.Anyone who has not read it is missing out on a good letter.

  18. I don’t think either club will take a fine.

    They voted against strict liability, so as long as they have done everything reasonably necessary, they can’t be held responsible for the actions of their fans.

    Motherwell were punished last year because of insufficient policing and stewards. Hibs and rangers had nothing to do with that on the final, so what more could they have done?

    The only negligent party was the sfa.

  19. Scott, I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick . I don’t think my Club, Hibs , is on point of being taken over by mob rule.

    1. Ah ok. From your defence of the Rangers support singing sectarian sings I assumed you were a Rangers fan. My point still stand though. They should be punished for it.

      You’re right, Hibs don’t have this problem…..apathy has been the biggest issue down at Easter Road but hopefully this Cup win combined with the ongoing share offer to the support will see a return of your fans and have everyone pulling in the same direction.

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