The TJN Addendum

“For the first time I’m confident that the 2011 fraudulent licence application will be dealt with by CAS.This will not be good news for RFC or the SFA.
Lying to UEFA will result in a ban for the club and expose the collusion between the SFA and the establishment club. Those involved at Hampden will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from their cosy sinecure and dumped in Mount Florida.
Cue faux outrage from Level 5 and their media placemen.This could get very interesting. The licence application was made by Oldco so nothing to do with Newco you might argue.However Newco signed up to the 5 way agreement, part of which entails Newco accepting any punishments handed down by the football authorities.Of course this single topic on it’s own exposes the continuity sham and the mess that that the SFA has helped create.A possible 3 year ban from UEFA competitions will be a dagger to King’s wallet and Joey Barton’s European aspirations”.

I have edited this comment from the previous post to set up an article on the points it raises which I believe are predicated on an article by James Forrest. Mr Forrest refers to an addendum to  the TJN article that skewered the SFA. The SFA and SPFL, and a compliant media, would have us believe that the team playing at Ibrox is the original Rangers. These stakeholders in the survival myth have a vested interest in Rangers continued. However when exposed to a court of law the truth emerges.Had the new club qualified for UEFA participation this season, its UEFA coefficient would have been 3.460. 3.460 is the country co-efficient for Scotland and is only used for clubs that have not participated in Europe in the last five seasons.UEFA chose not apply the old Rangers coefficient ranking of 4.960. This is because the rules of UEFA are clear cut and set in stone. The Rangers Football Club now have a different company registration number from the club/company that is being liquidated and any points or rankings gained by the old club were not handed to the new club. 114 titles were handed to TRFC by the SFA/SPFL but UEFA don’t play by the ethereal rules in Scottish football.

I therefore do not envisage any punishment being handed down to the new club unless the SFA were foolish enough to press home the myth that they were the same club. Alan McRae, and his nonsense about Charles Green buying the goodwill of RFC Plc, chose to play this card to John Clark of TSFM, before he reverted to playing the man. This bumbling Cove Rangers nonentity would not try this on with UEFA.

The other point in the preface refers to CAS. The Court of Arbitration for Sport would only respond to a complaint by a member club. CFC could lead this but won’t. They are happy with the status quo. As I write CFC have sold 34,000 season tickets for the resumption of the Punch & Judy show. They welcome ‘the chase‘.

In the TJN addendum, the following point cuts to the thrust of their argument:

“The UEFA Investigatory Chamber can ask a compliance audit to be performed on the declarations submitted by any clubs. Should the information submitted by a club be considered as incorrect or misleading, due to overdue amounts being incorrectly disclosed as “deferred” or “in dispute” and/ or being concealed by a club, the case will be automatically referred to the Adjudicatory Chamber for appropriate measures to be taken.”

As TJN points out, five of the eleven compliance audits performed during the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons were upheld by UEFA due to incorrect or misleading information. The Investigatory Chamber expects full transparency as well as true and accurate declarations from clubs. Therefore, the submission of false or inaccurate information by a club is considered by the Investigatory Chamber as unacceptable behaviour for which harsh sanctions will  be imposed.

In regard to an overdue payable to be considered as validly “deferred” in accordance with Annex VIII of the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, the debtor must propose a deferral agreement which must be accepted in writing by the creditor before the applicable deadline (i.e. 30 June or 30 September for the monitoring process).During the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 audits a number of football authorities of various member countries were found to be in breach, although at this point they had not looked at the Scottish FA.

In an email from Keith Sharp, Financial Accountant at the SFA to Ken Olverman, the Financial Controller at Rangers, Sharp states that UEFA have verbally indicated that they ‘are satisfied with the submission in respect of Overdue Payables as at 30 June’.

This would not have been the official position as it flies in the face of the UEFA rules. The SFA know that they are exposed on this issue but the new Rangers can and will walk away from this.






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  1. JJ

    In practical terms what would be the difference between a (definitley) old club entering with a coefficient of 4.96 and a (new but desperately trying to convince everyone they’re old) club entering on 3.46? Are we talking more rounds? seeding places? If they follow the honest route you suggest, you would only require a ‘high level’ PR campaign internal to Scotland (which of course is what they want, with some holding company bolcox as to why the three year ban doesn’t apply) and the passports are looked out once more, no? Obvious upside.

    This only becomes an issue if someone (from the Rangers side) chooses to fight this out on principle, but (apart from not winning the principle which of course may be too much for some to bear) I simply don’t see what the advantage of winning the cheap point would be, apart from a potential ban of course!

    Either way, if it costs Regan his job, that’ll do me!

  2. Hey JJ

    First time I’ve commented on the blog, although I read it every day.

    As you say, the SFA may very well back away from trying to push the Survival Myth when faced with UEFA questions on the issue … but don’t put your money on it. They have so much invested in it at this point that they pretty much have to stick to their guns.

    Which says nothing of the Five Way Agreement itself, which binds all those who signed it to the same stupid nonsense. That stupid nonsense is going to have consequences, as we always knew that it would. The weight of what they’ve built here is too great to sit right on the foundations. It’s going to collapse. The Five Way Agreement binds Sevco to accepting footballing punishments handed to Rangers. We’ll see how UEFA’s lawyers view that in light of the SFA maintaining this ludicrous fiction.

    At the very least, the SFA will be faced with a choice; push the Survival Myth to its natural and, for the club, horrific conclusion … or admit that the entire underpinning of the “new settlement” in Scottish football is a flat out lie.

    Watching them try to square the circle is going to be fascinating.

    1. Given their powers of reasoning I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to say one thing to UEFA and another to their Scottish audience.

    2. The Scottish FA accredited the new club with 33 Scottish Cup wins. Neil Doncaster provided 81 titles. This transfer was executed in broad daylight. CFC chose to do nothing. I therefore contend that CFC are party to the false survival narrative.

      1. Absolutely my own thoughts too JJ. Peter Lawwell has been complicit in this farce from the beginning….Hence the deafening silence on his part!

      2. The Rangers Football Club PLC is a public limited company registered in Scotland (company number: SC004276) and was incorporated on 27 May, 1899. When the current company is officially liquidated, all of its corporate business history will come to an end.

        When this happened to Airdrieonians in 2002, all of the trophies, titles and records associated with the club were discontinued and a new club, Airdrie United FC, took over. Airdrieonians’ official history ended in 2002, then Airdrie United’s took over.

      3. A wee correction Steff. Airdrieonians were liquidated but the owners or a consortium there of bought Clydebank FC and renamed them Airdrie United and moved them to (The new?) Broomfield in Airdrie. They hold the history of Clydebank and what Airdrie United has achieved since this activity.

      4. Keeping silent is not condoning.

        Another take is that Celtic said nothing because no matter what they said, they would be attacked by all and sundry and accused of trying to bring Scottish football down.

        The fault is that of Rangers and the SFA, a failure to expose the many lies told for the last four years.

        Trying to lay any blame at the door of Celtic is disingenuous.

      5. Was David Murray attacked by all and sundry for encouraging his chums at the Bank of Scotland to call in their loan to CFC in 1994? Stewart Regan, David Longmuir and Neil Doncaster signed two documents to withdraw 15 unsound titles, which was their considered position on eleven seasons of cheating, and then engaged in a corrupt charade to downgrade this to a £250,000 fine and a conclusion that there was no competitive advantage. Some of the most astounding recommendations included that CFC could have also used EBT to defraud HMRC, so no harm, no foul! Campbell Ogilvie lied to the commission.The scope was changed. Sandy Bryson’s imperfectly registered by eligible lie was accepted. This leads to only two possible conclusions. The CFC board are complete morons who had no idea what was going on or that they knew the fix was in and went along with it. I’m more persuaded by the second conclusion.

      6. “I therefore contend that CFC are party to the false survival narrative”.

        I have great difficulty seeing how anyone could dispute that JJ. Someone will though.

  3. Newco Rangers are innocent in all of this so no punishment should be forthcoming. All we Scottish football fans want is the SFA to be exposed as corrupt.

    1. “Newco Rangers” should be dropped for the more accurate “New Club Rangers”.
      Let’s stop all the pretending.

    2. Without governance we trust there is no sport.
      I have no doubts the SFA acted in a manner they believed was for the good of Scottish football.
      However the fruits of their efforts strongly suggest they got it wrong. Way wrong. Wrong enough to merit examining why and rectifying the causes of what continues to be a spectacular failure for our game.

      1. The SFA cheated, Auldheid! Plain and Simple to protect their own nest! I don’t think they even thought of “protecting Scottish Football” rather, they have acted in a totally dishonest manner!
        Everyone of the conspirators should be brought to book!

      2. Auldheid, your efforts in exposing the SFA’s endemic corruption over these past 5 years have been outstanding but, with all due respect , I must ask, has Stewart Regan replaced you with a clone, or is this just how people end up talking when they’ve spent too much time in his company ?

        The SFA’s greatest, and deliberate, mistake has always been in confusing Scottish Football in general with RFC in particular and every move they have ever made has solely been in favour of that club and its new successor to the clear detriment of all others in our national game.

        These facts are indisputable, no matter how many ways they attempt to deny them, though they gave up trying years ago, preferring instead to sanction Ayr Utd for painting their strips on half-naked ladies’ bodies, in a vain attempt to look ‘powerful’, ‘in control’ and, er, ‘Fit & Proper’ to a public outraged by seeing such a hefty eyeful covered in black & white paint …

        However, your statement is ultimately encouraging in that it almost reads like the beginnings of an apology emanating from Hampden Towers, though the very thought of such an about-turn seems almost beyond incredulous to me.

        We can only await the next chapter with our usual sense of chagrin that nothing seems to be changing, while also knowing that manys a calm water has an unstoppable torrent just beneath the surface.

    3. Innocent? I think not. Their directors were directors of the liquidated club.
      They claim 114 titles of a dead club.
      They claim 15 cheated titles of a dead club.
      Hardly innocent.

  4. Pas D’Elle Yeux Rhone Que Nous:

    I absolutely agree, and said so in the article in question. I don’t think it’s even remotely fair that we’re even talking about punishing them for the sins of the old club. The trouble is, I’ve been saying the same thing for four years plus and at every stage there’s either a hack or someone at the SFA or SPFL telling us all how wrong we are, that the very idea that these are different clubs is based on bigotry and hatred …

    And that gets tiresome. It would be God’s little joke if the prevalence of that view is what finally hammered the nails into the Dave King coffin, wouldn’t it?

    1. Outstanding comment.

      The bigots are at Hampden, in the press and on the radio. Not the honest people unwilling to sacrifice their integrity by accepting the lies and cheating.

    2. The truth will set you free!

      Four years of ridiculous lies, twisting of truth and contortions and all they ever had to say was the club died but TRFC are the spiritual heirs to Rangers. However the MSM, TV, SFA and SPFL couldn’t bare to face reality so they chose the path of liquidation denial. If they’d have gone for honesty then things would’ve been back to normal after a few months of pain. As it is the bitterness, distrust and rancour will go on for years.

      Eventually I believe they will all have to acknowledge reality but how much easier would it have been to do at the start?

  5. I have to be honest with regard to this old club new club nonsense. I am probably one of the few Celtic supporters who couldn’t care less whether or not it is the same entity.

    I do believe however that the SFA are compliant in regard to all this resolution 12 nonsense and are probably at the moment having secret emergency meetings about how to come out of this smelling of roses. The sounds of shredding machines working at their maximum in Hampden should be bringing about complaints from the Noise Abatement Society such may the fervour of the fat cats trying to cover up their guilt.

    My main point however is this. Many years ago as part of degree I had cause to study Business and contract law. My understanding is that ‘newco’ rangers by continuing to claim the titles won by ‘oldco’ rangers and by continuing the myth of being the same club are liable for the debts of the ‘oldco’. Why then have none of the creditors of ‘oldco’ challenged ‘newco’ for recovery of outstanding debts?

    I would love it if someone could clarify this point as my experience of this goes back about 35 years and my old grey cells may be letting me imagine things.

    1. This is relatively straightforward.The Rangers Football Club Ltd is in every respect not the Rangers that was bought by Craig Whyte. Neil Doncaster is perpetrating a lie. This lie seems to be convenient for CFC.

  6. what contingency thoughts do the res12 guys have regarding a uefa decision that bans all of a national association’s clubs from participating in their competitions, for a lengthy period, on receipt of ” incontrovertible proof” of a complicit Football Association, in a clubs ‘erroneous’ licence declarations.” ?

    1. I think the clubs would have their lawyers all over such a decision.

      What have any other clubs done to merit such a sanction?

      SFA and UEFA if they investigate, will want to contain the consequences not exacerbate them.

      1. A week after Heysel UEFA didn’t just ban Liverpool from European competition. They banned ALL English clubs from European competition,

  7. JJ

    Nailing the same club narrative was never the aim of Res12. It might be an unforeseen consequence if UEFA look into the matter but the same club narrative was in its relative infancy when Res 12 was proposed in 2013. Had the SFA responded as it should in 2014 the matter would be well over by now.

    Nailing the unaccountable SFA was and is the aim of Res 12 and the very process itself is trying to show others, who want governance they can trust, this point.

    Long and convoluted using the AGM process it might be and some oversight machinery is definitely what is required in future but if it has done nothing else Res 12 has highlighted the complete unaccountability of the SFA and the disastrous consequences of their lack of oversight are manifest to all.

    1. Why don’t the organised Res12 guys who have used lawyers and the law for that SFA issue not crowd fund a Judicial Review in parallel?

      You have the credibility.

    2. I try to be Polite Auldheid, but come on, CFC could have killed the same club shit on day one, DD has the way withall to do it, CFC has as JJ always says been compliant in this from day ONE, Fergus would have nailed it, killed it, welcomed the New RIFC as a NEW League member and Club. Not just make a joke about Rory Bremner, FFS.

  8. The new club cannot be punished for the cover ups and lies of the old club. The new club cannot claim the titles of the old club. Therein lies the rub. Claim to be the same club and face the UEFA sanctions or come clean and admit we are a new club.

  9. Basically, John, what you and the writers of the comments here are saying is that it will all be exposed when questioned by UEFA.
    Unfortunately my phone conversation with Juan Carlos Depoto in the Integrity department at UEFA this morning undermines the chance of that happening. Senor Carlos assured me that 2011 is too long ago for this to be given any priority(probably not the dictionary definition but one that says “we won’t do anything”). This was the fear earlier in the year when concerns were being raised as to how fast the five year statute of limitations was approaching. It has now arrived and been left behind.
    We are back to any hope of justice lying with the the ordinary fans and their actions. The ordinary fans that we struggle to engage, Many of who would say “Res 12 what?”.

    1. UEFA cannot have the position that a national association conspired in cheating top tier and cups for 13 years, has managed to cover it up for a few years, so should get away with it.

      1. Savannah
        It would be nice for what you think to be the truth but the real world for UEFA is to deflect the accusations directed at themselves. To accuse one of their member associations of corruption loses them backing in their own troubles from that association. I can’t help consider the lack of support from our clubs and the delaying tactics until the statute of limitations was past and wonder what the hell is going on?

      2. The CFC board were just stringing the Res 12 requisitioners along, and just when they thought they had traction, they hired BR to string the fans along. It’s interesting to note that Rangers have signed four players while CFC have only signed a Norwegian teenager. I get the distinct impression that Rangers have more ambition.

  10. Pas D’elle, I think the bloggers are well aware of the SFA corruption….there are however thousands of football fans out there who get their daily fix from the Scottish media thus have no idea what the Hampden cabal have been up to.
    I was golfing with an RFC fan in a foursome last week and he knows absolutely squat about LNS, Ogilve. Bryson, Regan, Res 12.
    His fall back response was that if any of these allegations of corruption, collusion and back room deals had any basis in fact Radar Jackson would be all over them as he has been all over the Rangers story since day 1……….that statement had me so convulsed with laughter that I proceeded to miss a two foot putt for the money!

    1. Joe, There is as much chance of Radar Jackson reporting on adverse TRFC stories as I have of being selected for this year’s European Ryder Cup team!

      1. Prior to Rangers’ demise, The Daily Record had 300,000 readers. They now have 176,000. As Chris Union Jack is proving at his Rangers fanzine GersTimes, this is the way forward for titles in Scotland. His puff pieces, and their corresponding readership, have not gone unnoticed by Darren Cooney, Murray Foote and most importantly the Radar’s advertisers.

    2. ” It’s interesting to note that Rangers have signed four players while CFC have only signed a Norwegian teenager. I get the distinct impression that Rangers have more ambition.” JJ

      I would posit that it will be quality over quantity for Celtic and the need for numbers is greater at Ibrox. That said, it is very early days and a number of targets may just be playing at the Euro’s so business won’t be conducted until the players participation is over.

      Both clubs have the expectations of the fans to live with, although I would say Celtic’s expectations are higher.

  11. Hi JJ, a quick look at the official UEFA site shows that Rangers FC are listed as having a 4.960 co-efficient. I know that we can have the debate about whether this is newco or oldco Rangers. Since Rangers did not qualify for Europe it is rather a moot point. Did you contact UEFA to confirm your assertion that Rangers would have reverted to the Country co-efficient? I believe UEFA have bigger fish to fry than the backwater that is Scottish football. Eight years ago Scotland had a Country co-efficient of 33.375 (10th in UEFA). Today it has reduced by nearly 90%, no armageddon here.
    A more forensic analysis of the figures JJ demonstrates that Rangers participation in a UEFA tournament 5 years ago did add to the Country co-efficient. The figures are calculated as follows; 2.75(11/12)+4.3(12/13)+3.25(13/14)+4(14/15)+3(15/16) = 17.3 which divided by 5 (as in last 5 seasons) = 3.46. Rangers did form part of the calculation for the 2.75 in 11/12 so this sort of flies in the face of what you have stated. Bert Kassies runs a very good site on all this stuff. Please feel free to have a look.

    1. Rangers FC on the UEFA website is oldco. It’s not newco/ sevco/ The Rangers.

      If Rangers FC on the website has coefficient 4.96 then why was Rangers playing in Scottish cup given 3.46? And why has Rangers FC on the website not adjusted down to 3.46?

      Nice try! Doesn’t stand up.

      1. I don’t know what you mean Rangers playing in the Scottish Cup given 3.46? What has the Scottish Cup got to do with UEFA Club co-efficents? Please elaborate. It’s not a question of anything standing up so i don’t know what you mean either by Nice try. For the avoidance of any doubt, please be assured that Rangers performance in UEFA competitions in 11/12 did form part of the calculation for the Scotland country co-efficient.

      2. Why were Rangers playing in the Scottish Cup given a 3.46 coefficient by UEFA? The simple answer is that they weren’t. Bert Kassies put that prediction on his site, but it was all his own work, and he has subsequently said he was probably wrong (on the basis of UEFA’s treatment of Derry City.) UEFA’s site never mentioned this potential coefficient at all.

  12. Given the hit to Nimmo Smith’s reputation after being taken in by the lies and misleading information provided to him by SFA Office Bearers who in their right mind is going to sign up for the independent enquiry into last week’s events?

  13. Did Dermot Desmond leave Hampden before Rangers had won ? Andrew Smith brought out a piece in the Scotsman on how DD was inspired – reinvogorated lets say to get Brendan Rodgers on board due to the behaviour of The Rangers´s suits. Yet Stewart Robertson dismissed that saying Dermot Desmond left before the end of the penalty shoot out. One of them is lying .. easy to find out. When did DD leave Hampden if it was before the penalty shoot out then me thinks PL has been in touch with Andrew Smith .. reigniting the Old Firm rivalry. Pushing the right Bigotry buttons. It´s that simple – WHEN DID DD leave Hampden at the Cup semi ?

    1. I agree that this DD spin is nonsense. It is well known that he left before the penalties. He pursued Rodgers to head off a boycott of his club for their complicity in the LNS whitewash and their abject failure in UEFA tournaments. With no new players, with the exception of one Norwegian teenager, this squad will fail just as spectacularly as Ronny Deila’s squad did.

      1. JJ, the news that DD left before the penalties were taken is “well known”, not by me it isn’t and why would he? Is there certain proof of that?

        And how can you realistically condemn Brendan Rodgers team at the beginning of May when it is quite apparent there will be transfers in and out of the Club before they kick off in earnest in August?

      2. A great many CFC football fans have renewed season tickets in the belief CFC is indeed going to take SFA-The Rangers to task, possibly post EBT judicial finality.

        They believe sources, including PMGB that DD is running the show, PL is sidelined, and DD will get after these issues in CFC interests.

        I personally do not believe it. But when such things do not materialise, there will be a huge backlash by guys currently renewing who anticipate results on SFA-newco.

        I do know there are clubs and supporters around the country looking to CFC and its fans as the power to put it right, and the majority victim of the 15 cheated titles.

      3. If the BDO petition goes ahead it will be laughed out of court. At this point the CFC board will sit on their hands and continue to enjoy their positions in the SFA and SPFL tents.

  14. I should also add the fact that CQN stalwarts have been peddling the DD upset spin connects the dots somewhat. The resolution 12 proposed adverts is also deflection from the fact that Scottish Football has nothing to offer except the bigot brothers. It is a 100 year old marketing model that will not be messed with. Billionaires get what Billionaires want. The only billionaites within Scottish football are on the Celtic Board.

    1. Bert Kassies has changed his mind about whether UEFA would award Rangers the oldco’s coefficient points from 2011-12; he now thinks they will, because that’s what they did with Derry City. It may however escalate the question of RFC(IL)’s eligibility to gain those 2011-12 points in the first place.

      1. In the end it doesn’t matter because Rangers did not qualify for Europe. Bert Kassies may well be an individual with an opinion. He is also an authority on all matters statistical regarding UEFA co-efficients. As usual it always deteriorates into an Old Co/New Co/Sevco/The Rangers/Rangers/New Club/Old Club argument. Football is dead in this country. Fans from other Clubs wish the entity that is called Rangers to cease to exist. They hate the entity, you saw an example of the hatred in their faces recently at the Cup Final.

  15. If you want the SFA strung up, take the five way agreement and LNS REPORT findings to Judicial Review.

    If you want new club to be legally declared new club do the same.

    If you want titles stripped do the same.

    UEFA and everyone will fall in line behind the ruling.

    I believe it would be Ashley’s final card.

    1. In the highest court in Scotland, counsel for Charles Green stated that he bought a basket of assets and that they were not Rangers continued. It cannot be any clearer, yet there are those in Scottish football who will perepetrate a false narrative as it suits their commercial objectives. As for SDI, even if court action led to an end of their stranglehold on Rangers Retail, Ashley would be unlikely to pursue the LNS narrative as it’s not in his interests. He revealed that King was not approved as a director of the member club, yet no-one in the SMSM was prepared to report this.

  16. The Newsroom,

    I think your clutching at straws here. The judicial review comes under the same auspisces as all other judicial processes. You know those processes that brought us such fair minded lumanaries as Lord Nimmo Smith. Neil Lennon´s non proven verdict etc.

    UEFA tells the judiciary in every country what is happening with regards football. The fallout from Platini (UEFA) and Blatter (FIFA) will ensure that FFP is a sop to the stupid and fully backed by the ex Bank of England Chairman Brian Quinn.

    Corporate entities tell governments what to do and the Scottis government is being told by UEFA and Billionaires what it wants. Take a look at the last billionaire and the judicial review that involved Scottish football. Where did that go ? It is only horse trading what we are witnessing.

    NO the only solution to Scottish football´s problems is to stop giving them your money and probably only for a few months. 13 maximum

    Unfortunately about 99% of Scottish football fans are far far too stupid to contemplate such a simple action or not honest enough to admit that they are indeed bigots.

  17. BR’s Celtic will “fail spectacularly” ? You can have a Charity bet on that one me old chum. Money where mouth is??

    1. My premise is that Brendan Rodgers may well be a good manager, but when the players report for pre-season training they will be a matter of weeks away from CL qualification games. This is the same squad that could not beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup. If you believe this is good enough for European competition, then you are welcome to your opinion. It will take Brendan Rodgers a minimum of three windows to change this abject squad into a club that is good enough for the second tier of European football. Have you forgotten the Europa Cup group stage of 3 points from a possible 18? Did Brendan Rodgers bring his boots?

  18. ” It cannot be any clearer, yet there are those in Scottish football who will perepetrate a false narrative as it suits their commercial objectives”

    That’s clearly corruption and malfeasance in my view. Green could never say its the same club, his IPO Brochure interpreted as such would land him in court.

  19. Now if UEFA had awarded Newco with the higher coefficient the media would be screaming Oldco, Oldco ……….told you so.
    However as the lower coefficient does not fit with the continuity lie there will be little or no talk of coefficients, as ordered by Jabba and Level 5.
    Makes you wonder what’s the incentive for the sports hacks to recycle Level 5 PR when some of it is laughable……not to be confused with laudable.

    1. Joe Mc. I also fail to understand the hold and influence that Level 5 has on the press. Can JJ or someone write a brief explainer?

  20. Have Hibs done the SFA a ‘big’ favour in that Mr King’s unprompted assertion earlier this year, about TRFC having ‘unaudited’ accounts showing only a £400,000 operating loss, for the first six months of the trading year, somewhat a fanciful idea and displayed no correlation with the company’s previous history. Was this announcement in direct relation to TRFC passing all financial fairplay regulations and to be passed fit once more from the ‘SFA’ and to receive the ‘clearance’ for another UEFA licences. It would appear there has been nothing learnt from the whole RFC Plc (IL) fiasco by ‘our’ game’s governing bodies and I for one hope that one day that there is a crowd funded Judicial Review into all their ‘skullduggery’ and that we fans can say we contributed to cleaning up ‘our’ game.

    1. I did not eat my words when I predicted that Rangers would prevail over the abject CFC squad in The Scottish Cup semi-final. Chapeau to Hibs for giving us a game as CFC sat back to admire our possession football. There is no steel in CFC; just a bunch of lightweight boys that will be easily blown off course by any European team with a captain who can galvanise them.

      1. The Hibs result was predictable if only because of late Rangers generally concede three goals in games against Championship clubs.

  21. Again we are seeing calls for a crowd funded judicial review and I can’t help feeling that education is needed with respect to the law, The law is not about justice, it is not about morality, it is purely about whether an action meets with the definition in the law books regarding it being legal or illegal. The SFA killed MA’s action on F and P stone dead by the use of semantics. King was not given F and P status to be on the club’s board but was given it for the company’s board.
    You can run a coach and horses through that but it is still correct according to the law. Forget that after much doubt whether King would qualify Regan said in the press that King had got approval to be on the club’s board. Forget that whenever a statement from the Club is required it is King that gives it. The law defeated Ashley.
    There is very little chance that an independently instigated request for a Judicial review would succeed. The only thing guaranteed success is grass roots fan revolt but, as I keep repeating, the majority of fans do not know how serious the events of the last one to two decades are. We are not getting the message out.

    1. There are reports that CFC have sold 46,000 season tickets with forecasts of breaching the 50,000 threshold. There is evidently no regard for change at Celtic Park.

  22. But if RFC are banned from Europe for 3 years – they can join FA – as new club without any link to SFA – and thus wont be in Europe for 3 years anyway and start the climb to the promised land – EPL – as a new uk club not Scottish club.

    this is where kings gets his money back and where he has always been heading…… it also scewers Ashley who will own two clubs in same league eventually and have to divest from one of them.

    very smart move by king – fall out with Scotland football – join English football.

    1. preposterous pipe dream fantasy. UEFA would never allow it and in any case, English football has no need or inclination to accept an RFC, or any other Scottish club into its league set up, especially after the antics following the cup final bringing back memories of Manchester and the sectarian baggage which would accompany such a change

    2. That’s right, Jason, I’m sure every club chairman in the English League can’t wait to welcome the rampaging Manchester hordes back to their cities every fortnight, especially now they have a majorly convicted criminal at the helm.

      That’s the very tonic that English football has been lacking all this time and those English boardroom movers and shakers must all be kicking themselves that they didn’t think of it sooner, indeed, laughed it out the park, and that at a time when both Glasgow clubs were wild card forces in the European game.

      Dave King is a very clever guy alright.

      He could even give them tips on how to avoid paying the pesky tax on their cars if they’re nice to him, and know how to ask right.

  23. JJ: As you are aware…I have been highly critical of CFC and PL and his “inaction” on these matters…
    However I feel I should point out…
    CFC are not the only Senior Club in Scotland..and are not the only club to have potentially suffered from these matters.
    So why the constant criticism of CFC in general and PL in particular ..when other Clubs surely have a responsibility to speak out ?
    I also have to comment on your footballing predictions…
    You have dined out on the Semi-Final result a wee bit too often..time to put that to bed.
    To write off BR and his squad at this time has no basis.
    Football history is littered with new managers who have turned sow’s ears into silk purses…
    Give the guy a chance.

    1. There are those who take great pleasure in proving me wrong. When the imbecile Keith Jackson stated that the smart money (Level 5) was on King walking away, I called foul unaware that Justice Peter Smith (who is currently suspended from the bench) would be presiding. King was serving a suspended sentence for contempt of court at the time. His affidavit was a tissue of lies. Yet he walked free to the great pleasure of Smith and his Scottish wife. Smith wanted to have a go at Ashley. He stated that he would have loved nothing more than to be nominated to the Freemasons by John Greig. You could not make it up.
      I have not written off BR, but I saw the squad at the semi-final and they were spineless and abject. An embarrassment to Scottish football. Hibs had a go. They competed. The CFC girls team of Mackay-Steven and Boyata left the field to dance round their handbags while Johansen spent 84 minutes adjusting his headband, with his replacement, Rogic, on the park for 36 minutes, unable to score a penalty with fresh legs. Had Bitton not scored his kick no-one would have noticed he was actually on the park while Brown, who struggled throughout the game, did not surprise anyone by missing his kick. Then there is Roberts missing an open goal from four yards. What a shambles of a squad.

      1. JJ: The opening paragraph in your reply to me …has me puzzled.
        In it you refer to Jackson/Smith/Freemasonry and John Greig.
        This,as far as I can see, has no bearing on the original first point in my post..I.E..
        Other Clubs in Scotland standing up to the corrruption and rule bending.
        What is your take on that ?
        As far as BR and the squad are concerned..only time will tell who is correct here.
        I am not suggesting we will become world beaters…I will state,however, that BR and the squad, will do far better than your predictions.
        Finally..if the opening line in your reply was referring to me…I would like to confirm that I’m not trying to prove you wrong…I’m just sharing a difference of opinion.
        I’ve been married too long to try and prove someone wrong..:0)
        Keep up the good work.

  24. There’s as much chance of Rangers gaining entry to the EPL as there is of them winning the Champions League next season.

  25. JJ, the ST sales and a desire for change are not inextricably linked.

    Many fans are unhappy at the perceived lack of action by Lawwell and the board on Res 12 and associated matters.

    However the hiring of the former LFC coach is a sign of intent.

    The fans may be railing against the board but their love for the club will always win the day.

    The media have helped greatly in the CFC season ticket surge……every piece of crap printed by Radar, Jack, Lindsay, Waddell et al has probably added 500 people a day to the numbers. Do not under estimate the impact of the media reporting………….Celtic bad, Rangers good, it’s as simple as that.

    At the end of the day the fans have decided that their club has not lied, cheated and abused Scottish football for 10 years and more, aided and abetted by our corrupt football authorities, so why punish their own club.

    It will be interesting indeed when the renewal deadline closes tomorrow to see how many have signed up for the priority waiting list. I suspect there are several thousand on it at the moment and that 50,000 is an achievable ST target overall.

    I gave up my ticket last year, grand parent duties were my priority. After months of bumping my gums about the board I decided, like many others, that supporting the club is more important to me than removing a corrupt football authority that I know has always had an anti Celtic bias and will continue to do so, irrespective whether I buy a ticket or not.

  26. In reply to Reiver:

    Only a fool goes too court to get Justice. If he is lucky, he might get Justice, but it will be purely a by-product of the process. Courts exist to dispense Law – and in the Sheriff Court in Glasgow, the Law is what the Sheriff says it is.

    Similar conditions obtain south of the border; for example, in the court where Peter Smith holds sway.

    1. For a private legal action to be taken a fair sized lump of cash would be required. In my opinion that cash would be better spent on advertising the issues. Problem there is, as I said in a reply to John a while back, papers in Scotland would be reluctant to print it. The subject matter would not only contradict their own stance but would upset the sensibilities of their readers’. Maybe billboard posters would be better but if they were used we then have a timing problem. The point if advertising the issues is to force the subject into the minds of the ordinary fans with a view to asking them to act. So what if we succeed? What action could we request? ST books purchase time is close to ending so a call to boycott them is pointless. A boycott of Ibrox for all but Celtic fans is effectively already in place because it is such a hostile and unpleasant place to go. Mass emailing of our own clubs may be effective but there is a large section of fans who see that as the responsibility of others.

      I see us rapidly reaching a time where a whole new different approach will be required as what we have already undertaken is quickly becoming stale and ineffective. If my call to UEFA is anything to go by the happenings in 2011 will be too far gone for us to use and it could well undermine our attempts by seeming to be a grudge more than a valid issue.

      So what should that new approach be? Personally, at present I do not know but I do know what it will not be. It won’t be me packing up my tent and giving up.

      1. I just read the CQN knock back from the Herald regarding the Res 12 advert. I think that emphasises what I wrote here.

      2. Riever,

        I am a ST holder at Celtic Park and reluctant to renew due to the lack of comment from the club on Resolution 12.

        JJ has stated on a number of occasions that the lack of statement from CFC is indicative that they are in on the con and don’t want to rock the boat.

        I can’t believe that, it goes against everything I believe the club stand for and they preach as “More Than A Club”

        Without a clear statement, that phrase is hollow and merely used to drive ST sales.

        Worse it abandons the opportuity to throw light on the corrupt cabal that governs Scottish Football.

        What is your opnion on the reasons behind he lack of statement from the club?

        Best regards and your continued efforts are appreciated


      3. DB

        I have no answer, as I have no answer to Leann Dempster’s point that she was too busy to respond to the SFA issue while she had so much on her plate at Easter Road.
        To me, the integrity and morality with which sport is run trumps any day to day issues and should be a priority for all clubs. Then again that could be the morals of an older generation(getting too much older, too quickly for my liking) whose moral compass was set in stone before Thatcher appeared on the scene. She taught the morality of personal greed and told those that listened to grab what they wanted for themselves whether they could afford it or not.
        Back to your question. The two clubs where we can see the response, Hibs and Celtic, have one thing in common. Both have officers with strong positions on the SFA. Does that mean that we are not dealing with a wide spread conspiracy but more the personal ambition or greed of a few well placed people? I don’t know.

  27. TRFC’s idle threat/rumour of moving to England, unless TRFC directors are appointed onto the SFA Board, especially replacing Rod Petrie. Let’s see Mr Regan try and sell this, as being nothing more than good for the game and we should all just move on. Again.

    1. I’m glad someone other than I can see what’s going on at Ibrox and why Stewart Robertson is all over the media. His prospective elevation to the SPFL board or Professional Game board is a Level 5 production.

      1. A toothy grin, a big bag of chunky lies and a little help from ‘some friends of ours’…

        Why does Stewart Robertson remind me of Morrie from Goodfellas ?

        ‘I never agreed to 3 points on top of the vig!’

      2. After not castigating the ‘bigots’ at the Scottish Cup Final, I’m sure he’ll be a ‘shoo-in’. Only in Scotland.

  28. JJ,

    You go on and on about the Celtic team in the semi and use that as your benchmark for European predictions. Let me point out one or two factors you appear to be missing or ignoring.
    1. Ronny Deila, whilst Ronny came across as a lovely guy, it was apparent early on that his tactics were awful and that he lacked a plan B. Backed up by the pig headed Collins there was always a chance that any manager with a brain would find him out. In fairness Warburton didn’t his tactics were just as predictable but Deila was too stupid to see that.
    2. All the ability in the semi was shown by Celtic players, hence the reason, Rangers with over 60% possession could only muster 3 shots on target over 120 mins, whilst celtic carved out more than 3 times that,
    3. Team selection: even an imbecile would have put out a better team to face the particular strengths of rangers than the Deila/Collins regime. GMS was always too lightweight, Boyata was always a horse, Rogic or Commons would have started to create etc.
    Whilst Brendan may only have 6 weeks to improve the squad, a centre half, a striker, and decent left mid should see him through the first two qualification hurdles with ease, reaching the play off round and guaranteeing then group football, that round is some 10 weeks away so another one or two additions and who knows?

    BTW I have chosen not to renew my season ticket after 23 years as I won’t fund the corruption any longer.

  29. Celtic Plc will still be guilty of shareholder oppression after both Resolution 12 advertisements in the national press. Celtic plc will be failing (deliberately so) with regards to its fidicuary responsibilities. The reason for doing this is that it is in the majority shareholders interest. Now there´s a judicial review that would fly especially through the Scottish courts.

  30. JasonDee says:
    May 30, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    very smart move by king – fall out with Scotland football – join English football.


    fall out with Scotland football – job done

    join English football – dream on – we don’t want you – we don’t need you – we know about your songs – we know about your criminals – we know about your attitude to sport – we don’t want you – we don’t need you – dream on.

  31. JJ

    With regard to your mention of TRFC showing more ambition by signing four players to Celtic’s one, might I remind you that two were pre-signed many months ago, the third, whom no-one else seems to want, has a potentially serious medical condition, while the fourth may possibly have been signed by someone other than the team manager? Then there are the three (so far) released players, plus the loanees returning to their parent clubs. MW will be scrabbling around the lower leagues looking for more free agents and loans again, while Paul Murray looks down the back of the settee for CCK’s fabled war-chest.

    As others say, you write off Celtic on the basis of the semi, where TRFC just scraped home, despite Celtic being so abject on the day. You’ve been dining out on that one long enough. A guy as smart as you cannot honestly believe that Celtic are going to replicate that form all season long – you might wish for it, but that’s a different matter entirely.

    I know which side of the fence the grass looks greener on just now and it certainly isn’t down Govan way.

  32. After Robertson ‘ s rambling statement the other day on RFC finances, I’m still none the wiser, perhaps that was the name of the game?
    On that basis alone I would not trust sending him to the shops to pick up a free newspaper.
    Unlike King I believe he is a fully qualified CA and his name can be found on the ICAS register……cue how many accountants does it take to change a light bulb joke?

  33. JJ
    You continually state that the SFA, SPL etc treat The Rangers as the same club and have awarded them the titles of the club currently in liquidation. I don’t see this at all.

    Rangers finished second in the SPL in their final season. If the football authorities regard and treat The Rangers as the same club why were they not playing in Europe the following season?

    Similarly, why were they unseeded in the League Cup (drawn against SPL sides Motherwell then Inverness – both at home obviously!) The following season?

    Finally, and most dramatically, The Rangers entered the Scottish Cup a round earlier than they “should” have, as an SPL side the previous season, actually taking the place of Livingston who should have been involved but were given a bye owing to the termination of Rangers.

    The actions of the footballing authorities above tell me that they are treating the current team playing out of Ibrox as a new club regardless of the throwaway remark from Doncaster last season that it was the same club.

    The co-efficient info above also tends to suggest that the SPFL appear to have forgotten to remind UEFA that’s it’s the same club, does it not?

    Given all of the above I’m bemused that anyone would state that The Rangers are being treated as the same club.

  34. It may have escaped attention but Robertson in his muddling statement also said that a Celtic visit to Ibrox next season would seem their ticket allocation slashed to a few hundred.
    I don’t for a minute think that this was blue sky thinking from the CEO, CA’S tend not to have original thoughts, so this must have came from King, the proxy Chairman…………what is he thinking?

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