A Rubber Gavel

There was an interesting article in The Herald Group’s The National today. For those who don’t know it’s a new title that openly advocates independence. In an article that outs Kezia Dugdale as a Hibs fan (does Trumpton run supporters buses to Easter Road?), the tone of the piece changes to discuss the legal ramifications of the recent controversial Rangers statement. A solicitor who read the statement realised that what he was reading was dynamite. He outlined his argument thus:

“Apart from the defamation of BBC sportswriter Tom English and SFA vice-president Rod Petrie, the statement was a blatant attempt to influence Rangers supporters to take a very strong club view. That statement has just handed the guilty a real let-off. All any defence lawyer for a Hibs fan needs to do is say that his client cannot possibly get a fair trial because that is the official position of the club and this will have influenced potential jurors. Any sheriff who has ever supported Rangers will need to recuse himself or be accused of following the club line. The damage is done and it’s too late now. Whoever approved that statement has probably ensured that justice will never be done.”

According to the PR omnivore, Mangetout Traynor, he approved the narrative but did not compose it. However this is a moot point as the real guilt lies at the hands of the board who approved its publication, with the buck stopping with career criminal Dave King.

In a previous article, prior to the Semi-finals at Hampden, I portayed a scene that Bill McMurdo described as ‘Gotham‘. I pointed out that the riot control teams would be positioned in the close vicinity of Victoria Road to handle any flashpoints as supporters left the stadium. This was deemed as the highest risk as no-one anticipated a free for all on the pitch. When the call went out to respond to the escalating violence, the riot control teams were impeded by RFC supporters using their children as barricades. As the police vans stopped, they were pelted by rocks and attempts were made to topple the vans. This led to a situation where only 138 officers were positioned in the stadium to deal with an invasion of 5,000 fans and running battles. This action by the Rangers support resulted in their fellow fans who were engaged in pitch battles evading arrest. This information about subverting the police response is truly disquieting. Has this culture of civil disobedience been exacerbated by King and his board?

An occupational hazard of being a career criminal for four decades is that you run the risk of having your collar felt. However this risk is somewhat undermined by a High Court judge who is notorious for throwing tantrums (according to an article in Roll On Friday). Mr Justice Peter Smith, who openly expressed his desire to be nominated into the Freemasons by Rangers club legend John Greig, has been continuing on his controversial path.



Those familiar with the Temple area of London, which is a few minutes walk from The Royal Courts Of Justice, will be aware of the chambers that are the homes to the barristers that ply their trade in the Gothic masterpiece on The Strand/Fleet Street. Barristers are self-employed, with a starting fee of £1,350 (+ VAT) per day for court appearances. When elevated to a rank of silk (QC) the minimum charged is £3,500 per day. Chambers compete against each other. The more Queen’s Counsel, the higher the regard for the chambers. Mr Smith does not even attempt to veil his threat. He is withdrawing his support of silk applications.

Justice Smith was responding to a statement by the appositely named Lord Pannick QC who took him to task on his extraordinary behaviour in a hearing in which British Airways were the respondents. Justice Smith was so transfixed by the fact that BA had lost his luggage that he referred to it on fifty occasions. He went so far as stating that he was a victim of BA. Lord Pannick wrote:

“How we laughed. But the case raises serious issues about judicial conduct that need urgent consideration by the lord chief justice”.

In a bizarre arrangement which the Judicial Office has refused to comment upon, Smith is understood not to sit on cases involving his blood feud enemies. Blackstone is the latest addition, but Addleshaw Goddard is also on the list after Smith’s attempts to join its partnership several years ago were rebuffed. In 2008, Smith was accused of taking revenge on the firm in a case involving one of its lawyers. Ruling that he should have recused himself, the Court of Appeal said at the time that his “wholly inappropriate actions in the case rose directly from the judge’s private affairs”.

The Court of Appeal is now considering a judgment by Mr Smith in which a Saudi Prince is alleging chamber bias.Smith is now hearing no cases at all. A spokesman for the Judicial Office stated:

“Following an issue that has arisen during civil proceedings, Mr Justice Peter Smith has agreed to refrain from sitting until those civil proceedings are resolved”.

One might conclude that those entrusted to act in judgment of Rangers are doing so with rubber gavels.

The Silly Season

The close season is traditionally the time when fanciful transfer targets are created to sell season tickets. Those with a limited intellect who read The Daily Record (176,000 and dropping like a stone) are being informed by Level 5 that Mr Warburton has been offered a new contract  that is on a par with that of the new CFC coach, Brendan Rodgers. I’m not privy to Brendan Rodgers contract but if the reports of £2m-£3m are accurate, is it equitable that Mr Warburton is paid £500,000 per annum?

One of the reasons there is a media blackout at Ibrox, notwithstanding the fact that no-one will be paid another salary until July 27, is that Mark Warburton has been offerred a contract that is £250,000 less than he earned this season. He has refused to sign this contract. Furthermore, there is no transfer budget to improve his squad. Marquee signing Barton, who will be earning more than twice Mr Warburton’s salary,will not be joining the club until his commercial contracts with broadcasters are at an end. Lee Wallace, who as captain would expect to earn the highest salary in the team, will almost certainly be disgruntled in regard to Mr Barton’s salary.

New hires Windass, Crooks and we assume Rossiter, while welcome, are not going to set pulses racing if the latter cannot recover from a debilitating injury that put him in the sick bay for the majority of this season. Muscle deterioration is a serious condition in a player who is only 19. Despite the Level Five spin, the austerity at Ibrox is beginning to bite. Mark Warburton now realises that he is being paid less and dealt a hand that will not give him a realistic chance of the title next season. This is the reason why he refused to participate in any media work or await the PR exercise for Barton. He has left to consider his options. Should any other club, such as Derby County, make him an offer, the Level 5 axis of Traynor/Kerr/Jackson will be flat out to extinguish the media inferno.

Neil Cameron of The Herald published an article today on the The Offshore Game’s report that skewers the SFA and SPFL for the fundamentally flawed whitewash that was the LNS commission. His interview with George Turner, the lead writer of the report, takes this social media sensation into the mainstream. The SFA’s strategy of brazening it out, to do nothing as Regan stated to John Clark of TSFM, will now come under more scrutiny. Their inquiry into events at Hampden on Saturday will be high on rhetoric and low on action. With buffoons like McRae and Petrie at the helm, it will be an exercise in paper shuffling. The perfect squirrel to the Offshore Game’s report.

As we saw with the LNS commission, the SFA won’t look at the most disturbing elements of Saturday’s game. They won’t look at thugs running towards Rangers players with a view to attack them. The fact that they failed was fortunate for these thugs as the players would have put them on their backs. They won’t look at the Rangers official who kicked an encroaching Hibs fan in his key performance indicators. They won’t look at two RFC supporters attempting to abduct a boy. They won’t look at the RFC supporters who stopped the police outside the ground coming to the aid of their colleagues inside. In regard to the kick  in the KPI, it was justified. Anyone rushing towards the departing Rangers players with menace deserves a good kicking.

The majority of the 5,000 on the park were in a celebratory mood. However an equal number of thugs from both sides’ support were more intent on violence. It was an appalling end to an excellent game. Everyone who participated in this game deserves a medal, and not some backroom double-dealing by Mangetout Traynor,  milking the victim card. The subsequent statement by Rangers was analagous to the last defender who fouls the attacker to thwart his unfettered route to goal. He knows a red card is on its way so he hurls himself to the ground to suggest that both players were culpable. It may be the silly season Mr Traynor, but last time I checked it’s not the gullible season.

A Deafening Silence

When a new player is signed there is an expectation that the manager will be present at the PR exercise. Mark Warburton was conspicuous by his absence when Joey Barton was paraded in front of the press. Should we beliece the rumour that he is meeting Derby County’s owner Mel Morris and director Andrew Appleby? The Rams were fifth in the Championship this year, losing out by one goal to Hull City in the play-offs. They are in an enviable position to gain promotion next season. They would be an exciting prospect for any ambitious manager. Mark Warburton is noted for his eloquence and his media savvy. He would be an excellent ambassador for a club with genuine Premiership aspirations. There is also the possibility that the Rangers job has lost some of its allure now that the Europa Cup is off the table. Mr Warburton would have been shocked as battles broke out on the park on Saturday. He did not sign up for this. He may also be less than enthusiastic in regard to the signing of Joey Barton, which came as a surprise to those of us who are acquainted with his old Tweets.He has deleted the most contentious of these, but they can be found as screen grabs on social media sites.

Has Mr Barton exhausted all options and wishes to die, as he opined to Adrian Durham on Talksport?  Is his reported £100,000 per month being saved for a Dignitas exit? How ‘dignified’.

His former support of CFC is not an issue. His brother who was sent down for a race hate murder can be overlooked. However his prison term for assault and his attacks on fellow players do not imbue thoughts of harmony in the dressing room. He is a man best avoided when he has a cigar in his hand.

However it’s much more difficult to overlook his hatred of the monarchy and the Queen. Stan Collymore, who also presents on Talksport, referred to Mr Barton’s regal antipathy thus:

Stan Collymore ‏@StanCollymore 19h19 hours ago
Congratulations @Joey7Barton !

Don’t forget to kiss your majesty in the dressing room on match days !

Mr Barton cannot be accused of being a plastic CFC supporter. He takes his politics very seriously when opining on a united Ireland and his support for Irish Republicanism.

I cannot conceive of someone less suited to the traditions of  Rangers than Mr Barton. But he comes with the only credentials that are required at Rangers: he is a free transfer. So much for Dave King and the millions that he would invest in the squad.Mr Warburton is allowed to sign any Tom,Dick or Joey as long as they are free agents. Who could blame Mr Warburton if he moved to Derby County having become less than enamoured with Dave King’s lies?



Dear JJ-Our Hampden Terror

Dear JJ,

As you are aware Lady Bear and I attended Hampden on Saturday and the terror will live long in our collective memory. I use the word ‘terror’ advisedly. Lady Bear endured a severe bout of hypoglycaemia as someone had eaten all the pies in The Nevis Suite. We have no hesitation in pointing an accusing finger at James ‘Mangetout’ Traynor. He even had the audacity to secure some savouries in his pockets. He inadvertently left a trail of pastry in his wake as he waddled about as if he owned the place. To add insult to injury, I later heard that he launched a few of them at the BBC correspondents in the press pack. Stuart Cosgrove was pie-eyed and not in the traditional sense of this expression.

To compound our discomfiture some of our fellow Rangers supporters in their executive box ordered ‘Bloody Mary’ cocktails. Have they no shame? Don’t they know that the name “Bloody Mary” is associated with Queen Mary Ist of England who attempted to re-establish the Catholic Church in England?  She executed more Protestants than the French in their purge of The Huguenot. Their inappropriate cocktails sent a shiver down our spines. 

The game itself was quite exciting , however we were  far from enamoured with the behaviour of the Hibs supporters after the final whistle. There were men using the crossbar as a balance beam. I don’t wish to be accused of gender-based misanthropy but don’t they realise that the balance beam is a women-only event? It takes years of dedication and privation to master this apparatus. I posit that Lady Bear, who had suffered from Mangetout’s excesses, would have added grace as opposed to their clumsy efforts. Lady Bear is composing a letter of complaint to Leeann Dempster as I write. 

As you know JJ, Lady Bear and I are not fond of the hoi polloi talent shows that pass for entertainment on television, but we did note a tribute act to Queen’s (God Bless Our Majesty) Freddie Mercury. Lady Bear espied with her opera glasses a Rangers supporter with the corner flag in his hands, and with her talent for lip reading she could swear he was singing ‘Another one bites the dust’. His performance was so full of vim and vigour that some of the Hibs supporters were evidently swooning. All this talk of Rangers fans engaging in a contretemps is palpable nonsense. They were merely the warm-up act for the dressage that followed. The Police Scotland equestrian team were outstanding.

However our sense of terror returned when we found our chauffeur being held to ransom by a young tyke clad in green and white. As our chauffeur never left our Bentley unattended, he could see no reason why he should pay for him to watch over it. I had a good mind to drag him away by his ear to demand an explanation from his parents, but Lady Bear, who is a child of The Sixties, gave him her lighter. As she later explained, if you give a boy a fish he will eat for one day. If you give him a lighter, he can ‘skin up’ for a lifetime. The indignation that I felt was probably the rationale of the Rangers supporter who was seen dragging away a young Hibs fan. It was most probably a parking dispute.

Despite our terror, Lady Bear and I have fully recovered, aided by the restorative powers of some Manzanilla sherry, which has been described as pale, vibrant and prancing. We have decided to name the Police Scotland Equestrian Team, ‘The Manzanillas.’


Yours in Rangers,


Edward (Teddy) Bear Esquire.



Dear Teddy,

Thank you for reverting to me so promptly. When I read Mangetout Traynor’s latest opus on the Rangers website I was given the impression that the aftermath  was analagous to The Tet Offensive of 1968. If I had given any credence to his bloated narrative, had you and Lady Bear been evacuated by helicopter I would not have been surprised.

As you and Lady Bear are afficonados of ‘Court Theatre’  I trust you have pencilled-in the forthcoming Court of Session judicial review in June? It promises to be a masterpiece in mendacity. My sources inform me that King’s case is predicated on Charles Green being of unsound mind when he signed The Rangers Retail agreement. James Blair has hired a Professor of Medicine who will posit that as Green was clearly suffering from Rangersitis he was in no conditionn to engage in an agreement that required balanced judgement. Mangetout Traynor suffers from the same ailment, which is often exacerbated by his gout.

The symptoms of this malaise include outlandish claims and a siege mentality that would not have been out of place at Stalingrad. The latter, now named Volgograd, is particularly apposite as speech is often debilitated to the use of only two words, namely No and Surrender.

As you know Craig Whyte has a prior engagement in Glasgow and will not be treading the boards in The Inner House. The Ghost of Rangers Past, David Murray, will not be attending , but his knighthood will be referred to more often than the BBC sports team will mention 1966 at the forthcoming European Championships.

I trust that Lady Bear’s Louis Vuitton handbag was safe in The Nevis Suite?  One cannot be too careful these days as I understand that they allow criminals in this once exclusive club. My love to your English rose.


Yours in Rangers,



Bringing the game into disrepute

Rule 1: All member clubs shall:

(a) observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play;

(b) be subject to and comply with the Articles and any statutes, regulations, directives, codes, decisions and International Match Calendar promulgated by the Board, the Professional Game Board, the Non-Professional Game Board, the Judicial Panel Protocol, a Committee or sub-committee, FIFA, UEFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport;

(c) recognise and submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport as specified in the relevant provisions of the FIFA Statutes and the UEFA Statutes;

(d) respect of the Laws of the Game;

(e) refrain from engaging in any activity, practice or conduct which would constitute an offence under sections 1, 2 or 6 of the Bribery Act 2010; and

(f) behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.


Rule 1 is quite clear. Dave King has a history of bribery in South Africa but on this occasion the relevant section is clause f. At this point we should consider what James Traynor stated at the behest of King and his board:

“No matter how many times Hibernian’s chairman and Scottish FA vice-chairman, Rod Petrie, and certain other biased commentators wish to play down Saturday’s mayhem and violence, the truth must not be distorted. It was clear to most of those who watched in horror that the Scottish FA’s security procedures failed when Hibernian’s fans went over the top in their thousands. This is the second time in a year that Rangers fans have had to endure attacks by another club’s supporters.Rangers fully expects the Scottish FA and Police Scotland to take action to provide our people with a safe environment.”

James Traynor is paid by the Rangers board for issuing statements on their behalf. They would have been issued with a draft of Traynor’s statement, invited to comment and ultimately approve it. They would have the final say on publishing it on the official Rangers.co.uk website.

Therefore we must conclude that Rangers are of the view that the Vice President of the SFA is a biased commentator.King’s board is stating that the SFA’s security procedures failed and are also stating that the Motherwell fans’ decision to encroach on the field of play was an attack on Rangers fans.

There was no attack on Rangers supporters in Motherwell. There was encroachment and goading. The only violence on that day was a punch and kick at Lee Erwin by Bilel Moshni. Would Mr Traynor care to comment on this instance of assault? Could his actions have led to social unrest?

As for the statement that the SFA and Police Scotland failed in their duty to provide a safe environment, the alleged assaults of Rangers players have been exaggerated out of all proportion. We now have  statements from parties close to Dean Shiels and Kenny Miller that Keith Jackson’s article in the Daily Record is a tissue of lies. Mark Warburton, who is the only voice of reason at Ibrox, stated that his players were intimidated and that he was most concerned in regard to the former Hearts player Danny Wilson. However, all Rangers players managed to exit the field safely. They should not have been at risk, but unless the SFA choose to construct a moat at Hampden there is not much more they can do.

The Hibs fans who chose to encroach on the pitch are clearly at fault. However I do not consider that they attacked the Rangers supporters as stated by Traynor. The attacks came from Rangers supporters. The decent Rangers supporters made their way home. A hardcore minority engaged in attacks. Two Hibs supporters were punched and kicked by packs of Rangers fans and were fortunate not to have been seriously injured. These were criminal attacks, but King and his board are putting the blame on the SFA and Police Scotland. Has Mr King or Mr Traynor not seen the footage of a Rangers supporter using a corner flag as a weapon? As for the ludicrous justification that they were defending the players, there were no Rangers players on the park at this time.

Have the Rangers board behaved towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith?  Evidently not. Will they be charged by the SFA for bringing the game into disrepute? Probably not.

Charles Green accused the SFA of bigotry as per their decision to offer his new club an SFL II berth. He was duly charged and fined for this comment. It was a cheap stunt by Mr Green that played to the gallery. King is a different kind of animal altogether.He has no sense of propriety whatsoever. He is a corrupt businessman who has lied, cheated and bribed his way in life in a shocking catalogue of criminal behaviour and corporate malfeasance over a period of four decades. He commits perjury at the drop of a hat. He will ragdoll the SFA.

However his invective in regard to Police Scotland will not go unnoticed. They could charge him with a criminal offence if they chose to do so. Many of us are aware of the nature of this criminal offence. At this point in time he is being perceived as a gamekeeper, but he could be viewed  as a poacher.

As has been the case for decades, the Rangers supporters are allowed to goad supporters with their songs of anti-Irish hatred. The SFA refuse to deal with it and the only time it is ever censured is when UEFA get involved. Until this problem is addressed it’s probably a boon that Rangers will not be playing in the Europa Cup next season as it would indubitably lead to fines, games behind closed doors and suspension. I’m fairly certain that the SFA won’t include a discussion on this issue in their report.


An Unquenchable Thirst For Litigation?






It has come to my attention that Rangers have advertised their intent to bring legal action against Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, Brian Stockbridge, Derek Llambias, Sports Direct Retail and Mike Ashley. Is this an attempt to pursue those who arranged the contract with Sports Direct? The inclusion of Derek Llambias in this statement of intent is more difficult to fathom.

Should this proceed to The Court of Session, it will make interesting reading.  Most companies who intend to pursue legal remedy choose to petition The Court of Session. Rangers on the other hand have chosen to give Imran Ahmad 21 days to contact the clerk at The Court of Session. I trust they won’t be surprised if Mr Ahmad chooses to decline their invitation in The Times.

Defending The King-dom?

“Rangers finds it incomprehensible that no one, either from within the Scottish FA or Hibernian Football Club, has condemned Hibernian’s supporters following the violent scenes at the end of yesterday’s Scottish Cup final when Rangers players and members of our backroom staff were physically and verbally assaulted. We have not even had the courtesy of any contact whatsoever from Hibernian to ask after the wellbeing of those who were attacked by their club’s supporters.There must be a full independent investigation into the shameful scenes at Hampden. Rangers is also at a complete loss to understand why certain individuals have hastily attempted to gloss over the appalling events which unfolded at the end of Saturday’s final.No matter how many times Hibernian’s chairman and Scottish FA vice-chairman, Rod Petrie, and certain other biased commentators wish to play down Saturday’s mayhem and violence, the truth must not be distorted. What unfolded on Saturday cannot and must not be put down to exuberance. That is a complete insult to Rangers, our supporters, and those individuals who were intimidated and attacked.It was clear to most of those who watched in horror that the Scottish FA’s security procedures failed when Hibernian’s fans went over the top in their thousands. It is to be hoped that all of Scottish football will share Rangers’ disgust and any attempts to attach blame to our supporters for the disgraceful and violent behaviour, which led to our players and fans fearing for their safety, will not be accepted or tolerated by this Club.We acknowledge that a tiny minority of Rangers fans also encroached on the pitch but only after having been faced with prolonged and severe provocation and in order to protect our players and officials who were being visibly attacked in front of them. Any club’s supporters would have done the same. This distressing and deeply disturbing episode would never have happened had Hibs fans behaved properly but as they swarmed across the pitch it became immediately obvious that the security procedures were inadequate and had failed. These fans were allowed to rush, unchecked, towards Rangers supporters at the opposite end of the stadium – all the while goading and threatening them. This makes it preposterous to suggest Rangers fans were somehow to blame as some commentators appear anxious to do. This thuggish behaviour must be investigated and as many culprits as possible brought to book and formally charged. This is the second time in a year that Rangers fans have had to endure attacks by another club’s supporters.It must also be said that it was not at all helpful to see leading members of the Scottish Government, including the First Minister whose parish is Govan, passing comment on social media without any attempt to condemn the behaviour of Hibernian’s fans. These failures are unbecoming of our elected representatives.Certain media outlets have also attempted to distort reality. In the case of the BBC this is, of course, not news. BBC employees, in particular Stuart Cosgrove, believe Rod Petrie’s comments to be ‘balanced’ and others speak of a ‘minority’ of Hibernian supporters. Another, Tom English, who was not even at the match, would prefer the authorities to focus on Rangers fans’ reaction. We will not endure this insult.So, let everyone be clear on one thing – Rangers demands that players, staff and fans be protected from the violence and hatred of supporters of other clubs. Rangers fully expects the Scottish FA and Police Scotland to take action to provide our people with a safe environment. When players are unable to accept medals at the end of a final because of fears for their safety and our supporters are alarmed and extremely concerned for the women and children among them, then surely every step must be taken to ensure that this is never repeated.”


I have used bold type to highlight a section of the official Rangers Football Club statement that I have cut and pasted from the Rangers website. Anyone with access to Youtube, as I have, will have seen documentary evidence of the aftermath of a thrilling cup final. I was as disappointed with the result as others were. This final was not the wooden spoon that is The Petrol Tanked Cup. This cup is not the second division trophy, won by playing against teams who train two evenings per week after a day at the office or yard. This cup final represented an opportunity to state to Scottish football that Rangers were back where they belonged, at the pinnacle of Scottish football. It was an opportunity to state unequivocally that those who sought to break Rangers, have only made them stronger. It was an opportunity for a criminal, David Cunningham King, who has engaged in widespread bribery and corruption, to take the plaudits for rebuilding Rangers and as he ‘had kept his part of the bargain‘ it was time to do our bit by buying season tickets and subscribing to Club 1872.

The script had been written by the lying media whore that is James Traynor. All that was required was a victory on the park, and given that Mark Warburton had twenty days without football to prepare for the final, there was the assumption that winning the cup would have been a formality. Rangers had prevailed against the Scottish Champions so there was no possibility that Hibs, a team inferior to CFC, would unduly trouble the Rangers team.

However Alan Stubbs was not Ronny Deila and John Collins who took in one Rangers game prior to the semi-final and sent out a 4-2-3-1 with only eight players fully fit. Alan Stubbs identified a weakness in the Rangers team which was exploited by Stokes in a matter of seconds. James Tavernier is good going forward but leaves gaps at the back. Kiernan and Wilson are poor defenders who both lack pace. All it took was one pass when Tavernier was in an advanced position to set up the Stokes goal. It was that simple. Stokes was running the Rangers defence ragged and could have scored four and not the two that he actually netted. This game was won on a white board.

In this official club statement, Rangers are stating that those who attacked the Hibs fans were vigilantes protecting the club’s players from attack. The players were no longer on the park when a group of Rangers fans picked up the corner flag and set about the Hibs fans. They were not protecting anyone. They were attacking indiscriminately. The soundtrack to the attacks were the  cries of ‘fenian bastards‘ which followed a game where an allegedly proscribed song, which includes the line ‘up to our knees in fenian blood‘ was chanted repeatedly.

I realise that King is from the lowest echelons of society and will always revert to criminal behaviour, but by providing these thugs with a false justification for their actions, he must be charged with bringing the game into disrepute. If he pulled this stunt in a football association with a spine, he would be banned from the game. If Regan does not address a club’s officials promoting vigilante behaviour he has no right to govern Scottish football.

The author of this incredible statement, which bears the hallmarks of a Je Suis Grahan rant, then proceeds to put the world to rights by having a go at the SFA, BBC and the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Readers of this site will know that the SNP is anathema to me, however as was the case with David Cameron she was within her rights to congratulate Hibs on their success. The former First Minister, Alex Salmond, wrote letters to Walter Smith congratulating him on his success. Mr Smith responded by inviting Salmond to Ibrox as a guest of the club. So how did this good relationship become sullied?  Rangers allowed a convicted criminal into their boardroom.

The Rangers mouthpiece Keith Jackson is running with a narrative that the Hibs fans attacked the Rangers players. The video evidence suggests that Foderingham, who was last off the park, was jostled but avoided an assault and that someone threw a fresh air punch at a fast retreating Lee Wallace. The Rangers backroom staff were efficient in getting their players to the safe harbour of the dressing room. As Laura Miller, wife of Kenny, stated on twitter, the players were not hurt .Mrs Miller could not understand why people were lying. The people were lying Laura as it served their agenda. As opposed to taking King to task for not investing the £30m he had promised; or his inability to treble or quadruple the wage bill to overtake CFC as per his electioneering lies, the agenda was shifted to call for Hibs to be banned from playing in Europe as Rangers desperately need the money.

There are times when I despair of being a Rangers supporter. Charles Green was indicted for the part he played in the renascence of Rangers but I would welcome him with open arms if he removed the cancer that is King from the boardroom. He can take his penniless poodle with him. When will Douglas Park and his son Graeme grow a pair and pull the plug on this criminal and his acolytes? This statement is not the Rangers way. Instructing players to not receive their medals to suit an agenda is not the Rangers way. The police reacted promptly and restored order with a minimum of fuss. To criticise Police Scotland for not providing a safe environment was beyond the pale.

The dignified response would have been to say nothing and let the police and what passes for Scottish football governance do their job.This statement is a charter for criminal behaviour. Should we have expected anything less from Dave King? Will Police Scotland choose to revisit Mr King’s acquisition of sensitive material that he used to destabilise Rangers?  This individual is making enemies in high places. It’s high time this lying criminal was shut up for good.