An SNP Construct

In my previous post I highlighted the farce of the trip to Brussels by Mrs Murrell, who answers to the SNP brand name of Nicola Sturgeon. When Nigel Farage addressed the EU parliament on Monday, he had a right to do so as an elected Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Farage was elected to the European Parliament in 1999 and re-elected in 2004, 2009 and 2014. Farage is the leader of the 24 member UKIP contingent in the European Parliament.

Mrs Murrell, by contrast has never won any democratic election. Individuals who are still reciting  the Wings Over Scotland Silver Lining Play Book, have had the audacity to come on to this site and suggest to me that she represents the sovereign will of the Scottish people. Would it be unkind of me to suggest that their capacity for rational thought can be found at the bottom of The Shetland Shelf. There is as much chance of locating oil in this area as finding Dave King’s £30m war chest. The oil industry in the North Sea is in terminal decline. Tax revenues from all UK upstream activities was a mere £130m. The downstream taxes at the pump in Scotland are estimated to be £1.5b-£2b. If Scotland collected all its VAT, its tax at the pumps, its airport taxes, its road tax, its P AYE and NI, it would be still £10b less than The Barnett provision, and £20b less than what is currently spent in Scotland. There is no economic case for an independent Scotland.

Those of us who watched Mrs Murrell campaign for Remain will have noted her mantra that she wanted to be a member of a European Trade Agreement which has 500m customers. The actual population, including the UK, is 508m. The current population of the UK is just north of  65m. The EU will be reduced to a population of 443m. Mrs Murrell wants to turn her back on her biggest customer, the UK, and create a new customer in the EU. She wishes to cede political control of Scotland to the European Parliament. She aspires to cede control of our highest court, The Court of Session, to The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. As a new entrant to the EU, Scotland will have no choice but to sign up to The European Exchange Monetary System which dictates fiscal policy. The currency of the EU, the Euro, will also be imposed on Scotland. Will those who paint their faces with saltires be shouting ‘Freedom‘ in Glasgow’s George Square when their lives are controlled by Brussels, Luxembourg and, four days per month, Strasbourg? The best way to describe Mrs Murrell and the SNP is in a quote attributed to Scotland’s most famous son, Andy Murray, who responded to a question on football with: “Anyone but England.” 

This ‘Anyone but England’ approach to politics has gained some resonance in Scotland. It works well when there is a ruling Conservative government. It was less resonant when the Labour Party gained 56 of the 59 electoral seats in Scotland.  Mrs Murrell, then known as Nicola Sturgeon, first stood for election in the 1992 General Election as the SNP candidate in the Glasgow Shettleston constituency. She failed to win the seat.Sturgeon also stood unsuccessfully as the SNP candidate for the Irvine Northward ward on Cunninghame District Council in May 1992, for the Baillieston/Mount Vernon ward on Strathclyde Regional Council in 1994, and for the Bridgeton ward on Glasgow City Council in 1995.

Fast forward to the 1997 General Election when Miss Sturgeon was selected to fight the Glasgow Govan seat for the SNP.  Mohammed Sarwar won the seat for Labour with a majority of 2,914 votes. Miss Sturgeon had failed again. The SNP rewarded her failure  by appointing her as  as their spokesperson for energy and education matters.

Her most spectacular failure was in 1999 when Trumpton opened. Sturgeon stood for election to Trumpton as the SNP candidate for Govan. She failed to win the seat. As I stated in the title of this article, she is an SNP construct.Although she failed to win the seat, she was placed first in the SNP’s regional list for the Glasgow region, and was thus elected through the back door as a member of Trumpton.

So how has this spectacular political failure done so well? Could it be in any way related to the fact that she has been in a relationshp with the current Chief Executive of the SNP, Peter Murrell, since 2003? Her spectacular run of failures continued when she and her party lost the Scottish Referendum in 2014, and she was in the losing side again when advocating Remain. She is the leader of a party that does not even have a majority in Trumpton.

Could someone present to me a cogent rationale for this abject failure at the ballot box representing the sovereign will of the Scottish people?

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has compared Israel with Isil. This hard- left ‘union’ leader is attempting to retain power on an anti-Semitism ticket. Does he and Ken Livingstone have no shame? The extremists in this Labour Party are driving it over a cliff. They are unelectable. Not to be outdone the Tory party have now stabbed Johnson in the back. Those looking for Michael Gove’s dagger will find it in Theresa May’s handbag.

Those who are interested in politics should ignore Trumpton and Scotland’s trumped-up First Minister.






The Division Bell

The Division Bell is used in the immediate neighbourhood of The Palace of Westminster (which houses Parliament) to signal that a division is occurring and that members of the House of Commons or of the House of Lords have eight minutes to get to their chosen Division lobby to vote for or against the resolution. The call for a division is also displayed on the Annunciator screens throughout the Palace of Westminster. The division bells are also sounded at the point when the house sits (at the start of its day); at the end of the two-minute prayers that start each day, and when the house rises. There are approximately five hundred bells in and around The Palace of Westminster.As some Members may be in nearby offices, restaurants, pubs or shops (or sleazy hotels if you are adulterous SNP MPs), some of these have their own division bells connected to those in the Houses of Parliament; others will use a system of pagers co-ordinated by the Whip’s office of each party.

A division is occurring in Scotland and it is being whipped into a frenzy by wee Nicola who has her saltire knickers in a twist. It would appear that Nicola, Alex Salmond’s ventriloquist’s doll, was lying to the Scottish electorate on currency in 2014. She and the salesman in an ill-fitting suit stated that Scotland would retain sterling. Of course she failed to mention that sterling is the preserve of The Bank of England and that they were on record as stating that they would not underwrite her currency. They were planning to introduce the Euro.The Brexit vote has exposed their lie. Our First Minister likes to think that she’s important. She arrived in Brussels today for talks. I wonder how that conversation will go?


Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is welcomed by European Parliament President Martin Schulz 
Will you be doing any shopping while you’re in town Mrs Murrell? I can recommend The Basilix Center.

Mrs Murrell is the leader of a lobby group that does not have majority control of Trumpton. Her views on Europe are as relevant as her views on Trident, where in her politics on the hoof she stated that there would be no job losses at Faslane as it would host a Scottish Navy. A sizeable contingent of the individuals who work at Faslane are not in the military Mrs Murrell, but your lie papered over some of the cracks in your crackpot scheme for independence. Will you be having lunch with the SNP’s representatives in Brussels? That will be a table for three, and as your two SNP apparatchiks will be out of a job in two years, you should pick up the tab. You can charge it to the English exchequer as you do to the tune of £25b per annum. When Article 50 is triggered by Boris Johnson in September (the polls confirm that he is the overwhelming favourite to succeed Cameron) you will have no more excuses to visit Brussels at the Scottish tax-payers expense. You will be confined to Trumpton and Bute House. Poor wee Nicola: her circle of influence is getting smaller by the day.

In 2015, the SNP thought up another wheeze. They set their sights on a coalition government with the Labour Immigration Party. Politicians are whores. They will do a deal with anyone if it provides them with a semblance of power. Alex Salmond fancied himself as deputy Prime Minister in an Ed Milliband cabinet. Nice try Alex, but it was back to the backbenches when the LIP vote contracted. Those who represent the SNP in The Palace of Westminster have 79 seats. They will never have any more than 82 and will never form a coalition with the LIP as they are imploding. In 2020, UKIP will dominate the Midlands and The North. The Tories will take the Home Counties and the South, with the SNP and the LIP fighting for the wooden spoon.

The Clumpany, who draws his influence and support from a CFC constituency, has come under fire for stating the obvious. There is no economic case for independence. There was no case in 2014 when oil was $110 per barrel and no possibility of a case when it’s $48 in 2016. The fundamental flaws in this separatist ideology are more relevant today than they were in 2014. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, by contrast, supported independence, but then what would you expect from someone who advocates a united Ireland. If you remove Scotland,  Ulster’s position in the UK becomes less secure. Martin McGuiness is attempting to parlay Brexit after the failed referendum of 2014, but he is even less relevant than Mrs Murrell.

Other than the Irish issue, I don’t understand the CFC’s support’s separatist agenda. They even voted for an uncouth MP, who stated that she fu***** hates Celtic, in preference to one of Scotland’s finest statesmen, Douglas Alexander. They are confusing the union with the unionist. With the exception of Ibrox, there is no unionist agenda in Scotland. The 55% who voted against independence were not wrapped in Union Jacks when they went to the polls. Those who voted against independence knew that real biting poverty was coming down the pike. A country that can raise £17b in tax yet spends £42b is not sustainable.Were they prepared to suffer mass generational unemployment to put a few noses out of joint at Ibrox and strengthen the  McGuiness hand? Were they not aware that some in the Rangers support voted for independence?

I realise it was great fun for the Selfie generation who loved nothing more than to congregate in George Square as they are not old enough to buy a drink, but even their numbers could not tip it in Salmond’s favour. You lost, get over it, it’s called democracy. There was no regional Brexit vote. It was a first past the post UK vote. Those who voted for Remain in Scotland lost again. Get over it!

The Brexit fallout was not unexpected. The traders love volatility as it provides them with a platform to short the pound and buy the dollar in the FX markets. They will earn their multi-million bonuses for 2016 in the next few weeks. Other than that, what has really changed? David Cameron will be succeeded by Boris Johnson. Colour me surprised. The Union-backed Jeremy Corbyn will either return to Marx’s grave in Highgate, or face down a UKIP anninihilation of the former LIP heartland in England. Rosena Allin-Khan in London (Tooting) aided and abetted by Sadiq Khan, and Naz Shah in Bradford will continue to represent the best interests of the  ethnic minorities in the LIP. The English working class, who are being treated like second class citizens at LIP surgeries, will gravitate towards UKIP.

The exchange that really counts in regard to the UK’s prosperity is the Euro. The faltering pound has retained parity with the faltering Euro. There will be no tariffs as if they are introduced Spain will not be able to sustain its annual production of 2.4m cars per year as they will not be price competitive in the UK with far East imports. The same applies to BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagon and Porsche in Germany.

Nissan in Sunderland will not be Brexit losers. If the EU impose tariffs, Nissan will gain market share. All the naysayers with one eye on a political agenda will in time be silenced, including Mrs Murrell, the SNP Midge.

The Misled, Misinformed & Misdirected

Nigel Farage, who is currently an MEP, could not resist ‘spiking the ball on his Brexit touchdown‘. I have enclosed a transcript of his speech to the EU:

“Isn’t it funny? When I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me,  well, I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you? The reason you’re so upset, you’re so angry, has been perfectly clear, from all the angry exchanges this morning. You, as a political project, are in denial. You’re in denial that your currency is failing. Just look at the Mediterranean! As a policy to impose poverty on Greece and the Mediterranean, you’ve done very well. You’re in denial over Mrs. Merkel’s call for as many people as possible to cross the Mediterranean – which has led to massive divisions between countries.The biggest problem you’ve got and the main reason the UK voted the way it did is because you have by stealth and deception, and without telling the truth to the rest of the peoples of Europe, you have imposed upon them a political union. When the people in 2005 in the Netherlands and France voted against that political union and rejected the constitution you simply ignored them and brought the Lisbon treaty in through the back door. What happened last Thursday was a remarkable result – it was a seismic result. Not just for British politics, for European politics, but perhaps even for global politics too.Because what the little people did, what the ordinary people did – what the people who’d been oppressed over the last few years who’d seen their living standards go down did – was they rejected the multinationals, they rejected the merchant banks, they rejected big politics and they said actually, we want our country back, we want our fishing waters back, we want our borders back. We want to be an independent, self-governing, normal nation. That is what we have done and that is what must happen. In doing so we now offer a beacon of hope to democrats across the rest of the European continent. I’ll make one prediction this morning: the United Kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the European Union.The question is: what do we do next? It is up to the British government to invoke Article 50 and I don’t think we should spend too long in doing it. I totally agree that the British people have voted, we need to make sure that it happens. What I’d like to see is a grown-up and sensible attitude to how we negotiate a different relationship. I know that virtually none of you have never done a proper job in your lives, or worked in business, or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job. But listen, just listen. You’re quite right Mr Schultz – Ukip used to protest against the establishment and now the establishment protests against Ukip. Something has happened here. Let us listen to some simple pragmatic economics – my country and your country, between us we do an enormous amount of business in goods and services. That trade is mutually beneficial to both of us; that trade matters. If you were to cut off your noses to spite your faces and reject any idea of a sensible trade deal, the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us. Even no deal is better for the United Kingdom than the current rotten deal that we’ve got. But if we were to move to a position where tariffs were reintroduced on products like motorcars then hundreds of thousands of German works would risk losing their jobs. Why don’t we be grown up, pragmatic, sensible, realistic and let’s cut between us a sensible tariff-free deal and thereafter recognise that the United Kingdom will be your friend; that we will trade with you, cooperate with you, we will be your best friends in the world. Do that, do it sensibly, and allow us to go off and pursue our global ambitions and future.”


Nigel Farage delivers his speech to the European Parliament
Mr Farage hands in his notice.

I must confess that I find Mr Farage’s approach to politics to be refreshing. His words will not carry as much weight as those of David Cameron who is also in Brussels today. Farage won’t be invited to the the back-room discussions. Cameron will hold court on the ‘softness‘ of the Brexit conclusions and how it can be scuttled by a Commons vote. The referendum result is a recommendation. It becomes policy when approved by The House of Commons and endorsed in The House of Lords.

One of the most surprising aspects of the Tory mano a mano Brexit campaign is that I’m not convinced of the Euro-scepticism of Johnson or the Euro-advocacy of Cameron. David Cameron was elected as leader of The Conservative Party on a Euro-sceptic ticket. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson reflected the disaffection of the Tory Right when working as The Daily Telegraph’s Brussels Correspondent while his father Stanley chaired a sub directorate of the European Commission.

Brexit was a platform for a Tory leadership challenge by Johnson. Those who think he was speaking from the heart on the Leave lecterns have been misled. If Johnson had waited for Cameron to step down as was anticipated prior to the initiation of the campaign to secure a third successive Conservative government, he would have had to compete with George Osborne. Johnson knew that a pro- Brexit vote would deliver a knock-out blow to both Cameron and Osborne. Johnson’s campaign for leadership is being coordinated by Lynton Crosby, but those close to Johnson know that he had ambitions to be Prime Minister at Eton. His abandonment of his mother’s Catholicism and his adoption of the Anglican faith is perceived as a shrewd decision by Johnson, as he was fully aware that the Prime Minister’s Office is not open to Catholics.

Those who dismiss Johnson as a populist buffoon are misinformed. Johnson earned a 2.1  honours degree in Classics from Balliol College, Oxford. David Cameron attended Brasenose College, Oxford, from which he graduated in 1988 with a first-class honours degree in philosophy, politics and economics. I enclose a photograph of their student days:

Jeremy Corbyn helping police with their inquiries as Cameron and Johnson look forward to trashing another country pub.

Those who support Jeremy Corbyn are envisaging a scenario where he will triumph against the latest candidate from the Eton/Oxford production line. More than three quarters of his shadow cabinet don’t share the unions’ confidence. These dissident MPs believe that they have been and will be misdirected by Corbyn. The smart money in 2020, as it was in 2010, will be with The Bullingdon Boys.

One of this site’s contributors (Casual  Observer) provided the following analysis of recent events in British politics:

“Blair modernised the Labour Party and showed them how to win elections with massive majorites. Twice.He moved it from the left to the centre and marginalised Union influence. He gave Prescott the DPM role as a concession. It was meaningless.He had an immigration open door policy. He said so on tv at Labour Party conferences. It was wrong.The failure of post Blair Labour Party was Ed Milliband instead of David Milliband. The party shifted back to the left and Union influence. Unfortunately the electorate do not reside there. Ed’s replacement, Corbyn, has taken it further left to a position that England does not recognise nor identify with.David Milliband would have kept the Party in the centre where the electorate are. Where political success lies.Blairism without wanton immigration and without the concocted second Gulf war is where the future lies.David Cameron, of the compassionate conservatism, one nation blend, offered the electorate a Blair- resembling centrist option instead of right of centre conservatism. It worked. Twice.”

With the Labour party in such disarray, is Nigel Farage our last hope of an EU exit? I’m not convinced that Johnson will be able to broker a deal without conceding on the EU’s failed states relocation programme. Angela Merkel stated this today. If we want to do business, we must feed, house and clothe the EU family.

Call me a cynic, but when a political chameleon meets an implacable EU force, those who voted for Leave in the hope of controlling immigration may have been misled, misinformed and misdirected.

Dad’s Army

The Pre-Season Tour Photograph


Who do you think you are kidding Mr Desmond if you think we’re on the run.

Captain Warburton is flanked by  Baron Bouffant Murray and John  Gilligan in the front row. In the back row we have Clint ‘over-the‘ Hill; Niko (thank heavens I signed before Brexit), Kranjcar;  Joey (they don’t like it up them) Barton and Jordan Rossiter wearing a West Ham scarf. When this photo reaches the The Herald Group it will feature the usual product placement adverts for the Ibrox box office.

The new signings at Rangers were not funded by Dave King’s mythical Children’s Inheritance Fund. They did not cost any of the purported £30m that King promised to invest in the club. He was of course lying. The money he managed to extricate from South Africa (via NOSA) wound up in a trust fund in Hong Kong and will be laundered when he eventually sells his shares. The SFA will as always turn a blind eye to this, as they did in 2001 when he made his initial ‘tax-free’ investment in Mr Murray’s holding company. There were no photos of King’s under the counter payment or we would have seen Mr Murray sporting a pair of tights over his head and a day pack with the distinctive ‘swag‘ logo.

The problem for Mr King is that his fellow investors are tapped out. He must find new blood for his Ponzi scheme. The trip to Charleston is for the benefit of the North American Rangers Supporters Association (NARSA). I would be inordinately surprised if NARSA were not funding or in some way underwriting the Rangers training  camp as money is inordinately tight at Rangers. The game itself will be the biggest event since Charleston’s Oktoberfest celebrations. I have enclosed a picture of this event:

Is it not about time they fixed the wi-fi?


Would anyone be surprised if Mr King has already raided the Rangers First CIC piggy bank of last resort?  Despite the best efforts of the directors no bank is willing to provide King with an overdraft. Every signing to date, including the replacement for Cammy Bell (who left on a free transfer to Dundee United) has been characterised by one trait. Not one of them has commanded a transfer fee. This has led to old journeymen pros turning up at Ibrox for one final pay cheque. Cammy Bell, at 29, was evidently too young for King’s Rangers. He has been replaced by a player five years his senior now that the Polish fisherman has swapped goal nets for fish nets. He is probably in UK waters as I write, pillaging our pilchards with EU abandon.

The key question for next season is whether NARSA will open their wallets for King? The key action in the MUSC stadium, with its capacity of 5,100, will not be on the park.


John James World

This site has now breached the 5m hits benchmark. Individual visitors are north of 900,000 with approved comments in excess of 14,000. I have strived to broaden the scope of my writing. It has been too easy to run rings round the half-wits that represent the lamb rump of Scottish sports journalists. My foray into politics takes me into a much more educated milieu. The Kelvinside literati are drawn from the almae matres of Glasgow Academy/ University. In the past their concentric circle included the BBC in Queen Margaret Drive.They now ply their trade in the glass and steel cathedrals that have replaced shipbuilding on The Clyde.

There are many that would prefer that I revert to the mainstay of this site which is my biting satire in regard to the criminals at Ibrox, which is no longer the exclusive preserve of the board room.I should highlight the fact that I have my finger on a hair-trigger apropos the corruption at the heart of King’s hostile takeover at Ibrox. I look forward to this blog as much as I look forward to the Chilcot report which will finally be released in a matter of days. I’m currently gestating a satirical piece on Rangers’ transfer policy, which I hope will entertain. As regular followers of this site will know I am an avid reader of Graham Greene. Mr Greene divided his work into entertainments and literature. I have no pretensions on this site, but I don’t take too kindly to being called a one-trick pony.

I have spent the bulk of my time discussing legal issues which were not exclusively germane to Rangers. I note that Ched Evans, who I have written about on several occasions, had his conviction quashed and is now playing for Chesterfield. I wish him well. He has paid a high price for an evening of misadventure.

There has been a paradigm shift in the quality of comments.I continue to be heartened by the eloquence and intellect of my regular contributors, who like their host, can turn their hand to many topics. The Mensch has found a voice on this site and I trust everyone enjoys his input as much as I do. This site has also featured the Dear JJ posts of the aristocratic Rangers supporters, Teddy and Lady Bear. In many ways their creation was a response to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s article, The Incubator.  As has always been the case with players from Rangers and Celtic, many are firm friends off the park. I would like to believe that a similar relationship would exist with fellow bloggers of any stripe.

I have never met Mr Mac Giolla Bhain, but should the 900,000 who have visited this site to date vote for me in the UK Football Blog Awards, I won’t be boycotting the ceremony should he be shortlisted. I have reached out to many in the social media village. I have always found them to be welcoming, encouraging and willing to assist a fellow blogger.

As I look at the WordPress map of the world, I have readers in almost every corner of the globe. With the exception of Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, and a handful of central African Republics, this site’s presence  continues to surprise, encourage and to be frank, humble me. I am truly amazed by the fact that I have had four visits from North Korea. I welcome you to my site with a mind as open as my arms. I have also received four vists from Kyrgyzstan, which has a population slightly in excess of that of Scotland and grew in prominence as a trading post on The Silk Road. I would like to apologize profusely to The Aland Islands as until today I was unaware of your existence in an archipelago of The Baltic Sea. You are singularly welcome.

I have saved the most surprising development for last. I have received four visits from The Vatican City. I have no idea whether I am read by a humble cleric or the pontiff himself. Could I be the first Rangers-facing blogger to be endorsed by Papal decree? Even I, who consider my Dear JJ posts to be imaginative, find it difficult to envisage such a situation.


May You Live In Interesting Times

The expression – May you live in interesting times -is attributed to Frederic Coudert in 1939.While purporting to be a blessing, this is in fact a curse. The expression is always used ironically, with the unequivocal corollary that ‘uninteresting times’, of peace and tranquillity, are more life-enhancing than interesting ones. The discord in the Labour party makes the Tory Brexit Bun-Fight seem like a picnic.



These two resignation letters sum up the feelings of the seventeen members who have resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet in the past 24 hours. Three of the shadow cabinet resigned in three minutes this morning. Hilary Benn was sacked for being one of the instigators of a political coup d’etat to force Corbyn’s resignation.

Jeremy Corbyn will now face a bruising leadership battle in the coming days. However, the unions who elected him and who will decide his fate have been unstinting in their support:

The Public and Commercial Services Union general secretary, Mark Serwotka has sent a personal message of support to Jeremy Corbyn, saying:

“The EU referendum result was a devastating blow, capping a poisonous Leave campaign that preyed on genuine fears about a lack of investment in our communities and years of pent up distrust of politics, and directed this anger towards migrants. As many of us warned, the far right are already trying to exploit this and the political uncertainty the result has sparked. The most immediate and important thing we need is for Labour and the unions to lead a mass campaign against this racism and xenophobia to protect migrants, and to demand that housing, education, health and other public services are properly resourced.I am appalled that instead of helping with this, some self-indulgent Labour MPs are looking inward, and turning on you and the party members and supporters who elected you in a landslide last September.I believe you are the best person to lead the Labour party through what is undoubtedly going to be a difficult period and you have my full support.”

Prior to Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn was perceived as a lacklustre choice by the Labour Party. He had none of the charm, polish or education of his predecessor, Ed Milliband. The Labour Party have tied their colours to the mast of the EU migrants and other migrant communities. They no longer represent the English working class. They are happy to barter EU Legislative Reform with an open-door migration policy.

Corbyn was elected as leader with the support of the majority of trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party, and what has become known a the £3 Socialists. These non-members, that currently represent 10% of the electoral college, could be key to Corbyn continuing to lead the party in the unlikely event that one of the trade union block votes don’t back him.

Should he fall on his sword?  I agree with Steve Reed’s thesis. UKIP are attracting the support of voters in the Midlands and North of England, despite the best efforts of the Labour Party and the SNP to brand Nigel Farage as a racist. The Tory left are now disenfranchised. Many may choose to defect to UKIP, as they are considered by many to be Tory-lite. However UKIP have also emerged as the representatives of the working class in the former Labour heartlands. UKIP will not be invited to participate in the EU exit negotiations, but if a fudged compromise emerges, that allows the EU to impose its failed states relocation programme, the Labour party will be annihilated for promoting Remain.

When the SNP’s unemployed  thugs laid siege to Nigel Farage in an Edinburgh pub, their instructions came from Bute House. The SNP knew that they had Labour on the ropes, but were wary of UKIP’s support in England. The SNP are a throwback to 1930s Germany. They don’t represent democracy. The represent rabid nationalism. They fear UKIP much more than the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn is a career politician, who has climbed his way up the Labour party’s greasy pole via an appointment to Haringey Council in 1974, when he had just turned 25. Nine years later, via every socialist and migrant community committee that he could join, he was elected MP for right-on Islington, which represents the last word in left-wing political correctness. The Guardian sells more copy in this demographic than any other borough in England. If you are a vegetarian neo- Marxist, with a PPE degree from Oxford University, then Islington is your natural habitat.

Mr Corbyn is not the brightest tool in the Labour Party box. He left school with only two A-levels at E grade, despite a preparatory and fee-paying grammar school education. He dropped out of a Trade Unions Course at North London Polytechnic. He has been married three times. His first wife was a fellow Haringey Councillor who shared his passion for tofu and toff-bashing. He improved his ethnic minority appeal with his choice of a second wife, Claudia Bracchitta, who was born in Chile. In 2013, Corbyn married his long-term domestic partner, Laura Álvarez, a Mexican émigrée who runs a fair-trade coffee import business. She is twenty years his junior

Corbyn was smart enough not to appear on the same Remain platform as Conservative politicians as this aproach in the Scottish Referendum was exploited by the SNP. In the 2015 Labour Party College Electorate vote, he was considered as a fringe candidate. His anti-Blairite credentials plucked at the unions’ heart strings.

In my considered opinion, if the Labour Party stick with Corbyn, they will be wiped out by UKIP in the next general election in 2020. I do not anticipate a snap general election. The Tories have a working majority. They might be attracted to the prospect of savaging Corbyn’s party as their internecine conflict has left them in a precarious position.

The Tories have four year’s remaining of Cameron’s five year term. Why would they throw the dice to gain one more year? The pariah of British politics, George Osborne, has spent the weekend trying to persuade Boris Johnson that he should be on his ticket. Osborne would have us believe that he has been steadying the ship of State. The stale cigar smoke of his back room dealing hangs like a pall around him. If he is not a Brexit casualty, British politics will go to hell in a hand basket.



It is my considered opinion that the majority of the electorate in the UK voted to leave the EU as those entrusted with the Remain narrative could not articulate a compelling rationale for the status quo. The decision to expand the EU with failed states in 2004 was preceded by a 2003 Labour government edict that only 17,000 would arrive on our shores. National Statistician John Pullinger replied to a parliamentary question from Conservative MP William Wragg, who had asked how many migrants who had arrived since 2004 are now living in different parts of the UK. Mr Pullinger stated that of the approximately three million migrants from the EU currently living in the UK, two thirds of them (1,955,000) had arrived in the 10 years since 2004, the year that the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the EU. These figures do not include the welfare and health tourists who regularly drop by for less than a year. The British electorate had had enough of accommodating the EU’s failed states and enough of providing one billion euro bail-outs to these and other prospective failed states. Five more are currently engaged in accession talks, including Turkey. The EU deliberately ‘massaged‘ economic indicators to expedite Greece’s accession and is now reaping what they sowed.

The EU will miss our anual 18 billion euro net contribution. We on the other hand will not miss what is best described as a socialist engineering project, where wealthy western nations accommodate the cost of the socio-economic émigré from the failed states in Eastern and Central Europe.

The case for Remain was not quantifiable. We were informed that the UK benefitted from inward investment from countries wishing to have an English speaking EU foothold in the UK. However what these countries actually aspired to was a foothold in London. It came as no surprise that the metropolitan elite voted to remain in London. When we revisit Mr Pullinger’s statistics of 2014, we note that London had the largest number of EU migrants who arrived between 2004 and 2014, at 633,000, 292,000 of whom were in inner London.The south-east of England had 214,000, the east of England had 168,000, while the north-west of England had 154,000. Scotland had a total of 134,000. The 2011 census of London arrived at a figure of 8.539 million. The EU migrant demographic in 2004-2014 represents 7.4% of London’s population. Boston is now home to a higher proportion of eastern European immigrants than anywhere else in England and Wales: 10.6 per cent of the town’s population of 65,000 comes from one of the “new” EU countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Romania. In Scotland only 2.53% of the 5.295m population are EU economic migrants (Census 2011).

The EU moved quickly to disparage the UK’s ‘ failing marriage‘ to the EU. They are seeking a quick divorce. History may be kind to David Cameron. He believes in democracy and delivered two referenda during his tenure. However what he and others in the metropolitan elite failed to grasp was the impact of the EU migrants. When north of 300,000 arrived in 2004, anyone who questioned the EU influx was branded as a bigot. Gordon Brown was caught by camera crews calling a woman in Rochdale a bigot in 2010.

Brexit was democracy in the raw. Those who broke it down by region, notably Martin McGuiness and Nicola Sturgeon, have never believed in the UK. Their  agenda smacks of cynicism and political opportunism, which were the same traits that a majority of the electorate were quick to reject. The political leaders, the business leaders, the banking oligarchy and a multitude of EU/UK funded experts all lined up to intimidate the electorate. However the electorate know that their children are no longer being offerred apprenticeships. Why should employers train anyone when they can employ an EU migrant and pay less than the minimum wage off the books?

Shares across the insurance sector fell heavily.One of the big attractions to insurers of operating via Lloyd’s is that it has passporting rights into the EU. Many of the insurers who do business there at the moment say that after Brexit they will simply shift some of their business to subsidiaries within the EU, bypassing the Lloyd’s market in the process. Lloyd’s, which campaigned heavily for a remain vote, was putting a brave face on the result on Friday morning. A spokesman stated:

“I am confident that Lloyd’s will stay at the centre of the global specialist insurance and reinsurance sector.The attractiveness of the Lloyd’s platform goes far beyond licences: robust financial security, global brand strength, and unrivalled underwriting expertise. These qualities have stood the test of time.”

Insurers hold large portfolios of corporate bonds to cover their liabilities. Any fall in the value of the bonds could dent the insurers’ solvency ratios in the short term, although as they tend to hold these bonds to maturity there may be no economic damage unless corporate defaults rise.
LLoyd’s is the type of company and brand that has a global appeal. When removed from the red-tape shackles of the EU, Lloyds can thrive on a global stage. Cambridge and Oxford universities are regulary rated in the top five in the world. The English Public schools continue to attract the brightest and best from every corner of the globe. Are they going to turn their backs on their peers on the basis that we are no longer in the EU? Is it any wonder our Diplomatic service is the envy of the world? When it comes to security, will we consider MI5, MI6 and GCHQ as less effective in a scenario where we have control of our borders? The latest atrocities in Paris originated in Belgium. There are those in France, and not just the far-right Marine Le Pen, who are also calling for control of their borders. The EU’s free movement mantra is a charter for terrorism.

We live in a world of refugees.There is a causal link to the millions who have fled Iraq and Syria with the imperial incursions of Britain, the United States, France, the European Union and Nato. Prior to this there was the wilful destruction of Yugoslavia,  the theft of Palestine and the imposition of Israel. Individuals like Tony Blair, who is a war criminal who should be tried in the Hague (which will continue as the final arbiter of war criminals) has enriched himself  by pandering to a despotic U.S. foreign policy that has killed and impoverished millions. People in the UK rightly remember the fallen of WWI and WWII, but are quick to forget Tony Blair’s fallen. Three million of us marched to tell him that he was wrong but he did not pay a blind moment’s notice to us. One of the most satisfying aspects of voting for leave was to metaphorically slap this mendacious bastard in the face. I would do so literally if I managed to shake off his security detail, which is paid for by the UK pubic purse.

The most ardent advocates of what has become known as the European Ideal are the patrician class for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom. Two hundred miles away in Manchester, 600,000 residents are experiencing the effects of extreme poverty with 1.6m slipping into penury. The chasm between the haves and have nots has never been wider. Is this the fairer society that the EU aspires to?

On the morning following the vote,  Lord Peter Mandleson, inquired:

“Why do these people want it so badly?”

Our so-called former champions of the Labour party and the rights of the disadvantaged in our society are now swanning around the House of Lords with the great and the good. Mandleson who was the architect of The Blair Apocalypse, is so far removed from the public that he dismissively refers to them as ‘these people.’  These people are not part of Mandleson’s neo-liberal elite. They don’t live in a multi-million Notting Hill pile which was ‘gifted’ to him by a Labour donor.

The French rebelled against their bourgeoisie in 1798-99. Brexit is forcing political reform without one bullet being fired. It has been a long time coming. We can but hope that social reform follows and that we are spared the ideology that informs pariahs like George Osborne.The millions who ignored  Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, Obama and the man who runs the Bank of England may have struck a blow for real democracy in Europe.