A Bonus Post

I wrote the previous post yesterday. I added the Hunter S. Thompson quote and photograph this morning and published my article on Twitter. I have received a couple of responses which claim that the Hibs fans attacked the Rangers supporters.They accused me of having an agenda. This is a symptom of the twisted and subverted disinformation that is being peddled to the C2DE demographic.

I have recently been liaising with a former editor of a Scottish tabloid. He is a Rangers man of a stripe that I admire. He is an intelligent man with a breadth of experience that very few of the incumbents at the red tops can match. He knows the journalists that I call out on a regular basis and dismisses the majority of them as morons. However he did point out that Keith Jackass, despite his lies, will still be celebrated at The Record. Dividing opinion is better than having no opinion. To paraphrase Wilde, it is better to be looked over than overlooked.

I also divide opinion. When I launched my Paypal button at the end of July, I figured that maybe 10% of my daily readership of upwards of 10,000 individuals would be prepared to venture the price of a cup off coffee to support the site. The actual number is only 150. Those who have contributed £10 of more deserve the best writing I can muster. Those who have contributed £1 are also inordinately welcome. If we take the lower amount and divide it by the number of words in an article (typically 1,000) the price per word is 0.01 pence. If you then divide this by the 525 articles that I have written to date, one arrives at 0.000019 pence per word. This amount does not include any provision for the 17,500 comments I have reviewed, moderated and approved.

Other than the bigots and the trolls, I receive some of the most far-fetched conspiracy theories. They are more often than not written in elegant prose. There are those that venture comments which assert that the world is run by a cabal from the Vatican, The Knights Templar, The Cryptic Freemasons and the Jews. These individuals should realize that they are writing to an individual who counts a Parisian tailor, who survived a concentration camp, as one of his friends. The few fortunate enough to escape with their lives were left with nothing. Any wealth or influence they may now have is not generational wealth. They were not born with silver spoons in their mouths. Those who have written to this site, asserting that innoculations are a scam, should know that I sat my daughter on my knee, rolled up my shirt sleeve, and pretended to receive the MMR jab that was then administered to her.I also receive JFK conspiracy theories fifty-three years after his assassination.

This post will not be published on Twitter. Only three individuals have donated from the 3,949 who follow me on this platform. This post is for those who value my contributions and the hours I spend in researching my articles. It is for those who have been around from the beginning like Jimbo and The Mensch, who have both donated to this site. It’s dedicated to the others that have been generous and is an entreaty that everyone who values this site should continue to support it. September 19 will be the anniversary of this site.

I would also like to inform my WordPress readers that as of 3rd September, according to the solicitors for one of the defendants in the Fraudco hearings, I will be free from reporting restrictions. Only Craig Whyte will have any protection from publicity that could have an impact on a jury trial. I will lift the lid on why the charges were dropped against David Whitehouse and Paul Clark. Readers will be astonished at the catalogue of incompetence that has constantly undermined the prosecution’s case. There are those close to this case who have warned me that a £2,500 fine for contempt of court is coming down the pike. If you don’t hear further from me, you will know why.

A Tissue of Lies of Little Consequence


“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a damned shame that a field as potentially dynamic and vital as journalism should be overrun with dullards, bums, and hacks, hag-ridden with myopia, apathy and complacence, and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity.”

Hunter S. Thompson


Scottish sports media is a sham. At The Daily Reprobate, they allow so-called journalists to lie and subvert the truth. Rangers supporters did not use their children as shields to obstruct a police reserve response at Hampden. The Hibs supporters did not assault the Rangers players, despite what the intellectually-challenged Keith Jackass would have us believe. The Rangers supporters who entered the field of play were motivated by their sectarian venom, not any sense of defending the players who had already departed to the dressing rooms. There is no excuse for these criminals, despite the best efforts of Mangetout Traynor to give them one. Robert Matteo of Aston Villa confirmed to his local media that Joleon Lescott did not agree terms at Rangers. Rangers could not afford him and made a second year offer that insulted him. Traynor, Kerr, Warburton and Johnstone were lying through their back teeth.

Today is transfer deadline day. Rangers are apparently holding out for £1.5m for a player (Waghorn) who when not injured scores less goals than Kenny Miller from open play, but is adept from the penalty spot. Some unknown player will be plucked from a second tier backwater obscurity to replace him. We might as well call him Billy I’ll sign for a bottle of ginger McNonymous.

Meanwhile Senderos refuses to sign a desultory contract offer. If Waghorn is sold, will Rangers up the ante with Senderos or let another defender walk away due to their inability to work with their sponsors and business partners?  If Senderos does decide that he can earn more on Swiss building sites, what line will Warburton spin to hide the fact that Rangers are running on fumes? Things are so tight at Ibrox that they have decided that there is only 48 weeks in a year and that there will be no holiday pay. They won’t see this season out without a £4m win in the courts, the guarantee of home ties all the way to the semi-finals of both cups and the shortfall being picked up by the duped Club 1872. It does not bode well. If lies were currency, they would make it through the season with money to spare.

The lies are not the exclusive preserve of King and Warburton. Stewart Robertson has stepped up to the mendacious plate by asserting that the Rangers supporters only reverted to their hate-crime Billy Boys chants once the Hibs fans were on the field. The chants were present throughout the game. They were not sung after the final whistle as the majority of Rangers supporters were making their way to the exits. Two hundred or so took the hate-crime to a criminal crescendo. Those present and watching on TV witnessed these hate-criminals attack the Hibs supporters. Traynor, using a script written by the pop-up director, Je Suis Graham (Peace be upon him), then took the BBC to task, accusing them of bias. How can live pictures be biased Mangetout?  Have a close look at the following photograph. Can you see any Rangers players under threat from Hibs supporters? The only threat is from the bald Rangers fan brandishing the corner flag as a weapon.

Jousting for beginners.

Prior to the publishing of the charges arising from the aftermath , Robertson was keen to subvert the narrative at the SFA. When this did not work he pressed his lickspittles at the Record into action. As the charges don’t fit with Keith Jackass’ lying narrative, he and the other four members of his lying 5-a-side team, namely Robertson, Graham, Traynor and Kerr, are continuing to push the lies to anyone stupid enough to believe them.

The following is the Notices of Complaint as issued by the SFA’s Compliance Officer (Tony McGlennan) yesterday, in regard to Hibs:

Case One

Alleged party in breach: Hibernian FC
Match: Hibernian FC v Rangers FC (Scottish Cup Final – Saturday 21st May 2016)

Disciplinary rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 311

In that at the above match you failed to adhere to the Cup Competition Rules, specifically Rule 28 of the Rules of The Scottish Cup. That at the above match damage was sustained to Hampden Stadium, being the stadium where the Scottish Cup Final was played, as a consequence of misbehaviour by supporters of your Club. That the misbehaviour by your supporters occurred at the conclusion of the above match, whereby a number of your supporters carried out an incursion onto the pitch, and thereafter remained upon the pitch until cleared by Police Scotland and Stewards. That in the course of this misbehaviour by your supporters damage was sustained to the stadium, as follows:

(i)    To the surface of the pitch, portions of which were removed; and/or
(ii)    To a set of goal posts which were broken and had netting removed; and/or
(iii)    To parts of the LED advertising system situated at the perimeter of the pitch, in the vicinity of both the East Stand, and/or the North Stand; and/or
(iv)    To advertising hoardings situated at the perimeter of the pitch, in the vicinity of the East Stand.

The narrative that the lying Jackass would have us believe has been unequivocally refuted by the official report. When will Jackson be censured by his sports desk editor, Darren Cooney, or as his lies appeared on the front page, the rag’s chief editor Murray Foote? When will someone report Jackass to IPSO? I suggest that Reiver, the Hibs fan who formerly commented on this site, should write to IPSO presently. In regard to Rangers, they have the following case to answer:

Case Two

Alleged party in breach: Rangers FC
Match: Hibernian FC v Rangers FC (Scottish Cup Final – Saturday 21st May 2016)

Disciplinary rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 311

In that at the above match you failed to adhere to the Cup Competition Rules, specifically Rule 28 of the Rules of The Scottish Cup. That at the above match damage was sustained to Hampden Stadium, being the stadium where the Scottish Cup Final was played, as a consequence of misbehaviour by supporters of your Club. That the misbehaviour by your supporters occurred at the conclusion of the above match whereby, following on from a pitch incursion by supporters of Hibernian FC, a number of your supporters also carried out an incursion onto the pitch. That thereafter supporters of your Club who had engaged in the pitch incursion remained upon the pitch until cleared by Police Scotland and Stewards. That in the course of this misbehaviour by your supporters damage was sustained to the stadium, as follows:

(i)    To parts of the LED advertising system situated at the perimeter of the pitch, in the vicinity of the North Stand, and /or the West Stand; and/or
(ii)    To advertising hoardings situated at the perimeter of the pitch, in the vicinity of the West Stand.

So as far as the SFA is concerned, the assaults on the Hibs supporters are of no consequence. These charges are hardly worth the paper that they are printed on. It’s a classic SFA whitewash in the LNS tradition that absolves the organizers of any responsibility. The SFA are evidently more concerned by the fact that the corner flag was misappropriated than it being used as a weapon. The net result at the hearing on Wednesday 5th October 2016 will be a slap on the wrists and a peppercorn fine.

I would not be surprised if King challenged any fine in the Court of Session. Conveyancing solicitor Blair will be alive to the earning possibilities of a court petition where the Scottish judiciary will always find for the establishment club. Will King rest until the lies are believed?

The Song Remains The Same

Neil Doncaster did his utmost to provide Rangers with the opportunity to secure twelve points. Home matches against Hamilton and Motherwell should have delivered six of the twelve, but only four were secured. Away from home, Rangers were fortunate to secure the points at Dundee as Forrester should have been sent off; and they could only earn a point against a Kilmarnock team who played a third of the game with ten men. If Rangers were Gretna, eight points from twelve would be considered a good haul for a newly-promoted club. The problem for the Rangers fans with laptops and microphones is that they are not living up to the hype that they have created. Chris Jack, who runs his own Rangers fanzine at The Evening Times, was anticipating the defeat of Celtic against Aberdeen and full points at Kilmarnock. This would have resulted in Rangers having a four point cushion going in to the game against Celtic on the 10th of September. In Jack’s fevered imagination he envisaged a win to put seven points of clear water between his favourites and their rivals. He anticipated that the difficult game at Hapoel would sap strength and confidence and lead to a ‘hungover‘ performance against Aberdeen. Two excellent goals by Griffiths and Forrest put paid to Jack’s ‘going for 55‘ fantasy.

Cub reporter Jack is now exhorting Mark Warburton to look at different ways of setting out his team. SPFL clubs do not fear Rangers. They don’t sit back and admire their possession football as was the case in the Scottish Championship. Every team knows that any two from Hill, Kiernan and Wilson can easily be exploited. These players are technically inept and at least a yard off the pace. Mark Warburton had high hopes of combining Lescott with Senderos, but his plans foundered when he could not provide the second year salary expectations of Lescott’s two year deal. The first year would have been heavily subsidised by Aston Villa. King/Murray/Robertson would not sign off on the second year.

This has resulted in what has become known as ‘The Lescott Lies.’  The master of mendacity in this situation is Derek Johnstone, who last kicked a ball for Rangers in May of 1986. Johnstone has been out of the loop for three decades but despite this he is paid to spout his ill-informed propaganda at The Evening Times and a local, largely irrelevant, radio broadcaster. Lescott did not fail a medical. Mark Warburton did not create a lie about Lescott being loath to the uprooting his children to save Lescott’s face. Warburton lied to save his own face and that of his penniless board. Johnstone, who waxed lyrical about Lescott in the Evening Times, had enough egg on his face to cook paella for a Spanish village festival. Johnstone is an embarrassment. He will be 63 on November 4th and should retire. His three decades of positive puff and bluff should be brought to an abrupt end.

Of course Johnstone is not the only broken record that has been stuck in the same groove for thirty years. Does anyone recognize the following lyrics:

Bring the good old bugle, boys, we’ll sing another song
Sing it with a spirit that will start the world along
Sing it as we used to sing it, 50,000 strong
While we were marching through Georgia.

Hurrah! Hurrah! we bring the jubilee!
Hurrah! Hurrah! the flag that makes you free!
So we sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea
While we were marching through Georgia.

Diligent readers will have discerned that it is verse one and the chorus of a marching song by Henry Clay Work that dates from 1865. If this song was popular when Rangers was formed in 1872, seven years later, there are no records to support any speculation of this nature. I chose not to reproduce the second verse as it refers to darkeys which would be inordinately offensive in our multicultural society. The Union soldiers, who freed the African slaves, were not being racially insensitive when they sang this song.

The Rangers supporters who have bastardised this song go out of their way to cause offence. The only thing their chant has in common with the original is that they are 50,000 strong. They celebrate the crimes of a razor gang who attacked Irish émigrés in the 1930s, and refer to a battle that occurred one hundred and seventy-one years prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

“We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you die.”

When the renascent Rangers qualify for Europe, UEFA will take no prisoners if this odious song rears its ugly head in any of their tournaments’ games. By contrast the keystone cops at the Kilmarnock game only arrested two from the 7,500 strong Bigots Male Choir (BMC). The Offensive Behaviour (Scotland) Act is not being policed. At a home game against Hibs, the BMC was a minimum of  40,000 strong with the police ‘manfully’ arresting only ten of their number.

The SFA passed the buck to the Scottish Government and asked for funding for facial recognition cameras. Regan and his cronies were kidding no-one. Those intent on singing sectarian songs would merely wrap their scarves around their mouths and continue with impunity. However it was spun by Darryl Broadfoot as a positive initiative. The SFA have ignored this problem for generations and refuse to come to grips with it. The solution is simple: sing sectarian songs, close the gates for the next home game; continue to sing sectarian songs, deduct points. The problem would be solved in a matter of weeks.

Readers of this site know that I’m an atheist with Anglican leanings. I have accompanied my local vicar to QPR games. I respect the rights of others to worship in any way they choose unless it impinges on the freedom of others. I support free speech. I worked in Italy for a year and took a trip to The Sistine Chapel in The Vatican. I did not turn up in Saint Peter’s Square on a Sunday, but if I did and uncharacteristically chanted ‘fuck the Pope‘ I would expect to be arrested.However if I were at Ibrox and chanted ‘fuck the Pope‘ with a BT camera pointing directly at me, my inordinately offensive behaviour would go unpunished. Stewart Regan would have us believe that you cannot arrest 40,000 offenders and that we should just ignore the problem. How disingenuous of this snivelling excuse of a football administrator. He could introduce sanctions tomorrow if he were not so keen to kiss the arses of Rangers and deposit more than 21,000 blue pounds in his bank account every month. £250,000 per annum for his old rope sinecure.

Mr Regan has one distinction from the hoi polloi. He recognized the first verse and chorus of Marching Through Georgia. He has a degree in American History. One must assume that he is more aware than most of Union marching songs. Is he so lost in a marching song reverie that he develops selective amnesia?  Was ‘fuck the pope‘ and ‘knee deep in Fenian blood‘ on the curriculum at Hull University? You’re out of your depth Mr Regan. You are evidently floundering with anything up to your knees.


Harry Houdini Forrester

Scott Brown, the former captain of the Scotland national team, has called time on his international career. Just as the Scottish top tier has sparked into life we now have to endure the tedium of a game against Malta and a two weeks moratorium. If I had my way I would call time on all Scotland international games as the box-office appeal of games against – Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia – is analagous to that of severe toothache and an evening’s viewing of Marathon Man. The best Scotland can hope for as they bore everyone into a Glasgow Scale Coma is to be plucky losers as the next international tournament, in Russia, passes them by. The only interest in this tedious game in Valetta is whether Scotland can conspire to lose and thus transform the games against England into dead rubbers.

Sky Sports have the dubious pleasure of covering this game. As I insert matchsticks into my eye-sockets I can but hope that HMRC burst into the studio and sequestrate Neil McCann’s microphone as part-payment of his ‘EBT tax evasion’ dues. Chris Sutton will have the weekend off so that he can travel to Oslo and berate the prospective manager of  Vålerenga, Ronny Delia. Sutton’s outbursts apropos Craig ‘The Bottler’ Thomson has fired the imagination of our journalists who are not sufficiently senior to merit a weekend in the Maltese sun. Those not packing their sun cream and ‘Malteaser metaphors’  are getting somewhat exercised about Harry Houdini Forrester’s ability to escape red cards.

Rangers' Harry Forrester was booked for this foul on Darren O'Dea and was lucky not to receive a second yellow
Harry Houdini strikes again.

Harry Houdini had an inordinately satisfying away day to Dundee. He earned the respect of the travelling Rangers support by scoring a goal and attempting to maim former Celtic centre back, Darren O’Dea, and Celtic loan player Michael Duffy. Most players in the Rangers squad would have been happy with his Celtic doublebut not the red card escapologist Harry Houdini. Prior to catching Duffy’s ankle with his studs, he took out Cammy Kerr. He was so late in the tackle of Kerr that many observers would not have been surprised if it had warranted a straight red card. By comparison the signing of Senderos is an exercise in alacrity. Had Houdini been sent for an early bath would he have been bound and inverted in a glass cage?

Image result for photos of harry houdini's water case
Halloween Houston gets in on the act to add spice to Forrester’s early bath.

Craig Thomson’s obstinate refusal to reduce Rangers to ten men surprised Kenny Miller and Mark Warburton. The latter had to break off a conference call with Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, who was soliciting Mr Warburton’s thoughts on global warming and the impact of Rangers puff pieces.

Chris Sutton, who momentarily set aside his Delia voodoo doll, stuck his pin firmly in Craig Thomson, labelling him a ‘bottler‘. Was Sutton mindful of Thomson’s award of two penalty kicks to Rangers in their game against Livingstone and the growing consensus that his love of Rangers is clouding his judgement?  Or could Thomson be following orders from John Fleming to do everything in his power to protect Rangers ‘for the good of the Scottish game?’  Hugh Dallas was adept at appointing rightthinking officials so why would John Fleming, working in the corrupt SFA, set a sporting integrity precedent?

In a fit of pique , Thomson started the St Johnstone v Celtic game eight days later when BT Sports were screening adverts. He did not await a green light from the BT Sports’ outside broadcast director. BT subsequently demanded a meeting with John Fleming to inquire why Thomson withdrew his co-operation. Darryl ‘Je Suis SFA’ Broadfoot attended this meeting.

Prior to engaging in his ‘Perth Protest,’ Thomson approached Fleming for guidance on whether it was mandatory to co-operate with BT’s scheduling. He was informed that although it was the tradition and practice, there was no stipulation in the contract.

Danny Stewart, writing for The Sunday Post, provided the following lurid headline:

“Shut up Chris Sutton: Scottish referees go to war with BT Sport over personal criticism of whistlers.”

Image result for picture of a man wearing a muzzle


According to Mr Stewart, BT have been told to muzzle outspoken pundit Chris Sutton. Darryl Broadfoot in a surprising display of Twitter eloquence, stated that the notion of muzzling Sutton was ‘Bollocks,‘ and that it did not come up in the meeting which was set up to change the current voluntary agreement to a mandatory one. Can we not even rely on hacks from the tartan-teacake Sunday Post to refrain from kicking former Celtic players. I suggest that Mr Stewart visits Auchenhowie where Mr Houdini Forrester will demonstrate how to do so and escape censure.

Someone who should be muzzled is Mangetout Traynor, or was it Stephen The Phantom Kerr, who briefed the BBC that Joleon Lescott had failed a medical. Mark Warburton then stepped up to the PR plate with the barefaced lie that Lescott did not wish to uproot his young family. Could Mr Warburton kindly comment on the fact that Lescott has signed for AEK Athens?  The austerity at Ibrox is biting. The lying to hide the poverty is becoming rabid. Warburton offered a deal that his board would not endorse. Chairman Charlotte might well have to open his £30m war chest to invest in a ‘Muzzlemate’ for Warburton.




Dear JJ

Dear JJ,

Lady Bear and I are less than enthused by the progress made by Rangers in the top tier of Scottish football. Mr Warburton’s squad are not pulling up trees. I would speculate that the saplings planted at Auchemhowie will grow to maturity faster than the signing of Philippe Senderos. As much as I would like to see Philippe in the light blue, our thoughts turn to the construction of our new cricket pavilion at out Chalfonts estate. Good carpenters are thin on the ground. Lady Bear was looking forward to engaging in social intercourse with Philippe with her schoolgirl French and inquiring as to the welfare of one our less heralded players, Pope.

The Rangers supporters at the Kilmarnock game seemed somewhat sceptical apropos the merits of our new signing, but I could find no mention of him on the Rangers team sheet. Was Monsieur Pope working with Philippe on the same building site and signed up due to his superlative hod carrying skills? Have they been signed to provide some dig in defence? We receive so little news about Rangers in the English broadsheets that we have evidently missed out on this new signing, although Lady Bear believes that he may have turned out for a lower tier Swiss outfit, namely Grasshoppers 1690. If he finds the heated rhetoric hard to bear, he will find the grass greener tending our crease. Our old gardener, Alistair, was not willing to relocate as he did not wish to uproot his young children. His topiary teasing, which was the talk of Whitecraigs, will be sorely missed. Lady Bear, who looks after the staff, believes that Alistair was loath to relocate due to his pie allowance not living up to his London Weighting expectations. I wish Alistair every success with his new venture, an Athenian kindergarten. The Lescott children’s patronage will be a feather in Alistair’s cap.

I hear on the grapevine that Craig Thomson is being lined up for the game against Celtic. This is encouraging as I understand that his contract with the SFA has a caveat that excuses him from the onerous task of sending off any Rangers player. Rumour has it that Harry Forrester could tackle Brendan Rodgers with a flying two-footed lunge as the CFC coach was minding his own business on the bench, and he would not be censured with a second yellow. 

“I know where you live, Thomson”

For added pre-match entertainment, would it be too much to suggest that Harry tackles Chris Sutton as he engages in some casual Delia-bashing invective, track side? 

Lady Bear and I have secured two tickets adjacent to the directors area at Celtic Park. Would the stewards stoop so low as to search Lady Bear’s Hermes Birkin handbag for pyrotechnics? Should we secrete our hip flasks in Lady Bear’s suspender belt? Lady Bear is fond of a post prandial stiff one and if Rangers continue to underperform I will be in bad need of a snifter or two.Is there any possibility of Rodgers sending out a second eleven with one eye on the Nou Camp? Lady Bear sends her love and has made a modest donation to your fighting fund.

We wish you every success,

Yours in Rangers,

Edward (Teddy) Bear esquire. 


Dear Teddy,

Thank you for your letter and a rose petal from your Chalfonts garden. The thought of Lady Bear turning her manicured hand to gardening fills me with dread. Could Alistair not have stated that he would not relocate due to some spurious medical ailment to spare her feelings. Bringing mammon into discussions was beyond the pale. Alistair’s ‘topiary sculpture’ of a bowler hat might have been incongruous in a Chalfonts setting.

You and Lady Bear should count yourself lucky that you only read English broadsheets. The Daily Record has been caught with its pants down by IPSO and has been using tweets to corroborate their fabrications. Every time I catch site of an online article Joe Garner’s undisclosed fee increases. If he is as good with his feet as he is with his elbows, he should have a promising season although the Scottish top tier is a step up in class from EFL1. He was a damp squib in the Championship but I envisage no impediment to him lifting ‘the golden elbow‘ award at season end.

If Thomson is confirmed we can look forward to disallowed CFC goals as play is brought back fifty yards for a minor infringement, and a proliferation of yellow card offences going unpunished.There is more chance of Thomson giving Harry Forrester his whistle than a second yellow. Rest assured that no matter how severe the tackle, it won’t be punished if the offender is wearing light blue. Joey Barton will be frustrated. He would like nothing more than to be sent off for maiming a Celtic player. Thomson may deprive him of his moment in the sun.

As for CFC, they have been drawn against the best teams in pot one, two and three. Rodgers has been known to blood his fringe players in games against inordinately superior teams. I would suggest that he may be more likely to rest players at the Nou Camp, as he will only have eighty hours to prepare his team after the duopoly derby.

I cannot shed any light on the Pope signing, but I anticipate some pontificating from Level 5. For a bit of fun I suggest that Rodgers signs Senderos. Someone has to!

Yours in Rangers,




IPSO facto: Would The Real Recidivists Police Stand Up?

A I write this article I’m mindful of how police close ranks to look after their own. The Hillsborough inquiry is now pursuing the role played by Freemasonry in the cover-up. To get ahead in the majority of UK police forces, from the Met to Police Scotland, you have to don a blindfold, bare a nipple & knee and submit oneself to the social mores of a 1st degree mason (Entered Apprentice). In Craft Freemasonry, as opposed to Cryptic Freemasonry, there are three degrees, namely Fellow Craft (2nd degree) and Master Mason (3rd degree). To progress from constable to sergeant in Police Scotland,  one must pass a sergeant’s exam. Unofficially, if one does not have 1st degree masonic accreditation, the chances of promotion are between Bob Hope and no hope. No-one makes it to Superintendent in Police Scotland without a tertiary degree in the craft. The freemasons look after their own, which may have accounted for many favourable decisions over the years when John Greig (and his predecessors) shook hands with match officials.

The Rangers supporters were in full voice last night.Their ‘songbook‘ of odious hate crime chants is worse than ever. If BT Sport continue to peddle this filth to a family audience, the very least that they can do is to provide a Parental Advisory Guidance preface to their broadcast. Children, encouraged by their Dads to follow football should not be subjected to chants of ‘Fuck the Pope’ prior to bedtime. It’s an outrage that would only be allowed by the spineless SFA, a Rangers-facing police force and the Scottish Government in Trumpton. Should all Rangers games be broadcast after the 9 p.m. watershed when anglo-saxon terms are permitted?

Two weeks from today, at 12 noon, this filth will be repeated ad nauseum. There are those of a Celtic persuasion who follow this site. James Forrest and The Clumpany have both made comments. I would ask them both to use their own forums to write to the CFC support and demand zero tolerance of any songs or chants that could be deemed as hate crime, no matter the provocation. The SMSM are waiting to tie up this invidious behaviour in an ‘Old Firm‘ bow. The Rangers supporters with laptops love nothing more than to deflect the Rangers supporters’ hate crimes by stating that the problem is on both sides of the divide. They promulgate the narrative that it’s a West of Scotland problem. It’s not. It’s a Rangers problem. If the CFC supporters don’t react, there will be heightened scrutiny on the spineless police, governors and politicians. I add one caveat. The Rangers-facing media might not even report the hate crimes. When Chris McLaughlin of the BBC highlighted this problem, he was banned and gagged.

If only those masquerading as journalists at the Daily Record could be banned and gagged? With their odious copy sales falling off a cliff to an average of 166,592 per day, the last thing they needed was the kicker of a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) being upheld. Were Police Scotland engaged in a cover-up? Those who read this site are aware that they are prepared to look the other way in regard to the telecommunications and theft offences of Chairman Charlotte in their increasingly desperate pursuit of Craig Whyte; but surely suggesting that Rangers supporters used their children as barricades to impede a police response was beyond the pale?

The Daily Reprobate ran with the following lurid headlines:

“Cops: Mob rule outside Hampden blocked us from getting in to help.”

“ They (The Rangers supporters) started hitting and spitting at the vans, trying to rock the vans, kicking the vans, trying the doors. This isn’t a few bad eggs in the crowd, this was everyone walking past us”.

“A “mob mentality” prevailed outside the stadium; they surged towards the cops with parents using their children to block roads.”

“The General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation asserted that the actions of  (Rangers) fans outside the stadium was disgraceful.”

Image result for images of Secret Policeman's ball

The General Secretary was reacting to criticism in regard to the response of what’s known as the Police Reserve, which in practice is a few vehicles containing 75 police officers who have been trained in riot control techniques. Everyone who witnessed the aftermath of the Scottish Cup Final, whether in the flesh or via live broadcasts to an armchair as was the case with Keith Jackass, did not need the Bowen report to inform them that the problems were caused by 200 or so Rangers supporters spoiling for a fight. The Rangers board and Mangetout Traynor (a die-hard Rangers supporter from the ‘No Surrender’ academy) are trying to pin/spin the blame on the Hibs fans who encroached on the park. I would invite Traynor to have a look at the BBC Scotland broadcast in which he participated apropos the last thirty years of the Scottish game. If he can tear himself away from hanging on his own words, he might notice the Rangers fans rushing on to the park to celebrate winning one of the EBT- enhanced titles. Some of them climbed a goal frame, with it collapsing under their weight. In so many ways they resembled the Hibs fans after the Scottish Cup Final. There were parallels of celebration and relief. There was one marked difference. The encroaching Rangers fans were not set upon by two hundred football hooligans who almost certainly won’t be banned from Ibrox. The SFA will look the other way. No-one anticipates Regan actually putting in a shift for his £250,000 per annum SFA sinecure? He would prefer to host ephemeral unofficial meetings at his well-appointed office in Hampden, or his local branch of The Scottish Football Metaphysics Society. If you are from Ibrox he might even provide the key to his executive WC to compensate for the dilapidated facilities at The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive. Rumours that Stewart Robertson arrives at Hampden in a state of advanced constipation are probably wide of the mark.

I digress. The IPSO Committee asserted:

“The newspaper said that it received an email from somebody who identified himself as a serving police officer who described the incident in detail; it said it had been unable to verify whether or not the person who sent the email was a police officer. However, it said that the allegations had been set out as claims rather than facts, and that it had taken sufficient care over the article. It said that the account was checked with two further police sources, neither of whom was present at the incident: one said that there had been “chat” amongst officers about the incident, while the other gave an account which tallied with the information in the email. It said it had also contacted the General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, who said that some of the accounts he had heard accorded with the account provided in the email.”

The complainant’s  first hand account was somewhat different. It’s fortunate that this individual remains anonymous as police have been known to avenge those who challenge their party line. The eye-witness stated:

“The police did not activate their sirens and made no attempt to drive around cars that were stuck due to the number of people on the road. He said that while there was sarcastic applause from the majority of fans and some “mild verbal abuse” directed at the police due to their late arrival, there were no confrontations. He said that it was nonsense to suggest that parents were using their children to block the road. He denied that anybody hit or spat at police vans, and said it was inaccurate to report that “everybody walking past” had taken part in what the article said had taken place. The complainant said that the article had not provided any photographic or video evidence of the “attacks”, and said that it was totally fabricated.”

Surely reporters from The Reprobate, taking their lead from Jackass and his Rangers’ players assaults fabrications, did not just make it up as they went along? Perish the thought. They had an ace up their sleeve:

“The newspaper also provided a tweet from somebody who it said was a Rangers supporter who appeared to confirm that the incident had taken place.”

Is it just me or is anyone else suffering  from slack-jawed astonishment at what passes for journalism at The Daily Reprobate? An e-mail from what might have been from a serving police officer or perhaps someone pepetrating a hoax; a tweet from an account purporting to be that of a Rangers supporter (Chris Jack anyone?) and some officer who overhead some chat. This is so flimsy that Sandy Bryson, the SFA’s registration chargé d’affaires, would be hard-pushed to deem it eligible. Calling it imperfect would elevate it to the level of Chris Jack’s musings from his Mister Matey bubble bath.

The IPSO committee concluded:

“In circumstances where Rangers supporters were accused of violence towards police, and other anti-social behaviour, the attempts it had made to support the account of an unidentified source it had been unable to verify were not sufficient to demonstrate that care had been taken over the accuracy of the article. Given the seriousness of the allegations, and given that the unidentified source appeared to be a police officer seeking to address criticism over the conduct of the police following the match, it was of particular concern that the newspaper had sought to corroborate the account only with police contacts, none of whom were present during the alleged incidents. In addition, the manner in which the claims had been published gave the significantly misleading impression that they had been corroborated by multiple independent eyewitnesses. The complaint was upheld as a breach of Clause 1(i) – Accuracy”

The Reprobate were ordered to publish a retraction. How this organ with its excuse for journalists commands a C2DE daily readership of 166,592 is beyond my comprehension. Does Russell Grant continue to peddle Pisces pish at the Record? If not he should be hired immediately as The Reprobate’s answer to Derek Johnstone. We would then have the comfort of knowing that his reportage was Canis-Major dog-eared,with ascending Taurus bullshit.

The Art of Ad Hominem

I receive criticism on a daily basis. The overwhelming majority of it is not in any way constructive. There is a hard-wired bigotry that seeps from the pores onto the page and is promptly redirected to the spam file. There are those who claim that they know where ‘my’ sister works as they take their false leads from the state-aid fantasist. They think they can close down this site by hurting a woman I don’t know and I have never met. As the RSL unequivocally stated they don’t know who I am. I use ‘burner’ accounts and proxies to evade individuals who wish to pursue me. This will come as a surprise to many but I’m not a Rangers ‘hater.’ I was as seduced as many others when the spine of the England team turned up at Ibrox. I was astonished when Maurice Johnson signed for Rangers, breaking a ‘tradition’ that was an unwritten rule for 58 years. I noted that one of founding members of the RSL, Bill McMurdo, brokered this deal which delivered a real slap in the face to Billy McNeil’s Celtic. No-one at that time knew that the galaxy of stars that delivered nine-in-a-row were bought by money which was borrowed from the Bank of Rangers a.k.a. The Bank of Scotland. What David Murray did next, tax evasion, led to the demise of the club. However this salient detail will be excluded from the BBC Scotland series on the last thirty years of Scottish football. The narrative they will present is that Murray was duped by Whyte. This site has pointed out in detail that this is a falsehood.

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In many ways I envisage this site as a translation service. I take the lies, the puff and the spin to deliver the unvarnished truth. I did not intend to run this site for any more than a year, but if donations continue to support this site, I will continue to inform and hopefully entertain. I will provide a forum for intelligent debate. As I look at the comment pages of The Herald and Scotsman I am appalled by the knuckle-dragging tit-for-tats of a C2DE demographic who probably have not even read the article that they are commenting on. The comments section on this site will not allow individuals to play the man by engaging in ad hominem pejoratives. Someone new to this site turned up yesterday. His user name, Cherries & Cheese was apposite, as is evident in the following:

“Oh my. I began to once more lose the will to live when your latest offering nosedived after an uncharacteristic interesting start. I’m pretty certain this is where your own thoughts dried up and once again you reverted back to copying and pasting, copying and pasting… Need I say more? Now pay attention old thing. I can see you’re not one of the totally inept hacks that still believe blogging is a political platform to polish and caress just before you pop it back under the stairs in the cupboard normally reserved for the upright vac. Admittedly you’re not far from the aforementioned reference above, so here’s a friendly tip. Take the stick out of your arse and stop believing that you are better than you actually are. Humility and forethought is where the game is won and lost. Respect your readers. Some of your throwaway remarks are rather crass. It is far more rewarding to make allies than it is to gain rancour amongst the growing number of people who quite rightly see you as a “bit of an obnoxious cock”.Moving on… One would suggest that you contact someone within the city who has access to the ‘original’ report in regard to the current state of the roof at Ibrox. If you dig deep enough in the right area don’t be surprised to find that inspections are not usually undertaken “over the phone”.There is a real story available, all you have to do is uncover it.Ciao for now.”

The cherry is in the last point of this comment which is inelegantly phrased. Is one to assume that the insurers of Ibrox treat the stadium like a car and are happy to pick up premiums until it crashes? Is the safety certificate delivered by a nod, wink and bare-nippled handshake? There are fundamental structural problems at Ibrox that are not being addressed by the makeshift board.

As for the cheese, the unseen work I do correcting typos in comments and salvaging comments that have crossed the line, would suggest that I work tirelessly in the best interests of those who comment. I’m not here to put them down or in any way adopt a superior position. I am often informed by the comments. I was not aware that Lynsey Sharp was an unalloyed bigot who is a disgrace to athletics. I will be quick to refer to her bigotry should she win a medal in the next Commonwealth Games, which is the height of her ambitions.

I touched on Regan, the deficit, Salmond, Sturgeon and a Brexit Squirrel. My words. I looked at the ‘intersex’ situation in athletics using my words. When I looked at the American Presidential race I used my words (I referred to Trump as a draft – dodging privately educated white-collar punk) and discussed his polemics. All my own work. I looked at the electoral college and pointed out that with two exceptions it’s the first past the post system in 48 states. When I chose to cut and paste I did so judiciously to reinforce my position that the richest candidate invariably wins Presidential elections. Note the trade delegations and their block votes. Also of note is the S.Daniel Center for Middle East Peace (www.centerpeace.org) which supports my preferred two states, one nation solution. Have you read my other articles?

I get it. You wanted to rain on my six million hits parade. You refer to an alleged growing consensus that perceive me as a ‘bit of an obnoxious cock.’  If these individuals are bigots,  or those masquerading as journalists, or probably closer to the mark Wings Over Scotland, then I’ll accept that as a backhanded compliment.