The Asthmatic Gold Standard

There are a number of topics to choose from this week. The Celtic supporters in our midst may be heartened to note that I will write a precursor to the game with Manchester City. I was intending to write this today but it will take several hours to do it justice and I may not have the time. In the past I’ve made a rod for my own back by publishing more than one article at a time which resulted in several comment threads. On one occasion I published four pieces. However this was at the beginning of my one year sojourn into a number of topics which included the murky Hades that is Scottish football. At that time my articles did not elicit many comments. I have just approved my 19,000th comment, and as regular readers will know comment threads often run to three figures, with one of which featuring 144 comments. Attempting to moderate north of 250 comments per day is an arduous task.

Prior to writing this article, it’s worth noting that the initial voting for the UK Football Blogging Awards ended yesterday. This site, which only garnered the votes of 20-50 generous individuals from a regular weekday readership of 15,000 – 20,000, (with one day featuring 42,000 hits) has been undermined by the fact that I encouraged votes for the John James Site, which is my unique WordPress site ( and not @Sitonfence which is my Twitter site. Some individuals, following my lead, voted for @JohnJames which is not my Twitter site. Twitter is a platform to promote my articles. Should I decide to publish more than one photograph, it gets confused and defaults to a grid box. I can override this by attaching a photograph, but the Twitter format is so large that it dominates the page. As a consequence of this I have withdrawn the previous four articles from Twitter. I have no desire to have a site dominated by a photoshopped  DJ dressed as a cheerleader, nor a running WC. Lavatory humour is not my natural metier, but the Aberdeen fanzine cover, and my DEFCON/DEFPAN interplay, was an opportunity that I could not resist. As this site tends to delve deep into topics, it’s important to add some levity by way of balance.The dear JJ articles are just as scathing as others, but are wrapped in Lady Bear’s Chanel-scented Mousquetaires silk evening gloves that she wears to the Opera and Ambassadorial receptions.

However even if my entire 4,170 followers on Twitter had voted for me, I would not make the shortlist. Some of my more enterprising followers attached my Twitter handle to the FBA handle to register their votes. This resulted in the FBA following my Twitter site. As a rule of thumb I don’t follow any sites as I tend to read only four on a regular basis with links from my direct message Twitter portal. I communicate with other sites offline. I made an exception to the rule with the FBA, but I was forced to reconsider as their retweets of other sites overwhelmed my page. There is a blog on Manchester United which is run by five individuals, which gives one an idea of how busy they are. Man Utd have 300m followers worldwide, so it’s safe to assume that their blogs far exceed my 20,000 readership, and my 50 votes. I guess I should console myself with the thought of better luck next time but I’m realistic to note that tribal loyalties to the Phil Mac/The Clumpany axis will always be prevalent. The objective eye that I have is not shared by many. There is also the distinct possibility that I will pack up my tent in a matter of days. Another year might bring more readers, but no more thanks.

This site has often highlighted the activity of the Bank of Rangers carpetbagger ‘Sir’ David Murray who used Rangers/ EBT to enrich himself and then threw away Rangers like a broken toy. On this occasion I intend to discuss another knight of the realm, the drug cheat that is ‘Sir’ Bradley Wiggins.

As a democrat I recognize the important role played by whistle-blowers. I worship at the altars of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. The former deserves a 2,000 word article of his own. Who could forget the Wikileaks footage of an American helicopter gunship ‘lighting up’ some Reuters correspondents as they ran for the cover of a black van. They were assassinated by a redneck computer gamer. If it were not for Assange, this would have been classified as ‘friendly fire.’

The Wikileaks data base is hosted in Sweden. During a visit to Sweden Assange slept with two Swedish girls. He did not rape either of these adult women, but a CIA officer, and a prosecutor trying to gain a name for herself,  are insisting that he travels to Sweden to face questions. He has offered a video-link interview and a face-to-face in the Ecuador embassy where he has been granted asylum since August 2012, but the prosecutor is not interested. The charges have been trumped-up to use Sweden as a conduit for Assange’s extradition to America. If extradited Assange would be tried and convicted in a kangaroo court and killed by lethal injection for revealing some uncomfortable truths about American foreign policy and its powerful multi-billion dollar military lobby group of  Republican Senators, whom have long since been bought and paid for. The British Government have spent north of £10m to ring-fence the embassy with a 24/7 police detail. This is considered to be money well spent to maintain our special relationship with the CIA. This is what passes for democracy in 2016.

We would not have heard of Bradley Wiggins cheating if it had not been for The Fancy Bears Hack TeamRegular readers of my articles should note that in this instance I’m not referring to the crack team of minimalist lavatory redesigners in the Rangers support. These blue bears have flights of fancy about continuation and £30m of investment, but any link is inordinately tenuous.

However this team is not a standard-bearer for democracy. It is a state-sponsored response from the Kremlin to divert the debate away from Russian state doping and on to the therapeutic use exemptions (TUE). They hacked into the computer records of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

In his memoirs My Time, published in 2012, which was written by a ghost writer, Wiggins asserts:

“I’ve never had an injection, apart from (when) I’ve had my vaccinations, and on occasion I’ve been put on a drip, when I’ve come down with diarrhoea or something and have been severely dehydrated.” 

Mr Wiggins evidently forgot to mention the 40mg intramuscular injections of corticosteroid in June 2011, June 2012 and April 2013 – days before the 2011 and 2012 Tours de France, and the 2013 Giro d’Italia. In 2012, Wiggins became the first British winner of the Tour.

Wiggins would like us to believe that he is an asthmatic. He defends his use of a powerful performance-enhancing steroid as ‘putting himself on a level playing field with non asthmatics. Have a look at the following photograph of Wiggins on the Andrew Marr Show. As an ‘asthmatic’ would he not ask for the freshly cut flowers to be removed. He seems unduly comfortable with their pollen producing  properties.


Image result for images of bradley wiggins on andrew marr show
“Is the fragrance of the flowers masking the stink of horse shit?”



Wiggins is a multi-million dollar one-man brand so I can understand why his manager and PR agent would want to get him in front of the issue. If Wiggins had ridden into the studio on a Camarillo White Horse with a standard proclaiming ‘Just Say No‘ my reaction would be to look to the studio floor for the presence of horse shit. It stinks to high heaven.

Tom Dumoulin, the Olympic time trial silver medallist, has become the first high-profile rider to openly question Sir Bradley Wiggins’s therapeutic use exemptions for the powerful corticosteroid triamcinolone prior to three of the biggest races in his career, saying of the matter that “it stinks”.

Is it not surprising to note that Wiggins and Chris Froome, Britain’s two greatest road cyclists, are registered as asthmatics on their medical records. Should Wiggins retain his medals, will the peloton of future Tours exclusively feature ashmatic riders?

Former dopers such as Jorg Jacksche and David Millar used triamcinolone and testified last week to its performance-enhancing effects. The presence in Wiggins’ team of the now-banned Belgian doctor Geert Leinders and the fact that Wiggins only appeared to need this drug in 2011, 2012 and 2013 rather than for any other race in his career, are not unrelated. As soon as the benefits of steroid abuse and the TUE caveat were spelled out to Wiggins, Leinders was on hand to provide him with a medical diagnosis of asthma and the intramuscular injections prior to grands tours.

The last word on this sordid affair is reserved for Tom Dumoulin who wrote:
“This is not something they do with normal asthmatics, let alone athletes who only have exercise-induced asthma. Apparently Wiggins’s injection also worked for weeks – then in my opinion you should be out of competition for weeks. That thing stinks.”

This is an omnishables for British cycling who had their most successful Olympics performance of all time at the Rio games. Would it be indelicate to ask how many of the 490 WADA registered  athletes who use intramuscular steroids are in the British team?

Bradley Wiggins has created a hitherto unknown personal ailment to benefit from the injections of steroids prior to racing. He should be stripped of all his gold medals and title in no uncertain terms.



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71 thoughts on “The Asthmatic Gold Standard”

  1. One of the likely reasons you enjoy less support from the “tribal” elements who support PMG and Clumpany will be your refusal to indulge the left wing/green/pro-independence happy clappy / Citizen Smith sect. Groupthink is very much a feature of this mindset, as is an inability to tolerate alternative points of view. Anything that doesn’t conform to any or all of the sacred tenets of socialism and staunch support of Scottish independence will have cast as an establishment pariah.

    Don’t let it get to you – as I’m sure I won’t – and please continue to share your insights and opinions. Whilst I read the other sites, there seems to be a tendency for PMG and other Celtic leaning sites to gleefully exaggerate reports of RFC’s imminent demise which are almost as misleading as the lamb mince served up by the traditional media.

    Your site is free from all such contaminants.

    1. Well said sir, I used to enjoy that site but freedom of speech has been banned on it lately unless you tow the party line, there are comments about JJ’s site on there that are a wee bit out of order, it seems they don’t have the cachones to make their point here where at least there would be a right to openly debate . We can all agree to disagree on some things but not being able to say it to someone’s face(well blog wise) is, and only my opinion, very cowardly.
      yours in sport
      Gaun the Killie

    1. Allardyce has been taking bungs for years and was a strange choice by the FA. They have no choice in the matter, he must go. He’s as bent as Campbell Ogilvie on a night out with Chic Young in Glasgow. If Warburton turned up at Wembley it would be as a paying guest as his name would not be on the VIP list. After he’s sacked at Rangers he will slip into non-league obscurity.

  2. So what you are saying JJ, is that its not just financial doping that is unacceptable…

    There is always a way to get around the rules to enhance performance, and it seems as though TUEs were that way for some/most/all sports (delete as you see fit).

    The worry for me is that those who do require TUEs for genuine medical conditions, and I’m not saying that Wiggins or Froome are not genuine, will either put themselves through pain to achieve the same result by not using medication that they require, or they will simply be lost to sport for ever which would be a shame.

    See Sam Quek article on BBC in relation to this.

  3. The asthma medicine cases are becoming more and more popular these days.. I live in Sweden and the cross country skiing is a major topic at the moment. As of recent years the Norwegians have been dominating the sport but it is creeping out now that they have been using asthma medicine on indivuduals. The Tour de Ski winner Martin Sundby took Ventoline, without informing the proper channels, He lost his Tour De Ski title, had to pay back his 100,000 punds paycheck, which the Norwegian Skiing federation took care of and was suspended for 2 months !! 2 months.. what is that for punishment ?

    Tried to leave a small donation but paypal does not like my telephone number and will not let it through. Any suggestions ?

  4. Outstanding yet again.

    Asthmatics are not equipped to be able bodied world class athletes. End of.

    They should be in the para athletics stream.

    Athletes who are ill miss tournaments. That’s how it is.

    I don’t believe as a boy his family GP had him registered as an Asthmatic. Indeed, I’d wager nobody did until weeks before the first injection.

    I believe he’s a good athlete but these injections got him into the medals. I doubt these injections are normal treatment for asthma.

    If there’s records of three injections it’s entirely feasible there were more which were unrecorded.

    1. I’m feeling quite guilty now as a genuine asthmatic whose face turns an engaging shade of purple when playing sport, but who competed successfully as an amateur at football, boxing and volleyball despite this. Never made it world class in any of them but I’ll be damned if I thought I was getting any advantage by helping my lungs to function at a capacity still considerably less than my more genetically fortunate peers. I don’t see any more problem with that than using physio tape on a tight muscle. Its artificial shoring up of a natural defect. Everyone should be entitled to compete without being told ‘not you though’. It the abuse of this that needs to be tackled.

  5. Dear Lord, is there any “clean” athletes?

    The Asterisk Tours no less…

    Not sure if I’m missing something, are you saying you only received 50 votes?

    If so, I’m happy to say I was 1 of them

    1. I find it difficult to believe that this is the case.

      I took The Clumpany’s advice and multiple voted for yourself, himself & Phil Mac, in the same categories, almost every day since voting began, and I strongly doubt that my perfectly legitimate 30-odd votes make up almost your entire total.

      Regardless, your readers know you have a great site and that’s all that matters, not the fleeting ‘glory’ of an awards bash or a trinket for the mantelpiece.

  6. Well known in certain circles that allardyce a “geezer”. But no where near the level of alan pardew at palace. Connected to well known London criminals etc. A real hood. Good luck whatever you do jj. Voted for you in blog awards hope you dont call it a day. It a daily routine now for me

  7. Well I must have been in the select few of voters .. Because even though I lean more to Parkhead than Ibrox .. I voted for you in the Best New site category. Was kindly reminded by your namesake on Twitter that after clicking on the link you had here … That it wasn’t a vote for you … So went onto the voting site and put a vote in personally … Actually did it a few times … If anyone complains .. Hey will blame the Portuguese Internet server … Will send you another donation tonight when I get back home … “Don’t give up” as Peter Gabriel once sang … As a “veteran” of over 20 years in the MSM … Albeit behind the camera .. I have worked with a fair number of journalists in my time … The likes of Jackson and Jack are the types who are driven by the lowest common denominator .. You however are different … More “pure” if you like .. You are driven by telling the story … Wherever the chips may lie and that for me is why as a Celtic man (me not you) this is one of the first sites I look for every morning … Don’t let the bastards get you down !!!

  8. I have long believed there is no such thing as a “clean” sport, whether it be drugs, financial or even just biased judges. Formula 1 is at least honest about the fact they have dedicated teams (within the teams) spending millions every year just to circumvent laid out rules.
    It would seem the only way to try and eradicate drugs cheats is to track junior athletes and continue this through their careers. Why this is not done can only be cost.

  9. This is a cracker from Graeme EBT Souness which captures exactly the problems so many Rangers fans have with adding up and taking away.

    “I am a supporter and like every supporter I am not interested in the bottom line, as long as we stay solvent. Find the money from somewhere and give the manager a chance.”

    But what can we do to re-educate such unfortunate, deluded wretches and help them to live a more worthwhile and socially responsible life. And what can we do to defend our beloved sport from the damage such dogmatic misunderstanding of basic arithmetic and economic logic will inevitably wreak?

    Well, I call your attention to the combined wisdom of three revered philosophers who speak as one. Let us draw upon the deep wells of their intellect and expansive spirituality. No! If refer not to The Three Bears nor the false prophets of Traynor, King and Murray – but the scribes who penned the truth of all truths.

    Yes dear brethren – to paraphrase the sages – ignore the innumerate and they shall smite themselves in the fullness of time and by the grace of God – they shall be no more by their own hands and deeds and debts. I commend to you to the inescapable veracity and purity of musings made plain by the Fun Boy Three – for they did say, and let it not be mistaken:

    There’s a weapon that we can use
    In our defence, silence
    We’ll, just look at them, look right through them
    That’s when they disappear, that’s when they lose, no fear

    P.S,. You can blame Spotify for that – I’ve had this tune stuck in my head for days.

    1. If Souness’ tax affairs were ever properly minuted in the offshore jurisdictions in which they reside and pored over with a fine tooth comb – he’d be found to be quite squarely a Real Rangers Man. He’d have been game for any scheme going and had to be talked out of many.

  10. I accept this is strictly anecdotal but I have had asthma since childhood, to the extent that I have been hospitalised on several occasions, for a week at a time, on o2 and nebulizers. I can attest that although I have required steroids they have been taken orally. I have never been given steroids via IM/IV.

    Whilst in hospital, I was exerting myself by partaking in routine activities like showering and certainly couldn’t imagine even a leisurely bicycle ride!

    PS. I voted for you in the FBAs, and sent a small donation on Saturday. You are an immediate go-to ‘blog when I commence browsing and I have been following you since the start, I would really miss the site were you to wrap it up.

    1. No-one who engages in running a blog does so for financial reward. There is more chance of a severe deficit in finances if truth be told as was the case when I ran the site for the first ten months of its existence. What I have to consider is the opportunity cost of doing something more productive with my time. There is also no short term future in recurring payments as they are few and far between, with one or two at £1.40 – £2 per month. Many have written to me telling me how much they enjoy the site which is heartening. If only they had all voted for me I would not be perceived as the ugly duckling among my peers. Should I remove Paypal, disable comments and emulate The Clumpany? It would almost certainly lead to more votes if nothing else.

      1. I can see your point regards £2 a month, especially when compared to the price of a daily “newspaper”, and I had thought my donations were at the lower end of the scale as well.

      2. I think you’re possibly seen as the cream of the crop rather than the ugly duckling. You don’t pander to partisan views and generally take a much more objective stance with a more direct, frequently eviscerating, ferocity than the other two who employ humour differently.
        I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by one of your articles although I’ve sometimes been challenged (politics), annoyed (politics, football) and grumpy (football) due to reading one of your articles. Thus your writing is comparable to eg the Spectator or Prospect. Phil is perhaps a bit more like a section of Private Eye. The Clumpany, possibly the same. Ive voted for all 3 in different categories in the (bloody) FBAs.
        Whatever, the 3 of you have transformed my reading habits in regard to (mainly) football.
        I am reasonably at peace with my conscience about the financial contribution I have set up (which I’m going to increase).
        Maybe I’m talking (writing) pure ordure here but I hope you’re encouraged to keep going. As others have suggested, perhaps a reduced output to 2 or 3 per week would be less burdensome.

      3. You make a good point. I’m flattered by your comparison of my articles with those of the Spectator which is probably the best read money can buy. I’m also fond of The New Yorker since discovering that one of my literary heroes, John Updike, was at one time engaged to write short stories. There are some great writers in the world if you know where to look. You are evidently looking in the right places.

  11. With the Alton Towers operator only being fined £5m for the incident, and with the gales kicking up, are there people prepared to take risks with football stadia structures?

    70mph for Glasgow on Thursday.

  12. His entire career needs reviewed alongside his choice of medics.

    This stinks rotten.

    Is the knighthood untenable? What does this tell young impressionable athletes starting out?

    What does Olympic Chairman Seb Coe have to say? Conspicuous by his silence.

  13. Having developed asthma at 50, I can sympathise with sufferers from childhood, but I had never heard of IV treatment.

    Its a spiffing wheeze.

    Excuse the pun. Donation made.

  14. Cameron bestowing a knighthood on drug cheat Wiggins is almost as bad as Brown’s knighting David Murray for services to bank fraud and tax evasion. I hope both will be stripped in time, just like oldco of their illegal EBT gongs won with blatant cheating. Cheats, criminals and frauds should never keep any of the proceeds of their nefarious activities.

  15. Just out of curiosity, how can you be so sure that so few voted for you? I don’t tweet so had I not told you on here that I’d voted for you there is no way you would have known.

    Having said that, I think you always knew that the Public Vote was out of reach with Clumps being eligible for the ‘new blog’ once more, therefore we were all encouraged to vote for you in ‘Judges Choice’ where, I presume, the number of votes is much less relevant, if at all. The judges will make their decision based on your content, not on the number of votes, so if anything you work will be exposed to a wider audience, which wouldn’t have been the case if your number of public votes didn’t get you shortlisted..

    Regarding donations, I’m sure there are many (like myself) who intend donating monthly but will do this manually rather than setting up a recurring payment. I think it’s only around two months since you started requesting donations so please allow it time to build before you write it off.

    If the lack of donations really does become an issue for you, you might find it more viable to move to a subscription model. I think you’re revenues would certainly increase and you’d be surprised at how many would rather pay than lose access to your content. Or you could make one article a week free and put the rest behind the paywall.

    As an example of how this might work via WordPress take a look at Joe Saward’s blog ( where the blog itself is free access, but the GP+ magazine is subscription only. It seems to work for him.

    1. I had been going to suggest something similar, perhaps a free article and a weekend round-up, with those who donate being sent a password for premium content.

      I don’t understand those who claim not to be able to chip in a few pounds for something they profess to value, yet have broadband and sports channel subs.

  16. well quite frankly im agog.
    the esteemed gents from atop the marble staircase have REFUSED to issue a statement after video footage emerged of broken seats being hurled from the Rangers section at Pittodrie on Sunday afternoon and into the Aberdeen section. quote from today’s local paper-

    “The Evening Express contacted Rangers but the club refused to comment on the incidents.

    A spokesman said: “The club is not commenting.”
    think i need a lie down, dont quite know what to make of them refusing to issue a statement, whats the blue world coming to!

  17. It’s many years since I paid any attention to Olympic sports, even longer than that for professional cycling. I don’t think I watched one minute of coverage from Rio. Shame, I used to love the Olympics.

    What is even more disgusting, however, is the hypocrisy and refusal of the British media to acknowledge the blatant cheating of British sportsmen and women while at the same time savaging the cheating of other nations. Far from acknowledging it, they cheerlead for the cheats. The hysteria over the “historic double” of Mo “Another Test Missed” Farah was boak-inducing.

    No wonder the Russians are having fun with this incessant drip of medical info.

    Fair play to you for highlighting this, JJ. You are a credit to your new profession.

  18. Sounds like Lady Bear is under the weather.
    The only person who matters here is you JJ – the tea leaves from the last few days point in a new direction.
    I’ll miss the writing, the wit and the sharp focus of your points – you’ve done more in a year to lay “bear” the truth – we are all grateful to you

  19. It’s just my opinion – but I tend to view it a bit like a busker. I owe one a pound if he makes me stop. If you feel this blog adds something worth paying for to your day then morally I think you should compensate JJ for the time he dedicates to writing and moderating. Even if its just a token. There’s plenty of sites not worth my money but few that are. I’d happily pay for the FT subscription but not to read the Record online for example.

  20. Long time lurker but now able to make a small monthly donation to enable you to continue shining a light where others fear to tread.

  21. Most of the British cycling team have asthma, it’s a miracle that they win so many medals. Of course Mo Farah also has asthma, and he also seems to have a hearing problem, although that only manifests itself when drug testers ring his doorbell.

  22. It looks pretty damning for Wiggins et al.

    I wonder at the mind that can simultaneously be scathing against people partaking in something, whilst partaking in it themselves. What sort of people are they?

    I wonder if the mindset required to be the best at something, must also be one so determined that they will seek advantage by any means available; so blinded by their own brilliance that they cannot see themselves doing wrong; so arrogant that they believe they will not be found out?

    I do not condone cheating in any instance. One must agree to play by the rules and pay the penalties when the rules are broken.

    However, I wonder if anyone can be so outstandingly better than their peers without being differently enhanced. I wonder if Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor has been taking synthetic undetectable beta blocker type medication for 30 years.

    I’ve been doing a lot of wondering, but mostly I wonder, why don’t they just legalise drug taking in sport?

    I’m serious. Why should it be considered cheating? Why should eating a Mars Bar an hour before a race be seen as different from taking an injection the week prior, or a snort with 10 minutes to go? Why shouldn’t all of these options be available to all athletes?

    It takes away all this cloak and dagger stuff. When any person excels way beyond that of their peers, it is the result of them being enhanced in ways that their peers haven’t. We often talk about a natural talent, but the people at the very top of their game, in most sports are pretty much equally talented. There is not one thing that Leo Messi can do with a ball that cannot be replicated by even a run of the mill SPFL winger/striker. He just does it quicker, more consistently and mostly at the right time. That is learned and trained and practised behaviour. Does he practise more? Train Harder? Is he a quicker study? What might set Messi apart is the growth hormones he was prescribed from an early age. Or not. Why should it matter? Why might we consider it cheating based on whether or not it was deemed necessary by a doctor?

    Athletes are already differently advantaged by their geography; their financial circumstances; their access to professional help; access to diets and even by their own physical makeup. Athletes from a more recent African ancestry have muscular attributes which are different to those more distantly related. Athletes whom are more closely related to tribes whose culture it was to run after antelope until the antelope died of exhaustion, tend to be better at long distance running. The UK National Lottery facilitates the professionalism of the best British Athletes, where in most countries an athlete would need to be making money by some means other than training. Is this not cheating too? Why not?

    The health risks of taking drugs to enhance performance should be properly studied and readily available to all. Let the individual make the choice. Let sponsors make their own positions clear. We don’t have to label it cheating.

    I wonder, am I the only Liberal left in this world?

    TR 🙂

    1. Phil Taylor is much, much worse than Wiggins. The man is a convicted sexual predator and it’s disgusting the way he is promoted as some sort of family man.

  23. JJ I cant help but notice the message within your recent blogs re. support by finance and voting. Your are correct to expect recognotion in both but you cant expect every view to either vote or contribute.
    Your blog differs to Phil and Clumps and in my view you have created your own nieche market (above artical being case and point). People have developed habits over many years for example buying the same newspaper but basically enjoyng your site is a new habit for many and contributing for the content will take time that hopefully you are prepared to give.
    In my opinion you have a winning formula that doesnt need changing.
    I voted and contribute so please accept my gratitude and any critisism that does come your way you dont have to give these muppets the attention they crave by publishing their comments, please remember the most philosophical of sayings ” dont let the bastards grind you down”

  24. JJ, I also (belatedly-apologies) donated at the weekend having been a reader for a few months. I would echo all those commenters who have already applauded the immensely high quality of your site and the content therein. Among the commenters were very valid observations about the incredible amount of time you are devoting to this. The points you make about Scottish Football in a balanced way mean that the natural available demographic for this site is regrettably reduced as a result- none so blind as those who will not see and all that. I really do hope you don’t give up and I do hope that you find a way (e.g posting less frequently) to preserve your strength, sanity, enthusiasm and wit. There can be no doubt of the importance of sites like yours, even if most folks will only really appreciate them down the track….

  25. imagine if someone like seb coe had had asthma in the 80’s, that british record might be good for another 35 years….. as lord nimmo s said asthma was available to all clubs therefore……..

  26. When I saw the heading of this article I was excited.
    At last I thought,JJ is doing an expose of our corrupt financial system.
    He’s going to explain the ticking time bomb that is the derivatives market,
    reveal the legal changes that render the protection of our bank deposits up to 75k worthless,remind people of what happened in Cyprus.
    He’s going to explain fractional reserve banking and how banks can create money out of thin air. He will tell the history of how the banks changed our coinage from 92.5% silver to 50% silver to worthless base metal tokens in just 28 years. Why Nixon took us off the gold standard and allowed banks to create fiat currency. Remind us that a piece of paper is worth the paper it’s printed on once faith and trust in those who issue it has gone,as happened in Weimar , Zimbabwe and today in Venezuela. He would remind us of the prophetic words of Amschel Rothschild who said, ” give me control of a nations monetary system and I care not who makes the laws”
    He would tell his readers that the price of gold is the canary in the coal mine that warns of impending financial problems and since January the £ has gone from £700/oz
    to over 1k and similair rises in all other fiat currencies.
    Maybe JJ is of the opinion that the financial situation is so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning as even Chris Jack could see it’s on the verge of collapse.
    All it takes is 5 mins reading about Deutschebank, its collapsing share price and the trillions of $s it will owe when the derivatives market implodes and sets of the first domino that will topple all other banks.
    No,it was about Bradley Wiggins .An interesting read but not what I’d hoped for.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I note that you’re well versed in some of the instruments used in investment banking which is a field in which I have an inside track. There is so much going on at the moment with Wiggins and now Allardyce that I may have to write two articles today to keep abreast of matters. Bear with me as I can reassure you that it’s on my to-do list.

      1. I note you already make use of an advert with each article. I didn’t notice until one day there was an annoying female voice blethering on about skin moisturiser or something and I couldn’t find the source to make her desist, until eventually I discovered that it was an advert at the bottom of your article.

        As far as my own tastes go – one or two adverts is fine, but Celtic Quick News and the extremely wordy and hyperbolic Celtic Blog are examples of two sites I rarely peruse these days, being unwilling to spend minutes wading through an avalanche of spambot pop-ads which are leaving goodness knows what spyware on my device.

  27. I’m not sure about calling him a cheat here. I agree with Dumoulin that it stinks – if a drug is banned, and you need to take it, then the TUE should only be there if you intend to use it out of competition.

    However, is it cheating if you get unequivocal permission from the governing body and anti-doping authority? The question is, did Wiggins apply for the TUE with honest intentions? That is more difficult to answer.

    Interesting to hear our own Calum Skinner mention today that the TUE’s he has had to apply for went through two independent doctors before being approved. Presumably Wiggins went through the same process.

    Skinner has also published his medical history. We don’t have that context from Wiggins as yet. Perhaps that may come as the pressure mounts. I’d be interested to know what performance enhancement he got during the 2013 Giro d’Italia, as his performance was abject in that race.

    P.S I enjoy your blog, and with regards to donations – have you considered running ads? I don’t think most would mind, as long as they are not the kind to vomit all over the screen, preventing guests actually viewing the content. You would be more likely to get rewarded in line with page visits. Your comments over the last few days with reference to moderating comments made me think of this comic strip from the excellent XKCD:

    1. I liked the comic strip. I’m fond of the WordPress format. It’s robust and has excellent archive facilities that can easily be interrogated using the Search facility. Type in Craig Whyte and you will retrieve all articles where he is mentioned. You only have to look at TSFM for evidence of a cyber attack. WordPress take the advertising revenue and allow me to raise funds via Paypal. It’s a good relationship which leads to an improved reader experience.

    2. “I’m not sure about calling him a cheat here. I agree with Dumoulin that it stinks – if a drug is banned, and you need to take it, then the TUE should only be there if you intend to use it out of competition.

      However, is it cheating if you get unequivocal permission from the governing body and anti-doping authority? The question is, did Wiggins apply for the TUE with honest intentions? That is more difficult to answer.”

      You sound like you someone who would defend the use of “legal” EBTs…

  28. I believe a newspaper did a peculiarly English thing called investigative journalism to nail the corruption of Mr Allardyce.
    I wonder if the Scottish press will be doing the same anytime soon?

    Aye …………..thats crazy talk!!

    On a different subject, have you considered taking on a few young guns to assist with the site?
    I am sure there would be some keen volunteers to get in on the ground floor.

  29. JJ a fascinating read, please keep on producing these great reads, my donation is on the way, good to have your perspective on things, Rangers fans should be ‘all over’ this page.

  30. Decent sized monthly donation set up – that CAD to GBP conversion is not near as intimidating as it once was 🙂 . Been lurking since early days JJ with not much to say, but I thoroughly enjoy the intelligent and witty posts, and the high level of constructive comments. Keep up the great work. And if you do take a break, thank for over a year of engaging material.

    1. Thank you. I note and acknowledge your one coffee per week donation with gratitude. A Little Coffee is the title of an article that I will be working on, as soon as I complete my morning postbag.

  31. I’m a consultant physician and have been medically qualified for 26 years. I have never prescribed intramuscular steroids for asthmatics. Acute severe exacerbations of asthma requiring hospitalisation sometimes merit intravenous steroids. Oral steroids are prescribed for less severe exacerbations some of which can be managed without hospitalisation. The vast majority of asthmatics take daily inhaled steroids. A small proportion of the inhaled drug can be absorbed systemically but I would be surprised if this had any significant performance enhancing effect.

    I voted for you although I’m now wondering (based on your comments) whether I voted in the right way. I also voted for The Clumpany. I am considering a financial contribution.

    1. Welcome to the site. Your medical background is a boon. It’s my contention that Wiggins has created and exploited a faux medical condition to access performance enhancing steroids. Had it not been for the Russian hackers we would not have discovered that the two leading British cyclists are registered asthmatics.

      1. Isn’t it even more wonderful and an even greater achievement that the British bulldog spirit can drive on even Asthmatic Brits to world beating gold thrashing of other nations?

        Extraordinary human beings.

        Hip hip hurrah!

  32. Long time lurker and thought it was about time that I put my hand in my pocket – donation set up for a monthly subscription.
    I also have a monthly subscription to TSFM, as the intentions are in the main, good.
    Love all your articles, even those in regards to your political leanings on all things NOT SNP!!
    I look forward to your postings/blogs every day, so keep up the good work – the truth will out. IT HAS TO.

    Keep the Faith

  33. So, having been chased from TSFM for his gratuitous and relentless attacks on Phil Mac, Bryce Curdy turns up on JJ with yet another in his first post. Dear oh dear.

    1. Factually incorrect times two.

      Please provide anything whatsoever to back up your claim that I was chased away from TSFM. I’ll save you the bother of looking becauae you will find the square root of nothing, absolutely guaranteed. And while I do post far less on TSFM than before, I have made at least two posts I can recall in the last week.

      You can be excused your other error as JJ clearly implied it was my first post when I have actually posted a couple of times previously on his blog.

      If it’s fair game to slag BFDJ, it’s fair game to slag Phil and it’s fair game to slag Bryce Curdy.

      1. No it’s not fair game to take on another blogger on this site. If you have a concern, take it to him directly. I found two of his posts to be incredible, but I did not have to read them. He’s free to write what he wants on HIS site, and I’m free to disagree without reverting to ad hominem attacks. The mediocre media are fair game.

  34. Cheats never win, because they not only cheated everybody else they also cheated themselves. I’ve had three separate blood clots that all made it’s way to my lungs. Recently the GP put me on Ventolin and Fostair and there is an instant hit, when the brain is searching for oxygen there is no doubt these are an aid.

    I’d like to see Wikileaks open a site called ‘Track The 1%’, If big business and the Governments are so keen to spy on us, why can’t we ‘square the circle’ right back at them. Should I get my door kicked in and extradited to the good old U.S.of.A for having such thoughts. The future is here and it’s corrupt to the core.

  35. JJ as Voltaire said or would in this day and age, I don’t agree with everything you say but I will give a PayPal donation. On a more serious note Froome being from Kenya had an advantage in cycling to begin with. Messi will never play for the Boston Celtics due to his height but can still grace the words football stage where his lack of stature does not present a stumbling block and I’m afraid for asthmatics or any other imparement it should be the same. My biggest concern with professional sport for many years is not the drug cheats but those abusing pain killers so that they can play on

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