SDM: The Man Who Sold The Jerseys Long Before The Whyte Transaction.

In the course of just over a year this site has become regarded as the go-to-site for individuals who were, and continue to be, central to the Rangers narrative. Readers would be surprised by some of the names who engage in private correspondence with this site’s humble author, creator and owner. These individuals know that I am inordinately well-informed and that my only agenda is the truth.

It’s important to note why I’m the go-to-guy for these very important individuals. The idea of corresponding with Phil Macgiollabhain is anathema to them. I voted for Phil in the FBA Awards, but his long-term involvement with An Phoblacht ( The Republic) which is published by Sinn Fein, is instructive of his politics and his antipathy to Rangers. It’s interesting to note that this 32-page monthly journal has a circulation of 15,000, which is similar to the daily readership of this site. It’s online edition receives circa 100,000 hits in any given week. This site, which has elicited 6,733,623 hits as I write (verified by WordPress’ counter widget), received 169,706 hits to September 12 and 157,680 hits to September 19. Mr Macgiollabhain has 31,800 followers on Twitter. This site has just over 4,000 followers. Twenty-seven thousand and eight hundred individuals prefer to get their news on the Rangers narrative from Phil Mac, however in doing so they won’t have access to the document which will directly follow this preface. My access was restricted. I was not allowed to copy and paste. As it’s a very significant two-page document, I chose to transcribe it word for word yesterday evening as others were free to watch Celtic and Manchester City engage in a six-goal thriller. The details in my transcription of the document have not been altered in any way, save for a comment in brackets to explain what WDV signifies. I have occasionally used red typeface for emphasis.  The providers of the document, which I’m not at liberty to disclose, are impeccable sources at the summit of their chosen profession.

On Monday of next week, Craig Whyte will appear at Glasgow’s High Court of Judiciary. Whyte has been pursued by DCI Jim Robertson and shadowed by Halloween Houston. He has been accused of being the architect of the demise of Rangers. The following document which details David Murray’s involvement, portrays a distinctly different narrative. Rangers were in financial free fall long before Whyte’s involvement. Murray’s Russian Doll approach to his business interests is not easy to fathom, but I invite readers to read the following as conscientiously as possible. I will draw my own detailed conclusions at a later juncture in this piece.



The Rangers Football Club plc (co number SC004276)                                                    Annual Report to 30 June 2010

Report of the Directors                                                                                                              SDM interest noted via shareholdings in Murray International Holdings Limited the holding company of Murray MHL Limited. He also had an interest via interest in RFC Investment Holding Limited, the holding company of Murray Sports Limited. Registered shareholders are Murray MHL Limited and RFC Investment Holdings Limited.

P33 Notes                                                                                                                                   Ultimate holding company is noted as Murray International Holdings Limited which SDM controls.


Murray MHL Limited (SC143450)                                                                                   Financial Statement to 30 June 2010  

 P10 Notes                                                                                                                                        Subsidiary stated as The Rangers Football Club plc – 57% WDV (Written Down Value) at 30 June 2010 £42.588m. Other investments include 7.2% of issued shares in Murray Sports Limited

P13 Notes                                                                                                                                 Ultimate holding company is Murray International Holdings Limited

Financial statements to 30 June 2011                                                                                   Directors Report (and P11 Notes)                                                                                        During the year the company acquired 37,488,489 shares in The Rangers Football Club plc for a consideration of £11.9m from Murray Sports Limited (a company in which Murray MHL Limited has a participating interest).

The company’s shareholding was then sold to a third party ( Craig Whyte) for a consideration of £1 creating a loss on disposal of 54,493,923.

P12 Notes                                                                                                     

During the year RFC Investments Limited sold its entire equity shareholding in The Rangers Football Club Limited to Murray MHL Limited in consideration for the waiver of loan notes (£60.6m) and interest (£49.3m).

P13 Notes                                                                                                                              Authorised share capital 1.2m shares of £1 each.  Allotted, called up and fully paid – 1.1m  of ordinary shares of £1 each.

P14 Notes                                                                                                                                           On 7 March 2012 Murray International Holdings Limited and certain subsidiaries completed a financial restructuring. 

Annual Return as at 31 December 2009                                                                                     At 31 December 2009 all issued shares (1.1m) held by Murray Group Management Limited.

Annual Return as at 31 December 2010                                                                                    20 April 2010 1.1m shares transferred from Murray Group Management Limited to Murray Group Holdings Limited.

21 April 2010 1.1m shares transferred from Murray Group Holdings Limited to HSDL Nominees Limited. At 31 December 2010 all 1.1m shares held by HSDL Nominees Limited.

There is no mention of HSDL Nominees holding the shares for any other party.

Annual Return as at 31 December 2013                                                                                      At 31 December 2013 all 1.1m shares still held by HSDL Nominees Limited. Murray MHL Limited was dissolved on  2 January 2015.

Murray Group Holdings Limited (SC139469)                                                                   Placed into liquidation on 16 February 2015 (Deloitte appointed)

Financial Statements to 30 June 2010 and 2011                                                                         P 11 (2010) and P14 (2011)

 The subsidiaries of Murray Group Holdings Limited are listed and said to include Murray MHL Limited as 100% holding. In the 2010 statement The Rangers Football Club plc was shown as 61% subsidiary of an intermediate parent company. For both years the ultimate holding company is Murray International Holdings Limited, with ultimate control being attributed to Sir David Murray 


HSDL Nominees Limited (02249630)

Incorporated  29 April 1988. In 2010 and 2011 the company’s immediate parent company was Halifax Share Dealing Limited with the ultimate parent being Lloyds Banking Group plc.

Financial Statements for the years ended 31 December 2010 and 2011

Directors in 2010 included Graeme Shankland who resigned on 16 June 2010. The principal activity is a nominees holding company. The financial position in 2009,2010 and 2011 showed only assets of amounts owed by parent undertaking £2.


Murray Sports Limited                                                                                                               Annual Return as at 13 January 2010,2011 and 2012

Ordinary shares in issue total 19,797.053 of 10p each. Shareholders include:

  1. Noble Grossart Investments Limited – 811, 567 shares
  2. Murray MHL Limited – 1,424,947
  3. Uberior Investments plc – 1,657,881
  4. Alastair Johnston – 76,616
  5. Metlika Trading Limited (BVI Dave King) -3,064, 627  

Final Statement for year ended 30 June 2011                                                                             P4 Directors’ Report

At 30 June 2010 SDM held beneficial interest in 98,801,034 shares in The Rangers Football Club plc.

P14 Notes

On 31 January 2011 Murray Sports Limited acquired the entire equity shareholding in The Rangers Football Club plc which had been held in RFC Investment Holdings Limited, one of its subsidiaries.

On 2nd February 2011 Murray Sports Limited sold its entire equity shareholding in The Rangers Football Club plc to Murray MHL Limited its immediate parent company waiving the residual balance on the loan notes and creating a gain of £60,603,000.


Take a close look at the following photograph. One should note that there are others engaged in signing over Rangers to Craig  Whyte. The presence of a hand in the right foreground suggests more than one signatory is sitting at the table. Don’t be distracted by the presence of Whyte and the pixellated image of an individual wearing a dark suit and a blue tie. The real action is at the table.

Image result


Have a close look at these three transactions:

  1. Financial statements to 30 June 2011: During the year the company, Murray MHL Limited, acquired 37,488,489 shares in The Rangers Football Club plc for a consideration of £11.9m from Murray Sports Limited (a company in which Murray MHL Limited has a participating interest).
  2. 2 April 2010 1.1m shares transferred from Murray Group Management Limited to Murray Group Holdings Limited.
  3. 21 April 2010 1.1m shares transferred from Murray Group Holdings Limited to HSDL Nominees Limited. At 31 December 2010 all 1.1m shares held by HSDL Nominees Limited.

As Dave King owned 15.48% of Murray Sports Limited, he picked up a cool £1,842,120 just prior to all his assets being sequestrated. Despite this he continued to plead hardship to SARS who set up the Mareva injunctions of his Guernsey accounts.

However one should ignore the activity of the piss-ant criminal and look at the big picture. Murray had already transferred 61% of The Rangers Football Club plc to HSDL Nominees. In 1.2, & 3, he transfers the remainder of his holding of 85.2%

As at 31 December 2010, four months prior to the sale to Whyte, HSDL Nominees Limited owned Rangers. Murray was a signatory as he had a participatory interest, as noted in the first paragraph of my document. He had gambled away Rangers. He had run up £109.9m in debts. These loan notes consisted of £60.6m capital and £49.3m in long overdue interest payment.

Lloyds were evidently prepared to allow Whyte to pay 16.8p on the pound to acquire their equity. The narrative that Murray was duped by Whyte, and that the bank forced him to sell to Whyte, is disingenuous. As Hugh Adam noted, David Murray was a great salesman. Murray roped in Whyte to appease Lloyds who were taking a razor to his £800m of debts. He achieved 16.8p in the pound for his banker. They allowed him one final flourish and photo opportunity prior to closing him down.

The document that I transcribed in painstaking detail has only been seen by a small number of individuals on a need to know basis. It is a very significant exclusive. I have been promised more insightful documents from the same source. Should this site continue, my readers will have access to the best sources of information bar none.

I would prefer not to write these final couple of paragraphs as I am a proud man who does not like losing face. I have been compared to a busker who is singing for his supper by one commenter. Is it a conceit for me to consider this site, that I have built from nothing in a year with thousands of hours of dedication, somewhat better than a few strummed chords in the underground?

I’ve noticed a worrying trend on Paypal. Some enterprising individuals have set up recurring payments in advance. On the  27th/28th October I will receive £1.40, £2, 3 x £5 and one £10 payment. £26.40 is the sum total of my worth in late October. September was ignored by these individuals. Maybe I’m wrong. I do a passable cover of the Peter Gabriel classic: In Your Eyes:

“Love I get so lost, sometimes
Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart
But whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are
All my instincts, they return
And the grand facade, so soon will burn
Without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside
In your eyes
The light the heat
In your eyes
I am complete
In your eyes
The resolution of all the fruitless searches
In your eyes
I see the light and the heat
In your eyes
Oh, I want to be that complete
I want to touch the light
The heat I see in your eyes
Love, I don’t like to see so much pain
So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away
I get so tired of working so hard for our survival


Should you pass me in the underpass of Bank station, give generously so that I can return to writing. I wonder if I can earn the £26.40 that will be withdrawn for folding up my tent?




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  1. Let the whole truth come out, JJ, & see if the authorities/media will have the will or drive to investigate. Somehow, i believe they will give it the same regard as they have the other major financial issues emanating from Govan. Chapeau to you sir for enlightening the masses with la verite.

    Another small donation made. To be repeated as & when i can.


  2. As mentioned previously I have taken the decision to pay a monthly subscription – one of those 3 x £5 luminaries.
    Whether I consider myself a leading light or an inspiration we’ll wait and see!!
    Why it took so long to subscribe is another story, but as I always buy my music (with the naive idea that you should according to my kids), it is only right that quality wordsmith should be rewarded.
    I don’t think there is a person in Scotland who does not believe that Murray was paving a way to remove himself from the game,when he knew it was going down the (wrecked) toilet.
    All planned out years beforehand, with the wink to the Rangers masses, about “only selling to the right person who had Rangers’ best interests at heart”
    Didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now.
    When the Titanic sank; he was the one on the first lifeboat with the women and children.

    1. Long time lurker. One of the recurring £5 subscribers – at least, that’s what my bank statements tell me. I don’t comment because others can do it more eloquently. Your site is a godsend. As another commenter – on a previous post – said, give it time. I’m happy to give you more if it keeps you going. In fact, I’ll get onto that pronto… But surely it’s not just about the money? As a musician trying to get paid for my music online, I know what you are experiencing, but the culture is now about getting stuff for free. My take: anyone who pays validates your efforts big time, but those who keep coming back are also worth your effort. Don’t lose heart.

  3. JJ,a subscription of a measly £1/month per reader would give you £15k though I daresay
    you’d probably lose at least half of your readers.
    Donation sent & I hope you can keep going though it doesn’t sound too hopeful

  4. JJ
    Fantastic post – what not a surprise, SDM is a charlatan and a chancer – nothing more nothing less – a well known Glasgow phrase “fur coat and no knickers” seems apt.
    I don’t know why many won’t donate (pay) meaningfully towards your site. If it’s any consolation most of the main UK broadsheets only get away with charging a few pounds a month for access to their posts. One has to figure this is on the back of a lot of trying, they need to console themselves with some advertising scraps to help make do.
    Maybe you could sit on the fence elsewhere, get some contributions and generate some advertising revenue – I’m afraid these are the times (& the ground rules) we find ourselves in – I don’t understand the disconnect between the click & read support and the financial support

  5. “My only agenda is the truth” what an absolutely brilliant comment that is. Look forward to your blogs every day. Love the references to the Daily Rectum and the Evening times in the past.Who reads that shit? Will send you some £ soon.

  6. JJ, I think the 16.8 p:£ that you refer to is the agreement to repay the ~£18m 2011 debt held by RFCPLC – so £18m divided by the £110m that Lloyds had paid (had written off to be more accurate) to procure the RFCPLC equity.

    Don’t forget of course that in so doing it also released Lloyds’ legitimate Floating Charge, something that could have proven troublesome in the ensuing months particularly when the £55m Murray-valued ‘Rangers’ carelessly lost a digit in the ensuing firesale.

  7. Love reading your page every day and don’t buy newspapers you and Phil keep me in my opinion truthfully updated as to what is going on with Scottish football and the sorrowfull state that is Rangers and the SFA .As a Celtic fan I admire the loyalty of the Rangers fans continuing to follow there team through there’s dark times ,but the sins of the past have come back to haunt them ..If the Rangers want to rise again and be a force in Scottish football the fans have to change and move on into the 21 century were hatred ,bigotry ,vandalism and hate songs are unacceptable ..the board of directors have to be honest, trustworthy ,and accountable to there fans be fit and proper to govern a large institution that is Rangers ..Only then will The Rangers survive failure to do so I feel will be the ending of there club …Fans make football not crooked directors ..fight for you club and one day you might enjoy the spectacular night that are Champions League nights or even winning a League Title …because at the moment you are in a dark place and you might be extinct … The dinasaur couldn’t change and became extinct The Rangers must change or the concequences are inevitable …keep up good work JJ

  8. Watch out JJ,

    if I was SDM, CW or CCK or some other involved party, I might be tempted to up the ante to 52.80 to buy your silence!

    I have absolute certainty that you don’t need the money. So why go there?

    The Truth of this whole sorry mess will eventually out and you are to be thanked for being a vehicle for that. That in itself is worth more than any trivial financial payment.

    At some future point, a book with all the details of this debacle with explanatory notes for dunces like myself would be a best-seller.


  9. Hi Johnjames
    I set a payment on PayPal this week, hoping this money would help? I am disabled and cannot afford to pay anymore. If this is unsuitable amount I would rather stop this payment of £3 a month. It may not be much in your world, but it is in mine. Sorry to moan but I do enjoy reading your very well researched work.

    All the best,


    1. I was not in any way trying to diminish your payment, just drawing attention to how September was overlooked. Everyone told me to be patient until the end of the month, but it ends tomorrow. It’s not an unsuitable amount. It buys a coffee as per my original request. If I have caused offence, please feel free to cancel the agreement.

  10. JJ, Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Really enjoy reading your blog and please keep going.

    Have made a small donation for Coffee & Cake and will continue to do so.


  11. JJ, as long as you run the blog, I shall continue to support you at the rate of £20 per lunar month; ie: every fourth Friday. The price of a pint and a dram each week is not too much to pay for writing of such quality allied to news of such import – even if you do choose to waste the dough on tea and biscuits.

    In any case, should you decide that continuing to chronicle the once and future club is no longer worth a candle, I hope you will carry on at least until we see whether or not the current incarnation will survive the coming cash (not credit, because no credit is available) crunch. That would, I think, be an appropriate terminal point.

  12. Halifax was a well run building society bought over by the incompetent Bank of Scotland to form HBOS.

    The Bank of Scotland funded SDMs ego trip with Rangers FC and Murray Group. The hundreds of millions loaned could never possibly be repaid.

    When HBOS collapsed the Prime Minister Gordon Brown ordered Lloyds Bank to take HBOS over and save it.

    As a Lloyds and Halifax customer I got shafted twice by BOS and hence Rangers and Murray Group.

    We didn’t lose our deposited funds but our monthly interests vanished.

    Lloyds could not believe what they took over at BOS, Murray Group, other Scottish Companies,…

    1. The Bank of Scotland was taken over by Halifax.
      Halifax was run by a trio of Stephenson, Crosby and Hornby.
      These guys were/are not bankers.
      They are rip off merchants.
      After the banking crash , the three of them got off scot free.

      The only person who took the hit was Peter Cummings . He was the patsy.
      I wonder if he follows this blog.

      He is banned from working in the
      City yet the above mentioned trio sail on with their snouts in the trough.

      Check out the book “Hubris” by Ray Perman about the destruction of the Bank of Scotland. He mentions SDM
      and Masterson only once.
      Is Ray Perman in there?

      Keep shining the light.

      Donation to follow.

    2. Eh…wrong…BOS was taken over by Halifax…their main man was in charge…they ruled the bottom line…as an ex BOS employee (20 years) and in a position of some knowledge I’m afraid I have to counter your claim….

  13. Fantastic website and great incisive journalism. This is my go to site for the truth about the Rangers debacle. Donation has been made. Long may this site continue.

  14. Dear Jj,

    Like some of your readers, I am a Celtic fan who discovered your site recently. Yes, thank you, I did enjoy last night. I also enjoy your site.

    I note your concern regarding the recurring payments set up on 27/28 September. I set up a recurring payment of £10. According to my paypal account and the email receipt from paypal, the first payment was made on 27 September, as I had instructed. This is in addition to the recurring payment of £5 per month which I set up on 17 September. I have the email receipt for that payment too.

    I do hope, in the circumstances, that you are not including me in your reference to a worrying trend and enterprising individuals.


  15. Wasn’t it the case that SDM got his auditors to value Ibrox at £130,000,000 to ‘pull the wool’ over the banks and cover the fact that they were trading while insolvent. A ‘crook in a suit’ doesn’t even go half the way of describing this man. A liar, a cheat and now a vagabond, It’s only right that this man’s name should be ‘MUD’ wherever he goes. That wouldn’t happen to be Alastair “surrender no” Johnston sitting there by chance.

    1. Technically it’s not illegal

      Rather than value assets at their sale value you value then at their replacement cost value

      This is common for insurance purposes

  16. Unfortunately, no one wants to pay for news anymore hence printed media circulations dropping faster than a pair of trousers in a West End farce. With content freely available online why buy a daily newspaper? Moreso when it is much easier to read from a phone or a tablet on your daily commute than struggle turning pages and apologising to the person next to you every time you do.

    As online readers tend to lump all news together they do not appreciate the costs for independent bloggers like yourself. No doubt you have your detractors reading your blog who will never contribute a penny and indeed wish you will close it down. I encourage those who see it as an alternative insight into the machinations of Scottish football contribute at least a small amount on a regular basis to help JJ meet some if not all of the costs of running his blog.

    I would also encourage you not to let the critics get to you. They are similar to the keyboard warriors who “red arrow” or “thumbs down” comments on the feel good stories online. I have read heartbreaking stories about kids struggling with cancer and there are always “red arrows” against supportive comments or even vile comments about the kids going through their ordeals. Basically, there are nasty people out there hiding behind their computers and always will be regardless of what you write JJ.

    In conclusion, pony up people even just a small amount on a regular basis to keep this going.

  17. SDM’s spaghetti companies hiding debt here there everywhere and junk shares and junk assets being overvalued amidst a sea of toxicity.

    He borrowed borrowed borrowed on RFC into the grave.

    I didn’t know PMGB was with An Pho. Puts a fresh outlook on things.

  18. JJ
    Perhaps some others have had the same problems I have had in making a payment.
    Tonight is the fourth time I have tried to send something and the first time it has actually gone through.
    If the system is difficult and time consuming some may give up!
    Tonight the payment went quick and easy..
    Don’t give up as that is what the establishment want.
    You have appeared frustrated at the lack of financial support given to you, but if that was the reason you done this then you would have given up a long time ago.
    Enjoy your wee bit cake.

  19. A stunning piece of forensics JJ. Your finest yet.

    It is indeed remarkable that the gullible masses blame CW for the demise of Rangers whilst the real culprit, the real architect of the collapse of that club scarcely gets a mention in the Scottish press.

    For SDM, Rangers was his ‘calling card’. Yes, he was proud of the fact that he could pimp up the club to gain access to politicians, film stars (he adored Sean, his 007) and financiers.

    As you know, I met him several times on a professional capacity. He was a bully, a boor and a verbal thug. The man had no class and lived on borrowed money funded by terrific support from the banks.

    He had some lovely paintings in his office in Edinburgh. A Peploe and a JD Fergusson. He didn’t have a clue when I commented on his stunning collection.

    He ran that club into the ground and the odious Scottish press remain in fear of his legacy to this day.

    1. The first rule of assassination is “kill the assassin” to break the chain of evidence to the instigator. SDM is an operator, Whyte is Lee Harvey Oswald. The SMSM are Jack Ruby. Conspiracies abound but JFK is dead – which is what matters.

  20. Incidentally, I would be very willing to pay the same amount for fewer articles. I do enjoy a new article each day (or more on occasion), but if the frequency was consistent and i could look forward with confidence to one,two or three each week, then this would still be tremendous, and might allow you to rebalance your effort to reward scales. There are some cycling sites which publish articles less often, but rely upon the quality of the writing to continue to hold on to subscribers using a model which provides some access, but more complete access with payment.

  21. As a long time admirer of your blog and your writing I would hate to think that your forensic talents might disappear from view. Perhaps the lack of funding from the people who view your site can be explained by a widespread belief that, despite your best efforts, there is no desire by either ‘Rangers’ or the SFA to engage in any degree of critical self-analysis, and that providing financial assistance to those, like yourself, who would hope to shine a light on a the immoral and unethical practices which have taken place, will ultimately be futile.

    The bald facts are that Rangers made illegal payments to players they could not otherwise have afforded and concealed this information from the SFA, SPL and HMRC for many years. This is is widely accepted by those football fans who do not follow ‘Rangers’ to be the truth, but despite your best efforts the media-driven flat earth society continues to oppose this view, and I am not sure that either you or Phil Mac can effectively challenge that narrative funded by sporadic PayPal payments.

    I turned my back on Scottish football because of the lack of moral integrity in the SFA, and the fact that anyone who asks genuine questions about the business practices of ‘Rangers’ is viewed as some kind of heretic. More power to your elbow JJ, but you and your peers such as Rangers Tax Case, Phil Mac and The Clumpany have been rattling this particular cage for many years now, and as far as I can see denial and deflection is still the order of the day, and no one in the corridors of power wants to admit that anything underhand has happened. Is it any surprise, despite your best efforts, that contributions to fund your blog remain somewhat limited?

    1. This site has been in operation for just over a year and if nothing else we now know that King bought misappropriated data for £25,000 so that he and Murray could take control. No other site has delivered this salient detail. The edifice of corruption is currently still standing but King has been found out to be the criminal charlatan that many knew him to be. The product on the park is substandard. It won’t be long before the tide will turn against King and his penniless partner in crime.

  22. I love this site. It’s my lunch time read every day .. before Phil Mac (respect) .. and I’m a Celtic man.

    I have a question for you … What is your measure of success?

    If it’s monetary, then give up now. There is no direct correlation between page hits and cash.

    You will never get a return on investment from your efforts.

    If however, you measure your success in terms educating us all, entertaining us all and providing a vital counterbalance to the established channels, then you are in award winning territory.

    My advice (for what it’s worth … and I know of what I speak) is to stop telling us how many hits and comments you’ve had – we all know. We can see the counters. Stop looking for monetary returns – it’s not going to happen and I suspect you don’t actually need it.

    Measure your value by engagement. You provide a vital service. Brilliantly written, erudite, informative and unique. Your reward will never be financial, rarely will it be in awards but it is reflected in your growing community of readers who are highly engaged, smart (apart from the nutters) and evangelistic. Engaged communities can effect change. You may be an important catalyst in that change.

    You shine a bright light. It would be a damn shame to see it dimmed because you weren’t reaching the grand heights of thirty quid via Paypal.

    1. You make a number of good points. I don’t think you realize how time-consuming this site is. Spending four hours on 1500 words and a photograph is within my gift, but I then have to spend a similar amount of time curating the comments. Yesterday’s article took nine hours to produce. My source was very impressed with my efforts and compared my copy to that of The Times Insight team. The number of comments is not readily available. I now only mention the approval of the latest 1,000. In regard to the hits, every 500,000 is of note. If I have shaken the collection can too vigorously, then I sincerely apologize. I’m having a conversation with the team behind a leading blog about advertising, which might result in some form of resolution.

  23. JJ, without trying to seem off key, it’s becoming more and more apparent that you’re well and truly irked with the level of financial input by your audience in contrast with the huge volume of work you’re producing.
    I’m not surprised as I’d be surprised how anyone could juggle decent job whilst researching, writing and editing the volume of works/comments in your blog.
    Like everything in life, there has to be balance.
    Do you:
    A) Cut back on the blogging
    B) Make it a paid subscription service.
    C) Stop. Blogging.

    There’s probably more options but I don’t want to get blogged down with the why’s and wherefores, just to point out that something has definitely changed with you.
    I vaguely remember you pointing out at the beginning of your blog how you, unlike PMG et al, didn’t solicite payment.

    Happy to contribute, as I feel it’s always good to pay your way, but a lot of people look blogging as a pass time, writing and following, free as it were.

    It definitely feels like you are at a crossroads my man, I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know that if we don’t find a suitable solution, you’ll walk away and that is sad.
    I enjoy the work of intelligenct minds and yours is one of them.

    Good luck in finding a solution, maybe it would be good to do thread on finding the right way for the masses maybe even a vote selection on different ideas.
    Many good people want to help maintain your blog and the great insightful work in it.
    Many just want a free lunch.

    1. I have written 557 articles since September 19, 2015. Three hundred and seventy-six days without a break. On the few occasions when I took a day off from writing, I continued to engage in curating. I will not entertain any ideas of subscription and paywalls. Readers should be free to drop by and air their views. After a few comments they might choose to donate to support their ‘Sitonfence Speakeasy.’ I’m trying to raise money for a very important cause. I have shared this cause with Jack Irvine in a private conversation. Every pound raised will go to this cause. As there are so many haters in cyberspace who want to hurt me and those close to me, I cannot reveal this cause at this juncture. On the last day of this site I will reveal my rationale for crowdfunding and hope that those who have threatened me will see the closure as the victory that they yearned for, and leave me alone.

  24. Interesting that the main thrust of your post has hardly been mentioned in the comments. The financial shell game you have explained is not typical of a well run company. Why do the clubs that play at Ibrox seem to attract owners who want to extract thousands of pounds from the pockets of the gullible fans. How much did and is Green extracting? I wonder who is profiting from the onerous contracts that stil bleed funds and who gets the monthly stadium rental fee (incidentals) of 172,000 a month. Do any of the gullibles still believe in the mythical warchest of the King? Are they happy to have their ST money go to first class fares to and from South Africa for the man who probably criminally breached securities laws in crashing the share price and who is the only person ever to be found “not fit and proper” to be the chairman of a football club and had to settle for Chairman of the Company.
    There is a book, a PHD and a movie needing to achived when this latest incarnation runs out of funds on 29th October (or perhaps the takings from the Hampden game on 23rd will be issued quickly) or 29th November then.

    1. I can assure that Charles Green is not in receipt of any funds by way of contracts, onerous or otherwise. This is a myth that I can easily scotch as I correspond with Charles. He follows this site.

  25. are you in craig whytes legal defence team?……

    never understood why the man with the too big monocle and too small blazer on cup final day didnt get some chums together and get the thing on the road again guess i do now.

  26. JJ – Fantastic piece of work here. You missed a cracking game, but knocked out a great result of your own! I have set up a recurring payment as I know I’ll read this as long as it publishes. I hope you didn’t take offence at my busker comparison. I was only really talking about people providing a service which its possible to enjoy for free, but morally if you enjoy it and you know they would like compensated for the demonstration of talent – then you should pay what its worth. Here on my little island there’s a lot of ‘honesty boxes’ by the ends of gardens where you can pay for flowers, fruit, veg, jams etc by leaving cash in a tin. I didn’t think people would relate as easily to that idea in Scotland!

    I doubt you’ll ever be remunerated to the level of the value of your output. I used to write on the subjects of both football and boxing myself for online blogs for free. Hopefully the views and comments you receive provide confirmation of the regard your work is held in.

    SDM and King have a lot in common. They both are moral pygmies who incredibly keep landing on their feet despite the devastation their business practices levy on others while lining their pockets. It’s clear from your work here that SDM has already handed over the keys to the bank in all but appearances and they were happy not to be the face that sunk the ship. SDM had already brought the club to its knees and Whyte was just the executioner. Swinging the axe and emptying the dead mans pockets.

    1. “SDM …keep[s] landing on [his] feet…”

      It’s a wonderful metaphor but possibly is not entirely appropriate
      in this particular case… 😉

  27. Just made a long overdue donation, JJ, I am a CFC Season ticket holder, really enjoy your articles, very enlightening and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you. Much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my latest: Dear JJ-Club Statement, as I wanted to add some excoriating levity as sharp relief to yesterday’s much more challenging article.

  28. Outstanding piece. I have many Rangers facing friends and they know their club is being misused and abused. you are gradually educating them as to the reality and hopefully you will help the club become a place for honest, decent players and supporters.
    As a young man I was an engineer supervising the panels being fitted to the roof and that was some time ago. they were not designed to last this long without maintenance.
    Enjoy a cuppa and some cake.

  29. Hi JJ, just setup a recurring payment on PayPal, I have watched your work since the LSE days, and although we had a few disagreements a while back when CCK was in Court, I have came to the conclusion that for the price of a few Peronis, I have to support you. I occasionally donate to other sites but this is the 1st time I have set up a recurring one. More power to your elbow.

  30. Long time lurker, first time commenter, Celtic supporter, just made a small donation as I think this is one of the few sites that offers an unbiased view, and would hate to think that for the cost of a Scottish tabloid we’d all miss out. Fair play to that man

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