A Year of Living Dangerously

This site is a touch over 15 months old and in that time there has been 8.7m visits, 23,000 comments and one prestigious award. Not a bad haul for a site that started off with a handful of contributors. Chief among these, in thoughts and deeds, is The Mensch, whose support of this site goes largely unseen. His contributions are measured, eloquently phrased and insightful. If one were to use his comments as a template one would not go far wrong. December, unsurprisingly  (although I have no means of comparison as I introduced a PayPal facility five months ago) received only one half of the donations made in November, which in turn was only 75% of donations made in October. No-one blogs to make money but I had hoped to be in a position to pursue our shared passion full time. This site will continue for as long as my readers continue to support what is their site. Those who share their thoughts have a voice. The empirical evidence suggests that this voice is being heard. For a growing consensus this site is the go to blog for the unvarnished truth. I will occasionally make mistakes as I did yesterday. My blogs are not immersed in aspic. They are dynamic documents which I amend when I err; and should the narrative develop I am quick to provide an addendum. I have listened to the sage advice of no less than Jack Irvine. If he were my editor, this site would thrive. I am quick to castigate many in the SMSM who have lost their way in pursuit of the blue pound but it’s worth bearing in mind that Jack trained many of them. Let me be the first, from a foreign shore, to wish Jack and TM a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. May your losses be bearable, and your blessings plentiful. I would also like to toast Jimbo for his support from the very beginning. As is a family tradition I will wear my formal kilt this evening. This presents an opportunity to wear Jimbo’s thoughtful gift of engraved cufflinks (JJ). One can take the man out of Scotland but not Scotland out of the man.

When reviewing 2016 I have in excess of 650 blogs to choose from. I will pick my personal favourite from each month and let my readers decide if my choice is representative of my output. In January I chose to pursue the Police Scotland witch hunt of Craig Whyte, Charles Green et al. Despite staring down the barrel of a two years prison sentence, and robust discussions in chambers, I provided an exclusive narrative on how the prosecution’s case unraveled. The establishment did not want their dirty laundry aired in public. I hung them out to dry. Charles Green wrote to congratulate me on the accuracy of my sources. To his mind I was the only site with the true narrative. This was social media journalism in the raw.

In February Hong Kong Phooey is worth a revisit. What deal did King strike to elicit a £5m loan? Is the stadium and Auchenhowie being held as collateral by Ibrox Park Holdings Ltd? Will ownership revert to this company on loan default?

Taxing Times in March provided an insight on how HMRC are waiting on the sidelines to forensically dismantle David Murray’s football wheeze. Many greedy little piggies will be squealing in March when BDO’s spurious petition is dismissed.

April’s Moral Turpitude IV details one of the most flagrant abuses of legal privilege that I have ever encountered. A female barrister, caught in flagrante delicto in broad daylight during rush hour in a spur to Waterloo station, chose to avoid charges by claiming she was too drunk  to give consent to the penis she was stimulating by hand when she was apprehended. I also covered the Ched Evans miscarriage of justice. I was vindicated by his exoneration on all charges.

May’s Scottish Cup Final was remarkable in so many ways. Warburton, who is a spoiled schoolboy in short pants, petulantly refused to lead his team out to collect their runners-up medals. Meanwhile Keith Jackson was opining on how the Rangers players were all attacked by the invading Hibs marauders. His master’s voice was spinning a story of mass graves and recidivist fans forced to invade to protect their players. Meanwhile Murray Foote approved an invented tale of Rangers supporters using their children as human shields to prohibit a police response. It was unadulterated horse shit of the first ordure which spawned my mantra that “Real Arseholes Read The Rectum.”

With Brexit in the crisp June air, there were a number of my very unpopular political posts. They were all well-researched and reasoned, but went down like the Hindenburg crashing into a petrol station. I can understand the antipathy towards a Scottish Labour Party who had the audacity to recommend a knighthood for the biggest legless criminal this side of Oscar Pitorius. Dad’s Army, on the other hand, captured the imagination of many who could not believe the collection of old and infirm bums that were rocking up at Auchenhowie.

My excoriation of James Keegan, who was threatened with contempt of court proceedings due to an unconscionable press release, was hotter than July. Is it any wonder that Keegan was substituted by Alex Prentice? My Farce From My Elbow was very popular.

The Renascent Rangers support was in full voice in August, venting their spleen against the Pope with impunity. WATP Gilligan asserted that the tune to Marching To Georgia is a catchy one. So is ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ by the Dead Kennedys, but this does not mitigate the offence. I covered this in a number of posts, including The Song Remains The Same.

Dear JJ : Club Statement featured The Bears in Bavaria in September.There was more oompah than a Je Suis Graham Statement through a strangulated hernia.

In October’s The Going Concerns Are Ongoing, I was proven correct in my assertion that RIFC/TRFC would require additional funding to meet bills as they fell due. This site was on the money about the impecunious situation at Ibrox.

November’s Between A Rock And A Hard Case highlighted the failure of Resolution 11 and its impact on the rogue board. I am ordinarily loath to use industrial language but inordinately and fucked come readily to mind.

In December I continued to express my alarm at the precarious condition of the roofs at what many wags refer to as The Crumble Dome. However The Year of The Hectorcist had the most reader traction.

No review of the year would be complete without my exclusive that Dave King procured the hacked Charlotte Fakes material from William Stevenson for £25,000. Did Stevenson insist on cash from King’s courier, Paul Murray?

Our absent friends in 2016 include David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and George Michael. Our world will be less rich without them.

This site has many detractors. Some have stumbled upon the truth during a toilet break at their ostrich farm. I can promise that the more they rail against me, the harder I will retaliate with my unalloyed rhetoric.

I raise my glass to all of you who have shared my journey and helped to establish this speakeasy as one of the finest sites in the UK, as recognised by the Football Blogging Awards. I thank you for your votes, comments and donations.

May your battles be few and your health be true.

Yours to 2017


Mark Warburton: Rodeo Clown

Mark Warburton is beyond parody. His team is sixteen points off the pace and one hundred and eighty minutes away from a 22 point deficit. One might assume that in the circumstances some humility would be in order. I guess humility like irony does not play well at Auchenhowie. Rather than face the fact that Celtic are out of sight and the only race his team is competing in is for the UEFA fourth place wooden spoon, he decides to go on the offensive by asserting that Celtic pay much more than Rangers. Well colour me surprised. Celtic plc is a well-run business with a turnover close to four times Rangers’ yield. They have a win-win relationship with their sponsors and business partners and a line of credit from the bank. They have a well-rewarded manager who came close to winning the EPL and has recently won his first of many trophies to come.

Rangers on the other hand are living hand to mouth and limp from courtroom to crisis at every turn. Going for 55 was a crock of shit that is coming back to haunt Warburton. He tub-thumps about how Rangers will get back to the top but does not have the wherewithal to make a fist of it. He is the rodeo clown of the SPFL but does not have the self-awareness to realise that people are laughing at him, not with him. Rangers are unlikely to get back to the top in the next decade and unless they engage in another insolvency event, or a rich sugar daddy comes along, they will be in Celtic’s shadow ad infinitum. Rangers are the Espanyol of Scottish football.

  • Warburton’s rhetoric, like his hair, is wearing thin. He’s not fooling anyone. He signed 10 bums in the close season and bit off more than he could chew with Joey Barton, who described Warburton as ‘a clueless cunt.’ When Warburton gormlessly questioned Barton’s assertion he responded with ‘the truth hurts.’ 

Barton called it right. He knew he was dealing with a wet behind the ears football ingenue. Chris Sutton stated that Warburton was out of his depth, which on empirical evidence is clearly the case.

When Ally McCoist’s team prevailed against the nine men of Celtic to stop them winning the title at Ibrox, he partied like it was 1999 and Campbell Ogilvie was buying. Will Warburton spontaneously combust should Rangers fashion an improbable result tomorrow? Wake up and smell the coffee Warburton. Celtic are going to rag-doll you tomorrow. The pace of Dembele will leave your Geriatricos for dead. Sinclair will have a field day. Brown will dominate in midfield and the new SAS will be solid at he back. Then just when you thought you had weathered the worst, Griffiths and Roberts will be introduced to rip you a new one.

Warburton will be gone by the summer. No amount of Ralston rabble-rousing will save him. Mike Ashley is also planning some rag-dolling in March. If I were Warburton I would buy a hard hat as there will be incoming in the spring. We might have to organise an intervention if he keeps foaming at the mouth.

A Three Ring Circus at Ibrox

As tension mounts on the eve of the latest OMFG it’s the Old Firm – this time at Ibrox- many of my readers will sniff at the very idea of the facsimile club being in any way associated with the Champions elect, Celtic FC. Part of me would like to see a result for Rangers so that Warburton and his players could line up to espouse that they are back in the title race. Thirteen points and a game in hand you say? A mere flesh wound Sire! At which point I remind myself  of Halloween Houston, Temazepam Chugg, Je Suis Graham and that this a Dave King eleven, and I cannot conceive of four more deserving of a football humiliation.

I have raised the issue of the unsafe roofs with as much vigour as I can muster. I can do no more. I will cross my fingers, which I can reassure my detractors are not webbed,  and hope that these precarious structures remain intact. I recall the day of an epiphany of puffery when the idea of a floating pitch and a casino was mooted for Ibrox.  It was of course a steaming pile of horse shit partially obscured by Scotch Mist.

Tomorrow the circus comes to Ibrox. Three Rings with No Safety Nets.

Each ring has its inherent dangers. The Broomloan Ring, which will host the Celtic fans, will feature performing Pumas and a Lying Brand tamer. The Copland Ring will feature sectarian chants at a frequency that is not detectable by the SFA and the SMSM  and a bloodlust not seen since the Christians rocked up at the Coliseum. The Govan Stand will play host to the trapeze. Mark Warburton and Davie Weir will act as the strongmen as their charges risk life and limb without safety nets. If it all comes crashing down only the Celtic supporters will be wearing hard hats.

At Ibrox Bob is the builder, not your uncle. Steven McLean will referee tomorrow’s game. Craig Thomson, who has been stinking up Europe more than an organic crop dusting, has been dropped. McLean had a good innings at The Scottish Cup Final. Will he lay a wreath at the mass grave of the fallen Rangers players? Answers on a postcard to Keith Wiesenthal at The Rectum (Real Arseholes Read The Rectum).

  • So how will it pan out?  Warburton experienced what the Americans refer to as a series of Coyote Mornings. After an ill-considered one night stand one wakes up and sees for the first time the face of Mac Bung’s latest signing. One’s arm is pinned to the bed by his head. Rather than wake your new charge and face the free signing horror of their ineptitude one chews off one’s arm and beats a retreat faster than a tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. Warburton had eleven of these mornings. His one-armed bandit came up donkeys on eleven occasions and paid out a jackpot of hay.

A tale of the tape is instructive:

1. Foderingham v Gordon : Gordon at £1.28m is a more than a cool million more valuable than the Ibrox stopper, who despite his crack cocaine delusions of England grandeur can be picked up for a ‘we are the people’ song. Gordon is preferred between the sticks.

2. Tavernier v Lustig : The former, valued at £340,000,  is a poor facsimile of Lustig, who could command a fee of £3m. Lustig is preferred.

3. Wallace / Wilson v Izaguirre : One could buy three Wallace’s for the price of one Izaguirre. He is thrice preferred to the Rangers captain. Wilson is a centre back playing out of position. It shows.

4. Kieran v Simonuvic: Compares a carthorse with a thoroughbred.

5. Hill v Sviatchenko :Hill is 38 and is so slow that he was overtaken by a dwarf balancing on a beach ball. Sviatchenkon and Simonuvic are the new Miller & McLeish of Scottish football, minus the former’s whistle and the latter’s EBT.

6.Halliday v Brown: The former will need a ‘Holliday’ after Brown gives him a football lesson.

7. Windass v Armstrong : Windy Miller was promising in the Trumpton lower leagues but is out of his depth here.

8. Holt v Christie : The latter has a promising future. The former only has his next wage packet to look forward to.

9. Miller v Dembele : The latter is on fire while Miller seems to put in his best fighting performances in Bothwell restaurants. Did he return the girl’s earrings?

10. McKay v Sinclair : Rangers’ best player could not command a place in the Celtic squad. Sinclair is much preferred.

11. Garner v Griffiths : I’m convinced that Garner, the worst player ever seen in a Rangers shirt, was heading for Falkirk and an ice hockey future when he took the wrong train at Glasgow Central’s lower level. I’ll be checking his shorts for the bulge of a secreted ice puck.

Brendan Rodgers can call upon seven International players to change the momentum of this game if plan A is not effective. He has a plan B and C. Warburton can call on Doo Doo and youth player Pee Pee. His Coyote Mornings will be his undoing.

I predict 3-0 for Celtic.

An Open Letter to Stewart Robertson

Dear Mr. Robertson,

In a little over forty-eight hours Celtic football club, Scotland’s best supported club, will be guests at Ibrox Stadium. I do not intend to engage in idle speculation. The gravity of the situation demands that one’s focus should be on the facts. The known knowns.

I was approached in July by a well-known and respected source who was party to inside information from the civil engineering firm, Woolgar Hunter, of West Nile Street, Glasgow. I’m not in a position to append their report on the impending collapse of the connectors as my source would be summarily dismissed if it came to light. As the Managing Director of TRFC, entrusted with the day-to -day running of Rangers, the buck stops with you, Mr Robertson.

The issue of a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) Certificate, which was issued in the close season, is predicated on what can best be described as a gentlemen’s agreement. The RIFC chairman, Dave King, who is a stranger to the truth, initially reassured SAG that there were no grounds for concern yet in a matter of months was opining on a major overhaul being required on three of the roof structures, namely those adjacent to Broomloan Road, Copland Road and Govan Road (Sandy Jardine Stand). If the late, great, and much missed Sandy was still with us, he would not stint on safety. There would be no grubby compromise to make payroll on the 29th January.

A number of RIFC employees have contacted a journalist based in Donegal to express their alarm. It was somewhat instructive that they chose not to approach anyone in the SMSM which is on the whole in thrall to RIFC’s retained PR consultants, Level 5. Phil Macgiollabhain was approached as they feared recriminations. Whistleblowers would not fare well in an employment market that is dominated by Masonic influence. This Masonic influence is inherent at Woolgar Hunter, whose C.E.O. is both ‘on the square’ and a favoured guest of the directors at Ibrox. He and WATP Gilligan are firm friends. They are cut from the same sectarian cloth.

The Woolgar Hunter recommendation was unequivocal:

The three roof structures will have to be removed as the cantilever load of the connectors has exceeded its tolerance and is in danger of imminent failure.

The Advantages of a cantilever beam are:

1. It does not require a support on the opposite side (probably the main reason you would ever have a cantilever beam).

2. It creates a negative bending moment, which can help to counteract a positive bending moment created elsewhere. This is particular helpful in cantilevers with a backspan where a uniform load on the backspan creates positive bending, but a uniform load on the cantilever creates negative bending.

The Disadvantages:

3.Large deflections.

4.Generally results in larger moments.

5.You either need to have a fixed support, or have a backspan and check for uplift of the far support.

In the Broomloan, Copland and Govan Road Stands, there is no backspan. The support, namely connectors, is fixed. Many of the connectors have failed, leaving those that are still operational bearing a load which far exceeds their tolerance. Any uplift by high winds could result in roof collapse.

Please allow me to be frank Mr. Robertson. If you do not act and at the very least postpone this game until such time as the SAG have revisited Ibrox (is the cycle every three years or longer?) Dave King will throw you under a Parks of Hamilton bus.

Mr Robertson you are an investment manager by profession, formerly employed at Hamilton Portfolio which was owned by then Motherwell FC chairman John Boyle. You served on the boards of Motherwell and the SPL with distinction. Should you wish to remain in football governance I could with relative ease envisage a bright future for you. You are risk averse and highly thought of.

However you are not dealing with John Boyle at Ibrox. You are dealing with a chairman who is a career criminal. An individual convicted of forty-one criminal counts of tax evasion. The only man in living memory to fail the SFA sniff test. The SFA set a very low bar. King tried desperately to slither under it.

In 2011, a High Court Judge in North Gauteng, castigated King. Judge Brian Southwood said that the court was “unanimous in finding that he (King) is a mendacious witness whose evidence should not be accepted on any issue unless it is supported by documents and other objective evidence. It was remarkable that King showed no sign of embarrassment or any emotion when he conceded that he had lied to the (SARS) commissioner in a number of his income tax returns. In our assessment, he is a glib and shameless liar.”

“When King described his conviction on 41 different contraventions of South African tax law as a “favourable tax settlement” the temptation was to reach for the smelling salts. There has been some amount of double-speak and rewriting of history in this Rangers farrago over the last three years and King’s revisionism took its place along with all the rest.” Tom English, BBC Scotland.

When being fed to the lions Mr. Robertson it is not the custom to lie down on a gingham checked tablecloth. King will burn you like a Wicker Man which has been soaked in kerosene. Archibald Leitch’s design, of a bolted down beam as seating, summarily failed. This resulted in 25 deaths and almost 600 injuries. Many limbs were amputated. The bolts snapped under a tolerance that they were not designed to withstand.

History is now repeating itself Mr. Robertson. Do you choose fame as a director of principle, or notoriety as a Dave King stooge?

The Year of The Hectorcist

At this time of year some look ahead to 2017 and attempt to predict what is coming down the pike. March 15 marks the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar. Caesar was warned in advance to beware The Ides Of March. David Murray would do well to heed this advice in 2017 as his denouement will play out on the 15th and 16th March at The Supreme Court. 2017 will be The Year of  The Hectorcist.

I have not come to praise you Mr. Murray I have come to bury you.

As regular readers will attest I’m not one to downplay a spade when it’s a blood strewn murder weapon.

David Murray knowingly cheated Scottish football’s Cowboys v Indians conflict by introducing a bazooka to a bow and arrow fight.

More often than not whether you’re a cowboy, or an Indian, depends on whether your vista is Celtic Park or Ibrox Stadium. But from 1988-2011 David Murray was a cowboy. His EBT infested blankets destroyed the last vestiges of sporting integrity in Scottish football.

The SFA would like you to believe that EBT were a legitimate exercise in tax avoidance. They hired a tame retired judge to reinforce this point of view. They were lying. EBT  are weapons of mass tax-evading destruction.

The EBT cheating destroyed a football club. It was reinvented and reintroduced in an act of sophisticated sophistry. Those who propagate The Big Lie are not smart enough to pull the wool over our eyes but they resonate with those who cling to the lie as if their very identity depends on it.

The effects of the initial blast, if one discounts Rangers, have been minimal. However once the BDO appeal is laughed out of the Supreme Court, an Enhanced Radiation Weapon will be unleashed that won’t be taking prisoners. The Joint Liquidators are facing a £92m claim by HMRC. They figure it’s worth punting less than one million pounds to avoid the overwhelming dilution of their disbursements.

Will Murray, The Inimitable Mr. Black, who lied through his back teeth to the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal, face sanctions?  Absolutely. He introduced EBT and sanctioned dual contracts. He helped himself to a £6.3m EBT and had the audacity to charge the club £500,000 per annum to personally supervise his tax-evasion. A typical penalty will run to 200%, which in Murray’s case is £6,678,000. Then there is annual interest to be paid on the £3,339,000 that he evaded in tax. He will be lucky if he has enough to buy a packet of tabs from £10m.

As for Barry Ferguson, the Village Idiot, he will probably go to the wall. There is not enough money/copy at The Rectum to keep his big head above water.

David Murray initiated and maintained the biggest organised cheating scandal in the history of Scottish football. As Jim Farry averted his eyes, he bent sporting integrity over and gave it a good rogering. It was never the same again.

The Rangers Tax Tribunal was held in secret because many of those under HMRC scrutiny wanted it that way. So witnesses in the Rangers case testified under codenames of colours: Mr Red, Mr Yellow and Mr Black etc

( JJ passim: The Reservoir Dogs of Rangers).

Mr. Black’s testimony was of most interest. A more apposite pseudonym would have been Mr. Black Affronted. By way of background, he was introduced thus:

While Mr Black had been involved in ‘signing and selling’ 350-400 players in 20 years of involvement at Rangers, he had not, and could not, because of all his commitments, devote any real time to detailed contractual negotiations. At the start of each football season he would meet with his manager to decide on which players might be possible recruits.”

I contend that the vast majority of these signings were bent. Maybe Merlin, Bill McMurdo junior, will be kind enough to explain how Maurice Johnstone received his signing-on fee tax free. Was he the first ever recipient of the DOS/VSS illegal tax evading instrument?

The august members of the UTT were not impressed with Mr.Black. They inquired:

Why did this powerful but busy character introduce a scheme of wholesale – and now proven to be unlawful – avoidance of NI and income tax?”

The answer is facile: so the club could gain an advantage on the pitch, a sporting advantage, by attracting and retaining players that they otherwise could not afford.

Mr Black didn’t see it as a tax wheeze at all, he said, but a football wheeze. Sadly for him if you’re now found to have been cheating the taxman you’re also cheating football – so now his unfortunate admission is a smoking gun.”

The Three Law Lords of the UTT  delivered the following damining indictment of Murray and Rangers:

Obstructive, unhelpful and evasive. Rangers were found to be tax cheats on an industrial  scale.”

All the titles and silverware from all the years Rangers cheated at football, as they cheated at tax, must be null and void and wiped from the record.

Sporting integrity is lying in a disheveled heap on the floor. It must be picked up, dusted down and restored before it’s too late.


At this time of year what better way to foster familial bonds than to sit down with a heated cognac and a Romeo & Juliet Cigar to engage in a game of Duopoly?

As Peter Lawwell is quick to point out, keeping Jack Frost at bay with his heated driveway does not come cheap. He requires a seven figure salary to keep the Fortnum and Mason wolf from his door. One of his Key Performance Indicators is season ticket sales which are rumoured to be 55,000, which is 14,000 more than last year’s tally. Celtic have been playing a little game with HMRC apropos V.A.T returns where Hector has to guess how many seats remain unsold. This year HMRC have stepped up to the plate with 5,333, but Celtic remain coy. Peter visibly blanched at their uncanny accuracy.

So all is set fair for a £500,000+ bonus as Celtic romp to six successive titles in a row. It was all getting a bit lame with the straw men of Aberdeen and Hearts to beat last season, but now Peter and Neil Doncaster’s long held plans are paying dividends with Charles Green’s facsimile club making its debut in the top tier. Peter was quick to agree with Neil that it was commercially expedient to refer to them as Rangers continued. They are both delighted that Rangers are a solid second and progressing nicely to their designated 31st runners-up slot.

However as Peter sat down in his sumptuous leather Chesterfield at his St. James club to have some supper of Beluga caviar served on Scottish oat cakes, he noticed a fly in his flute of Cristal champagne. He was quick to realise that those mutinous Requisitioners were behind this piss-poor stunt. He had no other recourse than to invite them to sit down and engage in a game of Duopoly.

The game is simple to understand. If Celtic pass go, a.k.a.win the title, they pick up a cool £2.8m from the broadcasting pot. Rangers as first runners up net £2.3m. When added to their 42,000 season ticket sales, Rangers have enough to make the top six and fulfill the Sky contract of four “Old Firm” games per season. Celtic remain the dominant partner with their Champions League revenue, with the Europa League allocated to Rangers. What could be simpler than to scratch each other’s backs to meet a common end? There are no losers in the game of duopoly.

Peter and Ian did their utmost to kick Resolution 12 into the long grass, but The Offshore Game  took up their cudgel and caused quite a stir on social media, despite a Level 5 blanket ban in The SMSM. Their reports dare not speak their name at STV, where the staff have thoughtfully recycled the turkey tin foil to make party hats. How green of them.

As in all games, there are moves one can make to improve one’s chances. Peter and Ian like the cut of Stewart Regan’s jib. They want him to remain in place despite his part in a conspiracy to grant Rangers a UEFA place that they were not due. Peter and Ian realised that Craig Whyte was a fuyant, or to use a more apposite phrase, he was at it. They could see their Old Firm x 4 slipping away, so were quite happy when the SFA lent a hand to serve the best interests of the duopoly.

However the Requisitioners need not despair. When the SFA sit down with Paul Murray’s hair at Hotel Du Vin to carve up the UEFA places, Milne and Budge will be  pressing their faces at the window of the private dining room. It will take a brass neck of Dave King proportions to shoehorn Rangers into the Europa League to fulfill the tenets of the duopoly. Does anyone doubt that they will not serve the best interests of the duopoly?

Asking The Same Question Ad Infinitum

Not for the first time my attention has been drawn to the scurrilous lies that abound on the SFM site. Someone called Homunculus who is as intellectually challenged as he is, let’s be frank, pig ugly, has been opining on this site repeatedly while hiding behind the skirt of Trisidium, Big Pink and to a lesser extent John Clark.

First of all the facts. There were no posts whatsoever on Xmas day, therefore Homo’s faux religious indignation is built on sand. I realise that little happens at SFM between comments on six articles per annum, but if one is going to have an unsolicited pop at me then try to get your facts straight. What a sad little life he must lead, hanging on my every word. As for my alleged performance at the FBA, wrong again. The Mensch collected the award on my behalf. Should he wish to highlight the plight of disenfranchised fathers, he may use any platform as he sees fit. One disenfranchised father in Australia takes his life every week.

These are the kind of real issues that you won’t read in the SFM who repackage the same questions in different articles over and over again. They claim to have a no Ad Hominem policy but allow Homo to have a go at this site. This little man has nothing to say of any merit and has evidently too much time on his hands. I contend that Brother Walfrid’s decomposed skull is more aesthetically pleasing than the photo which accompanies Homo’s diatribes.

I will continue to take the SFM to task until they put their house in order. I did not in any way suggest that I was Govan’s answer to Jonathan Swift. I’m not from Govan and if one does not like my output then why  bother to drop by? If I decide to introduce a pay wall to keep Homo from my site then so be it. In the interim Homunculus go fuck yourself.


Note to John Clark. I am neither a fantasist nor a plagiarist. My site won The Best New Football Blog Award. Your moribund site was not on the short list. From my perspective the SFM is a home for grumpy old men who attend court as they have nothing better to do with their time. Furthermore they don’t share anything that they may have gleaned from court. I cannot envisage a less effective court reporter than Mr.Clark. You took Regan to task at Potter Row. Is that your contribution to the social milieu? Is that it? You will remain blocked on Twitter. If you have anything to say on this site, bring it here. If you come with fire I’ll raze you to the ground. If you come with reason I’ll challenge it. I don’t read your site. It’s a bit too slow and slow-witted for my tastes.