A Complaint to the FCA.

I submitted the following complaint to The Financial Conduct Authority. I will publish their response as soon as they revert to me. I chose not to disclose my address due to the threat of recriminations by Mr King’s underworld contacts:

“David Cunningham King procured information that was hacked by William Stevenson from a secure database for the sum of £25,000. He subsequently released this confidential information, allegedly aided and abetted by Paul Murray and James Traynor, to discredit the former board of RIFC and cast aspersions on their integrity. He also orchestrated a campaign of civil disobedience via Craig Houston who has been rewarded for his illegal endeavours with a director’s position on related party, Club 1872. Mr King, who has been indicted for share manipulation in South Africa, personally released or via agents acting on his behalf, a series of black propaganda articles to drive down the share price to an all time low of 18 pence. The price of the equity at the IPO was 70p. When the share price hit rock bottom, Mr King acquired 14.57% of the equity and with his concert party of Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor, acquired a controlling interest in what was then a regulated LSE AIM company, which falls within the scope and remit of the FCA.

There is no doubt whatsoever about Mr King’s share manipulation. The details of his £25,000 acquisition have been revealed in court. Police Scotland visited Mr. King in South Africa, gained access to the hacked information, and chose not to charge a fellow member of their Masonic brotherhood. Police Scotland are using King’s illicitly gained information to pursue the owner of the original Rangers company,  RFC plc.

When King called an EGM to oust the former board, he claimed that he had a choice of NOMAD at his disposal. He lied. He was described by an Appeals Court Judge as ‘a glib and shameless liar.’ No NOMAD was prepared to represent any company with a convicted criminal as its chairman. Mr King has 41 criminal convictions for tax evasion. RIFC was delisted from AIM. Thousands of small investors have “lost their shirts” due to the lies and financial malfeasance of Mr King and his rogue board.

It behoves the FCA to fully investigate this matter. I contend that Mr King is guilty of blatant share manipulation, fraud and other financial misdemeanours that are incongruous to his role as a director of a U.K. PLC. I will be publishing my complaint on my popular blog site,
http://www.johnjamessite.com, which currently has fast approaching 9m hits and in excess of 1.5m distinct visits.

Justice must be seen to be done.”


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62 thoughts on “A Complaint to the FCA.”

    1. Hello again JJ, long time admirer, one time contributor, I am a full time student ( mature) who depends on student loans. I appreciate your work greatly and will contribute when I can.
      I recently watched the film The Denial (great performance from Timothy Spall) and I could not help but feel that he should have associations with all that you are trying to expose.
      I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and remain so.

  1. It’ll be ‘ keep your heid doon ‘ for a wee while then. Joking aside, are the FCA bound to act on this or are they ultra selective like the Scottish police?

  2. Meanwhile, the SFA, instead of getting after this criminality within its newest member club, prostrates itself before their Freemason brother.
    It’s all very sordid in Scotland and Scottish football.

  3. Why did that silly Andrea Radrizzani invest in LUFC and not RIFC? It’s a one word answer: fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.

    Leeds has potential and Rangers is a cash furnace.

    Anyone looking to make a football investment, will always find a better investment than Rangers can offer – rather like any club looking to loan out players will always find a better deal than Rangers can offer.

    It now takes much more than a blue tinted, hand-shakey world-view to see past these simple facts.


  4. Around 1969-1970-ish, I started traveling to various grounds to support my team. Raith Rovers is their name. Win the odd cup every 20 years or so, but I suppose we are one of those ‘diddy teams’. I always enjoyed Parkhead, the atmosphere was always brilliant, the one thing you could be sure of was that Ronnie Simpson wouldn’t score, but the other 10 would have a right go at you. Ibrox was visited once or twice, but I never liked the sinister elements to be found there. Looked like the home fans weren’t enjoying themselves either.
    Fast forward 20 years on, I took my 3 sons to a cup replay at Ibrox. Our goalie was Hamish McAlpine and some moron sitting near us thought it pertinent to inform Hamish, at length and in disgusting terms, that his wife was a Lesbian. Mrs McAlpine was seated near us and went looking for a steward to get the idiot quietened down. The mob mentality prevented the steward getting to the numpty, but some fair minded Rangers fans finally got him to shut up.

    That was the last football game I ever attended. I had exposed my sons to a holocaust of hatred and I made sure it would never happen again.

  5. Excellent.Any thoughts on forwarding your letter and indeed other documents on the Sevco/Rangers/King/Murray(Sir) fiasco to Private Eye?

    1. Maybe the SFA will find it hard to ignore this?

      On thd other hand….perhaps they would prefer a London based body to do the dirty work that dits more appropriatly but uncomfortably in their purview?

  6. The FCA like all governing bodies in the UK will be loaded up to the top man with Freemasons.
    The UK is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Mostly through Freemasonry.
    From Central Govt to local Govt to Govt contracts to the police, the Judiciary, QCs, big and small business, professional institutes, even organ donation, they’ve got it all cornered.

    1. Correct – But even the majority of the Freemasons are just like the rest of the population dumb and ignorant of what is really going on in their country and world only they are even more dumb about what goes on in their organisation. The majority of them only get to the 3rd Degree and many of them are ignorant of the fact that there are another 30 Degrees above them and think that they are in a charity raising club instead of the corrupt evil organisation that it is – Satanic just like ALL of the religions as well as exposed on this video by David Icke who I used to think was a loony just like everyone else because the mainstream media painted him that way but after decades of my own research I can say he is on the button with what he exposes :

      The Freemasons like everything else are not the force they used to be in numbers so the Elites behind everything including them have resorted to brainwashing people in positions of power all over this country and others with Saul Alinsky “Common Purpose Training” to carry out their agenda – every single political party are carrying out this same agenda as well – there is no difference between any of them.

  7. John, well done in pulling this information together. However I’d advise that you keep as close to the facts as possible.
    Whereas it may be true there are Freemason cliques protecting them via Police Scotland – just because of poor practice, I doubt there is evidence to prove this – don’t rule out just poor performance. (It is the only section in your complaint that worried me)

    Look forward to the response, I imagine you’ll be following up more than this group will do with regards looking for clarification of any of your points.

    Great site – thank you.

  8. This will get no mention in SMSM as their Level5 controlled omertà will ensure this. However the Brotherhood will be hard at work behind the scenes to bring pressure to bear upon JJ. Watch your back, front, sides and that goes for your family and friends too.

  9. I find it hard to believe that there has been no similar letter of complaint sent to the FCA. Mainly by Mike Ashley
    Its been quite a while since the hostile takeover ,plenty of time to investigate yet no action taken

  10. Has King invited the Sevco squad to SA for a winter hot training break?


    Oh how remiss of the Non Dom Chairman of a UK Plc!

    I do miss his TV interviews and the talking pish and utter lies.

  11. JJ

    I am relatively new to this site but I am impressed with your hard work and courage.

    Please be careful and think of your family. The cowardly SMSM should be asking these question not you.

    Is there any other way to donate rather than PayPal?

  12. Bravo.

    You have penned a powerful and important piece which will be read by many Rangers fans who visit this site. It will also be read by Scottish sports ‘journalists’ who will absorb the material but won’t run with it in the form of an article for the public at large.

    Incidentally, following one of your previous pieces, I did take a look at the Vanguard Bears site. It was something of an eye opener. No doubt, these gallant pioneers will see your article as an attack on their traditions.

    Consequently, I have ordered hard hats for you and other regular contributors to this excellent site.

    1. Thanks TM. The incoming from the Incubator Sect has been particularly vile today, but I now have a knack of discerning bluebottles by their titles. I therefore send them to room 101 without even opening them. Still it must be good to get things off their chest prior to joining their knuckle dragging chums in a Dantesque circle of hellfire.

      1. Thank you. The pedants and Incubator Sect are trying their best to derail me, but I will prevail and wipe egg all over their faces. What made them think that I was a performing seal to their hard-wired cynicism?

    2. TM based on previous comments made by you I got the distinct impression that you are well connected in business and politically. In your experience are there secret societies that can exert substantial influence politically, judicially and financially in the UK in the 21st century?

      Yesterday I read that the Vatican and the Knights of St John were working towards a new world order and today it’s the Masons. I know the Masons exert a strong influence in Scotland, my father in law was a grandmaster flash or whatever you call the head goat botherer. However I struggle to believe that society in the rest of the UK is in thrall to the machinations of a group of middle aged men who want to escape their wives nagging once a week.

      Please tell me that the UK’s big hitters in politics and business laugh at this nonsense.

      1. There is a Masonic Lodge in The Vatican
        Search Pope Masonic Handshake and you will see photographs of various pontiffs shaking world leaders hands in the manner of members of the craft.
        Go figure? One beauty is Pope Benedict and The Queen in full knuckle crunching glory.
        Strange that when you get to the top levels of Masonry you follow Jabal and not Christ.

  13. Are Celtic currently sunbathing in Dubai interspersed with very light training?

    Peter Lawwell does a lot of business with the ruling Sheiks.

    Look out for a young Godolfin foal to be named Celtic (Seltic).

    Look out for news of a major hotel brand.

      1. That is the best quote yet about that particular site.
        yours in sport
        Gaun the Killie

  14. Surely this house of cards is about to implode? If the FCA are getting involved, Ashley and Whyte are in court in the not too distant future, Old Mother Warburb has gone to the cupboard and found it bare, the board are turning on themselves, European football is a pipe dream and the fans are turning on their own. Is his glibness looking for a route out?

      1. hi Jj, all the very best for you and yours in 2017

        is this a question that you already know the answer to and will be the topic of your next blog.? or am i reading in between the lines too far.?

      2. Was it a deal with Ashley? Non negotiable those three get bumped off the Board?
        Return of Easdales and the two MASH preferred executives on the cards?

      3. To be replaced with Somers, Llambias and Leach? The last two years to go down in history as bankrupt disastrous?

  15. How on earth are King and Murray acceptable Directors to UEFA. Given they led Rangers FC into liquidation, racked up £180m debt and ran illegal tax evading EBTs? How could UEFA let them into European football? They corrupted European football matches with EBT players.

  16. Did Ally ask for his lost contracted pay reinstated in return for his 1.5% vote at the AGM? King refused to pay him so Ally abstained? Playing King at his own game.

  17. Hi JJ

    I’ve set up a recurring £20 per month donation via PayPal.

    If I could ask how much do PayPal charge you? I’d be happy to increase donation to cover any costs.

    Thank you for one of the best blogs on t’internet!!

  18. Are player contracts for two or three years where they don’t get paid in summer months breaking UK employment laws? Are they breaking player union rules? Are they breaking FIFA and UEFA rules?
    Does any other club in the world treat players so badly?

  19. The only comment I would have made if I was editing was the reference to the police Freemasons could have been removed and written to say the same without being so explicit hopefully they take the issue seriously.

    As other posters have said keep your identity to yourself and continue the good work you are doing.

  20. Clearly the emergency critical £2.9m loan in October was finally blown on December payday and the three Bears ain’t stumping up another penny.

    Cue super critical meeting on 31st December to scrounge funds, brain storm, discuss blame, identify scapegoats…

  21. Unfortunately everyone in the world apart from Celtic fans are part of a gigantic Masonic conspiracy to drag the club and its followers down. My sources tell me that the FCA are operating at the highest level within the network.

  22. How do you donate outside PayPal JJ? I have asked before. I also have some info you may like, ask The Mensch about the Rugby in Paris and a secluded drinking venue called La Petit Ver, he will probably click who I am and vouch for me!

  23. Speaking as a Celtic fan and in the knowledge that he has no intention of investing his funds in RFC, I am more than happy for King to remain in situ for the foreseeable future.

  24. Donation made by a supporter of independence. Keep up the good work exposing this myth of a club and the corrupt SFA.

  25. Dear JJ,

    Your previous post titled ‘Exile’ was an eye-opener. It is incredible that in Scotland in the year 2017 your well-being and very life (and that of your nearest and dearest too) can be threatened for attempting to report the truth about a football club. A FOOTBALL CLUB for God’s sake! Have we re-entered (or perhaps never left) the Dark Ages?

    I await with interest to see what action (if any) is taken over your submission to the FCA. More power to your elbow, sir.

    I finally maged to get around to arranging a small monthly donation to you via PayPal. It’s not much, but as my old granny (and possibly eveyone else’s old granny) used to say: “Every little helps.” She could be an annoying old bird at times! 🙂

    Best wishes to you and all your loved ones.

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Mind you, Roosevelt never had to report on the machinations of Dave King and co.

    1. Your Granny was right, but please be aware that my reticence apropos a paywall is the exclusion of the unwaged. There are few pleasures available to the unwaged man and woman. If this site informs, entertains and lifts their spirits then that in itself will be my reward.

  26. Private

    I do get bowled over by the frankness on this site which is up lifting. One of your contributors, Frank, said that he was unemployed and you treated him with kindness. A donation coming from me in the next few days from me on behalf of Frank, but, strictly confidential.

    It will come via Ms Nelson, my trusty EA.

    A great piece today. I suspect that the rats are jumping ship.


  27. You say you are getting defectors from the SFM site and that is obviously true but why are so many SFM commenters still contibuting financially towards an SFM office – what football forum supports an office? Do they not see that they are paying to support all big pink and Trisiums other business ventures?

    1. You make a good point. There is no need for an office or telephone. My sources contact me by e-Mail or by comments to this site, marked ‘not for publication.’ I guess the crusty old gentlemen need a a gang hut to warm their brittle bones and to keep their Jurassic Park exhibits at the right temperature.

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