Bring Me The Head of John James

I received the following from a trusted source. He marked it not for publication but I chose an excerpt to assuage the criticism of the pedants who question the veracity of everything I publish; and to inform  what can best be described as ‘the klan’ that I am on to them. Furthermore I have a source who could name and shame them, and if anything should go down, Police Scotland will have no hiding place:

The threats are real.  I know this due to being in certain circles and sorry I for one cannot divulge anymore info (self preservion) I am sure you can latch on to what I mean. I would have no part in harming or distressing you and yours as that would be abhorrent and beneath my very basic principles and to be honest if I was caught up in such a situation I would probably come down on your the underdog side and defend you. Now what I can do for you meanwhile is give you some advice on your security. This is your choice but the offer is genuine and Bill knows me personally and my word is solid. Now don’t think for a second I have taken to you or your opinion NO CHANCE but I am a human with children and grandchild and will not stand by and watch a burning at the stake scenario.”

When I started this site with the zeal of a cub investigative reporter I knew that sooner or later I would be confronted with Pandora’s Box.

“Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days. The “box” was actually a large jar given to Pandora which contained all the evils of the world.”

I chose to open the box, but when the evils of the world engulfed I had no choice but to choose exile:

There is a clear and present danger to John James.

I’m open to your offer of advice on my security. I can reassure you that I won’t publish anything sent to me in confidence.

Even in this site’s finest hour, your beleaguered author had to approach the Football Blogging Award organisers and request that they did not publish any photographs. My right hand man, The Mensch, collected the award on my behalf and if I may say so perfectly captured the viscissitudes of the Family Courts with an impassioned plea for disenfranchised fathers.

I had a choice of 15 minutes of fame or 15 months in a Glasgow Scale Coma.


46 thoughts on “Bring Me The Head of John James”

      1. Gents as much as I welcome a bit of Thai there are other readers not in on the exchange. Please throw it open to the floor in English s’il vous plait ( my little joke.)

      2. Noted JJ. While I was concerned about your safety I think Mr. Daley had access to an online Thai dictionary. Rather poor taste really!

  1. I think warnings to you by ‘friendly’ Sevco guys is yet another psychological leverage to instil fear. It’s more pish.

    Being pally and letting u know it’s for real is simply part of the terror scare tactic. They want to scare you to shut you up. Because they can’t get to you, don’t know who you are and would be actually fearful to act.

    If the police had intelligence they would act. They are not Sevco sympathisers to the point of endangering you.

    You should consider applying for a concealed firearms permit. Shoulder holster and pistol when in the UK. People with direct specific threats to life are entitled to do so to protect themselves and family. Go through Special Branch in London via The Mensch’s wife. Get a shotgun license as well. No need to mention specific threats. Crossbows and handheld crossbows are useful and need no licenses.

    These cowards soon lose their nerve when they learn a target isnt soft but highly capable and armed. In the USA you and your family would have multiple firearms as a matter of course.

    Ironically, even the SMSM are targeting Glib now with the observations you have made. Have you been right all along? Are the guys threatening you real Rangers supporters or real Glib supporters. There is a difference. Do they have a face to face relationship with King or Murray? Or Gilligan? Or Gough?

    The truth is clear that blogs like this and Celtic supporters blogs criticising the King Board are doing ordinary Rangers fans a favour by holding King’s feet to the fire. Where ordinary Rangers fans cannot for fear of bully boy retaliation among their own worst supporters. King being criticised is good for the club. As is Lawwell being criticised. But it’s not good for King or his cronies.

    Celtic fans tearing into King, Rangers, Freemasonry, police, SMSM, Referees, SFA…. is merely good sport, to be expected and par for the course.

    1. I’m afraid that a member of the public carrying a “concealed firearm” is a non starter and a work of fiction. As is the ownership of a pistol. Check out the Firearms Act. Anybody who owns a crossbow or shotgun anywhere in the UK and who threatens to use it against any perceived enemies will find that the boys in blue will soon be around to confiscate it.

      1. Confiscate it? And the rest. Barret. 50’s ‘advice’ is so littered with illegalities that one must surmise he wishes harm to the site’s host. The only other explanation is deep ignorance of the law. You need a licence now for an airgun FFS.

      2. I have known of people in the early 1990’s in the UK with credible threats against their lives issued with pistols under license to defend themselves.

        I do not know why Dunblane would have effected this necessity. In comparison to gun club nuts.

        For example Salman Rushdie would have been issued a Glock if he had requested one. JJ is Scotland’s Salman Rushdie publishing his Ibrox Satanic Verses.

        Reading the original post, there’s no mention of shotgun or crossbow threats. Merely ownership. I presume the poster is saying, look if you own these things and it’s known, people leave you alone.

        All farmers in the dark countryside own shotguns. They don’t threaten anyone but people know they own them and farmers are left well alone by burglars etc… simple ownership is a deterrent.

    2. I nearly wet myself laughing at “shoulder holster and pistol” you seriously lack an understanding in the Firearms Act.

      A section 5 firearm is extremely hard to prove a genuine requirement for. Even vets only get special humane despatch pistols which in reality are two shot revolvers (cylinder capacity of 2 rounds only).

      Also carrying ANYTHING with the preemptive thought of its use as a weapon (even in pure self defence) is a crime in the UK whether it’s a machine gun, rocket launcher, knife, katana or especially large dildo: if you took it in public to use as a weapon it’s an offensive weapon and you will go to jail and not pass go.

      It’s much easier to just make a gun, P. A. Luty made a working sub-machine gun from nothing but parts and tools from B and Q and detailed how to do it in his book. Unfortunately he actually made it for real and published the fact so went to jail.

      Strangely handguns are not prohibited in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, same with semi-automatic rifles (which are prohibeted in mainland UK with the exception of .22LR chambered rifles).

      1. Good morning Vietnam you are talking rubbish. Are you seriously suggesting that untrained civilians and a book writer were issued with “glock” handguns to protect themselves. Rushdie got Police protection for several years but that was it. You’ve been reading the same works of fiction as Barret.50

    3. Speaking about good sport and ripping into your friends look what SFM are now doing! Good old Big Pink and his mini-me are hoisting their commenters by the ankles and shaking out every last penny. The message is for feck sake make more comments as I can’t be arsed to make this a blog, and send me the money – I have other things to do than this you stupid c*nts.

  2. keep going JJ. You are assuming greater importance than any newspaper in Scotland. The go-to site for the truth. Every The Rangers fan reads you but pretend otherwise. It’s been a long time coming; from fanzines in the 80s, crystallising now with your blog. Selfishly speaking, its great you are in a different time zone now, as I get my articles super early in the morning. Don’t think you are missing anything in Scotland; dark and miserable all winter.

  3. “Distressing you” is precisely the strategy at work here.

    It’s psychological warfare.

    They tried to get to you with the Gough’s Lawyer message nonsense. Now this friendly Rangers fan advice.

    If “Bill” is Merlin, I’d take all this with a pinch of salt. Merlin wants to shut you up. He called you a sick puppy. He might actually be behind this curious manoeuvre. He would enjoy the kudos of being the guy who tricked you into irrational fear to shut you up.

    Phil MacGiollabhain walks Glasgow and Scotland at his leisure, sometimes broadcasting in advance his locations such as theatres for his plays. Zero trouble.

    1. I’m going to let your comment stand but state that I disagree that Bill is in any way behind this. In the beginning I was made aware of the forces background of my source. The other information that I did not publish checks out.

  4. Fair play to you and people like you who continue to get the truth and evidently informed opinion out there despite the obvious risks to both reputation and health.
    I personally don’t give two f-ks for bullies or intimidation myself and in your position would continue to get on with presenting the facts as facts and conjecture as such.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the eejits drag you down.

  5. You clearly have many enemies who don’t care how they close your great site. Don’t make their victory easy by throwing in the towel. People support the truth. Donation made and more power to your elbow.

  6. When the evils of the world were released from Pandora’s box, all that remained was hope. The people who try to intimidate you do so in an attempt to kill that hope, that belief that you hold that the information that you provide is making a difference and will ultimately change things for the better. Don’t ever let anyone crush your belief that you can and will make a difference.

  7. It breaks my poor heart to tune in here and, instead of a blog about the goings on at the club masquerading as Rangers, more threats on your person.

    JJ, with these threats escalating, one wonders if it mightn’t behoove you to take a different tack and resurrect the blog under another name.

    Use your cloak of relative anonymity to its fullest and “fake the death of JJ/sitonfence”. Then, when the “coast is clear”, make a glorious return and blow the SMSM, the glib one and Sevco oaway once and for all.

    1. Frank. I don’t think it is in J.J.s remit to blow away the Club, just the people who are criminally running the show, I am sure he will correct me if my perception is wrong. This Club never had a chance after King and Co took the helm and is now in a total self destruct mode.there are good people at Ibrox and good supporters, Football People who if given the chance might bring some integrity back to Ibrox and help foster a regime that could earn some respect. This will never happen under current management and mentalty.

      1. My Irish friend, I fear you are misinformed. There a no “good people” at Ibrox, or at least very few and none in the higher echelons.

        The entire club is built on the dark heart of freemasonry. Right down to the very bricks and mortar – ever wondered why the entrance looks the way it does or why it was built where it is (way outside of the limits of Glasgow) in 1899?

        My dear wife was an avid researcher of the paranormal history of Scotland and a friend of the author of this book

        Thee is more to Sevco than meets the eye – more even that JJ dares mention.

        I hope in due course that this blog will become the font of truth (as it has ever been) and expose the institution formerly known as Rangers for what they truly are. As you can see from the threats made on JJs life and limb, their influence is terrifying. I won’t write any more for fear of placing our friend JJ into further peril – that is his prerogative but I shall willingly provide info outside here if you wish to hear it.

  8. JJ

    Do you have any boxing experience?
    Knowing how to counter an attack and throw a solid blow will win most street fights against idiots.
    It’s scary to think about but being ready for anything could save your life.

    Some of those hardcore rangers guys still live in a UVF battle culture and would see you as big scalp to silence the bloggers.
    You could maybe reach out to the Celtic Soccer Casuals,or Phil’s IRA boys,to work as bodyguards when you have to jet into Scotland for business like winning awards for fearless,groundbreaking journalism .

    Keep your chin up ,you’re winning the fight

  9. If anyone has an interest in the governance (I use that word loosely) of Scottish football and the Ibrox narrative, this has become the go-to site. Facts, not spin. Insights, not lazy analysis. Saying it AS IT IS.

    From day one, you have called it right, and your SFA articles have been particularly informative to me. With regard to King, you nailed him way before you created this site when we contributed to the LSE share site.

    The mob wanted him at the helm. Yes, a Real Rangers Man with a Rangers pedigree. The blue blazer, the tie, former board member. The real deal.

    But of course he isn’t. He is an empty vessel, a fraudster and gained control by reaching out to the masses and promising a future which he is incapable of delivering.

    Many fans bought into this and I am aware that many feel well and truly ‘mugged’. Not just by King but the continuous spin which emanates from Ibrox and the media as a whole.

    And that is why they are increasingly reading this site. I suspect that the fans who garlanded King back into Ibrox now feel duped. They have lost money and are now starting to lose hope.

    You have been spot on with the Rangers narrative. And I understand why the fans would be angry.

    But, hey, I would suggest that they take their anger out on the villain of the show, Dave King, rather than this site of excellence.

    King has been exposed consistently on this site and with unerring accuracy.

    If that eventually results in regime change at Ibrox, the club may have an opportunity put in place fiscal prudence, which has been lacking for twenty five long years. But with King at the helm, this club will struggle to survive.

    The Rangers fans who threaten you, shamefully, should reflect and thank you for giving them facts and insights which are unavailable to them at Ibrox.

  10. Doesnt suprise me JJ. Journalists, if can call them that, have been threatened as well. Your fellow fans need you to break it down and simplify all matters surronding the shennanigans that go on at ibrox. Houston was easily bought off and is shafting his fellow fans big style. Hats off to you JJ and keep the site going.

    1. Houston needs quietly told to wind his neck in on all matters Rangers and presume a lower profile. He needs to stay away from Whyte’s court cases.

      For the club to have such a character visibly involved high profile with the club is evidence of how low the standards have fallen.

      Mindsets and free flowing wrongful Rhetoric end up with this sort of thing:

      It might not be certain people making the vile comments but people in leadership positions are creating the cultural backcloth to it all.

  11. When people are duped they tend to shoot the messenger or deflect blame to cover the embarresment of been duped. From the book of dupery or is it?
    Keep safe and ever vigilant

  12. Hi ‘The Mensch’,

    I hope you are in full rude health (emphasis on rude).

    I was saying to JJ you will be able to vouch for me, I think we both know who we are , Paris and rugby may chime a few bells!!!

    I know I can assist your man with information, protection and indeed, because we all need it, financial support.

    The Klan can not be allowed to succeed, as you say JJ is only protecting the old lady not abusing her like Kingco.

    I hope we can catch up soon


    1. Two points:
      1. TM does not know who you are. You are either mistaken or have a more sinister objective.
      2. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but as I know TM has become a target for the klan I’ll be keeping a close eye on you.

  13. Another first class insight into the truth, which smsm journalists don’t have.They have niether the inclination, courage or intelligence to do what they are paid handsomely to do, sad quislings one and all. Keep it up, donation on the way via PayPal, thanks again for your courage and conviction.

  14. TM

    That’s what they call hitting the nail directly on the head

    JJ – on to footy matters, do you have any hint of the cash position at Ibrox as we sit in January with barely a penny of income in sight for weeks?

    Best wishes to JJ & all the contributors for 2017


    1. They are limping forward financially until the Scottish Cup tie against Motherwell. Matt Lindsay of The Herald wrote an ‘article’ that was an unabashed advert for this tie. Level 5 are all over this. The leak of Robertson’s salary is an L5 production.

  15. JJ modest contribution made to your website earlier this week, it may have been modest but rest assured it’s more than I’ve spent on newspapers this past twenty years.
    Your articles are always very well written, informative and lift the lid on all the goings on with King and his cohorts at Ibrox.
    Keep up the good work and next time I’m on the roof top bar ‘Saigon Saigon’ I’ll raise a toast to your good health.

      1. HCMC is nice. But it compares poorly to VT. Much cleaner and the sea air helps clear out the cobwebs

  16. Kudos to you jj for pursuing this story with such vigour, for so long. I am deeply disturbed by recent events, and hope that the severity of your immediate situation will subside, and quickly.

    I was a regular contributer to RTC and SFM, but grew increasingly disinterested due to the circular nature of the discussion on those pages…..that said I have noticed your ire towards SFM and am unclear why you have parted from such ‘kindred spirits’. Forgive me if i have made an obvious oversight but like I say I have disengaged from this story, and these days I rely on the occasional visits to these pages to keep abreast of matters down Govan way. Happy new year to you and your contributors.

    1. There are individuals who post on SFM who hang on my every word and criticise each and every article.I have little interest in their circular arguments and the rants of grumpy old men railing against the dying of the light.

  17. Hi jj
    These guys are full off shit take them on head on I’ve been there and I’m still here anyone can be a gangster believe me

  18. Hi, tried on a few occasions but paypal donate button does not work have donated before using papal but not any more tells me An error occurred during processing. Please try again. any idea what the problem is thanks. cath

    1. Cath, PayPal has not caught up with IPhones and tablets. One of my regular contributors had similar problems. I advised that he use his laptop or server. His donation went through.

  19. Hi JJ, just sent £20 for some coffee and croissants! Have donated a fair bit in my time as a reader my friend, but been caught up in work with my new employer, so not been on as much. Hope you are well and my donation reaches you swiftly! Will keep donating £20 per month as I believe this is good value as I don’t buy newspapers as I prefer my news lamb free. Keep up the good work!!!!! Regards TG

    PS my good lady says hello as well and she wishes you well!!!!

    1. Hi Tony, it was a pleasure to meet you and your good lady at the FBA awards evening. Your continued support is the lifeblood of this site. Best wishes to you both for 2017. Can I count on your vote in the FBA International category?

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