The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, no one dares to say that they don’t see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as “unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent”. 

Are the SMSM wary of being deemed unfit, stupid and incompetent when they declare that the team playing in 32 Red sponsored strips is Rangers continued?

FIFA, SPFL, SFA, ECA, even Advertising Standards Authority, all recognise Rangers as same club.” Graham Ruthven – Twitter.

Mr Ruthven is a freelance football writer with a deft line on football in the Middle East. One would have thought he could have confined himself to the plight of Palestinian football where a wall pass takes on an entirely new meaning; or to examine why Israel participate in UEFA  competitions. He could even have looked at the corruption behind Qatar’s successful World Cup bid and followed the money all the way to numbered accounts in Swiss francs. An interesting article would be one where he followed a line of inquiry on the following topic:

‘Having difficulty qualifying for the World Cup? Don’t despair. For a mere CHF 5,000,000 you can qualify as hosts.’

However, Mr Ruthven, who lists STV and The Guardian on his resume, decided to toss his hat into the ring of liquidation denial which is fast becoming Scotland’s national sport. I have dealt with the prosaic facts of the matter in granular detail, but no matter how much I can lead a flogged horse to water, I cannot make it drink.

The Trading Style that is Rangers continues in ethereal form. For some the belief in a continued Rangers is an article of faith:

Real Rangers Men believe in our unbroken history from 1872.”

I recall a contributor to this site who asserted that in time Charles Green’s Sevco Scotland, trading as The Rangers Football Club, would be accepted as Rangers. As one enters a fifth year of liquidation denial the impetus to expose this convenient mythology remains unabated. TRFC are a new club followed by the fans of the old club. It’s simple to comprehend, unless you have an agenda.

Despite Peter Lawwell’s statement that Celtic are a standalone club who can sustain itself irrespective of a Rangers team playing at Ibrox, the cash registers at the Celtic box office do not chime with his rhetoric. The majority of CFC fans love nothing more than putting Rangers to the sword. The current iteration, the renascent Rangers, are a pin cushion facsimile of the old club. If beating Rangers is your bag, then invest in a hold-all as the victories will come thick and fast. I anticipate three more pin cushion games this season, with the third in The Scottish Cup Final, if the SFA can swing it.

Should Ashley prevail in March an administration event will be inevitable. King conned the investors in RIFC just as easily as he duped the Rangers fans. He had absolutely no intention of over investing in Rangers. He merely wanted to bathe in the Upper Clyde, his personal Ganges, and wash away his criminal past. However the SFA unraveled his new tunic when he failed their ‘fit and proper’ sniff test. King is bailing out. Douglas Park is spitting blood at King for not stepping up to the plate. King, Murray and WATP were not present at Ibrox on Hogmanay. Ashley has King bang to rights. A £5m hit could not be accommodated. Murray approached Brian Kennedy to offer him King’s 14.57% at a premium. Kennedy, who can read the runes just as easily as I can, will sit tight and await insolvency, which will almost certainly occur some time between March and the close season. If March, a points deduction will give Warburton a ready-made excuse for his team’s abject showing.

Mr. Ruthven has stepped into a minefield. The only member of his list who can see The Emperor’s New Clothes is Neil Doncaster at the SPFL. Doncaster, who sells Scottish Football to Sky Sports on the basis of four ‘Old Firm’ games per season, has skin in this game. One does not require an MBA to see his agenda.

As for the ASA, Audheid’s succinct response was one of his best:

ASA have as much authority on subject as Griegs to proclaim on the Hadron Colliders efficacy as an oven.”

The SFA have never gone on the record to proclaim Charles Green’s basket of assets as Rangers continued. They have treated TRFC as a new club in their Scottish Cup qualifying games. Their actions speak louder than words.

There are so many rebuttals to the continuation mythology that I could write several thousand words on the matter, or include just one photograph of Andrea Traverso:

The ‘incoming’ for the liquidation deniers will be a blitzkrieg. Next up will be the coefficient blues. Rangers centenary year triumph in the 1972 Cup Winners Cup Final will count for nought in the coefficient of TRFC. UEFA’s perspective is that TRFC is a new club, and as country coefficients are being phased out, should Rangers participate in UEFA tournaments in 2017/2018 they will do so with a duck egg for a coefficient.

However this egg might be all over their faces should UEFA take a look at how TRFC have ridden a coach and horses through their FFP regulations. A punitive fine and one year suspension could be the sting in the tail.

From where I’m standing, King is bollock naked. I’m evidently not made of the right stuff for the SMSM.


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66 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  1. Many teams have driven a division of tanks through UEFA’s FFP regulations, Manchester City are one, yet every time UEFA back down … I don’t know why you are so confident or appear to hope that this time they will take action,

    1. There are examples of teams that have been sanctioned under these FFP rules but I, like you, suspect that on this occasion, no sanction will be forthcoming from UEFA and that sevco will take their place in the Europa qualifiers should they achieve the necessary league finish to allow this to happen. No doubt the above will be facilitated at every turn by Messrs Regan and Doncaster hiding behind the justification that they are simply speaking up for one of their member clubs! It’s amazing that a club that is already trading whilst insolvent is adding to its costs with more acquisitions………albeit the deals being struck now undoubtedly involve the parent clubs paying the bulk of the wages. Since 2012 the failure to cut their cloth has been the dominant theme of life at Ibrox. Disgraceful really.

      JJ………I’m new to your blog but have been bitten by the bug. I’m currently unwaged but would consider a contribution to allow you to consider your investigations. Excellent stuff.

  2. 5 years ago it would have been possible to own up to cheating and ask for forgiveness. Dishonestly gained titles would of course be disbursed to the honest teams. Forgiveness might have been offered.
    A brand new club could be formed wearing the same jerseys as the old club. Already this club would have won Div3 , Div2 and Div 1 and a Petrofac trophy. A remarkable success story for any newcomer club.
    The new club could have insisted on non sectarian songs and joined the 21st century.
    Later this year the new club that did none of the above will sink into liquidation. The question for the next Phoenix club will be- Have they learned how to live within a budget and can they repeat the rise in the ranks of Scottish football without the sectarian knuckle draggers? Or are they doomed to keep making the same mistakes all over again?

    1. Fisiani, they have moved things up a notch with knuckle draggers now on the board and others in situ at Ibrox and Murray Park, given jobs for their part in the King inspired boycott and instigating the trouble at the Hearts game a couple of years ago.
      Graham even got a non exec post on one of the board’s for his contribution to the King revolution, currently at a standstill with reverse the most likely next direction.

    2. If this new club do go into admin / liquidation there will be someone like Kennedy waiting in the wings to resurrect them. There’s no danger of them having to repeat the journey either. The SPFL / SFA would never allow any decisions to be sidetracked by fan power again.

      The continuity myth / ethereal club & holding company mantra would be slavishly adhered to from the start and there would be no MSM death notices either, they’ve learnt their lessons from 2012. It would be reported as a friendly takeover of a slightly distressed company. Nothing can kill this lot off, not even death or unpaid taxes.

    3. “The new club could have insisted on non sectarian songs and joined the 21st century”

      Absolutely never on the cards.

      They can get that at most clubs up and down the country. It doesn’t sell many tickets.

      Every Rangers club at Ibrox has to be sectarian Catholic hating to make money. Change that and the cash cow bigots melt away. They won’t travel fifty miles not to get their illegal bigotry.

      1. Forget about their Northern Ireland bigots jetting in to partake and spend their Ulster Bank notes.

  3. I’m sure a correspondence from a real journalist like yourself to inform eufa of the facts wouldn’t do any harm even if it’s just to confirm from them that in fact sevco won’t be allowed to con their way into the Europa cup in front of teams who actually play by the rules and pay their face painters and such like

    1. Berahino’s market value seems to go up by the day, 10, 13 (transfermarkt), 17, 20 and now £25m.

      Is the latter figure to trump the supposed offer for Demebele, So it looks as though Sevco pay the same fee as Celtic but trump the alleged market value?? Risible.!

      Berahino will move abroad or to an EPL team and make middle of the road salary of maybe £60/70k per week, he has a £60k offer on the table now at WBA albeit once again in dispute with the manager who seems to be at the end of his tether. £17m was turned down for this guy earlier and he spat the dummy at the move refusal. Who would want that attitude at a club. I suspect Pulis would keep him in the reserves rather than get a £500k pittance for the petulant player, I certainly would.

      Another ex-Brentford loanee though, is he carrying an injury?

      As I stated in an earlier blog, Sevco going for a record number of potential new players in one transfer window. Jabba picks out a new name each day from the list of players whose contract is up end of season.

      1. Yet another squirrel to add to the veritable scurry. The standard of loanees recruited in the current window shows the market the admirable Warburton is operating in.

      2. Jabba is clearly an apostle of H. L. Mencken,

        ‘Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

        But that doesn’t mean you can’t still go broke, again (sic).

  4. Great stuff JJ. Not really new subject matter, but a timely reminder and not in my view overdone. For the most part the issue seems to be wishful thinking overpowering legal and sporting realities. That’s fine when you are talking about using a brand to sell things. Branding rights were in the basket of assets. I even get how the fans can buy into it – we’ve all heard the fairystories about how if you want something badly enough and really really believe in it….

    What’s really beyond the pale though is the complicity of the SPFL and SFA in forcing this in a sporting capacity through the award of historic trophies and the public statements. The UEFA statement showed this for the sham it was.

    The Emperors crown may have been pawned, but that doesn’t make the new owner the Emperor.

    1. The responsibility is with the national football association to stop new clubs using any legal branding rights of Liquidated clubs to muddy the water and pass themselves off as the old historic club.
      The national association are the custodians of the checks and balances in the game to govern football rules and sporting integrity.
      Unfortunately, in Scotland, the SFA deliberately and maliciously undermine sporting integrity, break their own rules, which charles Green proved legally in court, and favour one club above all others to the point of corrupting the game in their favour, including corrupted Rangers supporting referees and linesmen.

  5. To put a new twist on an old saw, there are lies, damned lies and liquidation denials.

    The façade has already been rent asunder by Uefa. It’s strange that a professional freelance journalist should be so ready to risk whatever reputation he has to regurgitate Rangers Media nonsense.

  6. As much as I enjoy Celtic putting the tribute act to the sword I’d happily see them gone for good. Rangers reincarnation as Sevco has provided some of the worst elements of our society an ongoing platform to spread their poison and threaten those who challenge it. Celtic need a genuine sporting rival but at what cost to Scottish society? I wouldn’t entertain taking my son to a match vs Sevco.

    1. Where exactly do you think these people will go if Sevco go bust and there is no feasible 3rd incarnation? Will these people just give up being cretins and bigots? I rather suspect not. They will find another outlet. Instead of being contained in a football context, they may well find more intrusive methods of promoting their ‘culture’. Be careful what you wish for.

    2. It is indeed a platform for darkness, poison and threats. It houses a gangster and terror culture where large numbers threaten the individual.
      Mr Super and others are happy to use the thinly veiled threat to induce fear in an individual to their benefit. Regan and the SFA are happy to use the possibility of such unrest as an excuse to do the wrong thing to assist TRFC. We all see through it.
      JJ suffers the threats as an individual daily. By simply being a purveyor of truth. And as such Daily demonstrates the darkness, poison and threats.

  7. Ah but JJ according to Jacko Warburton ‘ s contact book will save the day, just look at the quality of the two new loanees.
    Odds are that Jacko plagiarised a Level 5 release, jumbled the words around a bit and hey ho, another exclusive!
    Reading his piece on line this morning had me in stitches…..apart from the gullible target audience does he not realise that he and his ilk are a source of fun and scorn by everyone else.

  8. It has been brought to my attention that a number of prospective donors are not familiar or comfortable with PayPal. There have been requests for an alternative. Those wishing to donate directly to a bank account in the U.K. may do so if a level of comfort can be established on my part. I would ask those who can use PayPal to continue to do so, but if you’re as gilt-edged as The Mensch, then my pilot scheme will be slowly introduced. If you’re unwaged or can only afford 25p per week as is the case with many of my donors, then this avenue is not necessary.

    1. Be careful JJ, be very careful. Would it not be possible if not easy to trace a bank account to anywhere in the world? If I were you I’d stick to the tried and trusted method of Paypal, yes you might receive extra funds, but is that worth risking your anonymity?

    2. I have tried on a number of occasions to donate via PayPal without any success. Accordingly I would be happy to use any alternative system as I am keen that you continue the good work.

    3. I have endeavoured to increase my recurring payment on PayPal without success.

      Has anyone managed to figure it out?

  9. Well, come Saturday we will see the rifc go into Europe??? when they take on RB Leipzig , I wonder how many innocent people will be thrilled at Glasgow airport when being introduced to their full repertoire of hate and bile, while later the Germans look on with mouth open wondering wtf its all about.
    Would it not have been easier to just go down to Manchester or somewhere opps they’ve been there already.

  10. Dear John

    I have read your site since your very first article and now enjoy reading it every day, I hope you continue as I really enjoy your work.

    I’ve never donated as I don’t have this paypal and as a bit of an old timer I doubt I ever will. If you can contact me with a way I can go into my bank and ask them to pay to you as thank you for all your work to date.

    Look forward to hearing more from “The Bears”.

    Kind Regards

    Simon Millward

  11. Interesting to hear about Graham Ruthven. This is the same chap who libelled an English EPL player a few years back, argued the case then deleted the tweets.

  12. Love, love your writing…. all the way from Australia.
    A question I have though, is, when will the liqidation be completed? The wy I see it is that as long as Rangers FC Ltd is not declared as fully liquidated people will continue to think of TRIFC as RFC Ltd.
    What do you think?

    1. BDO’s risible appeal and two claims by Whyte/Law will have to be resolved to bring matters to a close. If BDO have their way it will run into another year and beyond. The Supreme Court ruling should bring the curtain down, unless Whyte/Law’s claims hold water.

  13. Good evening JJ. I hope you are savouring a similar refreshing cool evening breeze as I am here in HV.

    I’m interested to get your view on Jackasses article apropos the Lying King not living up to his promises made to the Perpetual Gullibles… Quelle horreur!
    I guess the imminent (ahem) signing of Berahino should soothe their disappointment….

    1. I had a look at it, but to be frank there was nothing of any import. I flagged the absence of all 3 of the leading lights in the directors box some time ago. There was no need for a rehash of common knowledge.

  14. “FIFA, SPFL, SFA, ECA even Advertising Standards Authority, recognise Rangers as same club” — Graham Ruthven, Twitter.

    All of the above refer to the bent Nimmo Smith Commission as the quasi legal finding on the issue. The NS Report remains a satanic bible against sporting integrity and Scots Law.

    Five of the most senior Law Lords in Scotland have clearly informed SFA and Sevco Rangers QCs in the Court of Session, IT IS NOT THE SAME CLUB. The Sevco Rangers QC agreed with their Lordships stating “it is a concept the law has to catch up with” thus qualifying his own knowledge on the issue beyond his client’s instructions.

    1. I’m pretty sure the head of the advertising standards authority stated that they would have come to a different conclusion if they had had all the facts but are unable to change their report after it is made.
      I may be wrong it was a long to ago and the memory is failing a bit!

    1. The phrase ‘jump the shark’ came from an episode of ‘Happy Days’ where the cliffhanger ending involved whether or not ‘The Fonz’ would be able to ski-jump over a shark to safety.

      In other words… What was the point of no return for it being ridiculous?

      When did it (the show, etc.) ‘jump the shark’?

  15. If King is bailing OUT, who is the reckless soul who will be jetting IN?

    This club has had ‘For Sale’ notices all over it for around fifteen long years now. During much of that time, SDM managed to convince the bank to prop it up. And when the props were removed, it swiftly collapsed into a sea of mediocrity coupled with continued fiscal vandalism.

    Incidentally, I did love your reference to King bathing in his very own soul cleansing Ganges, the Upper Clyde. Great stuff.

  16. Cape Town has some great Sunny weather at the moment 27-32C with 19C at night.

    SA needs tourists to support it and its only a direct flight away from London.

    I’d be interested to ask lots of people there what they think of David Cunningham King and report back.

    Did Gough live there or have a connection with SA? Where did Gough come from?

    Are there any South Africans come in here? Any gossip on King?

    1. Born in Sweden to a Scottish father (former Charlton Athletic player Charlie Gough) and Swedish mother, Gough grew up in South Africa, went to school at King Edward VII and Highlands North High School in Johannesburg, and began his career playing with the Wits University club.

  17. if you say something often enough, it can become perceived as “fact”, alas for yourself, the supporters of CFC and the resolution 12 mob, saying it often enough doesn’t make it “fact”
    if you view things through the prism of a pre disposed bias you tend to focus only on the information that supports that bias and disregard more salient information.

    there is no compunction on the SFA, Uefa or even the board of CFC to accede to the bias of football fans and bloggers who are by and large anonymous, when there is more concrete and factual opinion on the subject.

    Lord Glennie…CSOH%2095.html

    [1] This is a petition for judicial review by the Rangers Football Club plc, a company presently in administration. That company presently operates Rangers Football Club (to whom I shall refer as “Rangers”). Rangers are members of the Scottish Football Association (“the SFA”), and are bound by the Articles of the SFA and by the Judicial Panel Protocol which sets out the disciplinary rules relating to the conduct of members of the SFA and the conduct of disciplinary proceedings to enforce such rules
    Club founded in 1872. It became part of a company ie. Incorporated in 1899 and its corporate identity was Rangers Football Club PLC. Until then Rangers and most other clubs were simply clubs and did not have to take on a legal form. The company did not have 140 years of history in any case (2012-1899 = 113 years) – the club did.

    BDO Liquidators
    “It’s important to understand that the appointment of liquidators will not mean the end of football at Ibrox – only the end of the company that ran the club,”

    HMRC – “the liquidation route does not prejudice the proposed sale of the club. This sale can take place either through a CVA or a liquidation.”

    I omitted Lord Nimmo Smith’s determination on undertakings as it seems too difficult a concept for some people to grasp (that pre disposed bias seems to get in the way of comprehension)

    Now if I was Reagan or Doncaster, whose opinion would I side with in such a matter?

    HMRC and BDO who have some considerable experience in these matters, and whose assessment is supported by two experienced law lords

    Anonymous Bloggers and fans of a rival club, whose assessment is supported by the passing remarks of Junior Council and a judge who were determining on another matter altogether

    It’s a toughie

    1. If we take those in turn.

      The first simply affirms what is the point in law, which is that the incorporated club and the company are in fact one and the same thing, an indivisible single entity – “It became part of a company ie. Incorporated in 1899 and its corporate identity was Rangers Football Club PLC.”

      BDO were in the business of trying to extract maximum money for the creditors of the failed business – it’s in their interest to talk up the value of the remaining assets. No one has said that football at Ibrox should cease to exist, just that the club operating there shouldn’t be trying to pretend it’s the same one that has been there for over 100 years.

      HMRC says the same thing.

      The reality, as expressed in the most recent cases, is that Sevco bought a “basket of assets” from the liquidators and created a new club using the body parts of the old, now In liquidation, club called Rangers. All of the above statements can be used to both confirm or deny the continuation myth

      There have been many analogies used, but the best one I like is the kit car approach. You can take the engine, gearbox, brakes, control system from donor car(s) (clubs) and create a new vehicle which can look just like the old one, though it probably won’t go as fast, and in the eyes of the law has a different registration plate and will never be the old car, being built from a variety of new bits, old bits and some shiny fibre glass bodywork.

      There was a time to come clean and do this properly, which sadly seems to have passed, but it won’t go away.

      Deep down I think many TRFC fans know that they’re watching and supporting a facsimile kit car of the club they supported before.

      1. Grab the Grass
        “The company did not have 140 years of history in any case (2012-1899 = 113 years) – the club did.” – Lord Glennie

        “only the end of the company that ran the club,” – BDO

        “This sale (of the Club) can take place either through a CVA or a liquidation.” – HMRC.

        there is no ambiguity in these statements and they support Nimmo Smith’s determination that a club is an undertaking capable of being owned and operated and transferred between owners.

        BDO and HMRC are well versed in such matters having encountered variations of such situations countless times over the years, whether they have more expertise than your average Celtic fan (who appear to have an expertise in every field from taxation to civil engineering) is debatable lol

        if I was Reagan or Doncaster I would tend to come down on the side of those whose opinion is couched in experience and expertise.

      2. There is no higher court apropos expertise than the Inner House of The Court of Session. They dismissed the continuation of Rangers as a metaphysical construct. This is Scots Law Jim, the law of the land. You make your case well but Charles Green, the architect of the renascence, dismissed Rangers continued out of hand. So when choosing who to believe, why would I dismiss Green and the Inner House? It’s a nice fable, just like Santa Claus. But it’s time to put away childish things.

      3. JJ
        I’ve reviewed the decision of the Inner House and see no mention of a metaphysical construct or any reference or determination made on Rangers continuation in the Judgement
        if it isn’t detailed in the judgement it isn’t “Scots Law” merely one part of an argument that may, or may not, have been used in making a decision on a related matter.
        believing the Inner House made any form of Judgement on Rangers continuation is the “fable”

        in reality it’s a moot point, we both know the Governing bodies can’t and won’t be stripping any titles, it would be an exercise in futility

    2. You should E Mail all of the above to the current owners of the Bradford Bulls, the previous owners of Chester City as I am fairly certain they will be delighted to find out going bust has no effect whatsoever on either “Club” and they can continue to be that “Club” regardless of the outcome.
      Top man.

    3. “Club founded in 1872. It became part of a company ie. Incorporated in 1899 and its corporate identity was Rangers Football Club PLC”……

      All of this was written by the Petitioners, Rangers Football Club Plc. Of course they are going to promote their ridiculous club not company mantra.

      “It became part of a company” is a monstrous bare faced lie by liars. And you are knowingly and maliciously promoting that lie when you know better.

      The truth is the football club changed its legal personality from being non incorporated to being incorporated. But it was still the singular football club.

      BDO Glasgow are Rangers supporting Toadies who were carefully selected in advance for their role in this Scottish corruption. They have been regular guests at match days in the Directors box at Ibrox and had Dave King earmarked as a £20m creditor, only 24hours away from receiving a corrupt £4m interim payment from the Creditors pot.

      I take it you have no reservation if I finance a Judicial Review of the SFA/ SPFL decision to recognise it as the same club with titles? When they bring out the LNS report in their defence we’ll all have more laughs.

      You are the worst type of sevconian Jim Fraser, an educated man in total self denial of club liquidation and what that means.

      1. I presume SDM had the shout on D&P and BDO being involved. I heavily suggest it was his decision.

        All historical records, contracts and documents shredded, no problem.

        It remains a mystery to this day why the court of Session judge allowed CW to appoint his own Administrators instead of the judge appointing neutral administrators.

      2. Sergio
        I feel your pain and disappointment, but there really is no reason to be insulting, it’s hardly my fault that those more expert in this field than you have a different opinion.
        I’m just highlighting that opinion

        I certainly have no issue with you wasting your money on financing a judicial review, it’s your money to waste

      3. So Bradford Bulls and the now defunct Chester City can carry on normal jogging then?
        That should be a relief to both sets of fans though quite confusing for Chester Fc fans who have long since moved on with their new Club.
        Again top man.

    4. “if you view things through the prism of a pre disposed bias you tend to focus only on the information that supports that bias and disregard more salient information.”

      You said it…

  18. The demise of SEVCO FC would be a welcome outcome. Question is what would replace it, if anything. I’m sure Mike Ashley would want some sort of entity for him to sell merchandise. Can we ever be rid off the nasty sectarianism that attaches itself to any Ibrox club? We cannot depend on any establishment bodies to make this happen. A conundrum.

  19. I may be mistaken but I believe Manchester City have spent millions on infrastructure projects around their stadium, a previoulsly run-down area, such as roads, training pitches\ academies etc. also for use by the locals. This expenditure is offset against spending on the senior players which brings them under the FFP threshold.

  20. Traynor and Jackson have been trawling in here, took some of the salient points and cobbled this together:

    They finally get it, cannot avoid it and must publish it to keep up with other, more honest outlets.

    Has Traynor’s invoices remained unpaid? No succulent lamb to cascade down to SMSM stooges?

    The Daily Rancid artificially created critical agenda, is CFC achieving ten in a row, which is described as thermo nuclear meltdown. Apparently season tickets and a few million to cover losses won’t do. Sevco needs much much more and the reclusive King is being called out to provide the funding.

    It only takes the Record Hacks two years of cheerleading King to finally concede this blog and it’s contributers have been 100% right all along.

  21. Just sent my recurring small donation. I hope you got it, as if not I have been doing it wrong these months! Keep up the good work.

  22. Hi JJ,

    The following is an extract from an email from PayPal:

    “I want to be honest with you and set your expectation correctly that there is no option to amend the amount that your merchant should charge to your PayPal account. The best option to resolve this is to contact your merchant and ask if they have the option to do so. In case that they don’t have this option as well, you may cancel the current payment and create a new one on your merchant’s website with the amount that you want your account to be charged.”

    I presume you are unable to amend my recurring payment? If so, I shall cancel and create a new one in order to increase my recurring donation. You might want to advise other contributors that they must delete and recreate a recurring payment if they wish to amend its value, if that is indeed the case.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attenion. PayPal erect a Chinese wall between me and my contributors. This is as it should be as your banking details must remain confidential. It does not take long to cancel one and then set up another recurrinh payment. Thanks to all of you who made the effort. I will be working on my customer service so that all donors receive confirmation and thanks.

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