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The pressures on social media are often as onerous as they are in the traditional print genre.  Most organs are vehicles for ‘above the line’ marketing. This is readily apparent in titles such as Metro and The Evening Standard which are free at the point of distribution. There is a premium to be paid for the quality journalism which is a feature of English broadsheets, but with one exception I cannot for the life of me fathom why one would choose The Herald or Scotsman in preference to The Times, Telegraph or Guardian. This exception is sports coverage, which so lags behind social media in terms of quality that it’s fast becoming redundant.

Sky provides 24/7 rolling sports news. Social media can take this rolling news and provide faster and superior analysis than what passes for copy at the SMSM. The SMSM is feeding from social media. The fat cat hacks are now picking up the crumbs from an intellectually rich social media table.

This year has seen the demise of Scotzine after ten years. Andy Muirhead broke the story on Whyte’s real background, while Traynor and Jackson at The Rectum were continuing to pump the PR pish down the throats of the oh so grateful gullibillies. Muirhead’s exclusive piqued Phil Macgiollabhain’s interest and to this day the Donegal-based journalist is considered by many to be the go-to guy on the Rangers narrative.

No discussion on sports social media would be complete without considering the two leading lights of Paul Brennan at Celtic Quick News and James Forrest at The Celtic Blog and On Fields of Green.  All three of these excellent titles derive significant income from advertising. The Celtic Blog is owned by Snack Media. They orchestrate the advertising on this site and share the income on a 50/50 basis. All three titles don’t require the PayPal support that is the life blood of this site and my fellow FBA award winner Phil Macgiollabhain.

The Celtic demographic is well served by these titles and others such as E-Tims, Kerrydale Street and new kid on the block, Celtic News Now. The latter retweets my articles. I’m  very grateful for their efforts to take my blogs to a wider audience. An audience that is fast approaching 5,000 followers on Twitter. My output, and that of my informed and eloquent contributors, on average generates north of 30,000 hits on any given day. I’m inordinately proud of my comments section. I spend countless hours moderating articles to maintain the quality and to weed out the haters, the latest of which called himself Don Ashian and showed an unhealthy interest in fellow Klan target, The Mensch. The Mensch is my right hand man. I don’t read the bile of the blue blogs as they are inordinately inferior to the aforementioned titles, but I am aware of a campaign to discredit him. Those engaging in this black propaganda have to be weeded out one by one.

I can see the attraction of exclusively writing articles, which is the case with The Clumpany. This site, which was shortlisted by the FBA for two successive years, specialises in biting satire at its best. I don’t openly follow anyone on Twitter as any choice made would be used by the haters to discredit me.

The focus of this article is The Scottish Football Monitor which has been running for five years. Very few online sites break even, but at the SFM their business model does not lend itself to fiscal prudence. Why do they spend £5,400 per annum on an office? Why do they pick up the tab for a telephone line? Do they anticipate that reporters will call them up with tit-bits that their sub-editors refuse to print?  I get the distinct impression that this cost base, which is paid for by their 1314 subscribers, is ego-driven.

If every one of their subscribers paid as little as £5 per month, their income of £78,840  would be close to what Keith Jackson picks up at The Rectum ( Real Arseholes Read The Rectum.) Somewhat surprisingly their income is nothing like this. They are currently engaged in yet another campaign to raise £1,200 to pay for their embryonic podcast ambitions, and to pay for other costs including their hosted internet service. This sum is the equivalent of a line item marked moderation. Are they charging their subscribers for the time they spend moderating comments?

The SFM site earns less than £1,000 per annum from advertising which speaks volumes of its low traffic. One of the sites I mentioned in my prologue to this piece earns circa £36,000 from advertising, despite generating fewer hits than CQN.

The SFM site was the victim of a cyber attack. How secure do their subscribers feel? Are they concerned that their identities and bank details could be in the hands of the klan? Annual income at the SFM has dropped to just over £10,000 which is circa £1,000 shy of their outlay. With 4 articles per annum are they good value for £11,000?

The SFM is a single issue site. Scottish Football is refracted through the prism of this issue. This is seen as a strength by many, but to my mind it prohibits following lines of inquiry into other areas of interest. The SFM is stuck on the same LNS/Harper McLeod/Ogilvie/RTC groove. Only a handful of their 1314 members pass comment. These are mostly retired individuals with too much time on their hands.

This site is run by Big Pink, a retired schoolteacher, who treats his readers like errant schoolboys. He perceives his remit to be ‘The Keeper of The Truth.’ Is there  a Holy Grail containing Christ’s Blood at the office of the SFM which gives them the authority to be so dismissive of my site?

Some of their most gnarled bitter old trolls such as Homunculus, hang on my every word so that he can criticise it, while Easyjambo runs a forensic eye on my calculations. Get a life guys. If you have so much time on your hands, why not start your own blog. Let me know when you achieve 9m hits.

Their aged demographic and one issue focus will be their undoing. Another factor in their decline is the dominance of Celtic supporters in their ranks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Big Pink, Trisidium and regular contributor John Clark are all Celtic supporters. Brennan and Forrest do Celtic better.

Bella Caledonia, an online publication with a pro-independence editor and constituency, has run its course. It hopes to find a saviour so that it can cover the second coming of a referendum. At the SFM one could be mistaken that they are awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ at their £5,400 office. Should he call to set up an appointment with The Holy Trinity at the SFM?


62 thoughts on “New Media”

      1. I really enjoy reading most of your output but I am beginning to get frustrated by the tone of many of your pieces. I feel particularly irked by this latest article, since I believe that if anyone has to bad mouth the competition, they are undermining the product that they themselves produce. I beg you JJ simply stick to giving us your view and analysis of the things that you believe us to be interested in and you will blow the competition away! GERRY

      2. Speaking from extensive experience (19 years in journalism – even the odd piece for the Rectum!) I can tell you that Keith Jackson will be on c.£40,000 at the most. The Sports Editor won’t be on much more than £50,000; your positing that Jackson is on c.£80,000 is way off base. You only need to look at him (scruffy, cheap clothing, sunbed enthusiast) to know he’s just a hack who’s overpaid at £40k. I’d say he’s on nearer £35k. Gordon Smart at The Scottish Sun is on £90k as editor.

        I saw him on the stairs of the West Stand at Ta’Qali after the Malta/Scotland game last September when I was leaving the stadium with my friend who edits Jackson asked me which way it was to get to the post-match presser. I sent him the opposite way. I’m childish like that but I thought it was funny, and so did my friend.

    1. No it is a hard fact of life:
      Here is a quote from an SFM commenter;
      As I say , I may be the feckless and dissolute retired person he is pointing the finger at ,but see the smile on my face knowing that I might have no work and not a lot of money, but also no debt at all (not even a credit card ) and a mortgage -free house. Living within your means brings its own blessings .

      It is just a pity the echo room he supports doesn’t feel the same way. The SFM need 11k a year to survive and are currently begging for 1.5K but the commenters, the producers of value will need to top them up just about every month, for what? Are they so lonely that they have no outlet for their historical angst? No doubt every pub or social gathering place has sent them packing long ago due to their insistence to bore customers to death.

      And that is the way the SFM will go, eventually everyone will leave as it is so damn boring and the commenters will lose their money paying monthly for a platform to spout their sanctimonious garbage.

  1. Jj did not realise there was so much animosity within the blog scene

    Your blogs generally speaking are must read daily snacks which outshine most mainstream publications

    keep up the good work

    Tumbledown Tim

  2. Forrest doesn’t do Celtic better. He should actually change the name of his blog as 99% of his articles are about the new Rangers. He even posted a piece about Sevco the other week while Celtic actually playing…..he did wait until half time tbf. Nothing against the guy,but if you claim to be a Celtic fan,please write the odd article about the team.

    1. Have to say I agree with Paddy JJ. JF is a good writer, no doubt about that, but imo he wastes too much time and effort on Sevco and that’s before all the advertising usually ruins the entire experience anyway.

    2. I think James covers all things Celtic very well and has opinions that are pretty much spot on (wrong or right) with most Celtic fans. His writing style is very easy on the eye too.

      His opinions on the Scottish football powers are worthy . He covers the top SPFL teams in posts also.

      He discusses Sevco also fairly frequently because that’s where most of the interesting and sometimes incredulous stories come from.

      I have read some blogger take the time to put a dozen lines in a negative response to one of James’s blogs because it wasn’t about Celtic and the guy writing the response alluded to James wasting his time. Is it only me who sees that Irony.

    3. To be fair there is a lot about Celtic on James’ site, but its hard not to overindulge a little on sevco, as there is no much material associated with that club to gladden our hearts currently. Having grown up in the 90s, long may it continue! Payback time!

    1. I would take a look at the “Rangers Standard” if I were you : it seems to have gone into abeyance at present, but while it was active it contained articles not only by those from a Rangers-supporting background, but from many, including academics, which were critical of the club and its traditions. But as this won’t be published you will remain unaware of it and won’t get the opportunity to read its back catalogue.

  3. Great article and on the money as usual. People crave information about their passion and tapping into the footballing public is easy if what you provide is what they want. RTC excelled at it and Scotland’s Holy Trinity of JJ, Phil and Clumps lead the way at it now. TSFM were right up there at one point but sadly they lost their way and now need to learn quickly from these leaders about content (quality and frequency) and comment moderation (i.e. allow it FFS!) or continue to lose readers at a rate enjoyed by Keith Jackson’s employers.
    That said, how you can sustain blogs of the quality of the aforementioned while having a life is totally beyond me. Respect to all.
    That reminds me. Bless me JJ, Phil and Clumps, it has been a month since my last donation. Now where’s that Paypal login?

    1. I wouldn’t say Clumpany really provides information. He doesn’t break news – he breaks apart news. I appreciate it might be a struggle to keep new material flowing but I have been a little less enthused recently with the picking apart of articles format. The essay competition etc was a more innovative and tickling approach. Hope he can continue to keep it fresh!

  4. JJ

    I note others comments about PayPal.

    I did point this out to you and got short shrift! However, your work is too important to take the huff so I would also like to donate bank to bank.

  5. The ‘good’ thing about social media is that just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it ‘true’, so readers question the subject matter, whereas for the general public, if it’s in the ‘papers’ or on the ‘news’ it’s got to BE true.

  6. I was a long term follower of the RTC and at the time, like many, found it to be a wealth of information that was often several steps ahead of MSM reporting.

    The SFM is (in my opinion) a poor mans RTC that fails to deliver on its stated aims and as you allude to is dominated by a few sanctimonious old fools, some of whom, who have nothing better to do than sit in court rooms all day reporting on (in great detail) the square root of F All.

    Despite being the self proclaimed bastions of truth and decency I found myself being subjected to a smear campaign which was fueled by the sites Mods. I dared to say a few things that did not follow the party line and was outed (by the mods) as being non other than Jack Irvine.

    The Mods “outed” me by claiming that my IP address matched that of the PR guru and I was duly banned.

    Of course this was nonsense and the Mods knew it… I did send them a few e-mails requesting an explanation. But alas…no reply.

      1. Thanks for that Jack, I just spat my coffee all over my computer. The best spontaneous laugh I’ve had in ages.

        Regards the other sites mentioned above. I find them interesting but the contributions in the comments sections become tedious and a lot of informed “nodding” in agreement with their fellow right on friends. Bertie Aulds’ Aunties’ Crimplene Trouser Press and Ronnie Simpsons’ Hillman Imps Fan Belt like to slap each other on the metaphorical back with their Chapeaus and Podiums. I would prefer The High Chaperal and Immodium.

  7. That veritable sage of football and Rangers Legned, Walter Smith, gives his wise white haired mountain top advice to Dave King and Paul Murray today.

    The advice?

    Get into debt, take the risk and try to stop Celtic’s ten in a row.

    He’s back to magic money must appear from somewhere it always does for Rangers.

    Problems with that:

    1. No one will loan. Nobody.
    2. Money gets wasted on injured trash at Ibrox.
    3. That’s what killed the old club.
    4. Debt can never be repaid at Ibrox. The money’s gone forever.
    5. Bung culture.
    6. Celtic are a dynamic moving target.
    7. I won’t say tenner for their fiver, it’s much bigger than that.
    8. Sevco already have £14m debt Wally son.
    9. Cash goes on PR rather than the truth.
    10. Will Wally and Ally put in a few million each? Provide the loans? Money where your mouth is Walter kid? Do you both have a children’s inheritance fund?
    11. Will a March EBT ruling and HMRC invoices effect ability to loan/donate?
    12. Is Walter just selfish and trying to protect his nine in a row legacy? Without chipping in?

    1. I recall as old Rangers, fueled with bank debt, approached Celtic’s historic nine in a row, we had sports hack upon sports tv pundit telling Celtic fans to relax it doesn’t matter.
      Forget about Rangers reaching nine in a row, it doesn’t matter at all. No need to pressure the Celtic board.
      I recall XXXXXXXX was one of the worst lickspittles on the subject, a pro Rangers propagandist in his orange tie. Similarly Archie McPherson.
      Now Celtic are pushing to achieve ten in a row the SMSM are calling it thermo nuclear meltdown. How times have changed.

    2. 10IAR target keeps Sevco relevant and the OF myth and the big lie alive in the eyes of some.

      Sevco needs to find a more appropriate target to aim for, more realistic goals and a strategy that fits. WITHOUT the PR/Meeja/old RRM rhetoric.

      Need to get real before they die again. It may be too late.

      “Deja-vu again” as I used to say on the one site not mentioned in this blog, that of Paul McConville (an inspiration to many GRHS).

      1. Correct 10IAR is the Rancid emotional strategy to sell papers daily for the next four years.

        Anything to get eejits to drop coins daily for a Rancid.

    3. Walter Smith is stuck in a ridiculous unreal groove.

      Does the guy have early onset dementia or something?

      Smith is irrelevant.

  8. The constant stream of advertising on the sites administered by Forrest and Brannan makes reading their work and arduous and frustrating task and, whilst I admire their output, I generally avoid these sites for this reason.
    The SFM has played it’s part in exposing the continuation myth and the deeply embedded corruption prevalent within the Scottish game but is fast becoming an irrelevance with most now choosing you and Phil for their dose of lamb free truth.
    Let’s hope they can regain their voice and contribute meaningfully to the Scottish Fitba narrative but if the business model you outlined is true, one feel they will be going the same way as Sevco.
    Quite ironic don’t you think?

    1. The constant stream of advertising on the sites administered by Forrest and Brannan makes reading their work an arduous and frustrating task.

      This may help you, I have a desktop computer and when I am reading any of the above sites I go to the top of the page where there is a book symbol, click on it and it gives you a reading mode, this cuts out all advertisements. Whether or not it works on laptops or tablets I do not know.

  9. JJ, i respect this site and have contributed comments and a donation previously. I have done the same at SFM. The aims of the blogs aren’t exactly the same but I feel both have a useful purpose. There is certainly room for everyone in the blogging world. Here, SFM, Phil Mac, Clumpany, James Forrest are all providing more useful content and/or discussion than any of the mainstream media can manage be it newspapers, tv or internet. The Record and Evening Times have already passed the point of parody and the supposedly unpartisan BBC’s coverage leaves much to be desired on either tv, internet or radio.
    All the mentioned blogs and contributors should be proud of the material that they have got into the public domain that otherwise would have been ignored or spun by the mainstream media.

  10. I like the fact that you seem to get a broader selection of Scottish teams fans on here.
    The fact that most sites are Celtic sites gives the SMSM the excuse that its only bitter Celtic fans who care about all this.

  11. JJ, your daily offerings are, dare I say ‘on another level’ compared to some of those referenced above. Your use of the English language must have some award winning journalists reaching for their dictionaries in an effort to keep up.

    Why is there such animosity between bloggers?

    Keep up the good fight.

  12. Hi Jj, I knew that Don Ashion was at it and I had penned a response to one of his sinister posts along the lines of ‘intruder alert’ but after consideration I felt that maybe he didn’t mean to be so menacing. Nice to hear that you rumbled him.

  13. One of the most enjoyable fun aspects of the Old Club Rangers FC death, and the New Club SevcoTRFC meltdown, is Rangers Legneds making complete fools of themselves publicly in the Scottish mainstream media. It’s such a joy as the thin veneer, of what passed as dignity, rubs away leaving the fissured scored surface of rough old bitter fools.

    Walter Smith surfaces to bleat (times must be desperate indeed). He sounds foolish. There’s no fools like old fools.

    I expect a follow up tomorrow by his young padawan Ally McCoist, agreeing with Master W, and with reciprocity knifing King for naming him as a 1.5% voting dissenter on the shares release enrichment scam.

    Will Walter twig that it was Ally that stopped the funds going in to challenge Celtic? You can’t have it both ways Walter. King tried to raise funds, Ally didn’t vote it through.

    1. A good suggestion. Let me look into it. I was planning to roll out a pilot scheme to cater for direct debits but as my details could be used to discredit or defraud me I will demur. Crowdfunding has a certain appeal. Once I work it out I will provide details in an article.

  14. In this world of laptops, Ipads and mobile devices with the capability of PCs; I cannot for the life of me understand why it is necessary to rent an office to run a blog. Does Phil MacGiollabhain rent an office?

    Even more farcical when you consider they post an article once every three months or so (or at least that was their productivity level when I frequented the site). They are nothing more than a glorified (heavily censored) discussion forum, without the structure of a discussion forum – hence charging money is hence even more ridiculous. Mugs are paying for their comments to be censored by sanctimonious oafs.

    When the idea of renting on office was first mooted, I seem to recall the justification was that it would give them “credibility” with the mainstream media (that they despise) and other agencies. As Phil, the Clumpany etc. have proven, credibility comes from your output, not ego-inflating man-caves that provide a refuge from the wife!

  15. John

    You seem increasingly embittered regarding the lack of financial donations being made to you, and somewhat aggrieved that competitors in this field are perhaps receiving greater income yet presenting their readers with an inferior product. You also seem that think that criticism of your satirical pieces is undeserved, and that readers should be more appreciative of this fare given the time and effort involved in producing the articles, and that overall you are not being given the credit you feel you deserve. Apologies if that observation does not sit well with you, but it is just my opinion based on the tone and the content of your articles, and the responses to your comments over the last few weeks. I think perhaps you are being too harsh on your fellow bloggers, and you are maybe expecting too much from your readership.

    First of all I would like to state that I am a fan of your writing and have visited your blog on a near daily basis since the early days. I was an avid consumer of RTC’s output, and I also visit PMG’s and CQN’s sites fairly regularly, and it cannot be denied that your average football fan is much better informed as a result of your collective output over the last five years. However, and I do not wish to question or criticise the efforts of yourself or any of the other bloggers mentioned, I think you have to realise that your average non-Rangers supporting football fan has absolutely no faith in either the SFA or UEFA ever acknowledging either the cheating of Rangers or the questionable business practices of Sevco, and while they appreciate the forensic analysis that you and others provide into the affairs of both clubs, ultimately, and once again this is a personal opinion, I think the blogs are seen by most as little more than a confection. RTC was a ground-breaking blog, but when the author stopped producing it the sun still rose in the sky.

    You may think that this is a cynical view, and perhaps it is, but so much evidence is in the public domain relating to the cheating and corporate malfeasance that has taken place, and yet the professional bodies, who should have responded in the best interests of the sport, have failed to do so. We know how bad things are, but we also know that the friends of the team from Govan have always helped them and always will, so we do not expect any other outcome than the usual one: the interests of the team from Govan being protected. In the circumstances fans either become angry at the absence of sporting integrity, like myself, and turn away from the game, or they become so inured to the endless detailing of this club’s questionable practices that they can no longer summon a suitable response, which might in part account for the lack of donations coming your way.

    Fatigue has set in John. We keep hearing that the roof will fall off, or a second insolvency event is just around the corner, or that everything will change when the Supreme Court upholds the big tax case appeal, but most people are not holding their breath. The professional bodies, other clubs and politicians who could make a difference are saying nothing, and while yours is a noble cause and football fans are better educated as a result of your output, ultimately I do not think that the football landscape in Scotland is going to change anytime soon. I hope I am wrong.

  16. SFM was a good site at one time with lots of engaging contributors, but moderation failed to manage persistent trolling; racist, sexist, bogus-equivalence, double-sided-bigoted-whataboutery. It also relied a lot on discussion of the much respected and much missed Paul McConville’s exquisitely balanced analysis.

    The engaging contributors gradually found other places to go. I stopped reading forever on a day when trolling was at a new low and my repostes were being blocked for no good reason I could see. I guess the lowly paid, untrained interns didn’t work out.

    Anyone remember Niall? Calling Niall a troll was strictly verboten, despite him writing more than SFM did – not to mention his not-so-alter-egos. for example, Niall’s extended claim of moral equivalence between the BNP using “Paki” to women and children and fans of other clubs using “Hun” to Billy-Boy-singing, liquidation-deniers was tolerated. I came to assume that Niall and his personality disorders were all Jabba.

    BTW, what did Bug Punk and co teach? C18th Colonial Studies?

  17. A super article and thank you for highlighting the klan who seem to have me identified as some sort of antichrist of Ibrox and personal abuse now just gets binned. Don’t these folks have a job?

    Everything on this site is based on fact and logic, coupled with due diligence. That’s why it’s the best site for insights which the press can’t print and which will not emanate from the spin at Ibrox.

    Gers fans who read and indulge this site as do Scottish journalists should embrace that.

    And that’s why go- to sites like this site of excellence represent the ‘New Media’.

    As for Sergio (above) I suspect that Walter is trying to rewrite history. He played a huge role in the downfall of that club and encouraged a spendfest with SDM which was too good to turn down.

    Meanwhile, Dave King, the fans’ choice, the champion and saviour of the club has delivered nothing whatsoever by way of his empty promises.

    He has played THE instrumental role in the demise of the second coming of Rangers.

    He has been a shocking custodian of that new club.

  18. ‘Strict Liability’ of clubs in Scotland bankrupts Sevco.

    Clubs being fined for fans misbehavior, such as sectarian singing, targets the worst offending fans. As this is The Rangers FC, they will be hardest hit.

    Hence the SFA and SPFL are resisting ‘Strict Liability’ with all possible force.

    The business model that brings in revenue at Sevco (sectarianism) cannot be punished with fines on the club, to UEFA standard. Sevco want to have it both ways.

  19. This site, Phil MacGiollabhain and The Clumpany form the apogee (maybe a bit strong – can always improve but you get the drift) of the blogosphere. Below them sit the excellent Celtic facing blogs already mentioned. Some superb occasional bloggers (tir nan og comes to mind) add to the rich variety. The CelticNewsNow app is a brilliant piece of work. That’s just my (not so) humble opinion . Thank you all.

  20. I recall in 1997, the Bunnet, Fergus McCann appointed Jock Brown as the Boss at Celtic. Jock appointed Wim Jansen and stopped the Old Rangers club ten in a row.

    Jock was a Cambridge graduate and CFC fans didn’t take to him. His appointment was critical never the less.

    The SMSM never forgave Jock and Wim stopping the RFC ten in a row. Both have never been seen in the SMSM since. No work pushed their way at all or roles at the SFA. This was the power of RFC mafia boss SDM. Never again should a Rangers club Owner hold such sway over all elements of football in our country. To the detriment of good people’s careers.

  21. I got so excited when I saw the “Loan Watch” tab at

    I thought Dave was finally going to come clean with full accountability and transparency.

    But, sadly no!

    It’s just about the latest batch of waifs and strays on the next step of their journey towards careers in pub management.

    Strangely though, there’s no “Transfers We Paid Money For” tab.

    And in others news.

    Is EBT Souness in need of liquid assets ?

    1. I’m presuming Souness was contacted to help them get free transfers from England using his contacts. He fobbed them off so Jabba prints this in Daily Rancid and the shark jump as punishment.

  22. The Japanese people regard their senior citizens as the font of all knowledge and obliged by showing the utmost respect . It would appear the opposite is true in this country. I was hoping to retire before I reach 60 but getting worried now that I might come across as a doollaly, dotery auld git

  23. Administration of RIFC plc requires someone to pull the life support plug – because we know that Paul & Dave will never do the honourable thing to reduce the damage to creditors and employees.

    The obvious euthanizer is Ashley via Rangers Retail. This carries the sublime irony that a limited company with King and Murray as directors will terminate a public limited company with King and Murray as directors.

    The WiFi guy may fancy a court re-match to force a re-boot.

    The list of more mundane creditors who may call Dignitas is growing daily. It would seem the threshold for terminal intervention is now in the low tens of thousands.

    To put this is context, last time, excluding HMRC, Ticketus, football clubs and obvious friends (MHI, SPL etc) there were 13 creditors owed more than £50,000. Squeaky bum time at Ibrox! Maybe Dave could jet-in (on his own money) to calm nerves. He can do so safely at the moment without having to watch his Loan Rangers play football,

  24. JJ, was the Daily Rectum link in the comment you spiked a step too far? If so, apologies, but the nature of the article warrants a mention.

      1. thanks – probably one of those desperate “do this survey to see the article” things. The headline is:

        “Rangers may go bust if they spend to stop Celtic winning ten in a row says Hoops saviour David Low”.

        The advice is don’t spend money you don’t have – from aa Celtic – in the Rectum.

        The whole tone is alien to the Rectum.

        Something is afoot.

        I smell jabba.

        For example, an out of court deal with Ashley would require a sacrifice to save Saintly Dave’s reputation with the gullibles.

        Robertson beware.

  25. Hi JJ keeping abreast of your shenanigans temporarily in Dubai, hope to god your not here also or id be kicking myself for not meeting up and buying you a beer.
    Anyways would it not be interesting from your point to carry out a wee survey to find just how varied your site is regarding supported teams? Whether you ask contributors via an artical or just a wee survey?
    I for one would find the results interesting.

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