Unraveling The Cardigan

As The Cardigan dropped in for a smorgasbord of biscuits with Tea Jenny Jackson, whose pallor is more analogous to Long Island Ice Teas than any Twining’s confection, no expense was spared with the comestibles. Jackson set up his side plate  with Oreo in goal, a staunch back four of Bourbon Creams, box to box Custard Creams, and a couple of Ferraro Rocher up front to complete his 4-4-2.  The Silver Fox, who has forgotten more about coaching than he ever knew, plumped for a Wagon Wheel in goal, three Club Oranges in defence, two overlapping Twix who were not allowed to cross the half way line, and a midfield five composed of Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments. Old anti-football habits die hard.

The battle of the comestibles was played as a medley of Dave Clark 5 hits resounded from Keith’s iPod, which was sorcery by another name as far as The Cardigan was concerned. He had a good mind to burn Keith at the stake, but he demurred as he had no desire to jeopardise an Orange Orgy of Pishpuffery.

Far be it for me to rain on their orange parade, but it was somewhat remiss of The Cardigan to omit the following incontrovertible facts:

1. Bob’s your Uncle Walter picked up £10,000 per month from Charles Green for doing the square root of fuck all.

2. Smith stuffed  £200k of free shares in his Starsky & Hutch Cardigan.

3. On the occasions when The Cardigan attended an RFC function he was paid to do so, and drank liberally and dined excessively at Charles Green or his hosts expense. He gained s reputation for having short arms and long pockets.

4. The timeline of The Cardigan stepping down from the board was after Charles Green’s departure. It was not a principled resignation during Charles Green’s tenure.

5. Dutch Uncle Walter received a pay-0ff of almost £30,000 when he stepped down.

6. Smith received a Souness-style EBT bung from the most corrupt man in Scottish football, Campbell Ogilvie, at the behest of the Great Satan of Financial Fair Play, Sir David Murray. At close to £50,000 this would have paid for a lost weekend in Glasgow with Chic Young.

7. In an episode where the fox was encouraged to set about the chickens, Smith established Roosternet Globall LLP to engage in some anti-taxation.


The Cardigan would have use believe that he was black affronted from his association with Charles Green.  However he was not too ashamed to pick up £40,000 from May to August 2013 as non-executive Chairman in a role that put the ‘S’ in sinecure. Nor was he ashamed to pick up £200,000 in free shares from Charles Green. When one includes his £30,000 pay-off and £50,000 EBT transfer bung, that’s close to £320,000 of brazen exploitation by the Rangers legend. A blow-torch would not penetrate Walter Smith’s brass neck

One would never expect hard-hitting investigative journalism from Keith Jackson, the man who put the Billionaire in Bellshill, but had I met up with Walter he would have been lucky to get a couple of rich tea biscuits and a scalding urn of rhetoric.








41 thoughts on “Unraveling The Cardigan”

  1. I dontbstay at home now having been living in various parts of the Europe for the past 30 years and this site was great for someone like me who remembers how mute King was under Murray’s old board and just doesn’t trust him but it seems now it’s just a daily response to whatever is in the day befores newspaper, and to be having a go at the greatest living Scottish manager just seems petty it’s not Walters fault King is at the club so this seems a pointless scattergun article. If I wanted to read people criticising rangers legends I could read any of the online Scottish papers but I’d rather read about why kings not good for us, which is what you used to be good at JJ.

    1. King envied Murray.

      He admired his style, panache, maybe even (ahem!) the cut of his jib.

      He wanted to be Murray.

      He became Murray. He wanted the media, the fans, the banks to love him like Murray.

      How’s it working out so far, Dave?

    2. I’m sure Alex Ferguson won’t be offended by your comments “greatest living Scottish manager”. Multiple trophies , but in particular two different European trophies with different clubs. Gordon Strachan ,3 league titles in a row with not an EBT in sight. Champions league last 16 whilst having to offload the highest wage earners at CFC .Would like your thoughts on the Boyd v Larsson debate (if you think there is one)

      1. “Multiple trophies , but in particular two different European trophies with different clubs. ”

        Four different European trophies with two different clubs:

        1983 ECWC Aberdeen
        1991 ECWC Man U
        1999 European Cup Man U
        2008 European Cup Man U

        But I like the cut of your jib !

    3. When did Alex Ferguson die? Oh he’s still here. Walters achievements while ok don’t include winning the competitions Sir Alex Ferguson won. His knighthood is real to. When you think of what went on with the old Rangers 1899-2012 Walter knew, King knew and still the attitude is that the ends justified the means, that only holds true as long as rhe means are just.

  2. Spot on JJ. Im thinking there is something more behind this. Walter never once broke rank and told his fans, what was going on. All connected to the shennigans made sure they got there slice. Seems to me, to b real lol Rangers man, u must tell the fans feck all. Then get your cut and blame a big guy that ran away. Smith had the chance to inform the fans and didnt. Pity the fans canae see thru it. Blind loyalty. Excellent blog and i will say again, u break it down for average fan, your fellow fans need u.

  3. The Cardigan’s famous interview with Chic Young is all that is good about our game.
    Sharp incisive questions from Chic….wonderfully crafted answers from The Cardigan.
    All done in a spirit of eloquence and dignity.
    You don’t see quality interviews like that any more.

  4. JJ I have been an ardent fan of football since early fifties ..an Accies supporter & Celtic ( Accies first and always ) I now live in the Philippines and if it were not for people like you the truth about THEM would never come to light ‘ After one O..F… game on way home I said to my Uncle I can’t wait to read the paper’s tomorrow , his reply never buy that shit DR I asked why ..he said you will learn in time , the game a Wednesday evening Celtic had to win as always Celts made it hard going behind to early goal…and the customary pen follows just to make sure of no comeback …what followed is history for ever in Celtic folklore. JJ I thank you for assuring Me I am not Paranoid . James Grant.

  5. A real Rangers man indeed, JJ, down to the last pound, well played Wattie.

    Your comment on Ogilvie is probably letting him off lightly. He’s a disgusting human being, far removed from the bestest administrator in the world as painted by his apologist Chic Young.
    Those calling for the head of Craig Whyte are aiming their fire at the wrong person. David Murray is the one who should be facing criminal charges for his part in this ongoing farce. His farcical claim to have been duped has been exposed as a lie many times over.
    Justice often tends to take a long time before catching up with the perpetrators. I look forward to the day when the HMRC demand notices land on the doorstep of Smith, Murray, Ogilvie and the rest of those who thought the tax evasion DOS/EBT schemes were the best thing since sliced bread.

  6. JJ, another great piece. When are TP going to wake up and realise they’ve been had, had and had again?
    Donation made.
    Missing the fitba btw

  7. Very well put…..sums up Walter for being the self-interested bloke he is, just as he rolls out the latest charm offensive for the consumption of the orange masses. He’s the equivalent of the bloke dressed all in black walking away from the scene of the crime with a swag bag shrugging his shoulders and pleading innocence – “it was all that bad man from Yorkshire, Mr Charles”. Reminds me a little in tone of harry redknapps defence when confronted with the latest allegations as to his financial conduct when he claimed he couldnt work a mobile phone etc……….pleading ignorance when it suits.

    Your mention of the EBTs drives home the sheer amount of Crookery that has taken place at Ibrox over the last 20 years or so, be it legal or moral in nature. It really is scandalous, but more scandalous is the way it has been covered up by the mainstream media players. Were it not for the internet, none of what is now known would be public knowledge.

  8. The man they call Sir Walter is an habitual Ibrox trough glutton.

    He never put a penny into Rangers but has taken millions out over the years.

    He mentored McCoist in his mould. The pair of them are takers not givers.

    1. Walter Smith is the Worthy Matron of the Golden Fleece (cardigan).

      Super Ally,
      never quite made it to Mr McCoist in the msm deference scale.

  9. were these ‘ new club’ orange ones in there cant imagine even minty letting the green ones in.

    btw….. was asked down the club last night, it does have a continuous history, if ‘ the gardener’ on john james site cleans curtains as well. the enquiry came from one of the lady members , L Chatterley, Gym she said “my curtains are in need of a good clean and that ‘gardener’ sounds as though he has a good hose.could you enquire for me please?

  10. When you start to unravel the money sums been dished out to indivduals within the institution you cammot help but wonder how money would come in without it been registered or accounted for. I understand tax not been payed on schemes but money into a business must be recorded and then accountants go to work on incentives etc, but, this sounds like a money laundering scheme was in operation, money is turning up everywhere a light is shone. I believe the warchest will turn out to be pandoras box and not a biscuit tin it is only a matter of time until it is opened.
    China will be the country of choice for all football no spotlights to be shone corruption will rule and swallow the game that we once knew and loved, memories will be for a generation in the mould of greats, RIP Graham Taylor, destroyed by a media out of their depths.

  11. JJ
    You keep dispelling the myths one by one .
    It’s about time someone called out Smith for the fake that he is . You do it In your normal viscerating style making Jackson as usual look like an amateur rookie and a fool .
    You will never see ,hear or read a Rangers fan ,particularly the laptop loyal , ever besmirch the reputation of Smith or Murray.
    We all know why !
    I actually believed at the time ,and still do , that he was quite a good manager but that is about it . Comparisons by the laptop loyal with Stein, Shankly and Ferguson are risible . He was never on the same planet as these guys.
    He was completely out of his depth as a chairman and let his own fans down badly by effectively allowing Charkes Green etc to run riot under his stewardship being horribly conflicted for reasons you outline above .
    On a related subject I note one or two Rangers fans venturing on to the site recently sniping at some of your assertions As usual they tend to be shot down in flames when facts enter the equation .
    I continue to be amazed at how intelligent and otherwise sensible Rangers fans I encounter just want to maintain and justify the myth narrative rather than face the truth of events of the Murray era .
    Your articles like this excellent one actually should help them dispel and dissemble these myths
    I posted a few months ago about comparing them to proponents of the Young Creationist movements . That is exactly how they continue to behave .
    The longer the smart ones and the laptop loyal believe and propagate their nonsensical narrative , the longer their leaders will milk them and consequently the longer it will take for the journey back to challenging Celtic to even begin in earnest .

    1. “…Young Creationist movements…”

      Ironically (given your poor analogy) the same could be said of you.

      You have a (self-serving) worldview where everything impossibly, yet wonderfully came together by itself for no reason (which conveniently leaves you accountable to no one) and you won’t/can’t see/have it any other way.

      Here’s the difference though…

      WE have PROOF of Rangers being liquidated.

      YOU have zero PROOF of evolution.

      Both sides of the ‘origin of life’ debate have access to the same ‘evidence’ (now, there’s a word) but it all comes down to how that information (honesty/bias) gets (accepted/rejected) processed.

      JJ has stated more than once that all faiths are welcome here (so this probably isn’t the best forum for you to mock those of us who acknowledge God.)

      I wish you the best.

      1. Very disappointing comment . with respect you have absolutely no idea of what and in particular the type of person you are talking about .
        I will be kind and assume And suspect your post is a knee jerk overreaction having picked up the wrong end of the stick .
        I still am ,and always have beena practicing Christian all my life.
        I am not at all and never have been an evolutionist .Equally I would like to think I am not zipped up the back and don’t believe humanity began in Mesopatamia 6000 years ago which is in essence what The Young Earth Creationists would have us believe
        With respect read my history of posts .. There are few on this site more critical of the corrupt behaviour of Footballing leaders at the SFA and Rangers in particular and more supportive of JJ and his blog in seeking justice and truth.

        I also 100% support the zero tolerance policy JJ has on his site on corruption sectarianism and welcome all faiths and views
        I also suspect you and I share the same moral compass and human values so I find your comments bizarre . If you are of the young Earth creationist strain of Christianity I apologise for offending you ( or anyone else of that view) but I stand completely by my analogy which I think is entirely apposite .

      2. “Very disappointing comment.”

        My disappointment comes from your need (at least 3 times now) to unnecessarily have a go at a belief system other than the one you hold (and try to pass off as fact).

        (And why on here of all places?)

        OK… so you’re a practicing Christian, belittling other Christians (“zipped up the back”) who doesn’t believe in evolution but sides with the assumed calculations of scientism (and not God) on the billions and billions of years thing?

        (And you found my comments bizarre?)

        The fact is… comparing your ‘fact’ to a fact doesn’t make your ‘fact’ a fact (no matter how much you believe it, cling to it, or want to promote it).

      3. Gentlemen, I’m going to call time on this. The Sitonfence Speakeasy is a forum where all creeds and for that matter colours are welcome. If you speak in tongues at your place of Sunday worship so be it. In the unlikely event that I write an article on organised religion, I will invite comments on the divisions in Christianity. Until then I have had enough of the tit for tat. Murray bribed Marlborough. Please pause and give that some thought.

  12. Classic Rangers Revisionism from one of the people at the heart of the old regime who should have been among the first to hold his hand up and apologise to the fans.
    Thanks for keeping this site open to all, jj. Small donation sent.

  13. Eureka! Just discovered this goldmine-finally the truth held up to the light with acerbic wit,devastating humour and the force of Hurricane Taxman.Seems to me that the Village Bigiots at the Daily Ashtray(ashtray being the only use for a terminally warped Record) saw how the NIST report fooled 90percent in The Land of the Twee and the Home of the Slave by rewriting the laws of physics,and tried to do the same with the laws of corporate liquidation by morphing Trading As F.C. into Lazarus F.C.
    As the Sevco switchers anxiously await a sighting of the Lesser Spending Orange Kingfishy,I fully expect Warbleburton and his alter ego the Loan Arranger to saddle up the donkeys and ride off into the Championship with a cry of ‘ Aye, no silver, I’m away!’
    Incidentally,does anyone know when the ARB and ACE findings into the jaw dropping unethical practices of Woolgar Hunter and their partners in grime vis a vis the Park Quadrant development application will be out? I still can’t believe the only press mentions of this I could find were in the trade mag The Planner and the Evening Times in May last year, given the huge sums involved and the fact that Sevcos’ perennial houseguests the Manipulating Director himself was personally implicated (it may have been more widely reported,but as a full time carer of 3, I’m only able to delve in fits and starts).
    jj verifies then, veritas now, veritas forever.

  14. I’m starting to think that The Warbler is a complete idiot, the amount of pish he spouts is unbelievable.
    Today’s Daily Radar quote from him that Rangers will not spend money they don’t have to bridge the gap with Celtic is a typical piece of nonsense.
    I thought this guy was a top city trader in a former life?
    Of course you cannot spend money you don’t have, a 5 year old could tell you that.
    Yet it still fills column inches in the media. Did none of those from the media present take him to task……..nope, Rangers manager cannot be challenged under any circumstances.
    Why not tell the truth, as in…’at this point in the journey/project we cannot compete financially with Celtic and this will remain the case till we qualify for CL group stages.’
    There you go Warbler, fixed that for you.

    1. El Warblemaestro was the manager who couldn’t cope with the truth being told him by J. A. Barton who just scored the only goal of the game for Burnley. My aching sides.

    2. Hi Joe, it was a weird thing to say (from the warbler) given they have maybe £12-15m in soft loans owing and have stated in the accounts they need more loans to exist the season out.

      Isn’t that caused by spending what you don’t have and of course he adds 2 more to the playing staff.

      The club is trying to stay relevant and the Warbler is doing the same, he knows he is punching way above his weight and is just trying to keep up and feels obliged to make a couple of statements each week. Each week they get more desperate or nonsensical. Positives, learning, gaps closing, it is all BS from a man trying too hard to convince the public he has things under control.

      The fickle sevco fans know he is not up for it but are soon to change their tune when they hit a short run of form and all is great again. I fear they had better get used to this for a while to live in the shadow of the biggest team in the land and forever looking around for the Dons, Jambos, SuperJays and next season Hibs and maybe Utd… That will put the pressure square on any manager of sevco.

      I for one hope they make the Europa draw, starting that campaign way before pre-season with potential hazardous visits to the back of beyond will see them struggle to get thru the first couple of qualifiers. It may cost them more than they will make. However it may mean they forego a very expensive and extensive pre-season tour like they had last year, playing that one game in the US against a top team. Well thought out.

  15. JJ, yet another incisive, revealing article. Walter Smith, the phoney, springs to mind.
    I, a supporter of another Glasgow club which is neither Thistle nor Clyde, at one time had major respect for Walter Smith and happily stated it. I knew nothing of the man, nor the EBTs etc. I was brought into the reality of WS by another football fan who told me tales and then forwarded fairly unseen video of him. I was both shocked and saddened. The attacks on ANYONE who didn’t tow his line was shocking and disturbing. He even pretended to ‘love’ Tommy Burns, one of this world’s TRUE gentlemen………..there’s more, but not for now.

  16. The last time The Cardigan popped his head above Broxi-Bear he said he ‘understood’ how the TRFC fans where BITTER. Tell us something we didn’t know, he has also ‘reminisced’ about singing ‘the party tunes’ when he was younger without the hint of candor or regret. Sir Walter played NO small part in the ‘downfall’ of Ranger Football Club (IL), he knows it and there is NO escaping it.

  17. It’s all about the money for these supposed RRM. It reminds me of the Adam Curtis documentary “The Century of the Self”

    When McCoist met with the fans in the summer of 2012 and was asked by one fan should they buy season tickets?

    He couldn’t bring himself to say yes but he nodded his head. That moment was when Charles Green Sevco were made legitimate in the eyes of Rangers fans. I hope Super Salarys cash register ker-ching ringing in his ears that day were loud enough to drown out the death throes of his soul.

  18. A superb piece which nails Walter Smith succinctly.

    Walter wears his Rangers blazer and badge of honour in the same way as a London cabbie with the ‘for hire’ light on.

    Smith was a cheque book manager who assembled a terrific squad which was paid for by the bank and EBT enticements.

    His teams in the 9-in-a-row years won many domestic trophies, but his severe limitations as a manager were highlighted in failed European campaigns.

    Smith’s very presence at the club and his hideous interviews make both him and the club look even more foolish.

    The only thing missing from the Rangers off the pitch line up is SDM. All the culprits who played a massive role in the downfall of the Ibrox club are still lurking around. That includes Smith who trousered a small fortune.

    IF, and its a big IF, this club is to survive, it needs a clean break from people like Walter Smith.

    1. TM, I do love your replies to JJ, just as he hits the nail on the head continuously, you, with your reply does similar.
      I would love for JJ to give you a free reign to write a full length script one day a week, that’s provided your work time would allow it.


  19. Who can complain?
    Accuracy (Clause 1 of the Editors’ Code)

    Anyone can complain about a significant inaccuracy which has been published on a general point of fact under Clause 1 of the Editors’ Code. Where an inaccuracy relates to a specific individual or organisation, IPSO may be able to take forward a complaint from a third party but will need to consider the individual or group directly affected:

    Can IPSO properly investigate the factual position?
    Is the material in dispute in the public domain?
    Has the person/people directly affected complained and are they likely to complain on their own behalf? If not, what is the likelihood that they would cooperate with IPSO?
    What is the likely impact of a complaint on the person/people directly affected?
    Would there be a legal difficulty in publishing any findings?
    Other clauses of the Editors’ Code

    Where a complaint relates to another issue under the Editors’ Code or the alleged inaccuracy is not on a general point of fact, IPSO can take forward a complaint from anyone directly affected by the article or journalistic conduct or their authorised representative.

    You can also complain as a representative group and will be asked to explain:

    which group you believe has been affected by the alleged breach of the Editors’ Code
    how you are representative of that group
    how you believe the alleged breach is significant
    how you believe the public interest would be served by IPSO considering the complaint.
    The Complaints Committee will then decide whether to consider the complaint further.

  20. JJ re the ad hominem stuff above .I agree with you . as I said already and say again . I did and do apologise again if i caused offence to Scotty and anyone else

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