Rod Hull & Emu v Rod McKenzie

In one of the preceding photographs is an individual with a penchant for the comedy of the absurd; in the other is the late Rod Hull & Emu. The inclusion of a glove puppet masquerading as a bird was no accident. It is an apposite metaphor for the curious case of Rangers 2012, the Club with a capital C, whom our learned friend would have us believe is Rangers 1872 or Rangers 1899 as per its date of incorporation.

If I were to rank all three characters in terms of their credibility, I would plump for Emu, followed by Rod Hull’s exhumed cadaver, with Rod McKenzie a distant third. Mr McKenzie is so slippery that he could qualify as a UNESCO Heritage Site for Tree Frogs.

He looks no stranger to pies, bridies and sausage rolls. There’s a whiff of Bovril and Bullshit about him.

Scottish Football has evolved into a corrupt mutation of association football to accommodate a lie. The Lie that Rangers 1872/1899, the club with a Capital C, was sold to Charles Green’s Sevco Scotland as a going concern. Mr Green, with a deft touch of smoke and mirrors , renamed Rangers as RFC 2012. Rangers was finally put out of its misery when Lord Hodge consigned it to Liquidation on October 31, 2012. HMRC, with £92m in unpaid and evaded taxes, voted against the CVA. Rangers were hoist by their own corrupt petard.

As Rangers twisted in the wind like an effigy at Celtic Park, Charles Green was alive to the possibility of making a fast blue buck by acquiring the trading assets of the distressed company and repackaging them as a bastardised version of Rangers. Those who came down in the last shower, wearing bread wrappers on their heads, did not notice the difference. Colour me surprised with a capital C.

Mr. McKenzie is one of the founding partners of Harper McLeod. He acts for the William Hill Organization in relation to betting licensing and general litigation matters in Scotland and the north of England. He is  also the legal adviser to the Scottish Premier League and has acted for them in numerous litigations, disputes and contractual matters.

He is best known for his sleight of hand when he conveniently excluded the illegal DOS/VSS tax -evasion instrument from Bill Smith’s Whitewash Commission. In his esteemed opinion, EBT were a legitimate means of tax ‘efficiency ‘ which did not confer a sporting advantage. I trust McKenzie, whose integrity has no beginning, as far as I could throw him. In the entertainment that is the Kinloch v Coral civil case, which I have nicknamed The Hunfight at the OK Coral,  McKenzie’s testimony has elicited the most incredulity.

When Counsel asked McKenzie if he had a good knowledge of SPL rules , he duly responded:

I suspect I am the person with the best knowledge. I am phoned up and asked about SPL rules on an almost daily basis. The Club, with a capital C, had been sold to Sevco Scotland ltd. We learned this from the press mainly. “

I have highlighted this statement in red as it beggars belief. McKenzie, who must be more than aware of the failed CVA, would have us believe that he would take the fanciful flights of folly of those such as Keith Jackson and Shug Jack as the perceived wisdom of the age.

Mr McKenzie is a Charlatan with a Capital C.

Coral’s retained gunslinger, Craig Sandison QC, shot himself in the foot when he asserted:

Rangers were not relegated from the SPL, they were expelled from it.”

Allow me to edify Mr. Sandison. Charles Green and his basket of assets rocked up at the SPL to solicit the transfer of Rangers 1872  SPL share to Sevco Scotland. Only Rangers 1872, represented by Duff & Phelps, voted in favour of Green’s proposal. Kilmarnock abstained. The remaining 10 clubs voted against as they were facing a season ticket boycott had they agreed to this subversive abomination.

The following exchange was instructive:

Mr Sandison inquired:

” Was the football team called Rangers FC ever relegated from the SPL?”

McKenzie responded:

That would require me to make a judgement on what is ‘relegation’ and I’d rather not do so.”

Forgive me if I pause with exasperation. The self-styled consigliere of the SPL, the go to guy on the rules that he drafted and ratified, was not prepared to make a judgment call on relegation. At this point the presiding judge Lord Bannatyne should have stepped in to force his hand. Should Kinloch lose this case, he has grounds for an appeal.

The Rangers that Mr Kinloch bet on are in liquidation. They are being wound down. Coral have no case to answer. Kinloch’s bet was that Rangers would be ‘relegated’. However all bets were off when they shuffled off their mortal coil.


80 thoughts on “Rod Hull & Emu v Rod McKenzie”

  1. As we say ad nauseam all informed social media observers and most football fans nowadays believe not a word printed or spoken by the Mainstream media without trying to understand the real motivation or agenda behind every single story and piece of punditry. The alleged £6m bid for Barrie McKay from Leipzig today a simple case in point .

    Similarly now the integrity of every single person in authority in all walks of life including the judiciary is increasingly under serious question and scrutiny as we hear of outlandish behaviour day in day out even in our courtrooms (thanks of course Not to the media but the likes of James Doleman and his funders) on football related matters

    It is hard to conclude anything other than that the breadth and depth of penetration of Murray’s and Rangers’ tentacles and personal hold over influencers from all parts of Scottish society must be truly staggering .
    This would appear to be witnessed by the joint phenomena of a 27 years and counting Omertà and the constant case after case positively bizarre protection of all things Murray and Rangers by even our so called greatest legal minds .
    Observing the myth protection band play their tunes and stick to their hymnals everywhere now is really quite something to behold .

    As we all know however to manage a cover up you need to be both brilliant of mind and be working twice as hard to keep the tissue of lies hanging together than to simply tell the truth.

    1. Yep the outlandish behaviour in our courtrooms and parliaments etc is getting worst by the day and is being totally exposed if you know where to look and it is NOT just up here in Scotland all this is going on.

      We have the Westminster governmentjudiciary pretending to have an independent inquiry into paedophilia and child abuse while actually having secret courts to fit up and jail abuse whistleblowers who are exposing the people including politicians etc involved in this abuse such as this case being exposed last week here :

      This Scottish SNP government/judiciary have also been spending millions doing the same including spending over £2 million to fit up and jail Robert Green in order to try and shut him up – videos of him speaking out about this at that side of that same link – while they have also been pretending to have an independent inquiry into all of this.

      There is massive fraud in the Treasury, Banking and Financial and Pension sector etc being exposed by the likes of Gordon Bowden etc and as more and more people waken up to all of this fraud and corruption the question is what are the cornered establishment going to do about it. They had the upper hand in the past as they controlled the mainstream media and what got out but the internet has allowed people all over the world to communicate instantly now and to expose the politicians and mainstream media’s lies so restricting the internet Chinese style is what they are after under the totally FAKE terrorism agenda especially as they say domestic terrorism. If they feel they are really cornered then watch out for them starting WW3.

  2. Totally agree JJ, most blog sites without a pro-Sevco agenda have picked up on similar skirting around the big ‘L’ and disingenuous opinion, effectively re-enforcing Kinloch’s case where we all know is there is no case.

    If Coral were never going to say “aye but rangers died” (incase they/Ladbrokes lose some punters) why are they even in court.?

    Total farce that should have been laid to rest court day 1.

    I assume in the reading materials the judge has has the big ‘L’ front and centre.

    Who knows maybe the Coral reps and witnesses had a word in their shell-like by Police Scotland suggesting some comments could invoke the wrath of the hun faction.

    First rule about Sevco Liquidation is you never talk about Sevco liquidation!!!

    I am in 2 minds on what I would like to see result from this as the big corporate enterprise have been as effective as some 2016 Ashley counsel.

  3. Utter disgrace, i wonder how far this goes. Constant blatant lies everytime for the brotherhood. Keep up the good work jj, outstanding blog. This is the lie that keeps on lying.

  4. Again since we are all in agreement that the media are in fact the true purveyors of truth (no laughing in the galleries please- m’ lud) in this case could the defence not simply hold up every MSM front page from the day RFC RIP’d with Capital R’s or alternatively point the Judge to umpteen other cases in football and Rugby where Clubs who agreed CVA’s went on to exit Administration and others notably Rangers fc Bradford Bulls and Chester City did not and as a result went into Liquidation with Capitals F.U.C.K.E and D ?
    Or am I missing something here?

  5. JJ, I used to think that a ‘lawyer’ was a man who couldn’t spell ‘liar’. Then I realised that by using 6 letters instead of 4, he could just charge more.

  6. What do you make of TV leipzig wanting Barry McKay for £6m. It’s a Keith Jackson story with a “source” close to the German team.
    It’s not been reported by anyone else either in the UK or Germany.
    I thought Rangers would bite their hand off for £2m for a player who has been found out in the spl

      1. Jj. Not that I think that transfermarkt is overly reliable. But mckays profile on the site has not been updated in 14 months. I would think his value has changed since then.

    1. His Leipzig sources are legendary. Never stops writing about them. Jackson would need to crowbar himself loose to work out where his posterior ends and Jabba’s diction spewing protrusion ends.

      1. If he goes it will be for a song, which will upset the blue massif, so a little bit of Pishery helps the medicine go down. You could buy the entire Rangers squad for £6m and expect change back.

      2. Agree – North of a million keeps the show rolling another couple of months. The Board would bite hands off for that. The recent “better than Tierney” comments were good value too! The fact is he’s a stand out when on his game and playing against a team that presses high and lets him use his pace. He isn’t on his game anywhere near often enough and only looks good due to playing alongside such mediocre players. He’s in the same category as Mackay-Smith, Jonny Hayes etc but with more of a vested interest in marketing.

    2. There’s this as well:

      “”Celtic kid Kieran Tierney is a decent player but Barrie McKay is Scottish football’s most gifted talent””

      The Daily-Rangers-Rectum is trying to sell Barrie McKay. For club survival. He’s in the window. Why would RB Leipzig be interested in players from a club they just pumped 4-0? They want better. McKay is worth £400k.

      Keith Jackson is Emu and Jabba is Rod Hull with his hand up Jackson’s arse. With a capital A.

      1. Hello! Hello! But Barrie has been better, or, at least, almost as good as Tierney for the last 6 or 8 weeks as Kieran looked on from the stands.

    3. Keith Jackass Jackson is going through the menopause, give her some slack.

      You can see it on her face.

      She does the usual; trimmed eyebrows, teeth whitening, waxed nose and ears, exfoliation, etc… but she can’t hide the hot flushes.

      Checkout the Real Housewives of Glasgow: Mrs Regan, Doncaster, Keevins, Jackson, Waddell, BFDJ, Jack, Houston, Traynor, Murray, King, Gilligan, Bryson, Longmuir, Graham, Gough, Park, Taylor, Smith, McCoist, Young, Chug, Ogilvie, Dallas, Thompson, McLean, ……..

      The most lying backstabbing thieving housewives on the telly. And the Ibrox support lines ALL their pockets.

  7. But where is all this high-energy establishment lying, obfuscation and misinformation getting them?

    The institution they aim to pretend never died is on its knees once again, gasping for financial breath in need of things that no amount of establishment manoeuvring can deliver – millions of subsidy per year, hard-nosed business acumen, trust from the financial world and a sense of self-awareness suitable for the 21st century.

    This parrot my not be dead yet – but it will never fly again – you can put £100 on that with confidence at Coral. And since they still don’t want to believe it, you may get decent odds.

    So, see past the temporary frustration and see the big picture – all the King’s horse and all the King’s men are FAILING to put Rangers back together again.

    1. CC
      That’s exactly right and at that level all the obfuscation and myth Management achieves nothing dramatic for the Current outfit other than it keeps the vast cohort invested in the belief that it is the same old Rangers with everything intact thus keeping the funds flowing in . SO in that respect it makes some difference

      All the high level legal , authority and media myth intervention as you say tehough won’t change the unalterable fact that they are a new club now and will be for a very long time potless 2nd raters operating under the yoke of their long term foe ..and they created this entire situation by their own historical actions

      Like all of us on these forums and most other fans in Scottish football There is a however a different level of issue ..IE
      It is very frustrating watching these goat rodeos play out in court etc not for what it will do to today’s Rangers!? not for that
      For me and many I also suspect For many others Que Sera Sera ! for the current version of Rangers
      All we all want to know I believe is what really went on these last 27 years ? ….and whatever that truth is for justice to then prevail.
      Unless and until that happens Scottish football won’t get past the most basic of corruption tests

      1. Veritas

        Yes, agreed. For me the interesting (amusing) thing is that the harder the establishment tries (and fails) to fix their football club which is only ailing because of their earlier failings, the more they shine a light on their own corruption and incompetence. It’s too much to hope that the Rangers saga will bring down generations of stupid white men, but the world is changing against them.

        I have no political axe to grind regarding Scotland’s politics but this has been a real eye-opener for me, and with all due respect, the idea that this crew could run a successful independent country gives me chapped thighs.

    2. In a galaxy far, far away Dan Dare’s old nemesis, the Mekon stirs. You remember him – the blue-skinned one. Well he’s heard that the blue-noses from Ibrokes are in dire need of aid and he’s on his way to render assistance. The only problem is he’s a trillion light years away and his warp drive is busted.

  8. Agreed Sir. The Judge could have, should have, pressed on several occasions but chose to remain supine. The telling remark on Mckenzie, for me, was “We choose to define our rules based on clubs having an existence, that’s not the way FIFA operate”. Well why did a qualified lawyer choose to put this point on the record? Why, when the rules of football in several countries were glossed over, did the Judge not ask of FIFA’s rules on this topic? Why the reluctance to define ‘relegation’? Why did no one get the ‘Transitive Verb’ jibe?

    Being in litigation myself recently and the heft that it weighs on funds I can only thank both yourself and Mr Doleman for your contribution. Hope this doesn’t displease the Emperor.

  9. The dissembling of Sandison and McKenzie in this case was an embarrassment to their profession in particular and to Scottish jurisprudence in general. Two liars without a modicum of shame. They have both become a laughing stock, protected only by the SMSM’s refusal to bring to the public’s attention the absurdity of their behaviour.

    A fish rots from the head. Scotland has become a rather stinking fish of late.

  10. If coral are affraid of losing the blue pound by using the L word surely ther are more non blue pound punters who could boycot their establishments for the simple reason of not using the L word..
    If they wont use it why dont they just pay the man.

  11. Is there no help for the widows son the plea made and not picked up when the lie was delivered
    “The Club, with a capital C, had been sold to Sevco Scotland ltd. We learned this from the press mainly. “

  12. The judge himself said “surely the main issue is the meaning of relegation”, but the self confessed go to man/expert on the rules refused to define what relegation is. Surely the judge should have intervened at that point.
    The whole case has been a charade, a conflation of a Brian Rix Farce and Basil Fawlty’s “don’t mention the war” episode.

  13. Are Corals are merging with Ladbrokes? Ladbrokes’ PR Company is Jabba, who is PR for THE Pretendygers…. McKenzie was involved in the nimmo smith whitewash acts for SPFL and has daily contact with Doncaster. Too much self intetest, without even mentioning the ludge…. is it a real bet, areal court case or a 250k advert for the continuity myth? I despair!

  14. I do not live in Scotland though I was born there, still visit as much as possible and have a strong Scottish accent and I am fiercely proud of my nationality and my country. I spend a lot of time in England and the rest of the time overseas, sometimes in what we have in the past refered to as “Tin Pot Countries” or “Banana Republics”. these are countries were the rule of law and the “reality” is at the behest of the ruler / Dictator /ruling party or Government. There is no country I know of where the reality is so bizarre and undiscovered as Scotland when it comes to RIFC / RFC / SEVCO.
    The liquidation deniers make me think of History where to deny certain occurences could land you on the wrong side of the law. I have long since lost my respect forthe SMSM, they remind me of the Eastern European Govt Publications. I sincerely hope that this token test case re-affirms my belief at least in the law of the land in Scotland and the liquidation deniers are put in their place.
    Keep shining a light on the dark recesses where the vested interests, the brotherhood and the thieves, crooks and vagabonds lurk. More power to your elbow!

  15. McKenzie did a really good job of making himself out to be a complete clown.

    Getting information from the media, the UEFA reference and his refusal to define relegation…..oh come on, is this the best the Scottish legal profession can do?

    It’s interesting that the judge has gone away to consider a verdict based on the information presented in court, none of which referred to the death and liquidation of Oldco. I presume then that even if the judge is fully aware of the real facts surrounding the demise of Rangers he has to ignore them and rely on the evidence presented in court by both sides?
    I believe in correspondence between Coral and Mr Kinloch the bookies stated that Rangers were demoted not relegated………does Coral ‘ s head office get their information from the Scottish media.
    I really do hope the punter gets a result. If he doesn’t then welching on the bet, no matter the circumstances, will do Coral ‘ s no favours with their current clients.

    1. In their love of the blue pound, and their extreme attempts to support the same Rangers club lie above the truth, I suggest fans of 41 other Association clubs should boycott Corals-Ladbrokes from now on?

      They cannot have it both ways surely?

    2. Demoted or relegated is defined as the same thing.
      “Assigned to a lower or inferior rank or position”
      You say tomarto and I say tomayto

    3. Joe
      He isn’t a clown . Far from it . He ,and all of them , including Bannatyne know exactly what the truth is here and as per the LNS debacle they are probably doing another ‘rope a dope ‘ job to help the judge get to where needs to get to
      He will be well paid as you say to act out Coco the Clown in court but if he the SFA , Rangers ,and dare I say it Celtic and the others, come out the other end of this with what they want he will be a hero /have done his job in precisely the same way the job was done on ( or with) LNS
      Make no mistake this could be a seminal moment in the OC NC affair . Regardless of the law of the land and the facts of liquidation ..IF this pans out for the punter the SFA ,press ,Rangers fans ,club etcetc will go bonkers and herald this like VE Day declaring victory .same club we were only relegated, we still own all the titles ,going for 55 etc a senior judge said it …final! And the rest of Scottish football will probably have to live with that corrupt BS for good

  16. The bit I found that was ‘beyond contempt’ was how McKenzie was able to sidestep anything in regards to ‘The 5 Way Agreement’ which BOTH Sevco Scotland and RFC Plc (IL) was represented in, because the agreement held ‘SECRETS’. This court case was a ‘farce’ from start to finish while taking unjustified evidence from ‘Nimmo the Dimmo’ and as they put it the ‘popular press’, that exists only in the MIND of the not so clever demographic. How something can be called ‘popular’ when the overwhelming majority don’t buy into it is beyond me.

    1. Surely Mr Mckenzie’s memory couldn’t have lapsed that much so he can’t remember what he wrote in 2012, if it was the same ‘Club’ why was monies owed to them being withheld, as arranged in the ‘5 way agreement’. You would have thought he would be ‘proud’ of his work and be happy for it to receive a wider audience.

      RFC, Sevco and Rangers FC irrevocably renounce, waive, release and
      discharge any right and/or entitlement to any unpaid Fees and any other sums
      due or to become due howsoever arising, including without prejudice to the
      foregoing generality, in respect of or related to season 2011/12 and earlier
      seasons and whether under and in terms of the SPL Articles and/or SPL Rules
      or otherwise, by the SPL to RFC, Sevco and/or Rangers FC and hereby agree
      that the SPL shall retain all such Fees and other sums due to use and apply as
      the SPL shall in its sole discretion think fit.

      Whether or not this was the final draft I ‘dinnea ken’, but perhaps Mr Green could enlighten us with his perspective of this undertaking and illuminate to us which ‘draft’ related to Title Striping, that sent Super Salary into a TIZZY.

  17. In any other court in any other country the judge would have asked McKenzie to explain The Rules of Relegation..But not in this Heathen country..This Court case is a Sham the same as the Nimmo Smith Case and the thing being is some of the same people here are telling lies as well

    1. Gerry it makes no difference if he explained the definition or not.

      Coral’s rules and terms & conditions failed to specify the bet was governed by the SPL rules and definitions. Therefore the dictionary definition should apply. Which is why the mechanism as to how they ended up in Div 3 is irrelevant. At least that is my reading of the situation.

      Their best and only defence as I see it, was to simply tell the truth that Rangers died.

      Coral the Bookmakers (and Sandison) have made the Scottish legal professional a laughing stock by refusing to use that defence.

      Sandison should have refused to take part in that circus. His reputation is in the gutter.

  18. Has Lord Bannatyne overstepped the mark in his sterling efforts to avoid asking salient questions to spare ponderous witnesses the need to either perjure themselves or speak the truth that hurts so much in words with dictionary definitions?

    In another case he recently stated with some impatience; “I would very much like to understand the Crown’s position between the two versions … they are so radically different.” and “However, I’m minded for a number of reasons to try to get this sorted out once and for all.”. Was his enquiring mind on a winter break this week?

    His written judgement will make interesting reading and I suspect will be full of appeal potential. Although Kinloch only wants his money and may gain no direct benefit in making fools of the establishment, he could hold the threat of a “feck the lot of you, losing appeal” like a red hot poker within genitals singeing proximity of the venal.

    The problem with small organizations (and countries) is that they are easy victims to a few corrupt men who rise to dominate their institutions and then institutionalize corruption and prejudice against any who would challenge them.

  19. This case has shown the Scottish Justice system to be a mockery. As JJ said the Judge should have intervened, and on a number of occasions. A question for any legally qualified out there. If a Judge is fully aware of pertinent facts, has he a legal duty to make these facts clear in court?

  20. McKenzie, when asked to define what a football club is: “”We choose to define our rules based on clubs having an existence, that’s not the way FIFA operate””

    He’s saying, since the Liquidation only, the SPL is recognising a club as existing separate to its incorporated self.

    Neither UEFA nor FIFA accept this.

    It’s an unlawful fudge to allow a notional Rangers Club, with a big C, to be figuratively divided from its incorporated self in a Liquidation situation, and sold for survival.

    Scots Law, as per UEFA and FIFA, does not accomodate the club and company two identities localised Glasgow-blue-centric fanciful claim.

    An incorporated club is is single legal personality. When it is Liquidated, the club is dead. A CVA saves the club. Liquidation kills it.

    They all know it. They’re all liars. It’s corruption.

    Five Court of Session Judges in three cases have commented on the concept as barking mad. Truly a concept the law has to catch up with.

    Someone needs to take it to Judicial Review with a good QC asking all the right questions which we ask in here.

  21. Once upon a time, Counsel instructed for clients of the “Charlatan with the capital “C” ” made the mistake of crossing swords with me, a made man and war-time Consigliere.
    That episode equiparated with members of those serial incompetents, charlatans and fools, purveyors of half-truths and lies—the litigation profession—-taking on members of the twin absolute pillars of truth, viz:- corporate law and commercial property law.
    Suffice to say, they lost big time, His Lordship, fortunately a member of those two last mentioned areas of legal expertise, and commercial law in general. dismissing all 4 major planks of their ill-founded arguments, resulting in the case being dismissed with their clients being found liable for expenses in a substantial six figure sum.
    Unlike Hyman Roth, they did not “play that one beautifully”.

  22. Can we all not write to Lord Bannatyne with the complete truth?

    Asking why Sandison QC, Poole QC and Solicitor McKenzie skirted around the elephant in the room making a farce of his courtroom?

    there’s thousands upon thousands of legal professionals and students following this in the UK.

  23. Serious question. Could a JR not be crowd funded by “concerned football fans”?
    On a separate matter and for the info of JJ, I belong to the category of followers referred to herein as “unwaged”. I will do what I can when I can. My boat might be coming in in the near future.

  24. And so, The Day Of The Donald is upon us. Were is not for messrs Kennedy and Khrushchev The Donald would have no country to preside over. Indeed I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it. We would either be long-dead or had never been born. For those two gentlemen, having opened up a back-channel so as to communicate directly with one another and circumvent those that clambered for war, were able to strike a deal and end the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 , when the world was a ‘baw hair’ away from destruction.

    Unless you understand the historical context you may think that those advocating war were insane. But they were not. They looked upon nuclear weapons as being just so many ‘bigger bombs’. After all, the US had already dropped two of them on Japan. And thinking war was inevitable, as they most certainly did, it made perfect sense to bomb the other guy first . Of course they knew that tens of millions would die , but as General Powers of the US Strategic Air Command said. “if there are two Americans and one Russian left, then we’ve won.” He actually did say that. You see they had no concept of a ‘nuclear winter’ that would have left no one alive. That scenario came to the fore only in the 1980s. So we should all be grateful to the ‘Two Ks’. We really do owe them everything.

    But alas they were not to be rewarded for saving the planet. Mr. Khrushchev was perceived to have capitulated to the US and was subsequently deposed. Mr Kennedy was perceived to have have capitulated to the USSR—‘the worst appeasement since Munich’ according to General Curtis “Bombs Away’ Le May. And Mr. Kennedy paid the ultimate price for his ‘cowardice.’ Which brings me back to The Donald.

    In October of this year all records and documents relating to the JFK assassination are to be released by law. Hitherto all attempts to get all of the material released has easily been stymied by the vested interests in the US Intelligence Community. The bodies set up to investigate the assassination: The House Select Committee on Assassinations ; and The Assassination Records Review Board, had lifespans linked to the congressional cycle, so it was simply a matter of stonewalling them till they expired. But this time it might be different—-might. Because there is one remaining impediment to disclosure; it can only be done at the president’s discretion. But even if The Donald is minded to veto disclosure, all right thinking beings will be entitled to ask what, after 54 years, do they still have have to hide? After all, we all know it was a ‘lone nut’ that did it, don’t we?

    ps £6 mill for wee Bazza? Nah.

  25. Email sent to Harper McLeod today asking if McKenzie still has a job after his performance yesterday…….and he’s a partner ffs.
    Not a good advert for his firm is he? To be avoided at all costs.

  26. If the spl recognises a club as a separate entity to its incorporated company then firstly why does this differ to the sfa, UEFA and FIFA view. Secondly when did this view come about (was it changed in the last 5/6 years?). Has there been any clarification on why this is different between ruling bodies?

  27. There are simple facts in this case. Yet the facts could alienate the blue pound and others. Coral could have won this case hands down with the same witnesses, if they asked Mr McKenzie whether or not Rangers are the same club within the realms of FIFA and UEFA rules. The bottom line is they could lose more than £250,000 if they chose to stick with the facts. I salute Mr Kinloch for playing the bastards at their own game, if you state Rangers where relegated then pay out or speak out.

  28. The Daily Rectum is running with Sandison QC’s post lunch light bulb moment EXPELLED not RELEGATED.

    The three day case took half its time to define RELEGATED and its meaning within the SPL rules.

    Then blue nosed Sandison created RFC was EXPELLED from nowhere. No mention of EXPELLED in SPL rules. no definition of EXPELLED offered.

    But it suits the Daily Rectum agenda.

    Was Sandison expelled from Law School? Clubs don’t get expelled.

    Red herring or what!

  29. SFA and SPFL (both Hampden), Sevco Rangers (Ibrox), STV, BBC Scotland, Daily Record, Level 5, The Herald, The Evening Times, QCs & Solicitors, Freemason Temple, …………… All within a few miles of each other in Glasgow. All staffed and led by blue nosed SevcoRangers supporters.

    All pretending D&P sold a football club. (Minus all players). Every player was released free by RFC. They all joined a new club. Five decided to join Green’s new club, they were free to sign up with whoever they wanted to sign to.

    D&P sold assets to Green.

    The football club RFC and its debts and its shares are in Liquidation with D&P. Green didn’t get the shares of old RFC.

    1. I recall it was disastrous for the Bearmacht when CW sold the Arsenal shares.

      The shares of a club is a club. It’s a % ownership of the club body. A physical manifestation of a club. If you don’t have the shares you don’t have the club.

      The Hearts shares were saved with a CVA and transferred to Budge. Hearts are the same club.

  30. if sumo wrestling takes off in ecosse mackenzie and traynor will defo be the first finalists, their wee mushrooms that peep oot the heather will fit into the wee jock strapquite easy,the two cheeks bringing up the rear dont bear the thinking.

    harking back to random thoughts days when rod dropped the baw with his agreeing with brysons definition of an imperfect registration, the doyen of bloggers at that time Cam, called it the moment WEE Rod dropped the baw……FFS……….

  31. I was astonished by this:

    For years the advice from managers and players to younger players in Scotland has always been to remain here and get more experience. Especially if your with Celtic or Rangers(sic).

    Of course, this helps the Scottish domestic game to keep its talent and have a decent league.

    So for this advice to come out of Hampden is astonishing. Clearly SevcoRangers is dying and needs funds. King is not paying in and would rather offload the wage bill and try and sell.

    Was the ‘winter break’ freezing cold expedition to old East Europe a sales pitch for players all along? The 8,000 fans have been taken for a ride again.

  32. Clearly SPL rules are now diametrically opposed to Scots Law.

    McKenzie has been central to facilitating this.

    An incorporated football club under Scots law is a single legal personality. Not a club plus a separate company.

    A Judicial Review of the SPL’s conduct and rules, acting extra judiciously outwith Scots law, needs carried out.

  33. Coral and Ladbrokes are merging/morphing into one so that may go some way to explaining Corals’ reluctance to use the “L” word…
    Scottish football is on its knees and will remind there until the funny handshake brigade are turfed out.

    Donation made from someone who’s not a scrounger.

  34. The “Big Tax Case”, will be up at the Supreme Court in a couple of months. After the carry on at the Coral case and the skirting around the real issues I have my doubts about a true and proper decision. As far as I know there will be at least one Scottish judge on the panel and I’m sure he/she will have an influence on the others who may be unaware of the real story.
    A lot will depend on how good the HMRC’s QC presents the case and from past experience it has been like the antics of those in the Coral case. We bampots have been able to ask so many times,”why didn’t he say………?”

    1. Lord Hodge has got the gig for the Supreme Court,(sorry don’t have link) some say he deliberately delayed the decision in placing RFC Plc (IL) into ‘liquidation’, to facilitate the ‘switcheroo’ of NEW COMPANY SAME CLUB. It’s preposterous how he allowed the assets of the ‘Club’ to be put out of reach from the creditors.

  35. Only in East Timor

    • banned from the 2023 AFC Asian Cup following a joint investigation by the Asian Football Confederation and Fifa.

    • The 36 matches scrutinised in the investigation span a period from July 2012 to October 2015,

    • The AFC ruled 29 matches be forfeited, while seven matches fell under Fifa’s jurisdiction.

    • East Timor Football Federation has been fined

    • The body’s general secretary has been banned for three years.

  36. You can all cry until you’re blue in the face but this is civil law.

    These QCs and Solicitors are paid for by other people not you. If you want access to Justice and the law you need to pay for it. The legal profession/ legal industry requires fees. You need to buy your Justice. You need to buy a result.

    If you pay a good QC he will ask all the really difficult questions you want. If there’s nowhere for the Judge to go under the law you will win. But you need to pay for your result.

    Indeed if you pay well, the word gets out and the legal profession in Scotland loves you. They don’t care about old club new club they will destroy the lie if you pay for it.

    I would recommend the SFA or TRFC QC who stated “a concept the law has to catch up with”. That QC has bags of integrity and honesty.

      1. Your QC sees him alright from the fees. 😉

        Get with the programme.

        You’re buying a result.

  37. JJ, are we in contempt of court if we write to Lord Bannatyne pointing out that HMRC refused the Rangers FC CVA and hence the club was not sold out of Administration?

    Indeed only ASSETS were sold. Less all players who were released free to the market. No team transferred to Green.

    That Green started a New football Club and the notion the incorporated Rangers FC was split into two legal personalities (a club and a company) conflicts with Scots Law.

    Indeed Green himself via his QC denies buying a club. He purchased a basket of assets.

    Therefore Rangers FC were never RELEGATED. The original club, its debts and shares are with BDO.

    The Rangers FC Limited, currently playing out of Ibrox, are legally a completely different club. No case to answer. Case dismissed.

    Lord Bannatyne
    Court of Session,
    Parliament House,
    Parliament Square,
    Edinburgh EH1 1RQ

  38. Motherwell to get a score draw at Ibrox tomorrow at very generous odds. Avoid Coral’s and The Well to dump the young club out of the Scottish cup…. Fire sale at Ibrox anyone?

  39. When Sandison QC realised his strategy of Rangers were “demoted” not “relegated” wasn’t working, as the court viewed both words meaning the same thing, he switched on the third day to introduce Rangers were “expelled”.

    Was he advised in a night call that “demoted” wouldn’t do it for him?

    How absurd. “Expelled” doesn’t exist in the rules.

    Rangers went into Liquidation.

    The Rangers that left the SPL was not legally the Sevco-Rangers that entered the SFL League 3.

    Let’s fund a Judicial Review. Find a friendly Solicitor to front it up.

    1. I’m unsure why people are finding fault with Sandison’s statement that:

      “Rangers were not relegated from the SPL, they were expelled from it.”

      OldCo Rangers ceased to be a trading company on entering liquidation. They then were dealt with by rule C2:

      “The owner and operator of a Club ceasing to be entitled to play in the League shall
      cease to be a Member of the Company and shall relinquish its Ordinary Share at the
      end of the relevant Season or otherwise as provided for in the Articles.”

      OldCo Rangers did indeed lose their golden share at the end of the season. Perhaps “expelled” is a bit strong, but not inaccurate.

  40. The Celtic Res12 fans (Club Shareholders/ Owners) need to request a copy of the five way Agreement from the club/SFA/SPL.

    I have a sneaky suspicion Res12 conflicts with the five way Agreement.

    There is a conspiracy in this country by club owners and chairmen to keep the power in football out of the hands of fans.

  41. When the Daily Rectum is making up stories about potential wealth flowing to Ibrox this is to divert attention from the financial plight facing the new club. They’re running on fumes now and without an injection of outside money are unable to pay bills. There is no stupid millionaire ready to give money away. Things will get very ugly very soon. Administration looms and if you thought it was bad in 2012 this time will be much worse. This time there should be no favouritism shown and hopefully they will be shunned from Scottish football. There is a book that needs written about the demise of Sevco in 2017 and I hope you find the time to write it.

  42. Don’t quite understand why Corals/Ladbrokes are defending the case if they’re not prepared to mention RFC liquidation, Sevco Scotland, Green, the five way agreement, SFL Chairman vote: the timeline of how newco landed in Division 3. They were not relegated, they were parachuted into Div 3 via a corruption that rode roughshod over the football rules of association. What we have in this case is a pantomime of high farce that speaks to the joke that is Scottish football, the SMSM, and resulting opaqueness around the demise of Rangers FC when the truth is crystal clear to all as in the emperor minus clothes. The punter should not be paid in a million years but the farcical presentation of a case by Corals/Ladbrokes – so not to upset the peepul – might lead to just that. Seldom will you ever see a bigger elephant in a room.

  43. As soon as Creditors refused the CVA to buy the club (RFC), was the moment RFC ceased as an operational, trading football club.

    The club was irreversibly committed to LIQUIDATION and all employee contracts were null and void, including players.

    The club simply became defunct. Not demoted, not relegated, not expelled. But defunct. It became irreversibly unable to employ or pay players. It indebted itself to extinction.

    The biggest Creditor of 276, HMRC, appointed BDO through the court as LIQUIDATOR.

    1. Very nicely and succinctly put !
      This should have been the Coral QCs only statement …and it should be Bannatynes summing up .
      Any other outcome is a desecration of the truth and will shame The Scottish legal system and football establishment

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