The Ibrox Ice Age

Prior to writing this blog I will take pause to discuss a change in my customer service imperatives. This site is not as mature as the ones run by Phil Macgiollabhain and James Forrest ( The Celtic Blog, On Fields of Green). I regularly read all three, with Paul Brennan’s excellent Celtic Quick News included  on my list of bookmarks.

When I attended the FBA Awards in November, I arranged an early evening meeting with Snack Media at Hotel Football. My modest budget did not stretch to staying at this very convenient hotel. I stayed in a b&b and travelled to the awards by tram. John & Betty were generous hosts. They even rustled up some slice (square sausage) to augment their full English breakfast.

I digress. Snack Media own the URL of The Celtic Blog. It’s their intellectual property. If James packed up his tent they could replace him with a new camper. They split advertising revenues 50/50 and use aggregators to enhance traffic. I know what James yields from his endeavours but I’m not prepared to disclose it. Suffice to say it’s ten times more than I generate in donations.

The representative from Snack Media recommended that I rebrand as The Rangers Blog. I pointed out that my excoriating criticism of the current board has crossed the border into an underworld where epithets ranging from ‘you fucking taig cunt’, ‘I hope you and your bastard children die of cancer‘ and ‘no wonder your wife left you, I heard she loves it up the arse’ are ubiquitous. Some PayPal donors pay £1 just to abuse me. My right-hand man, The Mensch who is from a Jewish tradition, has been threatened that he and his family will be gassed. The Klan have never been so exercised by any site to this degree since the advent of The Rangers Tax Case.

I would in no way compare my writing and insights to those of The Orwell Fellow. However we share the same cloak of anonymity. To spare my innocent elderly neighbours from being burnt alive in their sleep, I chose to relocate. Police intelligence asserted in no uncertain terms that an attack, from one of two separate groups from Glasgow and Ayrshire, was imminent. The Kingdom of Fife were also represented in the conspiracies to mute me for all time. There was no doubt that I would be attacked. The only question was who would get to me first. I have reason to believe that the left hand of Police Scotland gave these groups my address (DVLA check on a former speeding offence) while their right hand warned me.

Phil & James thank their donors with e-mails. Going forward I will endeavour to do the same. Many of my unwaged contributors, whom I have told repeatedly not to donate, have ventured £1 as they like to pay their way. I don’t have the time to thank all of them. I will respond with thanks to anyone who ventures £10 or more. Should you not wish to receive my acknowledgment and thanks, please say so in the comments section of PayPal. For many a PayPal confirmation is all that they require.

There are two threads to this article so strap yourself in for a long read. The first is from an article in Celtic Quick News which explodes the Continuation Myth. The second is a speech from Dave King, which he dictated to cub reporter Chris Jack as he sat on his knee. Rumours that Jack tried to hump King’s leg are probably wide of the mark.

Many have grown tired of ‘the oldco, newco, Sgt Bilko‘ debate. The latter name is included to highlight the remit of Neil Doncaster, the leading clown in the continuation circus, who perpetuates the myth to comic effect. Allow me to state this quite clearly for the hard of understanding:

The Association football Club, Rangers FC, became an incorporated company in 1899. This company, which was renamed on two occasions, is being liquidated. It no longer engages in what was its principal source of income which was professional football.”

This is a binary issue. There is no grey and no wiggle room. Andrea Traverso at UEFA has stated that Rangers Lite are a new club. The SFA have kept their mouths firmly shut as they did when career criminal Dave King became the first man to fail their fit and proper criteria. King even admitted as much when he looked into sisting the real Rangers from liquidation. Only someone whose salary depends on it, primarily the SMSM and Neil Doncaster, are compelled to lie through their back teeth.

This site has featured how counsel for the founder of The Phoenix Club stated in open court that there was no Rangers. In other court hearings it has been dismissed as a metaphysical concept. Anyone who clings to the fig leaf of continuation is in denial, stupid, or both.

The following is from CQN. I have added bold type for emphasis and clarity:

Kelty Hearts were left bitterly disappointed on Wednesday 25 July 2012 when they were forced to cancel a testimonial match for their long serving player Stefan Winiarski. The story behind this cancellation blows wide open Scottish football’s myth of continuity.

The Fife Juniors side were scheduled to play the new Rangers. This would be a historic moment as it would represent the first ever match played by Sevco’s Rangers founded when Charles Green bought the old club’s assets after a CVA was rejected the previous month.

The old Rangers Football Club had been placed into liquidation, with a basket of assets sold to Green’s off the shelf limited company, which was called Sevco Scotland.

The problem for Kelty Hearts was that their opponents for the testimonial match were just that, an off the shelf limited company that had no status to play football whatsoever.

Also at this time a friendly in Normandy against Le Havre was cancelled. Whatever Charles Green had bought from Duff and Phelps, the controversial Administrators of Rangers FC, did not include any right to play football.

This was simply not a football club but a new start business hoping to become one.

There was no continuity from the club placed into liquidation and the start-up business trying to use every influential channel open to it to become a football club registered to play teams like French side Le Havre, the Fife juniors Kelty Hearts and Brechin City in the Ramsdens Cup the following weekend.

The latter fixture would represent the start of a new season and time was running out for Green. He had a matter of days to reach an agreement with the Scottish FA to allow Sevco Scotland to become a new football club and to compete in the professional game in Scotland in season 2012/13.

But for the Fifers, their game was off, they simply couldn’t play a club that didn’t exist”.

A senior Police Officer in Fife, who had active responsibility for policing the Winiarski testimonial match recently spoke to CQN about what happened and why the game was eventually cancelled, despite being a complete sell-out.

Q. What was your involvement in this match?

A. I was handling this proposed testimonial match for Fife Police from a football intelligence point of view. Charles Green had a Testimonial fixture lined up against Kelty Hearts, but this had to be cancelled due to there being no membership attached to any club playing out of Ibrox.

Q.Did you speak to their officials?

A. I spoke to Head of Security, George Douglas who confirmed there was “no club” and that is why the fixture was cancelled.”

Q.Why did they agree to play Kelly Hearts if they weren’t yet a new football club?

A. They hoped that a new club would emerge through agreement with the football authorities in Scotland but for Kelty Hearts, frustratingly, their game had to be cancelled as at the time there was no such thing as a Rangers football club, able to fulfil the fixture.

Q. Do you think that the facts have been distorted after the event?

A. Yes, I do. This never seems to get mentioned now, but the facts are out there and the journalists seem content on reporting otherwise. The facts are that the new Rangers were unlicensed to play Kelty Hearts. Stefan Winiarski’s Testimonial was therefore cancelled. The new Rangers, as even the BBC called them, were unable to fulfill the fixture as the SFA had not approved their membership.

Q. But the people running Ibrox were preparing to become a club?

A. Ally McCoist’s side have only played games behind closed doors at their Murray Park training ground as they are not licensed to play official fixtures. They were due to play their first game of the season, against Brechin City in the Ramsdens Cup, the following Saturday. But they were still in negotiations with the SFA, Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League about the conditions for membership after they were denied a place in the top flight and (offered a place) in Division Three.”

Q. So can you summarise the situation you faced in July 2012 while handling this subsequently cancelled match?

A. The Stefan Winiarski testimonial match between Kelty Hearts and the New Rangers was cancelled due to the SFA not granting the new Rangers a licence to play any matches (be they) friendlies or competitive.”

Could it be any clearer? Sticking blue plasticine in your ears won’t make it go away.  It’s now more than five years since administration and no amount of squirrels, obfuscation, or in Doncaster’s case, barefaced lies, is fooling anyone except those who have an agenda to be fooled.

When it comes to blowing blue smoke up one’s alimentary canal, no-one does it better than The Evening Times & Pishery Sports Journal.  I have decided to reproduce King’s comments in full as it’s heartening to start the day with some humour. Dave King asserted:

This degree of loyalty continues to be gratifying and humbling. Despite a relatively disappointing campaign up to this point, we have taken the necessary steps to revitalise the team and its performance. Of particular note is the carefully researched appointment of a new management unit headed by Pedro Caixinha. Funds are available to help Pedro shape his own team. It is important that our supporters continue to see Rangers playing attractive football, but attractive football must not be pursued at the cost of failing to win. We must reinstate the winning mentality expected of the most successful club in the world in terms of domestic league titles. This winning mentality is only one of the significant qualities that I believe we have reintroduced with the new manager and his support staff. We could have avoided the significant financial compensation we incurred to bring the new management team on board by delaying the appointment until the end of the season. However, we believe that it is in the Club’s interest to give Pedro the balance of this season to assess the squad and make preparations in advance of the new season and the early competitive start that we envisage with Europa League qualifiers. It will be a further significant step forward to achieve our stated target of having European football back at Ibrox. Much of the work undertaken off the pitch is unseen and the maintenance of Ibrox and Auchenhowie is a never ending and costly process. But it is a price we must continuously pay in order to boast two such fantastic facilities and advance the excellent youth development process that we have put in place.Much has been achieved in the past year and the Club structures are significantly better than a year ago. Our academy structures and young players are more promising than at any time since my first association with the Club almost 20 years ago. Auchenhowie is finally looking “fit for purpose” and is showing a vibrancy hitherto unseen. I repeat my previous commitment that I will not consider our work complete until Rangers has been restored to the very top of our game. No other club anywhere can match Rangers’ history and successes. No other supporters could have endured the traumas that befell Rangers in recent years and remained so proud and dignified. It is gratifying to finally be able to deal with the normal vagaries of football (such as team performance and management restructures) as business in the normal course rather than as a new crisis – which had been the case over the last few years. I look forward to the coming season with great optimism.”

Chapeau to King for a tour de force of pishery. However one should not remove one’s hat for long as the Cold in one’s Shoulder might radiate to your cranium. Did it not occur to our leg-humping cub reporter Chris Jack to ask King how he was going to deal with The Takeover Takedown?

Should Rangers continue to have King at the helm of the holding company a corporate ice age will have Stewart Robertson and his team on their knees. The Cold Shoulder is the ultimate City sanction.

Edmiston Drive on a match day

Where does one start with King’s glib and shameless lies. Extensive research my aunt fanny. Alex McLeish was not prepared to do the job blindfold so they hired a dupe whose tax-free contract had been prematurely brought to an end after only twelve games in charge. King sacked Warburton, Weir and MacBung with indecent haste in his botched attempt to save a few bob. Caixinha was a knee-jerk reaction. One should not confuse his anonymity with innovation.

As for the unseen maintenance, when will the roofs be lifted as per Woolgar Hunter’s recommendations? Painting over the rust just won’t cut it.

What happened to “Going for 55” Dave? Should The Supreme Court bring the curtain down on the cheating of your board, with SDM at the helm, Rangers will still be going for one. The titles that will be stripped have no bearing on Lite. As for European Football will you still be at the helm when the new club is banned from European competition for being doped up to its eyeballs with loans?

Should Lite traverse the first round, will they be compelled to play their next home fixtures behind close doors to expel the unreconstructed bigots who shout “Fuck the Pope” so repeatedly that it could be a nervous tic or an early indication of  the onset of 1690 dementia?

King’s ability to talk shit may fertilise the daisies but there is no possibility whatsoever that Rangers will be coming up roses with a convicted felon at the helm.


24 thoughts on “The Ibrox Ice Age”

  1. JJ, I’ve forgot ma paypal password, but i’ll sort it out … . . p.s This is so funny hahaha I’m reading yer blog now “The only question was who would get to me first.”

  2. btw your blog is the funniest, just JJ I wish ye wouldn’t swear . . . it’s not becoming to just how funny you are. I know yer right too to point out all the underhand method. Although, how do you appeal to people JJ? We always have to find ways of overcoming the badness and turning it into good. xxx Ma donation will be/ is forthcoming.

    1. Hi Dan, on your point about KDS could it be sour grapes that I won an award and that they were also rans? Celtic blogs play on a crowded field. The four I choose to read, plus The Clumpany, with a special mention of Celtic News Now, have it covered.

  3. Hi JJ,you didn’t give any insight as to your motive for the meeting with Snack Media or state the result of your discussions.If the reason for your meeting with Snack Media was to explore the possibility of allowing advertising on your site,was the deal breaker them wishing you to change the name of the site to the Rangers Blog ?
    PS,what is KDS ?

    1. There were two deal breakers. A site would have to be built to accommodate advertising and this would have to be paid by me, at a cost of £1,500. The alternative was giving them the URL with Snack Media footing the bill. Neither appealed. The least said about KDS, or KS as I have been reminded, the better.

  4. Another excellent article. Last week I had the opportunity in a far flung place to finally watch Trainspotting 2. The what seemed like very apt representation of the both the previous RFC and the current RIFC supporters was bang on with some hilarious points, the Pin numbers in partcular! ( if the first guess didnt work they went for 1207 apparently! ) Nothing ever changes, and dissapointingly, it looks like it perhaps never will whilst the CCK and the rest of the Crooks, thieves and vagabonds control the club ably supported by the vested interests of the SMSM, The SFA, CFC and the rest of the establishment.

  5. You’ll know it’s time to ‘call it a day’ when The Huns “stop” giving you abuse. You need to pass a test to drive a car, but none to become a “”*PARENT*””. As the internet takes control of humanity the “Nurture or Nature” quagmire will become redundant and The Huns “WILL” need to alter their mind set as there is no room for “BIGOTRY” in this dimension. Their ‘unpalatable’ sites of “HATE” will be closed, it’s only a matter of time and they know it, because it is simply unacceptable in this ‘day and age’. Only my opinion.

  6. I was expecting King to emerge in the press swiftly after the 3-0 victory at Aberdeen. He seems to vanish when Rangers are on a poor run or get knocked out of a cup competition. But when results go his way, boy, he wastes no time in telling the fans about his plans, relying on youth and the Ibrox ‘winning mentality’. Don’t other clubs have a winning mentality? Celtic remain unbeaten domestically so far this season. Now, that’s what I call a REAL winning mentality.

    He goes on to say that “we must reinstate the winning mentality expected of the MOST SUCCESSFUL CLUB IN THE WORLD in terms of domestic titles’. What utter piffle. Utter nonsense. Rangers have yet to win a senior title. They have won a Petrofac Training Cup and titles in the lower reaches of Scottish football. And that’s it.

    The old Rangers, as a club, is now represented by a file of working papers held together by paper clips and awaiting liquidation. The new Rangers has yet to win anything outside the lower divisions.

    It’s a pity that the Scottish media is seemingly incapable of providing a balanced narrative when it comes to this new club.

  7. Surely as a new club, Going for 49 is a misnomer.

    Going for 1 is more accurate and Rangers First has a nice ring to it.

    Any thoughts on @rogueleaks predicting the bombing of Syria on the 7th April back on the 1st February via a tweet?

    You can check it out as the tweet is still on the timeline.

  8. DK is surely playing his bluff hand to full effect in this Mexican standoff with the 3 bears….you just have to wonder at the stupidity of this patsy in facilitating it.
    How deep a hole can he possibly dig for himself on this…they SMSM surely can’t believe this themselves can they? What sort of reputation will remain when the truth eventually comes out…when I say “comes out” I mean of course that the truth can no longer be ignored.

  9. Paypal is a joke JJ or maybe it’s me…
    My standing donation for last month was declined due to them trying to use a card which had expired.
    Just had to pay a 150% charge on my attempted donation lol.
    Anyway, I’ve now got it sorted (I think) and will drop a top up later this week.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the b**tards get you down.

  10. With no news of a prospectus flying through the doors of the shareholders then King is set on ignoring the TAB ruling.
    Will the City could shoulder see Dallas Campbell and Metro Bank leave the stricken ship?
    I wonder if Pedro and his staff have got to grips with the song book yet……..I doubt if they have managed a team whose fans chant we hate Catholics and Fuck The Pope whilst Police Scotland stand by and whistle along.
    Nobody likes us, we don’t care has never been more appropriate.
    I see King once again reiterates that Pedro will be given funds to put his own stamp on the team…this time he was not stupid enough to put a quantum on the available monies. Will Pedro be in the loan/Bosman market or will real money be spent to add quality to the squad?
    Unless King has struck a rich seam of gold, or similar, where are the funds coming from?
    The 3 Bears are tapped out, there is no bank facility, the City cold shoulder is about to be applied, the Ibrox 3 are still out there, the WIFI guys too, Big Mike ‘ s on the march and repairs and renewals are required.
    Apart from a small rise in ST prices there is no more money to be squeezed from the fans. Club 1872 is falling apart at the seams with donations drying up.
    Sponsors are thin on the ground and a Black Spot from the City won’t help the cause.
    Apart from that Chris Jack thinks everything is fine and dandy……bless!

  11. A small donation made. Keep up the good work.

    JJ: Thank you. Please see e-mail I sent to you a few minutes ago.

  12. Let’s make a few assumptions here.

    Celtic replace Brendan, all hail, with a manager who adheres to the Muslim faith, as does his backroom staff.
    As the we hate Muslims and Fuck The Prophet chants ring out from the terraces would Police Scotland be standing by picking their noses?
    Would the club immediately issue a warning to the fans that any repeat would be met with a lifetime ban for the perpetrators…….a fatwa would certainly be heading their way?
    If the club warning didn’t stop the chanting would the club then put the manager in front of the media to make a personal appeal to the fan base to desist?
    The silence is feckin deafening from Ibrox.
    The scene at the Orange lodge in T2 was hilarious but for any affiliated Rangers lodge member the rest of the world was not laughing along with you, we were laughing at you…quite a difference.

  13. Surprised today’s blog didn’t cover Mark Daly’s excellent documentary on the seedy goings on in Scottish football in the 70s and 80s.

    Still at least unlike Murray there is no knighthood to revoke in that story..

  14. Just read STV’s piece entitled “Explained: Will Rangers need UEFA approval to play in Europe?”. Every part of it confirms that the current Rangers are indeed a new club.

    The last section of the article is copied below:
    ‘Aren’t Rangers banned from playing in Europe anyway?
    When Rangers went into liquidation in 2012, their assets and memberships to play football were transferred to a new company.

    This automatically triggered a three-year period where the Rangers newco could not participate in European competition. This applied to the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons.

    There is no barrier to Rangers applying for a UEFA Club Licence under article 12, which states any membership with a national association must have lasted “for at least three consecutive years”.’

    The key word is ‘transferred’. The definition of transferred is ‘to convey or remove from one place, person, etc., to another’.

    Is a player ever transferred to the same club? Of course not! That notion is preposterous. Why then, would SFA membership be ‘transferred’ to the same club?

    This eleven letter word by itself blows the whole continuation myth output of the water.

  15. The only assetts Charlie was interested in was the muppets who pay for the PR to have themselves attached to a name. If you can find 40,000 or more willing to pay for the lie of continution then you have found oil and it is in endless supply. You only have to read Kings latest and if you believe it then you are indeed oil to be extorted.

  16. JJ I have just donated and I will regularly.
    I have read you for some time but was disappointed in your SNP rant, that’s what it was. You are usually very balanced and particular in your deliverance but that one was unfortunately just , white noise.
    I really appreciate reading your various articles on Sevco . I am very interested in the legalities of the execution that the ex club de faults on and their never ending assurance that they are indeed the people , or le pope , a la countdown.
    Stay true.

    JJ: Thank you. You will have noted that I responded to you by e-mail under separate cover. The reply function does not work for recurring donations. I will be looking into a tailored response for this site’s life blood.

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