Imagine There’s No Rangers

During what became know as ‘The Journey‘ did anyone other than those who attend Ibrox via muscle-memory actually miss Rangers?

1. Did one miss the mass unfettered anti-Irish racism?

2. Did one miss the veneration of a Ku Klux Klan leader who successfully pursued an agenda of slashing and maiming Irish émigrés?

3. Did one miss those who mock a potato famine and invite the Pope to have sexual congress with himself?

4. Did one miss the naked apartheid that is Monkey Mimicry?

5. Did one miss the challenge of Scott Brown on the field of play by an individual who exposed himself to an eleven years old girl as she walked down the street with her mother?

6. Did one miss the anti-Irish festival that is Forces Day?

7. Did one miss the lie that a renascent club can claim the titles won by a club that no longer exists. 

8. Did one miss how a club in clear breach of FFP regulations is given a green light to participate in UEFA tournaments by a corrupt SFA?

Point 8 is a reprise of the corruption which occurred with the former club which played at Ibrox in 2011. Are the aforementioned points the symptoms of a deep-rooted Sectarian malaise at the former club that now find an outlet for their recidivism in Charles Green’s basket of assets, Rangers Lite?

Could one change the song from :

‘No-one likes us, we don’t care‘  to:

‘No-one cares about us as we are largely irrelevant and beneath their contempt’?

Should we be rallying round the new club and hugging ‘bears’ in the street? Forgive me if I for one demur, although many of my best friends and family members are Rangers fans whom I would not hesitate to hug. The perceived wisdom is that the majority of Rangers fans are decent God-fearing family men, but if that is the case why do they transform into what Donald Findlay referred to as ’90 minute bigots‘.

Mr. Findlay is now engaging in lifting the rocks on the Ibrox cesspool. One now finds that The Rangers Juggernaut that cut a swathe through Scottish Football was actually a debt-addled junkie on skid row. The methadone was supplied by an odious cabal of Masons at The Bank of Scotland. If anyone has any savings in this Rangers-facing casino, in all its guises, I suggest they withdraw them immediately. Starve the bastards who provided the armaments to assassinate fair play in Scottish Football.

The debt-addled junkie may have visited the Salvation Army and be born again, but I’m not anticipating any Christian fellowship any time soon.

Is Rangers Lite a club run by pariahs for pariahs?

There are those who excuse the systemic criminal behaviour by stating that Rangers Lite merely reflects the social mores of the community it represents. I disagree. Rangers Lite fans the flames and reinforces the recidivist attitudes.

I note that Alex Thomson of Channel Four has been tipped off that the SFA won’t act to strip titles should The Supreme Court uphold the Inner Houses’ ruling that EBT were instruments of tax evasion. If that is the case a root and branch clear out of the SFA is required. At the very least starve the SFA of funds by not supporting the fiasco that is our National team. Let the mendacious piece of shit that is Stewart Regan and Continuation Doncaster know that their days are numbered at The Scottish Cup Final.

I am a late convert to the case for title-stripping. I took the view that Rangers had gone to the wall and that there was no point in flogging a dead horse. However I did not figure on the lie of Continuation having traction and SMSM critical mass. The Continuation Lie underpins the ‘We are The People Supremacy‘ at Ibrox.

This supremacy is however built on the sand of tax evasion and a myth that has been exposed time and time again in the highest courts in Scotland. Rangers Lite are not the club formed in 1872 which was incorporated in 1899. If Third Lanark was rejuvenated and chose to play at Ibrox in light blue, could they make a cogent claim for the history of Rangers?

The idea is preposterous. Scottish Football was fine when the new club was in the  wilderness. There was a better distribution of titles and higher attendances. The insidious influence of the gaming industry was not a factor in what many will look back upon as The Halcyon Days of Scottish Football. Four seasons when the odious Sectarian bile had a smaller platform.

However if a picture can really convey a thousand words, have a look at the following:

This is the table that was designated for Rangers Lite at the PFA Scotland Awards Ceremony. No player from Lite won an award. No member of the concert party carpetbagging board put in an appearance. No member of Caixhina’s management team deemed it worthy of their time to show their support of the best performers in the Scottish game.

During ‘The Journey’ we were led to believe that the new club would make friends along the way. All they did was appal a new audience. If the PFA Scotland Awards are indicative, Rangers Lite are largely irrelevant.


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47 thoughts on “Imagine There’s No Rangers”

  1. I recently made an undertaking that I would personally thank those who made a donation of £10 or more to support The Sitonfence Speakeasy. However I did not figure on a cyber attack by The Klan or those charming Nigerians who promise untold riches while delivering their personal enrichment and their marks’ destitution. Until matters are resolved, may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.

    1. Sorry JJ Just to be clear any donation we make will go to you and not the Nigerians? Acknowledgement isn’t something I need, keeping the site going that is something worth paying for.

  2. The patently wrong 2011 decision to grant Rangers a UEFA licence was covered up for years. The flagrant disregard for the rules of 2017 is blatant.

    1. Would you mind changing you name to something else? (Scotty1 or similar?) as I was the first to register that name on here.

      Thanks in advance.

  3. No problem JJ. As to my comment on freeloaders they know who they are. This was not a comment aimed at the unwaged or poor

    1. to be fair, you did not distinguish between any one in your post and it was pretty tasteless. i’m currently unwaged due to giving up work to care for an ill friend, and as i’m not a relative i receive (rightly or wrongly) zero support for this.

      I’ll elaborate slightly further and say i’m a lifelong celtic fan who spent 7 years going to every game (ST holder) until my friend, a lifelong Rangers fan took ill resulting in mild brain damage…. in his hour of need there was no so called friends from a Sevco persuasion willing to assist him so i’ve stepped up to the plate.

      somedays his condition is worse than others, on a good day we laugh and joke together, on a bad day i’m a fenian, tarrier, bead rattler that single handedly caused the demise of the club he followed.

      the most positive aspect is he accepts his club died in 2012 and he now follows a new club.

  4. Hi jj
    I know you have a meander through different topics from time to time and thought you may wish to provide your thoughts on the epidemic of gambling which is rife throughout our towns and cities.
    I am a compulsive gambler, gambling free at the moment, however the rise in gambling advertising, coupled with easy access to bookmakers and online gambling is leading to a mass increase in problem and compulsive gambling with many life’s and families being ruined.
    Football seems awash with gambling these days and there is no getting away from it, fixed odd betting terminals (fobt) are a curse and deemed to be the crack cocaine of gambling.
    Having sat in many a meeting you would not believe how far reaching this gambling epidemic has become from young kids barely legal to gamble through to pensioners losing their meagre pensions.
    I think this topic may have resonance with many of your readers.
    Given the nature of this message I am happy for you to print in full but maybe leave out the cardiac part as my anonymity is important to me.
    Take care and hope your safe

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. The venal beaks of Scottish Football have sown a bitter harvest. I’m someone who will bet a couple of pounds on the Derby and leave it there. I once visited Epsom Downs, placed a modest wager on Khaysai and was thrilled when it romped home. I only placed one bet. I took my winnings and went home. The win paid for my day out. I could walk away. Others cannot. The spread of smart phones and bet-in-play will tear at the fabric of society. I might consider a bigger piece if I find time to engage in the research.

      1. Hi Dweezil 666, you are right to raise this important topic. Where I live there are female pensioners throwing away their meagre finances in darkened gambling booths inside bookmakers, married men squandering the family income, professionals sneaking away during work to play those insidious fixed odds gaming machines. The days when ‘having a flutter’ meant a £1 on the Grand National and ‘serious gambling’ was Ray Brooks in Big Deal are long gone. It is tearing families apart.

  5. You haven’t missed the bullseye with this article. Will make a wee mid month donation in The next day or so.

  6. I have believed all along there will never be title stripping. Doing the right thing even when it is unpopular needs strong leadership. The Scottish game has lacked such leaders for years and its why our game is now in the terrible state that it is. I ask again as I did in Manchester …….WHO is the leader to lead and do the right thing? That is the only question any journalist or blogger should be asking. And as fans we should all be asking of our clubs. Yes I still want Celtic to lead here or at least stand up and be counted. Please Peter after the SC judgement we need to do the right thing.

  7. Morning JJ,

    Regarding the PFA Scotland Awards – perhaps there was a Level of pressure from within Auchenowie not to attend? No-one voted for us, we don’t care.
    Pedro comes across as a man who would love to share a glass of Tinto and rub shoulders with his peers.
    When I first saw that picture of the empty table I was reminded of the “Going For 55” tifo and Jesse Owens. Not sure why.

  8. Tried several ways to make my PayPal donation. It appears to be going through but when I check my PP account it is not listed in payments. Makes me a bit scary about the link to your account so I have changed my PP password. I take it therefore you have not received my donation. Can you advise so I can complete the payment securely?

    1. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. THE ATTEMPT WAS ON MY EMAIL SITE? BOTH ARE ROBUST AND SECURE. I cannot find your donation. If everyone used the same email on this site as they do on PayPal my life would be easier.

  9. 9. Did one miss the family and social upheaval, incidence of serious injury through violence, abuse of NHS staff, and consequent squandering of taxpayers’ money on hospital and police costs on at least four occasions per season? (Apparently P. Lawwell did)
    10. Did one miss naked threats, letter bombs and blatant assaults on bona fide professionals in the Scottish football community? (Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time Brendan)

  10. The picture of the empty table says all that anybody needs to know of the contempt that they have for the Scottish game. It is akin to “it’s my ball and I am off home for my tea”. They don,t seem to understand that if it was not for the lies and corruption of the SFA they would have bitten the dust for good in 2012. They believe that they are Scottish football are the rest off us can just suck it up or fuck off. I have long since given up hope that justice will be done certainly not when they and many others collude to the victim myth

    1. Agreed Dadfromgarngad, it appears that TRFC has given up on the ‘sporting’ part of the game and their behaviour is now reminiscent of the bunker mentality.. everyone’s out to get us and we don’t care. The attitude of the team has become a mirror-image of the attitude of the support.

  11. The former Rangers striker, Mark Hateley, was invited to the ceremony and shared the top table with Brendan Rodgers. His role for the evening was to present the awards to the worthy winners.

    He was both appalled and embarrassed that the table was empty and that such an important event wasn’t recognised by the club.

    The Ibrox outfit continue to demonstrate a lack of class both on and off the field. Really poor form.

    1. They remain a disappointment in several ways TM.

      When Charles Green bought his basket of assets in 2012 and rather hurriedly cobbled together a new club around Super Ally and his old pals, it was disappointing that the racist serial offenders in the RFC fan base latched onto the new club too.

      The fan base clearly suffers from poor Board leadership. Leading by example, by attending the awards, is the responsibility of the Board.

      An opportunity to show amity with the rest of Scottish football has been lost. I blame the Board. With these behaviours from their Board, the fans won’t evolve.

      1. They don’t want the fans to evolve mate.
        It’s how they bring in their money.
        Racism and sectarianism at the rusty cow sheds.

  12. I thought the JJ massive may be interested in hearing the latest glib and shameless line being put around the media by the one who would be King.

    He’s insisting the TAB make his family trust (Glencoe Investment) make the bid rather King as they bought the 15% stake in RFC which King controls as a compromise with TAB. The TAB are not for turning.

    Truth is the impecunious and blighted one who would be King doesn’t have the money. The line he putting around his own fanboys is that if he makes the bid himself he will breach South African Exchange Control Law and face prison. A convenient story and the RFC fanboys lapping it up 😉

    Have the RFC fanboys ever considered the Glib and Shameless never had a NOMAD, he didn’t want an AIM Listing and he certainly doesn’t have the fucking money?

    PC in for a shocker come transfer window. Can’t wait to see the excuses and watch ST sales fall from 40,000 to 30,000 and then less than 20,000 over next few years. Thats where the RFC train is heading and this time King is driving it. Murray, Park and King do not seem to realise the fans will have their heads on stakes when they wreck the RFC choo choo train for a second time in 5 years. They’ll be after Regan and Doncaster too.

    King doesn’t care he thinks he’ll just sit it out in South Africa. Clueless.

  13. UEFA rankings for club competitions (over 400 European clubs) was updated yesterday and includes eight clubs from Scotland but only one club from Glasgow.
    Previous list featured two Glaswegian clubs.
    Are FFP rules kicking in regarding participation in next season’s UEFA competitions?

  14. Another great article JJ, Sevco failing to attend the awards ceremony was disgraceful.
    I have my ticket for the cup final and looking forward to joining my fellow Celtic supporters slaughtering that lying piece of shit Regan.
    Do you think he will attend? Knowing what will be coming his way, or will he resign before the final?
    Keep up the great work and stay safe.
    Donation made.

    JJ: donation gratefully received. I guarantee Regan will be there.

  15. The invites probably went to Rangers. They would have turned up if they went to

    Ten seats at £100 a skull may have been too much.

    Absent on the field of play, absent at the table. Their sports pundits’ tip for the big award, Joey Barton, has been absent all season.

    Classless. Ill mannered. Rude. Offensive. Discourteous. Impolite. Unrefined. Ill cultured. Uncouth. Ungentlemanly. Unevolved. Primitive…….. All come to mind.

    They have zero respect for fellow professionals in the Scottish game.

    They do not partake. They do not enrich the game. They insult all management, players, clubs and fans. We do better without them.

    Apparently the Scottish game was destroyed in Armaggedon without them five years ago. Well everyone is fine dining in Black Tie without them. RFC suffered self armaggedon, Sevco can’t hack their first venture into the big time. Lucky for them Hearts are rebuilding.

    Now it’s clear they don’t even have the appetite for civility.

  16. Clearly SFA-Rangers brazenly stick two fingers up to Scottish and European football on title cheating.

    They can do this because they know everyone, including fans, are spineless.

    Fair game to them. They’ve got the balls.

    Judicial Review delivers sporting integrity. JR corrects all wrongs. But nobody has the balls, so hump it into them SFA-Rangers, all 41 other clubs lie back and take the rough ride, they serve at your pleasure.

    Would you like another 15 titles?

  17. I would encourage everyone who purchased a season ticket at any SPL club during the Rangers DOS/VSS and EBT years to write to their clubs for refunds.

    Ditto Scottish cup tickets to the SFA for refunds and the SPFL for League Cup refunds.

    The tournaments were all corrupted by Rangers and facilitated by the SFA. You bought into a rigged competition.

    The clubs should then present their refunds over 12 years to the SFA for imperfectly registering players for RFC.

    This would destroy the corrupt SFA and clubs would need to start again.

  18. SDM played Rollover with the Ticketus debt to Craig Whyte.

    SFA and SPL played Rollover with the titles to Charles Green and his new club.

    But Charles instructed his QC in court to state it’s not the same club. If Whyte has a claim on assets then Charles might just do a deal there.

    1. SDM also rolled over some 276 operational creditors to Craig Whyte owed £84m listed in the Administration accounts.

      That seems more important than the Lloyds £18m but it’s Lawyers that ask the questions in court and it doesn’t get a mention.

      Very suspect this case with all the evidence being not mentioned.

      How was Craig Whyte supposed to pay back £84m to 276 creditors as well as HMRC and Ticketus?

  19. As discussed here previously there will be no title stripping, there was never going to be. To do so would require a governing body who are prepared to do the right thing. Scotland does not have such a thing.
    There is of course a licence already confirmed for RIFC to participate in Europa league next season. Scotland does have a governing body who are of course prepared to do the wrong thing if it benefits their favourite club.
    The real Question is – Whats anyone going to do about it?
    Regan, Doncaster and their Criminal cohorts couldnt care less. They will have factored in some disgruntlement from the masses but they will easily ignore that. They will be smiling at their Hampden offices, smug in their impunity at being able to afford CCK Club any benefit they can and to hell with the rest.
    Anywhere else these people would be held to account. Not in Scotland

  20. When will the rags print that empty table pic and criticise them or even ask questions?

    If it was Celtic they’d be all over it.

  21. Absent from the dining table and absent from UEFA standings table:

    Rangers FC (in Liquidation) have been removed from UEFA standings.

    The Rangers FC (Sevco Scotland) were ineligible for UEFA participation in their first three years as a new club. UEFA Head of club licensing wrote a letter explaining this.

    Sevco-Rangers, club foundation 2012, has no history of UEFA competition participation.

    1. UEFA and FIFA do not accept this badge or history for reporting on Sevco:

      Sevco has no European history. It has won nothing nor been runners up in any UEFA competition.

      Sevco are reported on using the RFC initials badge.

      RFC is no longer listed as a UEFA club. Sevco has yet to start its maiden UEFA journey.

  22. JJ
    Your article highlights The horrible schism ,manifest in that picture above, that exists in Scottish football between Rangers and the rest .
    That gulf will continue for good whilst Rangers continue at every level and in every dimension to be dominated by the bigots and are reinforced in that behaviour by their mirror images in the media and at Hampden
    Those bigots come in all shapes and sizes all the way from the semi literate morons, keyboard warrior hero types and threatening pseudo militant types to the many thousands of so called respectable fans and professional people who in fact also actually harbour deep rooted sectarianism .
    I have known Many Rangers fans over the years who are without doubt not bigots and don’t have a bigoted bone in their bodies but I fear and am almost certain they are numerically in a real minority midst the bigots in my many years experience of observing them .
    The massed ranks singing in unison would confirm that .

    An influential poster long since left SFM … I think it was Ecobhoy or ecojon? A few years ago on that site when it was in its prime made a good case and prediction that the Rangers support would split eventually into the bigots and the rest and that Scottish football would never be fixed until that happened . I think he was and still is right.
    Although I am sure it won’t happen in my lifetime I do hope for all our sakes that they do one day . I for one and I know all of my friends ,and I think the bulk of the rest of Scottish football fans , would welcome the good decent fans free of sectarianism with open arms and wish them the very best and support them and their club with the ‘clean ‘ version of their history !!
    I would damn the rest to oblivion for that is for sure where they would end up and good riddance .
    To the Mensch’s input above on Mark Hateley and his continued experience of the Willie Henderson’s of the world I think we know given the choice which side of the divide the classy Rangers men would end up on.

  23. Why Rangers fans hate Irish diaspora Catholics baffles me. Such lads have been delivering results for the old club and new club for decades now.

    Barrie MacKay just scored today to deliver a win and three points delivering third place for TRFC. Yet they sing they’re up to their knees in his blood.

    Yet he is the prime example of home grown local youth they profess to crave.

    Neil McCann helped them out.

    **Euro football requires each club to field four home grown lads in each game. **

    Without Scottish Irish-diaspora Catholics Sevco has a ZERO UEFA FUTURE.

  24. Thank you Veritas.

    The ex Rangers players whom I meet from time to, like Mark and Mr Henderson don’t have a bigoted bone in their body. They do incredible work for ALL charities and their works go unreported. They raise thousands for, mostly, kiddie charities. As does Bertie Auld and Bobby Lennox. Oh, and John ‘Dixie’ Dean. These are good folks and represent the best of Scottish football.

    Alas, the absence of a Rangers delegation at the awards ceremony represented pettiness and an utter lack of class.

    The club has not has had standards of excellence for a very long time and it was easy for SDM to hide his insecurities behind a blanket of borrowed money. But, as SDM will discover during this trial, you can’t buy class.

  25. What do you make of the daily rectum winner paper of the year and Keith jackass winning sports writer of the year

  26. Help? Let it be? Fool on the Hill? Daytripper? Yesterday?
    Please Please me?

    Shan’t go on

    BUT your Imagine intro caught me

    Do you really think Scottish Football would be better off without RFC?

    Need to lose CFC as well BUT all clubs have their issues and the Culture we have in our society would probably mean different,but the same,problems of hatred and vitriol

    The Scots -wha’s Like us?

  27. Haven’t missed them on their journey. Hope they disappear for ever this time. Should be any day, unless of course they are being directly funded by The SFA. THEY ARE THE LIVING EMBODIEMENT OF ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY IN GENERAL and Scottish Football in particular.
    Hope you received my regular remittance.

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