An Open Letter to Peter Lawwell

Dear Mr Lawwell,

I don’t necessarily agree with all the sentiments expressed in the following photograph of a banner, and I would choose a more elegant expression than ‘Hunskelping’, but it is indicative of the fact that some of your fans are unhappy with the status quo:

If your customers’ concerns are not your concerns, don’t be surprised if they turn their backs on you. Do you believe that you can abnegate on your responsibilities to your customers by providing them with the catnip of success on the field of play? Is success your panacea for the malaise and corruption at the heart of Scottish football?

To my mind it is not a panacea. It is a sugar-coated placebo. As the CEO of a PLC you have a duty of care to your shareholders. Some of these shareholders put a resolution to you and your board apropos Rangers being granted a UEFA licence despite an overdue payable of social taxes. This overdue payable should have prohibited Rangers from participating in UEFA tournaments in season 2011/2012.

Their unlawful participation came at a direct cost to Celtic PLC and its shareholders. Celtic missed out on at the very least one sold out home tie; or at the highest level up to £30m from the Group Stages, and perhaps a last 32 home tie, and although improbable even more.

The evidence by Michael McGill in the Glasgow High Court of Justiciary proves incontrovertibly that the DOS/VSS tax artifice had crystallised more than two weeks prior to the March 31st deadline. Rangers were ineligible to participate in UEFA tournaments while this overdue payable was extant. This overdue quantum was never paid.

Despite this Stewart Regan conspired with Campbell Ogilvie to grant Rangers a UEFA licence. They were either deceived by Rangers, which should have resulted in an SFA and UEFA sanction, or they were fully aware of the situation.

Stewart Regan wrote to Rangers, asking them for permission to issue a statement of lies to cover his exposure. He had engaged in lies to the detriment of Celtic PLC and its shareholders. Rangers did not allow Regan to go to print. The cosy informal relationship between Regan and the Rangers board suggests that he was implicit in their deception.

I challenge you to do the right thing by your shareholders Mr. Lawwell. Your organisation was wronged. You and your shareholders should seek compensation for the opportunity costs incurred. You should demand the resignation of Stewart Regan and his underlings whom perverted the issue of a UEFA Licence.

A licence to participate in the UEFA Champions League is a licence to print money. This money should have been the exclusive preserve, on that occasion, of Celtic PLC.

You and the shareholders you represent were duped Mr. Lawwell.

If the decision by the Inner House is upheld by The Supreme Court, the central plank of Lord Nimmo Smith’s argument is removed. If EBT were not legitimate they were not available to other law-abiding clubs. Twenty titles were won using EBT artifice.

I contend Mr. Lawwell that it is your duty to have these titles expunged from the records. One should also consider compensation from the SPFL and SFA for their dereliction of governance during the period 1999-2011.

There’s more to sporting life than the pursuit of seven or ten titles in a row. There is a responsibility to demand fair play. Rangers made a mockery of fair play and Scottish Football for a period 13 years. If Neil Doncaster continues to insist that Rangers are still the same club then they must be punished as the same club for cheating. Doncaster is lying to promote a commercial imperative.

It is high time Mr Lawwell that you take him to task.

Yours faithfully,

John James


77 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Peter Lawwell”

  1. excellent work which encapsulates the issues concicely and which make it clear what needs to be done now or PL will be shown up as complicit.

  2. Well said its about time my club celtic football club and peter lawwell came out and let its fans know what their gonnae do about the corrupt sfa and strip those cheating titles from 1999 2011 they cheating im not renewing my season ticket untill my club openings up on this cheating club at ibrox.most successful cheating club ever RFC liquidated 1999-2012 disgrace shocking.

    1. Why should they do it now? Once the court decides EBTs were illegal then it’s down to the SFA ( I know! ) to put their own house in order and an independent panel to decide what to do about the stolen titles. It’s not Celtics job. Let them do their own dirty work then WE can comment. HH

      1. Actually not on the UEFA licence issue.
        What has emerged so far suggests fraudulent statements allowed UEFA licence to be granted.
        That caused a drop in Celtic’s income that has an impact on share value and that needs addressed via the AGM process instigated in 2011 around Res12.
        The EBT usage is for the SFA/SPFL to address but don’t let one issue cloud the other.

    2. jmcg renew and fight from the inside
      and you will be on the waiting list
      i admire your sentiments though….

  3. I think you will find that old Rangers where liquidated and that was the consequences of they’r behaviour in the EBT years, when the Inner House at the Supreme Court makes a decision then and only then things will start to happen, CFC will be keeping they’r powder dry until this happens, but from myself and other football fans not just Celtic fans because this concerns all the other clubs, and to make it a Celtic Rangers thing would be playing into the SMSM hands, one thing Peter Lawwell isn’t is a fool, and neither are all the other clubs directors.

  4. Unfortunately, the evidence in the High Court by Michael McGill does not prove anything incontrovertibly. People have been known to lie under oath. It will be up to the judge to decide which of the many (alleged) liars in this case to believe.

    1. Surely it does Max?
      The cheating is one thing and like other commenters I’d rather it didn’t become a “Celtic” thing in isolation
      The “crystallisation” of the debt is NOT a subjective matter;- by extension of hard evidence Celtic alone have a clear mandate to pursue loss of earnings by the improper award of CL licence.

      1. Surely not CFC alone since Celtic took a Europa place which would have been allocated to the next team in line. That club too lost out.

    2. The letters from HMRC mentioned, crystallised the debt. Hard evidence HMRC would need to provide a trial QC.

    3. What was said in high court is backed up by the documentation presented.

      A jury may choose to ignore that but the truth still remains the truth.

    4. It seemed to me that most of the guilty people were witnesses for the prosecution , to a man they had robbed the club that was RFC .

  5. Superb !

    Top up donation in recognition

    JJ: I thank you for your encouragement and support. Cheers buddy.

    1. De nada amigo!
      This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve wanted for a while as part of a crowdfunded exercise…something for like minded individuals to get behind.
      Hopefully your piece will be similarly recognised (via contribution) by others who share my sentiments and appreciation

  6. Couldn’t agree more JJ. If Celtic had cheated and defrauded the taxpayer in such a brazen manner, rangers* and their SMSM lapdogs would have crucified Celtic. As Chairman of a PLC Mr Lawwell could find his position becoming untenable should he continue to ignore the wishes of many of his shareholders who were financially disadvantaged by the facilitated cheating. Title stripping and clear out of senior staff at the SFA and SPFL is a minimum requirement.

    1. Wake up.
      Regan, lawwell and Doncaster are all part of the same milk Scottish fans gang.
      Bookies driven, match and titles fixing, old firm forever, scottish fitbaw.
      Eejits that proclaim lawwell and his Board are biding their time until awaiting court decisions are feverish and delirious.
      Lawwell wants TRFC on 54 titles. He wants them second and challenging and he wants them in Europe. For the somehow good of Scottish football (or the good of everyone’s pockets).

    2. Peter Lawwell isn’t the chairman of Celtic PLC, that’s Ian Bankier.

      Peter Lawwell has never been chairman of Celtic PLC.

  7. Your comments are valid , however it is not one clubs responsibility to clean up the corruption in Scottish football, the other clubs need to step up as well , Celtic should lead the clean up effort for the good of all Scottish clubs but it it can’t be just by us ,
    It starts with challenging (if) the SFA issue euro license to TRFC , all clubs should support the implementation of the UEFA rules . CHOOSE A CLEAN GAME.

  8. I wouldn’t hold my breathe as I believe Celtic are in collusion with the toxic SFA,hence the reason I cancelled my Season book

  9. Celtic know that if they go it alone, they will be accused of rent seeking. They need every avenue of appeal to have been exhausted and they need a near united front of SPL clubs to call for redress.

  10. As per my comment yesterday. We need leaders to step up and do the right thing.
    My plea was for Peter to do that. Thank you for echoing my ask. I think he is the one who can make a difference. With Budge and Milne. If they are true leaders.

  11. Dear JJ
    Firstly let me apologise if I have in any way offended you. It would appear you have blocked me under my usual moniker of McKean 1903.
    If my comments made to the site are no longer welcome then so be it.

    Stay safe and well.
    Jim Kane.

    1. As you can see I did not publish your comment as per your request. I do not approve those with two or more monikers. I’m not prepared to approve ‘whataboutery’ when the evidence of my own ears suggests otherwise.

      You are not banned from this site, however this moniker will be.

  12. Let me say I am a Celtic supporter. Remember the vote to let rangers into Scottish football? Nearly all top clubs in premier league voted no, Celtic abstained. They did not stand up then, I doubt if they will stand up now……but they should.

    1. Tq55, you are wrong with that one. Celtic voted no to allowing Rangers 2012 into the premier league, Kilmarnock was the only club to abstain. Funnily enough the only club that voted yes to Rangers 2012 entry was the original Rangers. This to me is the undisputed fact that proves the same club story is a blatant lie.

    2. I think if you check back,you will find that all Scottish Premier teams elegible to vote did so against Rangers (IL) entering the Premier League at that time with the exception of Kilmarnock FC.
      If I am found to be wrong I can only blame the extreme medication that I am compelled to take to allow me to function on a daily basis by way of mitigation and I apologise in advance.
      However,if it is you who has history revised (by whichever means),what would be your excuse ??? Irishboy.

    3. SPL VOTE on Green’s new Sevco club entry:
      Celtic voted NO.
      Rangers FC voted yes.
      Kilmarnock abstained.

      Sevco not allowed entry.
      Sevco then made an application to the SFL.

  13. I really hope Celtic are keeping there powder dry until the Supreme Court finally rule the EBTS illegal .The current court case against Whyte has actually strengthened the hand of Celtic & the resolution 12 people .I will never turn my back on the club I’ve supported man & boy but I won’t put a penny into the coffers of cheating SFA
    Don’t boycott Celtic boycott Sfa don’t go to any games at hampden
    If we all did this Reagan Doncaster & all the other Cronies who make up the Sfa wouldn’t last 5mins .Celtic need to build a broad church of support with the other clubs in top flight of Scottish football to demand proper sanctions against Rangers & Rangers lite & investigation into Sfa
    Titles stripped from Rangers
    No entry into Europe for Sevco
    Independent investigation into corruption in Scottish football over the last 20 plus years
    We could all demand that Murray is stripped of his knighthood as he’s the one person at the core of everything I’ve mentioned above
    Keep up the great work jj
    Small mid month donation sent via PayPal

    JJ: Thank you GB.

  14. I agree that Celtic and other clubs should formally take action against what appears to be a coordinated process of fraud, misrepresentation and receipt. I believe, however that acting piecemeal on these issues will not recommend eve the desired outcome and if Celtic had tackled each one when it arose it would not have had the desired effect.

    i have contended all along that the correct course of action is to wait until all activity relating to old rangers and the governance of the game over that 13yr period is totally complete and all the definitive rulings are in before acting in one move to seek justifice. At that point we would have complete clarity of ALL issues and an appropriate response could be made. I favour a judicial review but f ALL Scottish football governance in over that period. Celtic may or may not be taking this approach and may or may not act at all but regardless, I think the time to act and call out Celtic and/or other clubs will be when all the results are in.

    An example would of where it makes sense to sit and wait is in the case of LNS. It doesn’t really matter if SC rules in BDO or HMRC favour, rangers have not only admitted guilt in DOS case but also in a number of the EBT cases also therefore giving credence to re-examining LNS now but it would make sense to get the final verdict first

  15. Following from my previous pt. it is easier to defend individual complaints and even if one is upheld it can be passed off as a one off but taking a whole collection of ineptitude and/or malfeasance to demonstrate systemic failure/abuse will be harder to defend and may bring about the desired effect of completely knocking down and rebuilding the structures of the game here in Scotland. If that is Celtic’s game and the reason why they are waiting then I applaud them. If, however, when all the results are in and Celtic fail to act at all, I will completely lose my faith in the game here to be anything other than crooked and incompetent.

    1. You are right !
      The whole thing needs looked at holistically . Attacking major issues piecemeal will play into the hands of the corrupt .
      As you say Let the legal processes on EBTs and the Whyte trial play out then it is big picture judgement day on The SFA .
      They are the real target . They are the guardians . It is They whom we all depend on for fairness, justice and integrity .If they are found to have knowingly colluded with ,been complicit in or worse covered up abuse then that must be addressed with really serious consequences for all concerned .
      We know Murray and Rangers abused . Their credibility is gone forever regardless of what the MSM hide from view .That has already been conceded by them and is a fact albeit the quantum of cheating has still to be established if it ever can be .

      The whole point for all of us on our collective crusade is that this behaviour must never be allowed to happen again and the only way to ensure that is a clear out of ,lessons learnt and new processes established by the authorities
      It is very frustrating to have to wait as The matter is not only critical but urgent as right under our noses and right now the abuse is happening again with the current UEFA License
      All that said and by all of us …to the point of JJs letter …
      .On the approach to all this by CFC board ?
      My own view is they and the SFA believe the Internet community isn’t big or strong enough to force change and they will reach a compromise ,do some minor plastering job and draw a line under it all .
      CFC will believe they are in a good place for the foreseeable future with the vast bulk of their fans not too interested in ,or knowledgable of , all this stuff and much more interested in new signings , champions league qualifiers and being able to beat and mock Rangers and their fans at will
      I sincerely hope I am wrong in this view .
      Having attended matches for over 50 years I want to keep going along but if this entire debacle is swept under the carpet by all parties and is in fact as you fear confirmed to be both crooked and incompetent I will never set foot in my own home ground ,or anywhere else in Scotland for that matter , ever again

      1. Don’t worry V.I am very reliably informed that the main man at Celtic(not PL) has taken an extremely personal stance on this whole sorry saga.He has had several high level meetings with his lawyers,CAs and business experts about best routes to take.Apparently,if the Sooside mob hadn’t rubbed his nose in the sh.t last year at Hampden,they wouldn’t have made an enemy decide that enough was enough.Softly,softly etc

    2. If the courts and evidence hands CFC golden arrows to shoot it all down and rebuild Scottish football clean with clean employees at the SFA, and CFC does nothing and keeps this reviled model of governance, then damn Celtic forever.

      And yes, the major responsibility lies with Celtic as our nation’s top CL club. As the club cheated of titles and CL income.

  16. Sevco are an irritation and an irrelevance. For me, the real trouble with Scottish football is the SFA in general and particularly Regan and Doncaster. They must be outed, shamed and replaced. It would be entirely appropriate for titles to be stripped and compensation given to clubs who missed out on prize money and European cash.
    Did you receive last payment?

    1. The clubs cannot get rid of Regan and Doncaster as they will turn around and say they acted under instructions as CEO’s and did what others told them to do.

      The very clubs representatives who were trying to sack them.

      1. If that be the case then all the more reason to get the truth out. If my club is/was complicit/supportive/directive in any of this then we as fans need to know and why. If it causes clubs to re-structure their own boards, again so be it!

  17. The ‘Very Least’ Beady Eyed Pete can do, is let the Court Of Arbitration For Sport to run a rule, with precedents set, to guard against ‘ONE MAN’ being able to subvert a whole Sport through Taxs cheating on a Grand Scale for a “GENERATION” and how he was able to bend the Governing Bodies to his will. But Alas, No Pistol Pete is conflicted as he Joined The Hairy Nipple CLUB and will bring no ‘Harm’ to His Brethren. He is a Stain On the Jersey.

  18. Fantastic article.cheats then.cheats now.cheats forever.cant see lawell doing much about sickens me just reading about this!!

  19. JJ, great letter but I’m afraid PL wasn’t duped; I suggest that he has been fully aware of all that has gone on.
    PS a small point: letter should end with Yours sincerely, rather than faithfully, as you are addressing it to a specific individual.

  20. Hi JJ. As I do not trust Paypal, I have donated £150 to my local foodbank per your wishes.

    JJ: very kind of you to do so. Please ask for a receipt so that I can keep a running total of my food bank contributions. I can use these receipts when they try to close down our site.

  21. PL cannot do anything without the instructions of the main shareholder DD. PL would have to put it to the board and the decision will be based on their say. I do not see Celtic going this alone without others intervention.
    However should others shy away i believe a fan base petetion will take place and force matters at court level. Celtic, the company, i believe know this and will operate as companies do watching and contributing when required to point out legalities. There is ways to do things right and there is ways to do things wrong. Fergus said do not chase or invest in bad ideas, use resources wisely with a good plan and it will pay off. The day is coming for the SFA, in particular the ones who will be eradicated, and they know it. The bowling club and weighted badge blazer will soon be irrelevant in the changing face of football.

    1. Res12 and all that was uncovered in its pursuit was left with Celtic.
      So far nothing has emerged in court to change the narrative that Celtic were left to consider.
      When it was left the advice was to wait for trials to end. All factual.


  22. Given Gary Withey’s testimony in court this morning as reported by James Doleman’s tweets, I think an Edinburgh jury will be required to come up with a favorable judgment for the prosecution.

    I pray this case goes the distance but I don’t expect it to. Rather, I expect damage limitation, self-preservation and an even more discreet blind eye on the part of the SMSM to kick in anytime.

    If the Motherwell-born billionaire walks, JJ, does this throw the ownership of the basket of assets up in the air again?

    1. Some of your text is self contradictory. Perhaps prosecution should read defence?

      The testimony by now looks very helpful to Whyte.

      If Whyte didn’t commit fraud. His case for part ownership of assets is strengthened. Green could very well concur that he made an error with the sevco5088 to Sevco Scotland Switcheroo of assets.

      It was sevco5088 that had the exclusive agreement with Duff and Phelps to buy the assets.

  23. Yes well said, the time to pass judgement on Celtic’s board however, will come after the final court rulings and all the other various strands of evidence have been collated. Only then will they have run out of excuses for procrastination.

    Sadly, I suspect that an impoverished “Rangers” are just too good for business though. It will do Celtic no good to bankrupt Scottish football through the courts or to undermine the Old Firm brand, as tainted as it might be. Much as I’d like to see the main culprits of Scottish football governance publicly exposed and disgraced for their wholesale corruption I won’t hold my breath. If Celtic were so inclined, I might suggest that they would have demanded title stripping already over the wee tax case trophies that LNS didn’t rule on.

    If Ann Budge remains silent on the 2017 UEFA license issue then the writing will be on the wall. That will indicate a lack of appetite from other influential member clubs as well.

    1. Peter Lawwell will do nothing. Why? Fear! how many nutters would be after him if he came out demanding titles be stripped? Can anyone on here blame him if he says nothing?

    2. Your statement re: it would do Celtic no good to bankrupt Scottish football is way off line.Where have you been for the last 4/5 years (maybe you support the sevco) clubs have gone debt free for the first time in years without sevco,Celtic have made £ millions in profit and bought a number of players and just won title No 6 on the bounce without sevco.Scottish football can and would survive without sevco and their baggage.

      1. That’s a misrepresentation or misunderstanding of what I said. I believe that Celtic and every other club are married to the idea that Rangers are good for business. I never stated that as my own view.

        It is a matter of fact that Celtic play their football in Scotland. It is therefore stating the obvious to say that a financially robust and competitive league is good for everyone including Celtic. You are quite correct in my opinion to state that Celtic and the rest of Scottish football do not need Rangers, but having said that, the commercial advantage of having them around to stick 5 past now and again are obvious.

        It’s easy for us as fans to howl about sporting integrity, and we are right to do so, but Peter Lawell also has a business to run. I hope Celtic will take Regan et al to task but I have grave doubts that it will happen.

  24. They Beat Hearts, Now Club Has UEFA Licence Rejected.
    When I saw these headlines I thought that the SFA had finally listened to you and saw sense, regarding TRFC Euro licence, that was until I kept reading.
    BIRKIRKARA FC, the Maltese club that knocked Hearts out of the Europa League last season have been refused a licence to participate in Europe next year by the MFA.

    Birkirkara are known to their supporters as The Stripes. In April the Licensing Board at MFA indicated that The Stripes had not satisfied the necessary requirements for clubs to be awarded a licence to participate in UEFA competitions the following season.
    If a tiny (in size) European nation like Malta follow the rules, why then oh why can’t the SFA.
    Full story here.

  25. James Doleman‏ @jamesdoleman 48m48 minutes ago

    Withey “I believe they got a safety certificate”

    And there we have it. A £1.7 Million Health and safety issue removed at the stroke ( of a nipple perhaps?) by Glasgow City Council who issued a safety Certificate saving the Ibrox Club £1.7 Million repair bill for the Ibrox Roofs.
    With friends like these in Council places who needs to pay bills!!
    Do any rules on anything apply to the occupants of Ibrox?

  26. Surely if Sevco youth/ development are abandoning Scottish league football, if they want to get back in in later years, they need to apply, have a clubs vote, and start in the bottom tier or even be refused entry!

    With no games arranged with Euro clubs, it all smacks of cash savings and zero detailed planning. Where’s the 2017/18 programme of games? Who are they actually playing and when? Will Sevco really fly these three youth squads around Europe every two weeks plus hotels?

    Once they start being thrashed by European talent, their young confidence will be psychologically destroyed. Their self belief ruined.

    1. And of course, these Euro clubs don’t have their own cups and leagues to play in but are in advanced scheduling negotiations to accommodate Sevco as they have been waiting by their phones for the call with bated breath.

      What a joke.

      Meanwhile team Whyte/Findlay must be delighted once again with today’s performance.

  27. From the attached link, it’s quite clear that HBOS were not just in thrall to David Murray. A six year investigation into HBOS fraud based in Reading led to six people being jailed for a total of almost 50 years.
    The swindle involved HBOS managers & a 245 million loans scam & these frauds occurred in the same time frame as another HBOS scandal in Scotland.

    Sounds a familiar pattern.

    HBOS issue dodgy loans.
    HBOS goes bust.
    Lloyds TSB take over remnants & uncover huge discrepancies
    LTSB now in hock for damages.

    Oh that we had such a skilled Police investigator in Scotland.

  28. It should be noted that Celtic were cheated of min. five SPL titles and hence five CL entries not just the one resolution 12 wrongful RFC license but five others.

  29. JJ, another excellent article and highly relevant although I live in the hope that the Celtic hierarchy are keeping their powder dry until the relevant court cases have reached their conclusions. I would also propose that it should not only be Celtic that carry the case forward regarding the industrial scale cheating by Murray’s Rangers (IL) – this is a Scottish football issue and should not be allowed to be be framed as an ‘old firm’ spat.

    To my knowledge, Celtic has put out only two statements on the entire fiasco; the most recent in Nov ’15,

    “We are aware of last week’s Court of Session ruling, which we note is subject to potential appeal.

    “Celtic’s position on this issue is consistent – that this remains a matter for the courts of law and also the Scottish football authorities whose rules are intended to uphold sporting integrity.

    “In 2013, we expressed surprise – shared by many observers and supporters of the game – over the findings of the SPL Commission that no competitive or sporting advantage had resulted. That remains our view.”

    The above statement refers to appeals and I believe (hope!) this is why Celtic have remained tight lipped on these events since 2012. They won’t want to be perceived to be trying to influence cases that were court pending.

    My own personal view on this is that I have not been able to attend a senior game since 2012 as the ‘no sporting advantage’ and the conferring of 54 titles to a brand new club was too much to take. It is an insult to every fans’ intelligence and our standard bearers should be removed from their posts with haste if the court rulings produce the outcome that the majority if right minded people anticipate.

    I would go further to insist on not just the removal of Regan, Doncaster, Bryson and Ogilvie; all senior figures that are currently serving under their administration are guilty by association as they have had ample opportunity to blow the whistle on the corruption that has brought our national sport to its knees. Sport without integrity and governance is no longer sport and tens of millions of hard earned pounds have been frittered away by honest fans in pursuit of honest competition. The facts that have come out of the EBT / DOS rulings and the purchase of Rangers FC (IL) have fully confirmed that there was a complete lack of integrity and governance in our game for a minimum of fourteen year (’98 – ’11) and I suspect had been going on long before 1998.

    I believe we are heading for a repeat of the summer of 2012 when idiotic threats of Armgeddon were ill advised and fan power won the battle as fans united to warn their boards that they would not accept any fast tracking of a new club into the top division or championship. This collective pressure will be required again to avoid any shortcuts that compromise football’s integrity.

    I look at Italian football on tv occasionally and I see swathes of empty seats at the Rome derby and tens of thousands of fans turned their back on the game as they felt the Italian authorities never effectively handled the match fixing scandal that Juventus were embroiled in. Scottish football fans need to ensure our own clubs don’t make a similar mistake here.

    I hope to make it back to Celtic Park next year which will mean the four senior figures listed above have been removed and justice has prevailed. The four of them should be charged accordingly with bringing the game into disrepute.

  30. “This is scope” is an attempt at commingling Celtic news with Sevco spin to recreate lost Old Firm interest. There is no Old Firm.

    How crass. Linking the divine CFC with the unevolved Sevco.

    Is Level 5 really behind it? Celtic fans are not so gullible.

    It has no credibility if it recognises Sevco as Rangers 1872.

  31. Celtic must wait until the courts deliver their verdicts/rulings. There is one club who would appear to be getting off a tad light here. Sevco/Rangers fans,shareholders and directors really need to start putting their house and moral fibre under the microscope. Have you stopped acknowledging donations ? I’m ok with PayPal receipt. It was you who said you would email.

    1. No I continue to personally thank every donation over £10 when I can. This morning I have thirty-five comments to curate, an article to write, three sources of Twitter to read and the resignation of Halloween to check with a source. I do my very best.

  32. Lawwell needs a guilty judgement from The Supreme Court before taking any action. That is the definitive moment and it would be foolish and precipitate to enter the fray before then without all ammunition. We must have patience to await the Court verdict.

  33. Yes oh yes. Let’s go down the road most of you are advocating. Let’s kill Scottish football for good, because make no mistake that is exactly what will happen. I fully understand all the points made, especially by the shareholders, but let Peter Lawell do what needs to be done, without destroying our own good name. So please guys think very carefully where this could end.

    1. i doubt anything can kill Scottish football or any other football for that matter.
      No doubt a blow to tv revenues may occur but since that disproportionately favours a few big clubs how is that a bad thing?
      Its great for me to support Celtic and look fwd to league titles and Trebles but suppose you support Partick , what do you get out of it?
      People support their teams and want success but failing that they stick with them do they not?
      Those that supported Rangers rally around New Rangers -some may think its the same but most I expect dont really believe it. But they need some team to rally around and current Rangers is it for them.
      Cant see thats a bad thing and really dont see how support of other clubs can applaud the fact the crooks are aided and encouraged to pillage the supporters.
      Whatever one might think of delusions ,fantasies,and gullibility even of rangers support not denouncing the spivs makes the others complicit no?

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