An Open Letter To Stewart Regan

In the last 24 hours I have written to SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan with a request for his comments regarding some significant incidents in Scottish Football in the last few months. I do not expect a response from Mr Regan.
I am also alarmed by the comments in the media by SFA President Alan McRae. The roles of both Regan and McRae should mean they are impartial at all times, it would appear that doesn’t sit well with where his football allegiances lie, the look on his face when Scott Brown lifted the Scottish Cup said more than 1,000 words.
Below is a copy of the letter sent:

Mr Regan
I promised myself I wouldn’t write to you again, because my time and energy are more important to me than your opinions, even if you had the guts and the courtesy to reply. But I find that your silence for several months was quite strange in as far as there were several incidents in Scottish Football which I believe merited comment from a person in your position.

But you only ended your silence to make comments on the trial of Craig Whyte in the High Court. I found that strange as Mr Whyte no longer holds a position in any football team in Scotland, even one that is only five years old.
I might be wrong here but I believe Mr Whyte was acquitted of all charges and free to leave the court of his own free will. But you decided that he had some case to answer by claiming that he was no longer welcome in Scottish Football, I wonder if you could enlighten me on what grounds that is the case, bearing in mind that Dave King is welcome.

There has been as I said previously a couple of incidents in Scottish Football that deserved comment from the SFA Chief Executive. For whatever reason you have kept your council (sic) on these incidents, but I believe that genuine football supporters would agree with me in thinking that it is part of your remit to make comment when the situation is important enough.
Let me take through a couple of those incidents, not in any particular order.


First of all when my team Celtic played at Ibrox stadium on April 29th, our Club Captain Scott Brown was confronted on the field of play by a supporter of Rangers, I use the term supporter loosely. At the time of the incident the response from the Police/Security was at best lax, and at worst pathetic. I would have thought such a serious incident would have merited comment, but all we got from you was silence.

At the same match there was another incident which if anything was even more serious. After Scott Sinclair scored for Celtic he was celebrating with his team mates when he was subjected to the most obscene Racist abuse, by more than one supporter of Rangers, and again I use the term supporter loosely. Again the silence from you and the rest of the SFA was deafening.

During that match, and in fact at every match we have played against Rangers we have been subjected to almost non-stop Sectarian singing, and while I would not contend that our support is perfect, they are certainly not Sectarian. I have met with Police Scotland on several occasions this season, they have for the most part been very complimentary in regards to the Celtic Support and their behaviour.

Another question which is being asked by football supporters of all clubs is in regards to the criteria which must be met to be awarded a European spot by the SFA for season 2017/18. Do all the clubs in Scotland which have been awarded a place meet the criteria?

I also note with interest this morning in the media, your colleague (should that be Brother?) SFA President Alan McRae state that it would be a “very boring and dreary” season in Scottish Football if our Invincible Treble Winners aren’t challenged. McRae doesn’t want just any team to challenge, he just wants it to be Rangers who are doing the challenging. I’m sure his predecessor will be proud of him.

This is coming from a guy who has contributed absolutely nothing to Scottish Football, except at Amateur or Highland League level, the guy like you has been an embarrassment to Scottish Football, and those in power at UEFA must wonder how you both got into your high level positions.

Finally Mr Regan, I would like to ask you if you have changed your position on the questions sent to you by the group of Celtic Supporter Shareholders known as “Resolution 12”. Although I never followed the Craig Whyte trial very closely, I read enough to suggest that contrary to what you claimed, the Tax Liability had Crystallised and therefore a European Licence should not have been issued to Rangers.

That means without a shadow of a doubt one or more people were telling lies, the question is Mr Regan were you one of them? I don’t expect you to answer that, but I thought I would ask the question anyway. There is also the case of the DOS/EBT with side letters schemes ran by Rangers, was the full truth put before Lord Nimmo Smith? Again were one or more people telling lies?

That only leaves me to reiterate the position of the Celtic Supporters Association. After the six blind officials match at Hampden our members passed unanimously a “Vote of No Confidence” in you, I think you can safely add your colleague Mr McRae to that now. I also think it is time that you actually asked the supporters of all the member clubs in Scotland if they have any confidence in you to take Scottish Football forward. I would safely predict that UKIP would be more popular than you. For the benefit of Scottish Football please go now.”

Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association,
Independent Shareholder in Celtic Football Club.

Regular readers will recall that I planned to take Regan to task had the national team failed to qualify for the World Cup finals yet again; stretching their absence to two decades. Two sublime free kicks by Leigh Griffiths provided Regan with a stay of execution. Mr O’Rourke thought otherwise.

Alan McRae is an embarrassment to Scottish football. How many years does one have to spend listening to tedious presentations by fellow SFA officers to be elected to the highest office? Does a background at Cove Rangers prepare one for the challenges of the top tier of Scottish football?

McRae is a jobsworth who has played the ‘nodding dog’ to a succession of other jobsworths, including the incorrigibly corrupt Campbell Ogilvie.

How far will McRae go to achieve his objective of a strong Rangers to challenge Celtic? Will he instruct John Fleming to promote and demote referees on their ability to advance Rangers Lite and undermine Celtic?

Is McRae prepared to subvert FFP regulations to allow a financially doped club to participate in UEFA tournaments? Given the precedent of Porto’s fine one anticipates a fine being levied on Rangers Lite at this time next year. Does it not embarrass you Mr McRae to allow a club that you so openly support to drag their fiduciary recklessness into a UEFA arena?

Rangers went bust due in large part to a lack of governance by the SFA. As you have been an SFA council member since 1993 you have sat on your hands as the club you support engaged in tax evasion and cheating on a scale tantamount to match fixing. Did you raise an inquiring eyebrow when Hugh Adam unequivocally stated that Rangers were cheating? Of course not Mr McRae as you would not have climbed the greasy pole in twenty-two years if you had exhibited a scintilla of integrity. This is a quality that has not been present in SFA council members for generations.

It’s apparent to me and many others that you are fixing the draw of the Scottish Cup to favour Rangers with home draws all the way to the semi-final. We are not fooled by Rod Stewart being invited to engage in a draw in the early rounds. When it comes to the business end of this competition, your competition Mr McRae, Rangers Lite are invariably drawn at home. On occasions when they might not progress on merit you can rely on bent referee John Beaton to subvert the game in their favour.

How far will you  go to advance the cause of your team Mr McRae?

In your capacity as President of the SFA you had the honour of presenting the Scottish Cup to the winning Celtic captain. Why was this simple duty a chore? Why did you balk at presenting the Cup to a player that you so openly despise? You have done well keeping your head down for twenty-two long years as when you lift it above the parapet you are exposed as a bumbling fool.

As for Stewart Regan he has been exposed in a blatant lie. Given his attempt to cover his arse in an e-mail to Ali Russel and Andrew Dickson he is fully aware of this lie. The DOS/VSS tax debt crystallised at the beginning of March, 2011. To state that it had not crystallised at the March and June cut-off dates is a lie. Stewart Regan lied to assist Rangers as he concurs with McRae’s view that a strong Rangers is good for Scottish football. His lies were to the detriment of other clubs who paid their social taxes.

However let’s not hang Regan for a lamb when we have the sheep of his involvement in the LNS fiasco. Could someone explain to me why the Chief Executive of the appellate body, the SFA, saw fit to impose himself on a supervisory committee apropos a Scottish Premier League inquiry? If Nimmo Smith – Lord is just an honorary title – had come to the rightful conclusion that Rangers had gained an illegal competitive advantage would Regan have buried it? What part did Regan play in limiting the scope of the LNS inquiry to exclude the illegal tax evasion of the DOS/VSS scheme? Why was the compromised Campbell Ogilvie allowed to lead testimony for Rangers to save his own neck? Why was Sandy Bryson allowed to fudge a binary issue with the preposterous ‘imperfectly registered but eligible.’

Why was Andrew Dickson who submitted Craig Whyte’s application to be a football director not censured by the SFA? It is common knowledge that Dickson did not disclose that Whyte had been previously disqualified as a company director for seven years. Dickson had full access to the Titon report.

In his role as an experienced administrator regarding club licencing what part did Dickson play in advising RFC Finance Director Ken Olverman how to report the status of the DOS/VSS bill to UEFA given that Dickson knew that it was an overdue payable that had crystallised in March?

Why was Mr Dickson not censured for knowingly withholding the side letters detailing EBT payment to players, managers and directors from the SFA and SPL? Did he fail to mention his own EBT of £33,000?

Could Mr Regan explain why the central figure in the EBT tax evasion of Rangers was elected to the SFA congress in 2015?

Why was Rod McKenzie of Harper Macleod solicitors also appointed to the SFA congress in 2015? Was this his recompense for only looking under the rocks that the SFA had deemed ‘appropriate’ for the LNS commission?

As the ultimate arbiters of the Scottish game why do the SFA allow the SPFL to engage in the lie of Continuation? Does it not behove the SFA to contact Neil Doncaster to take him to task on his transposition of historic titles to a new club formed in 2012?  The SFA know that Rangers Lite are a new club as they initially issued them with a conditional licence.

As for Regan stating that Whyte was still banned from Scottish football did he think that Whyte gave a flying fuck about his perspective? To suggest that the SFA handled the Rangers implosion with the utmost probity and without fear or favour is the rhetoric of the revisionist.

Scottish Football does not need a strong Rangers. It needs a strong SFA.



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39 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Stewart Regan”

    1. No doubt Mr Regan’s and Mr McRae’s libel lawyers are all over this 😉

      I look forward to the case coverage on twiter.

  1. Mr O’rourke , I think you should also be writing a letter to a man you know very well and has been complicit in all of this fiasco .Mr Lawwell

    1. A great post JJ, led by a well structured, hard hittting letter from another “Man of the Clyde”, the SFA silence will remain deafening.

    2. Why do you feel the need to involve a Celtic man in the mess that is the SFA ? Peter Lawwell is one man with one vote and there are other members reps on the Board. Celtic have kept their powder dry until all this is confirm eg The so called Big Tax Case. ALL teams must get together behind Celtic or this will be seen as a Celtic v Rangers fight which it most certainly is not. All clubs must take the SFA on in this instance as this is the only way justice will be seen to be done.

  2. Brilliant read JJ, it’s a disgrace that the MSM blatantly look the other way and ignore the mountain of evidence that condemns the footballing authorities in Scotland.

    Keep up the good work, I’ve sent a donation so you can get a coffee and a cake.
    JJ: Thanks Wessex.

  3. At your very best here JJ and the letter from Mr O’Rourke is also right on the money. I sincerely hope the supporters clubs of other teams now consider their opinion on the matter and lend weight to it. If not the renowned brass neckary at the SFA will keep shtum and ride it out.

  4. Fantastic summation of the shameful attempts by the SFA to favour Rangers. They will resist any attempt to get their heinous deeds exposed. But persistence beats resistance eventually. Our only hope is the verdict of an English Court or a ruling from UEFA. Bombard the opponents drawn in the first round of the Europa League with evidence of the Financial Basketcase.

  5. Surely someone out there has the skills and know how to arrange for these people to be taken to task for all their transgressions, these seriously deliberate cheating bastards must be called out and dealt with by the Scottish football supporters of all teams.
    If its a money thing holding someone back I’m sure that all decent supporters would fund whatever had to be done, I’m skint but would gladly give up a little of what I can afford to get these people out of not just Scottish football but all football. And I’m sure there will be thousands more at my back doing the same.

  6. JJ i believe you are the man to deal with issues in a more detailed analysis of my post below.
    Mr Regan why was a fine of £200,000 mentioned after CW got a not guilty. Regan stated we will look to perhaps pursue him for this money. The fine we know is a fine which can be deducted at source which is forced to be paid by the club if the chairman in this case CW tells them to take a hike, This admission is an admission that you allowed a club to get away with a freebie and have only mentioned it before CW does when he releases the whole story. This was favouritism to the benefit of one club.
    1. You are making it obvious this has not been paid why was it not taken when imposed and CW told you to GIRUY
    2. If you want to pretend and sell the myth to us the club at ibrox is the same go get your money
    When something at the SFA smells of shite you can bet your last pound it is shite you are smelling. In the beginning of the Rangers sold the jerseys doc by Mark Daly you attempted to put across the issues that the SFA do not involve themselves in a clubs business, why then did you go out of your way to doctor a fact that a serious rules regulation had crystalised yet you chose to railroad it through in issuing licence. This is a part of football that you must involve yourself in as it is the integrity side of the game.
    When Celtic were entered back into Europe due to their opposition having played a player inelegible to due a suspension not served this was integrity at its finest and Celtic were awarded a 3 0 score per EUFA rules. The Rangers supporters were up in arms about and the press had a field day, however it what we the fans deep down want, it is called a level playing field.
    You are aware that all the teams that played Rangers and potentially been eliminated could have brought the game in Scotland into disrepute and blackened our name for a considerable and damaging timescale. What you did here was match fixing and no other term describes the action, you willingly whilt knowingly, allowed a team to be fielded known it was not compliant with the rules, this is what match fixing is.
    I believe UEFA should be informed of this and your resignation before sacking should be tendered.

    1. Good point Peter. If the SFA continue in their stance of continuity Rangers, then surely, if White can’t be made to pay the ‘fine’, then the debit falls to the club he used to own. Somehow I don’t see CCK and his motley crew being pursued. The purpose of the fine was to scapegoat an individual as being wholly responsible for the demise. The recent trial has proved others, against whom the SFA has to date taken no sanctions, contributed to administration and liquidation. Many of these persons continue to be involved with the Rangers-lite and the SFA. A strong SFA would have sanctioned, not just White, but also the SDM era board and we would have been saved the likes of CCK and Mr Bouffant filling their boots at the expense of supporters and creditors.

    2. I also remember Regan doing an interview at Ibrox in Green’s time which was sold on RangersTV at 99p per view. Is this within SFA policy? Has this ever been done for another club? The man is too stupid to be corrupt, he’s just riding the gravy train guided entirely by self-interest.

      Yet you have morons like this who think the SFA are against Rangers. I wonder how he gets through the day knowing deep down that Rangers men killed Rangers – and Rangers men are on course to Rangers Lite –

  7. “Scottish football does not need a strong Rangers. It needs a strong SFA.”

    A killer line, JJ, and the most succinct summing up of this scandal that I have read anywhere.

  8. Hi JJ if this fiasco was happening anywhere else in EUROPE the police and fraud squad would be all over these crooks. The Scottish police should hang their head in shame, but then again its probably the masonic brothers closing ranks TO PROTECT THEIR FELLOW BROTHERS.
    Small donation made from an old pensioner. Keep the flag of truth flying.

    JJ: Cheers.

  9. I understand why you are pursuing Stewart Regan but I can’t help thinking there is more of a story in there that you are not addressing.
    1) How did Doncaster and Regan get so tainted and so quickly? They did not grow up in the the west of Scotland so what do Rangers have over them? Specifically?
    2) Why are teams like Hearts not kicking up a fuss about them being granted a Euro license? I truly do not get that?

    1. I have heard it said that King threatened to call time on Lite if Regan did not provide a UEFA passport. “You can stick Scottish Football, and your fast departing sponsors,up your arse.”

      1. That may well be true but it does not explain the subversion of the Nimmo case etc etc. I ask again what is it that compels Regan et al to openly lie to save Sevco? What do they have over him personally?

        On a personal level, this will haunt Regan for years – which of the larger associations would offer him employment at this point? He would be better to step away and come clean in my opinion and claim back what little dignity he has left.

    2. Hobo

      If you want lions, you recruit from the best lions available.

      If you want little fish to nibble the dead skin off your feet, you recruit from the best little fish that nibble dead skin off feet available.

      Look who did the recruiting and decide for yourself what their priorities were – given what insiders knew about the dodgy way RFC plc was being run by David Murray.

      Regan CV
      “Regan worked in the brewing industry for 16 years, employed by John Smith, Bass and latterly Coors. He helped to establish a Coors division in Scotland by arranging a major sponsorship deal with the Old Firm football clubs. He then worked for Yorkshire County Cricket Club for over four years as chief executive.”

      Regan Recruiters?
      BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Chairman: George Peat. Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie, Members: John Gold, Ralph Topping, Tom Johnston, Jim Ballantyne, Alan McRae, Rod Petrie, Richard Shaw, Gordon Smith, Sandy Stables
      PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL COMMITTEE, Chairman: George Peat, Vice Chairman: Campbell Ogilvie, Members: Jim Ballantyne, Iain Blair, Andrew Dickson, Neil Doncaster, David Longmuir, Ewen Cameron, Gordon Smith

      SFA Annual review, 2010, page 19 of 21 –

      Doncaster CV
      “As Chief Executive of Norwich City, Doncaster oversaw their promotion to the Premier League for the 2004/05 season. However, after the team’s relegation from The Championship to League One in May 2009, he stepped down from his position, along with Chairman Roger Munby. In the following months, he also left his positions on the boards of The Football Association and The Football League. On 7 July 2009, Doncaster was appointed Chief Executive of the Scottish Premier League.”

      Doncaster Recruiters?
      “[Lex] Gold (ex-Gers player], Hibernian chairman Rod Petrie and Rangers chief executive Martin Bain formed the SPL sub-committee that carried out the recruitment process over the past six months.”

      Need we say more? The fix has always been in!

      1. Thanks CC, I appreciate your response and I agree with you. What I really want the answer to though is the other question, the one I asked about Hearts. I have asked a number of times now and no one but no one is answering – why are they keeping schtum on being denied a European place if Sevco are in breach of the regulations? Do they not want to be there or have they been paid silence money?

        I don’t know the answer but it makes no sense to me at all.

  10. It is amusing that a section of fans (hard headed bigots) of the new Ibrox club think the SFA, who did all they could to keep them in the then SPL and when that didn’t work with the clubs parachute them into the second tier, are somehow to blame for their demise. It does speak to a silent contract that the stewards of the Scottish game and Rangers, or ‘trading as’ are meant to be one and the same and that some sacred bond of brotherhood was broken when the new club had to start in the forth tier – a sacred bond exemplified by the corrupt (as we now know) awarding of the 2011 Euro license. Since liquidation Regan has done his level best to kiss and make up with The People via the hugely corrupt Nimmo Smith inquiry, but still they are unhappy. There has to be some unseen ‘fenian hand’ to explain their horrendous squad, finances and abject failures on the park. Meanwhile, the passed FPP career criminal King continues unhindered while under sanction from the Takeover Panel and the unsafe roof situation is swept under the Hampden rug while he brings in Portuguese players he clearly can’t afford. Trading as insolvent in the hope of Europa group stages perhaps? Meanwhile we have the BDO EBT appeal result pending. That wee issue that Nimmo Smith ignored along with DOS/EBT scam and labelled it as “no sporting advantage.” That the grossly overpaid and succulent rat that is Regan will obfuscate and defer to King and co right up to the death of Sevco is a given.

    1. I fear we ask too much of Lawwell and other chief executives in seeking to secure a vote of no confidence in the SFA,, SPFL hierarchy. If a grouping of the wealthiest and most powerful OWNERS ( Desmond, Budge ,Milne et al) were to state that they would privately fund such a venture I am sure that matter could come to fruition in less than a month.

      1. S,
        Not a month …an hour !
        ..but it won’t happen no chance
        CFC don’t care and Hearts and Aberdeen know their place

        Interesting lengthy discussion recently on all the stuff over the last 5 years recently with a quality source at A certain very big club

        Conclusion on my warning I may be wrong but I don’t think so :
        They will do their own thing and let TRFC do their thing and what will be will be with the the courts the SFA , media and all their supporting worker bees

        They obviously can’t break into the establishment and don’t care !
        They will do do their talking on the park and on their balance sheet ..they will fill their stadium …end of !
        It’s all in the past so who cares?..we all know the truth!

        Further interpreted Message :
        the higher ranks at TRFC are Humiliated and they and Everyone know it ..
        It’s important The massed ranks of TRFC fans dream and pretend they are the greatest ..and can win every year .it is great sport …everyone laughs at them …..but
        It keeps the stadiums filled ..and has a pretendy competition every year ..a bit like the Romans filling the Colliseum day in day out ..and that is all that matters …everyone is happy !

  11. Outstanding article JJ.

    Your exemplary dedication to keeping this corruption and corrupt system in the public domain is commendable.

    I am sure that with time you will receive your just rewards for your tireless efforts.

    The great feelings of positivity you generate from your work, that someone is out there, getting the truth out, makes tens of thousands, nae, hundreds of thousands delighted.

    Lawwell, Milne and Budge need to act and act decisively to create a semblance of honesty in the Scottish game.

    Only the EBT case at the Supreme Court remains and a ruling is due. A Supreme ruling of supreme guilt is expected. The appeal was a cynical time wasting exercise. The Court of Session appeal tribunal got it right.

    Once again, outstanding work. Sir John James, a true Knight.

  12. Well we all predicted this approach, it’s called constructive dismissal of players under contract, when a cash strapped club won’t pay out their contract:

    Will the SFA fine TRFC for this predicted summer shoddy treatment of professional players?

    What will agents, players union and SPFL do? This is bringing the Scottish game into clear disrepute Mr Doncaster and Mr Regan. What are you both doing about this?

  13. Best yet JJ. PLEASE FORWARD TO UEFA! Donation made, cheers.

    Casandras cat, interesting recruitment policy…

    JJ: The only one I awoke to today. Thank you.

  14. Wow!!! what a article, one would imagine that if any of these so called guardians of our national sport had a semblance of honour and morality they would be screaming to protect their honour from the top of the biggest bookies shop (Hampden) in Scotland, but sadly that bunch of 3rd rate masons will as usual sit of their hands and look at their next beano at the supporters expense.
    Terrific stuff JJ

  15. The SFA is just Rangers in a blazer. Scottish football is run by people who admit that they fear “social unrest” if rules are applied to Rangers . The current strategy to go ‘all in’ by using ST money to try to qualify for the six games in the group stage of the Europa league is an all or nothing gamble. Shit or burst as we say. The main stumbling block however is non Masonic referees.

  16. Thank you Stuart. Just light of one hundred likes on Twitter and unstinting praise from my readers, yet I awoke this morning to only one modest donation. Evidently it was not good enough.

  17. The Corrupt to the Core wont do nothing regarding Oldco But are happy for Celtic players to pull on a Scotland Top.I for one was over the moon when Scotland lost out on another World Cup campaign.Atleast our players can concentrate on Celtic.And dont risk injury playing for The Vermin at the SFA.The Scottish Football Association are a one trick pony.Its disgraceful whats gone on And still Nothings been seen to be done.Whats even more frightining is These parasites are still at Hamden.Ogilvie McRae Regan to name but a few.The dodgy lodgy handshake brigade.There are two stadiums in Scotland i,d never set foot in,Hampden and the Crumble Dome.Anyone who goes to witness games at these Places are just putting money on these vile parasites pockets.FFS when will there a a Stop put to This blatant CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!

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