Padlocks at John James

Dear Readers,

I had an article in production in regard to “Glasgow Rangers” being given Scotland’s UEFA coefficient proving incontrovertibly that Lite are a new club. Are you paying attention Neil Continuation Doncaster?

I also planned to touch on how the quantum for Celtic’s acquisition of Jonny Hayes, £1.3m, far outstrips the combined quantum paid by Caixinha for his Gypsey Kings.

I was planning to contend that a reverse to Ashley could be the death knell of The Rangers Football Club Ltd which has the formal relationship with Sports Direct Retail. I would argue that the threat of a £5m quantum was the real reason the serial adulterer stepped down as Chairman from TRFCL.

However of more import is the SNP backlash at our site. My open letter to Stewart Regan was critically acclaimed. I had over 100 likes on Twitter and at last count 57 retweets. I will remove Harry’s Game and leave the open letter for posterity. So chapeau to the SNP. Three death squads could not silence me but a complete absence of donations today and only two yesterday is calling time on our site. I trust you’re pleased with your handiwork?

I have now consigned 800 posts to trash. However I will retain ten articles that I believe are indicative of my work. These will be edited and reproduced under a series with a working title of JJ Gold. I will publish one article on each of Monday to Friday for a period of two weeks. I will revisit Ched Evans, The McCanns, Organ Harvesting in China and Killing Aborigines for Kicks. I will select six of the best which feature exclusives on the Rangers & SFA omnishambles.

I have always been the humble servant of my readers.

My readers have withdrawn their support.

John James


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112 thoughts on “Padlocks at John James”

  1. JJ – The amount of output from yourself is tsunami like some weeks.
    Brilliant as it was it seemed like it could not be sustainable and would take its toll eventually.
    It seems like the time has come.
    Like many other contributors, I would suggest a well earned summer break and see if your appetite can be restored.
    If you resume, look at a paywall to ensure you get a return for your excellent insights into the dark practices at Ibrox and the SFA.
    Donation on its way – hope it’s not the last.
    Main thing is to keep safe!

  2. Any blog like this one, which attracts a lot of visitors, should be funded by banner advertising, as people are fickle to part with their cash. Simples!

  3. JJ, I agree that it is probably best that you steer clear of politics on this blog, as it is clearly having a detrimental impact on donations.

    As it happens, I am a supporter of the SNP, so clearly don’t agree with all of your political views, however I’m also a regular donator and it has never occurred to me to cancel my subscription just because you have different political opinions, that would be petty in the extreme.

    I do hope you continue to do what you do best, shining a light on the shady goings on in the world of Scottish football to the benefit of one club.

    A pay wall may be the only feasible option to sustain this site going forward. Given the number of visitors, even a small minimum monthly donation, say £2, would surely provide far more revenue, even if a large number of those visitors decided that was too much to ask for. You might also find a way to allow the unwaged to continue to access the site for free.

  4. Hi JJ, I’m sorry to hear that you are considering ceasing to operate the site and I do understand that the abuse you take from various quarters must be distressing. I concur with the posts above in that you should take some time out over the close season and re-assess and then return and focus on the corruption in Scottish football. However, if you wish to close the site down then I’ll accept that decision and will also miss your articles and analysis. In the meantime, my monthly donation will continue to be delivered. Stay safe and all the best.

  5. JJ,don’t do “walking away”.Ahem,”green pound” you know it makes sense.Give the Bhoys what they want and the McCanns what they deserve.

  6. What about a couple of bouncers on the door.
    It’s tough to find a good speakeasy nowadays.

    I’m looking forward to getting more details on the book.

    So, Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy at Real due to tax problems and wants a move.
    Revolucao San Pedro will not be stopped.

  7. Dear JJ

    Please do not give in to those whose main personality trait is intolerance.

    What would the world be like if everyone was the same? Perhaps any members of the New World Order who pop in here for a read can enlighten us? (Pun fully intended) As that is their aim, a world full of dedicated non thinkers.

    This is your site, this is your hard work, this hard work has resulted in death threats from those who don’t like the main message. If they only realised you were trying to help them save their second club, but alas that’s not the Aye Ready way of dealing with things. If you were a member of the disgraceful media in Scotland and you were forced out of your home due to intolerance, it would be front page news. You are not on message with the money men hell bent on squeezing every ounce of the Blue Pound, so you are given the dismissive title of “anonymous blogger”. You gave your safety to break news and inform many of the truth and background news they would otherwise never get to hear.

    For all the precious SNP supporters, if you don’t like the content then please debate and counter argue.

    My belief is simple, you see what’s happening just now with May and DUP? Well, an independent Scotland foisted upon the unionists in the population will see them rise again and demand their voice. They will get it and they will systematically destroy minorities in Scotland, starting immediately with the Catholic faith.

    Scotland will become Northern Ireland.

    The sums not adding up would further exacerbate the situation.

    I’d love to strangle Mel Gibson for that Braveheart shite!

    However I fully respect another mans belief that selling Hairy Haggis curios and shortbread will be the order of the day and shouting Freeeeeeedom makes it a cultural and political shoe in!

    JJ, it’s your call and I shall miss your site which I visit every single day without fail.

    All the angry lurkers really should take a look at themselves.

    The speakeasy will no doubt return in a different guise. Perhaps we should have a private members club? We could wear doilies around our waists and expose our pierced nipples to goat derived effigies whilst singing At the height of the fighting by Heaven 17.

    On a lighter note, I once wrote to Shania Twain (initially proposing marriage) and suggested she do a Scottish version of one of her biggest hits.

    ” Hoots Mon! I feel like a lassie!”

    She never replied………………….

    1. The precious fragile SNP tribe have lost the debate and argument. They cannot partake in it anymore.

      “Scotland is a rich country” is all they’ve got these days. Yet it spends £26billion more than it brings in (GERS SNP official government figures).

      JJ, Somehow you must carry on exactly the same. Including political commentary. Your integrity demands it.

      Robert De Bruce and William Wallace (Gillaume Le Waleys) were both Norman Lords. Wallace was the youngest son of the Norman Sheriff of Ayr. Wallace’s father and grandfather signed the Ragman rolls proclaiming King Edward their sovereign in Scotland.

      Scottish west highland clans fought against Bruce and separately Wallace for years. The clans were resisting Norman territorial grabs in Scotland. Particularly MacDougall Lords of the Isles and MacPhadens. These clans brought hundreds of warriors from Ireland to assist them. Trying to keep the west Highlands and Hebrides Gaelic and free of Norman’s. The battles are well recorded. There is no evidence Bruce or Wallace ever met each other at all. The Bruce was not present when Wallace was knighted and made Guardian of Scotland in a Norman ceremony by other Scots-Normans.

  8. JJ.
    So sad to hear that you are thinking of quitting, before you do so please read all the positive feedback you have received on this site, and ignore the negative comments as these come from the very people who want this site shut down and in doing so you are playing right into their very hands.
    as you know I subscribe every three months but starting today I will change this to monthly (not recurring because if anything untoward happened to me the wife wouldn’t know how to cancel it) but trust me monthly it will be until I know you have finally had enough and do indeed cease.
    Please let me know when you publish you book as I will definitely purchase a copy.
    above all keep safe and well.

  9. JJ-sorry thats your position.Do what is necessary for yourself.
    Re indepence pointless for us to debate it -especially on a football blog.
    I think someone remarked the view from the abroad is generally seize your chance & I concur but note independence of most states acquired since Napoleonic times were not driven by economic reasons
    That said I am sorry about the tone of your articles when you comment on lack of support-I think that very counterproductive when you need donations to keep going.
    It is for example why I didnt set up recurring donations and opted for periodic top ups.
    Doubt im not the only one who worried about possible difficulties of extricating myself from recurring donations should you for whatever reason quit your blog.
    It may also have contributed more to lack of donations than the political quarrels so in that sense was counter productive.
    As you will be aware I have contributed little enough so Im not in a position to speak de haut en bas so to say.
    i wlll commit to purchasing your book when it is available and will send a final top up when I return from vacation.

  10. JJ, will keep looking in to see what your are doing, and will keep up my to small donations twice a month. stay safe and healthy. broad
    donation made

  11. Call me old Mr conspiracy theorist but Sevco getting Aberdeen captain Ryan Jack for free and Celtic giving Aberdeen £1.3m plus a Ryan Christie loan for Jonny Hayes (valued at £680k on Transfermarkt and no previous transfer fee in his history) really smells. He had two thigh muscle ruptures last season.

    Surely Hayes is an inferior right winger to Celtic’s Ryan Christie?

    Is CFC paying silly money for a fat looking 29yo to compensate AFC for Ryan Jack going to Sevco? Wouldn’t surprise me, they’re all in bed together incestuous bar stewards.

  12. JJ I am having trouble donating via paypal at present, but hope to rectify this soon. Please add my name to your list for your book which I will happily pay for.
    All I can say to you is maybe take a wee break and come back refreshed, and as others say impose a charge to view your output.
    If you simply stop your blog, the cheaters will win, but only you know how it is affecting you mentally and physically dealing with all the abuse.
    Just remember that is all they have is their shitty abuse, they cannot debate with you as they know you are RIGHT

    1. Finally overidden my anti virus and made a wee £30 donation.
      please do not let the cretans win, they lose when your blog tells the truth

      JJ: I have received numerous entreaties of support. After a two week showcase of the best pieces we will see where we are. Thank you for your contribution.

  13. Jj as one of your regular contributors I would like to say I hope you decide to continue with your award winning blog .I don’t think any of us has the right to criticise any decisions you make unless they have lived a year in your shoes
    You have worked really hard to build your blog so please think long & hard about walking away . Whatever your decision I would like to thank you for keeping me informed on what’s going on in the murky world of Scottish football. I will continue to support your site financially until you decide what’s best for you .Best to gather your thoughts before making any decisions in my humble opinion
    Stay safe my friend

  14. Sad to lose your observations. Oh well thanks for the blog JJ. It was great reading even when i didn’t fully agree with your observations.

    I wish you well and thank you kindly for all your hard work ben though I couldn’t really afford more than a small token payment each month.

    Thanks again and best wishes

  15. Jj, please except my apologies for an earlier rant from a few weeks ago that I sent you, it made no sense and I sincerely apologise, I’m really embarrassed I sent it.
    Your obviously an intelligent man and if you’re moving on you must know what you’re next project will be, if it’s the book or whatever I wish you luck, but you’ll be sincerely missed here pal..and just when it’s getting interesting at the govan circus with the signings of those nae-body’s heard of Mexican’s and Columbian’s..please think again ’cause we want you to be here to share the fun when they’re all greetin’ to go home before the clocks go back in regards to “them” I’m confident this coming season will be even funnier than the previous one..stick around pal and share in the hilarious calamities that’s to come with all of us..if you do I’ll gladly become a future contributor.

  16. Posts about matters outside that of the original remit of this blog are not going to be of interest to some drawn here by that remit, especially when it’s the personal political opinion of the author and his views on the conspiracy theories of the day. Those who disagree with your opinion on the latter two issues are going to be much less likely to contribute towards the production of articles on these subjects.

    Perhaps the sensible option would be to separate the subject matter over multiple blogs, sparing those only interested in your football views from your views on the other material, and vice versa.

  17. I don’t get it JJ what hold have the SNP over your donations?
    You need to be aware your site is judged on the whole,not by individual pieces.
    My donation is monthly on payday it has no connection to any individual piece.
    Having read all of the above comments the site is clearly frequented by opinionated sane interesting individuals.
    It would be very sad to see it’s demise.
    I have voted for the SNP because they actually gave me a tangible benefit in free prescriptions.
    Every other party always said they would do this or that but nothing ever helped me.
    Subsequently the SNP are now dumped for not raising the 40% threshold and being nasty.
    Anyway I need you to keep going so I can spear the Cult of Sevco followers on a daily basis.
    It never gets old! 😉

  18. Just to say please keep up the good work that you began around 22 months ago.
    Your award was definitely merited, unlike the scumbag Murray’s knighthood.
    You’re one of very few offering Truth and focus on areas that Scottish ‘establishment/society’ wants to see buried. From my heart – don’t fucking let them see this buried until it’s clear that ALL the involved scum is buried too. Regardless of whom they are.
    There will be MANY opportunities to focus on the myriad cheating at the heart of Rangers (1) and Rangers (2). The SPFL/SFA just keep making it easier as they blunder on; make no mistake, they’re fucked. If they don’t recognise that they’re even (Regan) dumb and (Doncaster) dumber than we credit them for. Their day will come; I cannot wait.
    My wee recurring contribution will continue and I beseech any others to think hard, dig deep and make a contribution; if just 1000 readers made a small commitment, as I do, I fear we’d be on solid ground going forward until all of the underlying shit is introduced to daylight.
    Keep strong, keep safe and keep going.
    NB Is there any possibility of restricted advertising being offered to current backers?? It’s just a thought. For this quality site, a paywall seems to offer a lot. Nearly ANYONE can find a few pounds a month; if those who can, do so, then those who can’t may still have access.
    However this pans out, I will thank you for your bravery in confronting what the grovelling, sickening Scottish MSM wont go near; THE TRUTH.
    How fucking dare they?

  19. Hi jj

    I agree with many of the previous comments and do hope you reconsider your retirement. I contribute each month but haven’t set up a recurring donation as I have other financial commitments and pay the bills by the skin of my teeth most months. I rarely comment but thought I’d give you my opinion for what it’s worth. Your insightful analysis of all things Sevco has been a pleasure to read and the many recent exclusives along with Teddy,Natasha and the secret diary of Mark Warburton had me pishing myself at times. I have also been intrigued by your take on the McCanns, Martin McGuiness, Ched Evans and all the other ‘off subject’ avenues you have taken us down which I may never have come across without accessing this site.

    As far as politics go I have voted for various parties due to their manifestos at the time but have no set in stone allegiance. I have disagreed with many of your political opinions but try to listen to both sides of any argument and form my own opinion without any of the hysterics. I have no problem with you venting yours but others seem to get their panties in a knot when your views don’t correspond with theirs so maybe it’s best to give the politics a rest?

    I understand your reasons for giving up if you intend to and the vitriol you have suffered from the cowards behind their keyboards but I do hope you keep us informed by email when your book becomes available and of any updates to the site.

    Donation made and I’ll continue to do so over next few months if it encourages you to keep going.

    Cheers for the good times jj stay safe.

  20. JJ, hopefully you are feeling more positive today. To reiterate what VV said yesterday, donations/cash flow in support of the site will fluctuate seasonally like any other business. Keep focused on what you are good at -fearless commentary with great insight. Additional contribution made.

    1. A warm welcome to The Sitonfence Speakeasy JCD. I now know of your profession. If you would care to share what you do my readers would realise that they are in exalted company , but in the final analysis I will understand if you just prefer to destress on our site. I’m truly humbled and heartened by your commitment to our site.

  21. Just a thought JJ you could split the site into fitbaw and political/topical that way folk could avoid what seems to be a big issue. I don’t always agree with your politics and views on things , but I enjoy reading them and appreciate the alternative view point. Wish you well whatever you decide.

  22. Hi JJ,
    Hope you have a short break and come back refreshed. Really enjoy your site and all posts…..yes even politics, McCanns etc
    Enjoy yourself and take care – will keep my monthly recurring subscription going…………..cheers and hope to read your blog again soon!

  23. It is your blog and you are entitled to write whatever you want. Your opinions are your own. I cannot imagine the horrendous abuse that has come your way simply for publishing your opinions. Those who do so are intolerant of you having an opinion. They want to silence you. They are fascists in blue or tartan.
    Living on the other side of the world in the best country in the world, New Zealand I have no in depth knowledge of the political situation in Scotland.
    I read the blog to be informed of the blowtorch and spotlight being applied to any version of a Rangers.I read it for truth and the pursuit of justice. When you tackle a wide range of social issues you risk alienating various subsections of your readership who share this interest in corruption in Scottish football but who feel vilified by your other posts. Do not ever mock the All Blacks! Seriously though I’m a mental health professional , if you need to talk through things professionally please contact me. Skype is wonderful.

  24. Revisiting earlier comments about the publication on Twitter yesterday of the invite list IE about NS hosting SDM for dinner at Bute House In March

    Although it was before the recent trial I Initially found it staggering that DM was being wined and dined at this level as like most folks following the SFA corruption story on social media I assumed He would by now be a pariah … But on reflection How naive and wrong can you be ?
    Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t DM pled guilty to/conceded guilt on tax evasion ( IE criminal behaviour ? not avoidance) on at least 8 counts ..the 3 DOS and the 5 normal EBTs..and as things stand is also guilty on the other 40 odd cases?
    Regardless of the outcome of the latest appeal DM is thus surely 100% guilty of tax evasion today pure and simple.
    Is it the case that our First Minister Is completely unaware of this appalling behaviour by someone she is hosting ? OR ????

    So ..Which is it by our leader and her establishment ? complete incompetence or complete ‘nelsons eye ‘ type cover up ?

    To be absolutely fair to NS My bet is on incompetence in line with her overall performance on the day job !

    1. NS is anything but incompetent.

      DM is a member of the Edinburgh Establishment and as such sees benefits the likes of you or I would never see.

      The fact that guy can avoid taxes and raid pensions the way he has and still end up winning a watch says a lot about the way this country is run. The SNP in general are not responsible for that. It is your entitled twats at Westminster who have created this situation where the rich get richer and the poor get rogered.

      1. JM
        Sorry . Beg to differ
        She must be the worst performing Leader of a country anywhere .
        When she is not handing out vote winning sweeties she is failing on the things that really matter and that’s a major part of the reason she lost 500000 votes !!!
        Indy2 influences or not if she was doing a great job she would never have lost those votes .Any other leader in any country would have been bulleted for that
        Assuming that invite list isn’t a spoof ..and it looked real main point is I don’t think she actually knows what DM has been up to and I am sure we all would agree anyone honoured by our 1st minister by being invited to Bute House should deserve it
        Based on everything I have read these last 5 years I am struggling to understand how on earth our 1st minister is unaware of the main culprit at the heart of the worst piece of corruption and tax evasion in UK sports history (and btw some of which happened on her parties watch and she has done nothing about it )

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