Terminate With Extreme Prejudice

For those of my readers that are unfamiliar with my circumstances this piece should be instructive. A police source has informed me that at least three UDA members are party to a plot to assassinate your humble correspondent with prejudice.  Apparently this involves all three discharging all six bullets from their revolvers. Alternatively should I appear on a flight manifest on an incoming flight to Glasgow I will be identified by staff and shot dead as I exit the airport.

Should I ever return to my home town the crew from Ayrshire will be informed and mobilised. If I were attending a funeral I would still be fair game.

When one of my children went online to source material for a Father’s Day e-card she was redirected to a site where what is purported to being her father is wearing a gimp mask. She is only eight years old. I have been informed that she is a whore who deserves to die of cervical cancer.

Trust me. You have no idea what I have to deal with!


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50 thoughts on “Terminate With Extreme Prejudice”

  1. How do these police get this info, and do nothing about this, this is threatening behaviour, and if Craig whytes PC and phone, can be hacked this should be simple enough, to deal with, the police telling you this, ain’t helping no one.you ask them what they have done about it.as threats are a crime.where are the Elliot ness type we now need

    1. Stay Strong John James. You have shown us the emperor has no clothes. Now, just pause as the rest of the mob catches up. You will be vindicated my friend.

  2. What is wrong with these folks.

    How awful for you. Shocking stuff. And a chill just went down my spine for you.

    This is a Speakeasy full of life, vigour and wit. It doesn’t call for incitement to riot. Or worse. Nope. It has covered the Rangers narrative with facts, insights and exclusives and highlighted corruption in the Scottish game. It has shown Rangers to be a failed club awaiting liquidation and highlighted shocking governance under SDM’s stewardship. I guess that some folks may not like the truth.

    But, personal threats? No. That’s outrageous. I am seriously appalled.

    It deals with sport, Scottish football, the Rangers soap opera, Scottish football governance and other eclectic topics.

    There is a large group of folks on this site who support you and agree with your terrific and thought provoking articles.

  3. DM gets invited to Bute house & jj receives death threats
    I’m assuming the police are informed of these threats & yet do nothing about .Best wee country in the world !! I think not

    I was stuck in traffic this morning in High st whilst the junior Orange walk went into Glasgow green .As a responsibile citizen of Glasgow I watched in despair at the next generation of bigots were marched down High st & I thought how can the cycle ever end .So sad & no wonder jj is thinking is this worth all the hassle .

    My heart goes out to jj not being with your kids must be heartbreaking.Please stay strong & you have my email address if there’s anything I can do to help you I would like you to contact me privately

  4. Is no one in authority going to do anything about this? I didn’t realise until now what a disgusting cesspit we are living in. The remark about your daughter is atrocious and unforgivable.

  5. Celtic supporting SNP punters need to think twice and three times before ranting their Freedom lunacy at you.

    Does the DUP now have swing with police governance?

  6. JJ not to play the threat down, most of these thugs work for police special branch or MI5 , look at the reports from the Stevens enquiry 90% of loyalist arrested were informer s. They can’t shit without there say so .Plus they haven’t the wit to organize a piss up in a brewery, a rave maybe. Don’t let it put fear in you .I speak with experience as my details were handed over to these scum by the same police or MI5 goons. The threats only work if you let them , tell them to do there worst, junkie thugs and dealers the lot of them.

    1. JJ to show my support just made another £30 donation, have a wee drink on me to calm you down.
      I truly believe all the threats these cretins are making because you just have to look on any sevco fan site, (the one my mate told me about was Ibrox Noise)
      apparently because young Jason Cummings on his move from Hibs, praised Mark Warburton these cretins are angry with him and they also want the names of any current players at the bigot dome who still like the breadman, instead of being happy about bringing in new players, the cretins are venting their anger at Cummings and some current players signed by Warburton

      JJ: your second donation of that quantum in a couple of days. Chapeau sir.

  7. Fair do’s. I guess that answers in part my comment yesterday about why you come across so angry at everyone in general. Were any of us to have to go through what you do, I guess we would be the same.

  8. What a cestpit we live in here in Scotland. This sort of activity is the only reason why Scotland cannot be independent. Our society has to grow up and our police and judiciary need to be purged of anyone with an affiliation to the lodge, masons or any secret society. The SNP will never again have my vote as long as the ibrox fascists enjoy their wading every fortnight in the joke of a First Minister’s constituency. I wish you and your family safety and peace.

  9. JJ I have read you blog since December 2015 I don’t comment my first being yesterday mate but giving the turn of events I feel it’s imperative that your support show there here now,I’m disgusted that your 8yr had to bi exposed to the vile of these knuckle dragging delinquents ago

  10. I have followed your site for a while, but am only now moved to comment, sadly as you are about to depart, which all fair minded people understand and you need to look after number one.
    I could wax the wax but just to whisper JJ, you are already a legend, and your legacy will in no way be diminished as you bow out.
    Thanks for you courage, craft. and industry.

  11. If the Police are notifying you of death threats, but not doing anything about it then you are left in the rather scary position that they can’t, or won’t, protect you. The fact it is their job to do so is immaterial to them. The Police are working on the basis that you are in a very vulnerable position to do anything about it. Lodging a formal complaint will get you nowhere either as they will just cover it up, as to take it seriously would be to expose their own failings and prejudices (I know – I’ve been there).

    I can’t imagine what it is like to be separated from your children JJ. The scumbag (whose e-mail address you posted) is someone to be loathed and despised. Your daughter has done nothing to deserve what happened. The puerile post with an acrostic message is an indication of someone with very low intelligence. The overall level of threat and stress must be immense for you. I hope you eventually find some solution.

      1. As an ayrshire bhoy I have been at the death threat scenario . It’s all mouth from these morons

      2. JJ …if you suspect Police collusion then look more in the direction of Edinburgh… that’s where to directives would come down from.
        Shocking that we should be reading of such matters because a guy has a opinion and access to the facts particularly when Police Scotland see fit to inform you of pending atrocities against you and family. In all seriousness I advise you to seek legal advise as to why Police Scotland see fit to inform you BUT do nothing to trace who is behind this abomination.
        take care.
        will try “again” tonight to make donation via you PayPal

  12. JJ I don’t normally comment infact yesterday was my first however I feel that with the current turn of events Me and anyone who does should show our support for this award winning blog ……also I want to air my complete disgust for the comments your daughter has had to come across I too have an 8yr old and I could only imagine my rage had my baby girl seen comments like that about me JJ…..I do believe you should keep going as to let mob rule win would be a travesty in my eyes and I do understand that’s easy for me to say anyway JJ whatever you choose to do I have enjoyed your blog better than any other one or rag available so I will hold a special day of mourning should you retire JJ lol all the best although I do hope to see an email from your site in the future! God bless you JJ thanks for the insight into Scottish footballs dark corners…..hail hail

  13. JJ

    Hatred & Stupidity are a destructive mix.

    I recommend a sabbatical, which could become permanent

    If your children are embroiled/endangered – that’s a game changer – I don’t care if “they” win
    It’s still not worth it.



  14. Lordmac

    Worth remembering that certain peepil have full protection in WoS,carte blanche and laws don’t apply. Where else can you operate a drug cartel with full police protection?

    Obviously in the likes of Mexico,Columbia,etc,but not surely in the UK.

    Try Irvine.

  15. JJ

    I can believe every word

    Probably threats that would never be carried through(remember what some people were going to do to Craig Whyte!)

    Nevertheless very scary-you don’t need that crap in your life

    I walked away from a fairly high level of Politics not because of threats but because I gave up on all the lying,cheating,backstabbing going on within my own (Labour)Party

    Apparently it’s worse within the SNP

    And the hardest part was dealing with government officials all protecting their own nests and the methods they used were despicable-but they were unaccountable

    Remind you of anyone? Doncaster ? Reagan AND the small minded Blazers who come and go whilst taking us all for a ride

    I now sleep lots better but still have stomach churning times when I see injustices-thus was why I followed and contributed to your site from Day One—even despite you not allowing quite a few RANTS especially at the SNP

    I accepted this as in hindsight I was possibly a wee bit over the top


    I along with you was a fee paying member of the RSL-this disappeared overnight with no explanation??

    perhaps Bill took the wise way out due to outside interferences-we have never had the reasons why but I am sure he watches(contributes???) to your site

    Was he threatened like you? Is this why he closed up shop?

    Gordo RFC et al where are you?—the old days (not so long ago were good)


    Despite your best efforts-things will never change as one contributor said “Only in Scotland”

    I have contributed to your site despite us having our differences and enjoyed much although a wee bit of banter taking away the seriousness might have helped

    It’s obvious all has consumed you but I do believe it wasn’t the SNP crap that brought this on but a huge shift to hating all things Rangers—they aren’t all bad you know

    As much as I shall miss the site Perhaps you should walk away

    I realise you might be giving up a massive part of your life BUT
    This has obviously gone past the score

    Life has shown me -Family before principles anytime

    Time will help (as I know)

    Good luck whatever way you choose to go

    1. I have a growing conviction that I should continue as this site means so much to so many. Bill has not donated to this site but is well out of the fray. Gordo chose to believe the inaccurate black propaganda and walked away. As for politics I will give it a wide berth. One cannot debate with a closed mind.

      1. To be fair, JJ, your articles aren’t looking for reasoned political debate. Your comments on the SNP are just that, comments, usually as nasty asides.

      2. Yes, asides that I will do my best to resist. As for reasoned debate I’m really well informed on the financial carnage that would ensue. I have facts and figures at my fingertips. But in the end if you choose poverty, it will be your very own poverty. I’m sure that’s what a blue rinsed schemie in her forties, with more tattoos than a sailor with a needle addiction, was screaming at me when I was not in exile. It was good to see the unemployable with purpose in their lives.

  16. What frightens them so much that they resort to such mind blowing puerile hate filled and murderous aggression ?
    What an incredible social phenomenon they are !

    I wouldn’t blame you at all JJ if you said
    ” F@ck this for a game of soldiers” and just departed the scene
    You have done a pile of damage to them already so well done whatever you decide
    Monthly donation made!

    1. Damage? Some people just cannot handle the truth. One of the most successful clubs in domestic football blackmailed, bribed, cheated, evaded tax and lied to achieve this success. My book, The Liquidation Lie, is sure to cause a stir. This is what they fear most and are desperate to suppress. Thank you for your recurring donation which is the lifeblood of this site which will continue.

  17. This is a fatwa. You have been sentenced to death for daring to be openly critical of Rangers. Their assassins creed stems from 1690. They deem that publishing dissent deserves death for you and your family. These Neanderthals are not bluffing. They will kill you if they can. They will even be assisted to do so by some of the Scottish police. The media are infested with them. You are not media darling Salman Rushdie Booker Prize winner. You are JohnJames Orwell Prize winner. Watch your back.

    1. Your piece is accurate with the exception of The Orwell Prize which has not been bestowed on this site. My award was the fans choice of New Football Blog at the UK blogging awards. I consider this as OUR award as where would the Sitonfence Speakeasy be without the insightful comments of its readers?

  18. JJ, so sorry to here this, stay strong.

    I’ve just finished Chris Brookmyre’s ‘Where the Bodies are Buried’. There are a couple of references to ‘the biggest gang’, it being the polis.

    Overdue donation made, started a temp job after being made redundant, otherwise I would have done it before now.

    To all the folks that moan about freeloaders, please take a moment and consider the circumstances people are faced with. This is an excellent site and I will do my best but it is not always possible.

  19. Hi JJ, Shameful stuff from the Klan. No one should have to tolerate this in 21st Century Scotland. If the last few years has taught me anything it’s how the Scottish establishment is infested by Rangers leaning, masons at every layer. This mindset simply cannot countenance the death and previous cheating of their club. This is exactly why Scottish independence cannot be trusted. Incidentally, one wonders what role the Scottish Government have played in this clusterfeck up to this point (apart from Salmond trying to help them at the outset).

    1. “This is exactly why Scottish independence cannot be trusted.”

      What utter bunkum! The sickening events mentioned by JJ happened in recent times and therefore reflect a Scotland which isn’t independent. How can they conceivably be attributed to an independent Scotland? It’s just yet more manufactured scaremongering dreamt up by those with a fertile imagination, but entirely bereft of facts.

      Similarly, when will those doom-mongers who incessantly drone on about a seemingly guaranteed economic downturn following independence finally begin to realise that we are prepared to pay an extra penny or so on our taxes, if necessary, in order to control our own destiny, although such a necessity is far from certain?

      Can anyone point me to a substantial list of countries who have failed to make independence work, because you could be forgiven for thinking such a list exists?

    2. The ‘Rangers-leaning masons at every layer’ run Scotland now. They will not countenance Scottish Independance because, if it happens, it means the end of the DUP/Protestant Ascendancy in Northern Ireland. Therefore they frighten people to leave them in charge with the fear that if Scotland becomes independent, they will be in charge.

      In other words: ‘People of Scotland! If you loosen the chains with which we bind you, bad people (ie: us) will bind you with the chains with which you are bound. The only way to avoid being ruled by us is to (err…) be ruled by us.’

  20. All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you; digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.

    Gods speed to you son.

  21. Hi JJ,been working away for 6 months but back for a while (hopefully) always look forward to reading your posts & admire your bravery & writing skills,so will be making regular donations from now on,best of luck going forward & i will also support your book,most of all keep you & your family safe,hh

  22. I have asked this previously but you have never responded, but I will try again! Persistence is my middle name..

    Can you publish the Osman letter you would have received from the polis if they hold credible evidence that your life has been threatened? Would that not drive home the purported seriousness of the situation!

    I know from my own experience that whatever the police might think of you, and the company you keep (my associates are now mostly dead) that a known threat to life is met with an Osman letter and I cannot fathom your reticence to address this issue.

    I hope this finds you well, L.

    1. A couple of points here. If I were to publish the letters I would have to redact them. My detractors would then cry foul. You are one of my most ardent critics, who does not currently contribute. Why should I dance to your tune? Are you one of the many Rangers supporters who puts their head in the sand to remain oblivious to the evil UDA terrorists in your midst?

      1. I’m absolutely not a Rangers supporter, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually grew up a Morton fan, been round every lower league ground as a girl with my dad!

        I’ve read this blog right from the start and I used to put £20 a month your way out of benefits monies, because I valued your writing and enjoyed your extensive vocabulary, I love the English language!

        I don’t think the DUP would approve of facets of my lifestyle. I also have had second thoughts about Independence. People are more nuanced than you think!

        I used to mix with some genuine scary people and I’m familiar with the Osman letter process and how if one’s life is threatened the polis aren’t making value judgements about if you’re worth saving. I may be jaded but you’re not that scandalous but I’m sorry for your troubles. Genuinely no here tae piss you off JJ.

  23. JJ, what is scary here (and im surprised no-one has mentioned this) is that you say that if you appear on an flight manifesto then you will be targeted.

    does this mean that members of staff from certain flight operators (who are on duty) are waiting for incoming flights and know exactly who is on that flight and are able to make outside contact with whoever and divulge details of that manifesto.?

    in this sad day of terrorism etc then that is a real scary fact

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