The JJ Files: Volume II – Imagine There’s No Rangers

The JJ Files represent an opportunity to revisit some of the pieces which sparked robust debate in the Sitonfence Speakeasy. It is a showcase of my work. Should any lurkers wish to contribute having revisited my work, they can add their names to the forty-two who rallied to support our site. Forty-two from a regular daily audience of 8,000 to 10,000, whom revisit our site on three or four occasions to read the insightful comments. They could also be perceived as the precursor to the paywall that I’m considering. A paywall where each article costs 65p to access, which is the cover price of a Daily Rectum. To my business-trained mind the sports hacks are completely out of their depth when it comes to court cases and the corruption at Rangers, Rangers Lite, the SFA & the SPFL. This site can pierce the corporate veil.

Other than their award-winning Sports journalist, Keith Jackson, who writes a column once per week, they are not worth the candle. I have been quick to criticise  Mr Jackson for the shocking lie that all Lite players were assaulted by the marauding Hibs fans in the aftermath of a Scottish Cup Final. This was a blatatant reproduction of James Traynor’s poisoned rhetoric at its worse. When left to his own devices he can be entertaining if light fare is your bag.

The showcase of articles will be free at the point of delivery. During this consultation period I will solicit the views of my readers apropos the 65p access charge. I have pegged the price to appeal to the unwaged. I may reintroduce the Sunday Supplement, on demand, so that the unwaged can keep apprised of developments for 65p per week.

The following article was published as: Imagine There’s No Rangers.



During what became know as ‘The Journey’ did anyone other than those who attend Ibrox via muscle-memory actually miss Rangers?

1. Did one miss the mass unfettered anti-Irish racism?

2. Did one miss the veneration of a Ku Klux Klan leader who successfully pursued an agenda of slashing and maiming Irish émigrés?

3. Did one miss those who mock a potato famine and invite the Pope to have sexual congress with himself?

4. Did one miss the naked apartheid that is Monkey Mimicry?

5. Did one miss the challenge of Scott Brown on the field of play by an individual who exposed himself to an eleven years old girl as she walked down the street with her mother?

6. Did one miss the anti-Irish festival that is Forces Day?

7. Did one miss the lie that a renascent club can claim the titles won by a club that no longer exists.

8. Did one miss how a club in clear breach of FFP regulations is given a green light to participate in UEFA tournaments by a corrupt SFA?

Point 8 is a reprise of the corruption which occurred with the former club which played at Ibrox in 2011. Are the aforementioned points the symptoms of a deep-rooted Sectarian malaise at the former club that now find an outlet for their recidivism in Charles Green’s basket of assets, Rangers Lite?

Could one change the song from :

‘No-one likes us, we don’t care’ to:

‘No-one cares about us as we are largely irrelevant and beneath their contempt?’

Should we be rallying round the new club and hugging ‘bears’ in the street? Forgive me if I for one demur, although many of my best friends and family members are Rangers fans whom I would not hesitate to hug. The perceived wisdom is that the majority of Rangers fans are decent God-fearing family men, but if that is the case why do they transform into what Donald Findlay referred to as ’90 minute bigots’.

Mr. Findlay is now engaging in lifting the rocks on the Ibrox cesspool. One now finds that The Rangers Juggernaut that cut a swathe through Scottish Football was actually a debt-addled junkie on skid row. The methadone was supplied by an odious cabal of Masons at The Bank of Scotland. If anyone has any savings in this Rangers-facing casino, in all its guises, I suggest they withdraw them immediately. Starve the bastards who provided the armaments to assassinate fair play in Scottish Football.

The debt-addled junkie may have visited the Salvation Army and be born again, but I’m not anticipating any Christian fellowship any time soon.

Is Rangers Lite a club run by pariahs for pariahs?

There are those who excuse the systemic criminal behaviour by stating that Rangers Lite merely reflects the social mores of the community it represents. I disagree. Rangers Lite fans the flames and reinforces the recidivist attitudes.

I note that Alex Thomson of Channel Four has been tipped off that the SFA won’t act to strip titles should The Supreme Court uphold the Inner Houses’ ruling that EBT were instruments of tax evasion. If that is the case a root and branch clear out of the SFA is required. At the very least starve the SFA of funds by not supporting the fiasco that is our National team. Let the mendacious piece of shit that is Stewart Regan and Continuation Doncaster know that their days are numbered at The Scottish Cup Final.

I am a late convert to the case for title-stripping. I took the view that Rangers had gone to the wall and that there was no point in flogging a dead horse. However I did not figure on the lie of Continuation having traction and SMSM critical mass. The Continuation Lie underpins the ‘We are The People Supremacy’ at Ibrox.

This supremacy is however built on the sand of tax evasion and a myth that has been exposed time and time again in the highest courts in Scotland. Rangers Lite are not the club formed in 1872 which was incorporated in 1899. If Third Lanark was rejuvenated and chose to play at Ibrox in light blue, could they make a cogent claim for the history of Rangers?

The idea is preposterous. Scottish Football was fine when the new club was in the wilderness. There was a better distribution of titles and higher attendances. The insidious influence of the gaming industry was not a factor in what many will look back upon as The Halcyon Days of Scottish Football.

During ‘The Journey’ we were led to believe that the new club would make friends along the way. All they did was appal a new audience. If the PFA Scotland Awards are indicative, Rangers Lite are largely irrelevant.


56 thoughts on “The JJ Files: Volume II – Imagine There’s No Rangers”

    1. Yes. Any contribution of £20 or more per month will have full access to all paywall articles for one calendar month which will be for an indefinite period if recurring. I’m considering daily access at 99p. If Mick is paying attention is this within the gift of your IT guys?

  1. The paywall it must be JJ. As you state 65p as the going rate.This allows readers the option to decide if they wish to read your subject matter.If they have differing views on your politics,then there is no need to pay to read it,and this prevents readers from feeling offended. However the price appears too low,may I suggest that yes stay with your suggested figure,but as many regular readers make monthly donations,as do I,it could possibly be an option to contribute more if a certain post makes you feel like doing so.Stay safe JJ.

    1. There will be a synopsis of the article in the link should I go the paywall route. I will be avoiding politics. I may be making a rod for my own back as it will be difficult to administer. I can but hope that the majority of contributors choose the recurring £20 option. Is 99p per day fair?

      1. More than fair JJ, you always looked out for the unwaged and now I am off disability and back working full time it is a pleasure to be able to pay my own way again, the content is always enlightening and doesn’t pull punches, if some individuals care to criticize from another site that’s on them, they don’t have to read it, no one twists their arms but the funny thing is that for all the greetin’ and griping they still do read it!! Cheers
        yours in sport
        Gaun the Killie

        PS, To cheer you up and take you back to the regular Scottish soccer fan scenario check out a you-tube link-“The balled of Wullie Reilly” this guy, sadly passed, was a huge Dundee fan and his friends play tribute to him in this clever ditty. Almost every Scottish Club has a fan like this so it is easy to relate to. At Killie we had the “Puddock”, wee Rab Miller, also sadly passed at a relatively early age, who was known the length and breadth of Scotland and welcomed in every Supporters Social club home and away, he could sniff out a Pub from 50 yards while still on the bus!!.

  2. I have contributed small amounts in the past and would be prepared to do so again.

    However, if £20 a month was the required amount, I think I would be looking for more than one article a day.

    Any views on this?

    1. Since site inception on September 19, 2015, I published 800 pieces, which is more than one per day. I wrote and published on 363 of 365 days, and curated 31,000 comments on all days. If that’s not worth £20 per month, spend 99p for a day pass or 65p per article. This is the consultation period. I may yet not go the paywall route and in so doing jeopardise our site as too many are taking a free ride.

  3. Who would pay 99p per day for one article? I have never paid and for as long as you put your work up for free I never will. However if you put a paywall of £10 per month for your output I, and I’m sure many others who currently do not donate would surely pay.

    1. The 99p per day allows as many visits as one likes to access the comments, which are a major attraction. 8-10,000 readers yet 25-50,000 hits. You do the maths.

  4. I think you’re on the cheap side too JJ so worth taking the time to research and consider this aspect fully before committing yourself to a specific rate. My current recurring donation is above the £20 suggested and I am happy to keep it there going forward.

    Above all, I am taking all of this as a positive indication that you are set to continue, which is great news; I do however think a wee break over the close season to recharge the batteries would be no bad thing. You can always react on an adhoc basis to new events at Lite/Ibrokes.

    1. Thank you TS. I could use a break. Your ad hoc suggestion has traction as something may be about to explode on the Ibrox narrative and I have been promised the exclusive. I can think of no better way of launching the paywall.

      1. Exactly and contrary to what others seem to think, I think it’s about quality and not quantity. A paywall will undoubtedly separate the wheat from the chaff!

  5. Based on a notional 30 day month the logic of your 65p suggestion is apparent. Suggest that you stick with that. I believe it will appeal to others in the unwaged category, as it does to me.

  6. JJ
    This is the way forward
    I suspect there are a few of your regular contributors who like me buy the Times app at £30 per month
    I also have the Herald app but only because I keep forgetting to cancel it
    The Times as you may know and would expect is serious world class quality with hours of material plus games all inc superb graphics
    You do need to take your time and think long and hard on positioning for maximum effect obviously
    My suggestion is pick the monthly amount that gets access to everything then position the daily unit pricing at about 150/160% so £20 and .99p per article or £15.99 and .79p a la itunes
    Folks as they go today paying quite a bit more because they feel it is worth it eg above the£20 you may think of some special facility or access e.g. A special group who you bounce ideas off on a WhatsApp type medium
    Hope this helps
    PS IMO do the political stuff ..some I love and some I hate but flag it so folks don’t need to buy and regular monthly contributors can simply choose to bypass it

    1. I agree that political posts should be flagged, but why write about politics at all if so few choose to read it! I will still do features on injustice as and when I encounter it, be it encouraging schoolchildren to write on how to ‘cure’ homosexuality, or the blunt trauma of a fist causing an Aborigine’s death. If these bastards are not sent down I will boycott Australia and their produce.

      1. Hi JJ
        I’ve missed the “aborigine post” – genuinely interested- any chance you could send it to me ?

  7. Hi JJ
    I wholeheartedly agree with the paywall proposal but my gut instinct is that 65p is too much;- not because it’s not worth it (as you know I contribute in excess of £20pm) but it just seems that it will drive volume away from your site…in some ways defeating the purpose. Online transactions can be a nuisance. Going down the unit cost route is a difficult one for various reasons – especially linking the rationale to the cost of a newspaper.
    Lets say for example that you want/need £3000 per month.
    It would be far better to achieve that (and ongoing exponential growth) by having say 600 people contributing £5 than 150 contributing £20. Using the current click rates you cite then this would be a highly realistic rate.
    I myself (and no doubt like others) would continue to contribute at the higher level but this price point would at least would convert a good deal of appreciative freeloaders, hopefully provide reasonable access to the unwaged, and drive away some of the more vile detractors. (Others might be happy to pay £5 for the privilege of abusing you)
    You could maybe find another way to reward any higher level contributors if you felt the need.

  8. I think that £20 is more than fair and I would peg your excellent articles at one per day. For those who want to find out what’s happening with the Rangers narrative or governance of the Scottish game, this has become THE ‘go to’ site. The only point in buying a newspaper these days is to look at the obituaries column.

  9. Morning, JJ. I look forward to opening my emails in the morning to see what delights you have for us. Due to disability I am one of the ‘unwaged’ that you say is exempt from being expected to donate on a monthly basis. Despite this I do contribute when I can; not as much or as often as I’d like but, I do what I can.
    Your £20 monthly subscription would be out of my safe zone so it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be alone and therefore ‘banned’ from The JJ Narrative.
    That’s what happens though; marginalized, stigmatised, ostracised from society just because we are seen as scroungers looking for a free ride.
    Your site, your choice. Stay safe though; fear is a terrible thing.

    1. No Paolo you can use your limited funds judiciously and if that does not work I will match you with a sponsor. The £20 per month tariff is outwith the gift of the unwaged. No-one will be stigmatised nor ostracised on our site.

  10. I recently upped my monthly contribution, which I have been making since the middle of last year, to £15 (from £10). The motivation for this was learning about the PayPal deduction.

    I visit the site regularly throughout the day to check for new articles / reread to help my poor memory. I read probably one in three all the way through. I am most interested in the exclusives, less so in the satirical / opinion pieces. No disrespect.

    No disrespect either to posters, but I tend to skim or not read the comments. Not the behaviour of a committed blogger, I know, but I’ve been there before and don’t really want to go again.

    I think I get my £15 worth but a higher cost would make me think about it. Of course the deciding factor might be the value you add by the ongoing shining of light under the toilet seats the MSM don’t want to lift.

    Apologies JJ for going on a bit but I just thought giving you more context would help inform your decision.

  11. I am in the same situation as Paulo, being disabled. I do not have enough funds for £20 per month. I have enjoyed reading your blog, I don’t always agree with you, but that’s life. Thanks for the stories and I hope you can earn enough to keep going. All the best for the future, James.

    1. Long time lurker I’m a retired female & I love reading your blogs …does this mean I can’t see them no more…

  12. I am glad to hear that you intend to continue. This site is invaluable for getting the truth about the “Rangers” situation.

    Regarding the monthly subscription, as you know I started at £10 and then raised it recently to £15. I would be prepared to go to the new figure of £20. It would be a stretch for me, but I could manage.

    As for the political posts, I say carry on. Sometimes I agree with some of your points and sometimes I disagree. However, I actually enjoy reading contrary views. If you only read what you agree with eventually your thinking becomes rigid and you don’t actually learn anything. Vive la différence!

  13. Hi JJ at present I give ten pounds a month but will increase it to twenty. As everyone says this the go to site for Scottish football and I for one hope continue to inform and educate us who appreciate your good work. Keep safe

  14. Hi JJ. I currently donate £10 a month. I am happy to double this. But do I have to add on a bit to ensure the £20 gets to you. I think I saw somewhere that paypal takes a cut?

  15. I do donate now and then £10. I know the material is worth £20pm but I will never pay that I’d just move on. As I previously said I can’t from £700 pension pay £20 but would consider £5pm as someone has suggested. Even the Daily ranger has dozens of articles by lots of writers for 65ppd. This is not a criticism but I’m sure if it has to be paywall you could eventually get many hundreds paying £5 -10. I don’t think £20 will work but maybe I’m wrong.

  16. After checking my paypal I made a donation of £10 every month the last 4months. There lies my ceiling, think carefully you would lose me and many others with £20pm.

  17. Could Rangers not be made a proscribed organisation? But better hurry while the S.N.P. still have a majority at Trumpton.

  18. Why are other clubs allowing this farce to happen? Rangers Lite do not fulfill the requirements to compete in Europe on many counts, no audited accounts, living of loans…etc. Where are Hearts on this? The SFA typically slides this one out under the cover of silence. Ridiculous!!! How can we the honest sports fans stop this collusion that is destroying sporting integrity?

    1. AB was dining at Bute house with DM hosted by Queen Nicola . She is currently in the process of becoming a pillar of the establishment
      Forget any challenges to anything of Any significance against Rangers from AB

  19. I would pay for a paywall .

    I don’t really agree with many of your political points but I’m not an easily offended snp loving ‘patriot ‘ [ although they are the only mainstream party I have previously voted for but will never vote for them or their named person bullshit again ]

    I can’t really figure out these pathetic snp sturgeon lovers. She has most likely cost this country it’s freedom for years to come and apart from that , the Scots had their chance at Freedom and pished it against the wall.

    I find their brand of patriotism offensive as there is no real heart behind it and if this country were to be free , would we get rid of London and Brussels , anything less ain’t Freedom ?

  20. JJ,

    Your piece on the McCanns was first class and if you haven’t already done so I would suggest you look for a chap called Rich Planet who has made some 14 hours of documentary video highlighting why he thinks they are involved. He even goes as far as to say that Madeleine McCann died at the start of their holiday rather than on the Thursday. Well worth 14 hours of your time to take in these documentaries. If you are not able to find them and are interested in then please let me know because I have all of them.

    I wish you well no matter what you decide. I hope the book’s a complete success and if ever you’re in the financial position of being able to give away the odd copy, I would love one. I will continue to try and access your site each day but I fear once the pay wall goes up my access will end and no more will I be able to partake of your work.

    Finally can I just say a huge thank you for the pleasure you have given me over the past couple of years. Take care of yourself and especially, stay safe. Don’t let the bastards grind you down because you are better than all of them.


    1. I was asked not to publish this comment, so I deleted the personal details. Rest assured that worst case scenario I will find a sponsor so that you can continue to read our site.

  21. JJ

    I, I am sure, like many of your recurring contributors, will continue to contribute at the same rate as of now.

    There are too many like (I am alright) Jack above who freely admits he has NEVER paid and never will as long as you provide material for free. Despite what many in Scotland think, nothing is free, even universal benefits – somebody somewhere is paying the cost.

    I prefer the football-related material and am not so keen on the politics and ‘conspiracy theories’ but with the paywall (and presumably subscription rates for recurring donation?) will simply avoid them.

    I think the paywall is overdue and I am amazed that you have accepted so many comments from free-loaders for so long. Unemployment in Scotland is falling, is it not?

    PS Not so keen on the ‘Diary of’ articles either not to my taste!

    Keep up the good work and look after yourself.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. The diary articles are free. You either read them or avoid them. Some enjoy them, some don’t. Since Private Eye is the stick du jour to beat me with are there any articles you avoid? I tried to introduce levity after revealing what The Klan were up to. Gallows humour if you will.

  22. Is there anything you want to tell them?

    FC Progrès Niederkorn
    Fabio Marochi, President
    Thomas Gilgemann, Treasurer
    Paolo Amodio, Sporting Director / Manager
    Address: Boite Postale 161, L-4502, Differdange, Luxembourg
    Phone: +352 265 8011 6
    Website: no information, under construction

  23. Your calculation is that you will shed a bunch of freeloaders but will gain income from readers who have not previously contributed.
    I also think that’s how it’ll turn out.
    Your stats and votes for prizes will do a Titanic, and paying subscribers will distribute your work freely, from ex Yugoslavia and other regimes with lazy viligance or inclination to do anything about viollany (typo looking better than what I had meant).
    Hope I am wrong, bests.
    If its to trade needed money for a place in history, fine, your decision and good luck.
    Hope its enough dough.

  24. JJ
    I donate on occasion, not a lot as redundancy hit me hard.
    £20 would be too much for me,( wife would kill me)
    It just means I would not get acces to all your posts, just some when money allows.
    I understand why you need to do this and wish you well.

  25. if push comes to shove JJ, i could mange 15 pounds per month, i am as you put it,unwaged but i will get by, huh whats 15 pounds a month, the cost of a few pints (depending where you drink i suppose). i have sent you a small donation on paypal. i hope it all works out for you and you can keep this excellent blog going. GGTTH Tamsonsbairn.

    JJ: Thank you for your donation. Somewhere between £10 to £20 is what I’m receiving as feedback. £15 might have been right all along.

  26. Do you know what…. Do it… the paywall. It is the only method in which I will pay. I originally supported this site financially. I was, let’s say, peeved, or disenchanted by the debate about money and inference of your pending departure. I gave up as it took away the quality of your work.

    Mr James, your work is worth paying for. But I will not do it when it is a free for everyone else. Get it sorted.

    Kind regards Tony


  27. I’m with a lot of the other comments, I think £20 Might push a lot of people away whereas £10 is probably perfect and possibly a few days a month for free just so the newbies can see what they are missing out on.


  28. I think a monthly subscription of £20 is a lot to ask, and will only drive away prospective contributers. To put it into perspective, Private Eye will post a subscriber fortnightly magazines for £28 a year. Incidentally, they also don’t suggest their readers are idiots if they believe in Scottish independence. I’d stop my subscription to them if they did.

  29. 65p is more than fair. Should keep access within most people’s reach and bring in a steady income. Donation made last night; got the paypal confirmation. Stay safe – keep writing.

    JJ : Thank you for your donation and feedback.

  30. I must be living on a different planet to some people. Do folks really pay £30 a month to read Murdoch’s newspaper? Mind you, millions of people give twice that and more to his Sky product; something I have never purchased and never will.

    I contribute £5 a month recurring and have contributed for a year or more. My rationale was that this amounts to about the cost of Private Eye (which takes me a day to read through).

    I enjoy the blog very much and if the paywall comes to pass I will miss it for a while, but life will go on. At £20 a month I am out no question. If the blog dies or disappears from view, it will not be my fault but that of people like “Jack” who feel no moral obligation to offer support and cheerfully take something for nothing without a hint of shame. Sadly he speaks for the majority.

    I would like to make one last observation JJ: If a paywall is erected and the readership slips down to a cosy little club of say 100 or 200 readers/subscribers/followers, then what is actually the point anymore? The message stays in house and you cease to be relevant. You can say what you like behind a paywall, but those whom you wish to discomfort, expose and hold to account will no longer give a hoot as nobody will hear your voice anymore, save for your disciples.

    1. I’m opposed to the paywall, hence the consultation period. Those who have been taking a free rode can either step up now and save the site from the paywall, or lose it. How long does it take you to read 31 articles in any month, delivered daily to your desk top 363 days per year? How many comments do you make in Private Eye? How many regular articles on Scottish football do you read in Private Eye? You are not comparing apples with apples. £20 per month may not be the threshold but I can assure you that it won’t be £5.

  31. A suggestion…

    If you do decide to erect a paywall, perhaps, if it’s technically within your gift, you might consider offering two class of subscription? The lower class, at a cheaper rate, could offer full access to a months blogs retrospectively. So, for example, on the seventh day of the month, 2nd class subscribers can gain access to the previous months blogs, by which time they would all be at least one week old.

    This would still allow people to read your output (and comment if they wish?) as well as contribute to the upkeep of the blog. Even if it’s old news it’s still a good read and might appeal to those who would otherwise be lost for good.

    Just a thought…

  32. First donation made last week I’m disabled and unwaged but will donate every month and more if possible keep up the good work JJ

    JJ: First of all thank you. I have several readers who do their utmost for our site against often insurmountable odds. Trust me, I’m on your side. I must be careful not to throw the baby out with the freeloading bath water.

  33. JJ,

    It’s your blog and only you know how many currently “subscribe”, how many visits etc.

    I think the normal reckoning is that <10% of "viewers" are prepared to pay and even that is tempered by a low level sum.

    Personally I think £10/month is a good sum for a single person one blog per day output. Maybe £5 per week as a different option rather than the per day choice. May be need to offer 3 articles per month for anyone to view but not comment.

    £20/month is £240 per year – I think that is excessive and I suspect you won't get a sustainable community.

    I think the intense vitriol you clearly get together with seemingly credible death threats is that you are seen as a traitor unfortunately and clearly those that can't listen just react. Try and have a bit of a break and only report new actions / ideas for a few weeks.


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