The Iliad at Ibrox

The empty-headed hubris at Ibrox is a site to behold. It is truly epic and if we were to accept the narrative of a career criminal who lies for a living we could be transported back to Ancient Greece and Homer’s ‘The Iliad‘.

Mike Ashley is cast as Agamemnon, who has captured the intellectual property (Chryseis) and is loath to return ‘her’ to her Trojan Father Chryses and threatens to impose a ransom demand for ‘her’ return.

Agamemnon eventually relents and allows her to rejoin her father, but in a move that serial adulterer Mountie Murray would approve of, he takes in her stead Briseis, Achilles’ favourite war-prize concubine.

Those thinking that Mike Ashley has given away Chryseis for no return should think again. He had his boot on King’s scrawny neck and could have snapped it in two. The Court Case would have been a slam dunk for Ashley. King and Murray clearly abnegated on their fiduciary responsibilities at Rangers Retail by unilaterally withdrawing the use of the intellectual property. Even the disgraced Masonic wannabe Peter Smith could not have helped King and Murray as he has been suspended from the bench for being a self-serving prick ( not to put too fine a point on it).

However King is not the man of letters of world renown. He is more akin to Homer Simpson. He really is that thick:

This inordinately embarrassing surrender by King is being spun as a victory. Traynor is pedalling so furiously at Auchenhowie that his spandex cycling shorts might combust. The image of a Bactrian camel on a unicycle comes to mind.

Ashley had King bang to rights. A £5m hit would have put an end to Charles Green’s basket of assets. So King climbed down and engaged in a deal with his sworn enemy that he could not refuse.

If Lite don’t shift last year’s stock, they have to make reparation to Sports Direct by paying the full retail price for each unit. As the gullibillies rejoice they don’t realise that they are buying old rope from a dodgy salty sea dog.

When the devil in the detail eventually comes to light it will be revealed that King is bent over a barrel and is being caned for being a stupid spiv.

There will be only one winner in the Greek tragedy at Ibrox and it won’t be Homer King.








34 thoughts on “The Iliad at Ibrox”

  1. Very good!
    As I wrote yesterday ..when you are on death row Clemency in whatever form ,and for however long, is just absolutely brilliant news and anyone in these circumstances would be hyping it to the full
    ……to build a feel good factor with the fans ,reduce the liability to SD ,garner more ST sales AND to allow you to keep hoping and praying Pedro will pull a miracle and get through the Europa qualifiers to save you from the ‘electric chair ‘
    PMGs excellent input yesterday on the background and detail is also very insightful and superb journalism
    You guys just shame the likes of Roddy Forsyth who is clearly is in the buffoon category with the Chris Jacks etc of the world
    Btw I think L5 have been all along ,and still are , doing a brilliant job for TRFC keeping the Rangers fans and media in line with the hilarious counteracting narrative from Ibrox

  2. Intereting if Homeric analysis. Phil had a good spin too with Board changes on the way, I almost feel sorry for the Rangers fans but when they are so gullible to swallow King’s pish then all sorrow is off. Will they never learn? I suppose they think they are saving their club again but just lining SD’s coffers. Spin it as they will but gulled again. It’s like watching a cult at work, amazing, frightening and unbelievable that adults can be so fooled (mind many people vote Tory so it’s possible). However they have no excuse as they are told repeatedly, by able and knowledgeable bloggers like yourself, the reality. Christmas anyone to the sounds of gobble, gobble, gobble?

  3. Excellent piece as always but it would be better if we knew the detail of this deal between the two parties which is so ‘beneficial’ to TRFC. I also laugh at the comment from King saying that Celtic should be further ahead. Undefeated, qualifying for CL and winning every domestic trophy – unless winning the drawn games means further ahead – they cannot get further ahead than winning a treble as European glory is only a pipedream.
    Roll on the new season and the first game at Ibrokes then we will see that we are still so far in front that only handicapping us will get them closer. Oh I forgot we are handicapped – by the referees!
    £5 on the way.

  4. Certainly looks like you’re on the money again JJ. Glad to see the exclusives keep a comin, although the timely dips down the Sitonfence Speakeasy Memory Lane have been more than welcome too.
    My day wouldn’t be the same without your regular updates. Another donation made, this time with the requisite description.
    Oh, and by the way, as far as I’m concerned you can write whatever the heck you like. I might not agree with it, but it will at least give me pause for thought.

  5. In an article I have just read on the excellent Press Reader King is still trying on the inordinately stupid trust pretext to which the Takeover Panel gave short shrift. The Court of Session is a couple of months away. He won’t like his GIRUY close up.

  6. A terrific piece of killer one liners (‘a prick, not to put too fine a point in it’) which had us laughing out loud.

    Under his stewardship, Rangers have ignored good corporate governance at the expense of spin and downright lies. This was the culture which was created by SDM under the old club which is awaiting liquidation. The culture at Rangers Lite is no different but at least the old club had a credit line.

    As for King mentioning Celtic, he really should be focusing on the many rotten apples in his own back yard. Celtic set standards last season which are unlikely to be repeated. They have also set a high bar for other Scottish clubs both on and off the pitch. If the Ibrox club took the Celtic template as a basis for moving forwards, they may start inching towards a better balance sheet and progress on the pitch. But given the credentials of the current leadership team, this is unlikely. The soap opera will just keep on running.

  7. Charles Green said buy shares and the gullable did exactly this to the tune of 20 million and then he left, the uphill gardener said buy season tickets again they flocked to buy them he walked away with over 1 million quid now king of lies tells them to buy last year’s kits that have already been paid for and they flock again and still they don’t believe they are getting conned.
    They really do get what is given, another whisper is that puma have forced king to start the sale pitch with another threat of court action with them paying upfront money to King.

  8. If you look at Ashley’s compartmentalised brain, there’s one compartment, and it’s titled profit.

    Ashley makes infinitely more cash from this new short-term-contracts-long-term-relationship deal.

    I expect there’s a legally binding eight year contract signed by King and held in the shire.

    The Gullibillies are buying King out of insolvency and a £5m demand.

    I don’t believe the three bears have put in a penny in soft loans, those will be required by November. No, the new guys are being brought in by Gullibillies season tickets.

    Don’t laugh but perhaps the Blue Pitch Holdings £50m investment has turned up, as promised, on entry to Europe? Lol. Remember that gem?

    1. In a Russian doll model was Duff and Phelps actually Blue Pitch Holdings? And who was Margarita Holdings?

      The SFA said they knew who both were and were happy with them and realized their business need for secrecy.

      Months later, on securing TRFC by putsch, CCK told the world he has no idea who the entities were after much investigation, and proceeded to alienate their shareholdings.

      The charges against Charles Green and D&P were rapidly dropped. He knows the answers to everything.

      When his QC in court stated it wasn’t the same Rangers club but a new one, the case against him conveniently ceased.

    2. Fans buying season tickets and Ashley merchandise is keeping the wolf from the door. It’s summer season ticket time. Big cash will be needed around December.

  9. The excitement will crash after the Hispanic Gypsey Kings’ first thrashing by Aberdeen, Hearts, Celtic or St Johnstone. Watch for the SPFL draw giving them inordinate early season home games to lower league opposition.

    Jackass has the headline this is King’s finest hour with Rangers.that wouldn’t be a difficult one, but I thought his finest hour was his public tv calls for creditors to refuse the CVA and liquidate RFC founded 1872.

    Which they duly did.

    RIP RFC 1872.

    There was no Relegation nor demotion nor sending down the leagues of Rangers FC – Lord Bannatyne court ruling.

    1. Hibs Hearts Celtic Aberdeen all at home first come the split going to be guaranteed three home games out of this .random draw they said

  10. Another excellent article. Just goes to show that you can fool a lot of the people all of the time if they are gullibillies and you are considered a RRM! Jim Jones had nothing on the crook, thief and vagabond that is Dave King.

  11. Me with Jackass article today is just breathtaking! Ashley has not only been beaten by DCK he is also you giving up his shares in Lite so they criminal coloring board can now set sail for Euro glory without hindrance Pedro at the helm. The gulibles will feast well in these words!

  12. Surely Patrick Roberts playing in the CL with Celtic this year increases his value for his parent club and provides him with immense experience? Everybody wins.

    Celtic wins, Patrick wins and his parent club wins.

    Pedro’s Latino revolution express train to be frozen to the tracks come January followed by express check-outs. Hasta La Vista baby (bye)!

  13. News from JPJ this afternoon may surprise some but not others who have being paying attention to the main players.

    Big loser in all this is of course the SFA and SPFL- with the noise and hubris petering out around the Ibrox club the steely focus will now be on their inept performance.

    The English FA are ditching betting sponsors – because they can – up here our masters cannot – because there is no one else.

    1. Betting is the last vice to get the shove. Ciggies and alcohol were first out the door.

      Doncaster on tv news last night saying how wonderful his Ladbrokes relationship is and it works for both parties. Pre empting the English FA news?

      No mention of addicted young male football fan gamblers and their desperate lives with young partners and kids in gambling poverty. Shame on you Doncaster.

      A bookies director on the boards of the SFA and SPFL. (Appropriately called the Gaming Board at the SFA).

  14. The bottom line is that Big Mike has forced King and his Board to sell sports clothes for Big Mike.

    That’s all there is to it.

    King and Murray are the Del Boy and Rodney flogging tat for Ashley.

    It’s even Sports Direct’s Ibrox Megastore and employees. Ditto all Rangers shops everywhere.

    1. And King is forced to flog last year’s gear too. A year out of date. Beyond the use by date just like their club. Del Boy King flogging last year’s fashions.

  15. The good news is that the clever supporters who bought last year’s shirt at the knock down prices get to use it this year as well.

    The downside is they thought it was going to be a rare collectors item. Lol lol lol.

    Their lucky third place shirt just might get them third again.

    The funnies keep rolling with this lot even in 2017.

    1. Apparently the players exiting have to leave their shirts for the Gypsey King arrivals.

      Remember they didn’t have numbers or names on them in the lower leagues when they first started? Lol.

  16. It’s a first for world football when third place delivers the biggest kit sale of the same shirt for next season. Only Gullibillies.

    The famous third place shirt in Europe.

  17. Looks like Julian J has been schmoozed down Causeway Bay by the odd business Sevco supporter or two and decided to cave in and part with Chinese clients money.

    Will RIFC PLC claim another foolish investment career scalp? The guy isn’t an independently wealthy man. He’s a CEO employee.

    Clearly Club1872 didn’t have the readies to buy out all of Ashley’s 8.9%. And they’re not loaded with investment funds to erm…. make soft loans. Ashley is out with good money before it crashes on overspend.

    Ashley gets an incredible 27.5p for original Green consortium penny shares. Amazing deal.

  18. Like Turkeys voting for Xmas will club1872 CIC back a King desired share dilution?

    Will the Takeover Panel allow a pre court case rights issue before King is forced to purchase all shares at 20p?

    How many three Bears will sell all their shares to King at 20p (their purchase price) and get out at breakeven? All of them? Haha.

  19. First contribution made today. Enjoy the site and given the developments at Ibrox this week I feel sure that you will have plenty to reveal in the coming weeks. If every lurker makes even a nominal donation then it would quickly mount up. That said, it is very difficult to put a fair price on a blog site. Keep up the good work.

  20. Correct again JJ.One winner,MA.Sells all his shares to Club 1872 and Hong Kong Phoey.Bails out at just the right time leaving foosty old stock to be sold to the Louden Lardasses.

  21. So contrary to your thoughts yesterday JJ Ashley has sold out .
    If that is more or less the end of his investment in the club That is not good news for TRFC .
    What kind of idiot or set of idiots would piss off a billionaire who is already invested in your organisation ?
    He was an eternal source of finance had he been motivated and would have ensured their survival at a very decent level
    They are now completely in the hands of the Philistines and will potentially now rely on the establishment in Scotland to keep them alive and vital as a club as they have done these last 20 odd years
    I am sure L5 will signal this all as a great victory . Jesus Wept!

  22. A gem of an article but a bit harsh comparing CCK to Homer Simpson. Homer has some redeeming qualities unlike CCK. Can’t believe the stupidity of the Sevco fans buying strips that will prolong the CCK regime. Is Jackass getting a commission from CCK to encourage sales of the old (new) strip? Notable that the fixture list for next season has provided Sevco with home matches against their main rivals – Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts and Hibs in the first tranche of matches. Reduces the likelihood of losses and increases potential revenue streams. By contrast all the other clubs I’ve mentioned have a mixture of home and away matches against their rivals although Hearts seemed to have fared worst. Stinks of corruption.

    1. Think the jambos asked for early away fixtures, due to the work in the stand at Tynecastle. May also explain their silence in the Europa League issue?

  23. Ashley is a shrewd businessman. How much is a share worth today and how much is it worth in liquidation. If the club can get to the end of the year

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