Crouching Puma – Crushing Board Ineptitude.

The revolving door at Ibrox is spinning like a whirling dervish. Mike Ashley’s decision to sell his shares, at 27.5 p, to a big cheese in Hong Kong’s equivalent of ‘The Milk Marketing Board’ and Club Tropicana came as a shock to a city source who envisaged an Ashley putsch and a relisting on LSE AIM.

It will be celebrated by those who prefer King with barely a pot to piss in to a real billionaire. Also celebrating will be Celtic FC who realised that only Ashley could have put a spoke in the wheels of their ten-in-a-row ambitions. King’s statement that Celtic should have been further ahead of Lite last season is further evidence that this guy has a screw loose. Thirty-nine points is unprecedented. Was he referring to the four points dropped as a result of a blatant dive by Schalke and Madden’s decision that Clint Hill can engage in a flying drop kick to deny Griffiths a goal scoring opportunity? CFC were unbeaten in all domestic competitions, only dropping 8 points all season while winning the treble. King promised that Lite would be a solid second. Wrong again. They lagged Aberdeen by nine points. Would you buy a second-hand strip from this man? The gullibillies queued up to buy last season’s laughing stock from Mike Ashley’s superstore. How stupid are these people? It beggars belief that last season’s mothballed shirts, that should be in a bargain bin at Sports Direct, are being sold at £20.

This board is so incompetent that they could not launch a new strip.

A board that now includes yet another absent director to patch in to the weekly Skype conference calls. King badly needed an ally as he trusts Mountie Murray about as far as his beleaguered wife does, and he knows that Park and Taylor are sick of the sight of a career criminal stinking up their board with his stupidity. The Takeover Panel are going to ragdoll King. The absent chairman will be gone prior to Theresa May leaving Downing Street.

After a day of self-congratulations and spin, yesterday was actually a reverse for the rogue board. Club 1872, the rogue board’s bank of last resort, used the money in their kitty to line Ashley’s pockets. The Big Cheese also bought his shares from Ashley. Lite’s bank balance continues to provide the level of comfort of a church mouse on death row.

The only positive I can glean is that the soft loans will be converted into equity.  This should take care of next season’s FFP compliance in The Europa League, not that it matters as Lite will most probably be suspended for this year’s transgressions and the  sectarian singing that accompanies them on their travels as they wreak havoc on unsuspecting European Capitals, whose denizens are unfamiliar with the social mores of the late 17th century.

However what  is uppermost in my mind is what compelling event forced the board to capitulate to Ashley. Could there be any credence in James Forrest’s ‘rumour’ that  Puma and Sports Direct were threatening to sue Lite for breach of contract unless a deal was struck which allowed them to clear out all their surplus stocks?

One is led to believe that Puma is spitting blood. Their seven figure advance on anticipated sales last season has not been repaid. The clearout of the old stock should be sufficient to pay back this advance and Sports Direct’s cut. But at £20 a throw there is no fat for any profits to Lite. Puma and SD are covering their costs. So much for King’s more profitable arrangement.  As I suggested yesterday, King is bent over a barrel having his arse caned for being a bloody-minded spiv with an IQ that defies Darwinian evolution.

Lite’s ineptitude in getting the 32 Red deal over the line put paid to any new strip launch this season. The conspicuous absence of a Puma advance this season will have a severe knock-on effect on Lite’s liquidity.

King’s hand-picked audience of SMSM nodding dogs refused to unpick their host’s humiliating admission that it was too late in the day to get a new strip launched to comply with SPFL and UEFA regulations.

However King took his lying and contradictions to a new paradigm when he stated that Lite would launch a second and third strip in the next six days. Is the SMSM stupidity congenital or acquired by osmosis to King?

Even though Puma would like to maximise returns in their last year of a relationship with Lite, how could they possibly expect those buying tat today to buy more tat  tomorrow? Will the sale of last year’s laughing stock be Lite’s Who Shot JR moment? Will it all be a dream prior to a shining high-kicking replica launch?

Only in Scotland could the rogue board’s ineptitude to get a new strip out the door be ignored in favour of a fable that Ashley caved in to the piss-ant that is King. I’m more persuaded by James Forrest’s thesis that King’s rogue board went crawling to Sports Direct and asked “what will it take to give us the appearance of a win?”

King will be long gone when we discover that Ashley actually extended the contract and changed the terms to the benefit of Sports Direct.


18 thoughts on “Crouching Puma – Crushing Board Ineptitude.”

  1. Hope you are well John, Friends and Family £10 on way from Paypal. Sorry it has been late this month but things are a wee bit tight just now.

    JJ: Thank you.

  2. This story becomes more unbelievable by the day. Even Lewis Carroll would have rejected it as a fantasy too far. Maybe the words spoken by Kevin Costner as New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison in Oiver Stone’s movie JFK are appropriate here. “We’re through the looking glass here, people. White is black and black is white.”

    By the way, kudos on “last year’s laughing stock”. LMAO

  3. JJ

    On the money once again

    Had to laugh at Keeef Jackson yesterday self promotion and congratulating King on his coup in take control of the club

    It has been proved in court by the TOP judgement that it was an illegal act by the concert party

    Revisionism is sucking the truth out of honest journalism

    I am in my 50’s and I have never seen so much sculptured reporting of lies lies and more damned lies

    JJ keep your foot on their throats the dirty bastards

    Shame on you professional journalists that underpin this mythology

  4. How much impact did the merchandise boycott have on 32Red’s recent shirt sponsorship renewal negotiations? Does the concept of shirt sponsorship not include an expectation of higher exposure of brand from fans wearing their shirts on non-match days, ergo an increase in customers and/or profits?

  5. You’ve got it in a nutshell, the msm are really living on borrowed time with sales plummeting day by day but they still see the need to push this crap out to the public and the gullibilies, when will these people wake up and see the truth in King? hopefully never , it just keeps on giving and as Brendan has said we are only going to get better, sounds like a song to me. Music to my ears.

  6. Excellent article. The spin spun and eagerly swallowed by the hordes is something to be seen. I was told by a family member that BBC TV coverage of the Start of season sale at Ibrox was something to behold. Scottish Football is truly living through the looking glass. A good point that, when the progressive nations look to remove gambling from their sponsors list, The SPFL CEO tells everyone how fantastic betting company sponsors are. What’s up is down and what is down is up in Scottish Football.The CCK is truly a contrarian who has his cult swallowing every bizarre point he makes.
    You make an excellent point that now MA has sold his shares there is no impediment to the concert party rogues and Club Tropicana converting their loans to equity. CCK has ensured if there is an upside in the future the crooks will see a return. If any sort of cash injection can be secured then the crooks can claim the credit and sail off into the sunset with their ill gotten gains.
    What price them beating a path to MA shares purchaser with a proposal for complete control? £20million cash gets you a large European based washing machine where the governing body will happily turn a blind eye. This has more to run

  7. Another terrific article.

    I have been hearing conflicting stories with regard to MA in the past month or so and from usually very reliable sources. One was that he is desperate to offload Newcastle United and at the same time make Rangers his hobby horse. The other was that he wanted to cut his ties with Newcastle AND Rangers.

    When the Rangers story broke yesterday in Keith Jackson sensationalist style, I received a few messages from Scottish acquaintances telling me that my King narrative had finally been proven as inaccurate, mean and ‘clueless’. When I pointed out to them that MA had just saved King from a costly court defeat, insolvency and that Father Christmas had just walked out of the building, I got no traction. Nope, not a bit. The Rangers fans will see this as King’s legacy and this ‘victory’ will be cherished. I also pointed out that this was not a victory but a humiliating slap in the face from a guy who kept the lights and heating on not so long ago. Amazing stuff. And those Rangers fans who read this site believing it to be a ‘Tim’ site (that includes me) are seriously misguided.

    This is one of very few sites which describes IN DETAIL the sheer scale of corporate negligence at Ibrox.

    Without Big Mike, who has left the building, Rangers have lost the ONLY high net worth individual in the mix who could have made a difference in adding quality to Pedro’s squad. The main winner here is Celtic and the guys at Parkhead will be mopping their brow with a collective ‘phew, thank goodness he has gone’.

    As for Rangers, now that MA has gone, King will bask in his glorious victory, the Scottish press will be fed a few more morsels, and the fans can now sit tight, safe in the knowledge that RRM and ONLY RRM are at the helm.

    The guys who witnessed the sinking of the former Rangers are almost all back at the club and back at the helm.

    Bring back Martin Bain, I say.

    1. The amnesty has six days to run. After an initial rally, it has petered out. It would appear that the majority are prepared to miss out completely than venture £5.

      1. JJ.. does this amnesty include the like of myself who is able to donate as and when as in the past, like the fella above I’m 72 and living on a small pension and have been forced in the past few months to cancel the likes of SKY Sports for the cost of having football to watch.

      2. Away on holidays for a couple of weeks,don’t be too careful of the axe with secco while I’m away,keep well ,All the best from agent orange,donation on way.

  8. CCK laying it on the Club 1872 and Julian Wolhardt investing £1m each in RIFC and this will swallowed hook line and sinker. Ashley collects a cool £2m and RIFC get nowt.

  9. I’m sure i read somewhere that the new deal between ra gers and big mike was to start at the end of this month, Apologies if wrong, so all of those strips that were purchased this week are sold on the previous arrangement. 5 pounds donated JJ.

  10. On holiday JJ and don’t trust the local network enough to do any financial transactions (I’m even using an alternate email address lol). I will though donate when I get back home ~4th July if that’s still an option?….. Keep up the good work….cheers.

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