The EBT Grim Reaper

Word reaches me from an inordinately well informed source that Andy Halliday has no intention of finding a new club. He is enjoying being in the UK having recently  completed an arduous loan spell in Azerbaijan. He does not believe in Padre Pedro’s revolution. He will bide his time as he is of the view that Caixinha will be gone before Crimbo.

However of much more import is the ‘imperfectly registered‘ Danny Wilson who is listed on Rangers Lite’s Europa League squad as Club Trained at The Rangers Football Club Ltd, the UEFA member club, when he was actually trained at the former club. He joined Rangers on July 1st 2008 and was subsequently sold to Liverpool two years  later.

As we are fully aware Lite needed another soft loan this month to buy off Sports Direct and Puma which were planning a crushing pincer movement putsch. This soft loan of £1.5m when added to the other outstanding loans far exceeds the €5m stipulated under Financial Fair Play. As readers of this site are aware the SFA are using the unaudited accounts of the rogue board as an appendix to  Lite’s application for a UEFA licence, which was duly rubber stamped in Syon.

Should Progres not progress, the attraction of highlighting the corruption at the SFA will be compelling. Nothing would please me more than to wipe that smug smile off Regan’s Lite-facing face. William Hill and Ladbrokes need a strong Rangers to maximise their betting returns from The Blue Pound. Regan has bent over backwards to accommodate them.

Next up for Regan is the following from The Supreme Court:


Lord Neuberger, Lady Hale, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge

Hearing start date

15 Mar 2017

Hearing finish date

16 Mar 2017

Judgment hand down date

05 Jul 2017″

Did the Inner House of The Court of Session err in law? Having followed the live proceedings, and reported thereon, I cannot conceive of any decision that does not uphold the findings of Scotland’s highest court.

At which point the shit will really hit the fan at Hampden. The findings and recommendations of the heinously corrupt Nimmo Smith investigation will be severely compromised.

This whitewash will not stand.

The clamour and consensus for title-stripping will be overwhelming. Of course it’s important to point out that title stripping is not the exclusive preserve of the SFA. League Titles and League Cups won by foul means will dominate the thinking of Continuation Doncaster. Should he not act when his doctored commission has been exposed as a sham, then he must go. Peter Lawwell should table a vote of no confidence in Doncaster if he fails to act. A £250,000 slap on the wrist did not go far enough.

The Rectum will feature tales of woe as the greedy little EBT piglets go to the wall. Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for any of them. However I will shed a tear for the integrity of Scottish football if Regan and Doncaster fail to act. If they let this slide we might as well revert to watching the choreographed pantomime that is professional wrestling.

The EBT Grim Reaper is on his way to Hampden. Failure to act is not an option.


38 thoughts on “The EBT Grim Reaper”

  1. I cannot invisage any title stripping. There is no appetite for this from any of the establishment bodies or any of the Scottish clubs themselves. They all know it’s happening next week and have already agreed their strategy. Regan and Doncaster will conveniently ignore the Supreme Court decision next week and pass no comment and take no action, ably assisted by the inaction of Peter Lawwell and CFC this will be not so much swept under the carpet as much as simply ignored.

    1. It shouldn’t be down to Celtic to take action all other member clubs apart from sevco should be doing something about the sfa. Look at Ann budge keeping quiet while lite get their Europa league qualifying game its time that the rest of Scottish football take a stand against the corruption of the SFA and spfl.

    2. I am hoping that when the court ruling states that these EBT’s etc were illegal, then Celtic and all other clubs will raise merry hell with the SFA
      JJ sent £22 this month to you, I am hoping the extra £2 will cover Paypal expense

      JJ: A handsome sum. Chapeau

  2. Morning JJ, pleased to see first donation went through ok. Looking forward to next weeks shenanigans and the continued success of the site.

  3. On the money as usual JJ (and when it comes down to it, following the money is what it’s all about). Shit hitting the fan? More like the elephant doody of an entire herd hitting the fiercely rotating blades of a Chinook

  4. The SFA/SPFL/SMSM are preparing to circle the wagons in the event of the CoS decision being upheld by the Supreme Court. They can circle them right up their fundaments.

    If no titles and trophies are stripped, I call for a crowd-funding exercise to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. We should dare the SFA to defend the indefensible publicly rather than in lodge.

    Wednesday will be a momentous day one way or the other. Let’s hope sense and sanity prevail — not always a given in British jurisprudence.

    1. 100% agree CC.

      I would ask all the blogs such as JJ, PMGB, SFM, McClumpany ETC, to get there members/followers to unite and organise a crowd funded JR.
      Get every football supporters clubs association to also unite and let us all stand behind one banner with a crowd funded JR.

      It is not an impossible task it really isn’t. In saying this though, I still believe CFC will take the lead in this, they know the feeling of there support and when/if the CoS return the verdict we all believe they will, they will have the legal ruling on there side. That is not to mention that both SDM (under oath) and McLeish both said that they would not be able to afford these players if they didn’t use EBTs.

      1. A *just giving* account endorsed by all bloggers.

        I suggest an outraged female supporters march on Hampden. They will ignore men but women marching for justice have an international news leverage.

  5. EBTs are social tax dodging criminality. Ken Dodd avoided jail by paying up, Lester Pigott did time for it.

    Players were deliberately and knowingly, wrongfully registered at the SFA by Rangers FC. Why? To hide the fact RFC was paying better players it couldn’t afford unless tax free. Why? To cheat title wins.

    The SFA President, Campbell Ogilvie knew it was happening as he was a former Rangers Director Secretary and EBT beneficiary himself.

    It wasn’t just match fixing, it was tournament and season fixing. Key Rangers supporting office bearers at the SFA knew precisely what was going on and facilitated the corruption.

    Regan and Doncaster must go, Bryson must go and Ogilvie must be sacked from UEFA.

    Corrupt office bearers in Scottish public life. In sport no less.

    Football isn’t a fair sport in Scotland. It’s a bent game. The bookies knew what was going on and adjusted odds accordingly as RFC was designed to win.

    Lawwell will need to go on TV and make statements.

    1. The tartan army and Scottish football has been made fools out of by these men.

      They deserve to be dragged out of Hampden, put in the stocks and have shit thrown at them.

      Total public humiliation.

      Their LNS Construct is an affront to the working man. Who has to pay his taxes incidentally.

  6. Every effort by the SMSM and others to get Halliday and other players off the books at Sevco is being spun out.

    STV even had another manager (northern Irish guy at st Johnstone I think) from another club stating on tv that he’d take Halliday or O’Halloran. Well out of order talking about another club’s signed player.

    Stv and st Johnstone loading pressure on the player to assist Sevco and its skint situation.

    As it’s Parky that’s underwriting the soft loans, (knowingly from the bank?) every penny saved on player salaries means a penny less Parky has to fund.

  7. Excellent work JJ.

    I stopped buying anything from Celtic, stopped fixed odds, stopped SKY TV and buying ‘news’papers’ in 2012.
    Unless Celtic deal with the EBT/not registering players correctly – issue, then Celtic will never see another penny from me.

    1. Why did you stop buying anything from Celtic ? This is not Celtics’ fault neither is it their problem Of course, along with the other clubs, Celtic should, and will no doubt, do what is needed once the SUPREME COURT have announced their decision

      1. I feel you are falling for the BTC ruse … It matters not what happens in the BTC case . It’s a know fact that the players were not registered properly ergo ..not eligible to play , all games reverse to a 3-0 lose for Rangers . Celtic have said and done nothing about it. I’m with Jim on this one ..not a penny from me until they do something about it . (or at least seen to be trying to do something)

  8. Based on the past behaviours of administrators and clubs, I would be amazed if any attention was paid to the judgement unless it validates their inaction to date. Too many in positions of authority within the sport have too much to lose so the principle of the three wise monkeys will be applied.

    Supporter power brought the clubs and administrators to heel back in 2012. I sense no groundswell of supporter opinion to force title-stripping or sanctions against those who participated in rule-breaking or who turned a blind eye to it when it was disclosed.

    Individuals will be bankrupted as a result of HMRC demands for back-dated taxes, plus interest. The underlying corrupt structures will remain, albeit tarnished in the eyes of the minority who followed a team they loved, but were not blind for the need for football to stand for higher things than the grubby standards that seem to motivate many of those who own or run clubs.

  9. Title stripping will only happen if, as I previously commented, CFC and Lawyell get their act together.
    I mailed JPT at Celtic overa year ago and he assured me in his reply that once the legal aspect had been finalised CFC would take the appropriate action, we will see! Personally I don’t give a monkeys toss about stripping the players of their gongs as they were acting on advice of those who knew better, I also would not want my club to contaminate their hands by receiving stripped titles and cups, remove them entirely from the picture with an in depth side note explaining the asterisk appropriated to said titles leaving future generations in no doubt for the reason they were removed. Will this happen? I have my doubts.
    His Glibness and SMSM are releasing so many of their own breed of furry tailed rodents that the indigenous red and recently introduced grey variety are in serious threat of being wiped out, claims of ‘you’ve only won two’ along with ‘there are only two teams in the league’ and ‘we seen big Mike on his way’ topped up with ‘there is no gap’ and ‘financially we are sitting pretty’ are only the tip of an iceberg that has a lead core. The good ship TRFC Titanic is in stormy waters and all hands are on deck with sives for buckets, Captain Glib is preparing his rescue launch and the three bears are striking up with the rest of the band that catchy little ditty ” We all live in a yellow submarine”

  10. The SFA and all the principles involved in the liquidation/EBT farce have kept their heads firmly stuck in the sand. Nothing will change now. The chairmen of all the other clubs have been content to watch their own paying supporters getting shafted by allowing the cheating to go unpunished, it obviously suits their agenda to let things carry on as ‘normal’.
    Rangers are allowed entry into a European tournament despite failing the FFP rules, why is this not being challenged by Hearts, I would be grateful if someone from that club explained why there was no grounds to appeal.

  11. What Scottish football needs is DUE PROCESS.

    Due process – not LNS with its predetermined outcome.

    Due process – not “title stripping” with its predetermined outcome.

    Scottish football needs:

    1) A Judge-led, legal inquiry – to ensure rigor and fairness in fact and law
    · Not for the purpose of shallow commercial interests.
    · Not LNS acting in a private, paid-by-the-defendants capacity.
    · Not a charade predicated on self-serving dogma e.g. EBTs are legal despite HMRC action to the contrary.
    · Not a Rangers man.
    · Not a Lodge man.
    · Not a Scotsman, probably.
    · Not a judge prepared to pussyfoot around “West of Scotland’s” raw nerves and dirty secrets.

    2) A full reckoning of all events:
    · DOS.
    · EBT.
    · Side Letters.
    · UEFA licence 2011./2012 (Res 12).
    · Analysis of probity in public office: Regan, Doncaster, Ogilvie et al.

    Only when all of this is dissected in calm forensic detail and an authoritative, independent narrative is laid out can Scotland decide whether the football industry can be rebuilt into a SPORT worth paying to support.

    Due Process – accept nothing less!

  12. Hi JJ

    Been lurking since the days of RTC. Thanks to you, and the likes of Phil McG. for continuing to shine the light of truth in this debacle. The MSM still keep us in the dark, and will attempt to do so next week. That is a given! Sadly the Celtic board will not rock the boat. To them the ‘blue pound’ is more important!
    If, or should I say when, the SFA/SPFL do nothing and tell us to move along, us the fans should unite to crowd fund further action.
    Previously it was the fans, not the clubs, who ensured that Newco started life on the bottom rung of Scottish football. We the fans can and will take another stand on this issue. The clubs will just push the mute button!!!
    Sent twenty quid via Pal Pal. Hope it went through OK.


    JJ: Confirmed. Received with thanks buddy.

  13. As mentioned in several replies. For anything of note to happen if the Supreme Court deliver the judgement that the EBTs used by Murray International and RFC were indeed unlawful and were tax evasion it would be up to the Supporters of every other club to make their voice heard and insist on action being taken against RFC ( IL). Penalising a defunct entity in liquidation would, in anything other than a sporting context, be a waste of time and money however a judgement that EBTs were unlawful would mean, in plain language, that RFC were cheating.
    A Sporting penalty must then be applied for the good of the game and the reputation of Scottish Football.
    This sporting penalty, which cannot be financial, ( what would be the point of that?) will not be applied by the SPFL or the SFA. They will not take action against their favoured club.
    Any sporting penalty applied to RFC ( IL) will only come to pass with the direct action of Scottish Football Supporters. Would it not be fantastic if , as expected, the governing bodies did nothing but the Football Suppporters across the country forced through by way of direct action and lobbying of their own clubs, a sporting penalty of the removal of titles won during RFC’s ” Cheating years”? We would have an initiative and a result which Scottish Football Supporters could be proud of! This would demonstrate to the RIFCs, The SFAs, The SPFLs, The CFCs, The HOMs and all others that the common supporter is not taking their nonsense and corruption any longer. Supporters of Scottish Football unite! You have nothing to lose but the contempt they treat you with every year whilst they take your hard earned cash!! ( Ok, its not quite Karl Marx but hey 🙂 )
    A simple removal of the Titles and an Asterisk applied, even without these titles being awarded to any other club would suffice. But wouldnt it be fantastic if it happened??? At last Scottish Football standing up and doing the right thing. A moment to be proud of.
    Ok I’m off to lie down in a darkened room now and wait for the nurse to come with my ointment and pills.

    1. I would be prepared to be the focal point of the resistance movement. However any funds raised would have to be at arm’s length in a solicitor’s escrow account. Would Kavanagh who played a blinder with Whyte take this on?

  14. JJ

    What about creating a “depositary” for info on the EBT/compliance/fit and proper issues etc etc? Enabling the many busy and less articulate than yourself to send an email UEFA, FIFA, the world press, MP’s etc with the link to the depositary?

    If a percentage of your readers plus others outwith “ramp up” the email traffic surely somone in officialdom/TV world press would run with it?

    First time post and not a PayPal user but will resolve this and donate/subscribe.



      1. Hi jj have given up on friends and family as I cant navigate it at this time, will now add £1.5 in hope this will cover paypal fees. Understand why you have to stay safe from the clown element in Lites support, would also make a one off donation for any resistance movement, anything that shines light on corrupt officialdom has to be worthwhile. But most importantly jj stay safe.


      2. What about a pre-prepared email and a recipient address posted which could be copied and pasted then sent.

        If the volume was great enough surely questions would be asked?

        PayPal will be sorted…

  15. In all of this lets not forget 2 things
    1. Rangers and Murray are already 100% guilty .. If you are up on 55 counts of theft and concede guilt on 8 you are a thief pure and simple and should be put down by the law of the land regardless if you are not proven on the other 47 as would any other criminal …and to date Messrs Murray and Rangers have not yet had their sentences handed down on their crimes .The output from the judiciary next week will simply confirm the quantum of guilt …..and appropriate punishment should ensue at that point .
    Any defence eg we would somehow have funded these players by some other way is risible bullshit .They have been caught stealing and only make this point becuase they got caught stealing !
    ..although you can be sure if somehow BDO win on an obscure point of law on the remaining cases that Rangers , the SFA and the media will proclaim a great overall victory and vindication and sweep the guilty player details away and out of sight as they have done with LNS

    2 This is the worst case of corruption and cheating in the history of British Sport . It will be absolutely disgraceful if the sports governing bodies ,the media and frankly the current SNP government cover this up by not demanding an independent enquiry as the contributor CC above suggests and also ensuring proportionate punishment ( not a Mickey Mouse unpaid fine) is visited upon all concerned
    When hopefully the appeal is thrown out (and even if it isn’t) and the impending tsunami of L5 orchestrated garbage subsides we in Scottish Football have our definitive High Noon moment.
    Whether they like it or not ,and whether it is fair or not ,the reality
    Is CFC and PL are The only folks with the potential to stand up to the villains of the piece and force tough action No one else will do it ! No chance !
    It remains to be seen ,and I hope it is not the case , but My sense is the current CFC board will not step up to the plate . I suspect they will choose to plough their own successful furrow and will silently stay out of the Rangers and SFA mess just as they have done these last 5 years. They are in a very very strong position effectively ” owning the market” here in Scottish football and will do nothing to endanger that and will choose to do all their talking on the park

    David Murray and Anne Budge breaking bread recently with our First minister tell us all we need to know about how this will end up .
    I too will obviously support a crowd funded campaign to force the SFA to act or have an independent enquiry set up ..and that would be a wonderful thing
    Best of luck JJ

  16. Interesting times we live in, not that you would read about this in the SMSM .Small donation made, first since virtual table , hopefully money now coming in

    JJ: Cheers Jim.

  17. There will be nowhere left for Celtic football club to hide from their own fans after next Wednesday.

    I expect BDO, HMRC and the CoS has the judgement right now. I expect HMRC letters have been printed off with Wednesday’s date ready to be posted.

    The concept that Sevco holds the titles of Liquidated Rangers FC (founded 1872 died 2012) is offensive. The corpse has yet to be buried as vultures need a final feed. But it’s dead. Old Rangers with the history hasn’t kicked a ball since 2012.

    Sevco hold no titles to strip. Green lied again when he stated he bought the titles.

    They should be stripped from the record of dead RFC.

    The LNS Commission findings has been rendered pulp fiction through the emergence of new evidence, various court judgements and legal surrender to HMRC on numerous DOS/VSS EBT unlawful transgressions.

    The Rangers DOS/EBT Players were crucially illegally on the field of play. Their Registrations were a tissue of lies, they were tax avoiding spivs. They won titles through this unlawful practice.

  18. I have put on a bet that “Rangers” will lose five SPL titles after the EBT Guilt result is upheld.

    If the titles are not stripped I may take it to court.

  19. If I where a fan of theirs and not blinkered by my blue coloured goggles, I would be shitting myself tonight,those Mexicans, Columbians,and Portuguese footballers, I’m predicting are worse than those they’re getting shot of, and I like the rest of us haven’t seen them yet.

    Tonight I believe they play the equivalent of a decent Scottish second division team so if they’re as good as the peepul have been told it should be a shoo in for them.I’ve just subscribed to premier sport to see them tonight and if my hunch is right, I think we are going to see a comedy show..yes they’ll probably win but I can’t for the life of me think that this is going to be easy for them.

    Can they, or will they challenge for the league or even close the gap on Celtic or Aberdeen, I give them no chance of that, and predict they’ll be fortunate to finish in top six, I like a bet and I’ve got money on my predictions, and when and not if, those Latinos they’ve signed don’t cut it they’ll be in serious trouble cause they don’t have a plan b..or do they?..incedently, I’ve got a wee bet on progress to progress to the next round ..let’s see what happens!

  20. I’ve just analyzed SPFL fixtures for the top five clubs of last season for season 2017/18.

    Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts all have to play two away games at Ibrox with only one game at home before the April 2018 split.

    St Johnstone is the only club hosting Sevco at home twice with one visit to Ibrox.

    Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts will all have to play Sevco at Ibrox first.

    In theory, after the split, two of these clubs could end up playing three out of four spfl games at Ibrox. At least one of them definitely will.

    Sevco are playing none of the top teams four times before the split.

    The tournament is slanted in Sevco’s favour before a ball is kicked. Over to Doncaster for excuses and obfuscation.

  21. So how do we progress that we can hold the SPFL and SFA to account after the Supreme Court decision and not allow it to be ignored?

  22. John, There is a thread on Celtic site Kerrydale street just now making 3 rude claims about you…grounds for legal action ?

    1) They are saying you are lying about being in hiding!
    2) Saying your ex Mrs is Shacked up with a Sevco fan, and that’s what has sent you over the edge?
    3) saying that your Bisexual, and the reason your Mrs Kicked you out is because she caught you watching Gay porn.

    I dont believe them

    1. 1. I am in exile due to credible death threats as per police intelligence.
      2. My former wife is not shacked up with anyone.
      3. I have never watched gay porn and I am not bisexual.

      I have never visited this site. These scurrilous claims smack of sour grapes that they have failed to win any awards. One can but conclude that those who moderate this site are half-wits who will never be treated seriously. CQN,The Celtic Blog/On Fields of Green. Phil Mac and The Clumpany are all worth a read. I invite my readers to boycott this site. Deprive them of the hits.

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