A Brief History of Lying at Rangers Lite

Prior to engaging in the main thrust of this piece I take pause to provide some feedback on the amnesty. The response has not been as expected. Nevertheless some have stepped forward and donated more than the minimum sum of £5. Some have made their contribution recurring. Five pounds per month is not asking too much. Others subscribe to the view that twenty pounds per month is more apposite. As there is one day to go and the possibility of a last day rally I will postpone any decision on a paywall until every opportunity has been exhausted.

What does it take to become a glib and shameless liar who should not be believed on any matter unless supported by objective evidence? Who is King lying to when he asserts that investors are lining up to throw caution to the wind and invest in an unlisted toxic stock? Is he lying to himself?

The ‘new improved’ retail deal has had its wheels fall off after a matter of hours with the following club statement:

SUPPORTERS will appreciate that, in advance of last week’s successful conclusion of new commercial arrangements between Rangers and Sports Direct, demand for replica shirts and other products was low as a result of the boycott. Accordingly only limited amounts of stock were immediately available and we understand that the vast majority of what was available has already been sold. Unfortunately this means that we are not anticipating any further deliveries of Replica kit to the Megastore in advance of Thursday’s game.Rangers are liaising with PUMA on the production and sale of new batches of replica kit but this will unfortunately take some time to produce. We are currently working with our partners to ascertain what can be achieved and will let supporters know as soon as we have reliable dates.We apologise for any inconvenience and thank our supporters for their revived interest in the Club’s retail products.”

You could not make it up. It’s high farce. King was trumpeting how the ‘new’ deal would deliver £5m to the beleaguered new club, when lo and behold the laughing stock had sold out and the chances of new stock being produced to meet the ‘revived’ interest are somewhere between no hope and Bob Hope. This guy is a buffoon who has been found out one time too many. Should The BDO appeal not be upheld by the Supreme Court, King will be at the forefront of the narrative that opposes title stripping. The SMSM, Lite, SPFL and SFA will circle the wagons. So what can we as fans do to force their hands. Some readers throw around judicial reviews like confetti, but they should pause to ask one question

Are they proposing a judicial review of a commission that has no merit in law?

This would be a blind alley. The best way to proceed is to force your club to raise a motion of no confidence in Regan at the SFA and Doncaster at the SPFL. The Asterisk Years can only be dealt with by forcing their hands. They would both deal to save their necks. Who else would employ these abjectly corrupt individuals and pay them so handsomely?

A new commission should be established with someone of the ilk of John Stevens, who has a history of uncovering football malfeasance, given free rein. There are so many lies emanating from Ibrox that a line must be drawn in the sand. Title stripping should be back on the table, and while Stevens is there let’s nail the Continuation lie once and for all. Should Regan try to impose himself in a supervisory capacity, as he did with LNS, I suggest he should be told in no uncertain terms that he is not fit for office.

Word reaches me that George Taylor has had enough of King. He wants the Cunningham family runt muted. Taylor is a stickler for playing things by the book. The career criminal’s antics are anathema to him.

Taylor will have no truck with his equity being diluted, and if necessary will prohibit  King from voting.  King claimed unequivocally to the Takeover Panel that he had no executive authority at New Oasis Assets Limited (NOAL) so how can he possibly vote on their behalf? How could NOAL cast any vote if the directors are as unknown as those of Margarita and Blue Pitch Holdings?

There is a fundamental flaw in King’s lying. He is not smart enough to see the big picture. He is a tactical liar with no grasp of strategic mendacity.  Should King attempt to play the NOAL card the Takeover Panel will have him bang to rights. I personally will not hesitate to write to the South African Revenue Service and invite them to look at credible allegations of money laundering and tax evasion at NOAL.

King is as smart as a botched lobotomy. He will get his, make no mistake about it.



54 thoughts on “A Brief History of Lying at Rangers Lite”

  1. Jj, As i promised having my finances sort Donated 10 which will be monthly as when ra peopel went after Neil Lennon we all became Neil Lennon, so now there after you were all now John James

    JJ: Thank you David

    1. I have donated lump sums in the past but now moved to a monthly donation JJ.
      When we met in Manchester it was myself who doubted if titles would be stripped.
      My point then as now is it takes big leaders to make big decisions.
      The silence from Milne, Budge and others is telling.
      For the SFA to come out and say Supreme Court judgement makes no difference is staggering, it was almost as if it was pre-prepared. They are a disgrace and I would support Celtic and others boycotting the Scottish Cup.
      But it all comes down to leaders. Who will make the call. Who? Who ? Who?

  2. Morning JJ,

    As per usual been some excellent articles, need to catch up with all the comments but will do this over the weekend.

    £30 donation made just now, upped it from my usual £25 to cover Paypal fees, any way of changing this to Friends and Family to avoid the fees?

    Whatever the outcome, i am happy to pay the required amount each month as we never buy papers in our household unless we have run out of firelighters for our fire !!


    JJ: Great effort Gavin. Cheers buddy

    1. Quite easy to do CPOMEA…not an expert but I think it’s easier depending on what device/interface you use. E.g. I can do it from tablet/laptop but not phone although I’m sure it’ll be do-able.

      It’s just a case of selecting F&F option and entering the requisite receiving email address.
      Inappropriate for me to post but maybe JJ will provide under separate cover.

      1. No worried, cheers, will do direct from Paypal for future donations, was looking for the F&F option from the PayPal link on here.

    2. CPOMEA – Paypal’s Friends & Family facility is really easy to use. Just log into your account and select Send Money, then select Send Money to Friends & Family. Enter the name John James Site and choose amount then complete the transaction. In future all you need to do is log in , look at the list of completed transactions and select Repeat This Transaction for the JJS. Simples. Good luck. TS

  3. ‘Taylor is a stickler for playing things by the book.’

    Is this the same George Taylor who is forever repeating
    the ‘compay it was, not the club, wot went bust’ mantra
    in the below-the-line comments in the Bugle [sorry, Herald]?

    Wotevah, donation made for Java und Baklava. Enjoy.

    JJ: And more besides. Thanks again buddy.

    1. I have similar thinking Photios…”run with the fox and chase with the hounds” springs to mind.
      If he’s really a stickler who’s had enough” let him state it publicly, clean house, and vindicate the likes of JJ.
      Open can, worms everywhere but big time kudos when the dust settles.
      In my opinion there will always be a South side club, playing in blue that people will rally behind…it just needs this purge…which let’s face it is inevitable.

  4. Hi JJ

    Regular monthly donation made this morning.

    The problem we have is that the SFA & SPL are unwilling to do anything about this. All they’re interested in are commercials and are being worked from behind by people who are Sevco-centric who are dead against anything that harms them in any way, shape or form. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they are actively suppressing any dissenting voices. This, unfortunately, is taking priority over sporting integrity. And, they don’t want to be viewed as the ones who ‘pushed the button’ so to speak and suffer the threats and intimidation that goes with it.

    Others are too scared to do or say anything because of this too. Celtic, I suspect, don’t want to get embroiled in it and know fine well that they’ll be accused of all sorts of things if they try to do something about it. Other clubs don’t want to rock the boat and I reckon Hearts were either told not to complain about the UEFA license or decided against it because of the hassle that it would entail.

    I’m sure Glasgow City Council thought long and hard about their safety certificate before realizing that refusing it could cause them to go under and they’d get the blame. It’s probably the same for other suppliers too. The SMSM are only interested in circulation figures and they know that a good Sevco story or a bad Celtic story are what sells newspapers.

    We all know that another of the Sevco fans’ mantras is that it is ‘always someone else’s fault’! They’ve blamed everybody under the sun apart from those they should be blaming. What the SFA, SPL, Glasgow City Council and the SMSM fail to grasp is that most Sevco fans are blaming them too and hate them in any case! A bit of spoilt child syndrome here and trying to please them when, in actual fact, nothing that you do will ever satisfy them.

    I’m sure all it would take is one brave soul to act and the rest would follow. But, sadly, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. JJ, I am a recurring contributor but want to see you change to a pay wall. Can you imagine how the SMSM hacks will deal with that? .. borrow a fiends credit card? I love the concept of you spending their money, hopefully on a beer or 2.

  6. Hi JJ – Finally managed (I hope) to make a donation to you today for your amnesty. Got a small 3 figure sum through from my uncle’s will so that has allowed me to make a wee donation to you for the amnesty payment (£6.00). Good to feel part of things now as opposed to feeling like an outsider looking in – always enjoy reading your articles – well written, informative and thought provoking. The comments also make interesting reading – coming from many angles – it is good to see the differing perspectives of everyone.

    My uncle always gave all his nieces and nephews book tokens for birthdays and Christmas, so I think he’d approve of me making a wee donation to you – one of my essential daily reads. I will also be able to purchase your book now too – one last book from my uncle.

    Thanks for what you provide – it is appreciated.

  7. A simple way to ensure that the SFA and the SPFL are forced to do the right thing.
    Every fan of every other club in Scotland boycott the product of the main sponsors of these organisations, making it clear to the companies concerned why this is happening.
    I am sure that the response would be fairly rapid.
    I do this now, as a matter of course, because I do not wish to enrich these corrupt cabals in any way.

  8. JJ
    Dreaming if anyone thinks small club chairmen will act on their own or collectively against the SFA
    They are all very dependent at various levels on the governing bodies . They need them for shares of various funding ,prize monies ,Tv monies , flexibility on reegistrations etc etc etc all oxygen needed for survival
    The clubs had nowhere to go in 2012 when the fan rebellion happened . Most wee club fans couldn’t care less now about the TRFC saga so That will not be repeated !
    At the very best Alex Thomson of Channel 4 and or Mark Daly of BBC will run a program after which it will be quickly buried by the print press and radio by L5 inspired bullshit narrative typical of which will be
    This is old story just being finalised and was covered by LNS enquiry
    CFC Were at it as well with Juninho
    This is a Murray international tax issue nothing to do with the football club
    Current club unaffected
    Time to move on
    Rangers would have found other ways to fund the players
    Titles won on the park
    Here are various CFCex players who will who all agree

    As posted before by many only CFC have the power to force SFA action and months ago in this vein I suggested PL should threaten Regan that he will get him fired for the 2011 UEFA license scandal …as a quid pro quo he PL drops RES 12 stuff and he Regan gets to keep his job if he fixes the title stripping nonsense and fast
    My view is per yesterday’s post ..CFC will look the other way for reasons articulated
    Crowd funding Some kind of review probably the only way to get some appropriate action

  9. JJ firstly on the merits of a paywall, £5 is not a big amount to read this blog, just do not buy any papers. If the freeloaders will not pay up they have no right to complain.
    Now on to Wednesday, if the appeal goes the way we all expect, I am hoping Celtic, having maintained a dignified silence, will now speak up.
    Also the fans of not just Celtic, but every Scottish club have a part to play here, contact their own club’s board and demand action, fan power if properly harnassed, can be a powerful tool.

  10. Good morning John,

    I am a long time lurker/visitor to the site and have been persuaded via your amnesty initiative to make a donation of £20, which I would intend to repeat at two monthly intervals. I applaud your decision to avoid going down the paywall route as I agree with your view that it would exclude those of your supporters who are finding things a bit tough financially. Therefore I would urge my fellow lurkers to take the plunge and donate under your very reasonable, and too cheap, amnesty initiative. Now I’ve paid I feel this tremendous burden of guilt lifted from me, so come on in guys the water’s lovely!!!!

    With regard to your content, my view is that you should write on any topic that you feel appropriate, including the Scottish independence question. For my sins I am a supporter of independence but I have no love for the SNP, and regard them purely as a means to an end. I just wish that Scottish Labour would allow its membership an open and mature debate and vote on the merits of independence. Instead they allow us to be patronised by London Labour and electorally disadvantaged by the current Scottish branch office leadership’s refusenik stance, and this strategy has resulted in Labour becoming the third party in Scotland in terms of votes and seats at the last Scottish and UK elections. To use a political quote from the 1980’s ‘playing a fuddled fiddle in the muddled middle’. I have to ask does open debate and democracy frighten them?

    Anyway JJ enough of the politics, I will probably not comment regularly on your articles, time poverty really, but I will remain an avid reader. Best of luck with your amnesty initiative.

    Stay safe,

    The Colonel

  11. JJ, regarding the £5 pay wall thing , I seem to have missed the details of what is happening in this regard. Could you repost the basic outline of what is required from the likes of myself who are living on short supplies of money . I would really like to stay part of the group who are in the know regarding the fall in Scottish football governance and believe you are the man in who we all trust to ensure that it will be cleared and cleaned of those lying cheating turds at castle greyskull.
    On the glib guy, just leave him to eat himself from the inside out.

  12. hi, as someone who has only recently come across your site in the past month or so (so hopefully not described as a lurker yet), I have found it interesting. I have also thought about contributing, however what stops me is that most articles are about what you call rangers lite, or about the pro rangers-anti celtic bias of the sfa/league/referees.
    Instead of doing your political/social pieces that have seemingly caused you problems in the past, why don’t you look to supplement your main stuff with occasional articles on other clubs? People like me who support niether of the glasgow sides, are interested in all of scottish football, whether it be what is happening at hearts or dundee utd’s off field crises, or do hamilton deserve a top flight football club when the people of the town don’t support them, or even a general overview of where football in this country is going (after st johstone result last night and what the lithuanian coach said about our clubs before the game that most were of a standard that they would face in their local domestic cup competition, are we really now a poorer standard of league than lithuania?)
    The rangers stuff is really interesting and is something you clearly have a real handle on so should always be the main issue. However I and I’m sure many others, would look to contribute regularly if there was occasional articles on other clubs rather than be just a passer by looking in the window of a specialist shop and thinking that, while the window display is really good, theres probably nothing they would actually want to buy inside.

  13. Will Dave King take the pitch in Luxembourg and every other foreign venue (?) to deliver cryptic appeals for 21st century behaviour from the fans ?

    Will the foreign hosts oblige with detailed instructions over the PA?

    Such dignity!

    1. Indeed!
      Kings action shows how utterly crucial the ongoing Euro income is to the survival of this version of Rangers
      The sub text of his message was ‘you can sing what the f@ck you like in Scottish competitions no problem. No one will do a thing !….but not at these Euro gigs’
      Be interesting to see at what point their fans become incontinent on the racial chanting

      1. A few Euro fines should upset the fragile cash flow models.

        Will Park provide soft loans to fund sectarian chant fines?

  14. Another excellent article covering many good points however I disagree on Taylor. King is not a renegade within the confines of the board, a loose cannon yes and a constant pain and frequent embarrassment absolutely but the corrupt concert party knew exactly what the crook could deliver when he proposed his fronting of the concert party putsch. A driven down share price and a RRM at the helm who could manipulate the hordes was the key to the door for the corrupt cabal where even the media cuddly nom de plume of “The 3 bears” is a mis nomer. These guys are as corrupt and snarling as their crooked self appointed chairman stooge. They have stayed in the shadows all the while. My guess is they knew CCK would blow himself out and they could seamlessly take over. It’s looking that way.

  15. Hi JJ,
    I have enjoyed your articles for some time and I would wish you to continue to shine light in those areas of Scottish football governance that are corrupt and hopefully in time Scotland will have a clean game with sporting integrity as the highest priority .
    Donation made today and recurring .

      1. JJ a monthly payment made, modest but, as I rely on royalties my income is irregular.
        Firstly, I felt obliged to pay again following the scurrilous rumours about wife etc. What a pathetic waste of breath someone is to play the man; I don’t believe it’s true but what if it was? Poor form.
        Secondly, and more to point, GASL King and his teflon like ability to avoid harm. I remember in a previous post you talked about his use of ‘mafia’ like fellows to help him evade justice and it made me think. Is it threats of violence? blackmail? or something else that keeps so many onside? The three bears should surely have been well shot of him now – it’s not like they need his money. Even the SPFL & SFA should want rid – even if they want to continue with the continuation lie; if anything King makes it harder.
        He even had a judge on his side.
        What is his ‘behind blue eyes’ protection? Could it stretch as far as BTC? Is he just lucky?

      2. I have discussed how King evades charges at some length in JJ passim which I will restore. I’m cleaning up my archive. Less is more. King has bribed, blackmailed and intimidated. However The Takeover Panel will not be bullied. He will be hung out to dry.

  16. Will CCK brazen out being cold shouldered, I reckon he’ll try and after a period of financial operating problems he’ll be bumped. July donation made.

    JJ: Cheers Smiddy.

    1. I don’t know but they tried to drag Green into criminal proceedings with Whyte.

      Green has stated it’s a new club. The concept it’s the same club is merely an idea in diehard fans minds.

      There’s no love lost.

  17. The Celtic board should be reminded they are the legacy created by Fergus and as such they should remember the legacy is only continuing as the SFA and others stood aside whilst Murray wrecked football in Scotland with total dominance and cheating and would have seen Celtic, the only real challengers to thier dominance, in their grave. The tables turned and it is the Celtic boards priority to ensure that the myth is firmly put back in its place and destroyed with the truth.
    The SFA and SPL have destroyed the national sport in pursuit of wealth to the detriment of fans and aspirations for the future. A new genartion have grown up never witnessing a Scotland team in a euro or world cup tournament and some will never see a domestic team compete in Europe, why should fans tolerate these fannies ruining the game for their profit. Wake up and take back the game from them.

  18. The only way to sort the same club lie and title stripping is at the court of session.

    Fans who paid into season tickets, merchandise, etc…. for over a decade when Rangers FC were cheating with DOS/ EBT can only sort it through the law using Judicial Review. SDM said in court he did it to win the CL, which means winning the SPL to get into CL. So he cheated the SPL.

    Nothing else is appropriate. Including tactics to twist Regan’s arm. It must be JR.

    Truly the LNS commission has no basis in law and therefore it’s a slam dunk Judicial Review will destroy it in the first five minutes. It’s a reason to take it to JR.

    There’s immense paranoia in here regarding the power and influence of RFC/RIFC. This is silly conspiracy theory mindset.

    The recent dinner with budge and sdm present with Sturgeon means absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Both are Edinburgh based successful capitalist business people. If the Russian Ambassador was present does it infer Putin pulls Sturgeon and SDM’s strings? No!

    Finally, the belief in here that there is no longer a fan interest in EBT title stripping justice is wrong. There was a massive tsunami of calls for title stripping after the CoS appeal failed. It will happen again, even stronger, next week after the Supreme Court appeal fails by BDO. Fans need to clean our game up. If Celtic don’t act, they’re bent and part of the problemand don’t represent Celtic fans.

    1. Beg to seriously disagree on the Bute House dinner point .

      Having had experience of this process albeit some years ago now it is the senior civil servants who propose to the FM ,after selecting and much vetting , who should attend . There is No one at these dinners who is not very highly regarded ,individuals of the utmost integrity ,leader in their field etcetc. FM will use it to bounce ideas off influencers ,take and seek advice ,listen to concerns ,do some selling of policies etc. It is also clearly a thank you and recognition for those selected .
      With respect no Russian ambassador is at these type of events so that point has no relevance
      AB would be a natural at the moment for this type of event and good luck to her ..thoroughly deserving of it ..
      However Murray ? As you know ,and would I suspect agree , is viewed by many as the architect of ,and behind , the worst case of corruption and cheating in British Sport . If he is breaking bread with the FM and so highly regarded it again with respect most certainly does mean a thing ..the implications are significant in that the barriers that have to be broken down to get proper justice on this scandal are huge and possibly ultimately impenetrable

    2. I’m not certain whether the SFA or any footballing authority’s decision fall under the Jurisdiction of a Judical review. I thought this process was reserved for decisions made by public bodies and government agencies such as SLAB, your local council, DWAP etc .. I’m not a laywer but I was fairly certain that decisions made by the private sector and commercial companies are not subject to their scope.

      1. Charles Green took the SFA to Judicial Review regarding the transfer ban on TRFC and won.
        The SFA QC conceded to the judge that the court of Session has legal supervising authority over the SFA (and all other organizations in the land).

  19. Catholic manager feels the need to re-calibrate Ned expectations to avoid cultural misunderstandings.

    “I am not a guy who can create miracles in three weeks.”, Pedro Caixinha

    “If we stop singing about the Pope, will that speed up the miracles?”, Ned

  20. It’s my belief the price of Sevco being called the same club and keeping titles was a ten in a row to Celtic.

    RIFC will cut and slash their own squad each summer and sack managers to stop it becoming a cohesive working team. CFC must get their ten. That’s the deal.

    A treble gift was necessary to keep the CFC hoardes happy and not angry over EBT title stripping this summer.

    It’s how they manage the game. SFA refs and Linesmen duly assist.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the bookies man on the SPFL/SFA Board looks at the wagers on a game and tells Regan to instruct Refs the result bookies want.

  21. When the EBT decision is handed down next Wednesday morning, it will spark explosive reactions from all the blogs on the planet.
    We should also expect new sources to emerge taking advantage of the official narratives on Murray, Regan, and Doncaster treachery, and some of these are likely to make a fuller heads on challenge to these criminals, with international media goaded into action on the whole travesty.

    1. You betcha!

      With legal finality to the question of cheating you better believe former players and managers and club Owners will come out with condemnation.

      Everybody likes to be watertight right.
      There’s no more solid ground right than a Supreme Court Judgement.

      The guys who got Silver medals were all paying their PAYE and NI for working in Glasgow.

  22. Tried paying via friends and family JJ. Not sure whether it’s worked. If not I’ll use my usual paypal route.

    JJ: It went through Stuart. Cheers buddy.

    1. To suggest that three appeal court judges in one of the most senior U.K. Courts erred in law is a big ask. I will be astonished if they uphold the BDO appeal.

  23. When was the point in time fans in Scotland let governance of their game get controlled by crooks? Or was it always the case from day one?

    Scotland’s club season ticket holders should have a vote for all SFA post holders. In the USA they even vote for their Sheriff.

    Given the SFA is a bowling club, Interested parties should start their own governing football association, call it Scotland’s Football Association and start enrolling amateur clubs under its banner. Then pro clubs until they all swing over from the SFA corruption. Even this years’ Premiership is rigged before a ball is kicked to the benefit of Sevco.

    1. Sevco will start the season with players they cannot afford against FFP rules. Bought with debt.
    2. Sevco will play two games at home against Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts with only one game away, before the April 2018 split.
    3. All the top teams will have to visit Ibrox first.
    4. SFA President MacRae has stated he wants a strong TRFC challenging close with Celtic. That’s club bias. That explains fixing the fixtures.
    5. What else is fixed? Player registrations AGAIN?
    6. Under table payments AGAIN?
    7. Carrying tax debt for years AGAIN?
    8. Non payment of fines AGAIN?

    Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee Utd,….. should all swing to a new Association.

  24. JJ – long time reader and admirer and, hopefully, first time contributor. Hope it went through and keep doing what you do so well. Cheers, SB

    JJ: A warm welcome to the Sitonfence Speakeasy.

  25. Small donation made, redundant this week so had to cancel my recurring donation.

    Hope to be back in work soon and will setup a new recurring subscription once things are settled.

    JJ: Good of you to think of our site at this difficult time. Good luck with getting back to full employment.

  26. When the decision is made in court and has been finalised, we as supporters of the game, having spent cash, time and effort on the product, need to bombard the boards of ALL our clubs DEMANDING that action is taken by them. Removing titles is a must. Any other punishment is a side issue to be dealt with at a later date. Firstly, it is incumbent on us all, to inform our respective boards that every pound spent, will cease immediately because it looks as if money rules above the law.

    If I never see sevco in any guise, it won’t be too soon. At this time of year, as the filth parade our streets, offending every normal minded person with their racist bigotry toward the Catholic faith, somebody has to say No More. Stand up as one and demand truth and honesty where triumphalism from a small section of society will not be tolerated. If the head of the snake (Sevco) is chopped off, the rest will wither and die.

    Donation made JJ. Keep on keeping on

    JJ: Thank you. Allow me to reassure you that I will be all over the Supreme Court’s findings.

  27. The Supreme Court is the final step but will a guilty verdict be ignored or will sporting integrity triumph. Not guilty means same old. Guilty means title stripping. There is no middle ground. 0-3 results in every game means title stripping and as in any sport in history title reallocation. I am astonished that the Bears do not realise this inevitability. But then again this is sectarian Scotland and there is no realistic chance of rules being applied.

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