Changes at The Sitonfence Speakeasy


Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Those of my valued readers who drop by every day for a fresh take on corruption and injustice will be disappointed today. This post, which will be removed when my next article is published, is my postscript on the amnesty that I introduced. Let me state at the outset that I am opposed to a paywall. I read The Guardian every day. I applaud their decision to allow those who cannot afford to contribute to have free access to their journalism. I will always be the champion of the unwaged and disadvantaged. It’s in my DNA. If this site brings them, to coin one of my headlines, Lite Relief, then I derive a great deal of satisfaction from making a difference.

I temporarily removed my archive. I took the view that the freeloaders should not have access to my body of work. I was minded of the haters who have threatened to publish them in full as a spoiler to my book release. They are too dim to realise that it will be a fresh take with the 20:20 vision of hindsight.  I will selectively reintroduce some of my body of work when I find the time. Time, as a one-man site, is not on my side.

The response to the amnesty was less than encouraging. I am forming the view that the freeloaders are taking advantage of my good nature. I awoke to one contribution this morning. Thank you Patrick. The case for the paywall has been made, but I’m going to extend the amnesty by one final month. The archive will remain off-limits until the first of August.

As I am time poor, I will not be able to continue to write and personally thank those who were kind enough to venture a contribution of £10. Going forward I will be writing to every reader who contributes £20 or more. I have a real dialogue with many of my readers who take the time to make a comment on PayPal. I am heartened that my oeuvre is now being widely followed by the movers and shakers in Hong Kong.

I spend the majority of my time approving comments. I realise that I am hard-hitting and uncompromising, but I couch my most incisive invective in satire. I have to intervene when high emotions lead to an injudicious, often bitter, choice of words.

Going forward, only those who contribute will be allowed to comment. For the month of July, please add one’s PayPal confirmation number to one’s comment. It will not be published. If one has contributed but has yet to make a comment, please write with your confirmation number so that I can add your name and IP number to my data base of approved members.

If one has a unique point to make, or you are known to me as is the case with Auldheid, the chances are that I will approve your comment. I will also approve comments from  my peers, including fellow award-winner Phil Macgiollabhain, James Forrest, The Clumpany, Paul & David at CQN and any other owner/operator of a blog. Kerrydale Street, who approved a disgusting and inaccurate slur on my character and exposed their arses when bringing my former wife into their virulent thread, have been flagged to her solicitor. I know from bitter personal experience that her solicitor will have them on their knees. E-Tims will also be banned. It must really hurt them that the light has passed over these titles.

The final note is reserved for my detractors. The majority of them are now filtered by their IP number. I don’t see their comments as they are redirected to spam. After a period of three months they are permanently deleted. However if you are particularly obsessed and enterprising, I will publish your e-mail and IP details so that everyone can write to you and express their uncompromising views. Approved members will of course maintain their anonymity.

I am currently researching a piece with the working title, The Marching Season. I won’t, as ever, be pulling my punches.



70 thoughts on “Changes at The Sitonfence Speakeasy”

  1. I’m not exactly sure who needs to have paid what, and by when, and to receive exactly what.

    However, I’ve made two donations totalling £50. References as follows :
    Transaction ID: 94236758MC941893S
    Transaction ID: 9M004370YT163871J

    I’m not sure what that assures me of (if anything) or whether I am still required to contribute further to retain access. I’d appreciate some clarity please.

    My donations ceased due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of the site around the FBAs. Each time I have intended resuming donations there have been further suggestions that the site might close. Hence, my donations have not yet resumed.

    I will certainly resume donations but would first please request some clarity as to exactly what is required of each individual and by what deadline, what the future intentions of the site are, and what the qualifying criteria is for accessing your forthcoming book.

  2. JJ.
    I am one of the lurkers and unfortunately unwaged. November 20th (2007) will see the tenth anniversary of my kidney transplant. I was told by staff at Northern General Hospital that working (maintenance engineer/ qualified electrician) was literally killing me so i walked out of work in February 2010. Since May 2010 i have been at the mercy of the DWP and their so called medical assessments. Last August i was told in a phone call that i had failed my “medical” and would have to sign on. I’m fucked! I take immunosuppressants and my left arm/hand is virtually useless due to blood clots around the fistula that was tied off in 2011.
    I value your work and i will try to make a contribution but i’m currently paying back my backpacking trip to the isles of Eigg and Canna, i have to leave the rat race and i love Scotland.
    Take care and i wish you all the best.


    1. I am a champion of the unwaged and disadvantaged. Come hell or high water you will have a voice. Consider yourself an approved member of The Sitonfence Speakeasy.

    2. Spike,I am in a similar position to yourself.
      The 10th anniversary of my last day of work falls on 6th December this year and I have been told by the DWP that I am no longer elegible for any benefits (since October last year) but at the moment I have some incoming funds in the shape of an allowance that my son and daughter give me every month.
      The fact that I neither drink (due to my medication)nor smoke allows me to contribute to the upkeep of the site but my kids are also struggling financially as times are getting harder for everyone under these Caring Tories.
      JJ, I wonder if you could tell me the amount that would be required for me to sponsor Spike and also pay my own way each month and then I could adjust my contribution accordingly so we can both enjoy reading your forthcoming book and remain paying members of the Sitonfence Speakeasy for as long as possible.
      with regard to the non-paying lurkers…….Well,I wish you all the luck in the world with that as I feel you are going to need it but apart from anything else stay safe,Irishboy

  3. Hi JJ. Hope you are well. I made a couple of donations this year.
    So hopefully I can access your forthcoming articles.
    Nº de reçu: 1458-1955-5689-0799
    Nº de reçu: 2660-7630-6796-3413
    Will try to donate futher – however, as I have rerecntly retired, money is a bit tighter.

  4. Transaction ID 80T08022E6873222X

    Have been contributing monthly since October. First comment. Keep up the great work

  5. JJ,

    I hope I make your approved list, I pay what I can when I can.


    Stay safe.

  6. PayPal Payment: 39W679025N97xxxx
    Been lurking for about six months now. Enough freeloading. Small donation made. Stay safe JJ.

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