Marching Season

Those of us who had the misfortune of growing up in the West of Scotland were taught a local version of The Green Cross Code:

Look right, look left, look right again, and if an Orange parade is not in the vicinity, it is safe to cross. If an Orange parade is in train, you must wait to cross the road. Under no circumstances must one attempt to disrupt the line of an Orange march. 

Although Police Scotland provide security, the defenders of the Orange Order have typically been drawn from paramilitary groups such as the UDA and UVF. More often than not since the formation of these terrorist groups their members were interchangeable. The Orange Order is now the safe sanctuary of these outlawed terrorist organisations. They took up arms to protect the Protestant Ascendancy.

The Marching Season is the epiphany of their anti-Nationalist/anti-Catholic antipathy. The marches are an opportunity to remind the Catholic community of their Protestant supremacy; to put the Papists in their place.

Practicing Catholics are excluded from the Orange Order. Should one convert to the Protestant or Anglican faiths, one can in theory solicit the support of 75% of lodge members to gain admission. In reality this never comes to pass. Should one attend a Roman Catholic service of baptism, wedding or funeral, one is banished from the Orange Order. One is also prohibited from marrying a Catholic or engaging in a civil partnership with a Catholic. If one or both parents are Catholic, their offspring are prohibited from joining the Orange Order. A blind date with a Catholic could lead to expulsion. Roman Catholicism is perceived as an exercise in pagan idolatry.

Some bands that appear at Orange marches openly display support for loyalist paramilitary groups, such as by carrying paramilitary flags or sporting paramilitary names and emblems. These bands are often paid to carry these flags. Police Scotland turn a blind eye to the banners which venerate proscribed organisations.

The banner of Old Boyne Island Heroes Orange lodge bears the names of John Bingham and Shankill Butcher Robert Bates, who were both members. Another Shankill Butcher, UDR soldier Eddie McIlwaine, was pictured taking part in an Orange march in 2003 with a bannerette of killed UVF member Brian Robinson (who himself was an Orangeman). McIlwaine was also pictured acting as a steward at a 2014 Orange march. The Shankhill Butchers are known to have engaged in the sectarian murder of at least  23 individuals.

The British Army’s shame in Afghanistan.


An Orange Order spokesman refused to condemn McIlwaine’s membership of the Order. Portadown Orangemen allowed known militants such as George Seawright to take part in a 6 July 1986 march

Seawright was a unionist politician and UVF member who had publicly proposed burning Catholics in ovens.

When a July 1992 Orange march passed the scene of the Sean Graham bookmakers’ shooting—in which the UDA killed five Catholic civilians—Orangemen shouted pro-UDA slogans and held aloft five fingers as a taunt to residents.

Patrick Mayhew, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, said the marchers “would have disgraced a tribe of cannibals“. In 2007, a banner commemorating UDA member Joe Bratty appeared at an Orange march. Bratty was said to have orchestrated the massacre.

Orange lodges in Scotland have also been accused of links with loyalist paramilitaries. In the early years of The Troubles, the Order’s Grand Secretary in Scotland toured Orange lodges for volunteers to “go to Ulster to fight”. Thousands are believed to have volunteered although only a small number travelled to Ulster. During the 1970s an Orangeman—Roddy MacDonald—was the UDA’s ‘commander’ in Scotland. In 1976, senior Scottish Orangemen tried to expel him after he admitted on television that he was a UDA leader and had smuggled weapons to Northern Ireland. However, his expulsion was blocked by 300 Orangemen at a special disciplinary hearing.His successor as Scottish UDA commander, James Hamilton, was also an Orangeman. Many Scottish Orangemen were convicted for loyalist paramilitary activity, and some Orange meetings were used to raise funds for loyalist prisoners’ welfare groups.

In an attempt to confer legitimacy on their terrorists in EasyJet uniforms, they parlay about being the heirs of a British Zionist tradition. This feeds in to their sense of supremacy.

They are the people. The chosen ones.

The Orange Order, which broke into two factions, actively promote their members to seek political office. The majority of DUP politicians are either members, or tacit supporters, of the Orange Order. Does Theresa May know the background of her new bed mates?

In her desperate bid to retain power has May ushered in a new era of Orange Order Ascendancy?

This Ascendancy could not have come at a better time for the Scottish Orange Lodges, whose numbers have dwindled to circa 2,000 hard-line bigots for whom Rangers Lite is their religion and Ibrox stadium is their cathedral.

To my mind the Orange Order should be proscribed. They are an anachronism of a time when cock fighting was prevalent. They have as much relevance to Scottish society as badger-baiting.

They espouse on their Traditions, their rights of free assembly. It was traditional for Ku Klux Klan members to sodomise, urinate on and string up African American children. Should this sense of ‘tradition’ be upheld?

There are many parallels between the Orange Order and the Ku Klux Klan. One can understand why Billy Fullerton, The Bridgeton Butcher, would seek to establish a chapter of the latter in Glasgow.

The bands which congregate to commemorate the massacre of Catholic landowners at The Battle of The Boyne on the 12th July are allowed safe passage by Police Scotland. They are allowed to engage in Catholic baiting with impunity. After a few hours of bombast they collapse in a drunken piss-stained heap on Glasgow Green.

If these are the people, what does this say about Scottish society as a whole? Are we too intimidated to question why this is tolerated in the 21st Century?  Some of the individuals who are conspiring to murder me will be parading on the 12th.

It truly beggars belief that these marches of hatred are permitted. The Orange Order are fascists in fancy dress. The stench of The Orange Ordure should  leave a bad taste in the mouths of all right-thinking Scots.










47 thoughts on “Marching Season”

  1. Imaging the furore if a group of us wanted to March and sing songs attacking Jews? There would be uproar. I was going to include in that a list like against blacks or Muslims but BF and the KKK already do that. In the observance of free speech let them march but the sectarian singing has to be stopped as it is illegal. But let them walk round a park or maybe a motorway,that would be fun. Why Glasgow let’s them shut a city on anSaturday is beyond me, councillors in fear or members, perhaps. Like a bad smell one hopes they die out, but that hope has been there for many years.

    1. Seeing the way some of my x-colleagues behave disgusts me! I am x-army, I am a massive CELTIC supporter and very proud of the fact! My mother is protestant and dad is a roman catholic! Why do I constantly feel ashamed of the way Protestants behave?

  2. Informative piece JJ for those not up to speed with this situation.Your point about the protection,afforded by the tax paying public,regarding Police Scotland really rips my knitting.They walk alongside them,smiling,with some whistling along to the pleasant ditties.Thank God Scotland isn’t independent.Hopefully,on the 12th,it buckets it down all day on the heads of your paramilitary tormentors.Stay safe.

    1. ‘Thank God Scotland isn’t independent…’

      What a lovely picture: You and the Orange Lodge, and the DUP
      all religiously thanking God for precisely the same thing…

      Or, as Jesus said: ‘Having eyes, see ye not?’

      1. Don’t try to preach to a jesuit. if your Nicola had her way,Catholic schools would close. The orange mob don’t have Christian beliefs that are normal, ditto the DUP. It’s any anti SNP views that you despise, deflector….

  3. Great read again JJ.

    One or two issues I have though.

    The first being the blaming of Police Scotland for turning a blind eye to banners. Having worked at a number of these it’s almost impossible to pick out and remove these flags. The officers are outnumbered substantially and given inadequate briefings to distinguish the difference between what is allowed and what is proscribed.

    With regards safe passage of the orangemen, I can assure you that is the last thing on the minds of the vast majority of officers. There is no love of the Orange order within the ranks of ordinary officers. They will have invariably had their day off cancelled with no recompense for what many feel is the worst detail in the job.

    If only Police Scotland could ban these marches then I assure you they would be a thing of the past.

    Best wishes JJ.

    1. Is this a wind up ???? Police don’t like the OO ???? Do me a favour and pull the other one, it’s got bells on it

      1. A close relative of mine, a Celtic fan, was a cop some years ago. He confirms that most cops hated this gig. He, on the other hand enjoyed it.

        His favourite activity, if an ordinary citizen (and often the odd bemused tourist) ‘broke the line’ – with inevitable consequences – was to arrest the so-called stewards when they intervened.

        The look of hurt shock on their wee faces was, a said, a joy to behold. None of his colleagues ever objected – and he always had assistance in upholding the law from fellow officers.

        What else could they do?

  4. Hi JJ
    Despite my best intentions, and due to current financial situation, I have only ever made one small contribution to your site. I am hopeful of a small increase in money in August so will try and send some to yourself.
    Having read your article, I wondered whether you knew about the two specific organisations closely associated with the OO. They were the Orange Volunteers (early 1970s) and the Orange Volunteer Force (1998).

  5. Great article JJ….as you promised pulling no punches, I can remember as a young boy living in Fife all the marches, seemed to be all year round in 70’s. Really stirred up a lot of hatred & loathing in those troubled times but thankfully, as you say their numbers are dwindling, I would like to think that we live in more ‘enlightened’ times and things are much improved but surely in 2017 there is no place left for these bigots, but this a stain on our country that this continues.It is sad and what I have experienced in my work and travelling abroad sadly it is the more ‘learned’ people that are the worst bigots ,sadly people who are educated, most disturbing but who should be called out….they dont like that, no anonymity for professional bigots.Anyway it is an article that needed writing as the parades are in full swing and these dinosaurs are given free rein to intimidate & impose their twisted views on the streets.
    Transaction ID: 48606767KF3019156 — Have a drink on me pal..youve earned it.

    1. Dinosaurs? Most apt given that many of their elected members believe that Jesus lived during the Jurassic period about 2000 years ago in a sort of DUP biblical version of The Flintstones.

  6. The Battle of the Boyne was fought on the !st July
    according to the old pagan Julian calendar;
    which is the 11th July according to the new Papist Gregorian calendar.
    They can’t even get the date right…

    1. The origins of the walk being on the 12th is to commemorate the battle of aughrim which occurred on the 12th July.
      Dont use trainspotting for a history lesson my friend as its only a film and not 100% accurate.

      1. If history is to be ‘celebrated’ is it too much to ask
        that the history to be ‘celebrated’ should be accurate?
        Flodden was a battle between the Scots and the English.
        Culloden was not.
        The Battle of Aughrim was in 1691, not 1690.
        The Pope and King Billy were allies, not enemies.

  7. This piece should be sent to every MP at Westminster to show them what the Conservative Party has climbed into bed with.

    I’ve said for years that the Orange Order should be proscribed as a hate organisation but in Scotland the police facilitate this filth. It’s intolerable that even under the SNP, whom they hate almost as much as they hate Catholics, they are allowed to contaminate society. Remarkably, as their active membership declines, so the number of their marches increases to show their defiance. And Scotland allows this? For shame.

  8. John James
    I have not commented before and was probably what you would describe as a lurker. I made my first donation last week, Transaction ID: 8KV73530SY094733D, as I value your input.

    I don’t generally donate to bloggers as I prefer my personal details to remain my own business however I am sympathetic to your current predicament and made my donation.

    Also I would miss your blog.

    I as often disagree as agree with your blogs but I always respect your right to post, especially when I read it for free. Those that lack this tolerance should not have access to your blogs without payment and some shuld just be locked up to be honest. If you want to post politics, well it is your blog after all.

    My prefernece would be for you to sell advertising. This allows everybody to access the site for free. I read other blogs where the banner ads can be a little annoying but are tolreated for the content.

    The sitonfence speakeasy is an excellent blog which provokes interesting ideas and debate. It should continue but from adding up the various posts on donations, I suspect that your income is so derisory as to describe it as a pittance. This is not gainful employment for you. Bring in the pay wall or advertising to give your blog the life it deserves.

    best regards

    a grateful lurker

  9. 2017 and still with the 1690 mentality of Catholic hatred. You have made a cogent and reasoned case for there proscription. They bring nothing of value to the 21st Century and need to be expunged both in Scotland and Ulster.
    In 2012 there was a chance to form a Phoenix Rangers and make it sectarian free with no history. Rangers Lite are their excuse for their existence. When this version of Rangers enters liquidation it must never be allowed to resurface unless it commits to redemption.

    1. Fis, Green soon worked out where the money was – in the pockets of the 90 minute bigots. The current club is the inevitable result of Green following the rainbow to his pot of gold – turning WATP up to eleven on the way.

      So I’ve never believed there was a genuine chance of a fresh start. As JJ says, Ibrox is their cathedral and Rangers is their religion. Any fresh start would have been boycotted more than a Sports Direct store in the Vatican City and a Bigot FC with all the baggage would have been formed one way or another with full SFA/SPL/SPFL support.

      1. Spot on!
        As the saying goes ..What is in your heart eventually comes out of your mouth 24×7 bigotry manifests itself in 90 minutes fortnightly
        The social phenomenon and associated craving for supremacy represented by Rangers and , to a lesser extent , the LOL is truly a drug or religion that seemingly transcends the law of the land and that will always somehow be allowed to exist in its current form

  10. And into this concoction of vile hatred and bigotry steps one Pedro Caixinha with his ignorant statement regarding the colour green (“the Celtic colour” – one wonders what he proposes to do about the grass at Ibrox, lay down some Kentucky Blue perhaps?) and his plan to paint ‘WE ARE THE PEOPLE’ on the walls of the home and away dressing rooms just to remind the visitors that they are a lower form of life.

    I’m afraid poor Pedro has lost the plot.

    1. The idiot is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator, probably in attempt to boost flagging season ticket sales. The paradoxical nature of it is fantastic: a roman Catholic bidding to ban green boots and dub “WATP” over the dressing room walls.
      I’m in no doubt that somebody is influencing thsee actions behind the scenes.

  11. Hi JJ
    Sorry to hear you are being forced to go down the paywall route. I will continue my monthly contribution, today’s ID: I-5L3HBMRTNFN5 in support of your fine work.
    As a Scot living in England for 40 years your piece today highlighted something that bemuses and disgusts me about my home country. Friends down here just can’t understand what this has to do with a 21st century society. Embarassing.

  12. My niece is married to an orange man and you couldn’t meet a nicer person he never talks about it and has even went my daughters holy communion

  13. William of Orange was a Dutch guy invited by the London Parliament to take the throne of the UK from King James.

    William was King James’ Nephew as his mother was the King’s sister.

    Parliament married him off to Mary, the King’s daughter (his cousin). To improve his credentials.

    William was therefore the King’s Nephew and Son-in-law.

    William was a well noted practicing homosexual. He was camp and had a thing for interior design. He had two Dutch boyfriends whom he enobled into the U.K. Aristocracy. He selected all the palace footmen personally, for their good looks.

    The marriage with Mary was never consummated. They never had children but enjoyed each other’s company.

    William was short and very obese and had asthma. He was shot by a spent ball at the Boyne and knocked from his horse.

    Later, on crossing the Boyne, he had an asthma attack and fell off his horse, which was struggling in mud. He landed face down and was suffocating. His entourage dismounted to assist and they were all farcically flapping in the brown mud. All their fine silks covered in it. Orange sashes became muddy brown.

    Strange William didn’t change his colours to brown after this divine intervention. After all, the original Dutch colours were red until anciently at a battle it rained and the red dye ran orange. The Dutch leader proclaimed god had turned the colours Orange.

    1. ‘William of Orange was a Dutch guy invited by the London Parliament
      to take the throne of [England, not the UK] from King James’ – in 1688.

      He was invited by the Convention of the Estates (in Edinburgh)
      to take over the throne of Scotland – in 1689.

  14. There’s an Eric Bogle song about Gallipoli veterans marching in Sydney. It ends with the line,” But year after year their numbers get fewer, soon no one will march there at all”. Numbers were down on Saturday. Maybe a trend? Even the Eventing Times article was condescending and sneery.

  15. I am a subscriber. I cannot view your valued outpourings on my laptop. “Security issues” can you help?

  16. So Nearly in the Post

    Does anyone have a letter ready to send by airmail to Progres on Friday if they lose on aggregate? Is there a copy for the LFF and UEFA too? Does it state:

    1. that RIFC plc and TRFC Ltd have broken FFP rules every season since founded in 2012. In particular, injections of cash as soft director loans have been needed repeatedly to avoid administration.

    2. that the pattern of financial doping can be observed in the AUDITED accounts as “going concern” warnings.

    3. that the latest accounts available to the SFA are UNAUDITED management accounts where director loans seem to be misrepresented as revenue.

    4. that RIFC plc Chairman, Dave King, has been found in breach of UK company takeover regulations and has failed to comply with their judgement which has delayed serious financial consequences for the club.

    5. that the SFA, SPFL, SMSM and Scottish UEFA delegates should not be regarded as HONEST witnesses. One might say that in this matter their staff should be regarded as mendacious witnesses whose evidence should not be accepted on any issue unless it is support by documents and other objective evidence.

    Incidentally you’ll need these links to view AUDITED accounts:

    1. RIFC:

    2. TRFC:

    The links to AUDITED accounts on the club website are broken – funny that –

    Only the link to the recent and misleading UNAUDITED management accounts is working.

    Progress contact details at:

  17. Jj, the conservatives had to make the deal with the DUP, I’m sad to say, the option of labours fantasy ecocnomics was just a step to far, I don’t see a full parliament,maybe two years to next election and maybe a stronger leader of the conservatives,someone not weak like May. As a catholic the marching season fills me dread, an excuse for bigotry that no other country apart from ours would put up with. we in Scotland can’t seem to move on from the past. It’s crap but it will change eventually I hope.

  18. Fairhill Hughie.
    Keep up the good fight JJ. Next payment due around 23rd July
    COnfirmation no. 074752597355292

  19. Just out of interest, how many would be eligible for invalidly benefit ,that attend these walks and play instruments, but state they cant walk 10 yards,should they be reported

  20. Trans ID: 69J54150V4878370U
    JJ I will continue to donate as and when my situation allows. Best wishes

  21. Orangutan walks are mindless acts of racism dressed as allowed sectarianism. Why it is allowed, tolerated and permmitted at a council or legal level? Teresa in bed with dup, shows how much she cares about people and past deals and will let walks and other mindless dup misdemeanours go unchecked. Worrying.
    Freedom of speech yes, marches for something worth while YES, not to commemorate religious battles or anti Catholic sentiment. Anti muslim marches would clearly not be allowed or even considered. Rightly so. Anti religious bile is clearly not part of normal law abiding citizens mentality but we bend the rules for ‘the peepol’ amid fear of reprisal?

    They are a total disgrace to this nation and breed it through that crumbling stadium and the way that club is led from the clowns in charge.
    Sturgeon, sort this out! Wishful thinking…

    Keep up the good work jj.
    Happy with whatever course of action you choose and I’ll continue my monthly tenner via my wifes PayPal!! Cheers

  22. Although independence seems to be off the table for the moment I won’t contemplate entertaining it whilst those in power ignore or even facilitate such a vile organisation as the orange order. I’m an atheist but cannot understand how they have not been proscribed. Some “traditions” should be consigned to history. If politicians lack the character to proscribe this odious sect they should insist they pay all policing costs associated with the marches instead of the public purse picking this up. The SNP despite their legislation have failed to make any inroads into the Sevco hoardes and stands should be closed as a punishment for racist (anti-catholic/Irish) chanting. Closing stands would also have the benefit of addressing the safety issues.

    JJ I’m traveling the next couple of weeks so my IP address will vary but email address will be consistent.

    1. ‘I won’t contemplate entertaining [Independence for Scotland]
      whilst those in power ignore or even facilitate
      such a vile organisation as the orange order.’

      The Orange Order and their followers don’t want Scottish independence.
      So, the more outrageously they prance and preen about the streets,
      the more people like you will give them what they want.

      1. This forum will not be used to discuss the SNP. They are currently not that relevant. So I’m drawing a line under it. On a personal note my research into the Orange Ordure led to an understanding why so many want to distance themselves from this scourge. It also gave me a line on PLO support at Celtic Park. If an Independence II manifesto included proscribing these terrorists in fancy dress it would be a vote catcher. Why is a battle fought in Ireland being commemorated on Glasgow’s streets, other than to upset people?

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