A £6m Squirrel

As I exclusively revealed on our site, duly picked up by STV 72 hours later, Barrie Mackay was sent home from training and told to find another club. He, Halliday and O’Halloran were not best pleased with Pedro’s 5 a.m. starts. Padre Pedro does not take his Jesuit teachings lightly and had his lacklustre team up before the worms had even thought of taking cover from the early birds.

His transfer today to Mark Warbuton’s Nottingham Forest for a fee of circa £500,000 suggests that Lite bit off Warburton’s hand when he offered £350,000 with £150,000 lining the pockets of his agent.

Was it only six months ago when our award-winning sportswriter, Keith Jackson, was inculcating us with the notion of a £6m bid for ‘call me Barrie?’ RB Leipzig could not wait to get their hands on him. Having planted the mendacious seed in Jackson’s mind Traynor then turned to his friends in social media at ‘swallow swallow’ to suggest that he was worth twice the price.

Traynor was evidently hoping for a bidding war and renewed interest in Lite’s deadwood. It was fiction of the first ordure. Jackson pushes print – kerching – with Traynor gaining column inches for a team that was largely irrelevant – kerching.

This begs one question. Do The Rectum actually pay for Jackson’s awards? Is there a quid pro quo agreement? No matter how you slice and dice it you cannot be so wrong on so many occasions and still win awards.

A cynic might suggest that Traynor has the awards panel by the short and curlies to ensure that his mouthpiece is awarded an accolade that he does not deserve.


8 thoughts on “A £6m Squirrel”

  1. Now that the Ibrox Entity are about to receive an infusion of funds from Nottingham Forest, it might be a good time for Warby, Weir and Co to begin a constructive dismissal case – perhaps by ring-fencing some of those funds.

  2. I remember Jabba’s valedictory piece the day that Rangers died and he resigned from the Rectum. The bitterness was palpable. He gave several major hostages to fortune that day as I recall. He must have some pretty serious clout, insofar that no-one has cast his remarks back against him as far as I am aware. What little I’ve seen of him does not leave me well disposed towards him. However, as the old saying has it, “facts are chiels that winna ding”. At some point karma will come into play and, as we all know, is a beach (or something). We can only sit back, watch, wait and hope….

    Anyway, as you know, I’m retired but donate what I can, when I can. Latest donation made and labelled with the ‘JJ-Amnesty’ tag.


  3. No mention of tomorrow’s EBT ruling in the SMSM. Quelle surprise?



  4. So Pedro, as well as being petty and myopic in his adoption of a 17th Century culture has a talent for developing players and reducing their value by a factor of 12? Barrie was £6million when Pedro joined. Now he’s sold for £500k.
    Tomorrow at 9.45am, is it the opening of Pandoras Box on the illicit goings on of the currupt governing body of Scottish Football ??? Will heads roll? Will titles be stripped? Will knighthoods be relinquished?

  5. Breaking news JJ from sunny Scotland:Glasgow polis heard sectarian chanting at the “walk of shame”,stuck them in to GCC who are now considering a total ban on these “marches” or failing that,a severe curtailing on numbers,behaviour etc.Happy days.

  6. @Prester John, I read somewhere that Traynor over the years kept copious notes on all colleagues and other pressmen. He knows all their sordid secrets, hence the power he has over them all. Not one of the snivelling cretans have had the guts to stand up to him.

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