Marching Season -Redux

Have a look at the enclosed video. It features a rendition of the proscribed Famine Song. As we have come to expect from Police Scotland, who are up to their knees in Masonic influence, they issued a statement that there were only eight arrests, none of which were for sectarian offences.

However a vigilant journalist, Liam O’Hare, caught the Orange Ordure in full voice. Suddenly the police state they will launch a full enquiry and that it has a zero tolerance policy on sectarian offences. Could they perhaps explain what ‘zero tolerance’ measures were taken by the police officer in the short video. He watched on as rancid recidivists took selfies of each other singing the proscribed song. He sat on his hands while criminal offences were being committed in his face.

He should be suspended immediately for his dereliction of duty. His badge number is clearly on display. Until there is a rank and file clear out of the bigots in Police Scotland this criminal behaviour will be tolerated and continue to proliferate.

Look at the deranged drummer leading the criminals and former paramilitaries to his Famine Song beat. Have a look at YouTube. Every time the Orange Ordure get away with singing this proscribed song they post it as a trophy on social media.

They talk about their traditions and religious beliefs, but scratch the surface and they are unreconstructed bigots given free rein by a sympathetic police force who did their utmost to sweep this under the carpet.

Shame on all of them.


6 thoughts on “Marching Season -Redux”

  1. Isn’t Karma a bitch, Sevco had pinned all their hopes on a long, long european run, thanks to the cheating SFA but their Progres was cut short..
    Wonder who will pay all the bills now ha ha ha

  2. Religious beliefs ? Three visit Christians most of them – hatched, matched, despatched.

    Never mind, it was goodnight Vienna for the bigots’ team of choice tonight – more arrividerci Luxembourg I believe. Let’s hope their travelling support behave themselves tonight.

  3. A rapid response to the disaster in Europe. An old clip but well re-written. The All-In approach relying on European riches is in tatters. They cannot last the season. There is no money.

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