Pedro’s Metaphysical Monkey

Amid all the fan furore in the foliage, and colourful metaphors such as bushwhacked, all that was missing was Ally McCoist with his secateurs revealing a rucking Paul Murray for the farce to be complete. Last night’s win against Rangers Lite was the first time the part-time Luxembourg minnows had won in Europe, having been dismissed with impunity on thirteen previous occasions. Given that it was the new team’s first foray in UEFA competition one should not have been surprised. However the SMSM would have us believe that they are a former club that was more renowned for riots than success on the field of play.

Of course Rangers Lite, who drove a coach and horses through FFP regulations, could have just as easily been thrown out for financial doping, so on balance I can see it being regarded as a positive result at Hampden. The SFA approved Lite with unaudited accounts that were a farrago of lies. Regan knew they were lying but he does not have the cojones to apply any rules when it comes to his sponsors’ darlings.

Should today’s appeal by BDO be dismissed, the need in 2012 to form a new club will be brought into sharp relief. Charles Green’s basket of assets was the only solution that prevented Ibrox being converted into a Govan Forge.

Pedro Caixinha has a metaphysical monkey on his back that he cannot shake off. No matter how hard he tries someone will compare his team to the EBT tax-evading juggernaut that formerly plied its crooked trade at Ibrox. Everyone, including Hugh Adam, knew that they were cheating. The SFA just looked away and eventually came up with ‘imperfect but eligible’ to cover their complicit arses.

More loans will now be required to see out the season. As for the retail income, it looks as if Puma have had enough of the criminal rogue board. Puma’s logo was conspicuous by its absence on Lite’s travelling kit. One can understand why they would not wish to be associated with abject failure.

So who will manufacture Lite’s kit next season? A cynic might suggest that the £1.5m loan was required to pay off Lite’s retail partners for the transgressions of the serial adulterer and the career criminal.

Next up will be The Cold Shoulder. One can understand why no reputable organisation would have anything to do with a club with as odious a chairman as King at the helm.

With Graeme Park and George Taylor now having fresh runs on their cheque books, how long will it be before they jettison King?

King promised European football. He delivered a debacle. The hollow charlatan has been found out.

Of course readers of this site would not have been inordinately surprised given that they had access to a player’s insight and Charlie Miller’s withering critique.

Looking on the bright side there will be no riots and no renditions of The Famine Song in Europe. This proscribed song will be the exclusive preserve of the Orange Ordure under the protection of their bigoted brothers at Police Scotland.


4 thoughts on “Pedro’s Metaphysical Monkey”

  1. No games scheduled for a month. No more season tickets sold. No income for a month and a bloated squad of second rate players. Out of Europe in less than 2 hours. The football team is matching the financial skills of the board.

  2. Here’s hoping today is a memorable day and the crooks and thieves are brought to book.
    What chance when the country lives in fear of retribution if anyone mentions the liquidation of RFC . A quote from BBC website- “Whatever happens, the outcome is unlikely to have any financial or material impact on Rangers Football Club as they are now. The club is owned by a different company.’ – the liquidation that dare not speak its name! Only in Scotland. Mob rule ensues everyone must stick to the lie.

  3. As I stated on 1st July,my hope of TRFC making it easier in the second leg,thankfully,came troo.The bully boys didn’t riot and instead,directed their anger at those responsible.David Gunn(The Scotsman) has an excellent piece online for those wishing to see footage and Pedro( in bushes) arguing with anti-Catholics.No need to mention FFP now,is there? Juicy court ruling today and two “friendlies” for us,coming soon,against the mighty Linfield who managed to score one goal in two games against an even worse team than them.Happy Dhays.

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