The Proceeds of Crime

Word reaches me that a group of  prominent shareholders have approached the once beleaguered denizens of the Ibrox Gazebo to implore them to return to ‘steady the ship.’ The Penny has finally dropped that King was lying all along. Of course had they read this site they would have been forewarned about the career criminal. When the Nominated Adviser resigned, citing that they were not prepared to represent a career criminal, the scales should have fallen from their eyes. When RIFC PLC was de-listed from LSE’s AIM exchange, why did they not take pause for thought? How loud must the alarm bells be prior to affirmative action? What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? The impending Cold Shoulder which will have wide-ranging implications, or the debacle in Luxembourg?

As a postscript to the unmitigated disaster of losing to the fourth best part-time team in Luxembourg, my mole in the camp has provided some details to the discord after the fire. Apparently Kenny Miller went ‘postal’ in the dressing room. Sadly given the speed of his delivery in a broad Scots brogue, his message was lost on the second tier Spanish, Portuguese and Colombian journeymen who currently impersonate a Scottish team. Pedro did not in any way arrest Miller’s rant as the veteran striker gave his colleagues both barrels.

If Miller’s impassioned address was lost in translation, there could be no mistaking the wrath of the fans when they boarded the coach on their way to the airport, where a crowd had gathered to abuse the players. An angry mob was also awaiting them at Glasgow airport. Their coach, which they boarded on the runway, was given safe passage to Auchenhowie via a police escort. They had a day off yesterday

Pedro, who prides himself on being immaculately turned out, was so distressed that he removed his club tie and unbuttoned his shirt. His rosary beads were clearly visible. He has not offered his resignation but there is a feeling that he is a dead man walking.

Ordinarily Pedro would have been spared the worst ravages of the SMSM had the Scottish hacks diligently reported on yesterday’s Supreme Court judgement. However one had to look outside of Scotland, on Channel Four and at The Financial Times,  for intelligent commentary on the biggest sporting scandal in British history.

It has been incontrovertibly proven that David Murray, Sir Bribe & Lie, defrauded the Crown by engaging in an unlawful tax avoidance scheme. £46.2m of PAYE and National Insurance Contributions were not deducted at source. Murray perpetrated an unprecedented fraud which ultimately led to the demise of Rangers Football Club. His patsy, Craig Whyte, was cleared. Murray has been caught with his pants down in flagrante delicto.

As one would have anticipated Murray ‘got in front of the story’ with the following exculpatory farrago of lies:

” I am hugely disappointed that the Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Court of Session, reversing the decisions of the specialist tax First Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal in this matter. The decision runs counter to the legal advice which was consistently provided to Rangers Football Club, that on the basis of the law and legal precedent at the time, the contributions made to the trust were not earnings and should not be taxed as such. It should be emphasised that there have been no allegations made by HMRC or any of the courts that the club was involved in tax evasion, which is a criminal offence.The decision will be greeted with dismay by the ordinary creditors of the club, many of which are small businesses, who will now receive a much lower distribution in the liquidation of the club, which occurred during the ownership of Craig Whyte, than may otherwise have been the case.
I have not had the opportunity to discuss the decision in detail with Tax Counsel, but will do so, particularly in light of proposed legislation, which will alter the tax position applying to loans made by trusts to employees. Once the impact has been assessed, a further statement will be issued.”

Sir Bribe & Lie would like us to believe that he is not a greedy grasping little spiv of the first ordure. He would like us to believe that he is not a common criminal like his partner in crime, Dave KIng. I invite Sir Bribe & Lie to take the following statement to his legal counsel:

Would Sir David be so kind as to apprise us of the identity of the Murray International Metals executive with whom he entrusted one million dollars in cash to bribe Lawrence Marlborough to part with his equity, in addition to the six million pounds that was paid on the books?”

Police Scotland follow this site assiduously, looking for another opportunity to harass my elderly parents to apprise them of death threats and Osman letters. When will they investigate this odious mendacious criminal? Murray’s claim that he had counsel advising him that his tax avoidance was above board is disingenuous. Paul Baxendale -Walker instructed him on how to exploit a loophole that has now been firmly closed. Murray ignored his instructions, pocketed £500,000 per annum in fees -paid by EBT – and issued side letters. He knew at that point that he had crossed the line from tax avoidance to tax evasion. His counsel, Andrew Thornton QC, advised him to pay up on the illegal predecessor to EBT. Murray passed this debt and circa £500,000 in penalties to his patsy.

Would Sir Bribe and Lie like to comment on the illegal DOS/VSS artifice? Murray did not engage in tax avoidance. He engaged in tax evasion. Documents were withheld from HMRC and the SFA to perpetrate a fraud. When will Police Scotland indict Murray for tax evasion?

As one also expected, that snivelling obsequious little runt with cojones the size of raisins, Stewart Regan, is also hiding behind the skirts of a QC. He issued the following statement that had been prepared in advance:

” The Board of the Scottish FA notes the judgment of the Supreme Court and wishes to clarify the implications of this final legal decision from a football regulatory perspective. In light of the Inner House of the Court of Session decision, the Board of the Scottish FA sought external senior counsel opinion to ensure a robust and independent consideration of all implications of today’s judgment. The Board received written advice from Senior Counsel, amplified when the QC attended a full meeting of the Board to discuss his conclusions. Specifically, Senior Counsel was asked to anticipate whether a determination in favour of HMRC, as announced today, could imply that there had been a breach of the Scottish FA’s Disciplinary Rules as they applied at the time of the EBT payments. The clear opinion of Senior Counsel is that there is a very limited chance of the Scottish FA succeeding in relation to any complaint regarding this matter and that, even if successful, any sanctions available to a Judicial Panel would also be limited in their scope.
Accordingly, having had time to consider the opinion from Senior Counsel, and having examined the judgment of the UK Supreme Court, the Board has determined that no further disciplinary action should be taken by the Scottish FA at this time.”

This statement almost takes my breath away. Let’s be clear on this. Rangers cheated on an industrial scale to win 20 titles via the competitive advantage conferred by illegal tax evasion. As Hugh Adam clearly stated: “They knew they were cheating.” The SFA who should ensure that clubs comply with their regulations were asleep at the wheel. Dickson and Russell, at the behest of Murray, issued a tissue of lies to the SFA year after year.

Why did Murray and his executive team go out of their way to withhold documents from the SFA if they had nothing to hide?  Sir Bribe & Lie, with Farry, Smith and the compromised Ogilvie  in office, knew that the SFA would look away as he cheated his way to twenty titles. If titles are not stripped, Regan must be stripped of his office.

Celtic has awoken from its slumber with the following statement

We note today’s decision by the Supreme Court. Celtic’s position on this issue has been consistent – that this has always been a matter for the courts of law and also the Scottish football authorities, whose rules are intended to uphold sporting integrity. In 2013, we expressed surprise – shared by many observers and supporters of the game – over the findings of the SPL Commission that no competitive or sporting advantage had resulted. Today’s decision only re-affirms that view. We are sure now that the footballing authorities in Scotland will wish to review this matter. Celtic awaits the outcome of their review.”

A review will be forthcoming whether Regan likes it or not. This review will not be the whitewash that was the LNS commission. Regan will not be allowed to sit on a supervisory panel with the power of veto. Regan knows that an independent review will expose his perjury and lies at the SFA.

I will give the final word on this lengthy article to a fearless journalist who has been vindicated:

Jim Spence‏ @JimSpenceSport MoreWith Proceeds of crime Act, ill gotten gains are stripped. Football is no different after the SC judgement today, Titles won are worthless.’


52 thoughts on “The Proceeds of Crime”

  1. Excellent analysis but I think nothing will happen. Corruption is so ingrained in our establishment that they will and indeed have to, protect themselves. It’s what the rich tend to do. I hope I am wrong but the only way to change things is for the fans and their groupsof all the clubs to organise and push their own Boards. I know it is early but from the Boards we have heard nothing, only a tentative statement from Celtic. As a certain culinary gem would say, C’mon, where are you?

    1. 100per cent correct. Until the fans of all the clubs and the boards of all the clubs ban together, nothing will happen. These corrupt figures laughingly leading our sport over a cliff are there for us, we are not here for them. I think both sides tend to forget that. Without us they are nothing and football dies.

  2. “The Board received written advice from Senior Counsel, amplified when the QC attended a full meeting of the Board to discuss his conclusions. Specifically, Senior Counsel was asked to anticipate whether a determination in favour of HMRC, as announced today, could imply that there had been a breach of the Scottish FA’s Disciplinary Rules as they applied at the time of the EBT payments.”

    Weasel words, it is quite clear that Rangers cheated, witness the wee tax case, the accepted EBT payments from the big tax case and the issue of side letters. The decision from the Supreme Court closed a loophole and confirmed the the actions taken were tax evasion. Irrespective of this the SFA knows that the rules were breached and they are simply condoning the actions of the so called establishment club. We have charletans running our game. The SPFL are equally guilty.

  3. Just listened to Radio Scotland interview with Celtic Underground and Graham Spiers. Spiers agreed with CU but states there’s no need to revisit title stripping as Rangers suffered by liquidation…..
    They (Sevco/RFC) seem to want their cake and eat it.

    1. Let’s extrapolate Speir’s logic to the oft quoted cycling cheat Lance Armstrong. I’m sure LA’s finances and sponsorship are virtually nil, were the Cycling Authorities saying ‘Lance’s business has plummeted, he’s suffered enough – just keep your titles’!
      Speirs increasingly has lost sight of the guardian of reason he was once respected for. I’d expect such drivel from Level 5.
      You reading Graeme?

      1. JJ…I’ve paid a few sheckles from time to time….do you need a transaction PP code?

  4. Despite what they hope/believe,this situation isn’t doing “walking away” anytime soon.Amazing how quickly the GAS statements were produced.For a journeyman badge basher (who also didn’t play particularly well) to lambast others is a joke/deflection.I can assure you that Pedro and his RCs have been informed of the “kulturre” at the “club” and are non too pleased.There will not be many playing for the jersey.Hope your parents are being well looked after,I believe Polis Scotland have a duty regarding this situation,don’t they?Good to see the orange mob get a long overdue kicking for their “behaviour “.Stay safe.
    P.S.Unbuttoned,before anyone notices.

  5. The jesuitical arguments of the acolytes of the Ibrox Entity are startlingly reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s cri-de-couer: ‘It isn’t illegal if the President does it.’

  6. Very well Done
    Sorry for the length of post but on this important subject wanted to add Some additional points to reinforce your excellent summary

    Even Roger Mitchell on Twitter last night described the SFA as cowardly and hiding behind an unnamed QC ..tells you all you need to know !
    The SFA have obviously been up to their necks in these transactions over many years and will be terrified TRFC ,Murray etc who know where the bodies are buried and who have bullied them for decades will drop them all in it if they lift a finger against them . many a personal reputation and mega pension will be at risk amidst that poisonous Hampden cohort

    To the point on the SFA statement Without sight of the specific instructions and exhibits given to counsel and counsels detailed response then their statement is meaningless and just seeks to obfuscate, bully any potential resistance from the clubs and mislead the masses ranks of fans and media who don’t understand these matters
    On reading the SFA and Murray responses It all just screamed out well rehearsed joined up pre organised COVER UP . I immediately thought South Yorkshire Police ,Nixon and many others .

    SFA also bizarrely reminded me last night of the dying embers of the Ceausescu regime .we all know what happened to him and his wife when his clientele had had enough . This crowd deserve in relative terms a similar fate as you suggest
    Serial Abusers will always abuse and won’t stop until caught. SO murray was and is a big big issue but both you on this site and SFM to be fair who led the way originally via the RTC site have identified the central and core issue of this entire affair which is a COLOSSAL FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE by our football authorities in allowing this extensive abuse to be perpetrated .
    The parallel absence of a free independent and testing media has allowed the abuser and the failed authorities to cover up the entire scandal as they control the agenda and narrative and right now they are continuing to manipulate that situation On an ongoing basis .
    Right on cue We are starting to see the Anticipated tsunami of utter BS last night on radio Hugh Keevins who to be fair said ‘strip the titles ‘ said there was no question of this being tax evasion or any illegality . Jesus wept!
    I really believe TRFC murray the SFA etc in collusion have worked out that a few thousand internet jihadis won’t ever cause a problem as long as they themselves control the mainstream media and it blows over and the whole thing by and large stays within Scotland

    The CFC statement is solid . The silence of the other 40 is deafening

    If the promised SPFL review doesn’t quickly act in the way that it must and force title stripping with recommendations to the SFA similarly on the Cups then …it will be abundantly clear that the football bodies are just too close to this and can’t effectively be defendants and judges at the same time
    At that point wee Nicola will need to take them out of the equation by getting the finger out and properly addressing the biggest sporting scandal in Uk history which has by the way happened on her watch and right on her own local doorstep

  7. Excellent coverage JJ, it’s getting really interesting now. Time for fans to boycott Scotland matches, Scottish cup, league cup and the SFA / SPFL sponsors. Hit them where it hurts financially.

    I notice Doncaster hasn’t issued a statement yet for the SPFL, he’s probably sitting under the table shaking like a shitting dog!

    I don’t understand why those organisations, who are supposed to look after all clubs interests, only look after the interests of a corrupt dead club and it’s facsimile.

    Most recent donation made today – 4BP66582WV38xxxx

  8. JJ, not sure what the latest is regarding your site’s financial arrangements. I’ll continue with my recurring monthly contribution and hope you get those who are able to but don’t pay anything to contribute in some manner. NB I am unwaged and receive no benefits but feel compelled to pay at leasty something for your work.

    On your post today:
    Interesting to note that even from the mouths of spivs and liars, the Truth still occasionally gets out. Murray’s statement on one thing is unequivocal, as he seeks to cover his own backside as his statement includes: “……….in the liquidation of the club…………”.
    No “holding company” or other myth; “the liquidation of the club”
    I wont thank him as it was clearly just careless of himself and his advisers, but there for all to see by his own hand, I repeat “the liquidation of the club”.
    So, over to you Doncaster, Regan et al……..follow your own, EUFA and FIFA rules and apply 3-0 losses against the history of the original Rangers Football Club, in every game they broke the rules by cheating and duly amend that history, noting that the “club” last played in 2012 and died in Liquidation and consign the “same club” myth to the dustbin where it belongs.

  9. Great summary of a hectic day. I’d be really grateful if you could keep a running score of which clubs release statements relating to the verdict following Celtic. This is not an ‘old firm’ issue but protection of sound governance and fairness in sporting competition. To not have a club view is to stiff your own fans when it’s as fundamental as this.

    1. TJ
      To date only Aberdeen fans have raised any form of dissent. I’m hopeful that will change as the season approaches and supporters attend games, expressing their views accordingly. Hopefully the respective leaders at club’s will then have no choice but to follow suit.

      In the meantime I’m boycotting every company that sponsors the SFA.

      1. JJ I can’t locate my contribution number but I recently contributed under the username


  10. Donation made JJ 9WE06173NV65xxxx apologies for delay but been on my travels.

    An eventful few days. Not hopeful of a satisfactory outcome for anyone but them if I am honest.

    Great article as always. It will be interesting to see what Regan and Doncaster have to say. Whatever it is, it will probably be the usual bullshit.

    Same club? New club? Oldco? Newco? Which one will it be today.

  11. With the announcement of the verdict of the Supreme Court yesterday, all of us now have to step up to the plate and demand that justice be done. I shall be writing to the SFA, SPFL, the First Minister and my own MSP. In due course I may write to others who I feel are also seeking justice in this case. I would be willing to sign any petition/petitions that are raised on this matter. There must be no cover-up.

  12. Good morning jj another great presentation. This is my first post as have not worked out how to accomplish this simple task. I’m a oap and a bit of a Dinasor when it comes to anything blogosphere.I have tried to correspond with you regarding a couple of donations I made over the last couple of months to confirm that you have received obviously did not get my correspondence.I would like to continue to donate but need to know if others have been received. 5th June. No 35314369001 10 pounds sent. Keep safe.

  13. Latest Transaction ID: 068013515F428xxxx

    Monthly contributions since last September and procurer of a seat at the virtual table in Manchester.

    Any news on the EBT recipients whose identities have not yet been revealed? There is a freedom of information request that was denied due to the appeal, surely that is in the public interest and can be revealed now. How explosive must the names be?

  14. It’s Scotland. Of course it will be ignored. It does not matter what the rules say. It does not matter if a few thousand threaten a boycott. They will simply brazen it out like an ostrich. Do not hold your breath waiting for a review. Simply disgusting. The most corrupt country in Europe.

    1. Fisiani
      We all thought that when the corrupt SFA attempted to shoehorn the newco into the championship in 2012. Only then did the supporters of clubs up and down the country (except Kilmarnock) vote with their feet thus forcing their chairmens hands. We need that to happen again.

  15. There are a couple of excellent tweets/ quotes from sensible Rangers fans doing the rounds in Twitter that call out Murray for being a disaster for the club and having simply lined his own pockets .
    I tried to copy them over but technology failed me . Auldheid is one of the sources. Worth a read !

    That DM bled that club dry personally ,and with MIM , and thus did contribute significantly to the demise of the club would indisputably appear to be the case .

    The history of the Murray years will now need to be rewritten and when it is his biggest legacy by the law of unintended consequences may actually lie and be seen across the City .

    On the 7th December 1941 In the wake of the attack in on Pearl Harbor The following quote was attributed to Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ” I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve ”

    Murrays hubris awoke a monster from its slumber in 1994 . That giant which had been a crumbling mess heading nowhere is now a world class global operation with fantastic infrastructure dominating the Scottish sporting landscape
    The then modern and dominating Rangers built by Hugh Adams pools monies etc is now the crumbling mess infested with criminals and heading to oblivion
    Regardless of how this current mess plays out and even if the ‘establishment ‘ airbrush away this scandal . Ask the question
    The SFA the media all of them ! What have they achieved at the end of the day with their cheating cover ups etcetc?
    They have managed to create the situation where their beloved institution and their fans have to exist in perpetuity in penury ridicule and ignominy at the feet of their dominating mortal enemy
    Well done lads you really are the people alright!

      1. If you are known to me and unwaged, comments will be free as usual. However if you are a member of The Klan trying your luck, I’m wise to you.

      2. I get an email on 28th of the month stating my recurring £20 payment. What confirmation number are you looking for? There’s a transaction code and an automatic payment number.
        However I was just wondering why my comment wasn’t approved. Do you need this confirmation code every time I would like to comment?

      3. No it was just a one off across the board confirmation of support for the month of July. It’s no biggie, just my last throw of the dice to avert a paywall. Your support is noted and very much appreciated.

  16. The fact that RFC Plc (IL) ‘”*LIED*””‘ for over 5 years about the existence of side letters, puts this cheating firmly in the ‘TAX EVASION’ bracket. I personally would charge ALL employees who received an EBT of “FRAUD” with no impunity. There is no doubt in my mind that the players knew what they were doing was illegal or they wouldn’t have asked for ‘Side Letters’ and maybe they’ll looking for sum “Recompenses” which will lead them to take action against Mr Murray, whose name will be for every associated with the ‘”*CHEATS*”‘ for ever more. ‘Doing a Murray’ should become a thing. Only my opinion.

  17. Another excellent article.
    For this of us abroad and when people out with Scotland look at Scottish Football there is little to be proud of. Grassroots and international quality players and appearances at international tournaments are conspicuous by their abject absence. However the damning indictment of the SFA is the corruption that has been laid bare yesterday by the highest court of the land and the SFAs pre-prepared statement designed to facilitate the facade of legal position, rule of law and application of same.
    The world sees nothing other than a small currupt little country where criminals can control the establishment club, line their currupt pockets with no fear of rules or regulations whilst the governing body turns an equally currupt blind eye.
    Shame on the lot of them.
    If ever there was a time for the fair minded to stand up and be counted that time is now.
    Surely the crimes of SIR David Murray and the currupt SFA and the SPFL should be brought to book by the good people who will refuse to stand for this shame any longer.
    EBTs; SFA; SIR David Murray; SPFL.and the sheep of Scottish Football who refuse to stand up against this criminality —— Scotlands Shame.
    It is said that for Evil to flourish all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

  18. JJ you are probably more aware than all of us about the “wrath of the sevconians”
    I have an acquaintance (not a friend) through my other ex bear pals, who to all intents and purposes is a “respectable businessman” dresses immacutely every day in his £500 suits.
    After the result on Tuesday, he contacted me about the Linfield game in Belfast and said “the anti has now just been upped” this cretin is hoping for trouble at the game, and wants Celtic to be kicked out of europe, that is the mindset of many of the blue persuasion.
    Then I read today that the Linfield manager, who should know better is quoted as saying “Linfield will fly Rangers flags at the game” Celtic should ask for game to be moved from Belfast

  19. Rangers stiffed the creditors and the taxman stiffed Rangers which allowed the creditors at least some closure, however the SFA in failing to acknowledge closure and permit the truth have allowed a same club myth to materialise which stiffs the creditors from closure in order for the same club myth to stiff more fans and creditors.

  20. Superb jj it is difficult to get answers in Scotland when most reporters are up to their knees in shite. So keep up the good work, and as far as the police are concerned they can stand a listen to bigots singing their bile and turn a blind eye. So yes they are too up to their knees in biggeted shite. Sent you a message asking if the money sent was received.

  21. Thanks for that JJ.I see that the Dons Supporters Together group are calling for the stripping of titles.I hope that the supporters groups of other cheated clubs follow their lead.I don’t see their football clubs themselves saying much about it bar Celtic.They should be ashamed.

  22. As early as 1989 there were strange tax goings on involving that club. A certain superstar player left under a cloud and sold his house to a company registered in the Channel Islands. That company sold the house on a few weeks later for 43% less than they paid for it. The company makes a big loss, the player gets a tax free windfall. One minute the player doesn’t want to leave, the next minute he’s off to a new club in London. Wonder what changed his mind ?

    1. Regarding that super star, he was an England international and was always accompanied by a minder. The following is hearsay, as regaled by a couple of ‘hard’ rangers supporters I met while working on the MSV Tharos in the North Sea in 1991. We were being used partly as accommodation for personnel during Claymore Alpha (Identical to Piper Alpha) rebuild/refit.

      The international in question was having an affair with a RRM wife, was warned and asked to stop. He believed as an international football superstar he could not be touched. Until one evening when he was with this lady in the “Duck Bay Marina” on the shores of Loch Lomond, a few big guys with Northern Irish accents approached his table. Told his time in Scotland had come to an end or his life would to. Seemingly if he did not agree he would have been dumped in Loch Lomond waters that night. The police in Balloch that night were all ‘supposedly’ going to be busy elsewhere

      The two guys telling me this thought it hilarious, I thought very scary. This is why I can understand your caution about NI para militaries and Police Scotland

  23. JJ

    Things seem to be moving, the SFA will I think in relatively short order fall apart – someone above mentioned the Romania regime. I think it’s very apt. At least the SPL said they’d examine what this means – the SFA statement is hideous, why bother waiting for the judgment – they could have released that statement any time – did they really think that their sanctioned decade plus of financial doping and screwing the Exchequer was going to get rubber stamped by the most senior court? – Muppets

    I will contribute to any crowdfund effort to bring these donkeys to task – a decent lawyer will have a field day during discovery – who’s going to be the SFA spokesperson trying to explain the 5 way agreement and the same club myth?


    I do think that it’s all going to blow up from here, would be sweet justice for a Knight of the Realm to do a little porridge, very sweet


  24. In addition to the many worthy comments on sporting integrity and fiscal legality I would like to add that it is not uncommon for ‘a brave voice pursuing a wrong’ to be treated with contempt and derision and to the extent that he/she and his/her family put under threat. This happens frequently where the ‘problem’ is endemic and institutional. Basically, in this case, in a country where racism/sectarianism remains rife. Along with greed, this is the root of the legal and moral malaise. The longer the police ‘err’ on the ‘wrong side’ or by ‘looking the other way’ the more they implicate themselves, in the present, to a future proper investigation. The web of this social cancer includes judges, procurators, politicians, journalists as well as bitter thugs who know the damage a telephone call can make and how convenient it is in restricting others’ freedoms. The only way the country can be cleansed, never mind its sport, is that all illegalities are pursued and the offenders, high and low, are called to account. The most striking parallel situation I can think of is the civil rights issues in America in the sixties. It’s time to move up to the front of the bus for due rights and justice.

    1. Excellent post !
      and underlines why not only the core institutional ,process and personal failings that caused this scandal to occur all need to be corrected and cleansed but also the wider societal ramifications should be thought through and acted upon by the SG ( not an SNP Criticism at all as this all predates them by decades)

      As things stand this morning Scotland is missing two of its (and any Country’s ) fundamental pillars of democracy .
      A Free ,independent and robust press and acceptance of the judgements of our Court’s of Law
      JohnS Your post helps articulate why!

  25. JJ, double donation for what promises to be a very interesting time ahead!
    Good to see AFC fans putting their heads over the parapet and making a noise, urge other club fan groups to do the same and put this grubby crew of gypsies, tramps n thieves firmly in their place #final nail in the coffin.
    HH 🍀

  26. 1N199704PW498xxxx

    Were it not for the ‘honest mistakes’ of the masons in black, the masons in blazers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to grant a euro-licence to the masons at Ibrox. Tuesday’s costly humiliation would have been avoided. Karma?

    Coffee and donuts.

  27. First off I should mention I haven’t stopped supporting the site, but not sure how easy my donations are to track. Last one was yesterday or the day before, 0BC4222647018XXXX. You’re doing a fine job, keep it up.

    I’m very interested to hear that the members of the Gazebo Gang have been contacted. The only way I can conceive of them returning is if King is out – which would imply a change of tack on the part of the Goldilocks Gang – whose response to the Skelly-eyed Skulldugger has so far been supine inaction while he squeezed them for funds. I’m presuming “steady the ship” is a euphemism for “help us out wi some benjamins” – and wondering what would be on offer in return…

    But of course the only long-term solution is to do what they’ve singularly failed to do over the past month, which is, live within their means. Even after the Luxembourg debacle, they’ve just finalised another deal, this time for Graham Dorrans, who is now in his 30s and not exactly an appreciating asset. How little they seem to learn from experience.

    Perhaps it’s just the human condition.

  28. Jj, payment number, 3319-0538-xxxx Not for publishing if you decided. I’m not sure what way to go foward i.e. What company to use for pound to euro conversion , the banks were paying 3points under (bank of Scotland) , my wife and I have bought a house in Spain but need to try and get ourselves the best rate for £ to euro , if anyone on the speakeasy has any advice , I’m in debt to you or them . Thanks in advance. FW.

  29. The blazers are assuming that there is no appetite for righting wrongs. They will simply obfuscate and try to ignore. I reckon Lawell has played the blinder I said he would. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Read the statement by Celtic. It is the opening salvo and sporting integrity will be achieved. The blazers do not appreciate the determination and persistence of Lawell and Desmond They will not take any more crap.

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