Circling The Wagons

I can understand the sporting advantage argument and calls for review but also have sympathy with need for our game to heal and move on. ” Chris McLaughlin BBC Scotland

Mr McLaughlin was banned from The Sectarian Speakeasy for stating truthfully that the vile and in most cases proscribed chants were still a feature at Ibrox.  The second part of his Tweet –  the need to heal and move on for the good of Scottish football – would be fine and dandy if the suppurating abscess of systemic cheating at Ibrox and Hampden had been lanced. Applying a poultice to draw the poison will not work as two of the directors who engaged in the cheating are still present on the board of RIFC.

Irrespective of title stripping surely there is a compelling case for banning both sine die from Scottish football?

The financial doping continues at Ibrox. The FFP transgressing soft loans are now north of £10m. Is anyone surprised by my exclusive information that the Mexican midfielder, Carlos Alberto Pena Rodriguez, at £33,000 per week, is the highest paid player in Scottish football?

There is s growing consensus at grass roots level to draw a line under the cheating by rescinding the titles. The Aberdeen fans have thrown their hats into the ring. Many from other clubs will follow. The last thing the SFA want is an independent review as it will expose Regan as little more than the mendacious servant of the Ibrox regime. When Rangers say ‘jump’ Regan responds ‘how high.’ It was always thus at Hampden and Park Gardens when Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie were at the helm.

Regan’s mantra is “let’s not make an enemy of Sir Bribe and Lie as it may jeopardise my ambitions for a mention in the Queen’s honours list.” An OBE/MBE/KBE would bolster his chances of a lucrative appointment at the English FA.

Regan’s desire to do the square root of fuck all is SFA : So Fucking Amoral.

The objection handling squirrels are being prepared at Auchenhowie as I write. Weekend leave has been cancelled as Traynor dons his “Live Strong”  Lycra to spin up a storm. One or more of the following will be positioned at his favourite SMSM mouthpieces. My comments on each will be in italic text:

Squirrel 1 : Clubs cannot afford the bonuses due should titles be reallocated.

This thesis was advanced by Roddy Forsyth. If the letter of the law was applied, each and every game where Rangers fielded an ineligible player, a player who evaded his social taxes, would be recorded as a 0-3 reverse. The win bonuses quantum could be substantial. As the SFA sat on their hands and were complicit in the biggest fraud in the history of British sport they should be sued for negligence. They were either corrupt or asleep at the wheel. It behoves the SFA to reimburse the clubs.

Squirrel 2: The tax avoidance was a grey area. It was not illegal at that time.

This squirrel has been playing with discarded needles in Sighthill. It was not avoidance, it was evasion. HMRC applied a penalty for the tax evasion and had their decision to do so upheld in court in 2011.

Squirrel 3: Lord Nimmo Smith asserted : “There is no question of Rangers acting dishonestly by using EBT’s.”

Rangers had hidden the smoking guns from HMRC and the SFA for almost a decade prior to their discovery in an unrelated City of London Police raid. Had Strathclyde Police (at that time) engaged in a raid, Rangers’ head of security would have been tipped off to move the body of evidence. SDM had more than the SFA in his pockets.

Squirrel 4:  LNS stated that no competitive advantage had been gained. The matter is closed.

£46.2m, which would have kept the troops in Afghanistan in Orange sashes and red hands, was evaded in tax. The following is from my archive:

For the EBT All-Stars team I have a squad of 80 to choose from. I would select Klos in goal, partner Cuellar and De Boer in central defence, with Craig Moore and Alan Hutton making my four in defence. In midfield I would choose Arteta and Amoruso, with Peter Lovenkrands on one flank and Claudio Canniggia on the other. Up front I would plump for Michael Mols and Nacho Novo. On the bench would be Barry Ferguson, Kris Boyd, Sasa Papac, Dada Prso, Alex Rae, Andre Kanchelskis and Tore Andre Flo.

To coach the All-Stars I have a choice of Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, Alex McLeish or Paul Le Guen.

All of whom were at it.

Squirrel 5: The games were won on the park – 11 v 11

The eleven that I selected, and the star-studded bench, would not have signed for Rangers had the majority of their remuneration not been paid tax-free. Would Klos have turned out in goal if a £2m EBT had not been a feature of his package?

Squirrel 6: There is no appetite for titles to be stripped.

The SFA and Rangers Lite will as ever fight this cheek by jowl, but the appetite for stripping will eat both alive.

Squirrel 7: The SFA’s hands are tied. They are not in charge of the league.

The purview of the SFA includes the bent Scottish Cup (where Rangers Lite are consistently drawn at home) and UEFA registrations. Teams were cheated out of trophies and access to UEFA tournaments.

Squirrel 8 : ‘Rangers’ have been punished enough. They were relegated to the 4th tier of Scottish football

Rangers were not punished. They ceased to exist as a professional football club. A new club with a similar name was admitted to the fourth tier of Scottish Football. Only the sentiently-challenged, or those who have some skin in the Continuation game, believe that Rangers have been ‘sisted’ from liquidation.

If Rangers had a more professional board which unequivocally stated the truth, that Rangers Lite are a new club, we could add asterisks to all the titles won during Murray’s tenure and move on. The Liquidation Lie has resulted in the conspicuous absence of any sympathy for the beleaguered new club.


50 thoughts on “Circling The Wagons”

  1. Suppurating abscess of systemic cheating would look superb on a nice big banner.P.S.Carlos would like to thank all the ST holders for his 33k per week.Wonder if he’s worth a tap? I’ll see him at Mass,usual place.

  2. Excellent article and summation of the many squirrels currently being released by the SMSM.

    Their diversionary rodents have been lined up and shot down like taking a machine gun to a fairground booth.


  3. its been quite an amazing week which is only going to get worse for the gullibillies.

    I’ve Been in Amsterdam for the last month it’s expensive over here Sorry about the late donation

  4. Outstanding article.
    Now is the time to set our boundaries. Regan, Doncaster and the corrupt cabal running Scottish Football who turned a blind eye and believe they can ignore systematic cheating on an industrial scale should be made to do the right thing!!

  5. JJ I thought you might find this interesting despite me not donating.


    Dave King has said sorry to Scottish football for the EBT scandal which has plunged the game into civil war.

    … King expressed concern over a perceived lack of humility and acceptance of wrongdoing from the club’s powerbrokers.

    … King offered the first concession from an Ibrox figurehead that the club may have gained a competitive advantage over their rivals.

    ‘I think we should be sorry – and I certainly am sorry,’ King told Sportsmail. ‘We owe both the Rangers fans and the Scottish footballing public an apology.

    ‘Some of the representations made have betrayed more of a victim status. But I think somebody needs to apologise.

    ‘… I am happy to say that I really believe we should be saying sorry and I think there is something to be sorry about.

    ‘And as a former director when these things were going on, I am minded to do so.

    ‘With regard to EBTs, I was on the board so I have to take some responsibility.

    ‘And I follow the logic of the argument that if we lose the tax case then we probably gained some competitive advantage.

    ‘I believe that, on behalf of myself and most of the board members who were with me and probably agree with me, that we should apologise for that.

    ‘I know that the Murray Group might not say that, because it might be tantamount to admitting it.

    ‘But I am happy to say it as a director of the football club. And … it is absolutely appropriate for the previous regime to be sorry.’

    Insisting there was no attempt to gain a deliberate competitive advantage from the use of a Murray group EBT, King added: ‘No one on the board, when I was there, would have had any intention of gaining an advantage.

    ‘But the fact is that I can understand the perception out there now.

    ‘And the way that Rangers have treated the authorities – instead of having a conversation with them around reparation – has been regrettable.

    ‘One of the things I would have looked at as part of a consortium in terms of funding is to try and fund them so that they could make some sort of commercial reparation to the other clubs.

    ‘But let’s do it in a way whereby it is seen to have happened and we come out of it strongly.’

    1. Interesting piece, until you see the date of it. King has had more than enough time to make good the misdemeanours of the board he served on. To date, he hasn’t done it, or even repeated his sentiments as far as I’m aware. Glib and shameless springs to mind. But that isn’t the reason he hasn’t repeated it. He, and everyone else in Scottish football knows why he hasn’t.
      On another point. He states “No one on the board, when I was there, would have any intention of gaining an advantage” That is just plain bullshit of the thickest order! Even if they were signing players legally, every board at every club sign the best players they possibly can. They do it for one reason, to gain an advantage over their competitors.
      The man has more faces than a town clock.

  6. Enjoyable read to start the day JJ. I think you covered all the now popular reasons for moving on. I have to say that is some EBT XI you’ve assembled there. I was surprised of one omission though and then realised you would need a real football analyst to spout the gospel on RLTV. Step up Nyaff McCann.

  7. Well reasoned words but they will simply be ignored by the blazers. The next few days are crucial. If they can hold on in the face of the overwhelming evidence of cheating then they will make us sit at the back of the bus. Those days are over and Desmond in particular is determined to prevail.

  8. A fantastic piece JJ. One of the best in my short tenure in this speakeasy.

    I noticed that Dermot Desmond was being heavily implicated in a financial irregularity scandal by the herald. To these people prevention is always better than the cure and deflection is always their go to when their darling club is in the spotlight.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 how reliable I’d the information informing you that Pena, an unheralded and unknown player, should be on £33,000 a week JJ?

      1. I have heard that there are up to three over the £30K mark. My source was nailed down on Pena but did not have a handle on the others. Watch this space.

      2. I am weeding out those who comment and don’t contribute. Those who do support the site should have no trouble providing confirmation.

    1. I would imagine a European champion and winner of 3rd place in the Confederations Cup would be the highest earner ? Just an aside i keep reading that they are waiting for Bruno Alves to get fit … looked fit enough when he was playing in Russia last week ??

      1. On the face of things I’d agree with that. Alves and Dorrans should prove to be good signings but the well will run dry soon.

  9. JJ – You have commented previously about SDM’s controlling modus operandi via potential blackmail.
    Surely as an extension to that it’s reasonable to assume that similar tactics have been deployed and are probably at play with SFA members?
    Point being, no one (SFA or MSM) is ever going to voluntarily break cover here and do the right thing.
    These guys will need to be dragged kicking and screaming from the shadows which will in turn (and apologies for stating the obvious) -need a big and focussed assault that can’t be ignored. Ideally by all clubs and supporters but if need be then Celtic at least. All this obfuscation and white noise needs to be stomped upon and quickly before everyone moves on

  10. A terrific piece of forensics.

    My source in Team Murray tells me that the ‘on message’ line with the press will be that Rangers did not act dishonestly with the use of EBTs and that they were legal when employed by the club. Scottish sports journalists will be on a drip to Charlotte Square being fed this message as I write this comment.

    I further understand that Team Murray is LIVID that CW was found not guilty. Team Murray is also livid that the scale of corporate negligence at Ibrox under SDM’s stewardship was laid bare by Donald Findlay. And of course, SDM is now in damage limitation territory in light of the Supreme Court ruling. SDM genuinely believes that he built a legacy of excellence and a trophy room which is bulging at the seams. His control over the Scottish press was all about portraying this legacy.

    And that legacy, which we knew to be a sham, is unraveling before his eyes. His reputation for corporate governance has already been trashed. He is well aware that Rangers fans will turn on him big time if titles are stripped. And if the fans turn on him, the press may follow suit.

    There is a further twist. SDM and King despised each other. They still do. If the title stripping initiative develops legs, expect an unrelenting salvo from King blaming SDM and the Murray Group for a catastrophic failure of governance.

    1. Just picking up your point about ‘acting dishonestly’, it’s actually a very fundamental message for them to convey. It’s potentially the clincher on the mens rea burden of evidence that potentially makes the losses not incurred the proceeds of crime. It’s also a lot of crap if JJ is on the money, and I’m sure everyone here believes he is. Deliberately concealing documents and lying is evidence of a guilty mind.

      A crime takes place when the act is committed not when the judge bangs his gavel, so the whole ‘at the time’ thing is another bushy tailed rodent.

      1. Sorry just after writing this it occurred to me that my point may be lost on those not familiar with personal liability for handling the proceeds of crime without submitting a Suspicious Activity Report or reporting on behalf of a Money Laundering Reporting Officer. It was personal fines and jail time I was referring to.

    2. TM, The “at the time” excuses is always trotted out. Even I know that HMRC is continually playing catch up in the the tax avoidance schemes that are actually tax evasion. Unless the scheme you invest in has been cleared you go down the tax avoidance road at your own peril as it’ll likely come back and bite you on the bum. “At the time” they issued side letters and concealed this from the SFA – a clear breach which they were aware of and then lied about. We shouldn’t allow them to try and sidetrack us with the “at the time”. Anyway, I enjoy reading your insights into this whole sorry mess.

  11. Belter of an article JJ. With the story by the National, Celtics statement and Aberdeen fans finding their voice I really am starting to hope that the SFA can be made fit for purpose again. That more than anything that can happen to a long dead club should be the reform and redress needed. The removal of Farry etc just shows that cutting the head off isn’t enough when it’s systematically corrupt and self serving. We deserve a governing body that stands up for the ingrity and wellbeing of the sport and not their own pockets.

    If we get that some good can come out of this stinking mess.

  12. Just a quick comment on how the sfa work .

    Craig whyte , found not guilty = banned and pursued for a fine . Not fit and proper !

    David Murray/ Dave king , both found guilty in courts = nothing to see here ! Move along.

  13. JJ once more you blog says all that is relevant in this saga, but how do we the cheated public get justice. It’s not enough to say we don’t go to Scottish cup games or Internationals , by the time these come round the press will have buried this story with the old “time to move on ” cliché, we then have the SPFL where by most of the teams are afraid of the backlash in their pocket, this is much of a red herring as it’s no guarantee the Rangers Lite will make it past the first couple of months of the new season.
    Celtic FC and the Celtic FC shareholders plus the Aberdeen supporters are the only ones to put it out there that something must happen, where are the rest of the teams and their supporters, we need them all to be in this together for what we demand should happen to the cheating football club that WAS Glasgow Rangers now in liquidation.
    Donation sent ….8W227608LA137xxxx as promised.

    1. I noted that @1stripthetitles on twitter has published a draft letter which can be sent to clubs to raise the issue. I’m going to do that and in fact I’m going to crib it to write to other clubs too. This is the moment when the fans of all clubs must act, take action and take it now. Take the one small step you are able to whatever it is, write to clubs, write to the SFA, UEFA, write to other associations, boycott the SFA run tournaments rather than the league who have agreed to consider. This is it folks, the moment is now.

  14. Another excellent read JJ .. first donation made. Overdue, more power to your elbow.

    Transact id – 3LH47884R14341xxx

    JJ: Your approved membership of the Sitonfence Speakeasy is confirmed.

  15. JJ on your piece about players wages, I would imagine as well as Pena on circa £30k+, Alves must be around that figure also, and remember Dorrans was on over £35k at Norwich which is why they wanted rid of his inflated wages, he would not have come up north for less than £20k a week.
    My point to all this is we know sevco were relying on european money to balance the books, now that is gone, I guarantee one or more businesses owed money by the cheaters fc will now not get paid.

  16. Great coverage JJ.

    I imagine our elected representatives are watching from behind the sofa as this sorry mess unfolds – esp Wee Nicola, representative of, err, Govan.

    The Supreme Court judgement has propelled this from a parochial football issue to a different league. Rangers FC are guilty of systemic tax evasion. Justice must be done!

    If the SNP do not intervene in this mess then they are confirming that they cannot be trusted to address blatant, corrupt, (dare I say it, masonic) cronyism in Scottish public life. What’s happened at Ibrox is a disgrace! The titles should be stripped and the old and new incarnations should be kicked out of football for good (the new dysfunctional entity claim to be the same proven cheating entity, after all).

    We are watching you, MSPs, we are watching. Surprise us and tackle injustice and corruption when it stares you in the face, in this backward little country of ours! You can’t blame the Tories for this mess. Here is a chance to justify your existence and earn your public funded salaries and do something for the good of normal Scots, the footballing public and clean up the national game, you know it needs to happen!

  17. If only wee Fergus was around then the corrupt individuals would have nowher to hide and the bunnet wouldn’t stop before justice was seen to be done!
    The silence of the media,the establishment,and the Scottish government in ignoring this sporting and corruption scandal at the heart of football governance and within the establishment club is simply breathtaking.
    How and why there is not an outcry to remove Minty’s knighthood says a lot about this wee bigoted country.
    Further intermittent donation made.

  18. Nicola wouldn’t get involved with anything Murray done as he was invited along with Ann budge of hearts and others to a fancy dinner, uefa should be releasing a statement advising the SFA that a new enquiry should be done. Extra donation made receipt number 2660-7861-3653-xxxx

  19. Yet another outstanding article JJ.

    All truthful.

    I believe King has given up on the titles stripping in order to save the same club myth. He’s getting Bears used to it. He knows he cannot win in court and Celtic FC are up for it.

    Robertson cannot afford more legal bills to defend the indefensible. RIFC cannot defend the titles legally as they need to prove they own them.

    I believe the SPFL has told King they back title stripping. I believe the SFA are extremely uncomfortable and would prefer TRFC surrendered the titles rather than evidences be dragged out in court by CFC QCs.

  20. ” While I am Chairman, Rangers’ overspending will always be on a sustainable and robust basis and one that safeguards the future of our Club.” —– Brilliant! Does anyone anywhere else in the world who has an IQ in double figures actually believe the Glib and Shameless CCK?

  21. My comment above alerted readers to this site that King was about to launch an attack on Murray. Team Murray were alerted to King’s statement yesterday and I couldn’t be more explicit or I would have brought attention to my source.

    But, there you have it. The first shots fired off by King.

    This will get messy. And bloody. They despise each other.

    Front row…..FIRE. Rear row…..FIRE. Rorke’s Drift had fewer casualties than this upcoming battle. If you want to read exclusives, read this site.

  22. Amoruso in midfield??? To play football the Glasgow Rangers way! Anyway the tide is on the turn. 3SP4240106246xxxx

      1. But will it work? King is a nutcase. Celtic ‘agitating’? ‘So-called’ benefits? Staggering, jaw-dropping lies lies lies. Time to bury these gangsters for good.

  23. So is squirrel 5 the winner then after the Lying Kings statement tonight. . Why do it last thing on a Friday before close for the weekend. This happened a few times now…..

    1. They think it’s smart, catches their perceived opposition offguard and in disarray. 🤣

      What it does is give everyone time to scrutinise how stupid the release is and come to the conclusion it’s simply puerile and best ignored.

      They haven’t even caught on that to bait a response it’s best to put something out in normal working hours that can attract an immediate reaction. How backwards of them.

      CFC won’t be provoked by this. Their complaint is with the governing bodies.

      I really think CCK has a screw loose. There’s an attention deficit, borderline personality disorder, belief in his own pathological lies going on.

      The papers just see sales from this material.

  24. A King’s Concession says:
    July 7, 2017 at 8:27 am

    On your article as per the date and time above that was a great spot as this has resurfaced and he has been caught lying tonight when he contradicted the piece you pulled. Both pieces have been laid side to side to expose the lie. He fell into his own trap just as the judges desribed him GASL
    JJ this should open a can of worms and now would be a good time to reference the Asterik years as to who knew what and who will be responsible to pull the plug, you are now i would say at liberty to question the first minister as to what has to be done with liars who fail to pay their way like the Scottish public have to.

  25. JJ

    Funny times – I’m having a hard time following who duped who

    Murray & Whyte?
    Rangers (IL) & everyone else?
    Rangers (IL) Board & their fans?
    Charlie Big Hands & the fans?
    The Concert Party & MA/Sports Direct?
    CCK & The fans?
    CCK & the 3 Bears?
    CCK/SFA & the rest of the world?
    Rangers Lite & the current SB holders?
    One entity not duped by King was the Mergers Panel – when that poopy hits the fan, there will be shit flying in EVERY direction
    Wow – this is some train wreck of a story


  26. Lawell is not going to roll over and be told to move on. The Supreme Court ruling is final. Guilty. Nothing less than title stripping will be acceptable. This might end up with UEFA and they are not Masonic. Title stripping is inevitable.

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