Fatally Compromised

Prior to the main thrust of this piece I take pause to provide an update on my attempts to avoid the introduction of a paywall. After two strong articles at the weekend, with some readers opining that they represent my finest work, I was sufficiently naive to believe that those who have been having a free ride would step  up with a minimal contribution and as many comments as they wish to make. I awoke to no contributions whatsoever.

I remain committed to running a forum for those who are willing to contribute. If one believes that I should give of my time freely to approve their comments, as if I hang on their every word, then think again. Joe Fitzpatrick kicked the arse out of the free comments with north of one hundred comments. He promised a contribution. He lied and turned up on another site that is also underpinned by PayPal. Terry Newman thought it was amusing to have two logins and make copious comments. Cassandra’s Cat and Salted Popcorn believe that they are entitled to a free ride.

As I do not have an eidetic memory, I rely on my readers to confirm that they have stepped up at least once to support our site. I will redact the last four numbers of the PayPal confirmation receipt number. There has been a shift in the tectonic plates of Scottish football. If one does not have a comment at this time, when will one be galvanised to speak out?

When I attended the FBA awards, I was asked whether I believed titles would be stripped. It was my view then, a view reinforced by The Supreme Court ruling, that this is inevitable.

However, is title stripping enough? In itself it does not go far enough. James Traynor, through his mouthpieces at The Daily Rectum, has provided us with £510,000 EBT recipient, Arthur Numan, to assert that title stripping is for the birds. I guess they don’t do irony at The Rectum. What this proves is that the Rectum takes the threat of a boycott seriously and will bend over backwards to retain the blue pound.  Their journalists and editorial team are fatally compromised. At less than 150,000 in average daily sales, advertisers will look elsewhere. This failing title is for the birds.

The Celtic board have stated unequivocally that there will be a review. If the SPFL do not commission this review, it behoves CFC to take the matter to The Court of Session. Doncaster is not stupid. The last thing he wants is to air his dirty Continuation laundry in public. A review is inevitable.

The recommendations of this review should not revert to the SFA on appeal. The SFA are fatally compromised. They have bent their own rules and those of UEFA to accommodate the European aspirations of two clubs from Ibrox. One of their former presidents, Campbell Ogilvie, evaded his social taxes with an illegal EBT. Mr Ogilvie lied through his back teeth to the LNS commission. He is not to be trusted on any matter unless supported by objective evidence.

Which begs one question. Should Scottish football continue to be overseen by a corrupt and fatally compromised committee of jobworths? Stewart Regan was quick to condemn Craig Whyte who was acquitted of all charges, but has never addressed his blatant lie on when the DOS/VSS levy had crystallised. He either lied to UEFA or was lied to. He refuses to tell the truth on this matter. He cannot be trusted. He should not be in a position to influence UEFA licence applications. He must be removed from office.

Did it surprise anyone that this corrupt administrator hired a QC to cover his exposed arse? The SFA are unfit for purpose. If they refuse to put their house in order they will no longer be relevant.

If Peter Lawwell wants to take the SFA’s house of cards down, all he has to do is to withdraw Celtic from the Scottish Cup and not release his players to play for the Scottish National team. There would be fines from UEFA &  FIFA but CFC can afford them. If other clubs followed suit the Scottish Cup would be as compromised as the SFA. We have watched the draw for this tournament being rigged to ensure that Rangers Lite receive home ties all the way to the semi-finals. If challenged in any of these games a bent referee, appointed by the SFA, will subvert the game in Lite’s favour. Last season’s home cup run is littered with ‘honest mistakes.’

Lawwell has the clout to approach both UEFA and FIFA to contend that the SFA are not fit for purpose. If his submission was co-signed by other Chairman, excluding career criminal Dave King and his holding company, UEFA and FIFA would be compelled to listen. The Scottish Cup and The National team should be run by the SPFL. There would be a perfect symmetry if the SFA’s liquidation coincided with BDO closing the books on Rangers.

Dave leave it to me. Your bent tiles are safe. We will hire a QC and stonewall the taigs and the bampots. How’s your left nipple for Masonic love bites?

Regan tried to strip Rangers of 20 titles and shoehorn a confection of assets into the SPL. He was thwarted in this corrupt endeavour and should have been thrown out of the game in 2012. He has been hanging around like a bad smell for five years. It’s high time for an SFA takedown.

David Murray has quite incredibly not been banned from Scottish football. He was the ringleader of a corrupt board who subverted the Scottish game with dual contracts and tax evasion. This board included Paul Murray who was passed as fit and proper, Dave King whose status has never been confirmed by the SFA, and Alistair Johnson. The latter just turned up with no mention of F&P criteria being satisfied. If Charles Manson, on death row, was a Real Rangers Man, would he be passed fit and proper?

Stewart Regan reads this site. He refers to me as the faceless blogger. He therefore is fully aware that David Murray paid a $1m dollar bribe to Lawrence Marlborough to acquire his equity in Rangers. Why does Regan, or Police Scotland, fail to act? Regan is fully aware that Murray instructed a third party to name and ‘shame’ HMRC employees and give their personal details to the most vile in their support, namely The Klan.

David Murray, Paul Murray, Alistair Johnston and Dave King should be banned sine die from Scottish football. If the SFA fail to act their demise cannot come fast enough.


90 thoughts on “Fatally Compromised”

  1. Hi JJ, The recent articles have been some of your best! More power to your keyboard. You have my monthly, recurring payment.

    Latest transaction ref: 3R1615320M406XXXX

  2. Hi JJ

    Belated but heartfelt donation made – long may your site continue.

    Another excellently insightful article exposing the sheer barefaced corruption at the very centre of the game. Over the last 72 hours or so I’ve read with increasing astonishment the narrative emerging from various quarters that ‘it’s time to move on’ and that any investigation into industrial scale theft is of no consequence.

    Given that there will be no appetite either from the SFA or SPFL surely it is incumbent on one of the elected MSP sitting in Holyrood to bring this to raise this at the highest level.

    If there are no consequences to this theft then mob rule has certainly taken over in the West of Scotland and Glasgow in particular.

  3. JJ I tried to donate but no acknowledgement came up. Not much as I am on a pension but hope it helps. Will pay more when I can.
    I would really miss your site. It is honest, informed and without bias.
    Keep up the good work .

  4. Hi JJ

    Just to confirm my donation the receipt number was

    Would be grateful if you can conifirm received

    JJ: If you redact the number it makes it inordinately difficult to trace. The idea is that I redact the number before publishing. If £20 or more you should have received my personal message.

  5. JJ donated two weeks ago. First time but not the last. Great site, interesting stories and views and just what the thinking fan wants. In a way its unfortunate that it is dominated by one live / one dead club but the story is SO intriguing and lets face it bad news sells better than good, except for our msm who could be making a fortune from the pantomime at Ibrokes but somehow refuse to do the thing they should be good at. I don’t buy our west of Scotland papers nor listen to Radio Snyde because of this. I have urged and still urge people to boycott them until they tell the true story of what is happening to our game. If they continue on their present path then they will go the way of the dodo and hell slap it into them.

  6. After many denials it is now clear that trump officials did meet with the Russians before the election.
    But they claim that they did not gain an advantage.
    Sounds familiar.

    1. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The notion that the Russians led the American people by the hand to vote for Trump is preposterous

  7. Hi JJ

    didn’t realise you wanted confirmation for donations, sent on 20/06 – 0125-3770-4585-9869-xxxx
    Hope you received it and thanks for all your efforts.

  8. First ever comment though a long time reader and fairly regular contributor. Your recent posts have been measured, thoughtful and very informative. You have raised your standard considerably. 9JD60202JT015xxxx

  9. The Supreme Court has ruled that Old Rangers broke the law and for years used players who were not properly registered with the SFA. We know from Spartans experience with the SFA that just a missing signature or the wrong date on a registration form results in an automatic 0-3 loss. The logical conclusion therefore is that every game played involving an EBT player in those seasons has to be changed to a 0-3 result. There is no alternative. The Court has finally decided. There is no higher court of appeal.
    Celtic have asked the SFPA to conduct a review of those years. It was not a request. It was an expectation. It will be carried out. Doncaster will sniff the air and hope that Lawwell will let it slip and that there is no need for action. He is deluded. The inevitable consequences were sealed when the secret side letters were discovered. That is what made the registrations invalid.

  10. Latest occurring PayPal transaction id


    With pleasure I donate to your site, as your blog’s each day are a fascinating read, which takes valuable time and effort to research and write.

    Keep up the fight JJ and I have proudly signed the petition to #stripthetitles

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