The Grubby Compromise

Prior to the main thrust of this piece I digress to put some flesh on the bones of a comment I made yesterday. The information I received was that a referee with a history of ‘honest mistakes’ that favoured Rangers was given an EBT for being the match official for behind closed door games. The Gold Standard on EBT, the Rangers Tax Case blogger, has stated categorically that this information is inaccurate. However he did accede to the recipient of one sub trust being unknown. Would it surprise anyone if Hugh Dallas, for example, received an extracurricular EBT for officiating at these bounce games?

Dallas was a bigot’s bigot. As far as he was concerned ninety minutes of bigotry was for wimps. His bigotry was bold and fierce. He was the kind of bigot who would not only run with the bulls at Pamplona but also taunt the pursuing pack with WATP and ‘No Pope of Rome’ epithets. A true blue Real Rangers Man of the first ordure. He joins the Pantheon of referees who have done their upmost to subvert Old Firm games in favour of Rangers. He thought nothing of reducing Celtic to nine men to ensure a win for his Ibrox heroes.

Dallas was in his skewed pomp when the illegal DOS/VSS helped propel Rangers to the title on 3rd May, 1999, at Celtic Park. Dallas sent off two CFC players and for good measure awarded a penalty when Vidmar displayed the kind of theatrical bent that would not have been out of place in a production of Swan Lake. Dallas had just been hit by a missile and having been patched up by the CFC doctor he then awarded a penalty, out of pure spite, within seconds. Albertz converted. EBT recipient Neil McCann scored the other two goals for Rangers.

Dallas was eventually sacked for distributing a cartoon that implied that The Pope was a paedophile. He certainly displayed all ‘The Hun’ traits that we have come to know and love. Would an EBT earner behind closed doors not have been right down his street? Would Sir Bribe & Lie, who had just borrowed and spent £30m on building a new team to buy success, have tried it on? Murray had money burning a hole in his pocket as his tax affairs were as bent as Dallas.

So should Rangers be punished for the biggest scandal in British sport. Yes they should. Should David Murray, Paul Murray, Alistair Johnston and Dave King, not forgetting Andrew Dickson, Ali Russel and the Incorrigible Campbell Ogilvie, be banned sine die from any involvement in Scottish football. Yes they should. But having a former President of the SFA banned would not sit well at Hampden.

I have been liaising with a Resolution 12 Requisitioner who agrees with my thesis that UEFA may have provided the SFA and SPFL with a ‘get out of jail free card.’ Have a look at the following letter sent by UEFA’s Head of Compliance and Financial Fair Play. Mr Traverso’s letter was copied to the SFA.


What Mr Traverso’s unequivocally states is that a new club/company, The Rangers Football Club Ltd, were ineligible to participate in UEFA tournaments for three seasons. There was no point in punishing the old club that is currently being liquidated.

UEFA’s position, like that of The Supreme Court, is incontrovertible. There have been many court cases where it has been clearly stated that Rangers no longer exist, but this basic fact is not good box office and has been ignored.

So rather than punish a liquidated club, the SFA/SPFL could point to UEFA’s precedent and state unequivocally what we all know to be true: TRFCL are a new club with no honours except a lower tier challenge cup.

This will not sit easily on Neil Doncater’s shoulders. He has gone on record to defy logic and the law to assert that Rangers are the same club. He has conferred titles won by the former club to the new club. He has engaged in a shoddy enterprise to convince Rangers fans to pay their dues to watch satellite television and feather his broadcasting contracts’ nest.

Doncaster should be dismissed for his grubby artifice. Lying in the face of the facts to pursue a commercial imperative is unconscionable. If the grubby compromise holds sway, Doncaster will be the first domino to fall. He should be followed by Regan and the band of  thieving cheats at Rangers then, and TRFCL now.



23 thoughts on “The Grubby Compromise”

  1. I think there’s two things worth pointing out about such a scenario:
    1. It shouldn’t stop the footballing authorities from correcting the record (the asterisk years) should it be found there was malfeasance – which is quite clearly already the case; and
    2. Any actual fine or other punishment that the governing bodies may levy could be done:
    a) at a personal level against the officers of the club who engaged in it or were guilty of looking the other way; or
    b) against the new club under the “footballing debts” provisions where the punishment relates to the football authorities.

    I do agree that it’s something the SFA would try on for size insisting they won’t contradict UEFA but it’s a cop out that is transparent.

    Great stuff again JJ

  2. I agree that you can’t punish Sevco as it was rangers that did all the cheating but all I have ever wanted was for Sevco and their fans to accept that they are a new club with a 5 year history and to admit rangers are dead. In saying that the titles of rangers still must be striped

  3. The real red herring in this whole case is the media and BBC no appetite. If you have no appetite then leave the post. Celtic played Legia and suffered a terrible result puting them out fair and sqaure on the pitch of play, however, the game turned on its head when they allowed a player to enter the fray who was at the time ineligible, this was the reason for the 3 0 reversal.Therefore applying the rules EUFA consider they did not win fair and square. its what it amounts to. EUFA do not consider the impact they consider the rules they enforce for all. We the ordinary punter may argue the guy who came had no impact, or others may have lost to a star player coming and scoring a winner when he should not have been and this is the argument, EUFA staed no inelligble player may be on the park end of story.
    Legia lost all attempts to convince of a clerical error, which it was,, however, the error was seen as a breach in rules and EUFA were not prepared to be lienent on rules. Only players properly registered or illegible may be on the field of play its the rules. When you bend rules you give away the level playing field and open yourself to abuse.
    The SFA have applied these rules to lesser clubs who it could be argued may not have experienced staff who spot these little errors and proceed to be punished later on in discovery. When you are found guilty in court you may recieve leniency in the sentence but you are still guilty. if the SFA attempt to whitewash they are finished and the precedent is created and the precedent will be the test case for all to proceed and bend rules to suit. Without a strong SFA and SPFL with an appetite to apply all rules without fervour or favouritism then we may as well pack up and go watch something else.
    The comprise of accept a new club to save face is not on either liquidation seen to that we know what it means the transactions of Rangers was incorporated company/club, they have argued seperate entity however, a club has no legal entity to enter into contracts and a club has no legal entity to enter into the SFA setup as to do so requires legal entity to create and agree a contract to do this it needs to be a business.When the players TUPED they were walking away from the whole incorporated structure, they were signed to Rangers Football Club Ltd, think about that the club has no legal entity unless its a company to sign players or enter into a contract, they walked away free from their contracts as the club/company they were employed by died and a new one had no hold over them in Employment law.
    When they the company/club hid the side letters they became compromised and complicit in breaking the rules and they have to accept their fate for this, this includes all directors who knew and did not protect the interest of their shareholders or advise them of their actions. BDO will address this and in doing so may well involve people who were placed in other organisations been quizzed about their part, the SFA/SPFL should come clean and do what it has to do and remove the stains from their employment, because the appetite has to be greater to ensure that the fans have a game which they can trust in and trust that wrongs will be put right and we know the media read this and we know they are placemen but a clear message to the media we know the score and we have the appetitte and we will satisfy the hunger to achieve the end result the fair result and the only result it is in the rules,rules created by the balzers to protect the integrity of the game, this integrity applies to all, non more so than the ones who writ the rules, Fergus McCann stated no-one is above the law,Farry understood this.
    The baw is not burst it is only in need of fresh air to re-inflate it and allow the game to proceed for the future on a level playing field.

  4. I don’t think there should be any compromise. Sevco is a new club and this should be accepted as fact by the football authorities in Scotland.

    Equally, in all cases where improperly registered players participated, as per the rules the offending club must forfeit each match 0-3. The rest is just arithmetic and results/trophies/
    titles amended accordingly.

    Apply the rules. There is nothing complicated about it. The evidence is there.

  5. A nice and measured comment Peter.

    I have to say that the silence from Scottish sports journalists is deafening. Has this been an EPL club, the English sports journalists ( there is a long list of them who take pride in analysis, research and beautifully crafted pieces ) would be all over it. It would be incessant.

    For starters, the question would be asked…… did it come to pass that THREE officers of the club who witnessed the train crash are back at the club? King, Paul Murray and Alastair Johnston were directors of the club during SDM’s chaotic fiscal reckless spree. They were aware of the use of EBTs. They were aware that these vehicles provided a competitive advantage.

    Most importantly, THEY LET IT GO. They FAILED in their fiduciary duties. They FAILED.

    And now, incredibly, remarkably, they are BACK.

    They are not fit for purpose and the fawning Scottish journalists have not covered this important story. Not one. And that in itself is astonishing because it is a hugely important story.

    Corporate governance was posted absent when the former Rangers fell off the cliff. King, Paul Murray and chairman Alastair Johnston played a role in the collapse of that club. Meanwhile, Rangers fans seem happy to have them back at a club which is beset with financial difficulties and no access to a credit line.

    That in itself is a story. But not one single journalist in Scotland will touch it. No experienced and quality business professional will go near this toxic stock.

  6. The case for title stripping is overwhelming. Consider the following:
    1) The highest court in the land has declared that RFC is guilty of tax evasion on a massive scale.
    2) Sir David Murray admitted under oath that RFC would not have been able to recruit that quality of players without the benefit of this tax avoidance vehicle thus giving them as advantage gained by illegal means.
    3) RFC broke SFA/SPL rules by failing to register all aspects of players’ remuneration with those organisations. The concealment of side letters was conclusive.
    TRFC will argue that this was a different holding club but 3 of its directors then are currently in situ.

  7. Sevco Rangers has no titles at all.


    The record needs expunged and cleansed regarding the Rangers FC deadco years.

    And guys need thrown out the game completely including Traynor. Any club giving Traynor a contract should be thrown out Association football.

  8. Receipt Number: 4702-9945-3544-xxxx
    Your acknowledgement received too, thanks JJ.

    Thanks also for the consistently excellent articles. You’ll probably see my IP address dipping in & out throughout each day as I read first your article, then the high quality comments that follow.
    I don’t personally have anything profound to add to the debate other than to opine that something must be done by the SFA/SPFL to address the injustices. Something.
    With output of this calibre from your site and some notable others, and maybe with assistance from MSM (probably not SMSM) then it may be possible to build enough momentum to get action.
    To that end – keep going. Your insights, and those of your contributors are invaluable.
    Talking of invaluable – please, fellow readers, contribute what you can, when you can. If we can all give a little, it has to help – not just JJ, but in achieving what I think is a common goal, righting the EBT wrongs done to Scottish football. We’ve all been robbed.

  9. JJ just as an aside. What has happened about the ruling that the glib one had to make an offer for all the shares?

  10. Brilliant work, JJ. First donation made ( receipt no. 4373-2514-6874-xxxx ). Only £10 so plan to make it monthly…….that’s only 33p a day so surely anyone who wants to read your blog can afford that, even the unwaged ! I see KDS are slagging you off about the EBT Ref. Hopefully you won’t let us down.

    1. Which blog? Brennan, Forrest, Phil Mac and The Clumpany are the only sites worth a visit. The rest are as relevant as Keith Jackson’s tennis reportage. What awards are they up for this year? That will be the usual none. They have so little to say that they have to riff of the success of this site. Half-hearted half-wits who would not know an exclusive unless they contracted rabies from the dog that bit them on the arse.

  11. One thing that confuses me is that Rogue-an and Dungcaster were going to strip Rangers (IL) or Sevco (take your pick) of titles when the plan was to parachute them (Sevco) into the SPL. The clubs said no to transferring membership and we ended up with Sevco in the 4th tier via the infamous 5 way agreement to shoe horn them ahead of sides like Spartans who met all the criteria. Nimmo Smith was appointed in August 2012 to chair the inquiry into the side letters but did not return until Feb 2013, three months after the flawed first tier verdict. The Rangers facing blazers saw a sudden opportunity to help Sevco and took it, letting them retain claim to Rangers (IL) titles and aiding Green’s IPO to milk/scam £20m from morons who thought same club. My contention is that if Rangers (IL) had lost the first tier tribunal the blazers would likely never have published LNS until the appeal process had been exhausted. The first tier false verdict allowed the Rangers facing blazers to A: Allow Green to proceed with the £20m IPO unhindered along with no stripping and a fatuous same club badge from LNS. And B: State EBT’s were a legal tax dodge and that ‘imperfect registration’ explained away the hidden side letters. Two false and corrupt interlinked conclusions that would fall to pieces after any objective review as we now know. The corruption is breathtaking. I would compare it what is going on in the U.S with Trump and Russia for scale and temerity.

    1. I don’t think it was even that sophisticated. Even at that point there had been a few guilty verdicts on EBTs and a total acceptance of guilt on DOS. They just ignored it like it was irrelevant. It helped the whitewash but even without that verdict they’d have done the same. It was nothing short of a facade to give the impression of governance while the old boys club looked out for themselves.

  12. It’s really quite simple. One Glasgow club is considered as having an advantage over the rest of the league. Why? Because they have access to more money and therefore a better quality of player that the other clubs do not. The MSM insist that this situation is both boring and demeans the league. Fans of some other clubs agree.
    So, Celtic have an advantage because they can buy a better quality of player. The difference being that that advantage is both fair and legal.
    They are well funded and earned the right to the Champions League money.
    Let’s look at the other Glasgow club as was. They used a method of buying players that has now been legally declared as ‘no happenin’. When they were able to use said method they were able to afford a better quality of player than the other teams. Which GAVE THEM AN ADVANTAGE. Said advantage has been declared as not legal and therefore not fair. Side letters to players WERE DELIBERATELY HIDDEN.
    To provide a comparison I merely point to Lance Armstrong as a great example.
    He declined to tell the cycling authorities ALL THAT HE WAS DOING. He KNEW what he was doing was cheating therefore HE HID IT. He was later caught AND HIS MANY TITLES REMOVED.
    That’s what happens in sport when you have been caught cheating. You lose things you previously had.
    Fans of football ‘clubs’ take note.

  13. My ‘Spidy-Senses’ have been for some time telling me that there will be “No Stripping of Titles” insignificantly hidden in small print in the 5 Way Agreement. This and the EBT disgrace is a STAIN on this Country that reflects badly on us ALL. Shall we just sit back with our fluoride induced brains with thoughts of injustice ringing around our minds and let them just ignore US once more. There has to be at least one ‘whistle blower’ to have access to the information that could finally bankrupt the SFA/SPFL morally and financially, for ever more. IF one can only dream it’s all that’s needed to bring it through the manifestation process.

  14. Traverso’s letter is clear. Rangers are a new club. Why is this so hard for the Scottish media to admit? Why do they persist in the Continuation Myth? This is Ranger’s first ever season in Europe, pity it lasted just 180 mins. Rangers have no Premiership titles. Oldco will soon have 5 less.

  15. Great piece JJ I have been in possession of the UEFA letter in this piece for the past few weeks and have had the pleasure of unleashing it in debates with the ibroke mob on several occasions, which has went down like a lead balloon they blatantly state its fake awrite fuck sake! “Google says we have trophies” and “we are the most successful domestic club in world fitbaw awrite your fuckin obsessed man” ha ha it’s brought me to the conclusion that no matter how much facts or commons sense you show these imbeciles they just won’t grasp it…….so I’m not convinced that even if spfl & sfa do release a statement they will deny any acknowledgement and try carry on regardless….they have completely buried their heads to the point it’s only their rid necks on show!! Titles IMO will and should be stripped the outcry from all Scottish fans is to fierce and in the tens of thousands it surely can’t be ignored…RIGHT??!! Keep up good work JJ I look forward to your piece when it’s all come to a head AGAIN ha ha god bless!

  16. Heard about your site been checking it out, amazed at the consistancy of your articles, would happily contribute for the upkeep of your site, I recently opened a paypal account can you tell me how to proceed please

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