Bringing The Game Into Disrepute

The events of just one week ago have galvanised many who lurk on this site to make a comment. I concur with their view that the tectonic plates of Scottish football have shifted, but this does not alter my view that The Sitonfence Speakeasy should be partly funded by those who make comments. I requested a contribution of £5, which yields £4.63 after PayPal have taken their commission. I extended the amnesty to include July. However I have only had three takers this week.

It was always my intention to provide free access to the unwaged and disadvantaged. To this end I invite those in invidious circumstances to make a PayPal donation of just £1 with a short note, or even one pence if this £1 is allocated for a meal today. Please specify your user moniker. My discretion is assured.

Today’s piece is my take on what should happen next as a bare minimum. Let’s set aside title stripping momentarily. Let’s look at what is deliverable in the short term. There can be no doubt whatsoever that those central to the Rangers narrative have brought the game into disrepute. One of these individuals, Craig Whyte, withheld social taxes to keep Rangers solvent. He was banned sine die and fined £150,000. Rangers were fined £160,000. These fines have not been recovered. The maximum fine that the SFA can impose on a disrepute charge is £1,000,000.

David Murray, not to put too fine a point on it, kicked the arse out of EBT. Souness and Smith were given EBT bungs for buying Rangers players when both were managers of other clubs. Fifty-five players were issued with dual contracts. Make no mistake; the side letters which looked at remuneration in granular detail were additional contracts. David Murray and his executives hid these dual contracts from HMRC and the SFA. David Murray implemented two illegal tax avoidance schemes and lied to HMRC investigators from 2005 until May 6, 2011 when he disposed of Rangers for the quantum of £1. Six years of lies and obfuscation. Surely a charge of bringing the game into disrepute is a prerequisite to ‘moving on’?

The incorrigible Campbell Ogilvie, who received a £95,000 EBT, was instrumental in establishing EBT and the execution of the illegal DOS/VSS enterprise.There is documentary evidence of Ogilvie liaising with a Jersey based trust, Montreal, on behalf of a player. Despite this he was allowed to lead exculpatory evidence to the LNS sham. Campbell Ogilvie, in engaging in illegal tax avoidance schemes, and not informing HMRC and the SFA about the dual contracts, crossed the line from avoidance to evasion.

However to cap it all he was elected as President of the SFA and he sat on his hands knowing full well that Rangers had issued dual contracts and were in breach of SFA regulations. The cheating and cover up at Rangers were allowed to continue because the president of the governance authority was severely compromised. In not discharging his duties as President of the SFA, in not taking Rangers to task, he brought the game into disrepute. He should be banned sine die and dismissed from his role as a UEFA match delegate.

Then there is career criminal Dave King. This individual has been proven to have acquired a controlling interest in Rangers by illegal means. The Takeover Panel on Mergers & Acquisitions will petition The Court of Session to force King to make an offer for the shares not owned by his concert part. When he fails to do so and is found to be in contempt of court, does it not follow that a charge of bringing the game into disrepute is inevitable?

Then there is King’s acquisition of hacked data which he leaked to destabilise the former regime. Surely a charge of bringing the game into disrepute must follow. What is Stewart Regan waiting for?

Regan himself has brought the game into disrepute by lying to UEFA that Rangers overdue payable of £2.8m had not crystallised. This lie cost Celtic a UEFA Champions League place. Regan subverted the rules to favour Rangers. When are Celtic going to sue Regan and the SFA for a loss of income?

Then there’s Paul Murray and Alastair Johnston who sat on a board where the cheating was known to them. They had a duty to disclose the dual contracts to the SFA and HMRC. They clearly abnegated on their duty to abide by the laws of the land and unequivocally brought the game into disrepute. As did Andrew Dickson and Ali Russell who knew they were cheating. The Nuremberg Defence, that they were just following orders, does not mitigate their guilt.

Then there’s Neil Doncaster who changed the scope of the LNS commission to exclude the illegal DOS/VSS artifice and the putative EBT malfeasance. He relied upon the favourable FTT conclusions to exonerate Rangers from evading tax. These conclusions have been overturned. In subverting the LNS commission he brought the game into disrepute.

Those expecting a quick resolution of these charges should exercise patience. Celtic are liaising with other clubs to build a consensus to demand a thorough review of the corruption at the heart of Scottish football. Club chairmen are in a difficult position. Eight to ten thousand visiting fans of Rangers generate circa £400,000 for each of two games. A boycott, as threatened by King and the worst Club Med group ever, Club 18-72, could bite. However the devil in this deep blue sea scenario are the clubs owned by football trusts who have a duty of care to fans concerns, and box office boycotts should chairmen fail to act. The fans of Aberdeem, Dundee United and Falkirk are spitting blood. If a thorough review is not forthcoming there will be a civil war in Scottish football. Framing a question in a certain way to solicit a predetermined response from an advocate is a cheap trick from a cheap organisation.

If action is not taken on these individuals, don’t be surprised if there is a clarion call to ban the current iteration of Rangers sine die for bringing the game into disrepute since David Murray secured Lawrence Marlborough’s equity with a $1,000,000 bribe.


34 thoughts on “Bringing The Game Into Disrepute”

  1. The silence from other clubs and fan groups is puzzling. Especially Hibs and Hearts. Without a wider base nothing will happen. Wee donation sent.

  2. Concise,straight to the main points and hopefully makes people think before the ‘Strip the Titles,why isn’t this being done?’bandwagon loses it’s direction and wheels.I’m still wondering about the domestic Cups situation,very little being said,strange if sporting integrity is the thrust.
    P.S.Aberdeen,quick,before they wake up.

  3. Outstanding and forensic. This article should be sent to the chairman/chairwoman of every Scottish club and also to UEFA and the sports editors of all English and European newspapers and TV channels.

  4. I made a £10 donation a few days ago, i hope you received it.
    When do you think something will happen in all this? When will Celtic and the other teams make their move?

  5. Just like the title from that old Sinatra song “The Best Is Yet To Come”. Donation made, it’s been a while.

  6. JJ not quite a reply to your excellent post today, but as today is the 12th July, I wanted to ask these questions.
    There has been outrage at the racist signs appearing on bonfires in Belfast, which MUST be condemned by all right thinking people. But can the PSNI explain why they are investigating these racist incidents, yet year after year allow sectarian anti Roman Catholic images on bonfires to go unhindered, what is the difference between racism and sectarianism that one is against the law and one is not.
    The same question to Police Scotland, last week an orange parade sang the banned Famine song and are being investigated, yet week after week openly sectarian anti Roman Catholic songs are allowed both on Scotland’s streets and at Ibrox. Why is sectarianism, not proscribed also.

    1. It’s a good point. I think parallels can be drawn with the caste system (which recently had a controversial legal racism win) or anti-semitism. Whatever way you look at it it’s discrimination and bigotism. Racism crosses a clear legal line (as does sexism, ageism etc) but other forms of bigotry aren’t as specifically prohibited and clearly distinct from ‘political expression’ and the right to free speech which is also a protected human right. No excuses for it still by any right minded person.

      1. You posted a link to a proscribed political site. I’m not interested in their partisan view. I’m still awaiting the EXPRO in The Shetland Shelf which was suppressed prior to the referendum. If you want to follow a mindless comic which makes it up as it goes along, that’s your call. But not on this site.

  7. A tremendous piece. You really should send a copy of the last week’s worth of articles to the English press. It’s pre season and, other than Wimbledon, little to cover. The Supreme Court ruling DID get noticed but, unfortunately, the Rangers and SFA narrative is not followed nor understood.

    There is precious little interest in Scottish football and Rangers getting knocked out of Europe by the fourth best team in Luxembourg merely confirmed widely held views about the quality of the game. Nor is there much interest in a Scottish club (Rangers) going bust.

    But a story which is all about systematic cheating, tax evasion and collusion with the governing authorities? THAT’S a story which I am sure would be if interest to any sports editor at, say, The Times, Telegraph or Mail. (Martin Samuel at the Mail takes an interest in Scottish football as does Henry Winter at The Times.)

    The Scottish journalists have buried their heads and simply don’t want to touch this story which in itself is remarkable as it is probably THE biggest scandal in the history of Scottish sport.

  8. My first payment of £20 less pay pal was made for your excellent work on 20th June under ref 9S359243KA507xxxx.
    I check your blogs daily sometimes more.
    I am in awe of your knowledge and desist on my input as only being of mindless chatter.

  9. Other clubs who demand justice should inform their members who cannot attend as season ticket holders or otherwise that they can give their club a contribution every month until payment is equalling the amount of entry to the two TheRangersFc visits and the travelling support of all clubs advised to not attend Ibrox.
    Aberdeen v Rangers for an example say the entrance fee for ths game is £30.00 x 2 then for 12 months a donation of £5.00p.m is made in the event that the Ibrox club attempt a hold to ransom blue pound crap.
    We dont need cheating and ransom notes to corrupt even further.

  10. Excellent article yet again, and I can only agree with the comment above that perhaps looking to bring in Press interest from outside Scotland might be the way to go.

    Paypal Transaction ID – 2YR511298P537xxxx made at the end of June when I was made redundant.

  11. I agree with TM. Fingers crossed that Alex Thomson from channel 4 is on the case again. The SMSM here know who buys their rags.

  12. Perhaps we should boycott clubs who condone the outrageous behaviour of sevco / trfc / SFA/SPFL If their own fans don’t put pressure on them we should hit them in the pocket. Withhold the green pound.
    Monthly contribution will continue.

  13. Hi JJ,

    Just wanted to make sure my contribution came through ok.

    Has left my bank account but just wanted to clarify from Monday it has arrived with you.

    Keep up the sterling work.

  14. 824h
    Read all the time. Never comment £5 sent your way mate… Its the least and the most i can do…. keep up the the good work… and excuse the language but fuck the haters…
    Keep safe.

  15. The English FA state no one person can hold more than 30% of a football club, and can not be a director if he has been convicted of any crime, of dishonesty,

  16. This blog is widely read by those who have an interest in Scottish football. Your clear exposition of the attempted cover up of the tax avoidance and the collusion of senior people in the game means that there has to be a truly independent review followed by appropriate sanctions and reform of the SFA and SPFL It is not the crime that brings you down. It’s always the attempt to cover it up.

  17. Just a lurker but I really enjoy your insight into Scottish football facts JJ. I hope the SFA in particular get investigated justly and fairly for the sake of football in this country, if not I must seriously consider discontinuing my support in the game.
    A few donations made these last few months to help with your cause.

  18. 4EW60798FW187642N

    Hoping you’ll edit last 4 digits JJ

    I’m a lurker, and don’t feel I’d add much benefit to the high-level input required in the speakeasy. Some people just like to see themselves front and centre.

    I’m hoping for a joint effort by fans of ALL football clubs, tackling what looks like a concerted effort to look the other way as Rangers, the “Institution”, actively and knowingly, acted out with the best interests of Scottish football.
    They cheated, they lied and they died.
    I would like an impartial panel to review ALL improprieties by ALL clubs involved in rule-breaking.
    What’s the point of Association rules if they’re not abided by and enforced.
    How are club/companies to feel in future when a dubious idea is proposed to them that can gain a financial advantage over opponents.

    My gut instinct makes me feel sad for Scottish football right now.
    Fans that pay to watch football must feel disheartened when they look at the leaders of Scottish football looking like a freshly neutered puppy.

    Gone are the days when Joe public blindly take press statements as gospel, buying a paper on the road to work to read about your team or laugh at your opponents on your morning tea break.
    The cycle is being broken, slowly but surely.

    I’ll end now as my soap box is starting to creak.

    Best of luck in whatever way you go with the site.

    It’s an enjoyable read.

    1. A couple of good points here, so no need to apologise for ‘lurking.’ Your contribution in itself elevates your status on the speakeasy. Widening the scope to look at other clubs, as per the worst Club Med 18-72, would pander to the cheats and duly delay and obfuscate any remedial action.

      1. “They cheated, they lied and they died”. Salut, for summing it up perfectly in just seven words.

  19. Unwaged but won £30 on a horse and your welcome to one third sir…2nd £10 donation made in last fortnight can you confirm payment received thanx…keep at them JJ…superb site…..4CC82559SX017xxxx

    JJ: Thank you.

  20. Massive thanks for your continuously well written & informative articles JJ. Here’s to hopefully a lot more from your trusted pen. Donation sent, Paypal reference : 5DA52208S2139xxxx

  21. Seems like Craig White being the super squirrel to blame the lack of governance on is looking every bit the bluster and deception that it was. So disappointed he didn’t get to speak in court.

    As for the SFA response, it could loosely be translated as “the only way to undo the damaged caused by the lack of governance and oversight in Scottish football is to do even more nothing. The extra lack of governance and accountability will fix everything”. SFA are Systematically Forgetting Accountability.

  22. An accurate synopsis of the poisoning of Scottish football.

    On Ogilvie, although he jumped ship from Rangers in November 2005, six months after HMRC had written to MIH to ask about side letters to the DOS ebts Ogilvie instigated in 1999 and that Dickson or McMillan could not find in the players files that Dickson was responsible for from 2004, Ogilvie actually started his SFA career in 2003 as treasurer, becoming Vice President in 2007.

    So he was inside the SFA room just at the point Rangers use of BTC ebts started to accelerate.

    He didn’t just bring the game into disrepute, he is a prime cause of it along with SDM.

    The SFA must know this, they know an enquiry will end them, but as small truths like this add to the weight of the bigger ones, they will find the necessity for change is inexorable,

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