Hector Rides Again

We are in the midst of a propaganda war waged by James Traynor via his mouthpieces in the SMSM and the licence funded Hun that is Kenny Macintyre at BBC Scotland. What possesses BBC Scotland, that is run by hard-drinking Rangers-facing Teuchters, to pay tax dodgers to appear on their shows?

Have these tax evaders not had enough of the public purse?

Swinging their kilts and their PC credentials when dropping £3m per annum on BBC Albatross is difficult to justify, unless one considers the provision of  jobs to the unemployable graduates of Glasgow University’s Classics Faculty. The licence fee is a social tax that we all must pay, so why promote and remunerate those who think they’re too smart to pay tax?

Is it too difficult for Macintyre and his producer to find someone who has actually paid his taxes from the Rangers diaspora?

I’m looking forward to the podcasts featuring Craig  Moore, Frank De Boer and Tore Andre Flo. A Wee Tax Case special at the state broadcaster. Your Masonic slip is showing BBC Scotland. Perhaps you’ll ask Charles Green’s former equity salesman, Tricky Dicky Wilson, to step forward and swing the lead for us.

Traynor does not see the irony in putting forward EBT recipients to assert that title stripping is for the birds; that titles were won fairly on the park. This is analagous to stating that a boxer with a horseshoe in his glove won fairly and squarely, or that the Jehova’s Witness’ nightmare that is Lance Armstrong won fairly ‘living strong’ with EPO boosted blood transfusions.

One publication outwith Traynor’s blackmailing gift is Private Eye. Slicker, who is widely read in The City (colour me surprised given his nom de plume) wrote a small column on what is coming down the pike for the magnificent Rangers tax cheats in their tax-flying machines.

Slicker refers to the architects of the EBT tax dodge. Baxendale-Walker was convicted of impersonating a tax official. Was it remiss of him not to suggest he was in character at the time in a production of Hector Rides Again? Then there is this site’s old chum Andrew Thornhill who is such a tax whizz that he was bankrupted by HMRC for, how remiss of him, not paying his taxes. Look on the bright side Andrew. As a tax-evader you are a shoe-in for a gig on Kenny Macintyre’s show.

Slicker suggests that it will be difficult for HMRC to collect taxes from players who live abroad. Those players who eschewed playing for Manchester United for the ‘EBT glory’ of playing for Rangers. Well for starters they can look at the fee paid by The Rectum to Arthur ‘Are EBT Electric’ Numan.

There is a myth that the 55 players, 23 executives and ancillary staff and two former managers on the take, will escape sanction. Think again. Each and every individual is personally responsible for their tax returns. If one evades PAYE tax and National Insurance,  this quantum with interest and penalties is coming your way. David Murray’s £6.3m of disguised remuneration, and his £500,000 per annum for dual contracts advice, will by the time HMRC are finished with him, leave little more than the price of a bottle of Irn Bru and a fish supper. Sir Bribe and Lie might have to trade in one of his Rollers for a Toyota hybrid, or a hydrogen fuelled alternative which would appeal to his propensity for hot air.


Spare a thought also for Barry Ferguson. The Kebab Bantamweight will not have enough for a larger Donner with Chilli Chips. Mrs Ferguson has had her chips. Alex McLeish might have to devote more hours to fee-paying appearances on Channel 5. Should one be surprised to see Alex reading the news in his finest Barrhead brogue?

Slippery Graeme Souness, who likes a bung, won’t lose much sleep over the EBT he received for buying Rangers players, as is the case with his impostor, Walter Smith, who might have to forego the Fair Isle cardigan that he had his eye on.

Is it time for a Help For Heroes scam to assist the tax-evaders, or a dodgy charity game, or has the producer of Kenny Macintyre’s show lined up all 55 dual contract players for a lucrative Blue Doo at licence payers expense?



26 thoughts on “Hector Rides Again”

  1. As you state,JJ,but without the nice charity stuff,could they not just put on a “game” between the EBT Leg neds and Pedro’s RCs.Would be a close game,sponsored by Turkish Delight,tickets “fixed” at £18.72…

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder about the new SPFL Non Exec. Chairman Murdoch Mc Lennan who just so happens to be Chairman of the press Association and Deputy Chairman of Telegraph media.
    What chance is there of the truth coming from the Spfl while they wrap themselves up for the storm that’s coming their way.

    1. Maybe so Photios,but unfortunately for this shower of cheats and bigots a sash is not in view.Perhaps Hector feels that a length of rope would be a more fitting and sturdier item to hang the lot of them with.
      As ever,stay safe JJ,Irishboy.

  3. JJ
    This article and the bulk of your daily output would easily grace Private Eye and then some .
    This is the stuff fans want to read not the utterly crap stenography produced by the SMSM who as we know are simply reproducing Rangers club statements verbatim ,PR fed BS or choreographed statements from Rangers stooges and tax evaders

    McIntyre as you suggest is clearly a fully paid up member of the Traynor puppet society . I can just envisage him and his buddies in the Herald ,ET and DR when not working actually leading off the singing on the supporters buses .and btw I see Lindsay Herron is now with the London Times .jesus wept! . The dross he wrote the other day would indeed make you cry !
    As I understand it BBC on their website also aired the ludicrous Club 1872 statement but (and I may be wrong ) are refusing to publish The equivalent, fairly balanced by comparison , Celtic fans statement ?
    I don’t know if they published the Dundee United and Aberdeen fans output .

    As I posted several days ago a convicted criminal and his friends and associates should have zero say on their sentence
    A man on death row or his pals don’t get a say on whether it is the Electric Chair or A Needle .
    We knew there would be a preprepared tsunami of BS coming our way after the SC decision but the BBC Who should be leading the way and screaming from the rooftops for justice are literally complicit in the cover up here either by their incompetence and /or frankly more likely their innate sectarian bias .
    This scandal is a national disgrace and the reality is BBC Scotland are part of it frankly condoning illegal and corrupt behaviour . Right now on this topic they could be broadcasting in North Korea or For Mugabe in Zimbabwe ..easily !

    So BBC producers if you are reading this . We are paying for you .get your act together . Get in front of this story ,get rid of this bunch of apologists and start behaving like a balanced national broadcaster not the f@cking marketing and PR Department of Rangers and the SFA and whilst you are at it please do not let Any EBT recipients on the TV or air waves EVER AGAIN on any topic

  4. Your final paragraph brought a wry smile; could it be that McIntyre, along with his favoured “rangers” could be “going for 55” together. Which of the two is the most preposterous?
    Have these half-wits no understanding of how ridiculous they are?
    And now we have McLennan at the SPFL.
    Has journalism died, follow-following the death of its favourite club?
    Jesus H Christ, you really could not make this up.

  5. Paypal Confirmation: 4HM76064XM835xxxx

    Hi JJ. Going on hols tmrw so have barely had a moment these past few weeks, you know how it is. Just to say I have made a top up donation today in recognition of posts this last week or so – they have been stellar to be honest, as have many of the excellent comments by the usual gang. I am heartened that there is, at least in the blogosphere, a groundswell of sensible opinion leading to calls for sanctions against the Oldco.

    Like many others though, I genuinely despair at the lack of traction the BTC outome is having in the SMSM. Case in point the other day when Chris McLaughlin of BBC Scotland was interviewing Anne Budge and didn’t even bother to ask for her views on FFP or BTC apropos Hearts having been cheated out of a substantial sum. Not one word. And as you say, we then have frankly nauseating instances of BBC Scotland trotting out various EBT recipients to give their wholly biased views on the matter. WTF??

    I for one am all in favour of the OldCo titles being stripped, as a minimum, but as a CFC fan I have no interest whatsoever in them being awarded to the Club. But the wrongs need righted otherwise Scottish football is in the toilet forever as far as I am concerned. I certainly won’t set foot in a Scottish ground until it is resolved. I fear however the whole issue is in danger of becoming a long running CFC v Sevco soap opera, which it really should not be. Maybe I’ll take up the Mensch’s excellent suggestion and contact a few papers south of the border……..

    Anyway, keep up the good work as always my friend and I hope the extra sub allows you a nice steak dinner whenever you have the time to enjoy. Cheers, TS.

    1. If rangers had not cheated celtic would have won these titles.
      Carl Lewis did not win Ben johnson’s gold medal. He won the gold medal fair and square because Johnson was disqualified for cheating.
      These titles belong to celtic because rangers cheated and will be disqualified.
      It really is that simple.

      1. It’s a fair point but maybe not the best analogy. Rangers won and lost points against teams and it affected how teams played not only those matches but others. On probabilities yes, Celtic probably would have won the league. It’s a big jump to award a probable title. You can’t possibly do that in. Cup competition were the issue is amplified.

  6. Private Eye recently had some interesting stuff on the new SPFL non exec Murdo McLennan. His nicknames include Shifty McGifty and Lavish McTavish due to his fondness for the expense account life. Latest issue 30 June – 13 July, worth a read.

    1. I have been provided an insight from a friend of our site who has known him for forty years. I’ll expand on this in the next blog but from first glance I like the cut of his jib.

  7. I think it’s safe to say by the appointment of shifty as spfl non exec they are going to maximise the non news for the English msm.
    The reality in my opinion is the fix is well and truly in at the highest level.

  8. Media Freemason fixes in Scotland or the UK will not effect bringing the issue to The Court of Session or CAS.

    This is a Justice issue not a public perception issue.

    Regardless of media non coverage, the whole of the uk knows of RFC guilt.

  9. JJ – Another small donation sent under 0A552605AD361xxxx. Just to supplement the smaller one I sent earlier in the month. Keep up the excellent work, inch by inch, yard by yard !!

  10. JJ

    The cold shoulder and “In Contempt” from court will fit neatly on top of the Europa & BTC results.
    I expect the weight will be too heavy to “bear”
    The fact that this incarnation is careening towards a wall will look very bad when everyone is rubberknecking at the crash, the SMSM were MIA last time and they’re MIA again – a lot of this stuff is only out in the open due to the English Police conducting a raid all those years ago (As well as a select few smarty pants like you shining a light) – looking for justice/honesty at home is pointless, it’s not going to happen

    If nothing is done the slow decay of Association Football in Scotland will continue and the deterioration of the National Team will quicken

    We could set up a Celtic League Trophy and play teams from Wales , Ireland, Brittany & Galicia – that’s where this is all heading – Unless someone with non blue cojones steps up to the plate

    As Yogi Berra famously said “It’s deja vu all over again”


  11. JJ An articulate man as you are please write to the BBC explaining the bias you have encountered and ridiculed in numerous articles.
    Sorry if not clear enough but I mean the real BBC not the Mickey Mouse one up here.

  12. It must be galling to live in Scotland and have the biggest story in football completely ignored. No media discussion of the implications of the Supreme Court ruling that confirmed cheating on an industrial scale. No appraisal of the FFP breach. No discussion of the Cold Shoulder and no acknowledgement that Rangers are a 5 year old club. They are just trying to brazen it out. They assume that there is no interest in exposing the perfidy and being truthful.

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