A Mushroom’s Guide To Sporting Integrity

Making a case for Rangers at the present time is to make a rod for one’s back. Making a case for Rangers in the face of an internet petition:  #stripthetitles – which now has 7,000 signatures – is an onerous task. However if the new SPFL Chairman, Murdoch MacLennan is to have a good working relationship with Neil Doncaster he may find himself having to defend the indefensible.

The SPFL is a limited company with shareholders and directors. Its executive committee currently comprises of: Iain Blair, Ann Budge, Leeann Dempster, Eric Drysdale, Kenneth Ferguson, Ian Maxwell, Karyn McCluskey, Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, and Ralph Topping who is stepping down as Chairman.

To date only Lawwell’ s Celtic Board has come out to demand an inquiry. Budge and Dempster, who are considered new progressive brooms, have both kept their own counsel much to the chagrin of many of their supporters.

The prosaic facts of Rangers cheating have been laid bare. Hugh Adam stated that the cheating started in the mid 1990s. When the odious Bank of Scotland threatened to foreclose on Celtic’s loan facility, at the behest of Sir Bribe and Lie, Rangers’ rivals were in disarray. The Kelly family, with their fantasies of Swiss finance and relocation to a toxic wasteland in Cambuslang, were on the brink of bankruptcy. As McCann laboured to wrest control from the vested interests and steady the ship, all eyes were on Celtic. David Murray took this as his cue to press home his advantage and to take his tax evasion to a new paradigm. I have little doubt that some high profile players, with Maurice Johnson being a prime example, were being paid off the books prior to the introduction of the systemic tax evasion instruments. Sir Bribe & Lie was bent from the outset. Did the odious Bank Of Scotland know that the $1m in cash that they loaned to him would be used to bribe Lawrence Marlborough?

As the petition to strip the titles gains traction the question arises as to the quantum of the titles that should be revoked. Leaving the bent cup wins aside for the moment, should the nine in a row that began when Murray took the helm in 1988 be rescinded?  Were dual contracts and irregular payments in place from the get go? The documentary evidence of dual contracts and tax evasion is overwhelming from season 1998/99. There is no defence to seven titles being rendered null and void.

The tectonic plates of Scottish football have shifted. We either embrace the change and clean out the Augean stables or we will continue to stare into a Scottish football Hades where the cheats claim supremacy.

Into this mix comes MacLennan, who is a die-hard Celtic supporter. Will he go toe-to-toe with Doncaster on behalf of his disadvantaged club? Will he be an advocate for change? Or is he the hired gun to shoot down the dissent and maintain the subverted  status quo?

I believe that he will take the temperature of his executive committee and go with the flow. Budge and Dempster are so seduced by the blue pound that they are unlikely to raise more than a plucked eyebrow at the Supreme Court decision. Will MacLennan help them sup the poisoned chalice that is the Rangers Lite travelling support as the latter espouse ethnic cleansing in The Famine Song?

When one attempts to make a case for Rangers the devastation in Manchester comes to mind. There is a large recidivist class in the Rangers Lite support, including the hard-line bigots and former paramilitaries of The Orange Order. One cannot make a case for the UDA or UVF by adding fifes and drums. Some of these individuals are conspiring to assassinate me.

My exile is on Main Street. I have been informed by a reliable source and a longstanding family friend, who has access to police intelligence, that if I attend so much as a funeral in my home town, I will be shot dead. These people cannot handle the truth about how their club went bust and how their club cheated their way to 16 league titles.

MacLennan has gone toe-to-toe with Robert Maxwell, Paul Dacre and the Harmsworths. He is a skilled operator who knows how to pick his battles. He does not officially take office until the first of August. Will Topping in his final act as Chairman make a statement prior to that date, or as is more likely give a hospital pass to MacLennan? I favour the latter as any bad news apropos the SPFL not bothering their arse to effect change would have a negative impact on season ticket sales. Let’s have the mushrooms’ money in the coffers before we feed them more shit and keep them in the dark.

We now know that the SFA planned in advance for the BDO appeal being dismissed in The Supreme Court. Is it more than likely that Regan and Doncaster put their heads together to do nothing and stand behind the threadbare robes of Bill Nimmo Smith? Could we be witnessing the denouement of a well-rehearsed plan:

1.Refusal to take any action by the compromised SFA.

2.Obfuscation by the SPFL.

3. Briefing of on-side SMSM rags to blindside the mushrooms.

In summary these corrupt bastards are going to rob us blind. MacLennan is not the solution. He is just more of the same.





33 thoughts on “A Mushroom’s Guide To Sporting Integrity”

  1. Time is of the essence. If title stripping can be simply ignored for the next 3 months then they will probably never be stripped. Given the unanimous Supreme Court ruling title stripping is the bare minimum consequence but if it were done, then best it were done quickly. The pressure to act has to build inexorably till it is overwhelming and inescapable.

  2. Hello JJ, fortnightly donation sent PP 46J03035GF244xxxx

    Still reading and enjoying thoroughly your excoriating dispatches and the comments of subscribers. Complementing your own evidence with the RTC info was a stroke of genius, enlightened me fully to the gravity of the deceit.
    Following on from “The Asterisk Years” here’s a few asterisks of my own:
    Hey RFC you’re ill-gotten f*****g titles will be STRIPPED YOU CHEATING C***S!!!

  3. Agree with that comment I believe the mobilisation of fans is crucial to make all clubs accountable to their fans. Is McLennan really a Celtic fan 🤔…

    No matter if he is or not all we want is a level playing field for every club and not the clear favouritism to one team.

    1. Absolutely. He is a proud member of Glasgow University’s Celtic Supporters Club and is actively involved with The Celtic Foundation. He recently donated four of the best seats in a private box at The Royal Opera House to a Foundatioin auction. He is a Protestant, but when was this ever a bar to being a Celtic supporter? CFC is a club that has never discriminated on colour or creed.

  4. Yet another excellent incisive article. You deftly and comprehensively cover all aspects of the matter. This is Scotland, The great Scottish Football Swindle. The Fix is in and will hold true. You are correct that MacLennan will preserve the Status Quo.
    The responses of the Vested interests and the Corrupt cabal running Scottish Football was arranged and agreed in advance of the Supreme Court decision. We are seeing their strategy being played out as many of us expected it to be-
    – Supreme Court decision makes no difference.
    – Already been dealt with.
    – No appetite for stripping titles. – Time to move on.
    – Stay silent.
    – Ignore the Internet Bampots
    – SMSM on message to ignore SC decision
    – Season will start and any froth will subside
    Shame on the lot of them.
    The currupt cabal and current office holders know that,career wise, this is as good as it gets for them in salary and in position . They are tainted by the curruption so evident to all who view Scottish Football from the outside so don’t expect any of the turkeys to vote for Christmas and their own demise. Would Regan or Doncaster get a similar position or salary anywhere else? This is Scottish Football. As you say, it has been the case for possibly the last 30 years. It ain’t changing anytime in our lifetime
    Unless there is an upsurge similar to 2012 there will be no change.
    The vested interests and the corrupt cabal will continue and when required they will support the criminal concert party currently in situ at Ibrox.
    Nothing changes. This is Scottish Football. I’m done and finished

  5. The SFA and SPFL are hoping the title stripping demands will fade away in the coming weeks and we return to the ” back of the bus ”
    We need to become more public.
    We need a leader to organise, say, a protest outside the SFA / SPFL offices with banners stating “THE BIGGEST SCANDAL IN BRITISH FOOTBALL HISTORY IS BEING HIDDEN ”
    I, for one, would be happy to hold up one of those banners.
    We know what the hunz response to this will be so it’s time to remind them of their shame ie EX-PLAYER Kenneth Watson etc etc. A path I would rather not go down but it may
    stall them from constantly using it in their ” debates ” with us.

    1. I’ve stated elsewhere recently that if those in power be it club chairmen, the football authorities themselves or even newspaper editors don’t want to rock the boat then it will fall on the fans to make themselves heard and effect the necessary changes required. This will take some organising but can be done but it must be put into action immediately as the new season is quickly approaching.
      The leaders of the various fans groups need to liaise on a strategy to shame the powers that be to act. It must be highly co-ordinated and visible and audible at all grounds over many weeks and this is where the likes of the Green Brigade and others could take a lead in organising the type of banner you have suggested (which is brilliant and straight to the point and will be intriguing to those not aware of the plight in our game) to show all concerned that this scandal will not be swept under the carpet or quickly forgotten.
      The people who are sitting on their hands MUST act. We are approaching a crisis point in our game. Sporting integrity and fairness for all is a minimum requirement and we don’t and haven’t had it for years. If the whole stinking issue currently polluting our game isn’t cleansed then no club will emerge unscathed as their fans will rightly turn against them. The vast majority of fans detest corruption of any type but when it impacts your own club then action must be taken for the good of the game. SAY NO TO CORRUPTION.

    2. PICO don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d rather not see the Celtic/Rangers name calling or muckraking on here. I quite enjoy this being a break from the incessant filth on less well moderated forums. No offense intended.

  6. JJ, two months subscription (June & July) sent under 1UA013274X557XXXX.
    My fault, not Paypal.
    Keep safe.

    JJ: Cheers E30.

  7. Another good read JJ! Still in despair, for you, at potential death threats! Surely Police Scotland, know these Scum – that’s what they are – and how absolutely stupid would they be to attempt this meaningless measure against someone with your integrity and obvious intelligence! These “peepul” are obviously of low intellect and don’t wish to hear the truth – It’s all out in the open now!
    Stay Safe and secure – will send something for a wee stiff drink or two!
    Kindest regards!

  8. I don’t know what the tipping point would be within the Scottish landscape for a debate to begin let alone action taken.

    The Supreme Court’s recent decision was an ideal opportunity prominent names within prominent clubs to step forward. Other than the statement from Celtic, this has not happened. More importantly, the Scottish journalists have ducked the BIGGEST SCANDAL IN THE HISTORY OF SCOTTISH SPORT. Yes, they have ducked it completely. That in itself is scandalous. Shamefully so.

    I can assure you that such an event in England would be front page news. By and large, the sports journalists who write for the main covers are well educated and sharp. It is a highly competitive field and whilst they are very well paid, they are under huge pressure to stay ahead of the game. David Walsh at the Sunday Times pursued Lance Armstrong’s cheating years before he was found out. He pursues Seb Coe. He is on to Mo Farrah. He pursues Nike as a company which not only sponsors drug cheats but sponsors drug cheating facilities. Others like Henry Winter, Paul Hayward, Matt Dickinson, Jim White, Jonathan Liew and other provide robust analysis, insight and humour.

    If the Rangers narrative had happened here, these guys would be relentless. No club nor individual is beyond criticism (unlike Scotland). Arsene Wenger gets trashed on a weekly basis. So too does the Arsenal board despite an exceedingly healthy bank balance and one of the finest grounds in Europe. Manchester United get criticised for their corporate ownership, a self obsessed manager (who can’t stop winning trophies) and a CEO (Woodward) who is regarded as not fit for purpose. Daniel Levy at Spurs is hammered for being more concerned with selling players than winning silverware. Liverpool are currently being heavily criticised by the press for ‘tapping’ up a 13 year old kid.

    And there’s more. The English press do a great service, on the whole, to highlight governance of English clubs. Clubs which are badly run and consequently have let down their fans get lots of coverage. Poorly run clubs have their dirty linen aired in public EXTENSIVELY. Clubs like Leeds United, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers, Nottingham Forest, Fulham, QPR, Charlton, Orient, Blackpool……its quite some list.

    This coverage doesn’t necessarily result in regime change but it least it gives the paying punter an informed platform for debate.

    And I can assure you if there was even a whiff of, say, Manchester United or Chelsea winning a trophy by playing players who had contracts which bypassed FA regulations, there would be a clamour, in the press, for an inquiry. There would be a debate about trophy stripping. It would be ruthless.

    Meanwhile in Scotland, the biggest scandal has been largely ignored. Rangers cheated the taxman and cheated the governing bodies for years. They also cheated their fellow professionals. They were appallingly led by SDM over the course of some twenty years which were marked by fiscal vandalism and an absence of corporate governance. SDM then led them to a door marked ‘Administration’ and the club is now represented by a folder, lying on a desk in Canary Wharf. This doesn’t warrant a mention in the Scottish press.

    After the old club folded, a new club was pulled together and took on the same club name and strip. This new club, which had never played before, was then awarded the titles of the previous club including a European trophy. This new club, which had never played a game until it emerged in tier four of Scottish football suddenly had a TROPHY ROOM which was bursting at the seams. Incredible stuff and incredibly, never once reported in this manner.

    Not only that, this new club was paying it’s manager north of £800k a year with bonuses to compete against part time players. That McCoist was an abject failure of a manager doesn’t get a mention in the Scottish media.

    And now, the new club has managed to get back to the top tier of Scottish football, aided by the second highest wage bill. Hey the club even qualified for Europe, but Scotland’s third best team lost to Luxembourg’s fourth best team. Yes, Rangers have been to and back from Europe before the Glasgow fair has started. But, the new club is being run by three of the culprits who were complicit in tax evasion, side letters and cheating under the ‘old’ Rangers.

    This very important point of detail somehow does not warrant a mention in any Scottish paper. King is a convicted criminal who has lied to the Rangers fans consistently. Alastair James Johnston was Chairman of the club when it went into administration and FAILED in his STATUTORY duties. As did Paul Murray. They are not fit for purpose and should not be allowed anywhere near Scottish football. Not ONE Scottish journalist has commented on this somewhat important fact.

    The case for title stripping needs to be articulated now, and Scottish member clubs are doing a massive disservice to the game by not stepping forward. The custodians of Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United are putting self interest before integrity.

    But the Scottish press could have made a massive difference in presenting an informed and rational debate based on the facts and whether or not Rangers unfair competitive advantage which warranted title stripping. The press could have been relentless with the governing authorities in insisting on a full review and debate.

    But no. Every single Scottish journalist has ducked the biggest scandal in the history of Scottish football.

    It is as shameful as it is remarkable.

    1. That is a superb summing up, TM, worthy of JJ himself.

      The Scottish game is drowning in its own vomit and those who could save it are looking on and wondering how best to not get their shoes splashed. A Celtic-led Heimlich manoeuvre is the game’s only hope.

    2. I would also like to add my chapeau to TM for another excellent comment. I believe a good next step would be a blogger’s council where the best writers sit down to discuss affirmative action and then take this back to their readers with one crowdfunded site; to promote awareness and if need be embarrass governance with a petition to The Court of Session. A monthly meeting would sustain the pressure.I would personally get a kick from watching Regan and Doncaster’s arses twitch. Paul Brennan or James Forrest would be my recommendation to represent Celtic.

      1. Absolutely agree. Our political difference aside I would definately contribute to funding that.

      2. I wholeheartedly acknowledge and respect your position here JJ. I am familiar with both Paul and James’ work and agree that both are of very high standard however I would also state for the record that on balance, your skillset is at the very least commensurate with either.
        That being said a pissing contest should be avoided at all costs. All parties coming together (maybe an article or “section” each allowing full and undiluted focus) would be something to behold…especially with all readers/contributors aligned
        Hope this reads ok – I’m rather inebriated!!!

    3. 1st rate post. Could be top story in any of the top scottish football blogs and sit there comfortably. Chapeau.

  9. If Ann Budge and Leanne Dumpster are unwilling to risk access to the blue pound, Celtic Fan groups should threaten to withdraw the Green Pound with a full boycott of their clubs. That should give them pause for thought.

    Monthly payment on 30 June JJ. OHL13348GT153xxxx

    Keep shining a light in dark places. Excellent work.

    1. Hearts have cut their ticket allocations to both Rangers and Celtic by more than half in recent seasons, so I hardly think they are reliant on either the blue or green pound.

  10. I agree entirely.
    But this is scotland. We live in a unique society. A country dominated, contaminated and corrupted by a football club.
    To my knowledge not one person in the media has called for rangers to be stripped of these titles or for David Murray to be stripped of his knighthood.
    To my knowledge not one politician has called for rangers to be stripped of these titles or for David Murray to be stripped of his knighthood.

    A wee ned stood up and proudly proclaimed that she fucking hated celtic. She is now a member of parliament.
    if She had said this about rangers She would have received death threats. She would have gone into hiding and She would have been instantly dropped as a SNP candidate.
    But this is scotland. We live in a unique society.

  11. Excellent post by The Mensch.
    This is Scotland. The great Scottish Football swindle has been in for over 30years. Right minded supporters who have been cheated out of a sporting chance over that time will be trampled on by the Vested Interests, let down by their boards and their chairmen who are happy to forgo right and decency and corrective action to the biggest scandal in British sporting history and sit at the back of the bus, awaiting their blue pounds smilingly bestowed on them by the Corrupt cabal of governing bodies.
    This is Scotland, it has and always will be thus.
    Shameful but it is the reality of Scottish Football. Only in Scotland

  12. Every fan of every club can now step up and do their bit. The chairmen and women can hang their heads in shame. Celtic fans should deny them the income by refusing to attend away games and international games. Clubs do not only rely on the blue pound but also, the green pound. Twice a season, they can look out at an empty terracing where the Celtic fans would normally have stood. This can be compounded by other fans refusing to visit away grounds. These gutless chairmen (women) only seem to care about cash so let’s hit them where it hurts.

    Initiate the boycott

  13. JJ/All


    1. We cross fund an advert for a non Scottish based football publication (fourfourtwo for example) with a JJ prepared simple to understand narrative.

    2. Simultaneous mass emailing of all the non Scottish based sport hacks worldwide, with links to the ad and my previously mentioned information repository/JJ blog.

    3. Mass demonstrations by fan groups (looking unlikely at the moment)

    4. Constant lobbying of BBC/ channel 4 (England) to undertake a Panorama style expose, again timeously linked to the advert.

    5. Lobbying MEP’s, MP’s etc again timeously linked to the press advert.

    And finally, the FBI and CIA, it was the Americans after all that gave the Blatter scenario prominence and world TV airtime. Not as crazy as it sounds, Rangers have a registered US based organisational, NARS, which brought a convicted criminal in on a fraudulent visa (happy to be proven wrong if Mr King has declared all his convictions…)

    The US suspended the visa waiver system to those with criminal convictions with a minimum 2 year prison sentence and maximum 10 year sentence for those being caught out.

    In summary “we” are a disparate group without a visible presence and I believe we need to think more laterally and look at outflanking as well as battering the front door.

    The curtain is closing already and before long the last aria will be fading from the rotund lady’s lips!

    I am happy to open the “book” with a pledge for £100 (more if required) to get the ball rolling, JJ, I work in a fee driven world and equally I would be offering you 10% of whatever the pledge is for you to coordinate and manage, anyone else?



  14. Do any of US honestly believe that anybody involved with Scottish football has the wherewithal to bring “Order out of the Chaos” made by Conflicted Administrators of our National Sport. The UN couldn’t fix this with their ‘Fixed Minds’ where the synopsis of The Fairy-story is asking us to believe in an other reality without any TRANSPARENCY, that is an affront to the words “TRUTH & SPORT” Rise Sir Bampot-a-lots, you time is nearing. 🙂

  15. Congratulations to Leigh Griffiths.the first fitba player to be booked for telling the ref that horrible people were trying to hit him with bottles. We salute you Leigh on your audacity.

  16. I wrote to Dundee United with my point of view the day after the Supreme Court Judgement. It was, in my opinion, a respectfully written letter to their ” contact us” address. This was before ArabTrust issued their statement the next day.
    No Reply. And no response to ArabTrust.
    I believe no Club is interested in getting involved to fight the fight.
    I have been a season ticket holder since the 1970’s and have already purchased this coming season’s ticket but feel I don’t want to go back to any game now if we are just going to sweep this issue under the carpet.
    Titles should not be reallocated, but surely should be stripped. Justice should be seen done.
    We won’t see it though.

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