Bigots in Fancy Dress

When it comes to mindless knuckle-dragging sectarian hatred, no-one does it better than The Orange Order. How this organisation, which celebrates a famine in Ireland, is not proscribed, truly beggars belief. Terrorist organisations like the UVF and UDA are proscribed, but you’ll find them alive and kicking in The Orange Order as they conspire to assassinate the author of this piece.

The Orange Order asserts its rights to defend and promote their Protestant traditions and culture, such as this reworking of The Lord’s Prayer (Mathew 6: 9-13)

Our father who art in Whinhall,

The Haw be thy favourite band,

Thy Taigies come,

When they hear the drum,

As we march down Mavisbank,

Forgive us our intoxication,

As we forgive those intoxicated beside us,

Lead us proudly into the temptation of

playing our dubious tunes all the louder.”


Would it be fair to conclude that this bastardised version of The Lord’s Prayer is indicative of a bastardised Protestant tradition? A tradition that openly stigmatises Catholics with on this occasion the pejorative use of ‘Taigies’? How Glasgow City Council allow these bigots to march down ‘The Queen’s Highway’ is beyond my comprehension. But then this is the same organisation that gave Ibrox Stadium a safety certificate. GCC are either asleep at the wheel or have been infiltrated by The Orange Order.

The Orange Order celebrates genocide. They celebrate the net export of Northern Ireland crops to Liverpool as those in the south of Ireland died of starvation and consumption. One would find it difficult to pass a cigarette paper between The Orange Order and The Klu Klux Klan. An Orange Order Flute Band awarded first prize in their fancy dress competition to a man and woman dressed as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun while two children wore rags branded with a yellow star-shaped patch which Jewish people were made to wear in Nazi Germany. This photograph which was posted on Facebook is on a page designed to promote the activities of The Orange Order. Evidently Jewish children on their way to the gas chamber is not only acceptable, but used as an advert for recruitment. The pictures were posted on the Whinhall True Blues Flute Band page and were taken at annual Halloween parties held in the Airdrie and District Orange Hall and Social Club in 2010 and 2013.

Another entrant to a previous year’s party organised by the same flute band dressed as the Pope and wore a noose around his neck. Two men clutched a soft toy clad in a child-size Celtic football strip at their crotches – which is believed to be a reference to abuse by Catholic clergy.

The images have been uncovered two weeks after the leadership of the Orange Order gave triumphalist speeches at Glasgow Green celebrating the election of members as councillors in Scotland and talking up the UK Government’s deal with the DUP as an indication that “the future is Orange”. (As reported in The Herald). The odious Theresa May in a desperate bid to retain power has made a £1.5b Faustian pact with the DUP, of which a former MP suggested sending Catholics to the gas chamber.

This will come as a surprise to readers but I would choose the SNP over this shotgun marriage of a Government on any day of the week.

Rather than condemn the actions of their brethren , the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland stated:

We understand that the press has a role to play, but there is a difference between holding to account and pursuing a baseless agenda to attack and demonise our Protestant culture and heritage.”

Forgive me if I demur. How does dressing up children to denote that they are destined for concentration camps and the gas chamber uphold Protestant culture and heritage? How do flute band members dressed as Catholic clergy simulating sodomy with members of Celtic Boys Club promote the best ideals of the Protestant religion?

I posit that Martin Luther and John Knox would laugh in the face of your faux Protestant culture as you and your vile tribe are merely bigots in fancy dress.




19 thoughts on “Bigots in Fancy Dress”

  1. I’ve said this before but, at best, these are ‘three visit Christians’ = visiting church when hatched, matched and despatched with no meaningful contact in between. Their behaviour is an affront to civilisation and there is no way that they obey the two commandments given by Jesus about loving God with all your heart etc whilst, crucially, loving your neighbour as yourself. It’s arguable if they even meet most or all of the ten commandments received by Moses and handed down through the ages to Jews, Christians and Muslims (they effectively have them too).

    However, I have friends from Coleraine and it seems that the OO is dying out slowly; not fast enough perhaps, but inexorably. Near where I used to live in central Scotland, they used to take several buses away to marches. Fewer buses these days is a sign of their decline. All we can do is keep spreading the Word and eventually they will die out.

  2. Considering that Christ’s message was one of love, tolerance and inclusion for all this Orange bunch have nothing to do with religion, Protestant or any other branch. They are a disgrace in modern Scotland but the bigger disgrace is that they are tolerated and even encouraged in their hatred by being giving licence to March and spread their hatred.

  3. Now you know why I choose to live and bring up my family as far from Scotland as possible in a country that has no sectarianism and where everyone if free to live the life they choose. New Zealand. 300 plus years of this vile subclass will only worsen with the recent prominence of the DUP. If you have a skill and a work ethic you are welcome here in NZ. Our unemployment rate is less than 5% and our economy is growing at 3.5% annually. Stay and hope for change or live a free life. We only have one professional football team however. I feel disgust after reading the above post. I had not realised how appalling the Orange Order is. I need a glass of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

  4. Another great piece JJ just one of the reasons why I no longer reside in my country of birth and refuse to expose my young son to what was accepted as normality (casual bigotry) whilst growing up in 70’s/80’s Scotland. I feel that this is so ingrained in the psyche of certain people that sadly it will take a long long time to change things, if that is possible. Once a proud scot (took until I moved south of the border to see what a nasty/bigoted place fair Caledonia can be) not so sure anymore! Keep up the good work.

  5. As Jesus pointed out, it is not what goes into people’s mouths that makes them unclean. It is what comes out.

  6. Well we’re not all able to move our lives to another part of the world unfortunately and like anything else in life, change on this unpleasant subject must come from within. It may be a cliche but parents who bring their kids up correctly will never allow them to be exposed to this sort of vile crap. The OO is a cult, pure and simple and they will likely eventually go the way of most cults but it will take time. I certainly agree that the authorities in Scotland need to toughen up and ban the marches as a first step.

    That said, from my own personal experience in the central belt things have got better in the last 25-30 years but there’s a long way to go. As I have said before, I can’t help but think that the complete demise of Sevco soon would be a great help in this regard.

  7. The more things “Change”, the MORE they seem the “SAME”. Maybe Mr Thomson will offer a ‘Soft Ear’ to your plight.

  8. I know nothing about the Orange Order other than what I pick up here. But, as mentioned by other contributors, I would not imagine that these folks have a nodding acquaintance with the Church or any understanding of the scriptures, both old and new.

    As for your reference to Martin Luther and John Knox, I doubt if any of this lot is aware that this year is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s Reformation writings on Indulgences in the Ninety Five Theses. This event is being marked by a major event in Wittenberg in October this year. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with flute bands, religious intolerance or dressing up in odd and offensive fancy dress.

    It seems to be a sect which has a religious affiliation and with which it has little understanding.

    What an odd and dangerous lot.

    1. You are of course joking T-Bone. The bands define the OO.
      They are the public face, the catalyst, the fulcrum and the essence of the organisation.
      And if they’re not then then the OO have serious and long standing leadership and identity crisis.

  9. As intimated above and in today’s piece, the “culture and heritage” alluded to by these Neanderthals is nothing to do with following one sect or religion (Protestant) but rather a celebration and support of hatred towards another. There is very distinct difference there. We need to stop calling it “Sectarian” when it is in fact racism pure and simple. The word “sectarian” only muddies the waters.
    The fact that these people claim this practice as their right is utterly lamentable in the 21st Century.
    Being afforded the right to “walk the Queen’s highway” is one thing but when it’s sole purpose involves travelling certain routes with no other reason to intimidate and antagonise?…

  10. I fear that unless a law of some sort to ban children from being members /oo band walkers, until they are at least 18 might stop the hate and intolerance. True the weans might still get the hate and bigotry at home but remove the catalyst and over time the cancer can be eradicated from our society.

    The government has to act in stamping this out including the hate fest that is ibrox, it only takes a few bad oranges to spoil the rest, however cut them out early enough those that feed of the rot will be eradicated too.

  11. I’m more of a lurker than an active poster JJ. I look forward to reading your daily posts and your research and articles are second to none.
    Keep up the good work.
    Paypal Confirmation number: 9T577951PW27XXXXM

  12. Staggering that Scotland still exists in the dark ages.
    I see Mr Stewart Regan has replied to a Celtic Supporters letter regarding the recent Supreme Court decision. what chance has Scotland of moving into the 21st century and having any type of reputation when an office holder of the governing body replies as thus?
    “I would like to take issue with one point you make, namely the line “have you actually asked for anyone’s opinion apart from some nameless QC?”
    As this is a highly complex legal matter we have sought Senior counsel opinion and as a board are content with the advice we have been given and the decisions we have made. There are a myriad of other opinions out there on this subject, the majority of which are linked to vested interests. As such, we are minded to keep this matter objective and rely on expert opinion to aid our decision-making.

    Best wishes,

    – For me, the “linked to Vested interests” is brilliant and makes me smile. never a truer word spoken! You think Mr Regan is playing word games or simply telling how it is with those 4 words? 🙂

  13. I agree it’s an ill educated sub-class.

    I propose counselling and therapy sessions, both Group and individual, to help bring them into modern normal society spectra.

    They clearly view themselves as Nazi’s and want to impose their supremacist rule over others. They flaunt rules and laws and taste to declare themselves above such things.

    Protestantism is sourced from within Roman Catholic clergy, from within the church attempting to reform some of the church’s beliefs and teachings.

    John Knox was an ordained RC Priest. Martin Luther was an RC ordained priest, monk of the Order of Augustinian and catholic theologian.

    Martin Luther did not wish to create a new religion but to change his beloved Catholicism.

    His refusal to renounce all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the Pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor.

    In two of his later works, Luther expressed antagonistic views towards Jews, writing that Jewish homes and synagogues should be destroyed, their money confiscated, and liberty curtailed. Condemned by virtually every Lutheran denomination, these statements and their influence on antisemitism have contributed to his controversial status.

    It was German Lutheran Protestants who carried out the Jewish Holocaust.

    Perhaps these repulsive ideas are central within Orange Order culture? Society rarely receives glimpses of what goes on inside their Brown Shirt halls.

    1. Some interesting insights apropos Luther. This site, a forum where the keystroke is mightier than the sword, will always challenge injustice. Naked intolerance in a Trojan Horse of religious bastardization should be exposed for what it is, and what it evidently is not.

    2. It should be noted that Luther’s writings on Jews occurred after he was excommunicated by the Pope and declared outlaw by the Holy Roman Emperor. He was no longer Priest, Monk or Catholic.

      I suppose his status was Heretic and it was in this condition his writings on Jews were sourced.

  14. “It was German Lutheran Protestants who carried out the Jewish Holocaust”.

    Your statement is as simplistic as it is ridiculous. This is most certainly NOT based on fact and not one single person on my side of the fence sees it that way. And the most important historical record and tribute to victims of the Holocaust, Yad Vadhem, in Jerusalem certainly doesn’t see it that way.

    Some simples for you. Adolf Hitler was raised in a Catholic family (albeit not very religious). Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the concentration camps which murdered up to 14 million people (Jews and Christians), was raised a Catholic. Joseph Goebbels was raised a Catholic.

    As for the role of the Vatican during this time, Pope Pius X11 certainly gets a mixed press. Whilst maintaining Vatican neutrality, he also took on a stance which, in today’s terms, would be described as ‘keeping his head down’. He didn’t condemn the slaughter of Christians in Poland nor in the Soviet Union (up to 3 million souls perished). Some say that he did in fact help out ‘behind the scenes’. The view at Yad Vashem is that he was so worried about a fall with with the Nazis which may have resulted in a separate Catholic German Church, that he took the the conciliatory option.

    And when you talk about Lutheran Protestants, well, France didn’t have too many of these folks. France (largely Catholic) was one of the most enthusiastic exporter of Jews to the camps by bus and train. Indeed, they were SO enthusiastic to deport them, that taxi drivers volunteered in droves to drive them to Poland. (France remains the most anti Semitic country in Europe till this day.)

    From our perspective (and you will be aware of my traditions here), most of us know about our grandparents’ families – siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles – who simply vanished. My lot ended up in Treblinka which was a particularly brutal death camp.

    But this complex topic requires measured analysis, reflection and most importantly fact based discussion to ensure that such a horror cannot ever happen again. And every name at Yad Vashem is a life worth remembering.

    Martin Luther was indeed an anti Semite and proposed burning Jewish homes and synagogues.

    But, to put the finger of blame of the murder of an incomprehensible number of men, women and children (of ALL faiths) on Lutheran Protestants is not only wholly inaccurate, it does a disservice to those who sadly perished.

    Yad Vashem, with its vast historical record base, doesn’t point an accusing finger at Lutherans nor indeed the Catholic Church (although the question regarding the latter is asked and debated). And if that’s the view from Yad Vashem, then, frankly, that’s good enough for me.


      The Roman Catholic Church – through lobbying of Axis officials, provision of false documents, and hiding of people in monasteries, convents, schools, among families and the institutions of the Vatican itself – saved hundreds of thousands of Jews from being murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Israeli diplomat and historian Pinchas Lapide estimated the figure at between 700,000 and 860,000 – although the figure is contested. The Catholic Church itself faced persecution in Hitler’s Germany, and institutional German Catholic resistance to Nazism centred largely on defending the Church’s own rights and institutions.

  15. If UEFA are going for Griffiths, but not Linfield, I ask: ‘Has UEFA official Campbell Ogilvie a voice in this?’
    If so, Celtic should refuse to be cowed and take Deadco down and fight to remove the ‘titles’ from Sevco; to whom they do not belong.

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