Lawwell’s Long Game

The decision by Peter Lawwell to rejoin the SFA’s Professional Game Board came as a surprise to many. It could be perceived as a vote of confidence in the severely compromised Stewart Regan. Conversely, given that Doncaster is also joining Lawwell on the SFA board, while retaining his Chief Executive position at the SPFL, it could be the harbinger of a putsch to clean out the Augean stables. Could it be a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? I will propose an alternative view.

 Lawwell’s transition will provide him with access to the ‘Advocate’s Argument’ which is being used as a rationale for the SFA’s inertia. However I could have offered the following for free:

Rangers FC Plc, renamed Rangers 2012 Ltd, are no longer a professional club with an extant licence from the SFA. They are a company/club in the final throes of liquidation.

The SFA could argue that they have no say in a former club that is no more than a file in the joint liquidators’ office in Canary Wharf.

They could argue that the vexed question of Rangers systemic tax evasion and cheating for a minimum of 13 years,  and possibly much more, is out with their purview. This argument flies in the face of the metaphysical construct that is Neil Doncaster’s ‘Continuation’ bunkum.

However Doncaster’s decision to confer the titles to Rangers Lite has never been challenged by the Celtic board. There has been no challenge of the SFA’s decision to transfer the former Rangers licence to Rangers Lite. A cynic could argue that CFC were complicit in the creation of a reconstituted Rangers from Charles Green’s basket of assets.  One might ask this salient question of the CFC board:

Is the ringing of your tills louder than the growing clamour for Sporting Integrity?

Readers of this site have long known that I considered the LNS Inquiry to be an exercise in deception. By applying a quasi-legal veneer to the Commission our less acute minds were meant to defer to the Right Honourable Nimmo The Dimmo. My previous two articles have forensically deconstructed this failed attempt to encourage the fans to ‘Move On.’

You won’t read about the narrow scope of the discredited LNS Commission in The Herald, The Evening Times or The Record. Has James Traynor’s cat got Keith Jackson’s tongue? As Chris Jack is barely out of puberty, one wonders what ‘goods’ Traynor might have on his zip? He will know of the skeletons that are rattling in Jackson’s closet, but does he have anything on Clotted Weir? They are merely Traynor’s Shadow Puppets. In the SMSM if you toe the party PR line you win awards. If any proof is required have a look at Jackson’s trophy cabinet. Then have a look at his copy on The Australian Open that he wrote from his South Side living room. Even his can of Fosters was brewed locally under licence.

The Celtic Board have requested a review of the systemic cheating by a club where 55 players and 25 executives and ancillary staff received the modern-day equivalent of cash bungs. They and we are awaiting a response from the new SPFL board. After Monday’s forthcoming election, the six slots reserved for clubs on the board of the Scottish Professional Football League could be occupied by new representatives in the 2017/18 season.

Monday’s vote at Hampden will lead to at least four new faces, with Ann Budge and Ken Ferguson the only two current members standing for re-election.Hearts owner Budge is up against officials from Dundee, Hamilton Academical and Rangers for one of the three positions reserved for Premiership clubs. John Nelms, Les Gray and Stewart Robertson respectively are standing.

In the Championship, two spots are reserved for club representatives. Dumbarton’s Les Hope, Martin Ritchie of Falkirk and Morton’s Warren Hawke are standing, as is current board member Ken Ferguson, of Brechin City.

Leagues One and Two share a solo representative. Ayr United’s Graham Peterkin and Iain Dougan of Stranraer are standing.

The six appointees will join new chairman Murdoch MacLennan, chief executive Neil Doncaster and independent non-executive director Karyn McCluskey on the board.

Doncaster, Lawwell and Maxwell, together with Aberdeen’s Duncan Fraser and Alloa Athletic’s Mike Mulraney, will all serve as the SPFL’s appointees to the Professional Game Board, which is operated by the Scottish FA.

I would anticipate that Ann Budge will prevail, as will Robertson. I also expect Ken Ferguson to be re-elected. Ritchie of Falkirk would be a popular appointment as would be the case if Graham Peterkin got the nod. The only decision to make is whether to appoint Nelms or Gray.

If the new board’s first order of business is to vote on the review proposed by CFC , I anticipate that the new board will reject it. Celtic can then take it to appeal where lo and behold Peter Lawwell, Duncan Fraser (whose views have been documented) and Mulraney are on the Appellate Authoritiy’s Board.

I am surprised that no-one has twigged this. Am I the only one with my eyes wide open?




15 thoughts on “Lawwell’s Long Game”

  1. Thank you JJ for your insight into into the workings of the governing bodies and their internal politics. We fans must do our bit in standing up to the cheats and bully boys. Those running our clubs must be in no doubt that ‘moving on’ is not on the agenda. Only a clear out of the guilty at the highest levels, as should have happened in the aftermath of the 2012 administration/liquidation debacle, along with dealing with those improperly won trophies will allow the game to focus on the future of the sport.

    Questions need to be asked of the governing bodies why, in the light of the Supreme Court ruling, no action is being considered against individuals on the Board responsible for implementing and overseeing illegal tax evasion. Are they fit and proper persons? Does an individual subject to the Takeover Panel’s ‘Cold Shoulder’ meet the fit & proper criteria requirements? After the financial depredations of Murray, Romanov, Masterton and others one would think the governing bodies should see it in football’s interest that these fantasists were weeded out. They were quick enough off the blocks in ostracising the Motherwell billionaire.

  2. I am in awe of your optimism JJ. Is it the Long Game or the “Long Grass” game? We’ll find out sooner (or later) enough.

  3. JJ,
    Do you really think Lawwell will enter they fray after all this time sitting in his hands?
    If he does, and the tills mean more to him than sporting integrity, what is next logical step CAS?
    Brilliant insight to this debacle, most of this stuff would NEVER have seen the light of day.
    More power to your elbow!

  4. Welcome to more blind corruption and the ignoring of the standard hymm sheet.

    Stewart Robertson “…..a song or piling over the wall into a pitched battle with the Hibs fans, I know … I’d rather have that than two or three thousand piling over the wall and …”

    The stash my father stole

  5. I’m thinking it’s all now part of the scam. Make people believe Celtic r looking for justice. Peter lawwell will have been threatened and won’t want the hassle. Also I believe there’s a campaign to get Celtic thrown out of Europe. The only way the new rangers can compete as they have no real money coming in.

  6. ‘Beady Eyed Pete’ is a COWARD with or without threats from the “Pond Life” that exists in Bonny Auld Alba. He knows his place in the ‘Grand Scheme’ of things. Der Hun can’t hate him anymore than they already do, does he “ASPIRE” too and for the Blue Pound. Follow the money as they say and OUR Pete is pretty good at squirreling it away.

  7. Peter lawwell took too long in suppling any information to his own shareholders, just now. he is caught in the headlights, and given time ,he will jump the wall ,and be out of sight. I think peter likes his toast buttered both sides

  8. 7DW42264R0421XXXX

    Excellent piece again JJ on top of the recent work.

    Looking forward to seeing how this will all pan out in the coming days and weeks, possibly months.

    Like some have asked before though, how will this information be put into the public domain and Regan and Doncaster etc called out publicly to explain their collusion, rule breaking, bending and ignoring.

    Enjoy a wee swally on me and stay safe.

    JJ: Cheers Al.

  9. I laugh at those who are critical of Peter Lawwell. Inaction is not evidence of unwillingness for action. He has not put a foot wrong so far. He has waited for this moment. Let me give you an analogy that might help allow you to understand. For 5 years he has been in a crooked poker game and has chosen to fold every hand. Each time he has lost his small stake. After the Supreme Court ruling he now has a new honest dealer and has been dealt a truly unbeatable hand but he is still waiting for the right moment to go “all in”. Many posters here are obviously not poker players. Lawwell is a very clever man. The next few months will be worth watching. Go back and read Celtic ‘s statement. It is a masterful one.

    1. Time will tell, but I believe he”ll do NOTHING against his ‘Blue Blooded Brethren’. They say ‘timing is everything’, lets see if ‘Beady Eyed Pete’s Rolex’ is ‘”*DIALED IN*”‘. I seriously have my doubts.

    2. Did Eric Riley say one word to Peter, and if he did say, peter was slow to tell the resolutioners were on the right track. And let them get time barred then

  10. One of the most impressive ‘faceless bloggers’ is the author of The Rangers Tax Case. So impressive that he won The Orwell Prize. Then there is the biting satire of The Clumpany. I have more to do with my time than to parry words with a lay member of the NUJ. Does contributing to Sinn Fein’s monthly house magazine confer greatness?

  11. This is not Celtic or Peter Lawwell only issue.

    This is the integrity and long term health of our national game.

    Any ire and disgust at inactivity of appropriate and proper response sits very firmly with Regan for outright corruption and Doncaster for fraudulent claims.

    Both should be sacked and then prosecuted.

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