The Tug of War

In a close season that has been dominated by the Supreme Court dismissing an appeal by the joint liquidators of Rangers, the green shoots of UEFA progress are apparent at Scottish football’s two pre-eminent clubs, namely Celtic and Aberdeen. Rangers Lite in their debut season in a UEFA tournament let the side down badly with what has been described as the worst performance in their history. It was certainly on a par with the time they had to cheat to earn a replay with Albion Rovers, which was one of the many low points of Ally McCoist’s tainted tenure. As we found out in Craig Whyte’s trial McCoist’s appointment was predicated on a pre – contract agreement that would have resulted in severe penalty payments had he not succeeded Walter Smith EBT OBE.

When one looks a the list of  the cream of young talent being developed in the Scottish game, Auchenhowie’s Academy players are conspicuous by their absence. Reports suggest that there are two distinct factions at The Milngavie Dream Factory which is causing concern to the Poundstretchers Mourinho. Lee Wallace, who had to cancel his honeymoon plans to train for UEFA glory, is far from happy that Traynor is briefing against him. Traynor selected Jim Jeffries as his hired gun to shoot down Wallace’s firmly held conviction that he should continue as captain. Apparently Bruno Alves has been promised the gig.

Wallace and Miller are far from happy that Caixinha has brought in second tier journeyman on terms significantly better than they signed up for. Caixinha wanted to move Miller on, but was prohibited from doing so by a member of the board. The Bothwell Bantamweight knows that his days are numbered. It will be interesting to see who will score the goals this season should Miller be sidelined. The game at Motherwell on the 5th August will be instructive.

Unlike Rangers Lite, Celtic made short work of the part-timers of Linfield, whose supporters have been somewhat unkindly referred to as ‘Huns without the ferry fare.’ The throwing of empty half bottles of Buckfast Tonic Wine at Leigh Griffiths was significantly more accurate than the shooting of the Linfield forwards who seemed to have developed tear-stained eyes when approaching the onion bag. Six goals going on 16 suggests that Celtic have lost none of the potency of last season. The game at Celtic Park was a sellout, with fans queuing up to cast their eyes on debutants Hayes and the man missing a vowel, Olivier Ntcham. With Patrick Roberts returning to Manchester City after a successful eighteen month loan spell at Celtic, it will be interesting to see if Rodgers’ new signings can emulate the winger who was at times unplayable. The forthcoming season’s Celtic Park  curtain raiser against Hearts is by far the pick of the opening weekend’s  fixtures.

Word reaches me of a concerted campaign by Lite supporters to have Celtic suspended from UEFA participation. It would seem that what is good for their half-cooked goose is good for the gander. Tying a Celtic scarf on the Corner Flag Bottle Recycling Area may land Celtic in hot water. Training bibs emblazoned with the livery of Magners might also lead to a slap on the wrist. The unprecedented attendance at a game against part-time opposition is also causing concern apropos egress arrangements. However the height of folly award goes to the misguided individuals who unfurled a banner of an image of a terrorist. One can but hope that Celtic can weed out these supporters of a proscribed organisation more effectively than Lite have dealt with the ‘monkey mimicry’ at Ibrox last season, when Celtic took Lite apart.

Will tumbleweed be a feature in the unsafe enclosures of Ibrox this season as Celtic relentlessly pursue seven successive titles, or a Dave King treble if you exist in a parallel universe south of the Limpopo? How deep are Park’s pockets?  The ‘laughing’ stock will not provide the £5m anticipated fillip. The next foray into Europe is no more than Stewart Regan’s wet dream. Lite are at more risk of going bust this season than at any time in their five years history.

I digress. Off the field matters continue to dominate the hearts and minds of Scottish Football supporters who are unsurprisingly spitting blood at former club Rangers going unpunished for thirteen years of cash bung cheating. I received the following comment from someone who has a ring-side seat at the developing  governance debacle. He chose to remain anonymous:

I have sent a message to you before regards SFA committee members. Further to that I have the following. There are a number of these “members” who are more than acutely aware that they should have “wiped the floor” with Rangers back in 2012, rode the wave of hate and let it all fizzle out in order that we could all “move on”. Some were scared of the loss of any form of Rangers and the mythical “blue pound”. Others were happy to sit back and let it roll as they still harboured fantasies of they themselves ascending the marble staircase. Back then there were threats, all of these main committee guys were briefed on security of their homes, families and businesses. Yet still some were prepared to step up to the plate. Others wanted to hide behind Celtic. They wanted it to become an Old Firm tug of war, they could then hide behind Celtic and say how they felt as all the incoming flak would go towards the pesky Tims and they would, in the main, escape further scrutiny from the baying hordes of incensed Rangers fans. The problem now is that it is too late for most of them. The pathetic wretch that is Regan and the grinning buffoon Doncaster have to brass neck this shit storm to the death. In any other society they could well face criminal charges or, at the very least, a visit from plod regards what clearly points towards a conspiracy to defraud. I have stated before any court cases started that the investigation was set up to fail as the truth would bring down more than just the tattered reputation of a dead football club. Knighthoods, chairmanships, jobs and a whole plethora of positions in society and business were, and still are, at stake. It is my contention that the police investigation was a smokescreen to placate the idiots who part with their cash at Ibrox whilst protecting the real “criminals”.

The problem now is that Celtic have only tentatively dipped their toe into the public swamp regards the EBT and DOS years. Privately they are crunching the numbers and the legal eagles are preparing to strike. The others involved, on both sides, are further briefed that the lunatic fringe of 2012 have grown in number to the degree that anyone who sticks his or her head above the parapet will be fair game for all of these nut cases. Maniacs who have been nurtured with lies by the media for five years in order to take their money and in a desperate attempt to stop the Tims.

The survival myth, the victim myth, the back where we belong crap. All of this means that there are grown men and women on the committees of Scottish Football who know what should be done but absolutely won’t do it due to the threat to their safety and to the safety of their families. Again, they have all been briefed on this. The police will not be able to prevent the maniacs from seeking their revenge on any perceived “haters”. It doesn’t help that most of the local constabulary have any of “1872 1873 1972 FTP 1690 RFC GSTQ” in their work passwords.

In short, they are all shitting themselves and they absolutely 100% wish “we could all just move on”. Not because they don’t want to apply their rules to redress the wrongs, but that it is ten times worse now than it would have been five years ago. “Not worth the hassle” is a phrase I have heard from one of them. Others have been much more explicit but will simply not go on record. “I’ve got children and grandchildren and this is supposed to be about bloody football. All of a sudden we all have to be f**king lawyers and tax accountants who can’t open their mail! F**k that!”.

This will end up as a Celtic v Rangers “fight” and the fact that cheating took place will be lost as the media revel in increased sales as they stir it to further incense the mentally unhinged “element” in the Rangers support. The only thing that can happen is that new Rangers go bust. That way the authority committee members can wipe their brow. The only subsequent problem is that a sneaky rule change means that a “spfl committee” can decide the fate of a defunct member. It won’t go to a vote. It will be decided by a few, potentially conflicted (corrupt?), individuals who would vote third Rangers back to 3rd in the top division at the drop of a bowler hat.”

One eagerly awaits the tug of war. I believe that one will find more than Celtic pulling the rope from their elevated moral upper ground position.




27 thoughts on “The Tug of War”

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    1. Morning jj, can you confirm if you are receiving my donations? had no confirmation for a few payments apart from paypal.

      1. Good morning. I made a decision to cut down on my workload. Those venturing £20 or more receive a personal response. I value donations that are less than this amount, but I have to prioritise my time. I hope you understand.

    2. Small donation made yesterday JJ. I don’t comment frequently but have to say, you really have raised the bar over the last few weeks.

  2. Here’s another one JJ.44423154S6348xxxx. absolutely riveting articles. As a Celtic fan really want to see those “guardians” of the game get their just deserts.

  3. 1T4632838N905xxxx

    Keep going, your articles are a fantastic read.

    10 years ago if you published a book on this, it would be on the fiction shelf!
    I honestly can’t believe that this whole debacle has been allowed to happen. A stand must be made as it is in the best interests of Scottish football.

  4. Hi JJ,

    I was at said game on Wednesday night and I fear the Green Brigade are suffering from the law of diminishing returns. Whilst they provide atmosphere at all games home & away, UEFA just doesn’t stand for any nonsense anymore, rightly or wrongly, when it comes to fan behaviour.

    The Green Brigade need to smarten up and eliminate the sectarian element from their song repertoire. The corrupt SFA will do nothing about it so it falls to Lawell and the other members of the board. They know the head honchos of the fan group and I think stern words must be had and if no change, action taken.

    Celtic fans are renowned across Europe for their good behaviour and terrific atmosphere at games. However, with many, many charges raining down from UEFA over the past 6 or 7 years, things have to change.

    I fear that even though Celtic and every other team in the land have the moral high ground, that will not be enough to bring the Oldco to justice and the “Asterix Years” brought in to the record books. As your source quite rightly states, too many people in too many positions have too much to lose at this point and I fear no amount of fan support or fan movements will move these corrupt officials to change their position.

    Justice will be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

    As always terrific work, keep it up!

    P.S. Top up donation made Confirmation: 5XB53161LJ519xxxx

    1. top up donation made – 46G35622V1066XXXX
      The Green Brigade are idiots! They had an open goal with 58k punters in the ground on a big European night and they chose a paramilitary display rather than a #StripTheTitles one.

      They’re stupidity is going to cost Celtic financially and lose them the moral high ground. Especially after the first leg in Belfast last week.

      1. Precisely. It was the perfect platform to give two fingers to the SFA. They chose to shoot themselves in the foot. Their colour, passion and noise are celebrated. Sympathies for proscribed organisations have no place at any football ground.

      2. Nail on head .. bunch of thick headed, closed minded idiots who don’t seem to be able to express themselves without resorting to para-military representations when they are occasionally capable of so much more .. ie the Hector display of a few years.

        The best way to hit at the powers that be /Sevco/SFA/SPFL/UEFA is to mock them with humour and not to give them the ammunition to take action against the Club.

        It would be interesting to know how the dialogue between the GB reps and the Club has gone over the years and at which point do Celtic say enough is enough?


  5. John
    Donation of £10 made through Paypal, second this month. I hope that you receive them both.
    Your work is of the highest quality. Many thanks to you.
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    JJ: Thank you.

  6. JJ, I have been a Celtic supporter all my life but I feel if no action is taken with regards to title stripping and debunking the ridiculous continuation myth then I have to say enough is enough. This is a huge decision for me and I am sure many other supporters. The game is and has been for many years totally corrupt,in support of a now liquidated club.It has became clear that nothing is going to change. Unless there is a total clearout of those that ‘govern’ Scottish football then it has no integrity. We hear a lot about the ‘blue pound’. What about the ‘green pound’? Withholding that would effect a rethink about this whole debacle.I would imagine Dermot Desmond,Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board are intelligent individuals. Do they realise that no action is going to alienate a large proportion of the Celtic support.I,like many other supporters desperately don’t want to give up but as I previously said, enough is enough!The Celtic board have to act NOW!
    JJ, donation will be sent as usual at end of month.
    Keep safe.

    1. Celtic do not need Rangers Lite supporters. If the latter chose to boycott Celtic it would make no difference. The home game against Lite would be a sell out. Other clubs are more wary. This is not going away.

      1. Your spot on we dont need them infact we dont trust them either and the corrupt sfa so its time celtic fans just stay at our home games why should we go to other grounds when the clubs sit back and say nothing about the cheating and corruption going on at hampden just to save they cheating bastards from liebrox celtic football club is our club so hope p.lawwell opens up and sticks up for us celtic fans.hail hail.

  7. 9D0123223X262xxxx

    Just ignore the last comment mate. Donation made for being a lurker for a while with no donations made – will do my best to donate when I can.

    Love the site and keep up the good work – hopefully you can have a beer or two on me. No need for a personalised response as you have more important things on your plate.

    Keep up the good work buddy.

  8. Any decision not taken on this scenario is creating a precedent for which any club may wish to sip from the well and not fear any comeback.
    Any decisions made have to be open to all whether it be made in private or word or mouth. What exactly is it they are shitting themselves from Craig White and Murray and others walked all over these clowns and hired morons and the comeback has been what……zero.
    These so called people sent money to a clown because they could not spell a website and email properly and they are expected to follow sat navs gies piece.
    Stripping titles will not cause these loonballs to walk away and it is up to the authorities to tell them what McKenzie told them you are not the same club, you may wear the colours, play at the same stadium (ethereal) but there is where it ends. King wanted to take them out of liquidation (I know) to stop the jibes about the new club, Donald Findlay, this new club has to establish its own identity and Walter Smith I wish the new club well.
    The SFA and the SPFL are guilty of colluding and they have been caught and this is the reason they wish to stop an investigation, however, this is a fans sport and fans are customers as is chairmen who are customers of the SFA, changes comes from this not the SFA, shite themselves they may as they have every reason to, the wrong reason.
    Hearts should demand their CVA be revisited and creditors should now demand their money they waived as they could have went liquidation and used the money to bounce back through the division’s debt free and stronger. No club should fear liquidation or the wrath of the taxman it is open season and no rules are in place to stop it and you cannot rewrite history, a precedent is in place as long as this continues and the SFA refuse to enforce their rules. The one they know they should now enforce and that is rigging the game by not declaring payments and not paying social taxes whilst using the advantages to make more money than your rivals by competing in lucrative tournaments you should not have had a licence to compete in.
    A few rules in the statement above and all broken by one club.

  9. The club gave the Green brigade a safe standing area at great expense. They replied with profane banners against UEFA and hanging dolls apropos Sevco.

    They save their worst behaviour for European nights.

    I’m a Celtic man all my forty something years, as is my father, and were my grandfather and great grandfather.

    We all love our club but none of us wish to be associated with this Irish terrorist nonsense. Incidentally, tens of thousands of Celtic fans have been in the armed forces and thousands are and will join in the future. Many are in the police, CID, crown prosecution and judiciary. Some are enobled or have knighthoods. The frustrating thing is the belief that all CFC fans sympathise or identify with this NI cultural tosh, which we don’t.

    Just wondering but how many of the GB come over for games from Ireland? If you do, we don’t want to see you. If you’re Irish and come over and behave like the rest of us then you’re welcome.

    Instead of embarrassing the vast majority of us, do something constructive such as funding a Judicial Review of Sevco claiming to be Rangers.

  10. 0S701787E4151xxxx
    Brilliant as ever JJ..been lurking for a while but now subbed up.
    Stay safe

    JJ: A warm welcome to the Sitonfence Speakeasy.

  11. The old club broke the rules They used secret illegal tax avoidance schemes to gain sporting advantage. That’s an undeniable statement. Now that we all know this then there have to be inevitable consequences.

  12. keep scouring the press for neil downtorangers and dungheap stew coming out and saying the email trail on here is ‘ Fake News’, astounded also that none of them appear to have worked out that RFC thought that to keep within hmrc ebt rules they couldnt declare the payments to the sfa AND to keep within sfa registration rules they had to hide the payments and deny the side letters.

    AND IN THE MORNING we will remember it took an independant police RAID to uncover the dam things.

    btw sandy b…… Port Athletic were previously deducted FOUR POINTS for an ‘ improper registration’

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