A Masonic Hoodwink

Stewart Milne would prefer that the Aberdeen supporters donned blindfolds like first degree initiates in freemasonry. As a house builder he will be up to his knees in the craft. I posit that someone in his lodge has told him to help his Govan brothers out of their cheating fix. Should he assist in keeping the lid on the biggest sporting scandal in British team sport, planning officials and councillors of a bare nippled ilk might be minded to approve the £50m Kingsford development. Aberdeen FC is planning a community and sports campus, a football academy and stadium on a site which lies between the Westhill area and Aberdeen West Peripheral Route. This ambitious development would include a 20,000 seater stadium, three professional training pitches, two community pitches, a community pavilion including changing facilities, offices, a gymnasium and multi-purpose space. It would also feature an Aberdeen FC store, a ‘Red’ Cafe, a club heritage museum and memorial garden and around 1,300 car parking spaces, bus parking and drop off areas.

Milne asserted: “If we fail to get planning consent for this proposal it would be a major setback for the club.”

The price for digging in his heels and demanding sporting integrity, which should be the fiduciary duty of any Aberdeen FC Chairman, is too high for Milne. He is a prime example of sporting integrity being suborned by a commercial imperative. He is compromised. Milne is eying up a ‘nice little earner‘ for his construction group.

The first question Aberdeen fans who are not wearing blindfolds should ask is what would be the best course of action to oust Milne. As 35-40% of Aberdeen’s turnover comes from the gate, a boycott of any home ties in the Scottish and League cups would bite. Not as much as it would at Rangers Lite who are guaranteed home ties by the corrupt SFA in the bent Scottish Cup. Why not just rename it The Rangers Invitational Cup and be done with it? The hot ball farce is becoming stale.

I digress. As is evident from the enclosed summary of results, The Stewart Milne Group lost £25,288,000 to 30 June 2016.


Long term debt is now circa £326m when one factors in an £86 million UK Government-backed loan guarantee to fund first phase development of its Countesswells development in Aberdeen.

Milne, not unlike David Murray, is adept at milking banks. One can but hope that Murray’s former bankers at Lloyds do not provide Milne with the largesse of Gavin Masterton at the odious Bank of Rangers/Scotland. Milne is almost half way to Murray’s record breaking £700m run.

Milne promised to reduce long term debt at Aberdeen but does this include a new development for Counteswells at Pittodrie?

Is it a case of too many developments and not enough Masonic hoodwinks to go round?

Of course you won’t read about this in The Rectum where June sales averaged slightly north of 145,000. If they dip under 140,000 in July there will be blood on the walls as Trinity Mirror culls the seal hacks.

Meanwhile cub reporter Chris Jack, who gets by with a rough towel for his morning shave, would have us believe that all is well at Speedy Gonzales FC. Jack ran a splash on how a couple of players from Scotland’s first ever Mexican club had a haircut. One is looking forward to a follow up when Alves pays his ‘leccy‘ bill. Will Alves plump for direct debit, or give the Evening Times the exclusive on his first trip to a Post Office? Any limbo-dancing trivia will do on Jack’s Lite fanzine.

What he won’t tell you is that Kenny Miller refers to Caixinha as ‘Banger.’ I am assured that this epithet is not one of affection.

I could have written an entire article about the Green Brigade’s response to CFC’s ban, but why would one give these deluded Ultras more oxygen than they deserve. They are not the beating heart of the Celtic support. Their number represents a mere 1.63% of Celtic season ticket sales. As for their ‘politics‘ and the ‘safe use of pyrotechnics’ one can but hope that they are confined to ‘The Last Rebel‘ as he stares forlornly at Paradise Lost from his exclusion zone on the periphery of The Celtic Way.

These headless chickens in hoops have given the SMSM a platform to deflect from the clamour to strip the titles. Their sine die exclusion from Celtic Park cannot come fast enough.


22 thoughts on “A Masonic Hoodwink”

    1. Good morning JJ,
      It would seem that your appeals to the lurkers have again fallen on deaf ears. There are many financial contributors to the speakeasy who are either pensioners or unwaged who still manage to contribute. I myself,find myself in the latter group and because I contribute a large percentage of my disposable funds to the site unfortunately I can do no more to help you my friend.
      Perhaps now is the time for you to bite the bullet and introduce a paywall as it would appear that the lurkers are as shameful as the people who they decry on a daily basis,ie SFA,SPFL and the board of directors at Ibrox.
      There is a saying in business which is “there is no such thing as a free lunch.” I think the time may have come to spell that out to these people.
      On the subject of the Green Brigade fiasco,I have been told that the individual dressed as a paramilitary is an alian who goes by the name of Rodger in the animated show “American Dad” and I have seen the clip where he is dressed as such.What is certain is that it’s a pity this show is not as popular with the powers that be or the SMSM as is putting the boot into Celtic FC at every opportunity.As ever,stay safe,Irishboy.

    2. £40 on way just as soon as I can find the “donate” button.

      JJ: I note that you found it. A warm welcome to the Sitonfence Speakeasy.

  1. A very interesting read, as I spend my Sunday morning on a wonderful cruise ship in the Baltic Sea. I agree 100% about the Green Brigade, those idiots don’t seem to know when enough is enough.

  2. Just a small donation to salve my conscience through F&F for all your efforts Paypal 0K1679790J106xxxx. The speedy gonzales comment made me laugh out loud, thank you.

  3. 2685-5206-2924-xxxx

    Overdue payment made. I enjoy your site immensely, keep going.

    JJ: My thanks overfloweth John. Cheers buddy.

  4. FEAR
    For everything a reason.
    Forget everything and remember.
    Fantastic expectations, amazing revelations.
    Final execution and resurrection.
    Free expression and resolution.
    Fallen empires are ruling.
    You yourself are one of the many that have been threatened. So I’m saying Milne and probably the rest are in Fear mode.
    The next move from the sfa is crucial. Even though they have already tryd to make it. The youth of Scotland are growing up with the same prejudice as many genarations. Sanctions for waving a banner but none for cheating. Trying to explain to my son’s, but I’m done sugar coating it. It’s down right cheating and down right masonic bigotry. Keep up the good work JJ. Keep breaking it down for average fan. Best site bar none
    Unwaged, so don’t usually comment.

  5. As you rightly point out, Stewart Milne’s comments about ‘moving on’ display another and indeed his own agenda.

    Move on from what? The greatest scandal in the history of Scottish sport (it is right up there with Seb Coe’s collusion with extensive doping in athletics, particularly in Russia, and his collusion with drug sponsors Nike – I shall keep this for another day).

    Rather than ‘moving on’, Scottish football first of all take a few steps backwards and cleanse itself. The crooks who have run the governing bodies need to be removed and the true scale of cheating under SDM can no longer be hushed up if indeed the game is to move on. The Supreme Court ruling was a game changer which Mr Milne conveniently failed to mention.

    I cannot imagine for a single moment that Aberdeen fans, yes, HIS, paying fans, are happy with his very public stance.

    I really do despair for Scottish football and indeed the future health of Scottish football when I read quotes like this from the owner of such a high profile club (and currently, Scotland’s second best team). The game in Scotland is, frankly, a complete basket case and mired in mediocrity. The Rangers defeat to the fourth best team in Luxembourg drew widespread derision in the English press, but why should we be surprised that they lost?

    The game is crying out for leadership and fresh ideas. Celtic, notably, have provided this with corporate governance off the field and a team to be proud of. And if Lawwell grows a pair and really pursues the title stripping agenda, he will be adding a hefty dose of integrity into the mix.

    Only then, will the game in Scotland be able to draw a line in the sand and ‘move on’.

    Milne’s comments were unhelpful, inappropriate and driven by self interest. Shameful.

  6. Milne does not propose “Rangers” are innocent of cheating, quite the contrary, he is calling for forgetting about it and moving on. He Plays the five years in the past card when it has taken five years Judicial process to prove the cheating guilt incontrovertibly.

    For five years we have stated that the most corrupt would come out at the end of the legal process and state that it all happened in the past. We never thought “Wiggy” Milne would be the guy to say it.

    Milne is clearly a compromised businessman with astonishingly mind boggling corporate indebtedness. Surely his empire is due to collapse in Liquidation?

    The QCs mentioned are possibly the same guys who got the lower tax tribunals wrong. Have those guys been sacked as incompetent from all future gravy train tax tribunals?

  7. Milne’s positioning is a sad indictment on how low Scottish Society has fallen. Or has it always been so low but behind closed doors? Has the Rangers 12 years of DOS and EBT (small and big tax cases) of corruption just brought it to the surface?

  8. Aberdeen supporters have a team to be proud of on the pitch, under the leadership of a forward looking management team.
    Based on his pronouncements, Wiggy Milne is quite frankly an embarrassment to the Dons. One can see him in another life as a member of the board of the past or present Ibrox clubs.

  9. Not the tommorows news. lets move on……………..
    What happens when the SFA fail to carry out the rules and allow cheating to happen, crooks crawl from the woodwork to eat at the flesh of the decaying carcass for one more pay day to the demise of the ordinary creditors and pile more misery on ordinary punters.
    Stewart Milne let’s move on and move forward and look at ways to clean up the game and introduce new structures…have you ever heard so much shite, right now two companies rolled into one to double their chance are fighting over the dead club to award a couple of spivs and co who in collusion with the Murrays and SFA shitebags fucked up our game.
    Are you having a fucking laugh Milne, the SFA are paying for this mess and it will happen and if it means skeletons fall out of cupboards so be it, how dare they allow spivs to treat the paying punter as a fucking moron and shaft hard working creditors whilst they fuck the tax and pay greedy bastard footballers who were all in for the scam, not in our name should this be allowed to go ahead. Today in the media for example…
    “IN another astonishing turn in the Rangers financial saga both the old company which owned the club and the new one in control are likely to face multi-million pound claims on their assets.”
    They cannot even come to the fore and tell the truth the club was liquidated it never survived or came out the other end with a CVA, that’s why the creditors are goosed or they would be blocking this farce, this is because the SFA never faced up to responsibilities through greed and never showed a pair through greed and told these spivs to fuck off through greed and any money to be made in greed is been withheld, your club shafted people and football clubs, it is in our mandate you pay all football debts, you paid football debts to get a licence if you want to pretend to be the same and come back for more here’s the deal you owe all these clubs for your cheating now fucking pay up or piss off. Fight for old club shite if you want but you are not having it both ways. Now are you the same club then pay up, are you a new club let’s move on and chase the spivs and block the money they want to claim as football debts?
    Imagine telling the children in the future about the club that could never die………FFS what a joke.

  10. Despite the incontrovertible facts, despite the supreme court judgement, despite the ‘con man’ Whyte being revealed as nothing more than a gullible patsy, these astonishingly self centred gangsters like SDM and ‘the big build’ Milne still think they carry on and get away wi’ it. Fit they like eh! PS Mensch earlier comment about Holcaust very informative.

  11. It looks like the SPFL have not yet replied to Celtic’s request for a timeline of the review of the tainted titles. They are procrastinating but will eventually have to give a response that most likely will answer “never”.
    That is when Celtic make the next move. The legal team they have is impressive and determined to follow through. The next few months will see more bluster from the “nothing to see-let’s all move on” brigade but none of this will deter the legal challenge to have the rules of football followed. This is not a Celtic fight but it appears that they are the only ones prepared to seek justice. There will be a review later this year based on the new verdict and the results will restore integrity to football.

  12. JJ,


    I believe the saying never interrupt you enemy when they are making a mistake is extremely apt and I may be paraphrasing.

    Watch now as the indentured Media lickspittles dance with joy at the deflection opportunities offered by this and weep.

    They bring a lot of brilliant things to the club but don’t slag Reid and Livingstone for their politics then say regardless of potential harm to Celtic that you’ll do what you want. Puerile.

  13. Will never buy another stewarty milne, or wiggy as he’s known locally,house again as long as…….. reminds of that epic all time dads army sketch, there are two deutsche on that sfsa panel……

    ich bin axel und, ve are looking for names for ze list of no title shtripping sympathisers, vot is your name kleine man……

    capt neil downtorangers….. ” dont tell him Wiggy”

    ah Viggy so you vill also go on ze list…….

  14. The club must take no half measures with the GB idiots. Throw these Neanderthals out before they inflict any more damage on Celtic’s reputation. They are an insidious threat to the stability of the club.

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