Sporting Integrity-RIP

The Scottish Professional Football League is set to announce that no new action will be taken over the Rangers “big tax case”.

Discussions on the controversial topic took place hours after the election of a much-changed SPFL board – including Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson – and one of its members, Hearts chairwoman Ann Budge, confirmed a statement on the outcome would be issued on Wednesday.

Budge spoke about the need to “keep looking forward and doing what’s best for Scottish football” and Press Association Sport understands there will be recommendations for the future but no going back on the 2013 ruling of the commission formed by the Scottish Premier League and led by judge Lord Nimmo Smith.” Evening Times

My understanding is very unlikely SPFL will push for further action re Rangers and EBTs. Legal advice sought. Statement on Wednesday.” BBC Scotland

Have a look at The Anatomy of A Cover Up (jj passim) for the template of the so-called SPFL Review. Do you believe for one second that the SPFL, formerly SPL, are prepared to admit that their chief executive, Neil Doncaster, conspired with Stewart Regan to rig the outcome of a supposedly independent commission?

The legal advice sought will be from Rod McKenzie. The most obvious question is what legal argument can we use to defend The Discredited LNS Commission (jj passim).

The rebuttal to Lawwell’s call for a review has already been pre-prepared. Topping more or less admitted as much in his interview with Patullo at The Scotsman.

Will McKenzie revert to the Bryson fallacy that LNS was imperfect but its basic tenets were sound?  It is my considered opinion that this is precisely what they are going to do.

The Supreme Court ruling was a PR disaster for Doncaster and Regan. It had to be managed. So the Hibs Chairman and SFA Number Three announces that there will be a review and Ann Budge more or less admits that they are standing by LNS and await justification from McKenzie.

Sporting Integrity has been bludgeoned to death by Doncaster and Regan. Ann Budge provided the shroud. It’s lying in a shallow grave at Hampden.




18 thoughts on “Sporting Integrity-RIP”

  1. How must it feel to be a journalist putting your name to others stories for the lie that is the SMSM and to have to tell or hide from your children daddy lies for a living, great example to set for the children.
    If you dispute this statement then explain.
    1. What is the definition of liquidation
    2. What is the meaning of incorporated
    3. What is the definition of cheating the tax system and irregular registration in sport
    4, What is the definition of side contracts
    5, Look in the mirror when you answer these and ask yourself if you are a journalist or a churnalist carrying out the orders of your master

  2. And the hope of the SPFL is that their imminent decision to ignore the Supreme Court ruling is taken by all as full and final. Nothing to see. Get back to the back of the bus Timmy. Are they delusional? Do they not understand this is the Rubicon moment? Obviously not. Every member of that Board could be charged with bringing the game into disrepute. No wonder Lawwell stepped down from collective responsibility. UEFA will become involved. Lawwell will not sit at the back of the bus any more. They have chosen to try to placate and try to convince as to ‘move on’. They have awoken a sleeping giant. Let the battle for justice commence.

  3. Sadly there is no one on that board who cares about integrity. As predicted nothing will happen. Talk of UEFA,FIFA and judicial reviews is nonsense in my view. It has always been about the who – who would be big enough to make the decision needed. We shall continue as we are, it’s just that for most of us the game is now less important because we know we were cheated. After a few years new Rangers will be back competing and claiming 55 plus with SFA and SPFL and clubs endorsement. Accept it or stop watching is the message they have given us. I will keep watching but will never pay to see Scotland again or travel and spend thousands like I did before. A sad day.

    1. Mark, I for one did not anticipate an SPFL volte face. Regular readers will note that I predicted an appeal by CFC to the SFA apropos the SPFL decision. If Lawwell comes out and asserts that he disagrees with the SPFL decision but has no choice but to live with it, one will know that he is complicit in the fix. CFC have sold all their season tickets for 2017/2018 and have opened a waiting list for 2018/2019. They have never had it so good. If Lawwell does not act, going to court is the next step. I will write more about this in the coming days.

      1. I would be interested to hear more about the court option. Sadly, I Think a judicial review can only look at HOW decisions were made and not actually change the outcome. The SPFL/SFA will hide behind the argument that they can only apply the sanctions allowed in any review. Stripping never was and never will be even considered.

  4. SFA confirm all paying fans are MUGS.
    They also confirm any club playing out of Ibrox will be allowed to break any rules with impunity.
    21st century governance from the SFA.
    Doncaster and Regan signed off with a joint statement to the supporters simply saying
    “Get it right up ye, ya bunch of fannies thanks for the cash!”

  5. And here’s me thinking cheats never win Oh that’s doesn’t apply to Scotland due to the Masonic orders dodgy dealings to keep the fairytale of govan alive

  6. As a Celtic fan I can honestly say I will never again….

    JJ: If you want your voice to be heard on a site with fast approaching 14m hits do the right thing by making a contribution. The PayPal confirmation number is your ticket to ride.

  7. There was never any possibility of the titles being stripped.
    The vested interests behind the 5 Way Agreement were legally bound by that agreement which prohibited any “sporting sanction “.
    If the question is ever asked it should be “you state you took the highest legal advice. On what exactly? What is the impact and implications of the Supreme Court decision or how legally watertight the 5 way Agreement was?”
    Absolutely shocking. The fix is in and Scottish Football continues the same way it has always been. Corrupt and self serving for the office bearers and their favourite club.

      1. So if the 5 Way Agreement went “Unsigned” this ‘NEW SPFL REVIEW’ cannot be held accountable to anything written within it. Surely Not More Fraudulence and Secrets, that We are not “worthy” enough to know. They make me sick. 🙂

  8. A disappointing but surely predictable outcome. Milne’s comments a few days ago from one of Rangers fiercest rivals merely set the tone of ‘moving on’. The paying punters in Scotland have been treated with utter contempt.

    I really don’t see PL trying to rock the boat here. His club is in terrific shape on and off the pitch with a record making balance sheet.

    Scottish journalists, who are meant to play an important role in providing facts and insights, have been shameful. And their role in this sorry narrative has been match by the executives of the member clubs.

    Scottish football is mired in mediocrity and with leadership like this, is likely to remain so indefinitely.

  9. So, here we are, coming to terms with a predictable if unpalatable truth. Scottish football is run for the benefit of one club and one club only but we already knew that didn’t we?

    No sanctions, a continuation of the continuation story and a desire to have both sides of the same coin.

    So we have to move on, suck it up and get over it. Well thanks for that.

    In any sporting endeavour, people take part because they believe there are rules and governance that give them an opportunity to play on a level field and have as much chance of being successful as the next man. Otherwise what is the point of participating?

    I would like to say I am surprised but I am truly not. The corruption and collusion amongst the press and those who “govern” the great game of football in Scotland turns my stomach.

    Every chairman or chairwoman of every club will go back to their supporters, smile sweetly and say ” don’t worry, it’s only a game”.

    Football all over the world long ago sold it’s soul to the highest bidder but integrity should have no price.

    Sadly, for me, the game is now well and truly over.

  10. Milne has missed the opportunity to rally his club’s supporters and energise a team and football management that has proved itself the second best in Scotland over the past few seasons. An astute businessman would recognise a competitor which is a threat to their business and ensure that their own business plan neutralises these threats wherever possible. Those at Ibrox, aided and abetted by their lackeys in the SMSM, have been actively seeking to de-stabilise competitors by cheeky (non) bids for
    key players.

    A weakened Ibrox-based club has allowed Aberdeen to thrive. If he was prepared to leadership then the rivalry that exists between the clubs would have been raised to a new level & benefit a sport that needs all the help it can get.

  11. I might have missed this…but has anyone written directly to the chairmen/chairwoman of our clubs to find out their views on this? It seems to me that they need to be backed into a corner and left in no doubt that “moving on” is not an acceptable option.
    P.S JJ. 5H903025xxxx

  12. I believe that there was a notion at the SPFL to give Celtic their review of LNS but do nothing afterwards. A fudge to attempt to show integrity.

    I think they realised that LNS is the biggest can of worms and once opened one thing would lead to another. Therefore better to shut it down, bluff it out and trust in fans being stupid punters who will still turn up.

    Lawwell needs to go to court. CAS or preferably the court of Session.

    Fans need to rage against this.

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