The EBT’s Have Crystallised

The logo for this site is ‘cynical reflections from a tub’ which is apposite as it’s my mission statement to cut through the spin, deflection and obfuscation to arrive at a kernel of truth. My cynicism has been piqued by the SPFSA. Are they no more than an elaborate squirrel, a pressure valve if you will, to keep the lid on the fervour to strip the titles? Those at the SFM are so seduced by having a seat at the table that they seem to have lost their focus. They are no longer espousing redressing the cheating. They are now deliberating on the big picture of governance.

There is talk of cross-party support at Trumpton. At the drop of a hat I could name three MSPs whose hatred of Celtic and all that they stand for is hard-wired. The idea of title stripping is anathema to them. When the peasants revolted in Rome the Senate gave them a circus. This tactic was also used to quell civil unrest in The Philippines with what became known as ‘The Thrilla in Manila.’ Is the SPFSA the modern day equivalent to undermine the clamour for sporting integrity? Its timing is suspect.

In yesterday’s piece I highlighted how Mason Milne, Wiggy, needs cross-lodge support to pay interest on north of £300m of debt. Milne is not an intelligent man. He has done well to rise from his humble beginnings of renovating bathrooms to building estates. He has been helped by the bare nipple brigade. He knows how his bread is buttered. The Masonic opposition to fair play is clearly evident. Rangers cheated but as the club favoured by most Masons in the West of Scotland they are allowed to cheat. The ‘taigs’ should get back in their box and know their place.

The SFA, and Milne, are talking about advice from an advocate which suggests doing the square root of fuck all about the cheating. Cheating that occurred on the SFA’s watch. They were even given a ‘heads up’ by Hugh Adam in 2002 on national television and in print in 2009, but looked away.

It’s Rangers, the establishment club. They’re allowed more latitude.”

They were given enough rope to hang themselves. Mr Adam asserted that there were:

Secretive payments to players which were not in their contracts. They weren’t included in the contracts. They definitely weren’t. That was the whole point of them. If they’d been included in the contracts, they would have had to have paid tax on them. I don’t think a lot of the other directors knew an awful lot about it. David Murray kept everything to himself. When I was on the board, I knew all about them. I just didn’t know the details of them. They became accepted. The revenue were seriously challenging them at that point when I was a director. All the directors heard about them but didn’t take them seriously because they didn’t appear in the books. People didn’t want to know about them. There was a lot of that going on at the time. You knew it was cheating but some of them not only hoped but believed it was above board. It was just something that crept up. It was considered important but not crucial. The fans didn’t give a damn one way or another. When I was asked for my opinion on the way the club had been run, I said it was quite obvious how it had got into trouble. They were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing.

They (EBTs) were always regarded in my time as a bit of a joke. They were getting away with it but nobody really thought they’d get away with it forever. The players were very naive. Few of them were the Brain of Britain, of course. If they get the money, they don’t give a damn where it’s coming from.”

Mr. Adam could not have been more clear. David Murray was evading tax with secretive payments to players. He was aided and abetted by Campbell Ogilvie and then Andrew Dickson whose loyalty he bought with an EBT taste of the action. Murray was engaging in systemic industrial tax evasion. Tax evasion to win titles.

How they must have laughed at this wheeze. Dave King, Paul Murray and Alsatair Johnston were probably pissing themselves as the stupid taigs in the East End collected PAYE and NIC in full.

Fifteen years have elapsed since this cheating was first revealed and the SFA have done nothing other than to hire a QC to justify their inertia.

Mr Regan, in language you will underestand, the EBT’s have crystallised. How you can sit in your comfortable corner office shuffling papers of no consequence is beyond me. Your desk is on fire, imbecile. I did not come down in the last shower to extinguish the blaze.

Make no mistake Regan. There will be an Armageddon unless you and your self-serving jobsworths get off your well-upholstered fundaments and do something radical:




17 thoughts on “The EBT’s Have Crystallised”

  1. Wonderful Explicit stuff JJ
    They ( Doncaster, Regan, Murray, SMSM) must be looking in through a crack in their fingers wondering what explosive stuff you will hit them with next.
    Don’t stop dropping the bombs !!
    Wonder why the ” Green Brigade ” don’t use their banners to good effect and out this lot?
    Would be much more effective and keep everyone on their side.
    Brilliant stuff JJ – donation on way.

  2. Your attack on the SFSA based on their support by SFM is totally unwarranted.

    Stripping the titles is but a symbol of forcing good governance not an end in itself.

    If SPFL play the three monkeys then who is left to carry on the fight?

    In any case I think you will find The Strip The Titles lads have joined up with the SFSA because they realise where the problems lie and where the best chance of a solution lies which is an across the board fan movement.

    Not your best work.

    1. In my opinion this is a mistake by the Strip The Titles consortium. There are two many egos jockeying for position. You may challenge my cynicism, but not my competence.

      1. I’m merely setting the record straight. STT realised they could be divisive and are now with the SFSA wider aim which includes better governance.

        If you have a problem with the SFSA treat them on their merits not because SFM, like STT, see SFSA as the only show in town.

        In fact why not get behind them based on their policies not their personnel since you and they have good governance as a common aim?

  3. Great stuff. This widely read Speakeasy has led the way consistently and has provided a clear and brilliantly articulated audit trail describing this sporting scandal. In fact, THE biggest scandal in the history of Scottish sport. Scottish sofa journalists have, conveniently, largely ignored this story. The award winning Graham Spiers (goodness, I can only assume he was given a gold medal for mediocrity) wrote recently that he is ‘bored’ with the debate about title stripping. Breathtaking stuff! What? He is bored with an absence of debate which is centred around the INTEGRITY of the game? How can that be boring? Spiers (who reads this site) and his fellow Scottish journalists have done the game and the fans who buy the newspapers a massive disservice. These folks are paid to provide facts, analysis and insights. They could have been hugely inflential as opinion shapers in this narrative. They could have presented measured arguments FOR AND AGAINST title stripping. But they have collectively chosen to ignore the biggest story to have hit Scottish football EVER. What a shower of cowards.

    I am also so very surprised that member clubs in Scotland have let this go. Stewart Milne’s recent interview about ‘moving on’ was preposterous and his interview was a blow to the search for integrity regarding this messy story. He also, shamefully, let down his customer base. Yes, the paying punter. Quite shocking.

    As for the comment about the GB and a suggestion that they focus their banners on the SFA, personally, I am pleased that they didn’t. This is such a tarnished and bitter group (I certainly wouldn’t address them as fans given how much reputational damage they have caused Celtic) that they have little credibility. A serious topic like this, title stripping due to many years of financial cheating, is outside their comfort zone. Let them stick to what they are good at, which is bitterness, pathetic political slogans which have no place in football, and in doing so trashing the reputation of a terrific club which would be massively better off by getting rid of them. Details of ALL the GB will be on the ST computer files. Memo to PL……write to every single one and refuse to renew their season tickets. Ban them sine die. Their tickets would be bought up in a heartbeat. Celtic have a great balance sheet (probably the best in their history), a very good team and a terrific coach. The fans are as raucous as they are welcoming. I have been treated to incredible hospitality at Parkhead. The GB are doing a massive disservice to the Celtic board, the players, Brendan Rodgers and, most importantly, the Celtic fans who simply want to turn up for a game and support their club.

    1. The context of the suggestion of the GB supporting corruption by banners was in the context of their hypocrisy in accusing Celtic of not doing anything.

      A year or two back when GB had regained some approval a banner on Res12 would have raised awareness just as the Don’s banners did on LNS. One of the complaints about Res12 was its confinement to social media. A GB banner could have tackled that problem if done with guidance.

  4. Meanwhile BDO join HMRC in chasing the EBT crystallised Naughties Britains Got Talent tax evaders of Rangers:

    “BDO are now set to pursue around 80 named individuals who benefitted from the EBT tax-dodging scheme which brought Rangers to their knees.”

      1. Suddenly it’s not Whyte that brought Rangers to its knees but the 80 named EBT individuals.

        Good old Daily Record. Ducking and diving, dodging and weaving.

    1. Should BDO not have been pursuing the return of the loans from the start? That they did not is surely evidence that these payments were not loans in the first place.

      1. I fail see to how the BDO have any claim on those trusts as they are not owned by RFC but by a third party and all monies are either player wages or belong to the taxman. BDO has no legit claim?

  5. With tonight’s releases by BBC, STV NEWS and CLYDE SSB it seems that the SMSM are firmly on point “desensitising” the masses prior to a pre-packaged “whitewash” next week.
    Expect it to be relentless until then.
    We need to be extremely careful here.

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